The Gazette from Montreal, Quebec, Canada on January 14, 1967 · 20
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The Gazette from Montreal, Quebec, Canada · 20

Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 14, 1967
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11 WMFladlo 20 THE GAZETTE, SATURDAY, JANUARY 14, 1957 Weekend fPTI Previews . 1 SATURDAY 12.00 (10) Movie. Le Massacre de Fort-Apache ( ID 18, Western). Henry Fonda, Pedro Armendrariz. 12.30 ( x 5 ) Smithsonian E x amination of work of amateur craftsmen and painters of the early 1880s. 1.00 (xS) Animl Secrets. Care of the Young examination of animal parenthood. 2.00 (S) College Basketball. La Salle plays Syracuse University at Syracuse, N.Y. 2.00 (6) Curling. Alberta meets British Columbia. Ken Watson reports. HAVE A NEW MUSICAL SATIRICAL REVUE IT OPENS MO H DAY JANUARY 19th IT'S GOING TO BE THE BEST ONE YET You rniemhr "The Dedin. and F'' of th Whoi World i Sfeo Through tht Eye o Cole Porter, Revisited." Well lhi revue hei 10 things in common tth the Co'e Porter Show. 1. It it every bit o entcrroining land funnier). 2. It ho a tongue-twister tor o name, which runj: "CHARLIE HAD ONE BUT DIDN'T LIKE IT SO HE GAVE IT TO US." We csn't tell you whet It means, but we can say that Charlie wai en Insensitive soul. If you saw one of these, you'd rush right out to buy It which Is exactly what we did when we heard about It. Producer of "Charlie Had One . . ." Is Jack Greenweid, Montreal's fo-emost revue master and perpetrator of such hilarious and b ttng shows as "Up Tempo" and many others. Ken Hewitt, Musical Difectoi. Starrinq Miss Joan Stuart, than whom there is none mote charming or emuvnq, and Mr. Ba'rie Baldsro, s'ar ol Toronto stage and television, who is returning to the ti'y where he not his start. William Lvnn, veteran English stage 4 TV performer. Director Is Mr. Ted Zeigier. probably better-known to vour children as Johnny Jellybean, but known also in Chlcaqo, New York end other points south as I marvellously gied comic. So come on down. Charlie will love you lor It. DOWNSTAIRS AT THE 8105 DECARIE BOULEVARD open nightly at. 8 CO 2.30 (12). Movie. The Night Has A Thousand Eyes (1918, melodrama). K d w a r d G. Robinson, (J ail Russell. 3.00 (x6) World Of Golf. Johnny Pott and Antuuia Cerda tee off at the Club de Goll' in Mexico City. 3.00 (10) Movie. Mains Criminelles (Mexican drama). Arturo de Cordova, Carmen Montejo. 4.00 (6) Roller Derby. New York Chiefs vs. San Francisco Bombers. 4.00 ($) Pro Football Merger. Pro Football's Shotgun Marriage: Sonny, Money J Your host, f Pol Martin, General Manager. SHOW TIMES MONDAY TO THURSDAY 9.30 P.M. FRIDAY & SATURDAY 9 & 11 P.M. RESERVATIONS 866 - 3461 PARKING FACILITIES 980 ST. ANTOINE ST. nh'n reeti 735-1G01 p.m. and Merger au analysis of the AKL NKL merger. 4.30 (8M) Horse Recing. The Dade Metropolitan Handicap, for 3-year-olds. 4.30 (12) The World Of Sport, l. The Magicians at exhibition basketball game, iu Baltimore. 2. International Figure Skating Championshp at Lake Placed, N.Y. 5.00 ( 5) World Of Golf. The late Tony Lcma and British pro Peter Allis at Bermuda's Mid-Oceaa GoLf Club. 4.00 (6) Thil Land Of Our. Fishermen talk about herriuj fishinj in the Bay of Fundy. 7.00 (x12) Jackie Gleeton. Ralph and Norlou land in court alter a brawl over ownership of a color TV set. 8.00 xl2) Movie. The Longest Hundred Miles. World War II drama about hazardous bus journey undertaken by fusi-tives from the Japanese. Doug McClure, Ricardo Montalban, Katharine Ross, Ronald Remy. 8.30 (x2,4,6,7,9) Hockey. Boston Bruins meet the Cana-dieus at Montreal. 9.00 (5) Movie. Sabriiia (ll)o4 comedy). A man fails in love with his chauffeur's daughter. Humphrey Bosart. Audrey Hepburn, William Holdcn. 9.30 (x(8M) Hollywood Pelace, Bins Crosby is host to guests Senator Everett Dirk-sen, Jimmy Durante, Edie McGill Chamber Orchestra Conductor: Alexander Brott BACH 1 and his Sons Soloist IDA HAENDEl, Violinist PrOarnv J vtolin coorrtos, J S Bfh, S ntonM by Wiihejim F rifrdffmann Bfh, Kfl Prvlipp Emanuel and Joharm Christian Bach M0N. EVE., JAN 16th, 8:45 p.m. Ballroom - Ml. Royal Hotel Trcer $3.25 (tat incJ For Information & Reiervationi Tel.: 935-4955 r. J TONIGHT 6:00 p.m. I ' It -v W W presents EATON'S TALENT SPECIAL featuring Diane Dickinson The Like Young Dancers Dean Morgan and His Orchestra Songstress Sherline Hays The Thru' Penny Bit Vocalist Luc Dcsbicns The Shades of Blond Paula Hytoncn Songstress Melodic Stuart B1W fRi: f 1 1 uj w j I If j-Ji-in: 'J3c;-jituxj' ' jm if-t-ir .uain-iin- m Jeif i-ri'i u ii i - ; BROADCASTING DIVISION Adams, and Danny Sailor. 10.00 x(12) Run For Your Life. The List of Alice Mc-Kenna involves Paul in investigating a long-closed murder case. Geraldiue Brooks plays Alice McKenoa. 11.10 (10) Movie. Deux Sous de Violcttes (French drama). Dany Robin. 11.15 (8M) Movie. The Square Peg (English comedy, 1908) Norman Wisdom, Honor Blackman. 11.25 (3) Movie. Conspiracy of the Borgias (Italian adventure, l!)t!4). Cesare and Lu-cretia Borgia attempt lo prove treachery of a nobleman. Frank Latimore, Constance Smith. 11.30 (6) Movie. Danger Within (English drama, 19i8). Group of British officers in Italian P.O.W. Camp devise an escape plan. Richard Todd, Bernard Lee. 11.45 (12) Movie. The Fly (1958 science fiction). Ai Hcdison, Patricia Owens. 11.55.(5) Movie. Weird Woman (1944 melodrama). A professor goes on expedition to a tropical island. Lon Chanev. 12.45 (8M) ABC Scope. What docs the Negro GI think of his role in the Vietnam war? SUNDAY U.00 (6) Church Service from St. James Roman Catholic Church in ToruntQ. 12.30 (x8M) Hockey. Boston Bruins vs. Canadicns at Montreal ( repeat). 1.00 (6) FDR Documentary. The Face Of. Danger chrotii-cais Roosevelt's attempts to by pass America's Neutrality Act by proposing Lend Lease aid to England. 2.00 (x3) Sport Spectacular. Return of series. The Harlem Globetrotters i n exhibition game aboard the L'SS Enter- English First in America at " St. Helcnc'i Ulond ROGER COGGIO VVnnar a Two fnnch Awards "THE DIARY OF A MADMAN" (La Journal d'Un foui Ey GOGOL Opening Tuvtdav January 17th, at I 4 pm. ftx.rvotlons: JJ6-0S2I 5 j 4 -is and Jim McKcnna "7T CANADIAN MARCONI COMPANY prise anchored in San Francisco Bay. 2.00 (xSM) Pro Betketball. The Philadelphia 76'rs meet the Celtics at Boston. 3.30 (2,7) Expo '67. Interview with Philippe de Gaspe Beaubien. 3.30 (x3,5) AFl-NFl Pre-Geme Show. Preview of game between Green Bay Packers and Kansas Cay Chiefs. 3.30 (6) Eyes Of Tomorrow. Prof. Laurier LaPierre of McGill University discusses attitudes of today's youth. 3.30 (12) This It Expo (debut of scries). Mayor Jean Drapcau interviews Commissioners General of various Expo pavilions. 2.00 (12) Forum. Anatomy of a Centennial Project. Problems facing the town of Roseniere, wilh interviews with Rosemcre's Mayor and civic officers. 4.00 x( 2,3,5,6,7) Pro Foot-bell. Superbowl Championship with the Green Bay Packers vs. Kansas City Chiefs at Los Angeles. S.30 (x12) Brand: New Scene. Oscar Brand with guests Serge Laocy, concert violinist, and singer muriel James. 7.00 (xl2) Monkeei. A mad scientist hires the Monkees to teach his 7-foot monster how to rock'n'roll. 7.30 (x5) Welt Disney. The Mosby jRaidors. Second of three-part Civil War drama starring Jack Ging, James MacArthur, Nick Adams. 7.30 (6) Fleifiback. Bill Stevenson joins panelists. 7.30 (xl2) FBI. Juliet Sinclair arrives from an Asian orphanage and is believed to be a communist courier. Ruth Roman plays Juliet Sinclair. 8.00 (2,7) Beaux Dimanchet. Gilbert Becaud gives recital at Montreal's Comedie Cana-dienne. 8.00 (i) Ed Sullivan. Guests are Alan King and Allan Sherman. Roiling Stones, Pe-tula Clark, Monroe, the sing-in ? Sisters '07 and dancers from Broadway's A Joyful Noise. 9.00 (xi) Bonanza, lloss Cartwrisht wants to see if a girl's attraction to a grubby miner is for love or his newfound wealth. Lola Albright plavs Dolly. 9.00 (x8M) Mo via. The V.I P s (English drama. 1903). Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton. Margaret Rutherford and Louis Jordan in Terrence Ratti"an's story of travellers ground :d at London's fog-bo"nd a'r"ort. 10.00 (x5) Andy Williams. Guests arc Don Knotts. Tnni Lo'Kt and the'Lennon Sisters. 10. CO (4) Sunday. Documentary One In Every Hundred studies problems of mentally rcta-Jcd children ki Canada and England. Narrated by John Stride, in London. 11. IS (3) Alfred Hitchcock mysteries. 1. Kill With Kindness. Hume Cronyn. Carmen Matthews: A BHter Bargain. Robert Middletun, Henry Silva. 11.30 () Movie. Suspicion (1911 dram?) Daughter of wealthy family elopes with pennikss. carefree man. Cary Grant, Joan Fontaine, Nigel Bruce. 11.30 (8M) Movie. The Mirror Has Two Faces French, 19.18 drama). Plastic surgeon transforms dowdy woman into a beauty. Michele Morgan, Gerard Oury. 12.10 (lO)Movle. he Souffle Sauvage ( 1953 drama). A men's former fiancee, now married, wishes lo rctun to him. Gary Cooper. Barbara Stanwyck. MONTREAL SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA ZUBIN MEHTA, Music Director SUBSCRIPTION CONCERTS TUESDAY WEDNESDAY JAN. 17 r 18 8:20 P.M. Gufir Conductor CHARLES MUNCH Soloist MSTISLAV ROSTROPOVITCH Cellist Ptogrommt COPLAND The Tender Loncf, Suite DVORAK Concerto in B Minor DEBUSSY Lo Mer GOOD Sf ATS STILL AVAILABLI SPICIAL 100 RUSH SEATS 7:00 P.M. AT BOX OFFICE, SI.50 3 ;7 Quebec Chansonnier In English "To see and hear Gilles Vigneault is an emotion," says host Jacques Dcsbaillels on the CBC Radio program My Country It tht Winttr, a CBC Showcase presentation on w h i c h Quebec's must famous chansonnier, Gilles Vigneault, makes his English-language radio debut on Sunday, January 15, at 5.30 p.m. "When I was asked to host such a program, I felt sorry for myself." Desbaillcts continues. "How was I to explain Emma Peel And Gung Fu Fans of The Avengers, the British adventure series which returns lo the CTV network Tuesday, January 17 (8.30 9.30 p.m. EST) now in color may look for a difference in Mrs. Emma Peel, as portrayed by Diana Rigg She'll be more ladylike. Mrs. Peel, who used to tangle and tumble with toughs while employing karate in the earlier version of the series, has switched to gung fu. She explains that gung fu is strictly a form of self-defense, while karate is self-defence through attack. Gun fu dates back about 500 years and karate only 50. Don't fear for her safety, however, since she adds that an expert practitioner of the graceful art of gung fu invariably would make mincemeat of an expert from the "gross and awkward" karate school. LAST PERFORMANCES SUNDAY lifJTl Hi v.. Vv Mrs Anita Plantc. 3d9 Levy Street, receives a check for $1,780 for correctly identifying the clue as "Canadian National" in the latest Richelieu CKGM "Whal's It Game." Mr. Roger Malouin, Director of Advertising, Richelieu Groceries Limited, and Mr. lJun Wall, Vice-President and General Manager, CKGM Radio presented the check lo Mrs. Planle in the CKGM Studios. rt 4 A Gillet Vigneoult In Action By LILLIAN WYLIE Quebec's poet-troubadour to the English? Not even the people of France understand him. Only Qucbecers know what Gilles Vigneault is saying and singing about." Desbailelts need feel no concern. On CBC Showcase, Gilles Vigneault explain himself in terms simple and poetic. "My song is not a song. It is my life," he says. The songs he sings are about people of Quebec, and specifically those who live on the North Shore of the St. Lawrence, where he was born and grew up. "I sing about the present," he says. "Not about the folk-lore of the past. I sing about the Quebecois, their feelings for society, for love and for their work ... I have something to 3y because I am first of ail a poet ... I remind them of their roots, their special way of life." Some of the songs are social protest, some are simple love stories, some are whimsical and funny, but whatever their content, Vigneault's compositions are heartfelt and stirring. Throughout most of the year he touru his province, performing for his people and gathering new material to add to his repertoire. Backed by a sextet led bv Gaston R o c h o n , on CBC Showcase, Gilles Vigneault COIN and STAMP Show Swndoy. Jonuory f 5, 1967 10 m. - 6 a.m. Salon Soguenoy Queen Elirofaeth Hotel Free Admission 12 uixanjixaio w wiiiiiiy j Praented by OPEIIA GUILD PLACE DES ARTS at ANOTHER "WHAT'S IT" WINNER i . r 1 1 ' ' -ft 71 4 f- ' I Radio Debut sings the songs of his beloved North Shore with a degree of talent, verve and exuberance guaranteed to widen his circle of fans and admirers to encompass CBC radio listeners from Victoria to St. John's. "Gilles Vigneault is like the Magnetic Pole," says Ramona Randall, who produced the p-o'-irani in Montreal for CBC Showcase. "He draws everything lo himself. He is the most compiling personality I have ever worked with in the studio. To hear him sing his own famous composition, Mon Pays, on Sunday's Showcase will be an experience for our audience unforgettable and moving. " VISIT INDIA HOUSE FOR EXOTIC EAST INDIAN DISHES 5563 MONKLAND AVE, 484-6409 r, Ml. A CHRISTIAN SCIENCE RADIO SERIES Sundays 9.45 a.m. CKVL - Dial 850 & MONDAY 8 P.M. Umatf,3imM-Jkwsti

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