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Avilla Democrati
Avilla, Kansas
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She acknowl edged to the chief that she had a long ing to beoome an actress, ana saia sue thought nature had fitted her for the stage. It waa an impossibility to grati- her ambition at home, because nor parents made strenuous objections. And she thought by coming to Kansas City she would readily find an opening. Chief Sneers gave her a lecture ana teiegrapn ed her father of her presenoe in Kansas City. For Oood PurDOBf ft.

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J. 8. Combs, Owensville, Ohio, says: "I have given Scott's Emtjlsioh of Cod Liver Oil with Hypophosphites to four patients with better results than seemed possible with any remedy. All were hereditary eases of Lung disease, and advanced to that stage when Coughs, pain in the chest, frequent breathing, frequent pulse, fever and Emaciation. All these cases have in creased in weight from 16 to 28 and are sot now needing any medLrfne." that Phillip the proprietor, had been com polled to leave Wellington end olese his borne owing to publio indignation at the filthy way in which it was kept.

He did not know what business Messrs. Stabler, Martin and Jennings were engaged in at MoPherson. He had sever been admitted to their households. He did not remember when he met Rent Jennings, May Stabler or Carrie Martin. The last named girl had told him that she was 16 years old.

The other two girls had told him they were past fifteen. On the 11th day of September, 1885, Miss Stabler and Miss Martin came to the hotel and asked the witness to take a walk with them. He com-plied with the strange request of two little girls asking a stranger 24 years old to take a walk with them. In company with Miss Martin and Miss Stabler he walked about a half mile out from the hotel. This was about 1 o'clock in the afternoon.

They went out to the railroad and sat on tne Dana for the purpose of talking. The only object he had in going out that far was to sit down. There were no other places to go to sit down and talk. He went to this isolated place in company with the girls be cause they ask him to go. He did not do or try to do anything while he was there.

From the place where he was, there was a house distant about 300 feet, he thought He was with the girls about half an hour when Mr. Stabler came upon them. During this half an hour he did nothing at all. He took no improper liberties with the girls When Stabler oame np he (Stabler) called him (the witness) hard names and told him that he must leave town. Stabler took the girls and started towards the city.

The witness followed np behind and finally he took a different route from that which Stabler took and proceeded to the Union hotel. Shortly after the witness arrived at the hotel Stabler came np and asked him if he was going to leave town. To this the witness replied that he was going to leave. Stabler then related the facts of the witness connection with the girls to the crowd in the hotel. Stabler had drawn a pistol on him in the cloakroom, and threatened him.

Shortly after this Stabler went for the sheriff. When the sheriff oame, this officer advised the witness to leave town as he was in iminent danger of being killed. The witness told the sheriff that he was innocent of any charge of attempting to defile the girls. When he was down on the bank with the girls alone they talked about everything in general. The girls said that they intended to run away with a traveling company.

He gave them no advise whatever in regard to the matter. A few day before he went down to the railroad bank in company with the girls, Miss Sta bler wrote him a note telling him to be at the Methodist ohuroh at 7:30 in the evening and they would go buggy riding. He went down to the ohuroh as per appointment, and in company with Miss Martin and Miss Stabler he went riding for about an hour. They (the girls) furnished the rig, and he went out at their invention. During this time he undertook no improper liberties with the girls.

At this point the court adjourned until 9 a. m. to-day. CAPITAL CHAT. Items of Interest Gathered at the State House Yesterday.

CHABTEBS. The following arrticles of incorporation were filed in the offloe of the secretary of state yesterday: "The Topeka Stone Sawing company," of Topeka. Capital stook, $5,000. Directors: Charles S. Elliott, R.

St. Clair Morrison and P. H. Gill, of Topeka, and J. S.

Talbot, of Kansas City, Missouri. The object of the company is to cut and saw by steam all kinds of stone, and especially capital sand' stone. 'The Union Investment company," of Abilene. Capital stock, $10,000. "The Lyons Town company." Capital stock, $8,000.

"The Knights of Labor Manufacturing association," of Caldwell The purpose of the organisation is to manufacture wagons, bug giesand agricultural implements. Capital stock, $15,000. THK ROCK ISLAND. The Koad Contracted to be Built to tbe Line of Reno County Topeka Commonwealth. Mr.

Cooper, right of way agent of the Rook Island railroad company in this city, returned yesterday from Atchison, where he has been in consultation with President low and other officials concerning matters of importance. Mr. Cooper states that right of way has been secured and contracts let for the con struction of the Rock Island railroad main linens far as Reno county and as far as Wichita on the southwestern branch, Right of way has been arranged for satisfactorily in the counties of Wabaunsee, Morris, McPherson and through portions of Marion and Reno counties. President M. A.

Low departed yesterday for Chicago, where he will consult with high officials of the Rock Island company. ANOTHZB FBOP08TTIOH. The Chicago, Kansas Western railroad company have submitted a proposition to the people of Lane county to extend what is known at the Great Bend extension from its present terminus at Ness City through the county of Lane to Dighton, in consideration of which the railroad company will ask aid from the county In the sum of $100,000. SPIKES. It Is now quite generally believed that in a short time tbe Chicago, Burlington Quincy railroad will enter Kansas, and just as soon as it does Topeka can rest assured that she will be touched by the great system.

One of the most important matters in railroad way which can be imagined for the benefit of Topeka Is the construction of line between here and Council Grove. Mr. D. B. Robinson, general manager of the Colorado Midland company, and form erly general manazer of the Atlantic Fa cifio road, was in the city yesterday Judge H.

T. Waldo, solicitor of too Santa Fe for New Mexico, was in the city yester day. Georcre H. Fnllerton, a railroad man Riverside, was in the city yesterday, of be I New volume of poems will next month Ai viuui wn vi pvv u-i a a uwmo' by or is a DEMANDED IiZ K. C.

WESTOS FOB V.OCGH TEtATMEST. The Caie of Weston Stabler et a. Come up In the Culted StateB Circuit Court Borne of the Sensational Features ef the Caie Developed by Seaterday's Evidence. Topeka Commonwealth. The case of E.

0. Weston vs. J. W. Stabler, J.

Martia and Mr. Jennings, came np yesterday in the United States court before Judge Brewer. This oaae has attracted wide spread attention oyer the entire state, owing to the numerous sensational features, and as a consequenoe the circuit court room was yesterday quite oomfortably filled by spectators who had BBsem. bled for the purpose of hearing the et-idenoe. It will be remembered that Weston brings Buit against Messrs.

Stabler, Martin and Jennings for damages in the sum of $25,300, for injuries which he sustained at the hands of the above named parties, who, under the impression that Weston had attempted to defile their daughters, compelled him to leave McPherson. Captain J. B. Johnson, F. B.

Webster, W.J.Travis and John D. Milliken are representing the defendants in this case. Hon. John Martin, of this city, Worts Hyer and Luoien Eai le, of MoPherson, are representing Weston in this case. Yesterday afternoon some little time was spent in securing a satisfactory jury, but the difficulty having at length been bridged, Mr.

Luoien Earle, on behalf of Weston, made a statement of his client's case to the jury. Mr. Earle Baid that the plaintiff would endeavor to prove that the three defendants had uselessly and without cause threatened the life of the plaintiff Weston. That they had forced him to leave the city of MoPherson, and had by force overpowered him, attached a rope to his neck and by tightening the same had caused Weston to beoome unconscious. All the actions of the defendant originated from the false belief that Weston had attempt to defile the three daughters of the defendants, whereas he was merely carrying on a harmless flirtation with them with no bad ormalioious intent For the defendants, Mr.

John D. Milliken made a statement of their side of the case to the jury. Mr. Milliken dwelt upon the fact that the defendants were all three re-Datable business men of McPherson. Wes ton came to McPherson in September of 1885.

and in a short time he picked np an acquaintance with the three daughters of the defendants, all Bchool Bins aged 1. wee ton's reputation before coming to McPherson was bv no means clean. Directly atf er he had succeeded in making the acquaintance of the girls he had made open boasts that he would accomplish their ruin. He took them out buggy riding, and while with them his conduot and actions indioated what his object was. On September 12th, 1885, ha had taken the three girls to a seoluded spot and there he renewed his lascivious con duct.

He alao attempted to persuade them to run away from home, and the cirls in their, innooenoe had proposed to first make known their in tentions to so do to their parents. This Weston told them they must not do, as it would spoil everything. He proposed to write them excuses, whereby they might be excused from school iu order that they might be in his company. He had taken the girls out in a barouche and had saturated their handkerchiefs with chloroform, and attempted to stupefy them in order tb.Rt.he mieht be enabled to defile them. When the fathers learned of this oonduot they were naturally indignant They told Weston be must leave the city, and he did so, but re tamed in two days.

He was again told to leave, and acts were committed to induoe him to do so. Whatever was done, Mr. Milliken said, was done to protect the chil dren. Weston's Testimony. E.

C. Weston, the plaintiff in the case, was the first witness called to the stand. He tee tilled that he was 25 years old, and that he had resided in McPherson in 1885; was clerk at one of the hotels. He received $30 per month and board. He first became ac qnainted with Messrs.

Stabler and Martin in September, 1885. He bad had quite an ex perienoe with Mr. Stabler. Stabler had ob jected to him (the witness) keeping company with his daughter. Stabler had placed a pii tol to his head and asked him to leave town.

In compliance with this demand he (Wes ton) had left the city and gone to Florence and Ellin wood, and two days later he rs turned to McPherson. Here he was again waited upon by Stabler, Martin and Jen ningsand three pistols were placed at his bead and he was again told by these three parties that he must leave the city. Finally a rope was placed around his neck.and from then on he did not remember muoh. He was unconsoious in fact, choked. Finally he was placed in a wagon by force and driv.

en to Galva, a station a short distance from McPherson, where he was placed on the train and sent to Florence. He had been out of employment after he was compelled to leave McPherson, up to November 9, 1685. He had been employed after that time in Kansas City in different ways. He had no trade or profession, but had always been hotel clerk. The rough handling which he had reoeived at the hands of Messrs.

Stabler and others had caused an abrasion of the skin on the neck of the witness. This was brought about by the rope which was placed about his neck. When the rope was first placed around his neck it was about 10 o'clock in the morning, in front of the Mer chants hotel, at McPherson, in the main etreet of the town. About 100 people were attracied by the incident The witness being cross examined by Cap tain Johnson, testified that he was a single man. He had resided in Kansas since December, 188 3.

lie had commenced work as a hotel clerk in '881. Captain Johnson then entered upon a rigid cross examination of the witness. He compelled Weston to give an account of himself for the tiine years prior to the time he arrived at McPherson, in September, 1885. The witnesti testified that he had clerked at the Phillip bouse at Wellington. Ha denied that the establish Con.pEnicn titrlfy the BLOOD reRnlate IVKR and KIDNEYS and the HEALTH HndVIG-of VOU1H.

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