Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona on April 3, 1892 · Page 2
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Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona · Page 2

Phoenix, Arizona
Issue Date:
Sunday, April 3, 1892
Page 2
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inilf. i WI7AM i iinn.m, THE AKIZONA REPUBLICAN: SUNDAY MORNING, APRIL 3. 1892. THE ARIZONA REPUBLICAN. ISSUED EVERY DAY (KXCKl'T MONDAY! T. J. Wolfley, Editor and Managar. Ktilcred at ttxo tiostofflco at l'homlx, Arizona, a mall matter ol tho second class. NOTICE TO DUSINES3 MEN. The Rkpubmcvn wlllnotbo responsible for jiny bills uuloss contracted on a written ordor of the management. 'I'. J. Wolfley, Manager. HATES OF SUBSCRIPTION. Dally, vex week. ty curler 2 Ually, per month, by carrier 1.00 Dally, per month, by mail : 1.00 Dally, three months, by m til ;.M Dally, sU months, by mall 5.00 Dally, ono ) ear, by mail 10.W Weekly, per.month 25 Weekly, per quarter .75 Weekly, per sljr, months 1.50 Weekly, per you ... .r.,2-50 AdrcrtUlngrate maJo known on application. AQENOIES. Tint RsrUBUCAN can bo found on sale nt the following places. TUCSOJJ J. 8. Mansfield Edwards A McKnlght SAN FiiANCtsco Palace News Stand 3AN Dikoo Coronado News Stand NOTICE TO THE PUDLIO. I...-.... n.t.t dftn. thin ilntu .111 'ltpftll hrflll' K it'll, 1V ..v .... . . v .... advertising will be carried In the colum js ot Tin ltKi-UBHCAN. It costs money to set type and wo cannot atlord to ray printers Inr labor on this class oi auvertising. ihk.iu- riisliiir. Til mvi icei-iihli(!am coinnanvls wil'lne to donate In cash, to all meritorious public, religious and charitable enterprises, to the extent ol its means, but it has established a rule to give away no lnnre advertising. Church and charitable notices will be pilntodat ball of the usual rates for the same clan of advertising, but all other advertising will bo charged for at regular rates. ....... ... Tub MtruuLiCASf will In the future, as In the past, devote Its best energies to the up building and development of l'hajnix and of Arizona, becauso that Is Its mission, but- aihortlstng ordered at tho counting room by Individuals mut bo paid for. Tub Arizona Kr.rtmi.iCAN Co. Feb. 1. lsW. KKriMlLICAN TKKKITOUIAI CON- YKNTIOK. ROOMS orTUKTBKBlTORlAI. ) lUrUUUCAN CKMRAL CoMMlTTKK, l'RKscoTT.Arli , Feb. "U. IsiH.) A convention of the Kcpubll jun party of Arizona will bo held at tho city ot l'htuntx. on Thursday, the "th day ot April, l-!tt, for the purpose of selecting two delegates and two alternates to the National Republican convention, to be held at Minneapolis on the 7th day of June, Tho basis of representation will be one delegate from each county, and one delegato for each fifty votes, and one for each fraction of Ultyover twenty nvo votes Cast for Oeo. W. Cheyncy for delegate tocougrewat the November election In low). i'he representation of tho several counties will, therefore, be as fi.llos: Apachecounty -.-''' 5 Coconino ' Cochise W Graham 2 Olla ' Maricopa ' "J Mohave ,V l'lma ' final. .. ,J Yavapai J uina ... 4 Total number of delegates. Vfi The election of de'egates from states and territories, to sit In the National convention of Republican, where, by their votes, the stand. rd bearer of the Grand Old f arty" Is selected to lead on to victory, Is one ol tho most Important functions to bo discharged and surely merits full attendance at the convention of our best and truest party men to select said dele- S The chairman of tho Territorial Republican central committee desire a full attendanco at our Territorial convention, and requests that nil proxies to the convention bt held by members of tho convention from the samo county they have been selected to represent ' W. C. BASIIFORD. Chairman Territorial Republican Central Committee. Ily Oeo. E. Brown, Secretary. I'MI A COUNT UUI'UIII.ICANH Yesterday was a ied-lctter tiny for the Ilopublicuna of Pima county. It liinrked their release from the bondngo of would-be bosses, bolters and kickers. It wai thoending of a battlo that has been waged for four years lictwcon Ito-publicans of tho old guard and turn-coat Democratic sympathizers. It was a victory for tho Republicans and utter defeat for tho kickers. It was an endorsement by tho Republicans of Pima county of honest politics and honest methods. It wa9 a repudiation of boodlers, cor rupt politics and disreputablo politicians. The result of tho convention in Pima county means much for tho Republican party of the territory. Tho Republicans of that county have indicated that tho disturbing element in tho party o! tho territory is not en dorsed by them, and tho kickers have been sat down upon In their own home. Tito every-day-in-tho-year Republicans hnvowon tho fight from tho beginning to tho finish, and tho delegates elected to tho convention in this city, April 7, aro men that havo never scratched a Republican ticket in their lives. Tho men shelved by tho convention aro notorious na bolters and Democratic sympathizers. Tho grand old party of Pima county Iiqb been redeemed from tho hands of traitors, and is now controlled by its friends, and thcro is catteo for rejoicing by every true Republican in Arizona. Hut while Republicans rojoico, they do not forget that " while tho lamp holds out to burn tho vilest sinner may return." Although tho kickers have been defeated in their efforts to control its policy, it is not tho disposition of anyone to read them out of tho Republican party. It lias been a knerk-down fight, but it in not nccetsurily a ding out light. If tho kickcm and bolters want to become ltepublififns thoy should bo taken on probation, and if they work for tho Republican ticket il should bo tho policy of the party to again receive them into full fellowship. Harmony is necestary for the success of RepiibllciiniHiii in Atiunii, and in the uaiiio of harmony wo hopo that every Republican in tho territory will fall into lino for Republican success, which means so much for tho upbuilding and development of tho wonderful resources of what is destined to bo the graudcBt mid richest commonwealth In the sisterhood uf states. U'piiublli'nim nlioittti flow tip thn ranks ready to meot tho onomy face to faco in the (all campaign. Ceaso bickering and strife! Ceaso voting for Democrats! Support tho Republican ticket front tho head to tho tail thereof, and tho Republican banners will be carried to the grandest of victories. Let tho chastisemont of bolters by tho Pltna county Republicans, yesterday, sorvo as a lesson in future that Republicans, to bo recognized as such, must vota tho Republican ticket, and Arizona U11 go into tho Union with tho proud and honorabto distinction of being a Republican state. Fall into lino, voto tho Republican ticket, lot tho "dead past bury its dead," and Republican supremacy in Arizona will bo assured. sii.vkk .si..U(iirn:iti:i. The willful slaughter of tho freo-coin-age bill in the house must make it plain to ovory intelligent observer, as The Rkpuiilican hnfl maintained all along, that tho Democrats nover felt any real friendship for silver. There aro ft great many other facts which fullv stutain this theory. Tho silver question was just as important in 1SS1 as it is now or will bo at any future time, and yet tho president chosen by tho Democrats in that year, Mr. Cloveland, did everything in his power throughout bis entire administration to discredit and depreciate tho white metal. A Democratic house during Mr. Cleveland's administration defeated a bill for tho rctnonutizatiou of silver and the Democratic National convention in 1SSS, at tho instigation of Mr. Cleveland and Senator Gorman, refused absolutely to rccognizo silver in its platform. After tho presidential election of that year, when it was known that a Republican president and a Republican congress would faithfully undertake to carry out tho pledgo ropeatedly made by their party to provide for fair and honest federal elections in all parts of tho United States through tho enactment of a federal elections law, tho Democratic leaders in tho South devised a scheme to defeat that just and necessary measure by fraud. In order to accomplish their purposo they induced tho Republican sonators from tlireo or four silver states in the West to believe that they would bring tho full support of the Democratic party to a ftee-coinage bill in exchange for a sufficient number of votes in tho senate to defeat the federal elections bill, which bad already passed tho Republican house. Whllo tho fatoof tho federal election s bill remained in doubt, the Democrats , as part of their bunco scheme, made great professions of friendship for silver, and in nearly all tho stato and congressional platforms adopted by them in 1690 they inserted free-coinage planks. After tbo Lodgo bill was killed by tho unwise and unpatriotic votes of a few-Republican silver senators, tho Democratic bosses changed their tuno completely, until within the past six months every one of them of any prominence has publicly declared himself opposed to the enactment of a free-coinage law at tho present time. Tho action of tho Democratic hotiso last week in defeating the Bland bill by a tio voto and tho subsequent action of thocommittoon rules of that body in in refusing to report a resolution fixing a date when a direct voto on tbo mcas-uro must bo taken, can only bo regarded as positivo proof that the Democrats nover had any intention of honestly supporting tho cause of silver coinage. The death or Walt Whitman, "tho good gray poot," teinovca a striking and picturesque figure from American literature. Whitman's rugged verses havo strangely achioved a greater popularity in England than In his own country. Their utter disregard of all accepted poetic form, and, tuost of all, tho coarseness with which many of them aro disfigured havo stamped them in tho estimation of thousands of cultivated Am ericans as unworthy. Yet with all his falts and rudeness Whitman was a true poet. Emerson held his work in tho highest esteem; Tennyson considers him one of tho greatest poets of America. Ho produced many pieces of noblo verEe that will livo as long as ttio languago in which they wero penned. One of tho most beautiful and pathetic of his poeniB is his death chant over tho bier ol Aura ham Lincoln. It will bo long beforo such lines as thoso of "Oh, Captain! my Captain!" nro forgotten. The Wii.cox Slockinan has tho following complimentary notice of the King Iiros. and their work on tho big lllus trated edition: "King liros., who aro getting up tho largo illustrated edition of the Pluenix Rei-uiii.ican, arrived yes terday morning, and aro busy with our enterprising business men. This inr mouse edition will bo a grand (ulvertis ing medium of tho unlimited resources of Arizona, and overy section should bo fully represented. They nro oxports in their line, and our people should givo them the encouragement they meet everywhere else. It will bo bread cast upon tho waters which will return in not very many days." Tin: Gkkman Ri:icnsr.o yesterday de fcatcd a government measure for a new warship by a coalition of Centrists, Radicals and Socialists ngaiuel tho Con srrvatives nud Nntiol Libel als. Thin is one of tho results of the Emperor's policy regarding the Kducational bill Proposing it won for him Centrist cup port and National Liberal opposition. Dropping It reversed tho Munition. The Uvutri-itH v-.tii contiol llio Rcii'litlatr with their 107 otos by combining with either tho Rtilier.l or Conservative element, and thoy evidently mean lo uso them for all they aro worth-. Dk LhSHi'.rw and other trustees of the I'linuimi canal aro chart'eil beforo a French court Willi it bre.uh of trust and swlndllnn fur Vnpiing tbo stock of tho I'rtnama railroad two or thren times and chnrulng tho (onipiuiy w'th tho writer in tho purchase of tho property. If such accusations could bo maintained against many men piomlnnntly con-corned in tho operation of American railroads thero would bo a lotof eminent financiers "playing checkers with their noses" against prison bars. Onkmohk unfortunate American girl has tasted tho bitterness of foreign duke dom. This timo it is the Duchess of Manchester, who seeks divorce from my lord tho Duke. Sho was a beautiful southern girl of wealth, who has worried through sixteen years as tho wifo of an, English nobleman, to find out at hiBt that "Kind hearts uro more than coronets, And simple faith than Noimau blood." A hull killed a bull-fighter in Tula, Mex., last Sunday. Tho bull-fighter deserved his fate. It is seldom tho bull has a chance,. If he had moro chances in the game thero would bo much fewer toreadois, picadors, etc., ready to piny nt It. It is cowardly and brutal sport ; but, after all, noblo alongside of pigeon shooting. HUNlUY Tiiouoirrs. 4 Verily this is a strange world, and though one sometimes thinks that ho has mastered the problem of lifo thero is nlways something arising to convince him that his supposition was ill found ed, Eow people know themselves, much less how to account for tho peculiar actions of otheis, and this too is demonstrated daily. I do not think nil people are bad, but I do think thero nro many inoxein-able pectilarities about some of them in tho latnruacoof Rill Arp, "They are pretty good if you take them on the spur of the moment, but it you gtvu idem time to think, you will find them blnsted mean." It is astrue as strange, that nine times out of ten, when you nppionch a man on somo propoMtiuti lie will do the right thinn before he has time to think; but oftcner than othcrwhu he studies out somo scheme by which his individual interests may Le solved and you tail tocei an nonem net or expression. People are better with first impressions and in tho majority of rates the kindest I actionsnro done on impulse. 'Tin. LnrtlntK It-lWit- llftU lu.ltll ,1 tlttll, lilt dull, from what 1 gather, Leal has had itu itiltiiitni-i. rm fiiKhinimliln Phm'iiir and the result is a General religious fever, that will only bo relieved by ivlu.n nil nt nurn tlii'V will iMiinc mil of tho sackcloth and iuIio.h, purified Hum Bill. linn lUlU It IIIIJi-b I'U UUIU ft year at least lo withdraw from the u'liirltnc vnrh r?i of I'linpniv pni'iolv. nnd indulge in quiet rehitioun thought! The purification process I might say, and if there is anything that will make a person better it" is to eoiiimuh'ii with one's self. Tho old monks know thi", and wero confined for months in nerfect solitude. During the past week, trvoofthe val- liant mililan of Phccnix made n'raid on a newspaper office. Thoy failed to Ptop and figuro beforehand of what the re sult might bt and with the Fame brave impetuosity that has always characterized tho men of uniform, they marched up tho front steps armed with knives', pistols nnd commanding vis ages. They relied a great deal on the vitage for victory, but they put their trust in vain thincs. News"papor men aro thoroughly convorennt with all casts of complexion from plain bronze to the most thunderous, tucd to intimidate them. 'Fixe completion "racket" failed to work, and the "Horatio" stvlo of delivery had no efl'ect. Tho following pathetic lines describe tho epibodo: Hill nml "The lli-publlcim." Ho came to the ofllce with dire Intent, And up the sanctum stairs he went; llato and a grin on his face were blended, cd which a ncr a a tho this a c Ho bearded the editor In his lair, And lgan to flourish his cheese-knlfo there; Hut the editor stopped him beforo he had ended, f4n u, ' v. Mail A lliirclnr, Strangled. SriaiiicNviLLC, O., April 2. Workmen cleaning out n cellar in tho Manly building about daybreak this morning wero horrified to como across tho decomposed Iwdy of n man. A lantern was brought and rovealed tho fact that tho man was hanging by his neck between the second and third steps. In his richt hand was grasped a Forewdriv-er, w Ii t le his loft hand held a large grain sack. Near his sido was a ladder, leading to the trap door which opened into the storo above. Tho body was brought to light nnd edcntificd nR Henry King, an cK-saloon-keepcr and painter by trade. Tho store over tho cellar was lately occupied by Thomas Odbort, who made an assignment February 28. It is conjectured that King had iorced his way into tho cellar through the front entrance to rob the storo while it wjib temporarily closed. Ho was last seen on Washington's birthday, when ho was drinking heavily nnd it is thought on that night he made an attempt at burglary nnd slipped off tho ladder in his intoxicated condition and slowly strangled to death. Ho was formerly well to do, his parents being wealthy residents of Cincinnati, hut his wife left him, sinco which timo ho has gone to the dogs. Tin. rnfcrtciiKer l.ntii Wnr CillCtdo, III., April 2. In consu -qiienre of the picHt'iiger rate war be iwi-i'ii Chicago nnd Ohio river points the Cliii'.i!.'o, .St. Paul ami Kiiiimis City toad has applied to Chairman Finley, of the Western Pacseiigor association, for uuthoiity to it to thu rednctd rates as busing rates in xelling tickets from St. Paul and ;Miti"apolh to Cincinnati mid Louisville. This would lcduco tho through rato between thesft points from if II) 50 to $17.50. Tho chairman has called far n vote of tho members of tho association on this question. In tho nitnnwhllo tho Monoti, the Ills Four nnd tho Pennsylvania llnrfl havo ruunib" ed the agreement nnd all tho rules of tho Chicago and Ohio River Traffic association in tho prosecution of their little wnr. Ono of tho results- of this fight will bo tho reopening, April 1, of the hotel ticket oillecs. Rulni; for Hurled TrcHHiirci. Ozaiik, Ark., April 2.Milledgo Whit lock, a i enter, on tho King farm in Maxoy township, eighteen mines west of hero, plowed up n glass jar contain-iiii! JXOUO in uold. This jar was buried by Mrs. Mary Wilson (luring tho war when tho federal troops wero in this part of tho state. Whitelock tried to keop tho find a secret, but'failcd to do so. The Kings, who aro Mrs. Wilson's holrs, havo instituted suit against Whit-lock for the money. Search has been made for the jar repeatedly, and no trace could over bo found of it, as Mrs. Wilson dying unexpectedly, left no clew as to tho whereabouts of the jar. The Wnr In Veneziiola. Ni:w Yokk, April 2. Tho Herald publishes a correspondence from Caracas, Venezuela, dated March 18. which says that President Palacio has issed it manifesto to tho statcB of tho republic sustaining his contention in tho parliamentary strugglo. Ho declares that ho would not accept another torm as president, denounces his opponents in tho congress and singles lien. Crespo for special denunciation. Tho manifesto is filled with patriotic oxprebsions. Nciirly Hollit for Clark. Austin, 'fox., April 2. Ex-Senator Johnathan Lane and Mrs. Lano of La-Uramre arrived and will remain some littlo timo at the capital. Senator Lane is a leader in tho political party in Fay-otto that is denominated Democratic and is mighty near solid for Geo. Clark. "August FloweF" Mr. Lorenzo F. Sleeper is very well known to tlie citizens of Apple-ton, Me., and neighborhood. He says: " Eight years ago I was taken " sick, and suffered as no one but a " dyspeptic can. I then began tak-" ing August Flower. At that time "I was a great sufferer. Every-" thing I ate distressed me so that I "had to throw it up. Then in a " few moments that horrid distress " would come on and I would have " to cat and suffer Forthat "again. Itooka ,. "little of your raed- Horrld "icine, and felt much Stomach "better, and after " takinga little more Fooling. " August Flower my "Dyspepsia disappeared, and since that time I " have ne'er had the first sign of it. "lean eat anything without the " least fear of distress. I wish all " that are afflicted with that terrible "disease or the troubles caused by "it would try August Flower, as I "am satisfied there is no medicine "equal to it." J U V V -ryAN'THD Tho peoplo of Pluenix and vicinity to know that there is a sure and safo euro for 11HEUMATISM. I guarantee to euro overy case I undertake. I also guarantee to cure tho won-t cases of Siphilis, Paralysis and all diseases of tho skin, chronic diarrhea and dyspepsia in their worst forms. Having just arrived from Hot Springs, Ark., I would respectfully refer my patients to tho following peroiiB whoso addres-f-es aro Hot Springs, Ark: Dr. J. Cres- soy, Mrs. R. McMaster' -110 Park avo-niie, Major Ren, Uillem, McCIuso Co. Ills , Thousands of other testimonials furnished on application I am a Cuban by birtli nnd a graduate of tho University of Havana. . Uflico hourB 8 to 11 a. m. and 1 toG. p. m. GREGORY HOUSE, Washington st. PIKENIX, ARIZ. Jtureini of In vcHLlKiit Ion. REPUBLICAN - - - BUREAU OF - - - INVESTIGATION "PSTAHMSIIED for tho purpose of giving roliablo information in regard to Lands, Mines and Enterprises in Arizona and Mexico. All communications confidential. Any reasonable questions answered in Thk Ri:i'Uiiliican columns. IMunoM unci Oi'KUIlH. CLARK & WHITSON, DEALERS IN Pianos & Organs. Mako a specialty of the celebrated KIMBAL, WEBER, SHONINGER :pianus. Olmigh nnd Warren Organs EasyTortns on Installments or Cheap for Cash. Satisfaction guaranteed to all our patrons, Como and sec us. CLARK & WHITSON, PIKJ'NIX, AUW. mi 7 DA IiootH nnd Sioen. FREE! HZ!E!&2C3i!ZZ5Z5&!Z& ? THE SCHOLARS' '; COMPANION, &E2gSES2ZS&ZT2S2i2Z2Z. Consisting of Slate Pencil, Lead Pencil, Pen Holder and Ruler, all done up in a neat box, WITH ii ivw H. L CHANDLER Fine Shoes at Popular Prices. JPostoflico JLJloek XVLTUl. NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION. Homestead Entry No. MU. Land Orncu at Tucson, Arizona, ( March in, ltai. I "VTOTICK Is hereby given that tho following-L named settler has filed notice of his Intention to make final proof hi support of his clulm, and that said proof "111 bo made beforo the Clerk of tho District Court at I'luenlx, Ariz., on April 20th, Wl, viz: Samuel 8. Oreen, of I'hce. nix, Ariz., for tho nw. !i of see 2), twp. 2 n r 2o. Ho names the following witnesses to prove lit continuous residence upon and cultivation of stld laud, viz: Tlry ft. Jones, Thomas M. liiockman, Rcdtck J. Cartwrlght and James I). Marlar, all of Phoenix, Ariz IlKiiuxitT Bhown. Register. Notice for Publication Desert Land, Final Proof. D. L. E. No. 17.'. United Status Land Orricr, Tuccon, Arizona, March ill, 1M. 1 Notice U hereby given that William J, Stewart, ol Olid llend, Maricopa County, Arizona, has filed notice of Intention to mako proof on his dcFcrt-lanil claim No lTN'i, for the M.-.nnUtiec.'jU. twp. 4 e, r 1 w, beforo the clerk of tho Dlstilct court at Phoenix. Arizona, on Monday, the 2nd dayot May, 1W2. Ho names the following ul-nefscs ti prove the complete Irrigation mid reclamation of said land: Matt W. Reedy, Willis p. Williams, William II. Harrelson, and Thomas J. Foster, allot Gila Rend Arizona. IIEItUERT HROWN, Register. NOTICK FOR PUULI0AT10N. Declaratory statement No, 2.VK. Land Office atTcckon, Arizona,) March 28, 1KM. j Notice is hereby given that tho follow lag named settler has tiled notice of his intention to make Uual proof In support of his claim, and that said proof will 1k made, before the clerk of the District Court at Phienlx, Arizona, on May A. lKW, viz Conrad Miller, of Phcenlx, A. T., for tho ee. , sec. 29, twp. 2 u., r.2e. Ho names the following witnesses to prove his continuous residence upon and cultivation of raid land, viz: Tlry ll. Jones, Jacob Miller, ltodick J. Cartwrlght and Thomas M. Brockmau, of Phoenix, A.T. 1IERI1ERT DROWN, RcftVter. NOTKJK FOR PUI'LIUATIOX. ltd K. No. 1J9S. Land Omc at Tucson. Arizona,) March U, l.Vi. j TOTICE is hereby given that the following J named tcttler lias Hied notice of his Intention to make ilnaL.proof in support of his claim, and that said proof will bo iniido beforo the clerk of the district conrt at I'licrnlr, Ariz., on April 11, lv.i.', viz: Edwin H. Powell, of Phoenix, Ariz., for tho ne. of tec. 11, twp. 1 u. r. 1 e. He names the following witnesses to prove his continuous rcsldcncs upon and cultivation of (aid land, viz James T. Bone, Samuel Y. Ilarkley, Thomas C. Uarkley, and Dennis P. llarkloy, all of Phoenix, Ariz. HERUERT BROWN, Register. DESEKT LAND, FINAL PK00F NOTICE F0K l'UHLIUATION. Unitkd Status Land Office, Tuckon, Amz. Marcav, IW2.I -TOTICE is hereby given that Charles H.Ming JLN of Phcenlx. Maricopa county, Arizona, tins tiled notico of Intention to mako proof on his desert-laud clalmNo. 1721, for the mv!i sec. 12, twp 1 n, r 5, c., beforo the clerk ot the district court at I'luenlx, Ariz., on Monday, me inn uay oi April, ip-jz. Ho names tho following witnesses to prove the complete Irrigation and reclamation ol said land: Hiram H. Peterson, Philip Metz. Gordon Hunsakcr and Jed U. Peterson, all of Mesa, Arizona. HERI1ERT HROWN, Register. NOTICE OF GUAUDIAJ' SALE-FREIGHTING OUTFIT. PUBLIU NOTICE IS HEREHYOIVEN THAT In pursuance of an order and decree of the Probate Court of the County of Cochlso and Territory of Arizona, mado tho ICth day of March WJ2 in the matter ol the estate ot Julius E. Durkee, nn insane person ordering tho guardian of said estate tosell, after due notice published of the timo and place ot sa!c, tho Interest of said estate, to-wit: An undivided ono hall interest In and to the property of the firm of J. K. Durkeo A. Co,, a copartnership, 1 will sell for cash, currency of tho United States, to the highest bidder, the undivided ono-half Interest, in and to all the property of said firm on the IGth day of April, WA at my ollico on Fremont street, City ol Tombstone, County ol Concise, Territory of Arizona, and will receive sealed proposals for the purchase of said property, up to one o'clock p. m. of that day. The said partnership property consists principally of 7.1 large freight quartz and coko wagons. 37 large w ork horses. Ill large work mules, with Harness, Stretchers and Chains, Blacksmith Shop, Wagon-maker's Shop, Carcnter's Shop, Hnddler'sShop, With the Utensils, Machinery, Tools, Material In Wood, Iron and Steel, Kitchen, and Hoarding Houbo Willi Furniture andUtensllH, Office ond Office Furniture, Orancry, Hams, Stables, Corrals, Hay. drain, And all tho'neosssary material. Implements and tools for u largo ana coMrLETE ntEioiiTiNO outut, and real cstato consisting ol about four and one half acrciof land, on which tho cor rals, granerles, shops, etc. aro situate, and being within tho City of Tombstone ond lying west of First street, between Sairord and tremoni .1 roots. Bidders siiouin auurcss proposals to ino uu derslgned at Tombstone, Arl7ona, lu scaled envelopes marked, "Proposals for Uuardlan'B Sale'' which will be opened lu tho presenco ol bidders at tho timo and vlaco aliovo stated. Tho undersigned reserves tho right to reject any or all bids, and no proposal will be considered which Is for less than tho whole lhtcrest of said estato In tho partnership property abovo mentioned. All bids must be accompanied with a good bond in the sum of one thousand lollarsorfinoln cash, as surety lor the per formanco It bid is ucceptcd J. V. VlCKHIil. Jab. Keilly, Uuardiau Attorney. llo-wei'M. Flower Garden for t)0 Cents. Send SO cenl in stamps or rostal noto and ro-rehe freo bv m-lour sample collection of J roses, best ev. ri..nomlng. 2 chrjMUithuruums, best varletSv I Bsranlums best , variety. 2 roleoi "nVlUusjnttcd Catalogue, Just' to sliow Erayrai PHCENIX BUSOESS DIBECTOBY. A.ttorneyH-ut-Ifr. B AKKIt it CAMP11ELI-, ATTOKNKY8 AT hdwr. umco: over raiioniiiiiiiit. SANTIACIO AIN8A.-ATTOKNEY AT LAW. Business connected with Mexican titles a Bpctlalty. T ucison, Arliona. A J1UCK, ATTQKNKY.AT-r.AW, ROOS1 NO. , 10 cotton Block. GCJ. 18KAKL, ATTOKNKY AT LAW,'oroom b Tlilbodo Building, l'boonlz, Arizona. Tli.KAKLY.ATrOKNKY AND COUNSELOR , at law. will practice In Territorial and United States Courts. Ollico, rooms 12 anil 11 Cotton Block. 1'lioinlx, Arizona. 37RANK COX, WER3TER BTREET, M. II. 1 Williams Atwruoys at Law. Thlbodo ulldlng, Washington street. WM. II. 11ARNEH, JOHN II. MARTIN, Wm. C.Hubsou. LHwOtBccs.Tucsun, Arizona John B. Thomas, Pacific Jlulldlng, W ashlngton District of Columbia. AI1RAM HUMPHRIES, COUNSELOR-AT Uiw Uluce' Room 5, Thlbodo Building References: Laclede Dank, HI. Louis: II. C. Power, President First National Hank, Btarkville, Miss. P. II. Marshall, Uasliler Woodstock Iron Company, Auulstou, Ala. JKItUY HIIXAY. WAlTltH BBNNETT. MILLAY & BENNETT, ATrORNKYSAT-LAW Rooms 9 and 11 Porter Building. ' W. OR8NMIAW-ATTORNKY.Ar.LAW. .Rooms 1.1 and 15 Porter Building. IMiyNloliinM. H. A. HUOHES, M. D., T. D. DAMCRON. M. D., Surgeon, Physician. HUGHES & DAHERON, Oftico opposite Commercial Hotel, Rooms 2 and 3. Wit. WARD, M. U , LATK OF DS8 . Moines, la. Onieo Rooms 12 and It Cotton Block. Residence 121 Monroe yt. HF, AIMMC, M. I)., (HARVARD) OFFICE . and refldunce, Yuma et., belw een Adams ami Monroe. Hours 2 to 4 il in. Hptclal attention paid to diseases of tho throat and lungs and to dbcaKSiif womcti. AKCIIi" JUjTTINM; 1)7. PHYSICIAN AND surgeon. Otflcoer Hartford bank. DIs-eaies eje, ear, nose tna throat a sjecUUy. lined. I Iomoc-ojmt lile. TAVjENTCKCI)IUIFTrD.rOF . (lee and residence Pinal street between Hslunqtou mid Jcllersoii. (iraduate of Hahnemann Mcdlial'illege. Philadelphia, Pa .clavH 182. Olllte liouis 7 to 9 a. m 1 to 3 and C lo 6 p. m , Veterinary. JS'f. "oiiEKN," vstYkiunaiIy 'surgeon' ll. Ofllce ami hospital at Ward's lhery stable. 8ivclalty of tmulellc sores or any chroulc disease I In horses. t cTnokTon, d. v. m.. Veterinary I physician and surgeon, fapeclal attention given to dentlstrj. Ofihe In Opera House block. Uji tier In leer. W1I. SMITH, UNDERTAKER AND EM-, balmer West tt ashlngtou street, two doors west of Gibson's Stable. Residence rear o( building. IIotelH. CENTRAL HOTEL -EUROPEAN PLAN Rooms M tenia to 11.00. Joseph Thai-helmer, Proprietor. WINDSOR HOUSE - CENTER STREET; block ami one-half north of Washington street. Furnished rooms single and in suite. Mrs. A. M. Dunning, nroDrietoress. MtiHle. OALVAl'ioTr7u7Li" IO cor of ovalnd Instrumental mutlc, oflers tils sen Ices as toucher ol piano, violin, clarionet, Uute, guitar, and other Instruments of orchestra an I band a modem school. 1 unlng and repairing pianos a specialty. Picnics on short notice. Reasonable terms. No. 5 .Monroo street. 1 Su leery. F RENUlt BAKERY AND GROCERY STORK corner Monroe ana Montezuma streets. B. Matly, Prop Howliiff rneliliien. SINOER v MANUFACTURING COMPANY, trauk W. Walls, Agent, last side court ii jme plaza. yiiortluunl s T''wrltliiu:. XT7M.W. WEED, SHORTHAND REPORTER TV Third Judicial District Conrt ot Arizona Territory. Typcwrltlst. Verbatim rcjiortlng; 30 years' experience as a Shorthand Reporter. C3-tl Miss May u. mcelwain, stknoora-phcr and Typewriter. Room 13, Monl Building, l'hoMilx, A. T. Typewriting a specialty. Satisfaction guaranteed Ixilh as to price and stvle of work. ISoturv Xullle. TT Ij Notary Public Ofllce with J. W. Evans 1'haetux, Arizona. lioartllniX. BOAEDING HOUSE. Cor. Maricopa and Adams Sts. $4.50 The Best Table Board $4.50 Per Week. Meals, 25 Cents. Mn8. M. K. Wheeler, Prop. Cyuiilcle The Mc Arthur-For ol Refractory Ores, For the treatment Is now established in tho General Ofllco Laboratory, Cor. Pima nnd Washington Sts., For further particulars, addroes Oornil. Dublin Corral, SAYER fit HARGRAVES, Props. (8ucccsors to W. C. Haverly) JetTerson,.bet. Center & Montezuma. 1IA1 AND UltAIN FOR S..M.K. I.IVr.ltY KIUH ON hllllltr Noncii. lli:S)T HADDI.K IIOKSKH. Buy, Sell and Trade Horses and Mules. THE ANOIO-WEUICIX BR0KERGK lD INVESTMENT COWANY Will lmudlo and place good jninlvg properiies: also largo Mwllcs ot timber, coal and agrli ultiiral lands. Bonds and other commercial securities negotiated. Investments lu high-class securities carolully made. Correspondence solicited. Co' oUIceil Room 6, UclCdeJI'g,8t,Lnuls.Mo, IJooIcm unci Htftlloncrvi rpiIE IKVINK COMPANY, HEADQUAKTKK8 JL for low price In l!ook, Butlouery School guppllea ana Holiday Poods, HpunlHli unci 33iikIIw1i. IB3 CKUZ R. HARRA, TEACHER OK gpauuh and Knensn, aiso umurniaerr iVork. Residence, Jackson street, bet. Monte zuma and Marlcoja. T,fI63K. L. UORQUEZ, Bpanlsh teacher, red. dence Center btreet. liOOtH UllU HllOCH. C. A. RODIG, One of tho best boot and shoe makers In the territory, Is now located on Center street, op poslte the Commercial hotel, and will kindly greet all patrons. B00T8 AND 8HOES MADE AND REPAIRED. Special attention to custom work. KSII.VA A.. SHOEMAKER AND HARNESS . repairer. Work guarented. Washing ton street, opposite iiartiora nana. FrultH. MESA CITY FRUIT STORE-FRUITS, Wholsaleaud Retail. Fisher & bllllman jVrelilteet. A P. PETIT, ARCHITECT AND PKACTI . cal Builder. Room 17 Cotton Block. JentlMtH. d: R. J. HARDY, GRADUATE In Denllilrr. Dentist All --' . ' .. . .-:- worK guarantet-a. toungmog opposite the Commercial Hotel l'hrenli, Arizona DR. H. JESSUP, DENTIST ALL WORK guaranteed nd prices reasonable. Rooms It and 16 Porter Bunding. AHHiiver, A J. PORTERIE, AS8AYER, WASHINGTON , street, eat of P. O. Phivnlx, Ariz. Coii true tor. JOHN II. ROSSEAU, CONTRACTOR AND Builder. Job Work and Repairing a specialty. Cent :r St., north of Andre's harness shop. lit riser Hlii. B COOK'S Hi RBER SHOP EAST OF P O . building. Work first i lass lneiery res ptct Give us h call. The Fashion Barber Shop. FRANK SHIRLEY, Proprietor. LADIES' WORK DONE AT THE SHOP OR RESIDENCE. NEATEST OATH nOOM8 IN THE CITY. OPPOSITE THE OPERA HOUSE. I'UllltlllU. JV. KENDALL, SIGN WRITING ANDDE . coratlve painting, Pima street, opposite Mills house, Phoenix, Arizona. .Saloon. UNION SALOON. Fine Liquors and Cigars. Mixed Drinks a Specialty. Corner Monroe and Montezuma Sts, A. BARSANTI, PPOP'R. Under mice r. A. 0. RANDAL. WILL A. DAVIS RANDAL &. DAVIS, Undertakers and Embalmers. Office Open Night and Day, Young Building, Opposlta Commercial Hotel. Ioiiu Jtrolcer. LOAN BROKER. Q. L. GIBBS Makes a Specialty of Short Loans. If you have money to spare for thirty or Bixty days, call and Ecehiin . SlocoiKl ITniicl Htorc. EW. WIISONi CO., , GENERAL SECOND HAND STORE. come ana see us. Attorney. J. M. BURNETT, ATTOKNEY-AT-LAAV, GILA BEND. ARIZ. Fifteen years' experience In U. S. departments warrants tbo assertion that I can be of lmpor tant service to claimants In Indian depredation, pension claims, and to those seeking patent and in fact all classes of claims before the gov ernmciit department. Land business a specialty. "Orun; Store. PEOPLES DRUG STORE. A Full Line of PurcDrugs, Medicines, Perfumery, TOILET ARTICLES, ETC. I'roocNH. rest Cyanide Process Territory of Arizona by tho nan nvmn i nrr I 11 l tv i ii Plimriiv Ai'17 X IHL111A, AJ l E. F. SI Alt LOW. Secretary. xriiitinir milF. REPUBLICAN HAS THE BEST JOB X l'rlnttng olllcc in the territory. Good work at reasonab c prices our motto. CURE YOURSELF! rlftroiibledwlthGonorrhiEfil rOIeet.Whites.Spermatorrhrcal for any unnatural dlschanrt-uk your drmrglst for a bottle of I Bur Q. It cures in a few diva without tho aid or publicity ol a doctor. Non-poisonous and I guaranteed not to stricture. L Thi Universal American Cure. Manufactured by .The Evani Chemical Co. I CINCINNATI, O. u. .. m NV 1. Zts

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