The Nebraska State Journal from Lincoln, Nebraska on November 20, 1943 · Page 9
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The Nebraska State Journal from Lincoln, Nebraska · Page 9

Lincoln, Nebraska
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Saturday, November 20, 1943
Page 9
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Hawks face Huskers at Memorial stadium Thirty-four Hawkeyes make jaunt to -Lincoln for game Iowa seeks first victory 1943 season in scuffle with Scarlet IOWA CITY, J a.--Thirty-four University of Iowa football players, intent upon learning how it feels to win a 104)j football same, Friday were en route to Lincoln for the Nebraska game which ends the season. The Hawkeye party remained over nijjht in Omaha, Friday and will make the trip/to Lincoln .Saturday niorninj;, with arrival scheduled at 10:20 a. m. If the Hawks win this one, they will become the first Iowa team in 2i years to whip the Huskers at Lincoln. Way back in 1919 Iowa was a 18-0 winner and since then six games were lost, half of them by the margin of a single point. It was 14-13 in Lincoln in a snow storm in 1941, but last fall at Iowa City the Hawks won, 27-0. All-civilian Huskers have six 17 year olds and one of 16 in the Zivic unable to fight because of cut over eye AKRON, O. (/P). Fritzie Zivic of Pittsburgh was unable to keep his fight date Thursday night with George "Red" Doty of Hartford Conn., because of a cut over his left eye, but referced the 10- rounder in which his substitute Frankie Wills of Washington D. C., won a decision. The former welterweight titlist received the injury while dropping a decision to Jake Lamotta in Madison Square Garden last Friday night, and Dr. William Cauble of the Akron boxing commission refused to permit Zivic to fight. Efforts of Mayor George J. Harter and the boxing commission to stop the show tailed when the promoters, the Rubber City club, obtained an injunction in Summit county common pleas rourl. restraining the city from stopping the fight The mayor had ordered the permit for the show revoked Thursday morning. Haiter said he would order arrest of the promoters, adding that they would be charged with violating state laws in going thru with the card. "I honestly came here Thursday night to fight, but because of a cut over my eye, the doctors would not let. me." Zivic said in addressing the crowd of approximately 3,000 from the ring. Bowling A M K U I C V N T.KGION r.E\Ct'K. Hlch tenm series: J'ensi Cola. 2, 62 I, Ilicli tenm Kiune: Ilimn Itruh., 3'I3. Ills'i ImlUldiml series* oMlnntl. 575. IllKh indMihml cume: Nosluml, 20U. BOOSTER LE \c-ri:. Hleli (e:uii serlen: Citj Club, 2.7HM. HlKli team itnnir. ( l l Illl), l,llj!X. Ilijrh IndUidlllll series: M:ieo-,. d^'-i. lliffli i m l i t i t l t m l K.IIIIC: Mneo*,. 2 t l . LNI.ISThH M K N ' S I.i:AC.I K. Hlcrh tram tertes: l i s t Arrtdemir. 2 , f i l 5 . High teisni Runic: H i t A« :td tiilc. !Vi4. llicll Imlhlrl-ml nerles: M o r l e j , 008. HlKh I n d u i d m i l pirne: \ \ i a t r m \ s M , T., 223. MAIN FEATURES START STUART: "Young Ideas," 2.14, 4:44, 7-14, fl:44. L I N C O L N : " G u a d a l c a n a l Diary," 1:23, 3:27, 5-31, 7:35, 9:40. N E B R A S K A : "Danger! Women At Work," 1:35, 4:24, 7:T3, 10:02. "The Avengers," 2:36, 9:25, 8:14. STATE: "I Escaped from the Gestapo," I'OO, 4:07, 7:14, 9:41. "The Hard Way," 2:18, 5:25, S'32 V A R S I T Y : "The Iron Major," 1:25, 3:30, 5:35. 7:35, 9:40. CAPITOL: "We've Never Been Licked." 1:00, 3:48, 6'36, 9:33. "Follow the Band," 2:43, 5:31, 8:28. JOYO: "Ladies Day," 7:00, 9:31. "Buckskin Frontier," S:02, 10:33 in/Coin 40c to 6 p. m. Richard Tregaskis' "Guadalcanal Diary' WILLIAM BEXDIX PRESTON FOSTER LLOYD NOLAN ANTHONY QUINN t u a r t The picture that makes you young! "YOUNG IDEAS" Mary Astor, Herbert Marshall, Susan Peters and "BATTLE OF RUSSIA" Two Hih--One Price HUMPHREY BOGART "Action in the North Atlantic" and "GHOST AND THE GUEST" Frida y Saturday 61st at H-vcIock Ave. Where men challenged d e s t i n y . . . and a woman changed it! RICHARD DIX JANE WYATT "BUCKSKIN FRONTIER" with Albert Hfkker--Lo!a Lane JSax Kacr--Joe Sawj-cr ---Companion Fi-ntiire--- ttisrh.ill Gon S c r e w b a l l "LADIES DAY", vith I.npe Velrz--Ertdle Alhrrt starting lineup, but they also have three players who were members of the 1942 varsity squad. Like Iowa, they have a freshman backfield. Huskers Improved. Iowa has won no games, lost six, and tied one. Nebtaska, on the other hand, defeated Kansas and Kansas State, but lost to Minnesota, 54-0; Indiana, 54-13; Iowa State, 27-6; and Missouri, 54-20 Hawkeyes have been warned that the Huskers have improved recently and that with two weeks in which to prepare for the Iowa game because of an open date last Saturday, they will be doubly dangerous. Physical condition of some of the Hawkeyes is none too good, with Center Bill Baughman, who has played 418 out of a possible 420 minutes, scheduled for part- time service. Some of the others are tired and worn after seven hard games, among them being Bob Liddy, guard; Bill Gallagher, fullback; and Henry Terrell and Howard Larson, halfbacks. Foes met by both teams are Minnesota and Indiana. Gophers defeated Huskers, 54-0, in the opener, and last week whipped Iowa, 33-14. Iowa tied Indiana, 7-7, the Saturday after the Hoo- sieis had riddled Nebraska pass defenses, 54-13. But Nebraska is much improved since those defeats of Oct. 2 and 9. Iowa Attack Primed. On the attack, Iowa \vill depend upon a running game which has been none too consistent, led by Bill Gallagher, Henry Terrell, and Howard Larson. Roger Stephens, now ranked as No. 3 among Big Ten passers with an average of 60 yards per game; and Larson will handle the aerial stuff, their chief targets being Bill Barbour, nine receptions for 173 yards; and Danner, eight for 102. Nebraska's offense is topped by 196-pound Ken Hollins, left halfback; and Ted Kenfield, a passing quarterback who rifles the ball to Bert Gisslei, 6-7 left end. Huskers have scored from one to three touchdowns per game, except for the shutout by Minnesota. Picks Squad. Iowa's travelling squad: ENDS: Dave Danner, Bill Barbour. Dan Sheehan, Allen McCord, Charles Burkett. TACKLES: Harry Frey, Jim Cozad, Joe Howard, Dean Yanau- sch, Boh Ireland. John Leepcr. GUARDS: Stan Mohrbacher, Bob Liddy, Bob Arzberger, Bob Ribbeck, Keith Wallace, Dick Martin. CENTERS: Bill Baughman, Howard Fischer, Jim Rickeit, John Davie. QUARTERBACKS: Roger Stephens, Bill Sangster, Tom Hughes, Bill Anderson. LEFT HALFBACKS: Howard Larson, John Stewart. Fred Eno. RIGHT HALFBACKS: Henry Terrell, Paul Zaehrmger FULLBACKS: Bill Gallagher, Jim Hudson, Maurice Hageleen, Dan Sullivan. BUZZ HOLLINS. GAROLD ELLYSON. Ready for loiva's Haivkeye clan Two Huskers slated to start against Hawkeyes Saturday at the Memorial stadium are Kenneth "Buzz" Hollins, left halfback; and Ganoid Ellyson, fullback. Hollins hails from Valley while Ellyson is a New Castle product. Urban League basketball Urban League's cage quintet will make its 1943-44 debut against the 74th Air Base Squadron five at 8:30 Friday night. Judd Williams is captain of the Urban squad and Sergeant Blake heads the Squadron flippers. LOVE...WAR...FOOTBAll ot lived by fighting Frank Cavanough Iron Major I Extra! "CHILDREN OF MARS" plus Buss Bunny Cartoon--News TODAY! Mat. 30c Eve. 44c-30c YAASITY Last Times Today "I ESCAPED FROM THE GESTAPO" "THE HARD WAY" Ida. Lupmo--Dennis Morgan ''The Mystery NEARLY 18 Mythical football crown * at stake Saturday battle Noire Dame is slight favorite O over Faurot's Iowa Seahawks n.JK'A(!O. ( I T ) . Football's ivarlitne '· natural "--the clash of the No. 1 collegiate team, iincl the No. 1 service eleven --captures the national spotligbt Saturday when Notre Dame and Jo\va Pro-flight match perfect records. Unofficially, the mythical national grid croivn is at stake. Backgrounding Notre Dame's bid for its ninth consecutive triumph is a midwest card that features the traditional Indiana-Purdue livalry contest for the "old oaken bucket." Other games find Illinois at Northwestern, Ohio State at Michigan, Wisconsin at Minnesota, Icnva at Nebraska and Marquette at Great Lakes. In meeting Lt Don Faurot's formidable Seahawks, the Irish face their bigg-est threat this season. Altho Ciach Frank Leahy was forred to take such imposing opponents at ISTavy, Army, Michigan and Northwestern in cautious one-at-a-time fashion, he realized that his boys were still playing against boys. However, this week the Irish stack up against a lineup studded with former All-Americans and ex-professional stars. Some Soft Touches. Pre-fhght lias as much to gam ns Notre Dame. The Seahawks, in piling- up 2.32 points to their opponct.s 84, have met inferior competition---teams such as Illinois, Ohio State, Iowa State, Iowa, Missouri, Fort Riley, Marquette and Camp Grant -- not a first rater in the lot. Faurot behoves the Notre Dame game will he a true test of his team's strength. For the Irish have rung r up the imposing margin of 312 points to opponent's 37. with no eleven scoring more than 13 points against them. Against their only mutual opponent, Illinois, Notre Dame won, 47-0, making 25 first downs and 545 yards, while Iowa Pre-flight triumphed, 32-18, scoring 14 first downs for 366 yards. Loss of Frank Maznicki. principal pass protector, is expected to decrease Seahawk effectiveness. Maznicki, former Chicago Bear pro and Boston College star, is sidelined with an injured knee suffered in last wreck's Camp Grant game. After he retired from action, Grant's passing attack began to click with alarming regularity. This fact might be the deciding factor if Johnny Lujack maintains his passing brilliance which clicked for seven completions in 16 attempts against Aimy and for five out of nine against Northwestern. Last year, as 4-1 underdogs, the Cass county title to Alvo 6-manners AUVO, Neb.--When Union defeated Nehawka 19 to IS Thursday afternoon, the Alvo six-man team claimed the Cass county six- man football championship. Alvo has defeated Nehawka and Eagle and lost to Union in league play. Nehawka split with "Union, defeated Eagle and lost to Alvo. Union beat Alvo, lost to Eagle and split with Nehawka. downed by Nehawka winning from Union. Final standings: Eagle was and Alvo \lv-o . Union K e h n u K a pet a week's rest when to capture its first Irish rolled to a 28-0 victory over the Seahawks. A crowd of 50,000 is expected for return engagement Saturday with Notre Dame holding- favorite's odds. Purdue, the third of the nation'-s major undefeated teams, resumes action after it attempts stake in the Big Ten championship since 1931. The Boilermakers invade Indiana for thp 46th renewal of one of the nation's most famous gridiron feuds Since the advent of Coach Bo McMillin at the Hoosier school, Purdue's margin of "bucket" victories has fallen off rapidly. The Boilermakers have 24 triumphs to 17 for Indiana, with five ties. Since McMillin came to Indiana in 1934, Prdue has won only three Indiana games. -This year, it will be a case of the depleted navy marine talent of Purdue against the all-civilian Hoosiers, with Bob Hoernschemeyer's passing a major factor. , Purdue was rated favorite. Michigan was picked to defeat Ohio State for its sixth Big Ten triumph and Northwestern was favored over Illinois. In other games. Minnesota, Iowa and Great Lakes held the edge. Ran 92 yards to score When George McAfee played for Duke in 1937, he ran 92 yards to score after catching a Washington and Lee punt. Hawks plan present Madigan with win for birthday gift IOWA CITY, In. (AP). Coaeli Slip Madigan LUnv out the candles on his birthday cake Thursday night and made a wish--and if there's any Irulh in the old legend such wishes conip true, the University of Io\\a football team is going to defeat Nebraska, Saturday. Of course, Slip couldn't tell just -what he wished for. "When joii tell, the wish doesn't come true. But he did say it, was for/*me and my boys," hinting that the finest birthday present he could receive would be a victory hy his players. It's quite an order for Ihe ITawkeyos to fill. They've had a year of disappointments and defeats, losing six of their seven games and tying the other. ""We're going out there to win this one, especially for Slip,'' Boh Liddy. Monticcllo, la., veteran guard and co- captain declared. "We want this one more than any other." Madigan, who had 48 candles on his birthday cake, didn't have much 1o say about the contest with Iowa's traditional rivals. It will be his last under the six-month contract he has %vith the university. The Hawkeyes haven't defeated the Cornhuskers at Lincoln in 25 years. lowans rule favorites in annual battle with Scarlet Faurot keeping Figlitin' Irish toff guessing JACK SWANSON Aflm. 55c Tav Incl. DANCING 9 to 1 Bus Service from 10th O THE GAY N/r£ SPOT DANCE Tonight DANCING 9:30 to 1 ,,,, SUN-SET 6 Mile* Weil ot Lincoln on "O" St. 1/-WET/1 ORCIIKSTttA MIXED AND MODEUN DANCING en. (Tax Inc.) BY CHARLES CHAMBERLAIN. SOUTH BEND, Ind. UP). Tlie xtent of Halfback Frank Maznicki's injuries has kept the Notre Dame coaching .staff guessing this week, just as shrewd Don Faurot, :oach of the Iowa Seahawks, had 3lanned. The Irish still will be guessing up to kick-off time Saturday when Jiey meet the Navy Pref light team Before an expected sell-out throng of 56,000. Maznicki Makes Trip. Altho Maznicki, the former Chicago Bear who became the percussion cap in Faurot's "sliding T" system this fall, was said to be definitely sidelined with a knee njury earlier this week, he was ncluded on a 36-man traveling quad. He and five other ex-pro- essionals are the shock absorb- rs of the undefeated and untied Seahawks who vaulted into the . 2 spot behind Notre Dame on he list of the nation's leading earns. Teacher and Protege. Ironically, Maznicki learned -nuch of his football under Coach Frank Leahy at Boston College jcahy knows his abilities and re- ipects them. So it's little wonder that Maznicki's true status has remained a well-guarded secret. He may be handicapped as much as Faurot insists, but even so, the njury has served as bait for a guessing game--a perfect play on the part of the former Missouri coach who took: over Bernie jtsier- man's job at the preflight station this year. In addition to being the team's leading scorer Maznicki also is a key man in the Seahawks' pass defense. Without him the Sea- hawks are believed to be quite vulnerable to an air raid. Lujack Ready to Toss. The Irish have spent most of their time in practices polishing their overhead game, featuring the battery of Johnny Lujack and his towering target, End John Yona- kor. Yonakor missed two clays of drills, undergoing an operation to remove a splintered tooth. Comparative scores give Madigaii eleven edge over Nebraska tribe BY W A L T DOBBINS. Occupying Iheir iisual role of iinclerdog, Nebraska closes its nonconferaice slate Saturday in the role of. host to the Iowa University Hawkeyes. Game time is 2 p. m. A l l l i o the invaders will be seeking Iheir i n i t i a l victory of the 194:3 season. Coach Slip JMadisran's Old Gold and Black r l n i i rates a shade better than the Scarlet who h a v e beaten only Kansas and Kansas State. On the basis of comparative scores the Hawkeyes rate consid erably higher than the Cornhusk ers but Coach Lewandowski's young civilians are determined to avenge the 27-0 defeat handed last year's N. U. squad at Iowa City. Iowa, smarting under a succeS' sion of reverses against strong op position, has other ideas and hopes to hand Madigan a belated birthday present in the form of a victory. Slip was 48 years old Friday. Nebraska fell before Minnesota 5-t to 0 in early October;' the Hawkeyes were bumped 33 to 14 by the Gophers last week; the Huskers were smothered by Indiana, 54 to 13 while the lowans held McMillm's tribe to a surprise 7-7 deadlock. Coach Lewandowski expects to start almost the same outfit that defeated Kansas State two weeks ago. T\0 two exceptions are at right tackle and right halfback with Lyle Kops slated to get the nod over Jerry Jacupke while Ken Hollins will be back at the tailback instead of Bill Miller who has entered the service. Upon Hollins' shoulders, in fact, rests the Husker hopes for victory. The big boy from Valley has gradually developed into one of ;he best first year backs in the Big Six. If he has a good day the Huskers may go places. Nebraska's chief trouble lies in ts inexperienced replacements and lack of weight at some key spots. Apparently Iowa U's casualty :ist is on the mend for dispatches out of Iowa City indicated that both Baughman, veteran center and Fullback Bill Gallagher will start Saturday's ball game. Iowa holds a slight edge in weight and e -perience. Baughman played two seasons with Alabama while Prey, Barbour and Liddy are holdover Hawkeye lettermen. In Barbour Madigan has one of the best wingmen m the Big Ten. Weighing 204, Bill, who doubles as co-captain of the I. U. squad, is the leading pointmaker for the Iowa City clan. His toe has accounted for two field goals and a oerfect 6 for 6 on conversions. The Hawkeyes \vorked out in Omaha Friday and will arrive in .incoln. shortly before game time. May B e AYron WRIT DOBBINS Fifty years ago. Nov. 30, 1S93 to be exact, the Nebraska Corn- huskers won their first football game over an out of state eleven. The Iowa Hawkeyes were the victims of the Scarlet's wrath, falling 20 to 18 in a torrid battle played on Omaha sod under adverse conditions. Nebraska's coach, Frank Crawford, player right haltbaek for the Huskeis under the name of Frank but George Flippen, husky Negro ball carrier and A. E. Yont weie the heroes of the N. U. tiuimph. Flippen scored first and the Huskers were never headed. Y o n t j climaxed the scoring with a ."U yard dash for a touchdoun. The I lineups: NEBRASKA 3CAVA Sulimltiv. ISovciuLx-r 20. 19 IS LINCOLN JOIUtNAL Col. Matt Whin announces '44 Kentucky derbv set for May j j j BY CHARLES DUNKLEY. CHICAGO. U'). The 1!)44 Kentucky Derby, marking the 70th running of the historic race, will be on Saturday, May 6, almost a week later than this year. Col. Matt Winn, the 82 year old guiding genius of the nation's No. 1 turf event, made this announcement Thursday at the meeting of the American Turf association, which controls Churchill Downs at Louisville, Ky., among other racing properties. The date, Colonel Winn said, will be subject to approval by the Kentucky state racing commission. Rich Event. The race will again cary $75,000 in added value, with a gold cup going to the owner of the winning thorobred. This makes it the richest turf event in the world, since the Santa Anita handicap has been wrapped in moth balls for the duration. The derby probably will be pat-j terned after the 1943 event--"a trolley car affmr" restricted to citizens in the Louisville area to co-operate with the office of defense transportation in avoiding unnecessary train travel. Colonel Winn, who stood on the back of his father's grocerywagon to watch Aristides gallop to victory in the first running of the derby buck in 1875, has witnessed them all since. He's been in chiu-.ue of the race, as managing director of Churchill Downs, for the past 41 years. The Field. The winner of the 1944 derby will come out of a pack of impressive thorobreds which raced as juveniles this season. Among the top ranking candidates are Pukka Gin, owned by Col. C. V. Whitney of New York, and Platter, owned by George D. Widener of Philadelphia. Others are By Jimminy t Director J. E., Royal Prince, and Occupy. Iowa-Nebraska pro-game dope Nebraska No. Wt. Exp. Pos. Exp. W t . No. issler 10 210 1 L.E. 0 190 Hill 23 202 0 L.T. 1 185 Goldstein 30 156 0 L.G. 0 188 Salisbury 14 190 2 C. 2 190 Hazard 11 180 1 R.G. 1 180 Kops 35 172 0 R.T. 0 178 Schneider 36 167 0 R.E. 1 204 Kenfield 55 155 0 Q.B. 0 170 Hollins 49 196 0 L.H. 0 160 Eager 40 165 0 R.H. 0 170 Ellyson 45 170 0 F. B. 0 190 Iowa 17 Danner 31 Frey 63 Mohrbacher 29 Baughman 51 Liddy (CC} 66 Cozad 61 Barbour (C) 11 Stephens 67'. Larson 64 .'. . Terrell 50 Gallagher Average weight line: Nebraska 182: Iowa 188. Average weight backs: Nebraska 173; Iowa 173. Average weight team: Nebraska 178; Iowa 182. Officials: Referee, Dwight Ream, Was-hburn; umpire. Fred Winters, Grinnell; linesman, John Waldorf, Missouri; field judge, John Gotchel. St. Thomas. I l l IS 11K OKI!**. L E . L.T. L.G. C R G . Johnson Oun . .. Wilson Hopesvcll Pern R.T. Whipple P. E. Wiggins Q B. J Yont . L.H. Fhppin Flank A l d r i c i i Allen Kofieri. Pritilurd Collins T\rell .. Elliott Sa\s j er A. E. Yont .Myeis R.H. F.B Score Nebraska 10 10--20 Iowa 6 12--18 According to Railway Age, college football teams have cut their travel by 70,000 miles or 69 percent this year. Professional teams cut their mileage some 700,000 miles. The figures do not include the additional savings of travel faciii ties resulting because alumni and other followers were forced to stay at home. The mutual cancellation of the Pitt-Nebraska game is an example of the co-operation of football with the war effort. Soldiers apparently are more sports-minded and more in favor of the continuation of sports in war-time than civilians. This is indicated in the all-soldier sports poll conducted by Esquire Maga- ine for its December issue. Asked whether they wanted sports to continue during the war, 96 5 percent of the soldiers polled at the military camps voted "yes." Previously this question when put :o civilians in the regular monthly Esquire Sports Poll, ran 10 to 15 percent lower. Softball led the field as the sport providing the most relaxa- :ion and entertainment during the soldiers' leisure time with 12 81 jercent of the total vote. Altogether sports drew 44.77 percent of the vote, movies polling 18.8.8 jercent, dancing 6.4 percent, theatrical shows 6.57 percent, radio shows 1.81 percent, concerts 1.64 )ercent and reading 8.37 percent. · · · Asked whether they missed par- :icipation in sports while in DIP service, 57.49 percent of the men said yes. A total of 70.84 percent said they missed watching sports. A count of 53.12 percent said they did not miss reading, talking and icaring about sports, while 84 21 percent said they did not forget about sports while under arms. The high percentage of 9143 ercent thought sports would joom after the war. The World Series led the Rose Bowl gamp as the event the boys would most ike to attend by a count of 31.7G percent to 26.05 percent, a heavy- veight championship fight run- ling third with 11 66 percent Football led with a vote tof 45.77 ercent as the sport that gives a man the best kind of experience Imn. 7 Cieat 1-iki 0 IH SiMhaw 7 Indiana 7 Purdue 10 Illinois 11 Minnesota 50 Totals 211 0 Minni-tota 7 l.J I n d i a n a : 2" (i JoviM St.itc 71 7 Kani-a.s U 2Si 20 M i s s o u r i in 1 13 Kansas State S3 ltO|59 Totals lilt)!: N'ebiu.-U:i 1101 '. Nebraska · r l ItOS; Nc irask'i · r ' i I'JOt. 'lie en me -7 hql.t: Npfci isk-t i I B M : Nebraska M !91 r ; N'ohrnska 7 (Qlfi: Net.ri'-ka 1917: Nelirnska 1918: l o u a 1919: Im a . HUhKER-HAWKKl E 1I1STOKV. Year 1891- 1S92 1S93: 1891: 1S9V 1S9R: 1S!0: 1897. 1S9S: \\llllMT 10 .ML . .. Tic game KehrafcK i Nebraska Nebraska Tte Snirt' 22- 0 1(1-10 20-18 36- 0 (i- 0 0- 0 Po.-.t-Scason (1) 6 - 0 Nebraska ..... Io\\i . . 6- 0 6- 5 1131: Ncausko. 19'H: Nebraska 193.1: Nebraska 19.11: Nebrask.i 1937. Nebrask.i 193S: Nebraska 1941- Nebraska 1912: io-Aa . .. r,amfs won. games It ·«i- n 17 ft 17 12 11- S B. fi 1" (I IB- 7 SI- 7 :I'-IT 47- 0 12- II IS- 0 12- 7 7- n 11-13 7- f, 2s- 0 14- 0 I I - h 1 1 - 1 1 2 7 - 0 Nebraska 20. Iowa S Tic and conditioning for handling himself to advantage in combat. A regulation designed to conserve Great Britain's oat supply states that five or six year olds of 19-14 which have not won a race since they were two year olds or placed second or thitd in a race ot a mile or over m 1943, shall not enter any races next year; nor shall four year olds which have never placed. Seven year olds and upwards are out of the picture completely whatever may have been their previous record. Any ex-thorobreds drafted into farm work will have to get along on hay alone. Devotees of the horses cycled from London to the 1943 Ascot Whitsun Monday races, and others made the journey in every kind of horse drawn vehicle from opin barouches and two horses coaches to farm wagons. Waterloo Station broadcast warnings at five minute intervals regarding travel difficulties, and the queue left behind was f0 yards long. Fighl results K\ the Associated TrosH. I'AI.l, IllMOIt, Muss.: .Inlinnj farti r, lCi:i. JV\\ lork, outpointed Hi-rllr I-lllll'T, K i t . M i l l a d i l p l i l n ( 1 1 1 ) . AKItO.V, ().: Fmnkli- W l l l i . I Ml, Wnsh- inKlnn, O. C., mitpolntrd (Jrorjjr "ItrM" Dob. M H , l l n r f f c i r i l , Ciinn. (11)1 r i U I . V n l J . I ' H I A : Dmlv \ \ l 17C,i/i, fhlhidclphln, xloppiMl Felli U c l i m u 1K»/-. I ' l i i l n i l H p l i i n ( 2 ) . ITITSHI UC1!: Snimny Daniels, 14S. Baltimore. :tnil I»ce Hi e \ \ r i f r l i t , 142, ( I'u., culled on mutest b. referee ( ( i ) . Contact for style and comfort... Stetson "Stratoliner Famous Stetson success! Light in weight, comfortable as a breeze, streamlined for styl» leadership. Soft but no "softy"--thank* to the exclusive Stetson Yita-Feit* Process. $7.50. *IU» · I »AT GRt Showing Richard £uine Anne Gwynne Martha Driscoll In We've Never Been Licked Mnrj Bc(h flinch*'" Fran re* !.iiiiKfnrd FOLLOW THE BAND SU innfl. f n n i * a n d t h * f i r o m * Boj Saturday, . 20 · · · *£ M. · IT.!* » · Memorial Stadium M IMtVSKA IOWA Hole A dm. £."»; Ftd Tax I n c l u d e d General I n c l u d e * Soldiers Ad m. Entire Stadium Open to General Admission TICKETS NOW Oi\ S.UJ«: IJiiivorMt.v Coliseum and Latsch Brothers, 1111 0 St. f r r t TAX Included fSPA-PERI

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