The Gazette from Montreal, Quebec, Canada on September 27, 1926 · 9
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The Gazette from Montreal, Quebec, Canada · 9

Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Issue Date:
Monday, September 27, 1926
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THE GAZETTE, MONTREAL. MONDAY. SEPTEMBER 27, IDCG. n EATON'S DAILY STORE NEWS LADY EATON PAID IruRMOMSHOWf) COPEC SECRETARY 1 SHORT VISIT HERE IN CLEYER REVUE' TO LECTURE HERE Personal Interest in Problems Magnificent Creations by Er- Miss Lucy Gardner Will Give Addresses on Ethical i Topics 1 nest Albert Appearing at of Store's Employees Is Shown VOL. CLV. No. 231 I2ZZ ' y I THE WOMAN'S PAGE fiir " ' Commences To-day - 1 Palace Theatre i Furs of sumptuous elegance which i will clothe milady thin winter and "I do no one par- neignten ner cnarms w iuiki iuuuuis Gazette , defiance to arctic Masts are oeing Short V131t ! exiuoiieu ml ween m uir i the week- Albert Fur Fashion Revue ,ut the end "In fact I am what you migui end. Ill lact. l . ..., nf th nroscntntinn evoked enthusiaa- entl floater.' I know the nesus u -- the 'first when n. of he busiest persons inter- ,. m vntnn fnmnany, Ltd., paieu in JJ" Is Lady Eaton. tioular thine.'' she told a representative during a she paid to Montreal over Co-founder and organizer of the flourishing social service movement ' in England known as "Copec," or the Christian Order in Politics, Eco- : nomics and Citizenship. Miss Lucy Gardner arrived in Montreal last night aboard the Anchor-Donaldson liner Athenia. and will make her ..' , "t ,m aoauainted I e applause from both feminine and , appearance next Wed with all their problems, and they feel -saay at the Emmanuel Church, when she will address a large meeting of social service and religious workers at 8 o'clock, the Rev. Dr. J. W. G. Ward, pastor ot the church, presiding. Miss Gardner has come over to this i continent at the invitation of the . - n.q showincr vesterdav afternoon that I am always there to oe : ,.,,,. . . , mnt was presented with all the detail of theatrical effect which mak2S such a revue doubly attractive. The graceful mannequins who wear these beautiful creations are r-er- upon whenever the need arises. Lady Eaton then went on to say-that in order to accomplish all the tasks that fell to her lot in . her j onerous though indefinable position -in the firm, it was necessary for her to plan her work carefully and then tn adhere religiously to her schedule . . , -The trouble with schedules, though.'' she continued, in a soft, unhurried voice, "is that they begin to run you instead of your running them, if you are not careful. And that is why I have just broken away and come on this trip." Lady Eaton smiled, a smile that began in her tiuiet blue eyes., "This is the first time I have ever motored all the way-lure. And I enjoyed the drive immensely. It was lovely!" IS FOXD OF SPORTS. aided by pages with trumpets, and a ..... , fn intomatlnnnl Not all Lady Eaton's time is devoted to work, however. She is an ticcomplished sportswoman, a fact that is borne out by her slim, erect figure and graceful carriage. When interviewed, she was wearing a dress of beige and silver material cut on sports lines and trimmed with one large painted green flower, a beige veloun hat banded with brown, beige stockings and brown strapped shoes. I am equally fond of riding, swimming, golf and tennis." Lady Eaton declared. "There is one drawback in beina interested in so many sports, however, and that is that they all require different clothes. When T travel and I move about a lot-it complicates matters by piling up the luggage' curtains slowly part, the first pair of mannequins appears at the head of the stairs and are followed by ethers wearing further versions of the new elegance which the mode in furs has taken unto itself this year. As the mannequins descend, they slowly unfold than- coats to reveal linings of exquisite beauty in keeping with the rich loveliness of the furs. All the latest creations designed by this house show that unmistakable beauty of line which gives elegance to the wearer, enhancing the rich colorings of the furs. Hudson seal with its glossy black sheen is shown combined with seftly pouched or graceful shawl collars and cuffs of some luxurious contrasting fur in rich browns and lighter tones. Blonde broadtail trimmed with fox in a matching shade is a novel effect of very smart and youthful appearance. Another magnificent coat is made entirely of grey squirrel, with softly pouched collar, and the pelts worked in delicate striped effects. Racoon in a number of different patternings makes another lovely group of coats, while a model of leopard, trimmed with fitch, cannot fail to be coveted by every feminine member of the audienoe.' Persian lamb proves to have firmly established Itself as a feature of the youthful mode in coats in several ! models trimmed with delicately When asked if she had any hobby marked brown furs. among the arts. Lady Eaton an- i One of the first models to appear swered that though she enjoyed other people's work, she herself had, unfortunately, not been gifted with the talent to perform. At this point.-; however, she was interrupted by a friend who was present at the time, "Oh! What about your music? Why Lady Eaton sings and plays charmingly!" Lady Eaton then confessed modestly that she found her greatest relaxation in music. "I practice an .hour every day," she said, "even uring the summer, when my family is at home." It would, of course, be impossible for Lady Eaton to know all the company's employees, but, through the heads of the departments, she keeps in touch with their progress find problems. She is especially interested In the girls and women who work in the stores. Last summer Lady Eaton entertained them at a garden party. SPORTS ADD GRACE TO WOMAN'S FIGURE Reverse Effect on Men Lamented by Paris Sartorial Experts is it gorgeous creation of Hudson seal lavishly trimmed with white fox, tails and all, on thes long shawl collar and on the cuffs. An equally striking model comes on the stage towards the end of the revue, made of ermine trimmed with white fox. fehawl collars vie with the pouched mushroom effects and sometimes the fur continues down the front and into a border. Each group of coats seems more lovely than the rest, and every one is entirely individual in style and treatment. All imaginable artistry has gone to achieve the beautiful effect of each model exhibited, making the winter mode unsurpassed in any former season by its elegance. The appearance of the various groups of beautiful models is .interspersed by dances and songs. Baby Esther takes a prominent part in the revue, with her singing and irrestible dance steps, while Al Edwards contributes a catchy song especially written for the occasion. Tiie Campbell Twins, with Germaine Daigneault and Marguerite Bray make up an entertaining foursome in their "bellhop" dance and their white costumed ballet. Friendship through the Churches, at the annual meeting of which, on November 10, 11 and 12. in Pittsburgh, she will be one of the principal speakers. During her three weeks' j stay in Canada she will deliver a, number of addresses on: "The Christian social movement in Eny- land;" "The Copec. movement, and i how it began;" "The Copec reports, how 'they were made and what they signify;" "Our Christianity, A Gesture or a Jest?" "Social Service in England, methods of training and co-operation;" "The Christian in a non-Christian society;" and. "Vocation." The Copec reports deal with: "The nature of God and His purpose for the world, and the social function of the Church: The home and sex relations: Leisure and education: Property and industry: Politics anil citizenship." It is not the wish of Miss Gardner to teach Canadians or Americans at this time, the main objective of her visit being to help her hearers to understand better their responsibilities in the world. It is one of her principles that, taking the case of poverty, the public should seek and i destroy the roots from" which such conditions arise and .not to attempt the amelioration of blights on the human fabric. In procedure Miss Gardner, in company with others holding her theories, approaches the public through the churches, being convinced that it is not enough for people to attend church and there offer praise and thanksgiving for all their bountiful blessings. Speaking of the Copec movement in England, Miss Gardner said that it had already created an enormous Impact on the churches. Under the chairmanship of the Lord Bishop ot Manchester, a conference was held by Copec at Birmingham in the spring of 1924, over 1,500 delegates attending. Miss Lucy Gardner leaves Mont real on Thursday for Winnipeg and is to visit relatives in Saskatchewan afterwards. She will be in Toronto about October IS, just before going to the United States. Special Cable to the New York Times and .Montreal Gazette. Paris, September 25. The coutur iers and tailors of Paris are greatly at odds over the influence of sports on styles. While the leading fashion establishments for women concur In expressing the belief that sports have greatly facilitated their work by permitting women to develop on more graceful lines the sartorial dictators of the men announce that it is almost impossible to dress an athletic man correctly. "When monsieur rushes around hitting little balls with sticks or with his toes, like the crazy English, he grows ugly bunches of muscle and nwings his arms, destroying the impeccable lines in which we cut his costumes," said one master tailor, wringing his hands in despair. "I far prefer to dress short fat men than the sporting type." To which a famous dressmaker countered: "In the past it was sometimes terrible, oh, so terrible, to make ma-dame's gowns hang properly because of little rollB of fat here and shallow spots there. So many used to waddle instead of walk. Now all is changed. Madame's form is approaching perfection since she walks, rides, drives, golfs and swims. Her poise improves, her movements become more natural, so we are able to do wonders with delicate stuffs her rebellious mould to drape." ARCHDUCHESS IS ILL The Cretonne Shop 374 BeaverHall Square Drapery and Upholstery Specialists LAnc. 4466 hmwm Ik'l SAFE MILK SAVES BABIES alia ' is? I CERTIFIED MILK I . Telephone MA in 7809 Duke of Orleans' Death Was Blow to Estranged Wife Vienna, September 25. The death of the Duke ot Orleans at Palermo, Sicily, last Murch proved such a blow to Archduchess Maria Dorothea that, despite the long estrangement of the couple, she fell 111 and is now lying in a serious condition ot her castle in Hungary. The archduchess Is poor. She is being- supported by her brother. Archduke Joseph, and her lawyer desires to fight the 'vill of the Duke ot Orleans in which she wbs cut off from any of his properly. They had never been divorced, he contends. FhlpmN'ts of milk from ujtmtry plants to New York City will now be made In COOO-gallnn tank car;;, nnd ultimately the city's whole mill; supply will be shipped Into New York in tanks Instead of In 40-quart cans, ns now. I V top of ink makts millions Hunk' Direct Advertising Th pMlaun will reach jour proipwt wher no Mleamui aa. H'hat'i jour probUm? MUti, circular!, booklet. ' tpanlal plana pr-parad to lit (paclal pro-' poKltlnni. Llnta aappllrfl. Fronrh Translations that FXI. to Fronrh-Cana-ttao. i Holmes -Thompson 339 Advertising LIK1TCO Montreal'! Leading Piano and Phonograph House 550-552 St. Catherine St. W. (Corner of Stanley) BRAMBACH The Piano for the Finest Home or the Small Apartment The Brambach Baby Grand is only 4 ft. 8 inches long. You can buy a larger piano, but none of finer quality. You can duplicate the tone of a Brambach Baby Grand, but not for its price. Come in and let us demon' ' strait this wonderful little grand. . 'The BRAMBACH BABY GRAND J885 Ntelmvay Duo-Art. .Minion A Klm'h and Hrambach I'lanov vicia avinu MONTRXAL 9589 1 I I Mi 1 H4 sM. Terms If Dcairrd HOME paramount thought in most people's minds these days with the approach of long nights to be spent, perforce, indoors. Time now to think of putting Home in order making it cheerful and comfortable making it just breathe hospitality. AT EATON'S you will find all your heart desires in the greatest assortment of furniture and furnishings we have yet assembled. Practically two entire floors are devoted to furnishing the home in beauty and comfort and we invite you to avail yourself of the comprehensive service which we offer. A Suite by Birch of London, England is Sketched Below. "Perfect Comfort" Would Seem the Aim of This Celebrated Firrri and, Indeed, You'll Agree They Have Fallen Little Short of it. . mil mmm imp - 1 ilk THE sort of a Chesterfield sinto which one does not dare relax unless one has lots of time to spare. COMFORT exemplified with hair and down filled frame, covered with brown leather and velvet. The three pieces are, of the type to be seen in the lounges of English manors. Cash Price $850,00, Deferred Payment Price $897.60, Deferred Payment Terms $170.00 cash and 10 equal monthly payments of $72.76. Other Birch suites, some smaller, and covered in Jasper repp in rose, blue,, mauve are priced $445.00 to $850.00. Separate chairs are $125.00 to $250.00. Covered in fabric and leather. There is a lot of pleasure in store for you if you haven't been in to ?ee the other new chesterfield, dining-room and bedroom suites so exquisitely proportioned so adapted to the modern apartment home. Makes by Snyder (Sani-Bilt) and Kroehler. FIFTH FLOOR Dress Up Your Windows For Fall and Winter ORINOKA FIBRE SILK DRAPERIES $6.50 to $9 JO a yard. All 50 Inches Wide.' JN the manner of French brocatelles, there are formal effects of acanthus leaf and flowerings for your drawing room if it has a Louis setting. And if you have promised yourself one of the new striped patterns (wider bands than formerly) for you the deft mauves on buff, blues on grey and so on! EDGE-ON CRETONNE. WEN the designer dipped his brush , he found it interesting to paint unique adaptations of prickly cactus, and fungi of southern countries and the oddity of patch-work pattern. There are more usual effects and flowerings and birds you will recognize. The name of this fabric is derived from the edge which you merely turn partly over and sew down 36 in. 9oc yd. 1 1 !i f'l ll V.I f :-WI so am MM? rf r. rl 1 F.V7riT,31JPK "Cash "or "Deferred" Payments i JF YOU BUY for Cash at EATON'S you are assured the lowest prices available consistent with merchandise of guaranteed quality. If, however, it is more convenient to use the Deferred Payment plan, 1 you pay the cash price, plus a reasonable extra charge made neces-; sary by the increased cost of doing business on this basis. On purchases that total $25.00 or more, Deferred Payment terms , are: One-fifth (20) down, and the remainder, plus a charge of seven per cent., is payable in ten equal monthly payments. Merchandise Featured Daring Home Famishing Week on Deferred Payments: Hardwood Bath Tubs. Basii.x and other Bathroom Fittings Carpets Cedar Chests Chesterfields Comforters Carpet (Sweepers Curtains China Cut Glass Draperies Draught (ie.reens Dish Washers Electric Washing Machines Electric Fixtures Electric Ranges Electric Grates Floor Lamps Fireplace Fittings Furniture Furnaces Heaters Flooring Kitchen Cabinets JAnoleums Mirrors (Wall) Oilcloths Portieres Phonographs Pictures Refrigerators Hods and Fittings Hugs 1 Radio Rets and Supplies Stoves i Ni'fc Shades dcwlnp Machines Table Lamps Table Linens Vacuum Cleaners Window Shades Washing Machines and Wringers COMPARE OUR VALUES ON EITHER BASIS! There nre but two of onr hplendid, very Ihtro -ftnrtment of curtaining. Baton', Kourth Floor THE SERIES OF FURNISHED ROOMS HAS BEEN RE-DECORATED to show yon the latest trends of furniture fashions. This is a panorama you should not miss next lime yott are on the Fifth Floor. " , "Frigidaire" Demonstration A Special Demonstration Commences Today in Conjunction with Home Furnishing Week. FURNITURE DEFT., FIFTH FLOOR J.EARN how you may install "Frigidaire" in your own ice box, and eliminate refrigeration worries and the occasional untidiness of the ice-man's visit. Tho new Frigidaire cabinets range in size from 5 cubic feet of storage space to 15 cubic feet. All are equipped with freezing ' trays in which you can freeze cubes of ice from drinking water. "Frigidaire" is fully automatic in operation and inexpensive in most cases costing less than was formerly paid for ice. The demonstrator will rxplHln all this and ninnj- other points of nuperiorHjr in 't rlttldnlre." Klcitrlc HefrtsrerHtion. So mine today or Nome time Oils week to EATON'S. FIITH KMOll Store Hours: 9 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. T. EATON CS OF MONTREAL LIMITED Telephone UPtown 7000 1 c

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