The Severance News from Severance, Kansas on December 3, 1909 · 1
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The Severance News from Severance, Kansas · 1

Severance, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 3, 1909
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(' PAT GRAY, Editor and .Publisher TERMS One Dollar a Year in Advance Little Messages fathered Day by Day from the Four Winds and Transmitted in a Batch Once a Week to the People. Vol. XXI. Severance, Kansas, Friday, December 3. 1909. No. 35; c ... i t Seventy couples attended the big Thanksgiving dance in Lyons Hall. Nearly every town in the connty was represented as was also the -cities of St. Joseph and Atchison. As was expected the dance was a very successful social event. The music furnished by Prof. Alois Phillip of Atchison wag very fine. Prof. Phillips is skillful musician and is liberal in playing. The dancers began to assemble about 8:30, and by 9 o' o'clock there were fully 60 couples in the whirl of dance. There was -.also a number of lookers on who enjoyed the evening watching the dancers. ' The next dance will he given January 7, 1910. This editor celebrated Thanksgiving day by filling up on roasted duck! cranberries, mashed potatoes and gravy and taking a nine mile horse back ride over the country. There's just one thing going on in the country now. Thump, thump, thumpl is all one can hear as the ears fall into the wagons from, busy hands of the buskers m a thousand fields. And each of those thumps means at least half a cent. Farmer, boy if you would do a wise thing you will smother that ambition to ' move to town. , ' Geo, II. Robb and wife spent Thanksgiving in St. Joseph with John Berryman and wife. While in .St. Joseph Capt. Robb met Joseph Thompson who in 1857, was one of the three editors of the Geary City .Era, They had a pleasant little chat about old times. Doniphan county still has much of interest for Mr. Thompson, and he is always glad to meet any of the old timers from here. The RaeztConcert Company's en tertainment given here Wednesday night of last week, has been highly praised by those who attended. ' It is said to have been one of the best musical entertainments given ! here for some time. Prof. Raez may re turn to Severance about the first of the year. Sam McComber of near Troy was a Severance visitor Monday. Sam was telling some of his prairie breaking . stories to a few old time friends. lie is one of the few Doni-phan county men who owns an .ox-yoke which he made himself many years ago. . Ben Hailing took a "grist" of buckwheat to Atchison Saturday and had it ground. He passed by the editor's house on his way home and what did he do but hand us out a nice little sack of the flour. .Wasn't that good of -him? The Reading Circle met with Mrs. J. Croniu last week and at the home of Mrs. T. II. Franklin this Aweek. :'Each week the members have a nice program and by the good attendance and enthusiasm shown we should judge each one, enjoys it. -W. II. Black who has been complaining of a very sore throat for some time, had his throat operated on one day last week and is feeling better. We. have been here in the news paper business just a year this week. .Dear Subscribers, do you think .we j . T. ,1 1,11 o i Mrs. Susan A. Severin was pleasantly surprised at her home in Ben-dena, by-o. number of her neighbor .friends who came marching in Thursday night of last week carrying baskets on their arms. When she met them at the door there was a puzzled expression on her face, but knowing she would guess it anyway, they informed ther that they had come to celebrate with her and eat a birthday supper. And then she was happy and proceeded to make her friends happy. Tbe baskets of prepared food were opened and good things soon covered the table. After an .excellent supper the even-was pleasantly spent and at a proper hour "good nights" were exchanged and Mrs. Severin received the kind wishes of her guests at departure. The Merrick home was the scene of a joyous family gathering and a big dinner ,cm Thanksgiving day. Those present were Dr. H. N. Merrick and wife, Mrs. Louise Merrick and two children, Harry Burdette, wife and son, all of Everest, the Misses liae and Kitty Chamberlain and John Rea of near Everest, Miss Fannie Porter and Mrs.H. E., Peeler and the new dentist Dr. Thille of Cawker City. A party of young folks consisting of Misses Emma Babcock,Dena Hphl, Rose Caudle and Cora Howe Arnold Atkins, Harry Bearg, and EarlHettick spent a pleasant evening at W. P- Dittemore's Thursday evening, the guests of Miss Viola Smith. Just for the sake of novelty and a little exercise they walked there and back. J. A. Symns, of Atchison, has made a division of his lands among his children. The two boys, John and Charley, received three 'quarter sections each, and the three daughters, Mrs. White, Mrs. Jermark and Mrs. Ream a quarter section each, Mr. Symns has acquired a-bout 1450 acres of land. Thomas Clifton and wife and his brother Levi of , Graham county are here on a visit with old friends. Mr. Clifton's father built one of the first mills on Wolf River a few miles .above where Severance now stands, -in 1&58. Severance has changed some since Mr. Clifton's last visit here in 1885. NOTICE. There will be a Roll Call meeting at the Christian Church pf Severance Sunday, Dec. 5, 1909, at 11 o'clock, a. m. Everybody is very cordially invited. Geo. W. Springer's store is now illuminated with fine new gas lights recently installed, and the dark, gloomy days do not now interfere with him. Roger Morley-sr., is very low at his home near Bendena. Mr. Morley lias - passed his eightieth year but until recently has enjoyed health. good Pat O'Shea of llennessev, Okla., called at this office Monday and we swapped a few stories with him. Mrs. G. W. Riffer's mother is here from Sabetha and will spend the winter with her daughter. W. N. Yanbebber has purchased a two story residence on Missouri avenue St. Joseph, for $5,500. Frank Hallincr had a car load of fat-cattle "on Tuesday's market in St. Joseph. Freeman Gildersleeve-won the sewing machine at Springer's last week. Mrs, B. F. Ileastan,cf JLeona, vras. a. Severance, visitor JSiUjirilay. Farmers Institute To be held in Troy Court House December 6 and 7, 1909. PROGRAMME Monday Morning 9;30 Placing Exhibits of Corn, Fruits and Orchard Spraying Aparatus. 40:30 Why I favor cutting dy ii my. Orchard, John Lancaster. Why I want to ;fceep -on, Mr,. J. C. Myers. 1100 Right and wrong ways to handle an .orchard, frof. Albert Dickens., Kaxisas. State Agricultural College. Monday Afternoon. 1:30- Experiences with Spraying. (a) Apple Trees, Mr. Meek. Brazelton. (b) Bush Fruit rand Grapes Mr- W. E. Bosehei. 2:00 The Market Problem, Mr. " H. M. Byers. 2:30 Insect and Fungus Diseases and Remedies, Dr. T, Jl Headlee, Kansas State Agricultural College. , Tuesday Morning 9: 3 0-r-Placing Exhibits 10:3 0 Mor,e Corn from Fewer Acres. (a) By adding fertility .to the soil, Mr. F. A. Kinsley. i(b) By better preparation of ground, Mr. Charlie Wilke. (c) By better tillage, Mr. Otto Weinberg. x 11:15 -Roads and Road Making, Mr. W. S. Gearhart, Highway Engineer,7 Kansas State-Agricultural College, Road Officers Section. 1.3L:30 Conference on methods of improving country roads with Mr. Gearhard. Tuesday Afternoon 1:00 Business-."Meeting, 1 :30 Why not more oats per acre? 'Mr. John P. Zimmerman, discussion. 2:00 Pure-bred vs. scrub.stock on the farm, Mr. O. L. Steanson, discugsioii. 2:30 Plant Breeding, Mr. J. H. Miller, Kansas State Agricultural College. 3:00 Bridges and Culverts, Mr. . Gearhart. M. W. A. Notice -All members of the M. W. A. are requested to be present at our regular meeting 1st Monday night in Dec. Special business to be attended to .and we have a place not only for the other members but for you. .f lease come ana nil your place next Monday evening. M FV Williams, V. C. Mrs. S. L. Carpenter and Mrs. C. R. Hewins were, guests of Mrs. Chas. Butts in Troy Wednesday of last week. Mrs. Butts entertained the ladies of the card club that afternoon. Tom Lyons, wife and son, D. J. Ward and wife, JS. VW Morley and wife and J. M. Morley ate 'Thanksgiving dinner with Gus. Ebner's family. After a week's vacation spent with his parents, west of town,Wor- thy DareJreturned to-vschool in j Kansas City Sunday evening. Jas. Wilson and two daughters, of St. Joseph visited Mrs. Wilson's parents, Alex. Goins and , wife from Wednesday.until Sunday. Mrs. F. O. Leonhard and dauh-ters spent Thanksgiving with Henry Gabriel sncU'Wife in St. Joseph. pJ. J. Mulkev.of Wathena. visited 1 "MVa A ii rr f'nnrf in s Notice To Exhibitors Parties wishing to exhibit fowls at the Severance Poultry Show are requested to get their entries in as early as possible and thereby lessen the labprs of the officers. The present outlook is the best ever known for a rich poultry harvest during the coming year. Prices have soared highest and stayed higher than ever known in the world. Even though the prices havo been high, .still the demand for .poultry products has continued to increase. Added to this there is a shortage in poultry raised and eggs put in cold storage. It means good money for the poultry raisers' for another year. That there is money in egg product ion there doubt. To those who contemplate starting in the poultry business we would say now is the. most propitious time. Edward Delzeit who lives a few miles south west of town is a good, industrious hoy. ,--,On Thanksgiving day when there was no school, in stead of going hunting, as most any boy would have done, he jumped in and helped his father husk corn A few weeks ago this boy was lucky enough to find a iine flint spearhead a little over eleven inches in length, and he was kind enough to let us have it for our collection. Jake Francis, wife and daughter Miss May? Miss Lizzie Gillen, ;M Las Maggie O'Shea, John O'Shea, and Mace Upson, T. J. Francis, and wife and A. D. Hall, wife and two sons ate Thanksgiving dinner with Dr. Horner and family. jES. worK oriaie was leit at my shop for repairs about three months ago. Owner please call and pay for tne woric or it win ne sola to pay for repairs. M. F. Williams. For Sale Choice milch cowwill be fresh next month; also a nice young heifer will be two years old in February and fresh in April. M. F. Willianas. Miss Ella Hailing returned recently from St. Joseph, where she has been sewing in a dressmaking estab lishment. Since her return she has been very busy sewingt herJiQme. John Fulton and his bride of Denver, Colo., who is home on a visit with home folks at, Bendena, were in Severance Wednesday. J. A. Campbell and wife enter-rained the Rubert family of Reserve andProf. James Campbell of , Hiawatha on Thanksgiving day. Miss Margaret Curtis, of St. Benedict's has gone to Blaine, Kansas, lor a visit withher brother, Wm. Curtis. Gene Ward and wife of Atchison attended the ball here Thursday night and visited, .with home folks. L. A. Libel and wife s were .up from Wathena to spend Thanksgiving at John F. Lible's. James Morley and family ate Thanksgiving dinner with . V. .J. Kirwan and wife. ,:Mrs. Henry Schriner of Hiawatha is, visiting at John Schreiner'swest of town. nri7Po vf -bevefances. "Fill. be .awarded Sat-I ! " . v 1 New Dentist at Severance Dr. Eugene Thille has packed up his .office furniture, and will locate in Severance, Ivans., for the prac tice of his profession, dentistry. J Gene is a good dentist, and we can recomend him to the people of Severance as a careful workman who takes pride in his labor and its results, characteristics which are bound to rpake him a successful practitioner. We are informed that he has purchased the practice,c residence and office of Dr. Merrick in Severance. Cawker City Leader. The Doctor is now here getting acquainted and is rqv ready for business. Here's wishing him ample success. For Sale Standard bred White Plymouth Rock Cockerls from two grand Strains, the Keystone and Blue Ribbon. Both strains are noted for heavy laying qualities. - Some of these cockerels will be exhibited at the Poultry Show Dec. 9, 10 and 11. D. J. Ward. East Side A literary program was given by the pupils of District No. 20, last Friday night which was followed by a box supper. A very large -crovwd was present and the affair was a success both socially and financially. ' . Since Nov. 12. up to Thanksgiving day there has been sixteen car loads of corn shipped from Moray besides 3,000 bushels that was placed in the crib. Joseph Bodart who is attending school at Christian Bros. Collegd St, Joseph, spent Thanksgiving with his parents. ..lohn Cooper and x.wife entertained eighteen of their relatives Thanksgiving day with a turkey dinner. v Mrs. M. Zimmerman entertained her brother and family, of Council Grove, Thanksgiving. Pat O'Shea and family ofillennc-ssey, Oklahoma, are visiting John and Maggie O'Shea. JMrs. T.cwnsend and daughter of Troy spent Sunday with Mrs. Sampson in Moray, Robt. Howland went to Marys-ville to take charge of a section at that place. C. Pope and wife visited their son. Johnand family at Rhulo, Neb. last week. Mrs. John Culp of Atchison spent Saturday visiting friends at Morav. - , J.C. Hardy is visiting his broth er O. C. Hardy north of Moray. Miss Lillie Miller of Marysviile, is visiting Moray relatives. Miss Josephine Hollands is- sick at her home near Lancaster and 31iss Anna Trimble, is helping Miss Keedl at the Central office. - Mrs. CI;as. Jackson is building a neat little cottage on her farm north Severance, Denton Doings Born to Arthur Denton and wife a son: and to Watson Chenev and wife a son, on Thanksgiving day. These v people . have .much .to be thankful for. Phil Denton and wife were called to Willis Mordav, bv the death of her grandmother Mrs. To rson. Wm. .Toy and wife who have been visitins: T. H. Daniels and wife re-tnmed to Omaha, Saturday. Karl Bowers, Glen.Alt and RaljVL. Wrighton attended the football game at Troy Monday. Os Denton and wife ; spent a few days last week with Mrs. Denton's parents near Horton. Clarence Isaaes and wife, ate , dinner with Holton friends Thanksgiving day. Mrs. Loftin of Atchison,, i3 .visiting her sister Mrs. Jennie Robertson, Rev. -Robv of Whiting was shak-ing hands with friends here Friday. The MisseaThayer spent .a few days here with Miss Nellie Denton. Miss Lillian Wagy spent Sunday with Bendena friends. , The poultry show that will, be held here Dee. 9, 10, 11 promises to be one cf the best .ever held in this part of the state, if you arc at all interested in poultry you should become a member of the association and exhibit some of your best birds and thereby experience somo of Ag benafits and pleasures poultry raisers and fanciers do in other places. Dr. Horner was called, to Atchi-son Sunday on account of the serious illness of his mother. The helpful hen lias produceel more wealth than any other one thing iii. Kansas. - Let us show our appreciation of this fact by attending the Severance Poultry Show, Dec. 9 3 10, li, where the best .of her kind will be on exhibition. II. L. V-cnverth, postmaster -at lienaena is tne iainer oi a new upy born Tuesday Nov. 23. J Now that the rural carriers aro allowed to deliver express, parties a-lonj the routes havinc: or exnectinc: express to comp to Seyerahcej, may-have the same delivered to them by notifying the carriers on their respective routes of the . expeqted arrival, for a reasonable charge. C. It. Ilewins and wife visited with Kansas City relatives a few days lasi'W&tV. I will have a number of White Wyandotte . cockerels for sale at the poultry show. Will also take orders for., eggs .and rcake a 10 per cent reduction on ail sales Dec. 2, 10, 11. Maggie O'Shea, Bendena, Kans. Rev.-f BoytL and- aculy, spent s few days with. .relatives, in Kanac City last week. Dr. Thille is here and ready good up-to-date dental work plates3 bridge wcrI.D( sorcc ne w specijals that is, inlay and bridge.. or k, Come in and try me. I will certainly treat you right in everything. -Dr. E. Thille Charley Hill, the JL-rakeman 4oc the G. I. who recently lost-a fpot was well known here as a fine young man. All parties knowing themselves indebted.. tQ th3 Severance Harness 5?? Pe call and .settle .y' loraignteri v nP.our books by. the end o they ear. F.. Williams v:,Wili raVpcly. vitedlrt. ?v,

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