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The Gazette from Montreal, Quebec, Canada • Page 19
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The Gazette from Montreal, Quebec, Canada • Page 19

The Gazettei
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Issue Date:

THE GAZETTE. FRIDAY, MAY 13, 1927. VOL. CLVI. No. Ill cable yesterday, and business In this LIVE STOCK MARKETS PORT OF MONTREAL CHEESE PRICES IN. BRIGHT OUTLOOK F0RCM.C0TONS IKALA DOCKS TO PLATES TORN OFF 000; top, 10; most 150 to 200 pound weight, J9.75 to $10; 210 to 240 pound1 average $9.80 to 19.90; 20 to 323 pound butchers, 19.30 to J9.60; pack-j Ing so largely $8.25 to JS.60; heavy weight hogs, $9.20 to $9.60. i Cattle, beet weighty steers! liberal supply of value to sell at $11.75 to practically all weights of value to eell at $11 down -j ward Bold; best medium bills, f7.15; vealers, $10.50 to $11. Sheep, good to choice 77 ti 84 pound woolled Colorado lambs $17; tew good clipped ewes, $8 to) $8.25. I -3 New Zealand Freighter and Standard Oil Tanker Col- lided at Quebec NO CONGESTION DANGER Movements From Port Considered Satisfactory Grain Shipments 10,000,000 Bus. Ahead of Last Year A hole about twenve inches in diameter -was made amidships, in the steel hull of the Standard Oil tanker James 'McG'ee by -one of the anchors fpAlLINGQll FROM MONTREAL 1J of the New Zealand freighter, Ikala, Tonnage. Modavia, 2873 Can. Winner, 3S74 Ada, 1486 Muttr. Arrivals- W. Mitchell N. Hocking A. Andersen L. Christensen J. Williams G. Tremoulet J. Elfers R. Purvis Halvorsen A. B. Clark Dampen, GreMon, 8269 Oceania, 2220 Real, 2298 Cairngleiy 3024 Topdalsrjora, 2574 Gracia, 3537 Departures New 2028 W. Tremblay Ariano, 3124 Williamson Metagama, 7483 A. Freer Seven Seas Trader, 2078 J. H. Regan Blalrbeg, 1783 D. MeCall E'arnworth, 3043 Wright VESSELS 'Ship. Can. Explorer Can. Hanger Can. Seigneur Emperor of Halifax Man. Brigade Cariboo Polamhall Pennyworth Sursum Corda Cochrane Ansaldo San Giorgio II. Can. Leader Can. Runner Illingworth Cairngowan Tonnage. 3321 3551 3554 1455 3763 4463 3530 341S 3520 4485 3275 3342 1812 3709 3257 2183 2917 8521 9874 2714 2714 3428 4860 3997 1284 3100 1428 3170 1431 3669 2918 5634 3428 1641 i 1854 3002 1486 3024 3374 1428 3537 3269 2873 2220 2298' 2574 Can. Trapper Key West Minnedosa Regina Andania Holmewood Clearpool Recca Firby Pollenzo Frode San Pletro Baron Ailsa Dalmore Askeladden Rapot Keywest Huronian lstria Josey Sirrah Manchester Commerce Ada Cairnglen Can. Winner Gracia Greldon Modavia Oceania Real Topdalsf Jord Company's Plants Operating at 80 to 85 p.c. Capacity at Present, Shareholders Told Shareholders of Canadian Cottons', Limited, were favored with particularly optimistic statements by A'. O. Dawson, vice-president, at the annual meeting held yesterday. Of special Interest was the Information that business so far this year has been in excess of the corresponding period last year, and that he. outlook has improved considerably. Evidence of the general business recovery was shown by the marked decrease In loss from bad debts, and from the fact that many firms are doing business on a cash basis and taking advantage of discounts. Mr. Dawson gave interesting details of the measures taken to protect the company's mills New Brunswick from a repetition of the flood damage suffered a few years ago, and of experiments being made in the production of celanese, a sample of which was passed around, and was examined by shareholders present. The material already produoed by the company from, celanese yarn had been pronounced the finest produced He also stated that new openings are continually being found to replace or supplement others that are being lost for the use of the company's products. The company's plants are operating at about 89 to 85 per cent, of capacity. Business Is potty lh character, due to the hand-to-mouth buying. Orders are smaller, but there are many repeats. While this makes it dflficult to run a mill under ideal conditions, Mr. Dawson thought that it had a favorable aspect as Well, as it indicated that when an order Is sold it is for immediate requirements, and that there are no large stocks Of goods on the shelves of the dealers throughout the country. The financial report was adopted, and the" directors were re-elected without change. NEW YORK MONEY RATES Call Funds Renewed at 4 Per Cent. (Special to The Gazette.) New York, May 12. Money continued to hold firm today with demand loans ruling at 4hi per cent, at which renewals were arranged. Time money held at 4 per cent. Commercial paper ranged from to 4. New York Sugar Market' New York, May 12. The raw sugar market was quieter today bui it was reported that-late yesterday an additional advance of 1-32 of a cent occurred when about 200,000 bags of Cuban and Porto Rlcan were sold for May shipment at 4.90, duty paid. There were additional offerings at the same level today but buyers were apparently supplied for their more immediate requirements and were not Inclined to make fresh commitments. There was a sale of 12,500 bags ot Cuban now loading to an operator at 2.98 f.o.b. Cuba, equal to about 4 0 delivered New York. Raw sugar future net unchanged to points lower Approximate sales tons. May closed 3.00, July 3.09, September December 3.24, January 8.09, March 2.91, Raflned sugar was firm and un changed to ten points higher, list prices now ranging from 6.10 to 8.20 for fine granulated. The United States has 682 species of forest trees, according to a new survey. RESORTS. Hotel Westminster ox BEAUxirrr. coplet BOSTON. Tke Souse of Personal Attention Simla room, 12.00. 3 50, 1.0 wlih .0. H0, 4 DoubU idl. 4 00, twin bull, Wtli bath. I.N, T.0 lultM Kommodtln at 4, 00. lt.M, J100 Sullx foe prininM rtiidMti. II tut ind Jttr EXILE OOULOX. COUNTRY ADVANCE Local Butter Market More Active and Prices Tend-v ing Higher I A feature of the 'local butter trade yesterday was the flvmer feeling that prevailed in the and sales in some instances' were made at an advance of per jib. There was an increased- demand from local buyers for supplies, and a more ac tive business was done, with sales of Eastern Townships No. 1 pasteurized creamery butter at 36'ic to 360 per and No. 2 grades at 35ic to 86c per lb. pwmtr ta the scarcity ot butter in the western markets there has been some de mand from Vancouver for supplies here of late, and a shipment ot an other car was made, which makes two cars within the past week or ten daysJ The receipts yesterday were 1,563 packages, as against 174 for the. same day last week, and 2,346 for the corresponding day a year aeo. At the meetirlg of the Brockville Board yesterday there were 770 boxes of colored and 138 boxes of white cheese registered, of which all the white and 705 boxes of the colored sold at 15 13-16o per lb. which price 'shows an advance of 5-16c per as compared witn a week ago, and a decline of 1 15-16c ner lb. with the same aate lasi year, when 1,686 boxes sola at 17 jer lb. There was no improvement in ine demand for cheese from over the Intercontinental TVansport Services limited From Montreal TO HAMBURG 8.8. Had May 8.8. Grey County June 4 8.8. Queen's County' June SO TO ROTTERDAM 8.S. Brant County May 2 8.8. Laval County June 8.8. Key Wert June TO HAVRE 8.8. Golden Gate May II 8.8. roreanser anne II i Denotes Sirocco Fans. From Montreal XO ST. JOHN'S, NFLD. Via Charlottetown, F.E.I. 8.8. Copthorne May JJ (Freight Service Only) For ratel nd Information, Apply Canada Steamship Lines Limited I General Aaenti. LA. IS31. iiftiTf.innaiw i l. m. i. To Italian Ports, from Montreal S.S. Vallemare abt May 29th S.S. Valprato "bt- May 31st S.S. VALLARSA Loading at Leghorn abt. 5Iay II Naples abt. May 13 abt. May 15 for Montreal direct -Subject to alteration without notice. For Freixht Rate and All Farther Particulars, Apply MONTREAL SHIPPING LTD. 124 Corlatlne Bid. MAla J72S-S264. S. Gaspe County Taking Freight MAY 13-14 No. 2 hed, Ottawa St. Gaspe Coast, Bay des Chaleurs, -Campbellton, N.B. and Bathurst, N.B. THE ELLIS SHIPPING CO. LTD. MAin 0452 i respect continues quiet, but there was a' little trading on spot between houses, and the tone ot the was steady, with sales of western No. 1 white and colored at IS Vic to 16c 'per lb. The. receipts yesterday were 732 boxes, as compared with 695 for the 'same day last week, and 8.418 for the- corresponding day a year ago. Chicago, May 12. Butter today ruled steady at good prices with a fair trade reception ot 89-90 scores which were rather closely cleaned up. Fresh 92 score 41c. 91 score 40c, 90 score 39 89 score 38o, 88 score 36c, 87 score 35s5c Centralized 90 score 89 score 38c, 88 score 36c. Receipts 7,429 tubs. New York, May firm, receipts 11,461. Creamery higher than extras 43 to' 44c, creamery extras 92 score 43c, creamery firsts 88 to 91 score 38c to 42c, packing stock current make number two 30c to 30 c. Eggs weak, receipts 38,707. Fresh gathered extra "firsts 25c to 25c, fresh gathered first 23c to 24c, do storage packed 25c to 25c. Cheese steady, receipts 40,070. FROM MONTREAL) To BELFAST 8.8. "Fanad Head" Abt. May 21 xxS.B. "Melmore Head" Aht. Jon. xxS.S. "Torr Head" Abt. Jun. DUBLIN xS.S. "Lord Dnwnahlre" Abt. May 2 xS.8. "Melmore Head" Abt. Jun. I x8.S. "Torr Head" Abt. Jinn, ti ixOareo accepted for Londonderry. xCargo accepted for Cort. McLean Kennedy, Limited Corlatlne Bulldlna- Montreal Globe Atlantis Building faint John. N.B. an To Scandlaavla. an Baltlo Fort From Montreal 8.8. "Gorm" Abt. May I 8.8. "Krode" Abt. May 15 8.8. "Kentucky" Abt. Jun. 4 Thereafter Keanlar Fortnightly Fasaencer 8errlc direct to and front Scandinavia via Halifax. For Frelrht. passenger ratea, and all ether particular, apply to: McLean Kennedy, Limited General Canadian Agents i Corlatlne Building Montreal Globe Atiantle Building Saint John. N.B. SOUTH AMERICA Linea 'Sud-Americana, Inc. Canadian-South American Division From MONTREAL To Santos, Montevideo, Buenos Aires and Rosario" S.S. 'Nordlys' sailing May 27th Regular direct monthly service thereafter. For freight rates and other particulars, apply to Garcia Diaz, Agents, New York. McLean Kennedy, Limited General Canadian Agenta, Corlatlne Building- Montreul Globe Atlantic Building Saint John, N.B. FItOM MONTREAL S.S. IKALA May 21 direct for Auckland, Wellington, Lyttelton, Dunedin, Melbourne, Sydney S.S. Manchester Merchant, 15 direct for Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide. For Freight Bates aad otber particulars Apply to Tha MIW ZEALAND SHIPPING CO, LIMITED, tli Board af Trade Building, Montreal. v- THE 7 TREE LINE NAVIGATION' LIMITED Package" Freight Weekly sailings Saturday 6 p.m., for Port-Arthur and Fort William Tuesdays, 6 p.m., for Toronto and Hamilton Freight Shed Foot of Colborna St. MAla 1300-1311. FROM MONTREAL 9 LINER MOVEMENTS From Date. Southampton May 6 Liverpool May 6 Glasgow May 6 Antwerp 4 Liverpool lay 4 Liverpool May 6 Southampton May 5 Montreal May 6 Trade in Cattle, at Winnipeg Was Active Toronto, May 12. Trade closed steady with a email supply of cattle on the Dominion Livestock Exchange this morning. Choice butcher steers brought 88.75 to (9.25 with good butcher cows at 87 Ao $7.50. Calf re-ceiipts, 6. Calves were steady at $10 to 811 for the best. Hog receipts, 73. Hogs were unchanged at 410.75 off-oar for selects and J10.25 for thick smooths. Lamb receipts, 4. Lamb receipts were too small to make a market. Winnipeg-, May 12. An-ivali, 500 cattle and calves; 1,050 hogs. Buyers were active today, practically all available supplies finding a ready outlet. Prices held firm. 1 Hogs wera hlck smooths at 19.60 and selects, ,10. Chicago, May 12. Hoga, WHITE STAB JJLNE Montreal-Qaebec-LlTerpool Rflgina May 14 Jun. 11 July 7 Calgaric May 18 15 July 13 Megantic May 21 Jan. 18 Jnly 18 Doric May 28 Jnn. 2 July 23 Albertlc Jun. 3 July 2 July 30 Montreal-Qnebee-Belfaet May 14 Jun. 11 July 7 Doric May 28 Jun. 25 Jaly 23 May 18 Jun. 15 July IS Montreal-Avontnonth (Freight) Huronian May 14 Oxonian May 28 N.Y.-Qnecnetown-Liverpont Adriatic May 14 Jun. 11 July 9 Celtic May 21 Jun. 18 July 1 Baltic May 28 Jun. 25 Jnly 23 Cedric 4 July 2 July 30 Via Boeton. X.Y.-Cherhoure;- Southampton Majestic May 14 4 Jun. 25 Homeric May 21 Jun. 11 July 2 Olypmic May 28 Jnn. 18 July 9 ATLANTIC TRANSPORT L1MS X.Y.-Cherbonrg--London Mlnnetonka May 21 Jun. 18 "July II Minnekahda May 28 Jun. 25 23 Mlnnewaska Jun. 4 July 2 Jnly 30 Minnesota Jan. 11 Jnlv Ave. I RED STAB WNE N.Y.-Flymonth-Cherbonrir-Antwerp Arabic May 14 Jnn. 18 Jnly 1 Belgenland May 28 Jun. 65 An. 1 Pennland Jun. 4 2 Aug. 2 Laplfinrt Jun. 11 Jnlv 7 Ang. 20 PANAMA PACIFIC LINK York-IIavana-Callfornia Jnn. 2, July 21 Manchuria Jun. 16 Aug. 4 Mongolia Jun. 30 Aug. 18 Ask about our Tourist Third Cabin and Conducted Tours Cell, phone or write. Ill acorn Montreal. -4 Furness Line TO London Hull Prom From London Montreal Apr. 28 omlio May 21 May 14 xBay tal Jan. 4 May At xArlano Jnn. 18 Jnn. II xComlno i July Manchester Line TO Manchester From Mancheater From Montreal Apr. 28 Man. Bricada May 12 Apr. xxMan. fommerca May II May 1 xxMan. Producer May 21 May 14 xxMan. Citizen Jnn. May 21 xxMan. Dlvlaion tun. Steamers carry limited number ot flrut class pasaengera. xFan Ventilation. xxCold Storage and Compreaaed Air. For farther Information apply to: Furness. Withy Co. LIMITED FTJBNESS HOC! ST. BACRAMF.NT STRKBT, IfONTREAL. NOTICE TO CONSIGNEES S.S. "RAPOT." G. Klockner, Master, from Bremen, Germany, is now entered Inward at Customs House. Consignees will please past their entries without delay. THOS. HARLLNG SON. LIMITED, 17, St. Sacrament Street. Montreal, P.Q., 9th May. 1927. STORAGE Bonded and Pre. Law Inaar. naea Kale. Modarata Batae aa Merchandlaa. Prompt tlartaga Kenlea. THE GIFFORD WAREHOUSE CO. WILLIAM STREET Bond. Ne, II. MAla 01. Krom. Agents. -May 12. Glasgow Vancouver Posteillo La Ramona Swansea Spezla i Hartlepool Leith Oslo London Robert Reford Can. Gov. Merch. Mar. Elder Dempster Elder Dempster .1. F. Whitney Furness Withy McLean Kennedy Robert Reford C.P.S. Robert Reford May 12. Cornerbrook, London Glasgow Hamburg Nfld. Clark S.S. 94 Furness Withy 62 C.P.S. 87 Thomas Harllng 91 McLean Kennedy 100 Thomas Harllng 89 Catania Hamburg IN PORT. Berth. Shed 14 Sec. 41 Shed 25 Sec. 24 Shed. 16 Shed 26 Sec. 36 Sec. 71 Anch Shed 26 Shed 47 Shed 14 Suth. Pief Sec. 6a Shed 24 Shed 14 Shed 18 Shed 7 Shed 4 Shed 3 Sec. 96 Sec 96 Shed 47 Sec. 10a Shed 45 Sec. 71 Sec. 45 Sec. 5 Sec. 7 Sec. 6 Sec. 9 Shed 18 Shed 6. Shed 45 Ext. 13 Sec. 31 Shed 16 Suth. Pier -Sect. 11a Sec. 40 Suth. 2 Sec. 71 Shed 6 Sec. 45 Sec. 28 At Anchor Agents. fc.G.M.M. C.G.M.M. C.G.M.M. Lakefield S.S. Furness Withy Elder Dempster Thomas Harllng Robert Reford .1. F. Whitney Elder Dempster Montreal Shipping C.G.M.M. C.G.M.M. Thomas Harllng Robert Reford C.G.M.M. Intercont. Transport CPS Star Robert Reford Thomas Harllng McLean Kennedy Montreal Shipping McLean Kennedy Thomas Harllng McLean Kennedy Thomas Harllng Robert Reford J. F. Whitney Elder Dempster Thomas Harllng Intercont. Transport White Star Thomas Harllng McLean Kennedy Montreal Shipping Furness Withy Elder Dempster Robert Reford v. C.G.M.M. Dempster Robert Reford F. Whitney Robert Reford Furness Withy McLean Kennedy C.P.S. Arrive. Montreal, Tuesday Quebec, Sunday Montreal, Monday Quebec, today Montreal, today Montreal, tomorrow New York, tomorrow Plymouth, tomorrow Liverpool, tomorrow Montreal, tomorrow i London, today New York, today Sunday Liverpool, today New York, Sunday Halifax, tomorrow New, York, tomorrow May 6 May 6 May 3 May 7 May 6 May 6 May 7 May 7 May. 4 Marine Department in Liverpool of the Cunard Line, took the cue from the. American officials and travelled on all the A-boats during -the last Is months to infuse the ship's carpenters with the new Ideas he had gathered. C.G.M.M. MOVEMENTS. Canadian Britisher arrived at Auckland May 11 from Panama. Canadian Cruiser sailed from Sydney May 12 for Melbourne. Canadian Highlander sailed from Glasgow May 12 for Vancouver. Canadian Observer arrived at Ocean Falls May 11 from Skidegate. Canadian Otter arrived at Barbados May 11 from Grenada. Canadian I'-ospector sailed from Brooklyn May 11 for Boston. Canadian Skirmisher arrived Halifax May 11 from St. John. Canadian Trooper sailed 'from Wabana May 12 for Sydney. Canadian Victor sailed from. Cardiff May 10 for Swansea. Canadian Voyageur sailed from Quebec May 11 for Sydney. WEEK'S BANK CLEARINGS Montreal Has Largest Total With $141,783,999 Bank clearings In Canada for the week ended yesterday, with comparison with the same period of last year, are as follows: 1927. 1926. Montreal $105,576,352 Toronto 130,005,922 97,635,874 Winnipeg ,61.007,459 47,843,950 Quebec 4,359,595 Hamilton WO. 083 4,890,435 Windsor 6.054,633 4,730,698 Halifax 3,171,363 2,787,903 London 3,115,827 2,491,604 Brantford 1,158,387 901,718 St. John 2.787,186 2,616,127 Kitchener 1,195,084 998,492 Moncton 888,086 929,979 Sherbrooke 983,284 658,357 Peterboro 1,022.752 900,699 Kingston 851,475 773,407 Fort William 810,572 Chatham 851,622 688,793 Sarnla 899.084 576,616 Ottawa 8,038,735 7.454,429 Brandon 494,258 490,393 Regina 5.530.459 8,520,142 Moose Jaw 1,114,624 854,725 Saskatoon 1,899.908 1.897,604 Prince Albert. 407,276 876,939 LethbrWge 606,869 465,280 Calgary 6,838,674 6,359.301 Edmonton 4.668,358 6,297,712 N. Westminster 897,981 661,736 Vancouver 19,790,810 15.461,005 Victoria. f. 2,458,246 1,904,756 New York Coffee Market New York. May future rlosed net advances of 7 to 16 pointi. Estimated sales 15,000 bags. Closing quotations: May 18.60, July 12.60, September 11.90, Decembet 11.60, January 21.45, March 11.88, May (19281 11.20. Spot coffee quiet. burning feat. aal f. Ta LlvarnAal May 13 I Tone 10 Minnefloaa I Hay 2 June 17 Montclare. May 2T I June 24 Montrose 3 I July 1 Montcalm I To Belfast Glaaiow I May 21 June 23 Mellta Jun. 9 I July 7 V. Metagama a Ta Antr'ero I May 35.... Marlocb a FROM QUEPEC To Cherboorg-Bontharoptart-Antwerp 1 I May 18 I June 15 Hontnairn Juno 1 I June 28 Montroyal To Cherbonrg-Sonthampton-Hamburg 1 25 I 22 Empress of Scotland I Jun.8 I June 29 Empress of France! To Cherbourg-Southampton only. ASK ABOUT OUR TOURIST THIRD-CABIN AND EUROPEAN TOURS Apply Local Agents. KFVvrnT. ien. Agent, Ocean Traffic, Phone MAin 3700, 141 St Jamea Bi, (Cairn Llna oi eteamabipa, Ltd. MONTREAIi" TO NEWCASTLE AXD LEITH t'CAIRNOLEN May 14 CAIRNE8K MayJl5 CAIENMONA May 28 And Weekly Thereafter tCalls at Dundee. MONTREAL TO HAMBURG CAIRNDHU May II1 GriTitrvf I am vr. 1 nuu tf una a V- Refrigerated. AU Fan 'Ventilated. THE ROBERT REFORD CO, LIMITED (General Agenta) Toronta 4)aebM Portland. Malaa Halifax Balnt John, N.B. SOUTH AFRICA Regular Service from Montreal S.S. CARIBOO May 15 WEST AFRICA S.S.' Cariboo will call at Sierra Leone and tranship cargo for Gold Coast and Nigerian Ports. liret Claaa Paaaenger Accommodation. For Bates and Information, apply Elder Dempster Co. Limited 133 Board of Trade Building. Montreal. NEWFOUNDLAND CASPE NORTH SHORE S.S. "NEW NORTHLAVD" qnebee-Gaape-Kewfoandland May 25, June June it. S.S. "NAtARlT" Quebec-North Hhore-Xewfoundland Slay II, May SO, Jnne 13. S.S. "GASPESIA" Qnebec-Gaape-Chalenr Bay May 18, Jane 1, June 15. CLARKE STEAMSHIP LTD. 103 Drnnimond Bldg. TJPtown S634. The new and well-appointed lluera aall from Vancourer, B.C., and Victoria, B.C. "Aorangl" S2.00f tone) lam. 1 July 17 "Maunganul" (7.500 tone) Jun. SO "Magara" (JO.IHK) torn.) Aug. Out, II For farea, apply to all Railway and tjteauMhlp Agenta. or to the Canadian AuatralaKlau Line, 990 Uaatinge Street Weet, Vancouver, B.C. NOTICE TO CONSIGNEES 1 S.S. "CANADIAN WINNER," N. master, from Vancouver, B.C., Is now entered Inward, at Customs House. Consignees will please pass their entries without delay. CANADIAN GOVERNMENT MERCHANT MARINE. LIMITED Montreal, P.Q., May IStb, 1927. Other (freight Kew Zealand (Dlreet). Auckland, Wellington, From Lyttlton, Iunedin Montreal "Canadian Seigneur" Mar 13 Anetralla (Direct). Brlabana, Sydney, Melbonrna, Adelalda From Montreal "Canadian War 21 TardlrT A Rwanaea From Montreal "Canadian Leader" 20 London A Antwerp From Montreal "Canadian Trapper" May It Cold atorage. Intercoaatal From Muntrr-nl "Caoadluu Importer" June Xi ft. Kltte, Antigua, Barbados, Trinidad, Itemerara From Montreal "Canadian Banner" 19 4-t'alia at Uuarialoup Southbound. He. John's, tin From herlattetowa, it. I. Montreal "Canadian Happer'' May ID Cold IT. JAMES MONTREAL 'S at one o'clock yesterday morning, when the two vessels graced each other at St Antolne, about 20 miles above Quebec. The Ikala was inward bound for Montreal, while the James McGee was descending the river from that port when the mishap occurred. Nobody was Injured and after the Ikala's anchor point had been removed from the hole in the other vessel's side both aiteamera proceeded to their 'destination under'their own power. 't No reason for the vessels passing so close to each other is available so far. The oil tanker arrived at Quebec at 2.15 yesterday morning and was met Iby a vessel from the Davies Ship Yards in case she might need The Ikala arrived at Montreal about 6.30 p.m. yesterday and proceeded to Vtekers Basin, where she showed as her share of the accident, a few plates torn Off and her stem NO CONGESTION DANGER. With the stocks of- grain Jri the harbor elevators standing1 at 9,108,254 bushels yesterday morning, orders amounting to 4,898,719 bushels and many Iramp -eteatners available for the transportation of grain to foreign ports, there is little danger of the probable heavy movement from Port Colborne being held up in the near future. The subject of congestion, should it occur or reach the proportions of last eumrrrer season, is really in the hands rot the shippers, it has keen stated In harbor circles. If the required quality or grade of grain desired or booked for dispatch is not available, it is only natural that shipments will be held up: Those vessels arriving with the required grade from, the lakes receive, attention before others, so that the ocean vessels may be loaded and proceed to sea. Movements from the port this year are considered to be entirely satisfactory, though comparisons with last a lucid ImDression of advance in shipments over last vear on account oi mis yew-a opening of navigation. Whereas the first Laval County, docked in Montreal on April 17 this year, he first arrival from sea last year, the Manchester Regiment, docked on May 3, sixteen days later. i Grain-shipments, from the Bo.rt aee tea million ahead of last vear at the present time, while re- 4waltrA an A half million bushels mote. The respective totals for this year, are: receipts, deliveries, 13,473,480 bushels. SIGNAL SERVICE THOME. Improved communications between Montreal and Cascades were inaug- a this arafV hv the Signal Ser- vice by the opening of a telephone line ibetween vauareuu ana which connects directly with the of-i nf nriranization in the Sauve- i a Tjt.iMino- This will enable in formation about ships entering Lake St. Louis and ascending through the 14-mile Soulanges uanai ironi cascades to Coteau Landing to be re in the past the only Information available or oDtainame was mm th liwlr master at Coteau. who, in "turn, received it from the superintendent at cascades, ai unc was occasional delay in the locks, the i.f.n.itinn via not always accur- atet added to which the lock master was unable to Keep nimseu jiuumreu exactly on the movements of all tlm Knnr VinwAver. the telephone line, which is connected directly with the oirice oi me miisniuciiuwii st Cascades, will enable the Signal Service to render even (better service In Its reports, written ana veroai. ANDANIA'S PASSENGERS. On the Cunarder Andania, which is sailing at 10 ociock xnis inomius, Aoktn nflflHpnizRrft and 75 third- ciass passengers leave for Liverpool, via Glasgow. Among the cabin passenger Is J. C. Stentel, a Hollander toy birth, who has lived In Edmonton for many years, and who ta' going nf thA Tint teivlam of- XO LaiVO vnai bv v. fice of the Canadian National Railways to promote Dutch Immigration to thli country. He has made a tour of the Eastern provinces to acquaint himself with settling possibilities there, and will board the ship at Quebec. With him travel Mrs. Sten- tel and his daughters, Misses Cathert-ine and Marie Stentel. Major R. A. .1. Alton, of Price-Waterhouse, Limited, British auditors, is a passenger, and has been gazetted this week as a major on the regular Reserve Force. Other passengers Include Dr. J. G. Hayden, of Melbourne, Australia; Rev Dr. C. F. Pllcher, of Wycllffe College, Toronto; C. T. Cramp, Brlt-IhIi laborlte: and Rev. Dr. Wm. Arthur, Miss M. Ashwell, Mrs. J. Baldwin, Dr. Bahlman, Prof. Thos. and Mrs. Callander, Mrs. Beatrice M. Campbell, Prof, and Mrs. W. H. Carles Mr. ami Mr. Buell Cox, Mr. and John P. Dick, T. Eatough. Rev. Bro. Louis Lecomte, Mrs. H. Louson, E. J. Louson, Mrs. Q. I). Mackay, Miss D. Mackay, Mrs. F. W. Moore, Master Moore, Miss J. Moore, Mrs. Morgan, Mrs. Mor-lodge, Mr. L. E. Mutton, Miss Gud-run Myrseth, D. MacFarlane, Rev. Norman McKachprn, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert K. Pott, J. nath, Mrs. J. Jiogers, Miss Joan Rogers, Chss K. Sunderland, Edwin Whatmougn, L. A. Westerman. ABOARD A On board the Cunard liner duo to arrive at Quebee next Mondtiy and In Montreal the day after, are the following; eettlers: A Tarty of British arttlers coming out under the sua-Dices of the Canadian National Ilull- vvsys, under Conductor Tenny; 1 J2 people coming out under the Church Army Settlement; three BwlsyTarm-ri and five IMg-lani; two families tinder the Western Canada Heherni from the Continent; three families Ship. Agents. Ascania, Cunard Aurania, Cunard Athenla. Cunard C.P.S. Calgaric, White- Star Megantic, White Star New Amsterdam, H. A. Ausonia, Cunard. Letltia; Cunard Montreal i Liverpool Montreal Southampton Monltreal Montreal Southampton Southampton A. Rotterdam Montclare, C.P.S.- Montreal, C.P.S. Berengaria, Cunard Marburn. C.P.S.' Montcalm, C.P.S. Lancastria, Cunard T.nnVanrk Red Star New Amsterdam, under the Government $300 Scheme; and one family with $1,000,. On the Cunarder Aurania, expected to arrive at Quebec on the same day, are five boys of the B.I.C.A., a party of 109 settlers conducted toy Conductor of the National, and eight people coming out for the Ontario Government. PINEDO'S LANDING HERE. Plans are being made by the Montreal Harbor Commission to welcome the Marquis de Pinedo, well-known airman endeavoringto encircle the North and South AtlanHc oceans in his seaplane, who is expected to arrive here on Monday. All traffic in the main portion of the harbor will be suspended in the vicinity, of twelve o'clock, at which hour he is expected to make his landing In the Alexandra basin. Word has been received that he will take the air in Chicago at 6 o'clock Monday morning, and that his arrival In Montreal should take place between twelve and one o'clock. It is not known whether. In view oj the postponement of his arrival which was to have been on Saturday, he will remain here more than sufficient time to enable gasoline and oil to be taken aboard his machine. LAKE GAITHER MOVED. The S.S. Lake Galther, which was auctioned on Monday In tjie Admiralty 'Court and bought by the New England New York Steamship r.mnnnv fnr 1RA.2D0. was towed yes- hterday from her berth in the baaiii to the south of BicKeraiKe J)ier 10 the extremity of "King Edward pier. It Is understood that she will undergo repairs at her present berth before proceeding to sea. This steamer arrived In Montreal last November and was heavily libelled. During the winter she was moored alongside one of the harbor wharves, but moved to the Bickerdike basin so as not to utilize necessary wharf space. ARRIVED ON PARIS. rinfmv T.anelnta. acent-eeneral ot Quebec in Brussels, accompanied by H. Biermans, of the Belgo Pulp Paper Company, were nn tha S.S. Paris, of the French Line which docked at New York on Wednesday. 'iney nave come over on personar--Dusiness. RAT PROOFING FOR SHIPS. In order to comply with American Public Health Department regulations, the Cunard Canadian Service steamers have, aunng me wiiuer season when they called regularly at x'w vnrV hHn subjected to a thor ough "rat-proofing" treatment, which it now neanng completion, unuci mo guidance, ana toiiowir.g jukkcuuuiu made by the inspecting public health officers In New York. Claiming that the results of "rat-prooring a snip, which means the Isolation of the rati nm lui-tinn lit the shin and then catching them, are an Improvement on fumigation, josepn nam, oi mm CanadiAn Government Merchant Marine Limited (aad Qu.b.c) Mar 20. Aioaia to Cher, London Hay 20. Athtnia Beli'aat, L'pool, Mum 1. Lctitia Belfiit, L'pool, Olaa, Juaa 1. Alauaia London Jun 10. Aadaaia L'pool Juaa 10. Auaonia London Juaa 17. Athtnia Btlliit, L'pool. Glaa. luo 17. Aatonia Loadoa iluha 24. Aunnia L'pool tuna 24. Ascaala London -July 1. Latitia Beilut, L'pool, Olaa, FREIGHT OMllT'. fMiy 20. Modavia to Liverpool May 21. Concordia Avonmouth 1 May 27. A Stramtr ta Glmow 4luaa S. Moreria- "Liverpool tjuaa 10. Oracla Glaao juae 11. Selacia Ayoamouth Fittedwlth KelrIratora FROM NEW YORK May 14. Tuicania to Havre, London" iMay 14. Bcythia Cebh(Q'town) L'pool May 17. Bereniarli S'hamptoa May 21. Caledonia Loa'darrjr, Glaaiow May 25. Mauretenia May 2J. Leacantrla Plueh't. Mclainit'a May 2J. Tranaylvania" Antwerp. Olaeow May 21. Bemaria Antwerp, Liverpool May 2L Carinthla Amwarp, Liverpool i From Beaton May IS. tCarriea Cabla and Tonrlet TMr Cabin only. No Third Ctaaa. Carrlai Teurlit Third Cabin aa well a Cabla and Third Clean, to travel this way Cunard and Anchor-Donaldson CABIN CLASS ships are specially designed for They possess every travel refinement, and the best on the boat is yours to enjoy. Rates are surprisingly reasonable minimum as low as $140.00 to or from Europe. Gawk SriMIOestliuliiii Swkes Bermuda, fit. KJtts. NerU, Antigua, Monutcrravt, iMimlnirn, Kt. I Rarbavdos, St. Vlncnnt, Trinidad, Domemn, From Halifax "Canadian 20 Carrter" Jus. etorage. Frelghe only. nmiiudn, Bahamas, Janwlcaa and BrltlHh Honduras from Inntrcal J-'Canelan riaher" Juoa 1 VACATION CRUISES Cuticura Comforts Tender CADIANSEIIYICE Aching Irritated Feet Batbl tka feet for Mrvsml mlnntaa with Cotkura Soap and warm water, then follow with light application of Catteuia Ointment, (andy rubbed in. This treatment moM auooMaful la reltein Th; NEW WAT to ih. OLD WORLD TOURIST THIRD CABIN UlMtnttad Baoltlofa. lallial Data. -On Raanaet JiW LINES tFHl ROBERT KCPOnn CO' LIMITED JO Hoaplial (iraat, Maairaal or any iteamahlp agent and comforting tired, hot, aching, hM U. aWiMl.r PrUa, ka JCTolaa.T Ta' mm Bf Catteava MmtIm ItUk iU. Enquire TBArriO DEPARTMBXT, 130 i i min

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