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The Gazette from Montreal, Quebec, Canada • Page 35
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The Gazette from Montreal, Quebec, Canada • Page 35

The Gazettei
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
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THE SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 29, 1956 35 ON THE SCREEN I Story of a Love, a Boxer and a Father Seen HAROLD week's list is a good WHITEHEAD Ulie Willi mice SAYS: films to choose from." Friends (Cnptfoli Lovers iPalare i Clowns (Avenue, Snowdon) Ballet Will Begin Sixth Tour In Warners' Toward The Unknown, William Holden plays Ilia pilot of a Bell X-2 rocket plant. The in the name of the plan stands for experimental, and the "2" means that Holden's jalopy is the second of its kind to be experimented with. The sixth annual international touring season of the National Judy Garland's Show Old Top Vaudeville By BROOKS ATKINSON (New York Times Service) New York, Sept. 28. Nothing -about the vaudeville show that reallv important seems to have; begins the evening It is a brilliant vaudeville show from the Amin happened since Judy Garland waSBrothcry wh( are thp most re last here five years ago.

Again the iaxed and phenomenal acrobats police barriers were up in front Broadway has seen for a long tw. Wednesday evening. i time. Alan King, a microphone Ballet of Canada will open in Hamilton Nov. 5 and extend through to next April, Celia Franca, Artistic Director, announces.

Two original ballets by Canadian choreographers, a third Canadian ballet which had its premiere this summer in Montreal, a ballet by Frederick Ashton of Sadler's Wells and the return of the Brott Conducts Bach Music classic Giselle in new settings and costumes are included in the large repertoire to be performed in Canada and the United States. The company will play 10 weeks in Canada before starting an eight-week season in the U.S. I SHOWS Today Tomorrow 2 00 S.1S 140 Mon. Fri. J.JO S.J0J Hamil- Dates in Canada are: and the fans.

block was choked with 51 iroarious polemic against the m- 'canilv tj lif in thp sllhllphs wnn aenvers an Alexander Brott, musical of the McGill Chamber Music INt Elf IT FS HOTIM lltTIW nil MIEr 3 ton, Nov. 5. St. Catharines. Nov.

Kitchener. Nov. Belle Society, will conduct the first! Bob Williams contributes a droll Theatre Guide (Saturday Only) Alooette "Oklahoma!" at 2.30, eM(l I Kr i IW ErK7J2iTTfc- l(mi act with the saddest, ville, Nov. 10; Ottawa, Nov. 13, Rednath Hall on Tuesday, Oct 14; Montreal, two weeks begin 8.30.

Weekends 2.00. 5.15, 8.40. previous visit Uk over Vhe fiLrt2 ftS Ld second half of the program with J8W3ftJS! m. ru -c ftmirii cho'ramny, to use me oiu vauuevme ning Nov. 18.

men, alter Duchin Story" at usual Christmas vacation, when I 10.00; 12.15, 2.35, 4.50, 7.10, 9 30. The. all Bach program will feature the Double Concerto for Two Violins and Strings, played by Hyman Bress and Mildred Good-mann as soloists, the Brandenburg JmWM WEEK! II the company may appear en tele- i Palace "Somebody Up There ML in is AS II I U- vision, tr.p season resumes wnni j-irw ju.w, cal instrument. Nora Kovach and Istvan Rabovsky, "the Hungarian dancers who escaped to freedom Concerto No. 4 in major for "Sl rTSLr7 L- 4.55, 7.15, 9.35.

a three-week engagement in Tor two recorders and harpsichord itLXiuna niiu -V Then follows TRrr.iS0?.-" J2T with Mario Duschencs. Fancine ECTE VJS through the Iron Curtain" ihow onto opening Jan. 7. 1U.1U. 1.30, J.1U.

DM, 1, 1 ne a week in London, starting It is all honest and PrinceM-'Storm Over The and the Brandenburg Rood time LA STRADA AVENUE, SNOWDON It is easy to see why this film won prize all over the place. It has everything the Italian Alms had before they started exploiting the fancier attributes of their feminine stars. It has simplicity of story, theme and production and has a feeling for humanity that at times brings sharp tears to the eyes. The story has been edited down to its bare essentials so the characters have a wonderful opportunity to develop and come to their full flowering. In brief, it tells of a wandering circus performer, a brutish strongman, who buys a half-witted girl from her starving family.

The girl in the course of time, learns to dance a few stops and tootle a little on a battered trumpet. She serves her master well and is rewarded for htr pains by kicks and blows. However, in her dim mind is a capacity for love that could embrace the whole world and she sticks to her brutal man because she feels that, whether he knows it or not, he needs her. Eventually the strongman goes too far and kills a man, and the Uttle half-wit's world collapses around her. The tale is a gentle unfolding a small tragedy against a background of stark reality.

The characters all live in abject poverty. So poor are they that that such things as a little warm soup or a chance to bathe their feet in the ocean surf come as rare and exquisite pleasures. The people the strongman and his servant play to are Just as poor and consequently unsophisticated enough to enjoy the truly miserable act the pair puts on. There are some fine touches to the film. One scene we will remember for a long time nas the wretched girl trying vainly to put down some roots by planting a few tomato seeds while her lord sleeps off a drunk in a field.

Another is the poignant moment when the girl gets a litt'e business to do in an act, and realizes for the'tirst time that she is capable of learning something and of being some use in the world. Two American actors, not hitherto noted for their strong histrionic ability, Anthony Quinn and Richard Sase-hart. do magnificently in the lead male roles. Quinn is te Tough, inarticulate muscleman and Base-hart plays the skipping, sharp-tongued clown who goads Quinn to the point of murder. Giulietta Masina is the girl and her performance is one of the most touching and genuine th.ngs one is likely to come across in films.

THESE WILDER YEARS CAPITOL James Cagney seems to grow in stature with every fi he makes and this one la another feather in his cap. Here he plays a man, grown wealthy who tries to find and make up to a son he deserted in his youth. He uses every means, including, at last, legal trickery, to get his offspring, now a young man, back. He doesn't consider the feelings of the boy's foster parents and, as a matter of fact, he rides roughshod over everyone he meets in his struggle for his son. He is not a bad man, however.

He is kindly-disposed and reasonably sensitive being obsessed with loneliness and bad conscience. Both the writers of the screen-play and Mr. Cagney treat him with extreme sympathy and the result is a rare, fullv-rounded characterization. Playing opposite Mr. Cagney is Barbara Stanwyck, another veteran of the screen who has mellowed with the seasons into a fine actress.

Altogether the picture is a highly enjoyable one from all angles. -w SOMEBODY I THERE LIKES ME PALACE This is quite different from the usual stories of boxers. It doesn't make any great heroes out of the fighters and it doesn't try to glamorize them at all. On the contrary, the film goes out of its way to depict -the sordidness of its hero's beginnings and life before he entered the fight game. The story is, of course, the biography of Rocky Graziano and as far as we know It sticks close to the facts.

The film follows him from his early days in the gutters of New York's lower east side and it takes us step by step along the path he walked to become a champion. It took Graziano a long time to reach the top and it takes this film a long time to unwind, but it never drags and never bores. Much of this is due to three people. They are Paul Newman, as Graziano, Pier Angeli, as Mrs. Graziano and Everett Sloare as Graziano's manager.

All three are a credit to their profession. STORM OVER THE NILE PRINCESS In spite of the story this is not about Nasser and the current hassle in Egypt, but is a romantic stiff upper lip, all nut for the empire yam about Kitcheners campaign in the Sudan. As a matter of fact the film is a remake of an older epic called Four Feathers. Whether or not time has given a rose tint to that first production, we can't say. but it seems to us that it was a much better one than this.

However, even as it stands now the story of how a British officer suspected of cowardice redeems himself, still stands up as a good adventure yarn in a solid old tradition. BANDIDO OUTREMONT, EMPRESS, PAPINEAC, STRAND. SEVILLE A horse opera which tells about gun-running nd general violence in the Mexican Civil War. Mixed up in the deal are Robert Mitchum, as an American adventurer, Gilbert Roland, as a Mexican patriot, Zacharv Scott, as a gun-runner and Ursula Tbeiss, as a bauty" hanging around waiting to see who is going win her'The story follows the pattern set down for all such gagas and it contains no surprises but it docs have plenty of action for those who like that sort of thing. auu iajuuii ui mam ciu nuon Tan.

28. Windsor is scheduled for at 11.35. 2.55, 6.10. 9.25; "Black-; Concerto No. 5 for violin, flute jack Ketchum.

Desperado at and harn-ictinrrl with Hvnian Feb. 3. No doubt talented people com-lo these sonss and write the Since vaudeville is officially TICKITS ON SAlt AT OX OFMCI HOW 10.10, 1.30, 4.45, 8.00. Bress. Mario Duschenes and Kel-Pose ise The U.S.

season opens in Sioux ilvrirs that ea with them. In fact. dead, it is astonishing to find five Orpheum "Female Jungle" at scy Jones as soloists. u- the nroeram credits some of her i excellent acts flourishing Falls, South Dakota, Feb. 6.

as ever 1 grim had nothing LS Z2SL I assistants. But the songs begin so though 1 l3 A. tl, UAHin Illl.lldll Other U.S. engagements will be informally and gather such vocal happened. Perhaps Judy found warmth and volume as she puts them somewhere over the rainbow 1.40.

4.05. 6.30. 8.50. son. On Nov.

6 announced later, Miss Franca said. But it will be the most extensive tour to date and the lar Holiday" at conductor Geoffrey Wrtg J- )1 director of the CBC. and ner 1 "5 musical director of the CBC are good as she is tops. I They 2.00. 8.40 p.m.

Week-ends, at 2.00, Canad JESU.m ilj r-iHKitiWould swear she is improvising lan pianist Rose Goldblatt A hn sung until Judy pulls herself to- program Dvorak and Hinde you gest ever undertaken by a Cana in a dian theatrical company of this Nickelmanns, mith. On Dec. 4, with harpsichor gether and belts it through the CARMEN AMA1A i size. Some 70 dancers, musicians, stage crew and staff travel with the company. theatre.

Although her part of the show ig thoroughly informal, make r.o mistake; the informality has been ablv arranged. Robert Alton has dist, Robert Veyron-Lacroix, playing a concerto for harpsichord and strings, by Haydn; and also featuring the premiere of a com- 5.00, 8.40 p.m. Snowdon "La Strada" 1.15, 3.25, 5.35. 7.40, 9.50. Outremnnt Bandido" at 1.45, 4 35.

7.25, 10.20; "Hot Cars" at 12.40, 3.30. 6.25, 9.15. Empress "Bandido" at 1.45, 4.35, 7.25, 10.20; "Hot Cars" at 12.40, 3.30. 6.25, 9.15. Strand "Bandido" at 10.10, 1.05, 4 00, 8.55; "Hot Cars" at 12.00, New ballets are.

The Fisherman ani htr company of DANCERS SINGERS MUSICIANS inlirT" Woild'i Grtattsl l.atu SABICAS,.. rrcu EE 1 AJSfO is dresser to the and His Soul, by Grant Strate. with music specially commission by Rameau. ed from Canadian composer, Judy nines on her first appearance, and then goes through several agreeable nt in fncliimo a II rl On Jan. 15, Vivaldi's The Seasons with Hyman Biess as soloist; Harry Somers: L.a Llamada by 2.55.

5.50. 8 45 a it II dlllM .1 111 viifituuiu Ray Moller, with music by Gomez. Montreal's Brian Mac- Donald, a former dancer with the TICKETS NOW ON SALE Mat. Eve. 3.38 2.82 2 25 1.

13 Intl. Tomorrow Only, Sept. 30 2 SHOWS: 2.30 8.30 York "The Man Who Knew Mozart snano Loncerto in i A lmtil ghe makes her fjnai Much" and Great Day In ThemaJr with Canadian pianist as fcstive circus Morning. as soloist. On Feb.

Again. juflys boy friends Seville "Bandido" at 1.00. Mt, 'WW Neway, recording artist thp slapk witn some Rnod. 6.50, 9 50; "Hot Cars" at 3.00. LOiseau Lyre and London jnalurcd hocuporus when she is National Ballet, choreographed a new work Post Script, for the Kecnrns, wno is lamous ior nrsi tim li 5.50, 8.50.

Montreal Theatre Ballet. is by Arthur Morrow of Monkland "Meet Me in Las Vegas" and "23 Pacos to Van Horne "I'll Cry Tomorrow" I interpreting the operatic roles of suj circus by the MenMuWllJ lhe n- Wazzan troupe of tumblers before semblc the Salve by Per-. fi appearancP. Everything! other works on the pro-j, fnundrd on hcr triumphant way gram by Corelli and Hamerik jfh But tnrre nothing! Grant Strate of Cardston, and Ray Moller of Vancouvi-r. and "Birds and the Bees un ine rencn 1111- uu, the Irimmints un ine rencn hapnaMrtl about the both are leading soloists witn me "Bhowani Junction" and National Ballet.

Mr. Strate'sj -t certain "Jeune Pas de Deux" had its sue- UttmAiint "Rhnu'ani ist. Jean-Pierre Rampal. will be js anyth ing routine soloist in the flute concerto by cessful premiere last August dur-; an(1 -Toreien Bocchenni and with perform ance of suites by Purcell-Hols ing the two-week engagement in! at 12.40,340. Washington of the Nation-i Bal- 1 45 94S.

Cars" at 2.35, let. KM in Casting Play MA and Arthur Foote. Les Rendezvous by Frederick Strada" at 12.50. 3.00. Ashton was staged for the Cana-! 5.10.

7.15. 9.25. dian company by Peggy Van Kent "Sone To Remember" at The Drama Workshop of the Church of St. Andrew and St. Paul is casting its first play of the winter season A Murder Has Been Arranged, by Bmljn Williams.

A meeting will be held on Tuesdav. at 8 p.m. in the choir Patty McCormack, the 11-year-old girl who makes her movie debut in Warners' The Bad Seed, has invited two of ner Chicago cousins to see her in Kie picture Praagh, overseas producer of 1.40. 4 in. g.40.

9 15. Sadler's Wells. Miss Van Praaghi TYRONE POWER KIM NOVAK CINEMASCOPE TtCHNirOLOe spent the summer with the company, on the faculty of the an-! Cabaret Guide at New Yorks Astor Theatre nual summer school and rehears- Bitl CmiaVm hnw niehtlv. Children have been barred from room of the church. New members Bad Seed showings in Chicago.

I will be welcomed. "4 WK ing the work, which is new to Normandl, Continuous' en- National Ballet's repertoire this season. tertainment. Ruby Foo'i Continuous entertain The century-old classic. Giselle ment.

has been completely refurbished El Morocco Three shows nightly lor this season. INew sets anti Bellevue C'fe Casino T'vo show) costumes were designed by Kayi nightly. Ambrose, Artistic Adviser. N'tw Carlton Hotel Continuou Somebody Up There Likes Me" Morgan's features new releases on R.C.A. Victor Celia Franca, called "the entertainment.

greatest dramatic dancer the Sew Orleans Two shows nightly Sadler's Wells ever had' by Clover Cafe Continuous enter Dame Ninette de Valois, will Paul Pisr Evrm SLOANE dance the title role in the master-work, the goal of all great balle NEWMAN ANGELI mm rinas. titlEN HECKART Sal MlNEO The renerto-v also includes' Eg hcaV'ctob Massenet i mssssssmsv asskk. asj Now Showing Swan Lake (four acts); Nutcracker ifour acts; Coppeha (two THE VIRTUOSO ORCHESTRA MANON tainmcnt. Venua de Mile Room Continuous entertainment. Monterey Candlelight Room Continuous Down Beat Club Two shows nightly.

La Salle Hotel Continuous entertainment. Astor Moonglow Continuous entertainment Chei Paree Two shows nightly. I squire Two shows nightly. Montmartre Two shows nightly. acts); Offenbach in the Underworld; Les Sylphide.

Gala Performance; Dark Elegies; Lilac Garden; Apres-Midi dur Faune: TttN-MB and Pas de Chance, choreographed JAMES BARBARA i KC TSK bv David Adams, premier danseur of the company. CAGNEY STANWYCK FACTS Of 1 MSION SYMPB0N1 Mta mm rurcriMiintD urADc victwm Usui mvim mmxm muni mm, cut. WAITER PinHFOlM- -J III hm 11-11 I I uv I 1 getting friendly with music 1 ARTHUR FIEDLER I BOSTON POPS ORCH PUCCINI LA BOHEME the tone poem i PREMIERE TONIGHT DORETTA MORROW Star ot Klme( ens' King Anil I THE JOSEPH SETTANO TRIO for Dancing JOHN GALLANT At the Piano RITZ -CARLTON HOTEL FemaleJuMle iMmm msm FIEDLER MONTEUX MUNCH reinch STOKOWSKI I down HENRY MORGAN CO. LIMITED Veu Art Swrt of Ouslil o' Morgan Co" 6261 THE TEENAOFRS: mis cnee-'un qu nie- oi jnung imowi ecu thrrrnelvs The Teenagers have important rock 'n rol' matters to discuss tomorrow during the Biggest Show of 1958 which is moving into the Forum. rrti.

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