Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on November 23, 1897 · Page 23
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 23

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 23, 1897
Page 23
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MANHOOD |Tli« world admires «»•« perfect JlanJ Kot K arage, dignity, or muscular development alone, t Ihatanbtle aad wonderful force known ai SEXUAL VITALITY which !• the glory of manhood—the Bride of Soth old and yonnB.bnt there are thousands ot men •Uttering Vha mental torture* of a weRlM*»i*<t •tanhood, shattered nerves, and falling •uual p»w«r who can be cured by oar Magical Treatment which may be taken at home under our direction! Jrwe will pay B. B. fare and hotel bills for thot« wfco wish to ccme here. If we /all to care. "Webave mo tree prescription^ free cure or C.O.D. fake. We Ittra •250.000 capital and guarantee to cure every •ue we treat, or refund every dollar yon pay nn, or teemaybe deposited in any bent to be paid ni Iroen a cure IB effected. Write for Tnll particular!. MTATE 9IKI>1CAI< CO., Omalut, »*>b. [ LOGO POISON A SPECIALTYon^S tiary IJLOUO TUiSON permanently cured In 15 to36 days. You can bo treated at B home for BO mo price nncJcrBamei;unrua* ty. If you prefer to come hero we will contract to pay railroad i'jireand hotel bills, and cocharce, if wo fall to euro. If you have taken mercury, iodide potash, and null Imvo urhes and pains,Mucousratvhea In mouth, .SoreThroat, Jfiuuples. Copper <Jolor<;<! Spot.s, Ulcor.s ou mny part of the body, Hair or Eyebrows falllne out. It li tliis Secondary ULOOD POISON •6 cuoran tt'O to euro. Wo solicit the most obstinate ctttteg und €nulleii?o the world for a case we cannot cnro. This dlscaso has &\i, 73 battled thfc skill of the niont eminent phy»i- •iang. &GOO,OOO capital behind our uncondl- ttoiml crDaraniy. Absolute proofs sent Healed on PDllcntlon. Address COOK KKMtDY CO., Temple, CHICAGO, UX. FRENCH TANSY WAFERS. These ire the genuine FRENCH TANSY WAFERS, imported direct from Paris. Ladies can depend upon securing relief from and cure of PAINFUL AND IRREGULAR PERIODS regardless of cause Emerson Drug Co., Importers and Agents for the United States. San Jose Oal. B. F. KEESLING, 304 Fourth St. Logansport, Ind. EXCURSIONS To Indianapoli Nov. 14, 16 and 18, via Pennsylvania Lines. Korl. 0, 0. F. StatelMeetinsrs (Grand En- wunpment, NOT 10th— Grand Lodge, Nov.lTth tad 18th), low rate excursion tickets will be Mid to Indianapolis, November 15th and. 18th Jrom ticket 8i ations on Pennsylvania Lines in fcdlana, and November 17th from stations not exceeding 100 miles 1rom Indianapolis Return ttaketg valid Fricay, November 18th. ": Buc oy Caatr*! AH rOLLOWrf . ' DMlj. «oept SJ CHICAGO DU'ISION DAILY. Letre for Ch!cojco'3:15 a m;*5:30 a m:*l:35 p m *2:COp m; *4:80 p m. Arrive from ChicutfO »1 :00 a m ;*12:80 p m ,*1 :00 p m; "1:40 p m; *8:15 p m. BRADFORD AND COLUMBC8. L*»T6 for Bradford '1:15 » m;t7:40am; -1:45 pm"t4:SOpm. Arrive from Bradford »8:00am; tlO:20 am; •1:20 p m; t4:15 p m. KTFNKH DIVISION. L«*Te fprKltnert8:00 a m: T9:0«a m- 12:06 p m & p m Sunday only. Arrive from Winer "7:35 am, tl:08pm; 12:46 p m: 8:30 a m Sunday only. RICHMOND AND CINCINNATI. Letve for Richmond tl :20 a m : t5 :SO a m : •! :10 pm;t2:20p m. ArriTe from Richmond *2:56»m: +11:00 am *l:50pm:tll:20pro. INDIANAPOLIS AND LOOlSVILiB. LBAV* for Louisvillo *12:55 a m; *1:05 p m. Arrive from Louisville *8;06 a m; *1:55 p m. J. A. MoCULLOUGH. Afrent, Logansport. Ind. WOMAN'S WORLT). AN OSHKOSH WOMAN APPOINTED AS CITY PHYSICIAN. Woman and the >'af ion— ¥*lr Government Clerku — Bifurcated Garmentii on the Bicycle—One More Ontlet^-Tbe Grave of K»t6 Fiftld. Oshkofih, "Wis., may hare a funny name and its remoteness may furnish the conventional joke maker with a butt for his mirth, but this same Oshkosh leads the van of civilization. At least in the eyes of the progressive woman this appears so. Oshko.sh, be it known of all men, has a woman as its city physician. Only a few days ago Bertha V. Thompson, a bright young graduate of a Chi- ind in many tranches of the work are preferred to men. They are treated fairly and cordially in all things; there i» a. disposition on the part of men to recognize ability and accord hearty support to high class powers. "The women clerks are generally content with their life. Many of them have Been better days and circumstances and have children or parents dependent upon them for support. They are usually the most charming ladies to meet. Their .salaries allow them to live comfortably, and they all dress well. In many of the buildings the offices are spacious and are fitted up with all the modern conveniences, some are quite sumptuous in size and furnishings, while others are smaller and plainer in their appointments, and in some of these, through long accumulations, the furniture is crowded. But wherever assigned to sit the crisp muslin frocks and the bright ribbons of the women give an air of lircshuess and beauty to the surroundings, like that of roses in a garden of i.-Jirubs. Nowhere are so many white dresses worn by women as in this Capital City—even to the sheerest of muslins and organdies—in the streets and :lii offices. However one may regard the custom one must admit that the dainty costumes light up the dingy official spaces with a wonderful brilliance. For the most part there are not many clerks placed in one room—often no more than •two or three persons—and tall, green screens are very generally used to shut dreamy people with shivery nerves and j au artistic temperament—so much the j better, j The great advantage is that when the ! studies have been completed and the veterinarian is ready for the straggle there is an excellent prospect before her of well paid work to do. Can any one say as much in regard to music, painting or literature? There is no large farm or cattle range or ranch where there is not frequent need of the skill of the veterinarian. There are hundreds of settlements to- dav where their sole dependence in a veterinary way is some Indian or half breed.—Philadelphia Press. WONDERFUL MEDICINE FREE! The Grave at Kate Field. In a letter to the Chicago Inter Ocean Miss Lillian Whiting writes: I A memorial cross has been placed in j Mount Auburn, near Boston, over the urn containing the ashes of ihe earthly j body of Kate Field. The urn was coin; mitted to the earth by the side of the i graves of her father and mother and a ! brother who died in his childhood. The i place is a beautiful ODG, on high ground, j with beautiful overarching elms waving ; in tho air. It has been my sad and j sacred privilege to take charge of this i last earthly tribute to the gifted and | lovely woman whose ashes there repose, • and I designed for it a cross of the ! purest white Italian marble, with the ' name Kate Field, in raised letters, on the short arm of the cross. It is placed PROMPTLY SENT TO EVERY MAN WHO NECO* A GENERAL BRACING UP. It Brings Perfect Manhood to AIL The Greatest Discovery of PHYSICIANS' INSTITUTE, of Chicago, III. GRATUITOUSLY, GLADLY SENT to all men who need It and who will write for It. A large percentage of the men of today are sadly in need of ih« right kind of medu-al treatment for weakness peculiar to men. Many cases are due to early vices, otbers to excesses, while many of the cases are due to overwork, worry and general nervous debility. It matters not, however, what the cause may have been, the fact still remains that they all requir* proper medical attention IMMEDIATELY. Write us at once, pivins a. description of your case, and we will prepar* „, you a course of treatment specially adapted to your condition, and tgntf it to you ABSOLUTELY FREE, in plain sealed package. We can give full strength. development and tone to everv portion and orr.vn of the body, stop all drains and losses, and restore yoa to PERFECT MANHOOD. Failure is impossible will our method. We have thousands of. monials from all over the world. READ WHAT THESE PATIENTS SAY i Fkyticianx' Institute, Chicago : Bl-iSCSABD, WASH., March 2S, 1898. DEAR SIES,— I have nearly finished my course cf treatment, and find n:y- eelf a different man. 1 cannot Snd words enough to praiso and express the deep 1 feel towards you, Vour treatment is piaiplv wonderful. I J ! out the gaze of curious passersby in the | on tAvo pediments, and on the upper of I corridors. The ages of the women range j these — of the same marble — are iuscrib- from 20 to 50 ears, and even more : e( j tn e lines: MISS EEBTIIA V. THOMPSON. cngo medical college, was appointed to the position by Mayor Ideson ("May his tribe increase," say the advanced women, no doubt) to take the place of a man doctor who was suspended from duty pending an investigation. She is the first woman to fill such an office in her state. She was born in Keenah, Wis., and for a few years was a teacher. She gave tip this profession to serve as a hospital nurse, and then later studied medicine, taking her degree with high honors.—Boston Globe, Woman and the Nation. As the country develops and the living questions of how its vast areas shall be possessed by industrious, happy people press for settlement, women bring to the solution the discipline of the homo, the school and the philanthropies where the vital questions of production, distribution and consumption have been studied according to scientific theory and illustrated by practical application. It is impossible that women shall havo carried all these interests in their hearts, and iu their activities, and not bo well equipped for their application in the broad domain of national economics. Some of us are deeply concerned in these vital problems of American life. We find ourselves in the midst of conditions which, until recently, were wholly European. .Mixed populations iu crowded cities and colonies of foreigners distributed through the country from 20 to 50 years, and even more than that. One uugallant chief of a division remarked that he found the average very high in his rooms. Though they are as a rule very happy in their situations, some are restless and would hail with joy a change of surroundings. There is a charming spirit of camaraderie and loyalty to each other among the members of the little coteries, who have known one another through long years, that is truly beautiful." ed the lines: Spirits arc not finely touched But to fine issues On the reverse (a 11 being in raised letters, is "Pax Vobiscum." There is nothing else on the memorial. Nothing more is needed. In her biography, which I am to have ready for the publisher in the spring, all the details of that beautiful and noble life will be given, and many of the letters written to her from the Brownings, George Eliot, the Trollopes, Landor and many unurttvwii »»». U.CUVD —. -.«. — j — | O |;jj er O f the most famous and interest- The desire of the average girl to array j in g p e0 pi e o f the age. Her life was a herself in bifurcated garments is a mys- | more remarkable one in all its inclu- terions instinct, but it undoubtedly es-• • . . . . _..• > —i ists, and, moreover, the bicycle would have given her an opportunity of gratifying the whim to her heart's content if only she had been willing to act upon a rather more rational system. In Paris, where the cycling knicker has been adopted, it is, on the whole, a failure Krutitude 1 feel towards you, Vour treatment is piaiplv wonderful. I Jim perfectly curod, utid thunk you 11 hundred times and will help you nil I can. Muy God bless you aud your work. Yours truly, il I £ ()l S* l C. i~ 1 . Bifurcated Garment* on the Bicycle. siveness than has, perhaps, been realized even by those who most loved and appreciated her exquisite genius and lofty character. Mrs. McKliiley't Corn Hat. Among the curiosities that Mrs. McKinley has just added to the White . _ , House museum is a hat made entirely nizo the possibility of adopting one of | o f corn. The bat was sent to the presi , , because the wearers seem only to recog- two extreme models—either they swathe their lower limbs in baggy zouaves, which are almost as inconvenient as skirts aud ten times more hideous, or else they iucase them iu absolutely ?!un dent's wife from Atchison, Kan., where it figured ID the great corn carnival which takes place annually in that city to celebrate the success of the season's yield. The hat was voted the most !> 1 UUiLSU LUC.LL1 11-1 W- Wiswi u I'OA j ,.n** ylciU.. J. Lit? liiAL " t*3 * UVtv* ui-HJ iAAWJu tight garments, which, whether they j unique and dainty production of the are made of cloth, corduroy or velvet, corn festival. It was designed" and made , . ... ., „ by Mrs. H. .1. Cusack of Atcbison. So LOGAtfBPOHT yt BART BOUKI' * Kastera Express dally S:33 a m 1 Mail and Express dally »:«* a a 4 Atlantic Ksprtwsdally 4:18 p m JB Fort Wayne ACCO Ex Sunday— 6:3i p m 14 Local Freight Ex Sunday 4:18 p m W1RT BOUND. 2 Western Express daily 10;M p m 1 Fast Mail Hally.... 5:1S p m » Mall and Express dully 2:40 p m I Pacific Express daily _ 11:33 a m n Decatur Acco Ex-Sundav 7:35 a m » Local Freight Ex-Sunday - 7:So a m ,BL BTTIB B«TWV«« •O. ST.- NO. «*.- HO.M.. LOOAlKlPOBt XKD CHILI. WIST BOUMD. Arrives __ Arrives- BA8T 1OUKD. ......... 8:80 a. a. 3:80 p. B — I/eares p. nr VANDALIA LINE. Time Tmblo, In effect Sept 28, 1897. Indtun. FOR THE NORTH .................. — .......... — 10:36 a. m. — ............... S:S6 P- m FOB THE SOUTH. Ho. 21 ................................... ......... 7:05 a. m. Nrj. S ............................................ 3:25 P. m. For complete Time Card, giving all trains »nd »tation», and for full information as u> rate*, through oars, etc., addreBi J. (X BDO»WOHTH, agent, Loganaport, or X v. FORD. General Paiaeager Agent. St. Loui*. Mo. . & W. give riso to apprehension in the minds of intelligent women. It is not possible, neither would it be right, to attempt tho wholesale exclusion of these, foreigners. They are tho children of tho Heavenly Father whom we call "cur Father. " Some are of the noblest fiber— they have brought now luster to the stars and brightness to tho stripes of the dear old flag—but masses of others are windfalls of mouarchial governments, tho garbage of oriental civilizations and deserters from imperialism and militarism. American women, the daughters of Revolutionary heroes, the daughters, the wives, the sisters of a later generation of heroes, know that all the interests they hold dear are to a degree affected by the political action of these men. Thoughtful women know that the nation is a grand whole; that if one member suffers the whole suffers; that if ono is blessed all are blessed. Women have no separate interests. If man is elevated and tho general tone of society is purified, woman receives her share of advantages. The country has made immense strides in material development during the last quarter of a century. Huge commercial enterprises have arisen like giants in armor and have strode from ocean to ocean, leaving tracks of steel and hand prints of light. The triumphs of mind over matter j stamp this period illustrious among the centuries. Within this success there hides danger. The loss of one faculty sharpens others; the blind are sensitive to touch. The cultivation of one set of faculties tends to the disuse of others. Has not the extreme cultivation of the commercial faculties permitted others as essential to national life to be blighted by disuse? During this evolution woman's relations to the industrial, the educational and the philanthropic world and her pressure toward the political world has been a savor of life unto life. Community life and national life need heart. Women have much, heart Out of the heart are the issues of life.—Mrs. J. Ellen Foster in North American Review. Time 1 able, Peru, Ind. Anlld train* between Peorii and Sandusky and Indianapolis and Michigan, Direct oon- ieotion* to and from all point* in the United ltato« and Canada. JJUU01 BOOTH BOUKI) D«PABT No M Indianapolii acpdauj 7:10 » m U:»amHo« " Mail 4Sip-U:S8a m (d«J'j except Sunday) Ho »Indpl'i Sip ex »un— 3 J6 p m »:!• p » No » PmMsnger eieept Sun No 151 Rooh«t»r local aniTO :*5 > m except Sunday. MOKT8 BOU1TD. .M:llan |j Bxp Xx He 160 A«x>» except Sun... 1:45 a i are scarcely built upon the pattern approved by Mrs. Grundy aud only on the very rarest occasions have tven the merit of being becoming Un tho other baud, it is generally acknowledged thut a rn;iu with any pretensions to a decent build never looks i so well as in knickerbockers, but thtu i he wears them tn'ither hopelessly baggy nor desperately tight. If tins masculine compromise had been adopted by cue fair cyclist, she would have found it far more becoming when once she had mastered tho art of walking iu u, and, while being perfectly "proper" m appearance, it might safely be woru by those whose figures were scarcely calculated to bear the test of the skin tight model. Here, however, this chancaof "bifurcation" has been a.'.lowed to go by, at any rate for tho present, for dressmakers are at last beginning to understand what for a long time seemed an absolute impossibility the art of making a skirt which hangs not only tolerably, but positively smartly, upon a bicycle. Having accomplished this, it is perhaps not too much to hope that the bicycle girl will begin to realize that it is not necessary, when astride her wheel, to cast to the winds all thought of her personal appearance, but, on the contrary, will bear in rnitid that in no other position are her gloves, boots, waist and hat so exposed to criticism. As for tight lacing for a bicycle costume, it is undoubtedly to the interest of the world at large to encourage it. inasmuch Physicians' Iiuttilutr, CTiiOTjo.- I/JTZX. Li., Jnne 19,1896. Ml DEAR FmEXDS.-Please accept mr thanks for the Idndness you hsie done me. Losses have entirely stopped and vigor h&fl returned. 1 iim all O. K. I em better than I hare been for 15 yenrs. I do not feel like the Bame man. All my f ri»naa when they meet an, say, " What have you been doing? »ev»r wr » man come out like yon." Ever your mend, 1L r. (J. nnViJu' Jiuii'tuw.- HAVANA. N. L>., Jon. 29.1896. GENTLEMEN,—I wish to eiprew my heartfelt thanks for the result of my treatment. During the liu*t two weeks that I took your treatment the improvement wiw remarkable. 1 have had no emitwiona or other Rymptoug Kinee t&kiniz your medicine. My friends ar* all surprised at the improvement in my general appearance. Hoping that you may ever prosper, I remain, \ oar« tinoarftlr. Hundreds of similar letters are now on file la our business office, and all are bona fld* expressions of permanently cured men. Do not delay wrlOng to us, and remember that we ar« not only a responsible institution in every way, but ours Is tne largest medicai Institute in America, that makes a specialty of SEXUAL AND NERVOUS DISEASES. Inclose 6 cents (or posuo on medicine, which is always plainly sealed. PHYSICIANS' INSTITUTE, 1751 Masonic Temple, CHICAGO, ILL Cheltenham college, England, traveled and lectured in tireac Britain and this country, raising the money with which she is carrying on her present work. The Haverhill (Mass.) Literary union is the name of the federation of Haverhill clubs, and there are now more than 400 members in the union. There are 82 clubs in Haverhill, and the federation is considering the formation of a large department club modeled after the Middlesex club and the Cantabrigia. H. .1. Cusack of Atcbison. So | I tasteful and original have been Mrs. j i CJusack's productions in corn costumes i that her delighted townspeople have | dubbed her the "corn milliner of Kan- | sas. " The most peculiar feature of the, corn hat is that the corn, having been treated by some special preparation, shines like ivory and makes a most attractive headdress. Worn at night, it would cause a sensation as one of the prettiest iincl most striking hats ever devised, and few would guess that the wonderful and costly looking head covering was made of corn husks.—St. Louis Globe-Democrat. Elizabeth Boynton Herbert. Mrs. Elizabeth Boynton Harbort has resigned the presidency of the Evanston (Ills.,) Woman's club, which she founded eight years ago and of which she has ever since been the bead. She now wishes to devote herself to literary work. The club has presented a fountain, to be placed in front of Chicago commons, bearing the inscription, "In honor of Elizabeth Boynton Harbert, 'from the Evanston Woman's club." Mrs. Harbert is succeeded by Mrs. T. § P. Stanwood, a graduate of Vassar and j a member oi the Evanstxm school board. —Woman's Tribuna She Wasn't Eligible. Lady Ernestine Brudenell Bruce, a •widely known yachtswoman, applied the other day to the London board of A Darmstadt paper appeals to all Hessian women to contribute toward a monument to be erected to the late Grand Uuchess of Hesse, the Princess Alice, who was the favorite daughter of the queen of England and a favorite ivith the English people. The rainy day skirt is not to be praised without stint. Some of its warmest devotees admit that it leaves the ankles cold. It is becoming more and more common for English gentlewomen to go into business. Book Covtr Designing. The possible pecuniary advantages of designing appeal to women home workers of artistic skill. But there are cer- Arrangements have been perfected for a line of Semi-weekly Pullman Vestibuled, Double Drawing Room, and Sleeping Cars between St. Louis and Lo sAngeles, Cal., running through without change. These cars will leave St. Louis every Wednesday and Saturday night at 9:00 p. m., arriving at Los Angles, Saturdays and Tuesdays at 5:50 p. m. A Bullet Smoking Car and Dinning Car are attached to this train at Kansas City, running through to Pacific Coast without change. Only three days from Logansport to Los Angeles, via this line. For berth reservations etc.,call on or address WABASSILR, Ind. as it tends to diminish the number of that terrible plague from which even the sorely beset King Fharaoh was iner- cifully delivered—the feminine scorcher.—Philadelphia Times. One More Outlet. A Isew York veterinary surgeon has that he would gladly give a «er's cerancal •ork as an as- word "master trade for a yacht master's certificata She had prepared to undergo all the requisite examinations. She pointed out that she merely wanted authorization to command her own yacht and did not desire to serve on board other ships, but the board replied that it would not permit a woman to be examined for a master's certificate on the ground that the ' implies that only men are eligible. Child widows are the chief ptipils in the kindergarten kind of school which I after occttoylns the chair of Sanskrit in Fair Government Clerk*. —.-. • •Of tie 20,000 clerks employed by who attend animals are bener paid than — • • their counterparts who attend tinman beings. The system ot long credit than prevails m regard to people does not seem to hold when accepted as indicative of the fact that people are less grateful to the man who cares their children than to the one who treats the pony or the pet dog. Rather is it a sign that the physician's profession is overcrowded, while that of the vewa-inary •nrgeon is not. the government in Washington more than 6.000 of them are women,'' writes ilary Nimmo Balentine in an. article on "Women In the Government Departments" in The Woman's Home Companion. "Their salaries range fiom f600 to fl.SOO a year. The women clerks are. under the protection oil the civil serrioe rules, and they have all be«n appointed under tha regulations of the civil service commission. The system give* » greatly improved eerrice. If omen are said to pass better examina- tionji as a rule than men; they are more apt, quicker to comprehend and brighter in the performance of (heir duties. Here, then, is one more outlet for the activity of healthy, fearless girls. Of eours* it requires an immense amount of atndj and hard work—what profes- doei not? And it offers no field to capable woman constant work sistaut in bis treatment for injured and ailing horses. Still there are few if any cases in this country where graduated ^ W omen can be found to do work among j — ^"established at Puna by Ptm- sick animals. ditaRamabai, the Hindoo woman who. Germany and Russia boast of women '• Ului .... veterinarians, but England has to plead gniltv to no women declaring themselves thus practically on the side of suffering dumb creatures. This is especially queer when it is remembered that the women of the merry island are proverbially fond of dogs. ca:s and horses, many of the leading ladies of title Hud- ing their greatest pleasure iu the chase and the kennels. The field of work for women among pet cats and dogs should be a very large one. At the present moment, strange to say, the rank ana tile of the physicians CARTERS M .E :R ,s BOOK B1SDISG IV LEATHER MOSAIC. tain mechanical conditions to be met in designing. Concerning these, as they exist in book cover designing, The Art Amateur, which illustrates a unique leather mosaic cover, says: The artist who wishes to be successful in this branch of design should first of all endeavor to gain by practical observation and if possible experience in a bindery some knowledge of the cutting of the brass blocks for stamping the dericns, of the processes of blocking, of how different inks behave on different surfaces, colors and textures, of the bookbinders' cloth—should, in a word, learn what are the possibilities as well as the difficulties of the tools and of the medium by which his design Is to be translated. Many a design may as a design be pleasing to a publisher and yet be made in absolute ignorance of how it is to be reproduced and how or on what cloth it is to be printed, thereby often putting impossible tasks on the shoulders of the unhappy brass block engraver and the still more unfortunate binder, while the result as often as not fails entirely to come up to the expectations raised bv the original design. SICK HEADACHE Positively cured by tliieae Little Pills. ^hcf also rdicre Distress from Dyspepifa, Indigcjlioo and Too Hearty Taring. A per. feet remedy for Dizziness, Naoso, DrowA DCM, BadTastein thr Month, Coated To»fno Pain in the Side, TORPID LIVER. They Re{*la.tc th« Bowels. 'Purely Vegetable. imal PiU •mall •rnal P*rta*» Old Time Taffy Kecipe. Boil 1 i-X pounds, or 3 cups, of brows gagar with I ^ cups of milk. Boil them •until a little snaps in ice water, then add a piece of butter the size of an egg and let the mixture boil again until it hardens when tested in water. The butter should be especially sweet flavored and fresh. Pour the candy over walnuts or chopped almonds. Becent wars have been remarkable for their brevity. The wax between Turkey and Greece practically lasted only three weeks. The war between Japan and China lasted six; months. The French declared war against Germany in July, and S«dan fell in the following September. Bussia declared war on. Turkey April 24, 1877, and on Dec. 12 the porta the mediAtion of the power* The Central Passenger Association 1000 Mile Interchangeable Rebate Ticket is forialc at principal Ticket Offloei o The Pennsylvania Lines. It is honored one year from date of Bale, for Jxchange '1 icktts over cither of the following named Lines: Ann Arbor. Baltimore 4: Ohio, Jaltimore & Ohio Southwestern, Chicago & Eastern lllinoU, Chicago &;wes'. Michigan, Cincinnati 4: Muekingum Valley, Cincinnati, Hamilton 4: Dayton, Cleveland &Marie:ta, ;ieveland. Canton & Southern, Cleveland. Cincinnati, Chicago & Bt L Cleveland, Lorain & wheeling. Cleveland Terminal & Valley, Columbuf, HoCKing Valley & Toledo, Columbus, Sandusky & HocklDg, Detroit;& Cleveland Steam NavlBation, Detroit. Grand RapldB if WerterB. DunMrk, Allegheny Valley & Pituburg. Evantville & Indianflpoli*. nBTille & Terre Haute. r"indiay. Fort Wayne * Weitern, Flint & Pere Marquette, Grand EapHs & Indiana, Indiana. Decatur & Western, Lake Shore & Hichigan Southern. LouHvilie i Na»hville. Between Lonlirule * Cincinnati and between St. L and Branrrill* LouigvlLe, EvaDBVille & St Louii, Loniavffle, Henderson & St Louii, Michiean Central, New Toik, Chicago & St Louis, Ohio Central Line*. Pennsylvania IJnea west ot Pittaburr, Peoria, Decatur & EvanevUle, Pitteburg & Lake Erie. Pitwbur* * Western, Pitteburg. Lisbon & Western, Toledo, St Louie A Kama* City Vanclalia line, « abash Kailroad, ZanerrtlJe i Ohio river. The price nf these tickets are Tbfrtr Doll*™ each. They ape not transferable IftlwticM* la u»ed in Ira entJrerj and exclusively by tl» oriirtoal purchaser, a rebate of TenOollmri M paid by the Commlsaionet of the CtantnJ PM- senger Association, E. A. Ford, Gen. Paw. Agt. Fittsburg, Pa Sept 30. :Utf Serlooi trouble! come from the neglect ol a cough. Dr. Wood'i Hor- wty P 1118 Syrup it t> perfect cure tor coughf and colds of til toru.

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