Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on December 22, 1957 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, December 22, 1957
Page 3
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SUNDAY, DECEMBER 22, 1957 THE PHAROS-TRIBUNE ind LOGANSPOKT PRESS, LOGANSPORT, INDIANA PAGE THREB DESPITE SPUTNJK Girls Still Want Dolls, Boys Go for Bikes, Trains By GAY PAt'LEY United Press-Women's Editor NEW YORK <UF> - A stable note in our frantic world came today from one of the nation's busiest men at holiday time, the Santa Claus stationed feller Center area. Modern children a in the Rocfce- The two will spend Christmas Day together. Asks Only Good Health "What do I ask for Christmas? Only for good health," said he. "We Santas find some skeptics, mostly among the older children" said Mtaison. "And there are a have just as lot ot § reed y ones. I remember firm a belief in Santa Claus as < ° Re little faov wh ° summed up his we did when we were small, sa id lwlsnes m - ° n « bnef comment — John Matison 64 a sidewalk Kris i 'Everything in Macy's window.' Kringle for the Volunteers of : Another one reeled off a list which America. And their tastes in toys just as old - fashioited, he said, all that This, despite the 1957 array of j have to scientific and outer - space play- : would fill a warehouse, are "I told him, 'Well you can't things from Sputnik helmets to satellite launchers. Talking Doll Inevitable "The girls inevitably ask for a walking or talking doll," said the rosy-cheeked Kris. "The boys, for trains and bikes. Same routine every year." Matison, who at 240 pounds looks like a Santa right out of central casting, has been ringing the bell for the Volunteers for nine years, each year in the same area. The Volunteers, a.national social welfare organization, use funds tossed into the sidewalk chimneys to aid the homeless, rehabilitate the socially or physically handicapped, for special services to the aged, and such. Matison, a native of Latvia, is a former sailor, bricklayer's helper and railroader. Now, when, his Santa role ends Christmas Eve, he will return to work as a doorman. "But I like being Santa," said Matison. "It keeps me from getting lonesome. This time of the year. e"erybody's smiling and cheerful... I often think .it's a shame the Christmas spirit doesn't last longer." Matison has no family other than a brother, 72, at Sailor's Snug Harbor, on Staten Island. SAC's REFUELING FLIGHT IN OPERATION . . but maybe some. I'll take it up with the big Santa at the North Pole." The greatful father standing nearby tossed a couple of buck's into the chimney," said Matison. Then there are the shy children; these Matison says are • instructed to write him a letter. One small girl needed no such advice; she came with letter already written, and offered it after much prodding by papa. Said Matison, "It read — 'My. mommy wants a new coat, I want' Hlgh in the shy ' a B '* 7 strat °J et ('"wer left) is refueled by a four-englned KC-97 tanker plane. Both planes play a doll, and daddy says he wants I Strategic Air Command, whose function is to maintain instant readiness in the event of any enemy attack upon the a redhead." important roles United States. Local Student Is President 01 His Resident* Hall YELLOW SPRINGS, Ohio—Marvin 0. Blacksten of Logansport, a student at Antioch College in Yellow Springs, Ohio, has beer; elected president of his residence hall and as such is serving as a representative to the policy committee of Antioch's Community Government. Blacksten is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Orlo Blacksten of 1413 Chicago street, Logansport. He was graduated from. Logansport High School in 1949, and is majoring in engineering at Antioch. Gef CHRISTMAS SNAPSHOTS OF ALL THE FAMILY Use our free service and have your camera checked— also your flash unit and batteries—Be ready for the Holiday season— WE HAVE AIL K'NDS OF FILM Movie — Kodachrome — Kodacolor — Polaroid Anscochrome — Kodak — Ansco All Weather Don't Forget Flashbulbs Sylvama Press 25 — M-2 Movie Lights Bring us your film for finishing. Black and white film left before 10:00 a. m. ready by 4:00 p. m. SAME DAY Our Service on Color Films Is The Quickest Q ~]r~\ » ij \r-4 ° ~\ eielk JT lilm 524 East Broadway ervice Phone 4444 HOIiYWOOD (UP) — Robert Taylor, who vowed last month he'd never appear on TV, had a change of heart this iveel: when his studio bosses asked him to pull a guest bit on "The Thin Man" series. Because the low-rated program needs a shot in the arm, MGM bigwigs (who film the show) figured the Taylor profile would attract a few additional feminine viewers. Rather than fight the brass Bob broke his long - standing rule against video engagements. "This is my first and last TV appearance," he said. "My contract doesn't -call for me to do guest shots. Doesn't Even Like Watching "Besides that, I don't like the medium. Can't say that I enjoy watching it either." By his own admission Taylor is a lazy guy who makes two pictures a year, spending the rest of liis t\m6 fishing, hunting and loafing. It is more than indolence, liowever, that keeps him off home screens. Bob's loyalties lie with motion pictures, despite the fact that Metro peddled his old films to the new medium. ONE OF SAC's MAJOR OPERATIONS Refueling Squadron At Bunker Hill Every three and one-half minutes a jet bomter of the Strategic Air Command is being refueled in flight by one of SAC's.giant KC-97 tanker planes. Not too far from Logansport, one squadron 01 these four en- gined tankers; the 68th Air Refueling Squadron, is stationed at transferred to the Strategic Air Command and the 68th Air. Refueling Squadron became the principal unit there. Col. Henry J. Chisholm became base commander. The 319th Squadron remains at the base as a tenant organization. It is a squadron of F-89 jet fight- Bunker Hill Air Force Base, I er planes. which recently was added to| The function of the refuelinj SAC's chain of air bases around j squadron is to help, keep .the jet the world. The base at Bunker Hill first was establishes during World War I bombers ready for instant retaliation in the event of any enemy attack upon this country. Two as a Naval Air Training SAC personnel conduct frequent Station. When the war ended the I training flights and simulated base was inactivated and was not bombing missions to keep crews used again untii 1954,. when the Ninth Air Force took over the in• stallation. In August of 1955 the 323rd Fighter-Bomber Wing was established at the base and two months later the '319th Fighter- Interceptor Squadron of the Air Defense Commend moved in. Last September the base was prepared should the need of an actual strike against the enemy occur. Tanker planes such as those stationed at Bunker Hill are constantly in the air to refuel the bombers on their Jong-range missions. About 142,000 in-Hight refuelihgs are made by SAC planes each DELPHI DELPHI—X-ray examination at St. Elizabeth hospital showed that present. The Bowens and Melons were absent on account of illness in their families. The Delphi Junior Band pre- Mrs. Nellie Humiston, who fell sented a c °ncert at the Delphi at her apartment in the Isabel armory Friday morning for the senior high school. Parents were invited. Officers of the junior band are: Joe Smith, president; i Mike . Packard, vice president; Marcia Mason, secretary-treasur- -er 'and Evan Berninger, reporter. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Coomey of Ft, Wayne were weekend guests of Baum home Wednesday, had a fractured hip. Funeral rites were held at Lebanon Catholic church Friday morning for Mrs. Hubert Thompson, daugh'ter. of Mrs. Cecelia Beadle and the late Park Beadle, Sr., former owners of the Delphi Citizen. Besides her husband and mother, she leaves two brothers, Park Beadle, Jr., and Paui Beadle cf Lebanon, a former Logansport resident. Mrs. Earl Sweet is confined at- her home by illness. She is suffer- n.g with asU'ima. The Wabasn river west of here tnd Deer Creek which flows through Delphi were rapidly rising Friday. Mr. and Mrs. John Earl Walker entertained the Junto Club at its annual Christmas party Thursday night. The members were seated at small tables centered with a lighted candle with holly at its base for the 6:30 o'clock dinner The hostess was assisted by hei sister, Kay Clawson, Jane, Suzie Robin and Phil Walker in serving and receiving guests. - The Hilcrest Girls' quartet ac companied by Mary Hill sang carols in front of the gaily decora-ted Christmas tree aftei which a gift exchange was held. Each gift was accompanied by original poem, which proved to b> most interesting and amusing. There were twenty members year, and more than 50 million gallons of fuel are transferred. This averages out to one refueling operation each three and one- half minutes of every day of the year. Refuelings can be made day and night in either good or bad weather. However, the planes must be able to make visual contact, and if this is not possible they will move to an area where the weather is better. Such flights are an integral part of SAC's constant training program, inasmuch as bombers on long-range missions will rely on the tanker planes to. get them to ttieir targets. By conducting such a training program, SAC would be able to have its bomoers on. the way to targets in the enemy country the instant enemy bombers or missiles were found to be headed for targets in the United States. If another war should come, relatives here. Tom McCormick, high school English instructor will spend his holidays with relatives -in Los Angeles, Calif. Students from 46 nations study ft the Illinois Institute of "Technology, Chicago. Announce Holiday Par ties f or f Iks Plans for two holiday parties for members of the Elks lodge 1 and their wives .or sweethearts were announced Saturday by Victorr Bournique, chairman of the House committee. The first will be a Tom and Jerry party to be held Christmas eve from 4 to 7 o'clock. The other will be a New Year's eve dance from 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. in the ballroom. Puff Cannon and his 15 piece band from Chicago will provide music for the affair. Cannon, formerly lead trumpet in Freddy Martin's band, is a graduate of DePaul university and has played numerous engagements in Illinois and Wisconsin. SAC would have a three-fold mission to play. Its first job would be to conduct an offensive against the enemy's air bases and atomic installations, in order to destroy his striking power at its source. The second-mission would be to destroy other strategic targets within the territory of the enemy. Third, SAC-wouIc be called on to assist other branches of the Air Force in the attack against enemy troop concentrations and supply depots. It is in this way that the Air Force hopes to prevent an aggressor from starting an attack on this country. By maintainig the power for instant retaliation, against the enemy, the Air Force hopes to convince any potential enemy that there would be no profit in start ing another war, and that the penalty for doing so would be too great. INDIANAPOLIS (UP) — Mrs. j Evelyn Steinkamp, 50, Indianapo- "I don't object to having my ills, was found dead Wednesday in old movies on TV— as long as ijher car parked in a garage at her don't have to look at them," he I home. Authorities said a vacuum cleaner apparently was used to pump the car's exhaust into a rear window and indicated their verdict would be suicide. grinned. Only a handful of 'screen stars continue to hold out' against television. Clark Gable, Tyrone Power Read the Classified Ads confidential CASH LOANS quickly! S 500 00 up to «J W . Open Wednesday Afternoon 226 S. Third St., Logansport 2851 for all y««r COMBS A PRACTfCAl GIFT FOR EVERYONE tN THE FAMfLY "Your Friendly Shoe Store" 407 East Broadway TAUNTED SANTA GIVES »v» CHANTH.I.Y Serving Pl»c»» *4.50 to »18.7S i HE RE At. SANTA has marry helpers, the more talented of whom give the most-wanted gifts — Gorham . . . America's best- loved sterling. You can show your talent for gift-giving by choosing from among such exquisite serving pieces as a gravy ladle, serving fork, lemon fork, sugar spoon, or the many others so practical — so glamorous! Most-wanted serving pieces are priced from 54.25 to $25.00. Illustrated are lovely Celeste and Chantilly . . . just two of the 18 handsome Gorham patterns available. S h i n - tm)r 4? tvil « P' M « six""" Wt «» ?, E Kt rc -i- £ lc Scrver . 512.50; Grary Ladle, »13.75; lable Fork, pieirced, $12.50; Sufar §P9P n » S7.00; Teaspoon, S4.50 and Lmion toik, 54.75. Celeste basic place-settiiij Cabove) consist! ? f j. T .S as P°°'V P'«« knife, place fork and individual salad fork. Ml prices include Ttdtral tax. WHERE QUALITY REIGNS SUPREME £ \va-u ON MARKET STREET Robert Taylor to Do Short Acting Bit in TV Program and Hurt' Lancaster are among those who feel it is suicide to expect people to' pay to see stars in mavies who can be seen for free on television. No Worries Now "That isn't my reason," Taylor said between bites on a hamburger in the studio commissary. "My feelings on the matter are simple. I've got it made right now; I don't like to worry. If I worked regularly on TV I'd be up to my neck in problems. "Starring in a television series is like living on a treadmill. And I'm too lazy for that." Bob's "Thin Man" show will be released (Jan. 10), but he won't be watching. "I only have a walk- on and a couple of lines to plug my new picture, 'The Law and Jake Wade. 1 By the time it goes on the air I'll be off to the mountains. • "I agreed to do it because it was easier than fighting the bosses," Taylor concluded. "Next time my answer will be a flat, unconditional 'No.' " FOUND m CAB The Most Treasured Gifts Come From The "Your Christmas Store" OPENMONDAYTIL9p.nl, our GIFT CERTIFICATES are Preferred and go a long, long way STILL IN DOUBT? Give our gift certificate, and you can be sure they will get just the gift they wanted! Gift certificates are available in any amount from $1.00 up ... and there is no time limit on them! The recipients can redeem these certificates at any time in any department of our store. They are available at our first and second floor offices, and we will gift wrap to disguise the gift. SHOP-MOM. 9-9 TUES., THURS., SAT. 9-5, FRI. 9-9 WE USE ONLY HIGHEST POTENCY DRUGS Depend on us for INTEGRITY: we NEVER use drugj trrat are less potent than your doctor ordered. CENTRAL DRUG CO. *. George Kimbrough, R. Ph. 4th at Broadway Phorw 3131 DIIDMP MQDADV

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