The Gazette from Montreal, Quebec, Canada on January 16, 1967 · 31
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The Gazette from Montreal, Quebec, Canada · 31

Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Issue Date:
Monday, January 16, 1967
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TELEVISION & RADIO THK GAZETTE, MONDAY, JANUARY 16, 1967 31 I AAusici Rare perfection in chamber music was heard without intermission for two hours yesterday afternoon performed by I Musici, a sensational group of virtuosi. They were, presented by the Pro Musica' Society in Plateau Hall which was packed for the event. One does not usually find artists of the same quality combined in one aggregation but this group of a dozen Italian musicians, without a conductor, cannot be surpassed each is a virtuoso. Since the 'no encore" rule is standard procedure with Pro Musica, the I Musici was accorded thunderous applause with loud cheers added. Antonio Vivaldi has become a popular favorite and two of his many works began the program. The Concerto in A minor op. 3, No. 8 for two violins featured Felix Ayo and Anna Maria Cotogni whose distinguished performance left nothing to be desired. Each movement Allegro, Andante, Allegro was brought to light with shimmering beauty. Luciano Vicari and Italo TODAY 10 a.m. 2,7) School 'Cast 3) Candid Camera xS) Reach For Top i) Canadian Schools I) TV Bingo 8M) Dr. Brothers 10) Minute d'Argent 12) Ed. Allen 10.30 a.m. 2,7) Souris Verte 3) B. Hillbillies x5) Concentration a) Friendly Giant x8) Mr. & Mrs. Game EM) Dark Shadows 10) Madame 12) Magistrate's Court 10.4S a.m. 2,7) Poly 1) Chez Helene 11.00 a.m. 2) Leclerc 3) Andy Griffith x5) Pat Boone ) Butternut Square 7) Ton-Ton Eon-Bon I) The Women IM) Supermarket 12) Fractured Phrases 11.05 a.m. 10) Super Bingo 11.15 a.m. 10) Bonheur 11.25 a.m. 1) Emergency Ward 10 1U0 a.m. 2) Movie 3) Dick Van Dyke 5) Hollywood Squares 7) Detective t) Women x8M) Dating Game 10) Cartoons xli) Magic Tom 11.45 a.m. xlO) Grand Manitou 12 Noon 3) Love of Life x5) Jeopardy i) Movie 7) A La Catalogue IM) Donna Read 12) Cliff Hanger Theatre 12.05 p.m. I) Mickey Mouse 12.15 p.m. 10) Cine Roman 12.30 p.m. 3,) Search for Tomorrow x5) Eye Guess 5) Fractured Phrases IM) Father Knows Best 10) Movie 12) Mike Douglas 12.45 p.m. 3,i) Guiding Light 1.01 p.m. 3) Across The Fence 6) Calendar 7) Coq au7 1) Movie IM) Ben Casey 1.15 p.m. 2) Cine-Roman 3) Charlie Lew is 1.30 p.m. 2) Movie 3.) World Turns x5) Let's Make A Deal 1.50 p.m. 10) Femmes 2.00 p.m. x3,x6) Password xS) Days of Our Lives 7) Femmes 8M) Newly wed Game 10) Eternal Amour xl2) Mr. & Mrs. Game 2.30 p.m. x3) House Party x5) Doctors 6) Coronation Street 1,12) People In Conflict 8M) Drem Girl 10) Movie 3.00 p.m. 2,7) Aujourd'hui 3) Tell the Truth x5) Another World 1) Take 30 8.12) Words & Music 8M) General Hospital 3.30 p.m. 3,4) Edge of Night x5 You Don't Say 1,12) It's Your Move 8M) Nurses 4.00 p.m. x2,x7) Bobino 3) Secret Storm 5) Laurel 4: Hardy 4) Communicate 8) Magistrate's Court 8M) Movie x12) Jellybean 4.15 p.m. 10) Cartoons 4.30 p.m. 2,7) Boite a Surprise 3,12) Movie 5) Mike Doudas 6) King's Outlaw 8) Funny Company 10) Caot. Bor.hontr.e 5.00 p.m. x7,x7) Agent 6) Movie 8) Lucy 5.15 p.m. 8M) Report 5.30 p.m. 2) Croquignoles 6) Music Hop 7) Mon Dentiste x8) Taunderbirds x3M) News xlO) Escadrille Sous-Marine 5.45 p.m. 7) Coulisses 5.50 p.m. 12) Leadership 4.00 p.m. J) Jeunesse 3,5,8,10) Sports, News x6) Run, Buddy Run 7) Roger Miron 8M) Movie 12) Pierre Berton 4.25 p.m. 2) Sports 4.30 p.m. 2,x3,x5,4.7,xl2) News 8) Gilligan's Island 4.40 p.m. 10) Sports 4.45 p.m. 2) Aujourd'hui 4.50 p.m. 10) News 7.00 p.m. 3) Shannon 5,8) Rat Patrol 4) Seven On Six 7) Jeunesss The Finest Continental Cuisine featuring Hungarian Specialties Plus The most authentic Original gypjy orthcitro direct trom Hungary 2022 STANLEY ST. 844-4344 Displays Virtuosity By" FRANCES COLTMAN Colandrea were violia soloists, Enzo AHobelli and Mario Centurione, cellists and Mar-cello Pani, pianist, highlighted the next Concerto in D major. As soon as I saw the grand piano on stage, I wondered w hy it was substituted in place of the harpsichord for which both these concerti were written. However, I hope they will use the correct Instrument on their next visit. Quite unusual was the Lo-eatelli Concerto in F major op. 7, no. 12 and four violins. This was a performance sparked with life a? played by Felix Ayo, Anna Maria Cotogni, Luciano Vicari and Walter Galozzl. With Ayo leading, each violin repeated in fugal style the same theme, entering with such exactitude and wonderful tone that the listener could only marvel at such equality. The fast first movement was followed by a melodious Largo that stressed feeling. Ending with a flashy technical Al- CJOH-TV CFCF.TV CFTM-TV CBFT WCAX WPTZ CBMT CHLT (S) (12) (Ifl) (2) (3) ($) (i) (7) Ottawa Montreal Montreal Montreal Burlington Pittsburgh Montreal Sherbrooko Poland Sprf , WMTW (8M) 8) Candid Camera 3M) New s x)2) Batman 7.25 p.m. 4) Sports 7.30 p.m. x2) Adele x3) Gilligan's Island xS) Monkees comedy 4) Don Messer x8,x!2) Lucy x8M) Iron Horse 10) Homme a la Rolls 8.00 p.m. x2,x7) Belles Histoires x3) Mr. Terrific x5) Jeannie x4) The Saint x8,x!2) Bewitched 1.30 p.m. x2,x7) Mission Impossible x3) Lucy Show xS) Captain Nice x8.12) Andy Griffith x8M) Rat Patrol 10) Sorciere 9.00 p.m. x3,) Andy Griffith xS) Road West x4) Show Of Week x8,x!2) Country Music x8M) Felony Squad xlO) Boa Aimiversaire .30 p.m. 2,7) Tous Pour Un 3) Family Affair x8,xl2) Big Valley x8M) Peyton Place 10) Gags a Go Go 10.00 p.m. x2,x7) Bonheur x3) CBS Special: Rcpuhl. Parry x5) Rut For Your Life x4) Front Page x8M) Big Valley 10) Manrhette5 10.30 p.m. 2,7) Camera '67 x3) Special: China Change What Next: 4) New Generation 8,12) This Land Is People xlO) Venez done Chez Moi 10.45 p.m. 10) News 11.00 p.m. 2,3,5,4.7,8M,x8,10,12) News 11.10 p.m. 10) Movie 11.20 p.m. 4) Viewpoint 11.25 p.m. 4) Local News 11.30 p.m. 3,8M Movie x5) Tonight 11.35 p.m. 2) Les Incorruptibles 7) Movie 11.40 p.m. 12) Leadership 11.45 p.m. 4) Movie 11.50 p.m. 8) Untouchables x!2) Gunsmoke 12.50 a.m. I) Something To Think About Novcllo, Miss Raili To Star ROME Veteran character actor Jany Novcllo, whose last screen role was as Gtovanna Ralli'i father in What Did You Do In The War, Daddy? has been reunited with Miss Ralli. The mustachioed Novello has been signed to an Important featured role in The Caper of the Golden Bulls, in 'Mrh the luscious Italian beauty co-stars with Stephen BovtJ and Yvette Mimieux. Novcllo, Boyd and "' ss Ralll are now in Psmpl" Spain participating in the famed Festival of San Fermin, a key sequence lu (he production. legro, the quartet of soluists took bows for their joint virtuosity. A Symphonie-Concertante in D major by Karl Stamitz an 18th century violinist who left many valuable studies for violin pupils, is a doubtful concerto for violin and viola. As performed by Felix Ayo and Cina Ghedin, the three sections were interpreted with masterly skill, the Romanza being particularly enchanting with superb phrasing. The only modern work came last. Etudes for String Orchestra by the Swiss composer, Franck Martin (1890-1959). The four Etudes are completely different in structure different in moods different in style. No. 1 was bold, a frigid mood but attractive in its thematic design. No. 2 was positively sensational, a plucked pizzicato that began with muted strings gradually worked up to a sensual frenzy. It was syncopated excitement that mounted to a fortissimo. No. 3 had sustained notes which showed expression and pathos and lastly, No. 4 was a complete contrast The cellos and violas had a light placid Cantilena, there was plucked accompaniment from the rest of the group which gradually joined in this fascinating finale. It was a marvellous concert, from start to finish. Anne Bancroft In Comedy NEW YORK Academy Award-winning actress Anne Bancroft will play the starring role in The Graduate. A comedy-drama about a restless youth 's rebellion against a solid gold future and a series of events that disrupt the course of his life. The Graduate from a screenplay by Buck Henry based on the best-selling novel by Charles Webb. Miss Bancroft will appear in the rote of Mrs. Robinson, a youthful matron who undertakes to complete the young man's post-graduate education. Oscar winner as Best Actress in 1962 for her role in The Miracle Worker, Miss Bancroft has also garnered the prized Antoinette Perry Awards for her work in Two For the Seesaw in 1958 and the stage production of The Miracle Worker in I960. She won additional recognition in 1964 with an Academy Award nomination for her performance in The Pumpkin Eater and was honored by the British Film Academy's Award as Best Foreign Actress of 1965. Today's 12.30 (10) Movie: Le Destin S'Amuse (French comedy). Andre Claveau. Dany Robin. 1.30 (2) Movit: Conduite a Gauche. (French drama). Dany Robin, Marcel Aumont. 2.00 (4) Pattword: Guests are Marty Allen, Steve Rossi. 3.00 (4) Tike 30: Interview with Dora Mavor Moore, actress-producer-director and teacher. 4.00 (8M) Movit: Roughly Speaking (1945 drama). Film traces career of a high-spirited American girl from the age of 12. Rosalind Russell, Jack Carson. 4.30 (3) Movie: Drive A Crooked Road (1954 drama). Mickey Rooney, Kevin McCarthy. 4.30 (12) Movia: Th Devil Disciple (1958 drama): Dick Dudgeion returns to New England town where his father has been executed by the British. Burt Lancaster, Kirk Douglas. 5.00 (4) Movia: Hellcats of the Nary (1957 drama, star ring Ronald Reagan, Nancy Davis, Arthur Franz (first of four parts). 4.00 (12) Pitrra Barton interviews Don Messer who talks about his early days in show business. 7.00 (x12) Batman: Gotham's water supply is turned into gelatin but the mess can be remedied for $10,000,000. 7.30 (x!2) Lucllla Ball: Lucy takes a job as baby-sitter for tbre chimpanzees. 7.30 (8M) Iron Horse: Ben undertakes hazardous journey with a wagon-load of nitroglycerine in Volcano Wagon. 8.00 (x3) Mr. Teriffic: The super-hero is trapped tonight without his power pills. .00 (x4) Show Of The Week: David Frost Out In Loudon satirst Frost tou AdVerC'semonf BLADDER! IRRITATION MAY DISTURB SLEEP All' al aeice mi n. 1.117 omwi an mra re ir.n.lo miprraiv.e br common uriniu t Irritation r.ii.-.i br ti-rm, jswlwlchie Coll. To qulrklr tonilmt Ihe l.rronilr t-hrfl. muscular pain nd ii;turbd slffp niMd by Kuinr rn1 Hlald-r try iUn 2 I'Ule t'xnu.x. iami wiui iIhwi of wntnr 3 Um'it dailr lor ft trtt Cay. CY TS. It eiKonlnil urlnr imu--ptia, n nalai-lc pun ri.rer Iir luwnmiwwm. fcclMUr puiM. 'Hw-tin. CViK4 iron drukdt, irwi evMor U television Interne! Eyes One In Every Hundred, an Intertel report on the care (and lack of it) given the men tally retarded, specifically in parts of Canada and England, occupied the larger part of CBCTV's Sunday program last night. It both condemned society's general indifference to its backward over the centuries and offered hope of what can be done when a community finds the will to act. It was an intimate, tempered report on the care and patience required to give the retarded an existence as close as possible to an ordinary life and the extraordinary degree of success achieved in many cases was both striking and touching. But even where patience and will are present, differences of approach occur. Should the money available be given all to research to find ways to prevent retardation in the future? Or should tho money be more humanly employed now for the care of today's retarded. There should be money for both, said a physician and well that there should be. But money has been hard to come by for even the inadequate services provided now. The Intertel report did much to shock people into the realize tion that more must be done not only as a human gesture but as an economic one for many of the retarded can be trained to help themselves and to do productive work. Would you believe a commercial lasting eight minutes during the telecast of a movie? That's wha is in store when the American Broadcasting Company televises The Robe, with Richard Burton, Jean Simmons and Victure Mature Easter Sunday, March 26. But it will be the only commercial during the two-and-a-half hour film. There will be no time-cuts for station break commercials. ABC had dished out S3 million for the right to show the picture three times. The second time will be on Easter Sunday in 1908. An automobile company is sponsoring the first two showings at SKjO.O'K) each which means the network won't get its Investment Btv V, where Laurence Olh ier, Albert Finney. Peter Sellers, and singer Libhy Morris are seen entertaining. 9.30 (x!2) Big Valley: Richard Drejfu.-s plays Lud Akcly, a teenager carrying a man's load, in tonight's story, Boy Into Man. 10.30 (4) New Generation: Author Gore Vidal is interviewed by Patrick McFadden. 11.30 (x5) Tonight: Comedian Bob Newhart is guest r.. S4 MONKEY BUSINESS: Tonight Lucy takes a )ob as a boby-sitter and it surprised to find her charges ore Marquis Chimps see them tonight ot 7.30 p.m. on CFTV Chonnel 12, ond 8.30 on WCAX-TV, Channel 3. NOTRE DAME ST. NEAR UNIVERSITY UN. 6-1021 a.T ROOMS WITH RADIO & T.V. SjJ.OO Qnj Up poub9 Occupancy DANCING TILL 3 A.M. NIGHTLY at tho CLUB 750 SEE OUR BURLESQUE GO-GO GIRLS DAILY FROM 2 P.M. FREE PARKING and ffadio By Bernard DuL Needs Of Mentally Retarded back and more until Die third showing later. There's evidence of new thinking by big TV sponsors on how best to use commercial time both to put across their sales pitch more effectively and at the same time avoid marring the full impact of their entertainment presentation. In the case of The Robe, the commercial, a short movie in itself, is being made especially for the show. Quick now. Who wrote O Canada? It was Calixa Lavallee and he composed other things too, including a romantic comic opera called The Widow which will be broadcast on CBC radio in a new orchestration by Ovid Avarmaa and Michel Perreault tomorrow night at 9. Eric Wild conducts and soloists include Joan Maxwell, Wilmer Neufeld and Peter Koslowsky. John Robfrts, CBC radio network supervisor for the "serious .music department," is very excited about it, calling it "a smashing performance which will make people sit up and take notice." Expo's stimulation of new construction and business ventures in Montreal is the subject of Boom, a 13-minute color film made by the CBC's International Service for showing in nine languages in 65 countries around the world. It will be premiered on Seven On Six Friday. Peter Desbarats, Seven On Six co-host, wrote it and Alain Grothe directed. Lome Greene flew to Montreal between Bonanzas to narrate it. Dick Irvin atC'h. 12 is claiming a new sort of record for the s t a t i o n 's sports department the most (253) local sports stories covered on film in 1V5 by an Engliih-languaie TV station in Canada. They were shown on Pulse. He promises more in 1967. Dora Mavor Moore who fouyht in the cause of professional theatre in Canada for 30 years tells all about it this afternoon ou Take Thirty . . . Previews host for vacationing Johnny Carson. Comedian Norm Crosbv is among guests. 11.30 (x3) Movie: Flame Of The Islands drama i. A socialite encounters an old flame in the Bahamas. Yvonne de Carlo. Howard Duff. 11.50 (x!2) Cuntmoke: Matt Dillon is pursued by a gunman who is distracted by pretty saloon girl. Zalman King plays Muley. Author Gore Vidal gets a chance to talk about his life too tonight on The New Generation . , . Don Messer, who has stayed practically mum on his C"C show over the years talks warmly about himself and his early days in showbusiness for Pierre Berton today. Tomorrow Berton chats with Trent Frayne and June Calittood. who are Mr. and Mrs. and writers both . . . Allan Saunters has booked a three-part discussion between Dr. Benjamin Spock and local pediatrician Victor GoUlbloom on his CFOX medicine and health program starting today at 10.45 a.m. . . . Ozzie and Harriet Nelson who were bandleader and singer on Red Skelton's first radio show in 1941 rejoin the funny man on his next show . . . The Return Journey by Dylan Thomas who put a shine on words, is Peter Symcox's production on Shoestring Theatre late Tuesday . . . Don Knotts fans please note: he's back tonight and next Monday on the Andy Griffith Show." Teresa Stratas To Sing On Festival Teresa Stratas in 1958 won the applause of Toronto opera-goers and critics who saw her operatic debut, as Mimi, in a Canadian Opera Company production of La Boheme at the Royal Alexandra Theatre. She w as 20. CBC-TV"s Festival presents Teresa Stratas 1967 t television hour with today's Stratas of the Metropolitan on Wednesday, Jan. 25, at 8:30 p.m. EST. In a rare Canadian television appearance, Miss Stratas sings excerpts from several of her best-known roles: Cheru-bino in Mozart's The Marriage of Figaro; Tatjana in Tchaikowsky's Eugene Onqin (an opera in which she appeared in Moscow, Leningrad and other Russian cities); and Violetta in Verdi's La Travita. She also sinss a group of songs from Offenbach's La Perichole. 3.03 p.m. (CBM-FM) Afttr-noon Cnert: Overture to a Fairy Tale, MoraweU, Sonata No. 1 in C Sharp Minor, Bartok: Trout Quintet, Schu-bor; Concerto for Flute, Harp and Orchestra in C. Major, K. 299, Mozart. 7.30 p.m. (CKVL-FM) Optra Highlights. Verdi: U Trova-tore (without words 1. Domen-ico Savino cond. the Rome Sym. Orch. .00 (CKVL-FM) Ballet. Del-i b e s : Coppelia (highlights) Ernest Ansermet Cond. the orch. de la Suisse Romande. 8,03 p.m. (CBM-AM) Inttr. national Thtatrt: Tonight's play (90 minutes long) is from France A holiday lor Brutus. 8.03 p.m. (CBM-FM) Th Conctrto: Piano Concerto in D. Major, Op. 21, Haydn; Piano Coucerto No. 1 in B Flat Minor, Tchaikovsky (Emil Giicls). 839 p.m. (CKVL-FM) Gin Buchaur plays Stravinsky: Three Scenes fr. Petrouchka; List: Hungarian Rhapsody No. 12 in C sharp minor. 10.30 p.m. (CKVL-FM) 19M Prague Spring Festival. A. Rcjcha: Overture in C major, i ii ii -i - It's One of the Many Benefits OF THE DALE CARNEGIE COURSE 10 Ways This Course Will Benefit Men ond Women I Incrtan Pitt ant Confidtnct Think end iptek Yoyr Pttt J Spak tfftctltely 7 Controt Fhi mnt Wmr J J.II YogrMlf end Your IdMi fo.IOi Your Hiddon bilit.. 4 Dovtlop lotting nthusloim 10 larit That Btttor Job, More 5 Rtmtmbor Hom Income ATTEND A FREE PREVIEW No Chorg No Obligation V TONIGHT OR TUES., JAN. 16-17 8:00 P.M. Town & Country Motel, 6061 Cote de Liee Rd. WED. OR THURS., JAN. 18 - 19 8:00 P.M. Sheraton-Mount Royal Hotel Presented by Leadership & Soles Training Institute Tel.: VI. 5-5264 Sheraton-Mf. Royal Hotel, Suite M-tf 14SS Petl St., Montreal 3? f V TWO ON A BIKE: Quenrin Durgens M.P. (Gordon Pinsent) tokes time out for o jount with his secretary (Suzanne Levesque on Montreal's Expo lite on tonight's program ot 9.00 p.m., on CBMT Channel 6. In the staged excerpts from Eugene Ouegin and La Travi-. ata, she is joined by Canadian baritone Louis Quilico, star of the European operatic stages, and Canadian Opera Company contralto Patricia Rideout. In this Centennial Year, the Festival production brings Miss Stratas to a Canada-wide audience for the first time in several years. It also brings together the young Metropolitan Opera soprano and Walter Suskind, who conducted the performances in 1958 when Miss Stratas made her opera-tie debut in La Boheme. Susskind conducts the Festival orchestra for this hour special, Teresa Stratas 17. Settings for the program are designed by Nicola: Solo-viov, costumes by Suzanne Mess. The Metropolitan Opera's new and glamorous home in New York's Lincoln Centre AMFM HIGHLIGHTS airwaves Jiri Pauer; Symphony. A. Dvorak: Piano Concerto in G. minor op. 33. Vaclav Smeta-cek cond. Prague Sym. Orch. Sviatoslav Richter, piano. 11.03 p.m. (CBM-FM) Winnipeg Promt: Symphony No. 6 in B. Minor (Pathetiquel, by Tchaikovsky (Philharmonia Orchestra conducted by Wil-belm Furtwangler); Overture to Pirates of Penance, Sullivan (Sir Malcolm Sargent conducting the Pro Arts Orchestra.) SEEDS & BIRDS (f.frf 1930) Co. Hi. Even-thing for the Pet Set TROPICAL FISH CANARItS BUDGIES MYNAH BIRDS The f'tieif in pet tuppliet horn around the worrf Toys Accessories Boutiquo Foihions Gourmet Delicocies Over J 000 ttemi In ltofk 1392 it. Corherint W. 866-7396 J DO YOU NEED MORE SELF CONFIDENCE? E5SSSGR33RSE33331 vim ,', mm ' f - " - f, r - ''' 4 ' had barely opened its doors when Miss Stratas was called cn to sing two performances of Turandot, stepping into the breach caused by the illness of Mirclla Freni, the production's Liu. The second unexpected assignment took her back to New York from her sister's in Toronto, where she was visiting and resting up for the TV rehearsals. As a result, she had a day less rehearsal time for the Festival program. - A new role for Teresa Stratis this season will be Marguerite in Faust. "I"d never been interested in Marguerite until I saw Jean-Louis Barrault's production of Faust, last year at the Met. It's fantastic . . . and now I'm anxious to sing it," she told Ralph Ilicklin of the Globe and Mail during an interview. Teresa Stratas's operatic ambitions btgan when someone gave her a ticket to a Metropolitan Opera perform-, ance of La Boheme. with Renata Tebaldi in the role of Mimi. Stratas's progress has been swift and sure, from child singer in her father's cafe, to club and radio appearances (she sang on CBC Radios Songs uf My People), to outstanding music student, to opera diva. Teresa stratas 1907 affords the young opera star her first Canadian audience in Centennial Year. In July, she will participate in a music event at Expo 67 a concert performance of Verdi's (Hello, in which she sings Desdemona, opposite Jon Vicker's Otello and Louts Quilico's Iago, with Zubin Mehta conducting. Boyd's Express Ltd. requires Billing Typist Full time typist for production of waybills. Night work. Applicant piu.t be obie to tvpe 60 words per rninute. Good salary ond advancement, Write full particular to: Boyd's Express Ltd. 700 Montee Sn Liese, St. Laurent, Que. DALE CARNfGIE Author of "Hew to Win Frlondi ond Influence Poople" A do Available in fnnch B533S93BS . f-':. v

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