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The Gazette from Montreal, Quebec, Canada • Page 14
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The Gazette from Montreal, Quebec, Canada • Page 14

The Gazettei
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Issue Date:
Extracted Article Text (OCR)

14 THE GAZETTE, SATURDAY, MARCH 23, 1963 wBtiams sups -J New Movies In Town Bedazzled, P.J And The Biggest Bundle Of Them All GAZETTE GUIDE TO THE MOVIES hastily-arranged set-up for a divorce case.) P.J. (Peppard) is engaged toy William Orbison, a tycoon of highest (and lowest) order, ostensibly to protect Orbison's beautiful mistress from the revengeful schemes of his wife's neurotic family. The intrigue lies in the fact that Orbison is not all that he seems to be (though Raymond Burr in the role pretty much fills the screen whenever he is present, and gives the fleeting impressioa that Orbison just more than he seems to be). A great deal happens in the film, and really very little. The plot line is thin but Sustained.

The color photography is colorful. The actors are adequate to their roles. Thought never intrudes upon the action. In short, a good film, well conceived, and as well realized. To be seen, enjoyed, and forgotten.

DAVID LOBDELL OF THEATRE TICKETS ALL "FAMOUS" THEATRES TICKET IN EACH BOOK incredible gufuffles you have ever seen on the screen until they finally well, no. That would be telling. The day I saw it I was in a pretty dour mood, and none of the gags seemed the slightest bit funny, but I imagine that under other circumstances this could be wildly entertaining. JACOB SISKIND P.J., (at Loew's): This is the latest in what is very quickly becoming the interm QMUHBP LSI 1l -I'M I taT I I -J MiilM UilidUliJ BUY BOOKS ON SALE AT ONE FREE inable stream of intrigue which Hollywood has relied almost solely upon for its financial, if not its artistic, survival. George Peppard, playing his usual virile, clean-cut, all-Amerfcan self, is hard-luck, levelheaded rnuscleboy, an ex-Marine turned private eye turned professional scapegoat, down to his last legitimate buck, (at the beginning-of the film we see him hired out as the anonymous partner in a aaaaaaa i-aaaaaa mmm A 1 RICHARD BURTON THE OXFORD UNIVERSITY DRAMATIC SOCIETY ELIZABETH TAYLOR.

Accepted DOGTORL MaMneee Sun. Wed. 2.30 Eveningi at 8.30. ACADEMY AWARDS including Fupms i MiU TECKIICOLM I it everything in and Christianity in particular, are presented so innocently. Thinkers will no doubt admire Cook and Moore for their daring in this film, while true believers will be surprised or even offended.

But whatever one's thoughts about the Bible aod the frank conversations, Bedazzled still has the ludicrous situation comedy appeal that will bring the guffaws. JAN WRIOHT THE BIGGEST BUNDLE OP THEM' ALL (tt th Capital): Watch your mood before you go to this film. If the stars are right you will find it the most hilarious comedy of the season; if not it will simply seem i very long bore. The biggest bundle of the title is a heist of a platinum shipment worth $5 million. But the film is liberally larded with puns and triple-entendres, and most of the time the subject is Mis Raquel Welch's obvious and ample physical talents.

She is either to good natured that she takes it ill without turning a hair; or so stupid she doesn't understand that she is the butt of all the yuks. The film features the most inept team of bullion thieves you have ever encountered. Hiiaded by Vittorio de Sica and Edward G. Robinson, and featuring a spreading Godfrey Cambridge, Dave Kaye and Francesco Mule, the group bumbles through the most KENT Carry on Screaming. LOEW'S P.J.

LUCERNE The Comedians; More Than a Miracle. MONKLAND Anniversary; Blues for a Lover. ODEON, ATWATER Guess -Who's Coming to Dinner. Superb acting (J.S.) ODEON PLACE DU CANADA The African Queen. OUTREMONT Blues for a Lover; Anniversary.

PALACE Wait Until Dark. PAPINEAU Dr. Zhivago. PARISIEN La Grande Vadrouille. RIVOLI L'homme qui valait des Milliards; Duel dans le desert.

SAVOY Witchcraft; Anni- sary. SEVILLE Half a Sixpence. SNOWDON A Woman. An explicit film about female sexual problems. (J.S.) STRAND Anniversary; Witchcraft.

VAN HORNE Elvira Madigan. It's just beautiful. (Z.H.) VENDOME, Place Victoria Fountain of Love. VERDI Privilege; Help! VERSAILLES: Blue room: More Than a Miracle; The Comedians. BEDAZZLED (At the Avenue): Those two bright British satirists Peter- Cook and Dudley Moore (who helped create the original Beyond The Fringe) have combined their talents again to bring us their first full-length feature film.

Cook wrote the screenplay and Moore wrote the music for a story they both dreamed up, and the two male leads are played by none other than Cook and Moore. The result is a clever text, hilarious scenes and impeccable performances. The theme is the not unfamiliar one of innocent-sells soul-to-the-devll in-ex-change-for -seven-wishes. The innocent (Moore) is a short order cook eating his heart out over a waitress (Eleanor. Bron).

The devil (Cook) is a modish fellow with headquarters in a Soho discotheque where he hangs out with the Seven Sins (including gorgeous Raquel Welch as Lust). While tempting Moore at HQ. the devil snips buttons off brand new shirts, scratches records and reseals them in their plastic wrappers, and tells Moore how he used to be an adoring angel in heaven until he got bored stiff. Then as Moore's seven wishes unfold on the screen, we see the most promising romantic situations turn, sour on him. The cleverness of Bedazzled is that it combines biting satire with hilarious situation comedy, and sharp jabs at TODAY SUNDAY ORIGINAL (1 I VERSION An Unusuo.

Motion Picture Ixptrieneel airman r-T 1. ALOUETTE Gone With the Wind: The reissue is every bit as enjoyable as the original release. (J.S.) ART CINEMA Blind Devotion. AVENUE Bedazzled. Devishly funny.

(J.W.) BONAVENTURE CINEMA The Stranger. One of the finest failures I've ever seen. Z.H. CAPITOL The Biggest Bundle of Them All. CHATEAU Le Main Chaud; Cover Girls.

THE CINEMA WEST-MOUNT In Cold Blood. Superb psychological thriller. (J.S.) CINEMA PLACE VILLE MARIE The Graduate. Good drama about confused youth. (D.

Ld.) DAUPHIN II Ne Fault Pas Mourir Pour Ca. DORVAL Red Room: Blues for a Lover; A i Time For Killing, Salle Dorte: A Bout du Souffle, La Ronde. ELYSEE (Eisenstein) L'Horizon. Resnais Weekend. EMPIRE Virtue Runs Wild.

FAIRVIEW, Cinema 1, -Tony Rome. Cinema 2 Bonnie and Clyde. FESTIVAL CINEMA -Arid Summer. FLEUR DE LYS A Coeur Joie. GREENFIELD PARK Cinema 1: Matt Helm, agent special; Bienjoue, Matt Helm.

IMPERIAL Custer of the West. Robert Shaw is the whole show. (P.D.) Engliih lub-titlei ESSY PERSSON Paei It Golden Age cards not KJ accepted FEATURE 1.05, 3.15, S.20, 7.30, 9.40. Last Complete Shaw 9.05 p.m. LAST I DAYS! 14 YEARS tft.

OVER NOMINATED FOR 4 (Vj TJ! is a hundred minutes of murders, brawls, broads, and sizzling action. GEORGE FEPPAKDk ft: Truman Capote's i-Sjt Riehard Brooks RAYMOND BURR weekdays at 10.05, 12.25, 2.40, 4.55, 7.10, IN COLD BLOOD Feature: 1.15, 3.50, 6.20, 8.55. Latf rnmnlptu ctiow 8.35 it m. i.jw. iu5t com pier mow ar 9.0.5.

Sundoy cont, from 12.00. AT 2:15 8:15 P.M. Red Room: L'homme qui valait des Milliards; Duel dans le desert. WESTMOUNT Dr. Faus-tus.

YORK Bonnie and Clyde. One of the best American films in a long time. (J.S.) "A WUION I 1 KfM COLLAR I ACADEMY AWARD NOMINEE AUDREY HEPBURN "BEST ACTRESS" 1 "NBrwipV tkrait i mmmmy mMi i i i mom tciy IYEARS PREMIERE THURSDAY NIGHT APR. 4th 2 AUDREY HEPBURN ALAN ARKIN RICHARD CRENNA EFREM 13th WEEK! WAIT UNTIL DAFlir ZIMBALIST.JR. WEEKDAYS: "CHN.COLCHI 10.35, 12.45, 2.55, 5.05.

9.30. Lait Comolete Show at p.m. Sun. cont. from 12.00.

iZ-'A rani igI wfilnh b. "The laMMIkawfi Mttorio desica ofthem eclvdarodnsori air Weekdoye: ot 2.40, 7.10,UK0ferf Last comaleta ihow ef 30. Sunday Cont. From 12.00. stum tm YEARS OVER I e.

IZ et I I I A NOMINATED FOR 9 ACADEMY AWARDS: fiSte, Iff m. SirTJ 1-1 I A WIEfll5in Bk. IB rl EBe' I Jk. IK mm 9M BtBRVdr Bl I JffBBW.J 1 INCLUDING BEST PICTURE and BEST SONG (Talk to the Animals) SXfc. ENGLISH TITLES Boi cards I would you like to go on a robbery with her? 9 Lav A m.

J. 1 fS-. BOX OFFICE OPENS TODAYI Opening Night Performance Sponsored by; "THE ALUMNAE SOCIETY OP McGILL UNIVERSITY" VOw. m. I IB TBI gu dBBBj- mmn.

9.00. I I Jill UFIISTFH-(Mil Bmmsnliwii.K.i!UlMSift iPPi.nilaS I I 1 1 a luucBivrtc.u...u.i.bniuinuiifi(k.l. u.u I I uV yV 3' NOW AT BOTH CINEMAS 18 YEARS. OVER Cinema, Feature: Lait -Mg at I N. AWARD BEST fir 18 DIRECTOR 5th WEEK! "Prrhipi Ihe noil Ix-iutiUI movie aisiorr.

A TK, Nrw Ytffcrr. Li PIA DEGERMARK ET lw Award Fealival. Feature: 1.30, 3.35, 5.35, 7.35, Lt Complete Show: .05. Office open dally 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Phone Orden ffirklTtf ITTTflH. uuiviiiiiin THEivnnr i LESLIE HOWARD Moti. Sat. METR0CDB3R it Sun. at 2.15 p.m.

Evening! at 8.15 p.m. 1 14 YEARS A QVERj eatu L0RENSHARJJ 'EES imlrcle' J. NOMINEE 1 WINNER TP ACADEMY AWARD NOMINATIONS! Best Pletufi Actres. ANNE BANCROFT DUSTIN HOFFMAN KATHARINE ROSS ADUATE 1.05, 1.10, 5.10, 7.15, 9.1S. Complete Show 9.00.

10 ACADEMY AWARDS BCMNIE i. nrHirnae 1 OTHEliR Little Cinema: Weekdoyi: 5.15, 7.15, 9.15. Lait complete ihow 9.00 p.m. Sat. fir Sun.


rVJCli illfrT L.j" Jtt flnrWTI IDCI Wednesday tl.50 thru Thurs. $2.59 1 Ntl I I' I 1 S3.00 1 MlllTOIDinil SKJrF ilm Surprise after 3 p-n -j 0ftie I MilWOM "ONE OF THE fWfL Sff YEAR'S 10 ifKi4- 5r 7 the most important and iwomiativi I CM mm I FILM OF THIS DECADE. 1 Boerdoffievrnw fBS, tafl 7x J1.1""!" 1 ft I ffclll i. flL frank lyJM 1 1 tJJftpl Vi 1 Co swcin JILL ST. JOHN RICHARD COMTE ik fill 4 Yj j'T I Nightly at B.15.

Mat. Sat. 2.15. mm immy 4 I u.iiuvMiwM MIS wV: BOTH FEATURES ENGUSH SUB-TITLES I II I- I I WrxYfV. 1" JEAN S0REL lOI 'A is.

1J 1 4 IvlJ CATHERINE Piw i( RICHARD aEISCHER4ESLIEBRICUSSI-lT-LESUE CRICUE llfl TOvC33vCil Ik SPAAK ImTJ. -JSsC. HERBERT BOSS TS Rff A6HAYAM Produced Hi T000 -Q Cote by DELUXE jf fff tTZK VXA V. I Ml' BOU'W fcmmiNAL IQUHO TRACK ALBUM AVAttABLI ON 2Qt CtNTUPtV-POK WBCOWOt! v-. ii'l' C'prlNpf Aj, KwHIIbIeS iJjj 1 SOUFFLE'" I tmlXtYiy0 1 18 YtARS Nigntly ot 7.30.

Mat. Sot. 1.00. RESERVED SEAT TICKETS at BOX OFFICE or MAIL lVtV 1 i i 5 imnrrna nAi itti 5 -3 aa I W' YORK, FEATURE: 12.43, 2.50, 1.00, 7.0S, 9.25. Lait complete thow 9 p.m.

FAIRVIEW CINEMA 2 Nightly at 7 4 9. Mat. Sat. at 2.00. Sun.

cont. from 1 2.50. IHE FUNNIEST PICTURE I HAVE SEEN IN AGES! PETER COOK DUDLEY MOORE and iLEANOR BRON Wednesday $1.50 nd me ticket! for I 18 YEARS 4 I f' Saturday. $2.00 I it. ch I auh bd PMa- I RAQUEL WELCH Color by Feature 1.00.

l.oo. i 7.15,9.25. Lett plete Shew at Lait complete ourremont 7.30, Mot. x4i as Deluxe com. 9.05.

i Sat. et la. St TO 18 YEARS a. OVER) Added of STRAND 1 SAVOY "WITCHCRAFT Added at MONKLAND DORVAL OUTREMONT BUliS cmontrMLiMi ihowi Strand B.05, Monkiand. savoy 7.31, oorvai nightly 1.00.

Sun cont. from 1.00. ill ill Richard Burton Sunday Holt. a.50 tirw Evening 5 i i I it H-illiJ' Wmaai itmiiu 1st alternate date 1,1 If I I JTT EVENINOS AT 1:13 P.M. I 2nd alternate date -1 I I I SpT A3 4 I Sun.

thru $2.50 I 3rd alternate date I 4 1 IJ I I rV7i T1 Sat. Hole. $3.00 I jj LI I VH JrV Please mall en- I kv I TAHITI ft 1 1 Ji Elizabeth Taylor AktGttiiMCM PeltrUsdnov 6 CJThcComediansri aiveiope with your cheque or I STREET 1- KJI Wltllllll fei money order payable to Alouette lN? Theatre. For Theatre Party and CITY PHONE I "IpV Group M510. KJ.

CftANI UVvlli i 8 IV I I "1 I OttlCO WIMiakTWUMONMttMMJi iMMWtl 'l I'l I 4 fl I 4 I Open Doily i LUCERNE Nightly 7.25, Sun. cent, from 12.45. VER. SAILLIS Nightly 7 15, $at. i.

Sun. from 12.30, GREENFIELD PARK Nightly from 7.00. Sun. cent, from 12.30. llaM aMal ill ii a li aO.aiMO a a o.oi oi Oiiea.

Ha fci aa.

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