The Gazette from Montreal, Quebec, Quebec, Canada on September 7, 1957 · 22
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The Gazette from Montreal, Quebec, Quebec, Canada · 22

Montreal, Quebec, Quebec, Canada
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 7, 1957
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22 THX GAZETTE. SATITDAY. SEPTTtES T. IB? BETWEEN THE HANDS5? By ILLIM COMPLIN fjJ Ker e ire back ob the beatrealera are ihowlrx trfmeadosa ajan, re?y to brag yea cp W interest od tf f enterprising dale mi fcat fca been goirg on young rr we kept busy Lsur.a In Montreal brklge circle. arl to entr (or resytratioi. A fiaZf tell you what has bea happen; of capable assistant teachers has to seme of you- favorite people, been e.i?agd to be? operate tit frylitt jrr.aia school, as well as a branch Yvenna ialrn who is sLIl tear- ichoo! for lake&hort residents a! Lsg around Lurope, postcards that Beaurepaire. The telephone ounv only the weather changes. She'ber in tows is HUnter 1-7S33 and finds bridge players pretty much m Beaurepaire OXford S-M30. a. ike oo matter where they re If D. M. LE DAIN Thg Game of Kings CHESS CUIZ NO. JSJ ELack 13 Fecea of r t Privata Eyt Dtp. tcb. Auntie! la what cave s-t.e Jatfcia fttflin hied herself to; Tch, Pittsburg to attend the summer are you hiding a genius, or in Bationals where she picked tip other wc?ds bow can you explain plenty of glory as well as the this Mrs. Francis Thurner who 1 ! -n'4 - i ' 1 I i masterpieces of V!vir!-rV:V,'ttn. have be In the round robin of the: name appears regularly on tbe'f- mumps. famous knock-out team game: honor roll of the Masters Solvers' Jackie's team was the only one Gub in the "Bridge World" ma to defeat the Crawford team, the gazine? eventual winners. This adds up to the fact that she beat the team which wiU represent America in the world bridge championships Jonquitr The fourth annual Sagjenay Championships will take place In case you have not beard Jackie I Sept. 14 and 15 at the Jonquiere has now moved up to become Hotel, Jonquiere, Que. The tour-Montreal's leading life master: nament is being sponsored jointly with close to eleven hundred by the Kenogami Bridge Club and master points to her credit! the Arvida Bridge Club. It is ex-Most of the Montreal bridge pected that Montreal will be well troupers spent the Labor Day represented. AH bridge players are weekend at Saranac Lake, com-1 invited to attend. peting in a tournament which has tf f-S e. Q White 12 Pieces Schmia ii. Castaldi Corr. become a must for most of us, the Adirondack Championships. As usual Canadian players outnumbered their hosts and as usual were given the red-carpet treatment. Sucfe hospitable people you don't run into at every tourney . they even like to see the visitors win. Jackie scored again by winning the team-of-four teamed with Mao-rice Paul of Montreal and Brni SaunoVs aod Or, Erie Joms, both of Ottawa. Lack of space prevents us from giving a complete list of the tinners, THE MONTREAL SCHOOL OF BRIDGE This week saw the opening of a school for bridge at 440 De-carie Boulevard, owned and oper ated by Keith Darbyson and Peter Schwartz. - Bridge minded Mont- An Orchid I tourney. R. turner (Srw lorkt Whilt j r m 1 Kt-KBl 1 P U i KtxP Kl-fcBS (European 13567) White to play and win Canadian Championship The Canadian Closed Champion- - va . om.- ship at Vancouver was strengthen- providing the members of the he ,ast minut,e entr'es of . r .roiiont Paul Vaitonis, Hamilton, former reading entertainment through her ia"adian champion, and Howard ; kup monthly bridge column in Thei?; wsai. B.C.. runner-up in :J Winerd tthppi. Kwo it uo. Redliine "a b.u cnampionsnip Tayloriim Tom Taylor claims that since fei'e last fie tn Mnntrea! in June h. i innn Rrirf finh ha hiv finished game. Lionel Montreal, had 3-1, with right as many of the gin players and even a few bridge players have become converted to this v ntrf fame f)f cntirse. the fact that .u. !.,. :v,u with j'ii-2'.i and one eame unfin- a as a pastime to (ill in "the torturehed. There are ten in a round -.J FM" Vinnr,f KluMn innt Hnr nftf rOOin. ;1S P-BJ prevent Tom from getting his daily ten-hour session of bridge with his cronies. I T-'.t ussb ejection 'games, mostly from master-play. lis a reprint of aa earLer eduon. -.- plus an added chapter, coenrg fT the contemporary Russians. Bnl-I : J w I uancies, prue winners i. oricii the last four ceo-' beea rouned in his- P 1 i torical sequence and divided into r ivaaces in theory trtd practice. 'A ' Most are from the last century f vfhen oreanized competition be- came established. Annotations II f':i jhave necessarily been omitted, as :..nrJ " 'the idea has been to acquaint the ti. ; reader with the best in master- C A" Pay niuuerair tusv. are drawings and photos leading masters. Printing, and binding are superior. The following game, played in Championship, last year'a Canadian Open Cham-pionship, ended in a draw but was one ot tee most exciting oj uie - f B r 7 S ai.' I 1 - ccr T j f7 T7z.i.-- J , i k.:;1 If 575. . i P. :1 A . fL -A 'rSrf Si , iim.i I . ., . . , -., . J I N . 'M. VX-l fottD All Ai?!3 TrvS irv-v l,k HORRORS!! c SICILIAN BEfEMK P-KB1 I QM1 I B-0B4 II P KR4 II B-KU At the sixth round Geza Fuster, Toronto, was leading 5'i-Vi, with yaitonis next, 4-'4. and an un- Joyner, , j l0 BQ-U4 BxKt journcd games pending. Frank R.; is 08 Anderson, Toronto, defending " aiw champion suffered reverses at the n p-m ,ery fine but very exasperating hands of Vaitonis and W. Jurscya-'JJ 5Kt ld came. Of course, the fact that Vancouver, and was trailing u on.Kn GItck P-QB4 P-J PP FKKiJ B-Kli Kt-KBl Kt-B Clr B-01 R-Rl 12 ( mlfi'Q) Kt-R4 13 P-KKtt KlxKt BB Kt-BJ Kt-K KR-K1 KI.M KtxB BP P-KB4 PP 0P PxR Wbit M PxP! V OsO t K-Kl 24 P-Kl M OiUKtr '-R! 11 0.K4 It OxKlP il P-0KI4 34 Q-B3c 35 Q-K3 M OxHP 37 O-Ktlcb M P-KtS 3 P-ORt 40 P.BS 41 K-Kll 41 K-Bl 43 P-B 44 Q-QKU 45 K-01 44 P B7 47 P-Kl( 41 QlQ 49 P-K17 BRIDGE: By CULBERTSON This is a discussion of the playing problem presented yesterday. I lie entire deal was shown: . NORTH ' - S. A 8 6 H. A K Q 4 3 D. 10 S C. A52 WiST EAST 1. KS S. 4 H H. J 10 9 7 S D. AKJS7S D. 8 4 3 2 C. K9874 C..J6 3 SOUTH S. Q J 10 9 7 3 2 H. 8 6 2 D. Q C. Q 10 South Is playing a contract of six spades, after West opened with one diamond and later bid clubs Answers Given For Yesterday SO P-KU)(0 X-QZck 11 K.B1 Drawate) 14 Year Old Wins U.S.A. Open , renins M. q.rj, k bj .tt.. wiu PnKK.j ricrhap Knv u-nnHor Iniiti W K ecpln to 02. -i. --j ..4,t;A.l ' Th Iniuiioui nvin mn. WWtt xycw juix, Btuicu .ciuauuuw Ujret4Bl to wui wit R-Bteli ie. victory in iiib u.a.ft. upen au (e) p,, glIn wtB to u,rM Mionll Cleveland in which 176 competed, and vr on humtrm mov.t. wn sobay including a number of national ," ",w wf" masters. Arthur Bisguier national closed champion, tied in earned points, 10-2 each, but Bobby was Freshens YourMouth SweetensYourBieatli Enjoy chewing delicious Wrigley'i Spearmint often every day. Hay some today awarded the title on the S-B tie- at the four-level. EasJ passed breaking system. Fischer defeated throughout. 'Don Byrne, who finished third. The actual play went: king and and Edmar Mednis among others, ace of diamonds. South ruffing. I Ten Canadians entered the huge Spade queen low, low, Juw.l2 round Swiss system tourney. Another spade to the ace: then Of the four Montrealers, Jack the heart ace, and when West showed out, the contract became hopeless. The question was: How could South have made the slam contract? Answer: When the spade oueen held the trick, and West was known to have started with king-small. South might well consider the possibility that West was void of hearts, since he obviously had great length in the minors. In any case it Couldn't cost anything for fcouth to lead the club queen Gersho had the best score, 6-6, M. Moss, R. LeBel and Dr. T. Popov. More than a dozen women took part and Mrs. Sonia Graf Steven son, with the highest score among them, earned the U.S.A. Women s Open Title. There were half a dozen married couples competing and Mr. and Mrs. Guala, of N.Y., with the highest combined score were awarded a special prize. A Notable Anthology "THE GOLDEN TREASURY OF throueh West at Trick 4. The club CHESS", complied by editors of king was marked with West, but Chess; Review, Harvey House, he might not have the club jack. Irvington-on-Hudson, N.Y., 326 pp., West would cover the queen, of! photos, $3.95 course, and the ace would win. Then it would be time to pick up West's trump king and test the hearts by cashing the ace. If West followed suit, it would be easy to set up a long heart by ruffing, but with West showing out, declarer's only chance would be to run the rest of the trumps in the hope of squeezing East. Since East actually had the club jack, this squeeze would come off East would have to give up his heart stopped or that club jack. A ..mir.imw H VS4 PROBLEM NO. 543 W. J. Smith Black m i?M i fit" -tr,; M'WtfJ m r - r i, ley i pn ? WWW -61 fT 'rm rm . ?m rjl .:. I'' mi WW The winning play is somewhat on the double-dummy order, but not really. It is one of those "nothing - to - lose" plays which sometimes pay off handsomely. Tha Bidding Questions 1. With only your side vulnerable and with the opponents passing throughout, your partner opens with one spade and you respond with two hearts. Partner now jumps to three spades. What call do you make on: I S4 HAK6532 DKQJ9 CQ5 The correct call is four diamonds. A slam is a distinct possibility, and that slam can easily be at diamonds instead of any other denomination. Your partner's jump to three no trump was a very strong bid . -Tjot, as is too commonly thought, a game-closing bid. 2. Under the same circum- I i w -. i n '7 r a mrn- mt-zr -y rns i wjw - i i' av i j i i wm w j - m i irf. t if t a i at tak i - . i i ' a iofi I VI ey VV 111 . j T P I 1.1 r-t , I 1 I mtmm WTB I I r of the r ai - crn i r- -r v 75 paper ' ' ,. l i !.! HrraCf it i.'l hi l ...... ii I.M ri L ii tr ly b umj&L umm yumx a K Kil M JT Vf M W T1 1 t NOTICE HE'S NO, I 1 F THEM VOU HAVE I... AH...WSuT tf K-Kl 4 6 HAV1N4 A LOT O J HOT WEARINS A J Jp AFRAID A CARP SHOW I NO f TmiNK I i 7 R-Ol A I MV04K5PMOBIA AMON4 I L SHOTTAS j J IT WORE A J jj. KS HAP A ' HAVE ONI J KB! . 1 TWE INDIANS' 8CE0SE V J . . J5 IV O'-' ) J""J C SHOT f V - N4S f. C 1 I"' waittSo be SURE ;i:.;T fxN -JW ' A'Y T I ,,1 fnRRt K! PlEASE'M 5MAS'5 PCOefU TyiKE OH, NO.') I fat'l'?! ThI 1 8f c 'J .vs OTH half of J rrto$ cxav w iti-pov,u pipnt MOttvjfr :3 IMA F-''VT?sJty lM lUEZLiAJUW If M I 1 ri nWd 111! Sf: lln I I If I I U I JJ-rZjAlU'"AVH I SHH!00NTTELLe0881t!i I I ItA! DO YOU THEW'J AJHORTCUI I KJUNOJ By mA I M I J m JH ' iaI1aV-TX iS-vJ I j anna i.rt wimh Pi -S. I Lrrrr;,....w 1 TVW-.I TIlBwrftl fFT UsTM 1 pi n pi a y . m tiHiiuHiViii mirjimMxMtMU. v "iwliW t I WMWJN. ft and fHIt 40T MARRIED fl J hnrrrMfJs I I I BA-v c-oTi-ijrf kl 1 Vl du4 f ikvp I I. w Jlj , .il mn nrje ACrrl . . - ? y lccyt)l x V ,V V cadcv! ) I I JA .'R4elp J h I 1 l ; , 1 1 " . - ' 1 1 mZ I IT II I I I . J I Mcrg.CE?i?!C...vE M I ' fBEVcXJ6Ug6 OH YES' HE'S ASI I BUM M6 Qpy A, fUPtf Bf I I i ' " ''alFr? 1 B in TM SORBVMBS FIT2 ( THE tyM WILL l HONEST AS THE MORE, JOB. I OWE A 6UY )2f:, 1 ' M lli5f&A , M 5 C TOW MY RENT UNTIL AV TrflTlfSl " Vt' RT iK " " "i'' 1 a I Mfeffi) R r ijVfJ X COLLECT FOR THAT ' VfTlo LWO , -J, ' AT v Tl A 20T V; J ' CrPKr S S t O j I j I 1 1 T.a? e I 1 - j Ivyy-rrsJrs 1 1 I I - ' J r - j j. ui ' Zm ' 'i S V LISTEN, 00UBLE-U6LV 1 . Tw I LIKE I nlD. mi CC2ELLE l CKAV-AK" IF M S i'C-.L.jb5 W-Wt 0-OVtMAnK J I 6AT. LiSTEN...X' om6 TO fl... rjT-ITL HEfD A FF TST (71 'Jf Z H0V LOOK, JOKER.' VOU AINTAWU MinD VTO ( ftl ANT HER VWJ 1 0M EAOC ) A O 7rTuc r rTT Fl6MT 8TJVf WL0OM- AF7E THOCAW oottAW TO SET UP T, u T WNNA TATTLE 70 THE B046 ) AND LET MS RUN MlNl'? Irli MB !MY NEXT lE0k S? IMUEt !- M JJ Jt?."a Tl 4 L MAVt THAT I'LL 6CT A CHANCE TO Bf 6PKIAL TMl ftOAHTERS fM JMJ " ' LADyA30lTTMI$C0ZELLECl : fit W . S. SL 1 J " E t'S 1 1 TX Lf6KTHEvwf 16HT CHAMPiCi J3'17 A 8 KIHlli--iB . N BETTY.' i IT CW1ES AS HASP ) f fslCNa.Jft. ) 171 1 y i ARCHIE.' tWVIVPONT AS A ROCK CPEN vS" 1 R IwWSA ScS5f ANrTSAU.yEARO 0 ll" B 1 'L CVOUR BOOKS Y I SPRAY yTTtiT 7"" 1 ''"TN O ' ' WITH WRAPPlNCi J MINE WITH I JV- lir.l ! I'-ll o . Wt- - i" a White - 8 Pieces White mates in two moves. Problem No. 541 (Waterhouse), Key. 1. B-Kt8. stances as in Question I, your partner opens with one heart and you respond one spade. Partner now jumps to three hearts. What call do you make on: SK976 4 HJ3 DK87S2 Cs Now you should not show your second suit you are not strong enough. The only reasonable action' is simply to go along with partner by raising him to four hearts. 3. Not vulnerable, your partner opens with three spades, . next hand passes, and you hold: SQJ7 HA8653 DK72 CJ2 You should pass even with your good trump support, you do not have enough reasonably sure quick winners to raise a non-vul nerable preemptive bid to game. Even with the diamond ace in place of the king, a raise would be questionable. Reli4 by Th Refistfr ud Tribunt Syndicate, 1957) If BUT,SR,NOONE WITH AN ) I. OUWCE OF DECENCV J BULLMCOSE RADIO-PHONES H!S f WOULD CARRV OUT AM V AIRCRAFT CO. M HE WORK ORDEKUKE THAT"- Ivlov'E SLCReqvnA Tf- CAP rr cxr.f ) .p Stl-a Ytwje.'T- Aandndo'u. V" vcxj IT??,, L 'LL J I GIVEUPVOUR SENTtMENTAtJ POCFWafSS GIVE NEW MINK 1 FOOL- , PEOPUL V- jjp j I STOLE J I OROCR OLTf ) Tryr--- oo&-J rzz. TMOSIL A A L C A P F ' ' . s f-

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