The Gazette from Montreal, Quebec, Canada on October 16, 1926 · 10
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The Gazette from Montreal, Quebec, Canada · 10

Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 16, 1926
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THE GAZETTE, MONTREAL. SATURDAY, OCTOBER 10, l'JL'G. VOL. CLV.-No.- 2JS 10 I a m . . ; . .VETO O1 SZHGtf AND SCREEN m.msm KING AND QUEEN AT BENEFIT MATINEE Will Attend Performance in ; Aid of Shakespeare Wlemor-f: ial Theatre Fund i: CYRIL MAUDE'S RETURN j Said to Be Coming Back to : London Stage in "The Re- ; : turn of Peter Grimm" ' i ii Few New Plays in Paris j London, October 15. A special matinee is being organized in aid of the Shakespeare Memorial Theatre Fund, to take place at the Drury Lane Theatre on November 9, at which the King and Queen have announced their intention of beins present. AmongMhose expected to take part are Sir John and Lady Martln- Harvev, Dame Madge Kendal, James ;,K. Hackett, Lyn Harding, Miss Fay t'oriijuon und tfodfrey Tearle. CYKIL. MAUDE K12TURMXG. London, October 15. Cyril Maude -contemplates returning to the London stage in "The Return, ot Peter Urimm." This would bring the play Jfirsf before London audiences. An- oiher play in which David Warfield vwm great snuccess in New York, -'."The Music Master,;' has never been produced in CJreat Britain, but Jtfaur- ,lce Moscovitcn 13 now piajniB n in Australia. ' GOSSIP TO HAVE THEATRE. London, October 15. Gossip -is to have a recognized centre in London. The New Theatre is being trans-ifurmed into an amusement centre similar to the Potiniere in Paris. Both -the stage and auditorium are being altered to make the place more in-. timate, and the "management an-Tiounees that the entertainment will be altered each week so as to include : the gossip of London. England, and . the whole world, in fact. DEARTH OF NEW PLAYS. ! Paris, October 15. The predominance of revivals and the absence of new plays marked the opening of the "Paris li)26 theatrical season. "No! No! Nanette" and the French adaptation of "Nothing But the Truth." offered at the Mogador and the Theatre de Pans, respectively, "(rave the new theatrical season somewhat of American flavor. 1 The only new play of any importance thus far has been Eugene :lirieux's "The Lavolette Family," which, like all recent efforts of the ; author of "Damaged Goods," met with a very cool reception from the 'critics. The only result achieved by Brieux was to bring Premier Pcin-care out of his theatrical retirement. For the first time since 1914 the former President was a "first-nighter." M. Poincae, especially in- vited by his fellow-members of the French Academy, took decided issue with the critics, and . warmly congratulated Brieux after the play. "It is a masterpiece," the Premier said. KIEL OPERA CLOSES. Berlin, October 12.- The municipal opera at Kiel, once the scene of ; many gala performances for admirals and nobility when the city was Germany's foremost naval base, will be closed because opera without' a big navy docs not pay. . The city council since the war has had to subsidize the undertaking to the ex- . tent of 15O,00U a season. The appropriation for next yeaV has now been cut to $90,000. The directors eay the receipts cannot possibly increase sufficiently to make up the difference, and they, will not reengage talent. : EXCHANGE OF GREETINGS. : . London, October 15. The custom or having Shakespeare greet Goethe once a. year, Goethe reciprocating in kind, has been resumed for the first time since the war." ;;w,"Che V6,4 Germans have sent a wieath of leaves picked from trees ' l!Lh?fgaftie,n f-the Goethe house in ; Frankfort, to Stratford-on-Avon on FORUM One Night Only WE D N E S D A Y Universal ArtUU Inc. (New York) and J. A. Gauvtn Present . The Greatest Operatic Event Of AlI Time, Most Scenery nd BALDWIN PUNO r 'M-"m IT.'" - -m f j ' 3 Exceptional Cast ' MICKSi Oroun.l Floor, l. S4. Box, Hf R. fln l Nrat. 4. S. i.50, M. and HI IMu Tx). MAII... ORDERS RBCE1VKD I MH MONDAY MGI1T by J. A. CitoTin ic Hit .Majesty'. Theatre Hide). Seat Sale Will Open Next Wednesday Morning; (October 20th) AT MXDSAVS VI,yo STOKIJ. THE 1'ORtM anil ARCH AMBACLT'8, Uut-of-Towit .Mull Oralira (wllli rcmlttuuce) can be cent to Mr. or direct to the forum. .' Management of Palace Arranges Special Feature For Annual "Pep" Week "Pep" is the . keynote of the Palace programme next ween, this being the theatre's second annual "Pep Week." Musical "pep" will be furnished by the Melody Kings, whose programmes have become a big feature of the Palace presenta-. tions. ,A1 Edwards ' will sing snappy songs, and Baby Esther, who is a diminutive human concentration of "pep, " will also sing. . ' Terpsichorean "pep" of man varieties will be offered by the five Pep-per girls: Sonia Baylin, the- Oriental and acrobatic dancer; the Palace Ballet, who are presenting "Classical Pep : Viola Miller, the Charleston Baby; Meagher and Sylvester, eccentric dancers, and Whosit? ' the occasion of Shakespeare's birthday anniversary, April 21. British have returned the compliment on August 28 vjith a wreath of leaves picked in the gardens of the Shakes-neare house. ' The practice was resumed by the trustees and guardians i of Shakespeare's house on Goethe's : birthday, and will be continued next April by the trustees of the Goethe house. ) AFTER 300 YEARJS. London, October'14. - After 300 I rears Shakespeare has at last ar-' rived in London's dockland. Sir Frank Benson, the 'eteran actor, who has toured the United States and Canada with a Shakespearean repertory, has introduced the Bard of Avon to an audience at the Canning Town branch of the Dockland Settlement. : A star company pre sented "The Merchant ot Venice, and many people who live not far from the site ot the old Elizabethan , Globe Theatre heard of Shakespeare lor rne iirsc xime iu men nw There are many movie houses in Canning Town, but no theatres. NEW LONSDALE PLAY'. 7vTAm Vftrb CiMnhar 1 5. Violet : ICemble Cooper will have the princi pal feminine role in t reaencn juuub-dale's "On Approval," which Billie Burke was scheduled to play. Wallace lEddinger is to be featured, and the two remaining members of the cast are Kathleen MacDonnell and Hugh Wakefield. The New York premiere is slated for October 18 at the Gaiety Theatre. MRS. FISKE IN "GHOSTS." New Y'ork, October 15. Mrs. Fiske's tour in Ibsen's "Ghosts" has been booked solid until next April. Charles D. Coburn and Patterson McNutt, under whose management she will appear this season, will' then bring her production back to New York for an engagement in a Broadway theatre. JANE COWL'S NEW ROLE. fJew York, October 15. Jane Cowl, who has been appearing in London in Noel Coward's "Easy Virtue," will shortly return to New Y'ork to play in Sidney Howard's adaptation ot "La Riposte." The piece will be presented by Charles Frohman, Inc., following the premiere next month of Ethel Barrymore In "The Constant Wife," New Chlorine Kills Two Danbury, Conn., Oct. 15. The escape of ethide, a new form of methyl chlorine, through a loose cap screw in an electrical refrigeration plant In an apartment house here, caused tho death of two persons and the serious Illness of a third. Western Stampede and Rodeo DELOItlMIER PARK Rain or Shine 4 MORE PAYS A MOHE NIGHTS Ht To OCT. 17th Thousands have seen this chow. Don't Miss 'It! Montreal Driving Club, Ltd. OCT. 27 World's Famous Singer FEODOR. 1ALIAPIN Company Hossim's Operatic Maslcrpiece Th itttt ' r CVm nrt r inltali an Jympfany Qrcfestn orttr x t Costumes by Korovm VICTOR BZCOBOh IMPRESSIONISM IN OPERETTA SCENERY Designer Today Strives for Romantic and Avoids Sense of Reality ONE COLOR DOMINATES Simplicity Is Keynote Costumes Play Important Part j in Present. Day Staging ! i of Musical Comedies I New York, Oct. 15. Scenery for musical productions Js undergoing a distinct evolution, according to Wat- son Barratt, who designed the set- ' tings for "Countess JIarltza," the Viennese operetta at tho Shubert Theatre. Mr. Barratt points out that the settings of our newest operettas an entirely different from even the operettas of five years ago. He is regarded as one of the leading authorities on stage scenery in this country- "The operetta as we used to know it had settings which attempted to be photographic rather than Impressionistic," Mr. Barratt said. "There was the inevitable ballroom scene. The ballroom usually was puinted on canvas and was replete with imitation basis, magnificent marble and heavy tapestries. "Nowadays we try to get away from tho sense of reality in design ing scenery for an operetta, because everyone knows that operettas are unreal. No groups of people suddenly burst into song in a garden tr before a castle without some provocation. . i . STRIVE FOR ROMANTIC. j . "We strive to get romantic rather j thah realistic effects. Since it is lr- ! possible to Y-eproduce accurately a j ballroom, we do not attempt to do so, but try, Instead, to give the impres- i sion of one." Mr. Barratt cied the ballroom' scene in "Countess Marltza." in which the desired impression la ob- j tained by several simple columns joined together with a drapery ef- I feet. He points out that the key- j note of this scene is simplicity, ra- ! ther than the excessively ornate dec- j orations of the operettas of yester year. j "Todiy we consider tho costumes Mill B.F KEITH-AL8EE VAUDEVILLE .WEEK COMMENCING JtlNOAY OCTOBER. I7t!l Jfc? Florence GAJX& Co. Wh Billy Blake-Ester Rossum ncitu iasmkvi f uiuuuj i iw l ..... ana hiui Gorman cthu claytok cio( MrTmTDtn fbtA - mirth S-melody THDFF MFTS HOPEVERAJOAJ "VEJy International Musical Comedy Prima Donna DON'T FORGET FRIDAY PRICES MATINEE 30 EVENINGS 30 45 5AT.&SUN. NO SEATS Windsor Hall FLONZALEY QUARTET Seats now on sale at Willis & Co. Prices: 2.75, $3.20, $1.65, $1.10 (Tax included). Management: Harold Eustace Key. ' I np TUESDAY, OCT. Mrnetl 8fat Ticket. N on niorea, um, L.e c io. unuiv i rrlcea: (1.00, V1.&0, 2.00, J.50, $3.00, 1. J. Gagnier Takes Charge As Musical Director at the Capital Tomorrow Tomorrow, J. J. Gagnier, well known in Montreal as conductor of the one time Montreal Symphony Orchestra, will assume the position of musical director of the Capitol Theatre, where he will inaugurate a symphony orchestra. Mr. Gagnier is one of a family of musicians; he was taught first by his father, a resident of Montreal, and at the age of fourteen was a member ot the band at Sohmer Park. During the last three years of the park he was conductor. In 1912 he was appointed bandmaster of the famous regimental band of the- Canadian Grena,dier Guards. He was later conductor of the Montreal Symphony Orchestra, which gave concerts at His Majesty's Theatre and at the Windsor JfQtel, For his initial offering at the Capitol, Mr. Gagnier will give the finale from the 4th Symphony of Tschaikow-sky and the Irish Reel, "Molly on the Shore," of Percy Grainger. The third annual Juvenile week will also be a feature of next week's programme. as much, if not more, than the actual scenery," Mr. Barratt continued. "We look upon the scenery as a frame for the picture on the stage. In the old days no regard was given to the costumes, so that they often clashed glaringly with the scenery. "Formerly one property man tended to the costumes, another to the drapery and someone else to the uphostery. As a result there was often a. h'-teroseneous assortment of colors, with no unity -of effect. All the slaga properties are now in the hands of one man, who can thus prepare m unified color scheme. "Every detail counts. For example, At the Grill The Windsor Court Apartment Hotel 68 Drummond St. Special Sunday Dinner $1.00 per person Beer and Wines Served Sunday Dinner Concert ... . r TNUDy i XRAmer - - - unm t JOLLV rlELCLT tn c SongSkit 'Fresh from College OftE KRAMER & JACK BOyLE V oppy -go-lucky pair- IS OUR CABARET MIGHT CHILDREN 15 f 600rch. (remed)8& BoxM(re$)$2? RESERVED 45 60 BOXES 75 Friday, Oct. 22nd, at 8.30 WILL SING AT THE FORUM 19th, 8.30 P.F.I. Sale at the Forum, Iljman'a Clear ana iircmmimuii jnaaie 0iores. 3.5). Tax Ineladed. f?AtUd in 'Countess Mnritza' I was very-careful to select apple blossoms fof Yvonne d'Arle to carry ir the second act: Another sort would have suited neither her gown nor the settings.' ONE COLOR DOMINATES. "One color usually predpminates the scenery of a present-day operetta, at least Jn this country. In England they still cling to the rococo attempts at realism. We strive to base an entire scene on a single coloi -r-a bright color, if the mood is to be gay; a sombre color If it is to bo tra- "I have often noticed how the music of an operetta may reflect itsel' .upon the settings. The scores oi most operettas are fanciful in nature, and. accordingly, the scenery must follow this theme. In 'Countess Marltza,' I have tried to make the settings keen in harmony Willi tuo melodious score of Emmerich Kalman. "Another respect in which a do-signer of operetta scenery finds him self departing from former methods Is the speed at which he must, work. MUTUAL BUR.L.GSQUS . TWICi DAILY IS-B.IS P.M. AatoaHuik: jnd Dancing FRED FAIL BINDER with meHtnwrt Feet nd Hk GLADYS CLARK, The Homjn ftinjmo bong Story itd Dince OTHU VOLKHoVM ttYOWTEi 11 Daring-Danting-DartingsK, UnfieRipidJtiMonng' ly,? Show on the Cucuut IOailvIi. IS , ; .il 3ItG ILL UNIVERSITY Conservatorium of Music 323 Sherbrookc Street West. Classes In Theory. Harmony, History of Music, Sight Singing, etc., start this week afcd are 'open to students in .music taking practical subjects either at tho Conservatorium or from outside teachers. For Kees, etc. apply to the Secretary. Phone No. UP. 3297. "e m ... y j 4 . Hrrv , -m iihimiibi i i mi i iii mi mwm r r" ' i ii ii i?sl'i"w" "."f He i often called upon to execute a set in ten days which formerly would hav taken months. "He also must be very careful to see that our modern lighting does not change the effect of the colors. In selecting every piece of stage .dress, especially drapery and upholstery, we must consider how it will look under the glare of tho footlights." KELLERT TRIO CONCERT Three Former Montrealeis Will Play Here Nov, 23 Three Montreal musicians, Michaei, Raphael. and Gabriel Kellert, will be 1'iphnI here at a concert in Windsor I Hall, under the auspices of the Mc-' Entire Week of Oct. 18th. Mats. Wed. and Sat. Iho WORLD FAMOUf 1 Ik& fin Seethe Greatest Illusion Ever Invented lortvpQ Coll 'The East Mditn ' Aaaella Trick. Ihe Miraelorof 1 4 1 yjnd Numerous Other J2a.ffUntf Jtysferjes PRICES J NIOIITS VIA.H TAX WF.D. AND SAT. Me qreafi pleasure k pmedinqone oftfie qreat actoy, Gill University Conservatorium of Music on Tuesday evening, November 23. In 1903 these three local musical prodigies whn, at tho time, were eight, ten and twelve years, gave their farewell concert in Windsor Hall under the distinguished patronage of Lord and Lady Minto. They then received, on the recommendation of Walter Damrosch , and Eugene Ysaye, a considerable sum from New York subscriptions to continue their musical . etudies in Europe. - When they arrived in Europe, the Kellert brothers were taught "by Ysaye, Busoni and Casals, all of whom refused to accept and remuneration for their tuition. Later followed lessons in ensemble by Saint-Saens, -concluding with their r n h m i it a ii a n B a a E 9 MASTER . MyXTIFIER 'MATS. Sir to S1.30 ! 23c to 91.00 jl' B . IB debut in Paris as oIoist accompanied by the symphony orchestra, under the baton tf the illustrious Colonne. During 4thelr absence in Europe the trio attained an enviable reputation. Died on Entering Hospital Tofonto, October 15. JValking intr. the General Hospital this mornints. James Mlddleton, 3b, died shortly afterwards. An autopsy will be conducted. fiis Majesty's Theatre NOW PLAYING Frcn-h Company from "Porte, St. Martin Theatre or Paries with PIKKRK MAGNIEIt, Mmc. DEUMOZ and Mile. GIKOl'X. 1'otlay (Mat. Ev.y T-axt IVrform-anrt-s of 'SI JE VOILAI.S" NEXT WEEK San., 3Ion.. Tne. ft (Hd. Mat. ft RANCILLON" Comedy in 3 Art: by A. Ilumal I'll Thiirn., Trl. Sat. (Sat. Mat.) "ROBERT et MARINE" Compdy by i'nnl Geraldy. Coming: CYRANO DE BERGERAC ORPHEUM Starting Sunday, Oct. 17 Flaming Frontier tvlth Hoot Gibson. Anne Cornwall, DuHln Farnum. The BijcKest Piftare Ever Made. Three Yeara in the Making at the Coat of Thonjandu of Dollar.. PE2CE VIGER HOTEL EVERY SATUlA NIGHT . SPECIAL ORCHESTRA $ l.SO BESERVATIONS-MAIN 5720' Dancing Masters ASSOCIATION of Montreal DANCING TONIGHT AT 9 Btanlpy Hall. 9? Stanley Street. - Adults' Class at S p.m. m IV ATE I.KSSONS Wally Anv Honr BALLET DANCING CLASS Tliuri... H.l.'S t 4.46 Sat.. ID 11 a.m. Direction : Mls Nornu Darling. Tel. I I'. S1C8. Lirculara Mailed. 6 u

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