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The Gazette from Montreal, Quebec, Canada • Page 21
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The Gazette from Montreal, Quebec, Canada • Page 21

The Gazettei
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
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m' -p-V" THE GAZETTE, MONTREAL), SATURDAY, MARCH 27, 1948. 21 can have a wonderful time with Mr. DeMille's early Americans, Indians, hairbreadth escapes and last minute rescues. Try sitting on the edge of your chair with a bag of popcorn yinr Wild Animal Trainer Clemens Heads Hamid-Morton Show Now the four corners of the globe, and 4 1 The Luck Of The Irish, or How Chauncey Olcott Became A Popular Stage Favorite. It's chapter headings, I'll swear, were: How Chauncey Met the great Li 1 Hun Russell; A Mother's Blessing; Chauncey On The Road; Our Hero Lands A Job and Stops A Runaway Horse; The Minstrels Come To town; A Trick Worth Two.

etc. etc. They run on until Chauncey, now the Idol of the Irish, marlea the Girl He Saved. She's been waiting for him all these years, although slightly Engaged to Another. There are many Comical Jokes in the film, arid, of course, many of the Grand Ould Songs.

You'll Sing with Handsome Dennis Morgan, who was never more Dashing than he is a Chauncey Olcott, the Sweet Bird of Buffalo and the Pride of the Irish; Laugh with Funny Ben Blue; Smile through vour Tears with lovely Arlene Dahl. as Pretty a Colleen as ever ate a Shamrock. Begorra! 'Tis a fine bit oV confectionery, to be shure and phwat a pity we couldn't have it for St. Patrick's Dav itself, shure. and we with two bottle of real Irish under 1 It Vc Mfcrrairi 7 THE WAT IT IS, SON' In Gentleman's Agreement, at the Palace, Gregory Peck firit tackles his lob cf describing anti-semitism at his own breakfast in your risi.

uccnme as a cnna again and you'll really appreciate Mr. DeMille's opus. He's got everything in it, has Mr. DeMille. everything that he has stood for in his long years of Um- maKing.

iiere is me poor mans Rcinhardt at his most typical. A hero he inherited from his Squaw Man days, a heroine all tousled and coy, a sinister villain, a native girl, some boneless history, spectacles, everything is on hand including the famous bathtub. Perhaps the peak comes in the hairbreadth escape from the Indian encampment. The hero and heroine are in a canoe, racing down stream with the Indians hot on their trail. Ahead of them lies the great falls, a hundred feet higher than Niagara.

Yes! There is a lone tree over hanging the falls half way down. As the canoe is swept over the falls, the hero leaps for the branch, with the heroine clinging to his knees. Does he catch it? Don't be silly. The next moment they are clambering on to a little ledge. Saved again! now mucn corn can one man harvest? The film is beautifully produced and handsomely colored, while Garv Cooper and Paulette Goddard couldn't be more suitable to their roles.

Howard da Silva is the heaviest possible menace, Cecile Kellaway supplies comedy, and the cast also includes such names as C. Aubrey Smith. Victor Varconi, Aian Napier. Ward Bond and Boris Karloff. Mr.

Karloff nlavs an Indian chief. "MY WILD IRISH ROSE" AT THE CAPITOL Warner Brothers production, directed hy David Butler. Produced bv William Jacobs. Screenplay by Peter Milne. Character Plavers Chauncey Olcott Dennis Morcan Roe Donovan Arlene Dahl Lillian Russell Andrea Kintr John Donovan Alan Hale wick opolls George Tobias Duke" Muldoon George O'Brien Hopper Ben Blue Mrs.

Brenan Sara Allgood This film arrived just ten days too late. It's a perfect picture for St. Patrick's Day, but a little hard to take the rest of the year. In it Dennis Morgan is everybody's idea of what a stage-Irishman should be like. A handsome lad with a green hat and curley smile, singing away all those beloved old phony Irish melodies, up to his neck in brogue and colleens.

The film pretends to be the biography of Chauncey Olcott. songwriter, singer and after-dinner wit of his day. Some of the are called Lillian Russell, William Muldoon, and Augustus Pitou and there's a glimpse of two men made up as Weber and Fields. But this, you quickly understand, is just in a manner of speaking biographical. It's 'really taken, I suspect, from an old Horatio Alger story called THE FILM FINDS ITS TONGUE 'Gentleman's Agreement' and 'Frieda' Are Fine Pictures with Something Fine to Say By HERBERT WHITTARER It is a standing complaint that the films never grapple with any real-life prnoU-ms.

and never make life nf their power for good except in the most indirect ways. Hamstrung by box-office and the desire to please everybody (particularly censor boards) the films often start out with Rood intentions but seem to always wind up telling the arr.e old love-Mory. All of which makes it a truly remarkable ocrasion when we can point out that, in one week, no Jess than two of the new films hit at problems cloe to the modern man, and do so with great seriousness nd considerable success. The films are Gentleman's Agreement, named Academy Awaid winner lt-t Saturday, and the Uritish film, Frieda. Taking trie Academy Award winner firt (not because it is that tut hecnuh it is the better picture) we find an honest attempt to make among them some of the top-notch attractions in circus business.

The Hamid-Morton show will also bring about twenty-five clowns to keep the children, and the grown-ups as well, in a happy mood during the entire performance. HIS MAJESTY'Sw MATS. WED. AND SAT. AT.

2.30 Messrt. Shubert Prtstnt EVERETT MARSHALL In The most popular, melodious Operetta of all time Io)HS1 wiia fravs lamrm IMMOKTAt. AMD MOST BKLOVCD MlXOOtXf I GREAT SINGING AND DANCING EfttEMJLE Evef. 11.00, 11.99, $1.63 A 13.04 Both Matt. 11.00, $1.33 $1.

SEATS NOW SELLING II" I iky Prince JON HALL hliicil Milt lUf 0) 1 thieves us Tace up to one 01 tne major problems of the world today ami- aemltism. mavs a r. r. sv AT THE PALACE production 1irct- i by Mia Krn. Findurrd by Darrvl 7nnuck Screenplay by Mmi Hart.

Characters. Player. fhtl Green Gresoi Peck Kathy Dorothv McGulre ttv John (irfil(i Ann Celeste Holm M'. Green Anne -Revere Mi'i Waiea June Havoc John M.mfy Albert Dekker Jane Jane Wyatt Tommv Dean Slockwell Tr. Crsifie Nirholaa Jny Profeor Llehermsn bam Jalfe Jordan Harold Vermlle Pavn Rantom M.

bhertnan Yir. C'a'kiri Tim Knbert Mniily Kathleen Lockhart film version of the novel by Laura Z. Hobson has been most expertly adapted by Moss Hart and sensitively directed by Elia Kazan. It ts, as you probably know by row. the story of a newspaper man attempt to write shout anti-semi-tirm in America today bv announcing that he is Jewish and then re-Ceding his experiences.

1 Step by step, the film uncovers directly and forcibly but without sensationalism, the various forms and manifestations of the evil tt 'tacks. It would be a Christ-like character indeed who can sit through the picture without identi- my belt! TRIXCE OF THIEVES" AT THE PRINCESS Ditur rrrtrt i nt directed by Howard Bretherton. Produced by Sam Katzman. acreenpiay oy nuunn Tomhragei. tjstH Ha II Ladv Marian Patricia Morisom LadV Christabel Adele Jergena The Friar Alan Mowbray ci. rnane Gilbert Head H. B. Warner Sir Philip Lowell Cllmore Baron Tristram Gavin Mulr If Mv Wild Irish Rose maligns an Irishman, then Prince of Thieves murders an Englishman. This picture pretty well runs the legend of Robin Hood into me grouna ana plows it under. You realize how much Holly wood usually does in the line of re search for historical films, when vou see this item.

It's so different. A kindergarden project for a medieval village has more atmosphere than the Menie England conjured up by Columbia Pictures for tins one, while no lower grade clas play ever had worse dialogue. The costumes are a rental job. the Lady Christabel wears her platinum hair in a shoulder length bob. Oriental Axminislers cover the floors of the baronial hall and stained-glass fills its windows.

All the exteriors manage to look pure Early Californian. Of course, these things are as nothing, I'll agree, as long as you have good acting. But instead you have Jon Hall in lights. Patricia Morison as Lady Marian. Adele Jergens as Christabel.

Alan Mowbray as Friar Tuck, and a cute trick called Robin Raymond as Maud the Maid. Little Miss Raymond's reading of the lines is something you have to hear to believe it possibile. So are the lines. This is fierce! NOW SHOWING iWWVi tart v. ii table, with Dean his audience.

doing by far their most unaffected and sincere work to date. And the supporting cast is as sensitive and satisfactory as the principals. John Garfield plays the Jewish friend with real strength. June Havoc as the secretary, Anne Revere as the mother (although she has the few preachy lines in the whole film) Dean Stockwell as the son and Celeste Holm as the sympathetic fashion editor they all give performances which are worthy personal contributions. I find it hard to see just how Miss Holm won an Oscar for her work in this film, but if it's one more credit to a fine film, that's all right with me.

Incidentally, don't let the local censor-snipping worry you. You're not missing anything important. It's Just that in the face of a really important film, our censors have not forgotten their duty and busily try to keep from us the fact that the heroine had previously been married and divorced. "TRIED AT THE SNOWDON Fating Studio-Michael nlcon pro. ductlon directed by naul Dearden, Screenplay by Anpm McPhall.

Ronald Miller from play by Ronald Miller. Characters. Plavers. Robert David Farrar Judy Olynis Johns Frieda Mai Zetterling Nell Mora Hobson Richard Albert Lleven Mrs. Dawson Barbara Fverest Fdith Gladys Henaon Tony Rsy Jackton Alan Patrick Holt Merrick Milton Rosmer Jim Merrick Barry Letts Mrs.

Freeman Renee Gadd Bailey Eliot Makeham Granger John Ruddock Harriott D. A. Clarke-Smith Frieda tackles another problem which adds to the confusion of the modern world, that of the racial hatreds which are the inheritance of a war. And it brings the matter directly to the audience by asking "Would you take a German girl into your home?" In this film, which started as a succesfful play "in London, the hero's family must take a German girl into their home when their son marries the one who helped him escape. Their gratitude does not go as far, and much of the film deals with the struggles of the polite English family to make this girl welcome, although she is a constant reminder of the things that they have been trained to hate for the past seven years.

One member of the family, a sensible, capable aunt who is in politics, is forced to express her disapproval in public when challenged during a campaign. The others wrestle with their instincts more Quietly, are polite and the girl is miserable. This effect of the girl on the family and the neighbors, and their effect on her, make up the first two-thirds of the film, told in a series of brief, impressionist scenes with staccato dialogue. People seem to nave mellowed pretty well, and Frieda finally been smiled at and bowed to by the townsfolk when suddenly the film brings up the problem again in a different, more dramatic fashion. Frieda's brothr turns up.

He is disguised mi a Polish officer, but at heart he remains a Nazi. More than that he reminds Frieda that while she was not a Nazi herself, she was also not an anti-Nazi. The brother is disposed of. being hit hard by the English husband. I Cafe de TEst One of the larxest and most popular night spots in this is land city.

Cafe de 1'Est will stage a large scale Easter Revue. While the acts combine many a big game, one of the major at tractions will still be Germaine Giroux. The titian-tressed thrush. long tne most popular chanteuse in town, is still on hand to sing your favorite songs. Miss Giroux needs no introduction to Montreal cafegoers.

Her work on the radio and on the floors of the town's top spots has made her name a byword for the best in entertainment The other acts an the bill will provide strong sup port ana combine to form a swiftly-paced, well-knit revue. There is much more to recommend this French Quarter establishment, at 455S Notre Dame street east which has a lone- established reputation for fine roods and liquors. There is Eddie Sanborn and his Black Cats, which provides music for sho-w and dancing and the beautiful uasis Lounge, a club In time for those who prefer more intimate. By long odds the smartest of eastend night clubs. Car de 1'Est has much to offer tourists planning a night on the town.

double This Easter week-end brir.fs a new show to The Esquire, veteran of the Stanley afreet night spots. Lone one of the most popular cafes with Mont-realert, during the past few it has become a considerable tourist attraction. Th.s growing vogue with out-of-tnwners has its foundation in fine entertainment the best of food and beverages and impec cable service. The Esquire, famed for its lovely chorus Lne. The Esquirettes.

can also be depended on for big name acts, a LI nicely blended into a fast-moving revue. This week-end's show, in keeping with the establishment's policy to always provide something extra special for the Easter holiday, is likely to set a new high for this show-place of hit revues. And. of course. Armand Meerte.

The Esquire's musical director, will be on hand to front his polished orchestra both for show and dancing. A pleasant spot for an evening on the town. 013ARTIO? ATI II When dusk comes to the city this evening. Quartier Latin will be back in the swing again with a top-flight stage show, one of the finest this sophisticated Gallic-style establishment has had in a long while. Back from Hollywood.

Canada gay and Popular singing comedian. Henri etondal. headlines the new revue. He gets strong support from Metropolitan Opera star Yola Galy. Denis Drouin's fine voice and that outstanding tap dance team, Jordan and Parvis.

For those who appreciate something just a little different the Quar tier has invariably provided just what they had in mind. A happy combination of lovely decor. silken-smooth service, outstanding French cuisine and the fin est in entertainment. The Quartier has much to offer the caie- going public. The management has seen to it that the little de tails, as well as the larger ones, have been looked after, The result has been a happy one all around, for Quartier Latin is today rated among the finest after- dark cafes on the continent "ft- 0RO(r Along with the presentation of its gala Easter revue this evening.

El Morocco again floors a chorus line, this time the lovely Walter Wanger Girls. Star of the new revu and Hollywood's gift to the world of song. Arthur Lee Simpkins comes here with an outstanding reputation as an en tertainer. Other supporting acts win include internationally known dancers Armand and Anita and that outstanding comedienne Jean CarrolL Buddy Clark band and Hal Whites Rythmeers provide what many have come to believe is the best dance music in town. There are two shows nightly at The EL and for thoe who like a change there is th famed Celebrity Lounge, one of the mvt popular lounges in the city.

If you are loomng jor a nrsi-raie. Dig iim revue, cood music ana fine foods, you'll find them all wrapped up in one neat package at El Morocco. Cafe St. Michel After being closed during the whole of Holy Week, Cafe St Michel re-opens tonight with an Easter Parade, all hit show. The opwlar lower Mountain street.

rlrm.tlvl aflr Hark a not hit "Ninsey" Russell, that outstand ing comedian and eemcee. as its star turn. And an engaging and niianousiy amusing comic isip- sey" is. too. Supporting the star are wick ana vergie, one or tne finest ftkating act ever floored in a Montreal cabaret Other outstanding acts include that exotic dancer Dolores Alavar-ado; fast shake dancer Chinkie Grimes and Eura Bailey, swing torch singer.

There are two shows nightly at Cafe St Michel and there is the splendid dance music of Louis Metcalfe and his International Orchestra. Louis and his boys are also on deck for an all-out Jam session every Sunday afternoon, from three to seven, giving witn everything from New Orleans style to modern day rebrp. Lovers of indoor shows, and especially those who like to see trained wild animals, are to be given a treat when the Hamid-Morton Trained Wild Animal Show will again visit Montreal. It will be here for a seven-day engagement, be--ginning Saturday afternoon May 1 and terminating Saturday evening, May 7, during which time two performances will be given daily, at 2.30 on Saturday, 3 p.m. week-days, and 8.30 in the evening.

The Hamid-Morton Show for the past thirty years has been visiting most of the large centres of the United Stales and Canada as "the greaest indoor show." Judging by the yearly increase in -patronage that they have received, there is proof that the name Hamid-Morton means a great deal in indoor show entertainment. This season. Bob Morton, its general manager, has solemnly announced to the chairman of the. Entertainment Committee of the local Shriners, under whose auspices they are coming to Montreal, that for his featured number he will bring world's greatest wild animal trainer," Captain Clemens, who will be seen at each performance, "defying death among forty of the most ferocious animals of the jungle." The sight of Captain Clemens entering the great all-steel cage with only a whip and a chair in hand to make these ferocious lions and tigers work at his command is a show calculated tc leave the audience spellbound. More than sixty other acts of all denominations will be seen on the program, acts broiiRht here from THE THE SlAltS OF THt MIGHTIEST.

MOST MAGNIFICENT CECIL B. DEMILLE SPECTACLE! NOW SHOWING TVDnilC DflWCD iiiiuiil iuiilii LINDA DARNELL HIT MARK DAILY ROY DOUGLASS Singing Vtntntoqaitt RAYMOND CHASE HOW SHOWING I ij TODAY BARTON Th A mBK0 CKOlgjyQI cf the rerfecutions indicated. Thif la the istrencth nf th Tiic. Stockwell and Anne Revere as but his accusation separates husband and wife. There is only one thing to do and so she wanders off toward the river leaving the aunt to struggle with her conscinece.

It is the aunt (and that fine Dritiah actress. Flora Kobnon who voices the film's findings for us You cannot treat human beings as though they were less than human, without becoming less than human yourself." And the mind flashes oacx, ii me pictures noes noi, xo the Dachau newsreels included earlier, Technically less impressive than Gentleman's Agreement, the Brit ish film nevertheless has its ines capable comment on current atti tudes. A good cast backs up this message, headed by the admirable Miss Robson. Mai Zctterling, from Sweden, seemed a little wooden as the German girl, especially when contrasted with Glynis Johns, who is a sister-m-law. David Farrar, Albert Lieven and Barbara Everest all do good work for the cans e.

UNCOXQUF-REn" AT LOEWS Paramount release directed and produced by Cecil B. DeMille. Screenplay by Charles Bennett. Characters. Players.

Capt. Christopher Holden Garry Cooper Avby Paulette Goddard Garth Howard Da Stlva Guyasuta Boris Karlotf Jeremy Love Cecil Kellaway John Fraser Ward Bond Hannah Katherine DeMille Captain Steele Henry Wilcoxon Lord Chief Justice Sir C. Aubrey Smith Capt. Simeon Ecuyer Victor Varconi Diana Vlruinla Gray Leach Porter Hall Bkne Mike Mazurki Col. GeorRe Washington Richard Gaines Mrs.

John Fraser Virginia t-ampneu Lt. Feraus McKenzie Gacin Muir Sir William Johnson Alan Napier Mrs. Pruitt Nan Sunderland If Gentleman's Agreement and Frieda provide adult film fare, then Unconquered, My Wild Irish Rose and Prince Of Thieves must be labelled films for tiny tots. They represent Hollywood at its most playful. most feckless, most childish.

The DeMille film Is really staggering. The old master-mind of the sweeping canvas has here brought all his time-worn tricks and elaborate production to bear on a story that must have been stolen from an old Chums serial. If you go in the right mood, you RATHER THAN DISAPPOINT HUNDREDS WE ARE HOLDING THIS PROGRAM A FEW MORE DAYS. THE ACADEMY AWARD WINNERS BEST (S) LORETTA YOUNG for her utlandlns performance in "Farmer'! Daughter" Also BEST ACTOR RONALD C0LMA1I In "TALK OF THE TOWN" BEGtl.AR PRICES 6100 Sherbrooke Street West AT UNITED THEATRES TODAY! GRFF.R GARSON In "Desire Me," with Robert Mlt rhum and Richard "THE BACHELOR AND THE HOBBV-SOXER," with Cary Grant, Myrna 1-oy and Shirley Temple. TODAY! ALAN I.ADD In "Wild Harvest." with Dorothy Ua- moir and Robert Preton.

"THUNDER IN THE VALLEY," Color hy TECHNI COLOR with Lon Mrcaiiikter ana re-gy Ann fiarner. TODAY! BINO CROSBY in "Road To Rio." with Dorothy La- mour and Boh Hope. "THE L'NSU- i-kitkii," witit Joan ratiirield and Maud Rain. i TODAY! Vil' 'J i fi 'A flora robson PX'f JjJ fL1 in Frieda." with David Farrar and the New Swedish Star Mai Zetterllnn. Alto The Academy Award Winner for the Best Cartoon "TWEETIE PIE," Coler by TECHNICOLOR.

Other Special Shorts and News. HELD OVER until TUESDAY ANTON- WAL-BROOK in "War- ii Concerto," with Bailey Gray. "ALL IHI MONEY CAN BUY." With Edward Arnold, Slmone Simon and Walter Huston. Ei TODAY! jf MARK STEVENS 3 in "I Wonder Who'll KlMlnr Her A i 1 i i omr oy technicolor witji June Haver. "REPEAT PERFORMANCE." with Joan LetUe and Louis turt.

that it does not allow vou to sit back and sav "How can any civiliied person behave like that?" but rather makes you ask yourself that what I do:" Tor the picture is not about those ssily-disowned expressions of anti-aemitism the public Jew-baiting nd the racial fanatics. It is designed for the people who tay, with weet smugness, "Nobody can call me anti-semite, certainly. Why, some of my best friends are Jews" and suit the next remark with a damming "But The writer's explanation of anti-pemitism to his little son, the heroine's first reaction to his plan to turn Jewish, two encounters in public bars, the fiankness of the stenographer who conceals her ie-ligion. the shift in the doctor's manner when he is asked to re eommend a Jewish specialist, the frustration when th hero comes face to face with the reality of the "reKtricterT hotel, the description rf the Jewish soldier ho died with the words "Give me a hand with this Sheeny" echoing in his ears nd the teiror of the small boy hen he is ostracized by his playmates, the.c are sharply pointed moments which indicate that Hollywood has found its tongue at last, and finds that it ran say a great deal without shouting. Even the love-scencs have a difference, and an impact that miles of celluloid clinches have not imparted.

The two people the writer nd the socialite niece of his publisher are at once drawn together by the mott convincing physical weed yet separated by this shadow anti-emitism. Not, mind you. by iern fathers, great wealth, misdirected letters, earthquakes or the evil machinations of others, but by difference tn honesty of belief. The two lovers are beautifully nd intelligently acted bv Gregory Jck and Dorothy each MORISOH JERGENS MOWBRAY and mwan re flP CtjtU uin cr; TJ1 II tavmKlrjM II fNCOtl TIIUMPM a SATURDAY a MIDNIGHT SHOW 1 x-rffTUHL 'ivw hi i -JZ GLORIA DAHL. 10 ACTS CI I'M 1 V-V-v-f iV': rtfMim mil i STARTING MONDAY CANDY PARKER Nam in Dane a th.

BannitM LOWE-HITE STANLEY Novelty Funny Favoritf rr BRADY GILBERT LEE Th Funtttr now showing psnnrtrrf HENRY J.KELLY HENRI FRENCH Broadway M.C. Gtntlman of th Whl LILY GRECO LEN HOWARD Oreh. nUOlA AND HER FAMILY i In the Hew ferltish film at the Snow-dn. starting today, Gtrman heroine faces the Nazi beliefs --n her brother turns up in her English home. Mai Zetterling rijmt Utle role and Albert Leiven is the brother.

naywara. i i ni i i ii pi i mm.

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