Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona on April 8, 1892 · Page 2
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Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona · Page 2

Phoenix, Arizona
Issue Date:
Friday, April 8, 1892
Page 2
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FvrSnSSSSj .i :'iasK.TjJi.s 3v THE AMZONA REPUBLICAN: FBIDAY MORNING, APEIL 8. 1892. THE ARIZONA REPUBLICAN. IS.SUED EVERY BAY fEXCKPT MONDAY! T. J, Woi.ri.EY, Editor nd Manager. Knlcrcil at tho postofflco at Phoenix, Arizona, as mall lnaltor of tho second olass, NOTICE TO UU8INE83 MEN. TiibRtubhcan wlllnolbo responsible for any bills uuloss eoutractoJ on a written order ol Iho inauajeinent. T, J, WoLrtKV. Manager. AQEN0IE8. Tiik Kkpoblicxn can bo fouud on sale at tho following place . ,,... 1,1 Tucson J.S.Mansfield LosAsaLK3 Edwards AMcKnlghl SanFrincisco Palace News Stand San Dikoo Corouado Newsstand RATES OF 8UD80RIPTI0N. Dallf. pet wee, by carrier Daily, per month, by carrier 1.00 Dally, per month, by niall. .. 1-00 Dally, three montha, by mall ,. -f-JO Dally, six montha, by null . Dally, ono year, bv mall 10.00 Weekly, per.month .,, -J Weokly.per quarter .J Weekly, per alx months l.yO Weekly, per ye ir '.. 00 Advertising rates mado known on application. NOTICE TO THE PUDLIO. From and alter this date no "dead head" advertising will be carried In tho lolum aa of Tub Hxfublican. It coats money to act type, and we cannot allord to pay printers for labor on tills class of advertising. Tint Arizona KxruntiCAH company Is willing to donate In cash, to all meritorious public, religious and charitable enterprises, to the extent ot lta means, but It has establlihed a rule to give away no more advertising. Church and obarltablo notices will be ptltitedot half of too uaual ratca for the samo class of advertising, but all other adrertUlui will bo charged for at regular rates. . Tii UxrOBUCAK will In tho future, as In the past, devoto Its best energies to the up building and development of 1'hocnlx and of Arlrona, becauto that la Its mission, but advertising ordered at tho counting room by Individuals mut be paid for. Tux AnuoNA KxrOBUCAN Co Feb. 1. 1S92. MVlll'llY AN'U BTKWAKT. Tub Kbpuiilican Is woll satisfied with tho work of yesterday's convention, nnd wo bollevo that tho result reflects credit upon tho wisdom of tho Itopub-lican party and the sagacity of tho delegates assembled. The olection of Mr. Murphy nnd Mr. Stewart ns dolegatcs to tho National Convention will meet with popular favor and adds to the strength of thcllepubli-can party ot tho territory. Arizona will bo well represented in tho Minneapolis convention, and tho honor and integrity of tho grand old Republican party of Arizona is in safo keeping. Tho lack ol harmony which the enemy tho Democrats so fondly hoped w ould prevail did not occur, nnd tho Republicans were never in a better shape to carry tho territory. In this connection, Tub KuruuncAN takes occasion to repeat its ndmonition of mvernl days ago to "closo up the ranks, voto tho Republican ticket straight, Mot tho dead paxt bury its dead nnd march on to n triumphant victory." hukcomiii: politics. The Democratic houso of repreeentn fives is opposed to tho Micarngun ship en n at guarantee, which would place this Nation nt tho head of tho world's commerce nnd benefit all mankind, but ils rivcrnnd harbor bill includes nearly $21,000,000 of appropriations. It is tho Nation's and tho world's misfortune that tho Nicaragua canal routo is not in anybody's congressional district. four annual appropriations of $21,-000,000 each would probably build tho canal, but nobody asked for them. Nobody even asked congress to guarantee tho canal bonds, so that they could be placed in tho open market at a rate of interest low enough to raise nil the money needed to build tho canal nnd pay tho interest until tho work of building it was done, when the earnings would bo enough to carry tho interest from tho stnrt. Not a dollar would hava to bo drawn from tho United States treasury. Tho senate committee saw this and y, as unanimously in favor of a guaranteo, oven though tho company did not ask it, but tho Fifty-second congress object ed to it on the score of "economy." In view of tho $21,000,000 river nnd harbor bill, this economy is ns inconsistent in principle ns it is penny wise and pound foolish in detail. LKl'KOSY IN UOLOMIJIA. Americans havo been accustomed to regard leprosy as a ploguo whoso home Is in tho east, nnd ns menacing western nations only from thnt direction. It is truo that there is n leper settlement in Canada, but it ia seldom that any of tho infected cscnpo into tho United States. It appears, however, on well informed authority that tho republic of Colombia, in South Amorica, with which this country is intimately connected by commercial ties, is a hotbed of leprosy, tho number of lepers in Colombia is stated nt many thousands. It is an acknowledged fact that there nro swarms of them in certain localities, nnd after centuries of neglect for tho disease first became known thcro in 10-10 tho authorities are taking steps for nn effectual isolation of those stricken with tho plague. To Ameri cans tho matter is of especial interest, ns, if the island of Coib.i Is (elected, as Enid to bo proposed, for n lazaretto, it might bo necessary to convey lepers over tho lino of tho 1'auamn railway, which is within Colombian territory. Fortunately the routo of tho canal is far removed from Colombia and tho lepers. Tiik kilvuk hill, wo consider, has been killed for this winlei. Wo hope that next summer ttio northern states will have what they had last summer n generoiH crop. Wo hopo tho south will havo what it had last year n generous crop. And wo hopo thcro will bo good crofH in Europe, so tho north mid south will havo to depend upon a atural market, and whon they do that tho distress will bo such that the cowardly congress of the United States will not dare to rclmo to give them the rolief which they will depiand nt )flHl- Wo oxnoct tho nttcnuit will bo mado again next summer to convinco tho peo- plo that nil their troubles aro due to n tariff. I( they could only carry that through nnd establish freo trade bo Hint tho imports would tnko back nil tho money that is loft, then tho peoplo would belu to rcallzo how beautiful it Is to trust to thai class of Btntosmon who insist that gold is the only standard of values, aud that tho only way for a nation to prosper is to tratlo olt its raw material nnd buv back its manufactured goods. It would como pretty near destroying tho country, but the lesson would bo splendkl for nil tuna to como. Juixib 0. W. WitioiiT mado one of tho best speeches of tho convention yestor-dap in nomlnntinc Hon. V. S. Sturgia. Judgo Wright is small in stature but great in intellect, nnd his speech in tho convention was highly npplnuded by everyone. The convention yesterday was composed of strong men throughout, and it means that Kepublicanism is coming to the front in Aiizona, when such representative men tako so nctivo a part in tho counsels of tho parly. Ho.v. W. It. Stkwaut and lion. E. M. Snnford wore elected alternates by a handsoino vote. Both nre staunch Republicans and tho honors givon them wero worthily bestowed. Co i.. IIeuiiino is one of tho best presiding officers in tho country, und the masterly way in which ho handled tho convention yesterday was universally commended. This same ok Presidont Harrison was heartily cheoicd by tho convention yesterday. Harrison Is tho choice of Ari-zonn Republicans for tho nomination at Minneapolis. A GIGANTIC KNTKKI'KISi:. American R mllcute rlun to Culonlio n Section uf Mexico. Washington, I). I). April Z.An enterprise of gigantic proportions was developed todav in conversation witli Mr. W. W. Do Sevillo, of Philadelphia. Mr. Seville is tho representative of an American syndicate organized under the laws of the stato of New Jcreoy. Most of tho stockholders, however nro Phil-adclphians. Tho syndicate is known as tlio Tamaulipas Emigration Laud nnd Stock company, Tho concern has acquired a million ncres of laud from tho Mexican government in tho stato of Tamaulipas. The principal Taui-pico, on tho gulf, the nearest Mexican port to tho United States. Tho climate is said to bo the most delightful in Mexico. The American company intends to convert tho plains nnd forcets of Tamaulipas into n garden by a novel method. Already arrangements havo been mado with tho Japaneto govorn-men for the importation of 10.000 Jan-ancso laborers. These men will bo ret to work to etherializo tho district of tho American company according to tho Japanese methods. Tho domoin is divided into three kinds of lauds arable, grazing nnd timber. Fnch will bo improved separately. Tho arable will bo mado an expanse of gardens by tho system known ns tho Japanese gardening, Uomo 30,000 head of cattle are now grazing on tho lands, but laige ndditlons will bo mado as soon as tho company gets down to practical work. Negotiations are also pending with one of tho largest packing concerns in tho United States for packing houses. Tho forests aro full of mahogauy, ebony, and ceder, and aro said to bo worth double what tho company has paid the Mexican government for tho land. Tho syndicato has obtained several important concessions from tho state. It has n monopoly of tho fisheries for a distance of fifty miles along tho gulf by thirty from shore. The waters abound in shrimp, shell fish and redsnappers and nn extensive system of fish canneries is contemplated. Another concession extended to tho company by tho Mexican government is a steamship line, whoso vessels will ply between To in pi co and Savannah, Uni-veston and Philahelpliia. 'J ho nearness of tho lands to tho United States, tho wonderful climate, tho fertility of tho soil, tho fnlicities for packing houses and canning workB, tho value of the timber, and, finally, tho manner in which it is intended to dovolop tho advantages and resources of tho land by a method of cheap Japanese labor, all combine to form u picture fo future magnificence that almost rivals a fairy tale. There is, however no doubt that tho company will do what Mr. De Seville says. Tho greater part of tho work lias already been performed. Tho next step will be tho importation of the Japanese. TIIK MOONSIIINEKH 8AKK. lleturn or the i-osse that Set Out to Capture Them In-jhe Mountains. Someiiest. Pa., April 7. Sheriff Uood and his posse of twenty-five mon, who have been scouring tho surrounding country for the past thirty-six hours in search of the moonshiners William C. Miller and William Pritts, who killed old man Iiochstctlor, returned here tonight, being unable to locate their men. Revenuo Agont Culbertson ia expected to arrivo hero noon and fit out nnd expedition peculiarly fitted for tho capture of tho moonshiners. SheriffQood says it is impossible to capture the moonshiners with n large body of men. Tho outlaws havo many friends in tho mountains and nro so familiar with the country that it is no trouble for them to find hiding places within it short distanco of their pursuers. It is learned tonight that William C. Miller, and Pritts intend to kill young ilochstetler, a nophow of Jonathan Hoc-stetler, nil J tho young man Reals, who witnessed thu bloody crime. If the moonsiiluers succeed in carrying out this threat it is said they will then surrender to Iho authorities, 'it has como to light there aro at least thirty illicit distilleries in operation in themoiiutaiiiHof this and Fayette county. Tho moonshiners are organized in n society called tho "Freu-iidscott." IIIIUTAL.IIUUIHCK, Onnrgo Hpauldlng Kllliwl nml Itolihrd lly Ono lit, Culled Ills Hot frlrml. Sr. Paul, Minn.. April . Tho mystery of tho brutal murder of George Spaulding at Portage, Wis., nt o'clock Saturday morning, was fully cleaTed up lioro tlits afternoon. Young -Sp'tnl-ding's body wns brought to Si. Paul on tho 2:40 train, llo wai about IS) team old and tho son ( Hugh Spaulding, one of St. Paul's leading enl.fna. tie was murdered liv (leorge Whalen, whose homo i alo at fct. P ml. Tho deed was a f.?nduh and cowardly crime of a man Spaiilding.i'onsidrrcd one of IiIh warm-j,t fricndi, ntid indigmMoij l nt siuii a height thnt if Whalen 1b brought back hero it will take tho military to prevent his being lynched. A fow weeks ago when tho "i'owor of tho Press" company was playing nt tho Metropolitan opera house, Whnlcn and 8paulding wero engaged ns supers. After tho engagement was over tho two young men wero constantly togother, nnd early in tho week planned to tako n trip to Chicago together. They left hero on Friday, Mr. Kpaulding purchasing tickets for his on and young Whalen, giving tho former $25 aud n splendid gold watch on their depnrtuo. On tho way to Chicago Whalen on murder bent, coaxed Spanldieg to leavo tho train at Portage, Wis., at :i:40 in tho morning, and twenty minutes later brained Spaulding with coupling-pin, stole Ids money, his watch, nnd oven tho shoos from his feet, throw the body into tho canal and escnpod. OWNKY, TIIK I)OCl THAVKLKK. An Intelligent Canine AVImi Is MnldiiB n Tour oftlie Country, Tisxahkana, Ark.. April 7. "Owney," tho celebrated dog traveler, arrived in town over tho lexns nnd Pacific railway from Kl Paso last night and put up at tho lluckins House. Owney belongs to tho postmaster at Albany, N. Y., nnd was sent out into tho world aboirt 'our months ago to ,,Bwing;aiound tho circle" just liko Harrieon. He always travels in tho mail car, and seonn to recognize n friend in every mail clerk. Ho has been from one end of the country to the other. Yesteidny ho came from Foit Worth. Today h"o will go to Antonio, then over tho Southern Paeilio to New Orleans. lie is 1.5 years old, looks gray and rugged nnd ia the last dog in the world who could "travel on his shape nnd beauty." The labels attach ed to bin collar show that he has put up at the best hotels in tho laud He is in excellent health now, although one cheek reads: "Kl Pnso Received in bad order. Married l'cople lClopu. PiTTHnimo. Pa.. April 7. William Middleton is n steel worker, nnd lived at Homestead with his wife and threo small children, two of whom nro ill aud unable to tako caro of themselves. For tome timo ho lias nail consiucrauio troublo with Ids wife, because of tho nt tentions naid her bv n fellow workmen named August Reeves. Yeateiday morning, while Middlctown was at work a noighbor informed him that some thing was wrong at his homo w ith tho children. Upon going to tho house he fouud that his wife had deserted her children, nnd nftcr packing two trunks had eloped, nstio w ns informed, witlt Reeves. Middleton traced tho counle. He was informed that tho trunku had been transferred to the Union station, upon going there ho saw Mrs. Middle-ton und Reeves quietly talking over their plans, Middleton requested thu station oftlecrs to nrrest tho couple, but they refused to comply. Ho then went to tho ofilce of the ilunmne tociotv nnd told Ida story. Iltitunno Agent Adams went with Middleton before Alderman Donovan ami warrants for Reevcii nnd Mrs. Middleton wero fcworn out. Constable Connelly nnd Agent Adams then went to tho depot nnd made a thorough but fruitless cearch for tho couple. Finally, about 4 o'clock yerteiday afternoon, the officers found tho two seated in a parlor car on thu Philadelphia ox-press. Tlioy were promptly taken from tho train to the alderman'H office. After gomo delay both furnished bail for n hearing on Thursday, mid took tho first train for Homestead. Reeves is married, and lieforo leaving took his two children to tho Middleton house and left them there. .Mi Klltir Scntenee,! to .lull. P.utiH, Ivy., April 7. Thu second case against C. C. Moore, editor of the Itlue Grass lllnde, for publishing libelous articles against thu Paris Christian church, wasdecided yesterday nfler tho jury had been but twenty-four hours. A verdict of sixty ilityi was in jail wns given. Hall of tho jury was for fivo years in jail or $5,000 lino nnd tho other half for u light sentenco, and after n long deliberation they agreed on tixty dft)B. "August Flower" Mrs. Sarah M. Black of Seneca, Mo., during the past two years has been affected with Neuralgia of the Head, Stomach and Womb, and writes: "My food did not seem to strengthen me at all and my appetite was very variable. My face was yellow, my head dull, and I had such pains in my left side. In the morning when I got up I would have a flow of mucus in the mouth, and a bad, bitter taste. Sometimes my breath became short, and I had such queer, tumbling, palpitating sensations around the heart. I ached all day under the shoulder blades, in the left side, and down the back of my limbs. It seemed to be worse in the wet, cold weather of Winter and Spring; and whenever the spells came on, my feet and hands would turn cold, and I could get no sleep at all. I tried everywhere, and got no relief before using August Flower Then the change came. It has done me a wonderful deal of good during the time I have taken it and is working a complete cure." G. G. GREEN, Sole Man'fr,Woodbury,N.J. AVlnoH, XaquorH ami Cltcnrw. V. LAV0RIN & CO., Successors to Joseph l)urr, toP ( 4J Milwaukee, anil William Brewing Company, tfin Francisco. Whuk'snlo and Retail dealers In Wines, Liquors, Cigars and Tobacco Delicacies in Hotel an -J Family Suppllos. Main alto a upcclalty of Imported, Hwlsf, American, Mmbuigor and French Cheesc,8pau lh Queen Olives. Tickled TIk's Kcet and German and Vinegar 1 Icklea at wholesale and retell, TUCSON, ARIZONA, Xloots and frttiooH. FEEE! w i"F av iv ! m ww mm mm i?" wrii a w WM I THE SCHOLARS' COMPANION, aaSSEgSKKRg dCfl Consisting of Slate Pencil, Lead Pencil, Pen Holder and Ruler, nil dono up in a neat box, . WITH ii UA1HT Ho in I '11 1. 1 V I 111 till H. L. CHANDLER Fine Shoes at Popular Prices. iPostoflico 13lock XfKlll. NONCE JWK PUBLICATION. Homestead Entry No. 892. LANU Om(K AT TUCMIN, ARIZONA,) March lfi.lKH, ( VTOTICE Is hereby given that the following-JL named settlor has filed notice of his Intention to make final proof lu support of his claim, nnd that said proof will be mado before the Clerk of tho District Court at Ptusnlx, Ariz., on April 20th, 1S92, viz: Bamuel 8. tireen, of l'licu-nlx, Ariz., for the nw. J of sec 29, twp. 2 n., r. -.'e. He names tho following witnesses to prore his continuous rcxtdonce upon nnd cultivation of mid land, viz: Tlry II. Jones, Thomas M, Biockman, Itedlck J. Cartwright and James D. Marlar, all of i'hoenlx, Ariz. IIzhiisrt Brown, RcglsUr. Notice for Publication Desert Land, Final Proof. D. L. K. No. 17b.'. U.NITKD 8TATKS LAND OFFICE, I Tucson, Arizona, March 23, isyj. J Notice la hercbv clvon that William J. Stewart, of Olla Bend, Maricopa County, Art. zona, nan uicu iioucn oi inienuon 10 mace proof on Ms deierl-land claim no. 17, lor the etf, nwJ4, see. 29. twp. 1 i, il w, before the clerk of the District court at I'hoenlx. Arizona, on Monday, tho 2nd dayof May, 1892. Ho names the following witnesses to proyo the complete irrigation and reclamation ol said land: Matt W. Reedy, Willis 1 Williams, William II. Harrclson, and Thomas J. Foster, nllol Gila Bend Arizona. HERBERT BROWN. Register. .NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION. Declaratory statement No, 2X$. Land Orricx at Tucson, Arizona,) March 28, itwi Notice Is hereby given that the following named settler hss died notice of his Intention to make final prool In support of his claim, and that said proof will be mado before tho clerk of the District Court at Pha-nlz, Arizona, on May ft, 1892, viz; Conrad Miller, of Phoenix, A. T for those. Vi, sects), twp. 2 11., r..!e. Ho names tho following witnesses to prove his continuous resldenco upon and cultivation of said laud, viz: Tlry If. Jones, Jacob Mil-lur, Kcdlck J. CartwriRht and Thomas M. Brockman, of I'hoenlx, A.T. HERBERTBROWN, Register. NOTICE Toil PUBLICATION. Hd E. No. IMS. Land Offick at Tut son. A rizona, ) March 9, WL "VfOTICE is hereby given that tho lollowlm; L named settler has Ultd notice of bis intention to mako final proof In support of his claim, and that said proof will be made before thu clerk of the district coort at 1'hcenlx, Ariz., on April 11, 1892, viz: Edwin R. Powell, of I'hoenlx, Ariz., for tho no. lA of seo. 11, twp. I n. r. lo. He names tho following witnesses to prove his continuous resldencs upon and cultivation of said land, viz: James T, Bone, Hjmuel Y. llarkley, Thomas C. Barkley, and Dennis F. liarklcr, all ol Phoenix, Ariz. HERBERTBROWN. Register. DESKUT LAND, FINAL PltOOF NOTICE FOK PUBLICATION. United Status Land Officf., j TUCSON, Aniz. Maroa 9, 1892.) "VTOTICK Is hereby given that Charles B Ming 1 of Phienlx Maricopa county, Arizona, hss (Tied notlco of intention to make proof on his desert-land clalinJNo. 1721, for the nwU sec. 12, twp. ln,r 8, 0., before the clerk oi the district court at Phusnlx, Ariz., on Monday, tho 11th dayof April, 1692. Ho names tho following witnesses to prove tho completo irrigation and reclamation of said land: Hiram S. Peterson, Philip Mets. Oordon Hnnsakcrnud Jed G. Peterson, all of Mesa, Arizona. HERBERT BROWN, Register. NOTICE OF GUAltDIAN SALE-FltEIOIlTINO OUTFIT. PUBLIC NOTICE 13 HEREBY O I VEN THAT In pursuance of an order and decreo of the Probato Court of the County ot Cochlie and Territory of Arizona, mado tho lfith day of March 1892 In the matter of the estate ot Julius E. DiirLee. an lnsauo person ordering the guardian of said estate tosell, after due notlco fiubllshed ot the tlmo and place of sale, the ntercst of Bald estate, to-wlt; An undivided ono hall Interest In and to the property of the firm of J, E. Durkeo & Co,, n copartnership, I will sell for cash, currency of the United 8ates, to tho highest bidder, the undivided one-half Interest, In and to all the property of said firm on the lfith day of April. 1892, at my ofilco on Fremont street, City of Tombslono. County of Concise, Territory of Arizona, and will recelvo sealed proposals for tho purchase of said property, up to one o'clock p. m. of that day. The said partnership property consists principally of 73 largo freight quartz and coko wagons. :t7 largo work hores. Ill largo work mules, with Harness, btretcbers and Chains, Blacksmith Shop, Wagon maker's fahop, . , Carpenter's Shop, Haddler'sBhop, With the Utensils, y Machinery, Tools, Material lu Wood, Iron and Steel, Kitchen, and Boarding House with Furniture andUtensils, Office and OfflcoFurniture, Oranery, Bams, b tables, Corrals, Hay. Uraln, And all tho necessary material, implements and tools for u largo and complete utEioiiTiNq outfit, and real estate consisting of about four and one half acres of land, on which tho corrals, grauorlc;, shops, etc aro situate, nnd being within the City of Tombstone and lying west of First street, between Saffbrd and frcmont streets. Bidders should address proposals to the undersigned at Tombstone, Arizona, lu seuled en-veloncs marked, "Proposals for Guardian's Sale" which will bo opened In tho presonco of bidders at the time aud place abovo stated. Tho undersigned reserves tho right to reject any or all bids, and no proposal will bo considered which Is for lets than the whole intercut of said estate In tho partnership property above mentioned, All bids must bo accompanied with a good bond In the sum of one thousand dollars or 'oo In cash, ns surety lor tho per formanco if bid is accepted. J. V, V1CKER9. Jas. Ilr.ui.Y, Uuardlan Attorney. IDAHO Auction and Sale Stable, One block south of court house. Puy, sell, break and train horsee. Teach Prof. Tnpp'H system of traipjpp wild, spoiled or Yicioijs horses, S2HS2n22 ii n PHOENIX BUSINESS DIBECTOBY. A.ttorn oyn-ut-Xiatv. B AKER & CAMPBELL, ATTOHNKYS AT Law. OUico: oer Nutionat uanic. SANTIAGO AIN8A.-ATTORXKY AT LAW. IluolneM connected with Mexican titles a specialty. Tucson, Arizona. I1UC!K, ATTORNKY.AT-LAW, ItOOM NO. , 10 cotton Block. GC. I8RAKL, ATTORNEY AT LAW, OK-,0co room 8 Thlbodo Building, I'hoenlx, Arizona. TB.KARLY,ATrORNKY ANU COUNSELOR , nt law, will pructlco lu Territorial and United States Courts. Otllco, rooms 12 and 14 Cotton Block, l'hojnlx, Arizona. F but RANK COX, WEB8TKR STREET, M. II. Williams Atiornoys ai jjiw. imuouo ulldlng, Washington street. WM. H. BARNES, JOHN II. MARTIN, WM. C. Hubson. LwOlllecB,Tucen, Arizona. John I). Thomas, 1'aclflc Building, Washington District of Columbia. ABRAM HUMPHRIES, COUNSELOR -AT Law Olllco: Room 6, Thlbodo Building Roforenccs: Laclede Bank, St. Louis: II. O. I'owor, President First National Bank, Starkvlllc, Miss. F. 11. Marshall, Cashier Woodstock Iron Company, Anulstou,Ala. JXRRY MILLAY, WAITKK DKNNETT, M ILLAY & BENNETT, ATTORNEYS AT. LAW. Rooms 9 ana ii rorter uuuaing. W. CRENSIIAW-ATTORNEY-AT-LAW, Rooms 13 and 15 Porter Building. XMiynloIiuiH. H. A. HuaHES, M. D., L. O. DAMEKON. M. D., Surgeon, Physician. HUGHES & DAMERON, Ofilco opposite Commercial Hotel, Rooms 1 and 3. WH. WARD, M. D., LATE OF DX8 . Moines. Ia. Olllco Rooms U and 14 Cotton Block. Residence -!2IMonroc St. HF. ADAMS, M. D (HARVARD ) OFFICE . aud residence, Yumafct,, between Adams and Monroe. Hours 2 to 4 p. m. Special attention paid to diseases of the throat and lungs and to diseases of women. A NOIL MARTIN-M. I)., PHYSICIAN AND surgeon. Office ocr Hartford bank. Diseases eye, ear, nose and throat a specialty. Glasses fitted. Ilomoeojmllilo. W LAWRENCE WOODRUFF M. D., OF. . flee and residence rooms 13 and 15 Cot tun block. Graduate of Ilohneinann Medical College. Philadelphia, la., class 1SS2. Office nour7 mu a. in,, iio.i anuuioop. m Voterltmry. T F. GREEN. VETERINARY SURGEON. Jll. Ofilco and hospital at Ward's livery stable. Specialty of tlstuletlc sores or any enronic aiseasei in norscs. T C. NORTON, D. V. M., VETERINARY I . nhvslciau and surgeon. 8rcclal atten tion given to dentlstr, Oftlie lu Opera jiouse uioce. rjiMlci'tuKor. tur II. SMITH, UNDERTAKER AND EM W . balmer. West Washington street, two doors west of Gibson's Stable. Residenco rear ol building. JIotclK. CENTRAL HOTEL -EUROPEAN PLAN Rooms M) cents to 1160. Joseph Thai-helmer, Proprietor. WINDSOR HOUSE CENTER STREET; block and one-half north ol Washington street. Furnished rooms single and in suite. Mrs. A. M-Dunnlng, DroDrletoress. IVlllHlt). QATAmHUulXL7)u!?TuUA! kj lor of vocal and Instrumental music, offers Ills services as teacher of piano, violin, clarionet, flute, guitar, and other Instruments of orchestra an 1 band n modern school. Tuning and repairing pianos a specialty. Pic-iilo on short notice. Reasonable terms. No, 5 Monrou street. Nowliitf ZtrueliliieH. SINGER MANUFACTURING COMPANY, trunk W. Walls, Agent, last stdo court luu'c plaza, HIioi'LHiiml. fc TyiJovi'ltliiH:. WM. W. WEED, SHORTHAND REPORTER Third District Court of Arizona Territory. TypewrUlst. Verbatim reporting: 30 years' cxerlunco as a Shorthand Reporter. o3-tf TXTISS MAY O. McELWAIN, HTF.NOGRA- XIX. pne-r ana Typewriter, ltoom 13, Mont non iiuumng, j-nu-uix, A. r. t; ng a specialty. Satisfaction guaranty both as to price ana sine oi wore Notivrv I'ulsllo. TRTJcFTunaEYrCoTTvETAcinPAT Ij Notary Public Office with J. W. Evans, Phoenix, A rizona. UonrtlliiK;. B0AKDM HOUSE. Cor. Maricopa and Adams Sts. $4.60 The Best Table Board S4.60 Per Week. Meals, 25 Cents. MRS. M. K. Wheeler, Prop. CyUlsIClO The McArthur - For.tlio treatment of RefraCtOTy OfeS, Is now established in tho Jl General Offico Laboratory", Cor. Tima and Washington Sts., For further particulars, address Corral. Dublin Oorral, SAYER & HARGRAVES, Props. (Successors to W. C. Haverly Jefferson, bet. Center & Montezuma. HAY AND OIIAIN FOR BALE. tlVEKY RIGS ON 81ID1VT NOTICE. I1UST SADDLE HOIIKKS. Buy, Sell and Trade Horses and Mules. TDEANCIO AMERICAN BKOKERWE AND INVESTMENT COMXY Will handle and placacood mining properties: also largo bodi r ot timber, coal and atcrbultilral lands. Bonds and other commemial securities neKMlated. Investments In high-class securities carefully made. Correpondonco solicited. Cp'5 otrfces! JlQoraC, LaoledoB'R,Bt,IuJs.Mo, IIooltH tintl Htutlonurv. rpHE IRVINE COMPANY, HEADQUARTERS JL for low prices In Books, Stationery School Supplies ou1 Holiday Goods. pnnlHli and 33iik11h1i. MIfeS CRUZ K. PARRA, TEACHER OF Spanish and English, also Embroidery Ic. Residence, Jackson street, bet. Montezuma and Maricopa. M 163 E. L. BORQUKZ, Spanish teacher, resl. Hence center tttrcct. ItootM imtl HIiooh. C. A. RODIG, One of the best loot and shoo makers in the territory, Is now located ou Center street, opposite tho Commercial hotel, and will kindly greet all patrons. DOOT8 AND 8H0E8 MADE AND REPAIRED. Socdal attention to custom work. KSII.VA A., SHOEMAKER AND HARNESS . repairer. Work guarantcd. Washington street, opposite Hartford lnk. PrultM. ME3A CITY FRUIT STORE-FRUIT8, Wholsaloaud Retail. Fisher & Mlllman. A.vollltoL. A. P. PETIT. ARCHITECT AND PRACTI-, cal Builder. Room 17 Cotton Block. DentlMtM. DR. J. HARDY, GRADUATE in Dentistry, Dentist All worg guaranteed. Young oiag. nnnmitA thn (TnmtnArclAl iXctUA. Pbointx, Arizona TYt. 11. JEbSUP, DENTIST ALL WORK I guaranteed ! prices reasonable. Rooms ITand 1G Porter Building. AHHnVOJ', A J. PORTERIE, A88AYER, WASHINGTON , street, east of P. O. Phoenix, Ariz. Contrnetor. JOHN B. ROSSKAU, CONTRACTOR AND Builder. Job Wotk and Itenairlnir a specialty. Center St., north of Andre's harness snop. llnrboi' HIioiih. B COOK'S BARBER SHOP EAST OF P. O. building. Work first class In every respect. Give us a call. The Fashion Barber Shop. FRANK SHIRLEY, Proprietor. LADIE8' WORK DONE AT THE BHOP OR RESIDENCE, NCATEST BATH ROOMS IN THE CITY. OPPOSITE THE OPERA HOUSE. I'llIlltlllK. T V. KENDALL, SIGN WRITING AND DE-1 . coratlvo painting, Pima street, opposite Mills bouse, Phoenix, Arizona. Hnloon. UNION SALOON. Fine Liquors and Cigars. Mixed Dnnks a Specialty. Corner Monroe and Montezuma Sts, A. BARSANTI, PPOP'R. Xtonu lirolcoi. LOAN BROKER. Q, L. GIBBS Makes a Specially of Short l)ana. If you have inonuy to spare for thirty or 'Sixty days, call nnd seo him . Seooiifl ITuntl Htoro. K w. WH80.V& co., , GENERAL bECOND HAND STORE. Como and Sec Us. Attorney. J. M. BURNETT, -A.rra"OH;-i:v-A.x-x.A.AV, GILA BEND. ARIZ. Flftceu years' experience In U. 8. departments warmms me assertion inai i ran ue oi important service to clalminu lu Indian depredation, pension claims, und to those seeking patent!, and lu fact all clashes of claims before tho government department?. Land business a sieclalty. Trnrx more. PEOPLES DItUQ STORE. A Full Line of Pure Drugs, Medicines, Perfumery, TOILET ARTICLES, ETC. Pl'OOL'KK. Forrest Cyanide Process Territory of Arizona by tho T1, A:. if JKE111X, AlJZ. E. 1. MAKLOW, Secretary. J'rlntliiir. qiHK REPUBLICAN HAS THE BEST JOB JL Printing ofilce In the territory. Good work at reasonab e prices our motto. CURE YOURSELF1 r tf I tfMtltlrul with r?Ann1." FfilPPt Whfroa anvTnaln.MJ nrannnntiirn1tlu),an..Ll your druerlst for a bottle ol inin 1- It f'lin. tn M t Am-m Iwlihouttho aid or publicity of a uuiwi. i-iuii-iKiBonous ana I guaranteed not to stricture. 1 1 Vnivertal American Oiti. Manufactured by l The. Innt Chemical Co. CINCINNATI, O, a. A. DR. DIAZ y DIAZ. TTTANTKD The people of Phoenix and vicinity to know that there is a euro and safo euro for ItHEUMATISM. I guarantee to cure every case I undertake. I nlso pnnrnntee to rure tho worst caecj of Siphills, Paralyeis Bnd all diseases of tho skiri, chronic diarrhea and dyspepsia in their woret forme. Havlne; just arrived from Hot Springs, Ark., I would respectfully refer my patients to tho following persons whose addresses are Hot Sprinus, Ark: Dr. J. Cres-sey, Mrs. It. McMnster' 410 Park avenue, Major Ben, Uillera, McCluee Co. 111b. , Thousands of other testimonials furnished on application I cm a Cuban by birth ami a graduate of tho University of Havana. Office hours 8 to 11 a. m, and 1 to 5. p. in. GREGORY HOUSE, Washington et. PH(ENIX,ABIZ. TOM'ClFVi J. . BLACK Jeweler - - 113 CONOKKH8 HTKEET, TUCSON, I I I ARIZONA BONDS . E18IS mim$)0r SPBISGFIELD . AND HOWARD WATCHES. Finest work dona at short notice. Orders by"" mall or express especially solicited. IICHtllUl'UlltH. GARDEN CITY UJC8'XV.TJrc.A.N'J Washington St., I'hoenlx. East of M. Jabobs' Btore. The. Only First-Class Kcstanrnnt In Town. GOOD MEALS AT ALL HOUR8. r-HEII F1S11. YEAL CIIIETS. ETC TWICE A Ull. SUNDAY! CHICKEN DINNER AND SUITER. All the best game, fruits and vegetables in season. Nice private room for families. SINGLE MEALS 25 CTS. TUCK. HING & CO. A BSOLUTELY FREE I The publishers of thel'aniily .tournal aro uetermincu 10 largely increase me circulation of their natter. To do this we rr-ake the following unparalleled offer. e will send absolutely l'ICKK. tiosfiies pre !otacnhrsS FHJIIM COOK BOOK lnR us 2j cents for six mouths' subscription to the Kahily Jocr.NiL. This Cock Book Is tent to EACH six months subscriber, and will be found an almost Invaluable culinary guide In tho hands of the most experienced housekeepers, as well as a necessity to the Inexperienced. It possesses the one Kreat advantage over all other rook-books published by being a com-prehenslvo compilation of economical recipes suited to houtewtves with limited means. Under other heads recipes for numerous table luxmlcs arc given. In fact this cook-book Is a compendium of useful recipes used and originated by the most celebrated chefs, cooks and pastry bakers of the present day. With thJ FAMILY CO OK. ISO OK as a guide, no housewife need worry how to prepare the most sumptuous or most frugal repast. Ilcmembrr ue ceiid this book absolutely free to every six mouths' subscriber tn tho Family Journal. This Is no cheap book. It re Ails as high as 11 60 and fi00 and Is worth many times more. rilE FAMILY JOL'RNALam,1l1er,ef,rPerroha!!dr. somely Illustrated, and containing In connection with charming stories and cholco literature, such special features as "Household Hints," "The Fashions," "The Household Doctor,' and numerous other departments of domestic Interest, each ably edited by well-known writeraon the various topics mentioned. Mx mi nths' trial subscription Is only SB Cent and entitles sender to a single copy of the Cook-Hook. Send twenty-five cents in postal note or stamps to TIIK FAMILY JOURNAL CO. 80 Plymouth Place. Chicago, III. XJunlcu. Tho Arizona National Bank OF TUCSON. Capital, ...... SO.OOO Surplus nnd unillt Iiled prollts, - WIO.OOO BAKKO.V M. JACOBS, LIO.NKL M. JACOBS, M. P. FRKUUAN, Pbisidint. Vici-Pbiiidxkt. . CASH1XR. COBRESPONDKKTB: London, l'arlsand American Bank, San Francisco Chemical National Bank, New York National Bank of Commerce, BL Louis Union National Bank, .... Chicago Farmers and Merchants' Bank, Los Angeles State National Bank, El Paso The Valley Bank, .... Phoenix THE VALLEY BANK of Phoenix, Ariz Paid up Capital ... S1O0.000 ANDRiSW CnAWFOBD.Pres. M. II. SHERMAN. Vleo-Prcs. WM. CHRISTY. Cashier. M. W. MKSSINGER, Atst. Cash. CORRESPONDENTS. Pacific Bank .....San Francisco Am. Exchange Natl. Bank New York First Natloral Bank. ,-. Los Angeles Ooldwater A Bros Prescott Stnta Cruz Valley Bank..., Tucson, Arts r-Drafts Issued on all the Principal Cities ol Europe Free to the Afflicted All vthoarp cufferinj; fioni theeffecle of Youthful Errors, Loss of Manhood, Failimr Power. Gonorrhea', (Sleet; Stricture, Syphilid nnd thomnny troubles which nro Jhocffectsof theso'terrihlo disorders will receive, Free ofChahgi:, Ml direction! how to treat and cure thetn-tehtt at home by writinc to th Cai.ifoh-nia Medical aid Sm.-.tiML iNnnuAnr, 102! Market Street, Fan Francisco, California.

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