The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 11, 1931 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 11, 1931
Page 6
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MONDAY, MAY 11, 1BS1 Blytheville Golf Team Surprises With Viclory Over Jonesboro Course. Old Mill! Jinx went for n vide yiih the niythcvllle golf team Sunday nnd somtwMrc among Ihe Bullies and rugged hazards of the course nl the Janfsbora country club his body will probably found. For Just about (lie first time in the history of their Inter- club tournaments. Ihc Blytl-.?ville golfers won a tourney away from home, defeating t!ic niblick nil- ists ol the CrnlghcMl county capital f5 to 30. The locnl polfUrs, twwily five strong. upset nil precedent in acl- mlnlslerins n Ironneing co Iho Jonesbovo team, which In (he past always beat the liiylhevllle golfers as soundly at Jonesboro as I he locals turned the trick h?rc. The locals have yet to lose n tournament over the country club course here. V Turner of the Jonesboro club was' the li-odallst of the tourney, turnin? In a curd of 74 strokes. two over par, for two rounds of wn" "••'• ' Tight wrists aic disastrous lo Ihe; [_ cca l Qi||> OropS Second Slraiglil Game Here, Scorn 6-2, ;\\ Haley Field golf swing. H is impassible lo I llic wrists a; It'.c lop of the back-• rains; vvilli ll-.e club held hi a' deathlike Blip. >'fl "• Is well lo remember tint the ciuh must lit held firmly. Wllhoiil i-ocklns nl the top of the and D. Eskcw of the Bernard Gooch was second low man for BlvthcvlHc with 80 strokes Although 'the Jonesboro golfers took most of the- low medal lion- ...'''#,' ©WE* ' punch or power can I>L- admlnis- icred lo the ball nl Impact. Ti°hl wrists tense the muscles cf tic Ight side In (lie downswing, caus- iK one to lunse at liie ball. er s uncock lliclr wrls Is 105 soon In the downswing, spending tile punch and power Ions before the club I* In n notion lo hit. 'Study the - lustration of younir llorlon Smith br.ckswing. It is here that Hie un- cocklim of Hie" wrists lakes place the right l:nml comes into use whipping Ihc club through." ' County Loop Teams Get Off lo Start In Games Sniiday OTS, Ihe scores of Ihe Blythevlllc .,.,,. team were 'more consistent am notice the short distance the club- swept the tourney for vcloiy. One head lias traveled In comparison match in which J. H. Bmven. play- with the hands from Hie lop of lining wilh tlie Blytheville team won Hires points was not Included In the team scores; Tlie tourney was played- on the point system with three iwssiblc points for each mutch, divided ore point for match play winner on each round of the nine hole course and one point for total medal score In each match. Results of the Individual nialch- es follow: • rteilt Piirvear (J) 38-41—TO. Ihrec points, defeated Horace' Gulp (B) 43-40-83. Dick Altman <J> 47-48—93, three points, defeated Jotyi Waterman (B) 50-48—98. V Turner (J) 38-3G—14, Ihrce points, defeated John Lcntl, (B), 44-40—84. . L D Eskew (J) 41-38—19, three points, defeated C. M. Baxlcr (B) Gordon Matthews, Jr. (J) 42-33 —81 ' two points, defeated C. Urjtzenich - (B) 40,-43-83, one - point. Robert Kirschner (B) 42-43-85 defeated 1 Paul Barren (J) 41-44— 85, Tlie niytl:rvil!e Heel Sox tcok their scrunil slr;ii':lit tronncliu b:? ion- 15:? Iran" fei'.kj, yesterday, bo»- Ini; to Uu- 'iViiin-iiiii Imk'pr-11-.hiHs, Jl-il-v I-Vlci. ii ti '!. The Biimc to all Intents nn:] purw;s was lo b- the llrsl li-i-il Sunday ln:;?r inline hr;-:? in n n-.imlirr of yc-ars, a sn?c'nl e-lef.icii l-i't Tiifstbv turn'm; n !>!•.! iiiijnillv In favor o[ v lm?li:ill. Hn'i-pver. mlth?s from U'.lle fiork lirllc ll'iil l!ie cuiiiuv VJtrxl br-fore Uie recent :iet of Ihc legislature bo- nfinic rifrclivc an'l tit? Riune wns probably, Kvhnlcilly nl least, slil "ail-ildi- llu- Ir.v." Pnllin*:. Trtmnnn ln:rle r . let tlv nivthcvlllo bms down with sevei ils nnd pil-l:n:l slni'mil hnll nnll o ilosi huiK-lit-il two lilts and ni ror In tho ninth for hvo run 1 'ic visitors i-'sl but nine hits o: 'ritjhl '.v!:fi wns miserably support For tlie fii-sl four innlms 111 line was rb-T^y ron'.L-s'hd. '"mnnn tcnm count-Mi hi Ihr- in Hnl frame on a'l erro' and a hi n Llie" .second the visitors Ihren n-'il but fnili'il to tally despite U ills nnd nn error. The Blylhevlll!- linvi illdn'l ha many scoring oirwrUmlllr-s niinc unity b2c:iusG Iliev didn't get ISP in the plnrc-. The visitors combined two hi for a run in the fifth inniiiq ni added ntio'.lier in ihe sixth on error and a HI. They went scar ess In (lie seventh but nwt" thr runs in ti:e eisiilh on Uvo hits an error. HiiSllns hit a hDiner 111 terry, holding the Tijjrs to seven' hits, lloyt u-!d Uhle eave up 1C >)!ng!es. The Cleveland Indians were ] socked by th? l!ostc:i Red Sox and lo^t 9 lo 4. The Sex knolteO Ihe: count In the third at 4-:ill und then went In front to (rlmii;jh. Wcljh l:lt a homer for Huiion. Durlia-.n va-i the whining liurlcr. The heavy WtliiiK Hriilr.s gol hits eft Ihc eh-r.very of Fred Fitainnnons yestcrriay and Ihe Warddl Out in Front in S. E. Missouri Loop received this morning from the came. ' Snlnuiifrs Shculil Urp».it Twelve men on the University cf ^^chi[;a!l swinuninK leani, inlc-rc-?- lo^inte cli!iiii|jlo]is of 1931, have i been awarded letters. Of t'.ils grou;) ~—~ • o:i!y Irv Valentino, captain of fri': Wardell 5v,-»i>t inlo Iho lead in clin'miiions, will l;c losl by gradu- :e Southen.-.l Missouri baseball yesterday by dcfcallng' According to a Russian scion- is!, ll-.e human eye moves Invsl- unlarlly about 100 times a mlnut:-. Louis ew Yolk lllslnm;]! lilladdplila irocklyn hiclniia'.l W. I,. 14 3 M (1 12 8 11 8 10 12 8 12 8 14 2 10 Held ld!e l>y rain yestordny but, "'"• ' ,, • Iho taltciles for Cooler and Jlop- i-eiatliiivel ID enjoy liicir high perch Tlie southpaw pltelima of Larry per and Sanders for Mllt-oiirn. .824 i't the top of UK; Amaricw lea»nc r ' el!c " «'« lo ° nnllh tor ,\ 1K • ttf ' K M»«lrid stt-.imp;d the w 700 S'lilch they mounted S-ilurdny. The routhpaw bitinvf of tin- Bro;/.lyii. i; eiucn ,,i nc un( i ci . a showsr of COO' Clilcufio Cubs ivciL- treated (o a fJoU-cis Sunday and the Pittsburgh b^c j-jt-; to will by a basketball ffig'dmtoiil to llic Guinls nnd Fred 1'iralcs won, 3 lo 1. I'lu-lps Imrlcd, S ;e, re , ir> lo 5. Hits, errors and 4ri5 t r :l/'- : iuimcn.s (;oo;l ball in~st of the way. ' [i^t^c.s were inlcrniin^icd freely in Tl'C Ciiip:nnali-lios::.u panic In . HIP [:an-,?. I the Natlo:inl l(-:i';uo uiv.1 l!ic New Ho'lnnd and Ptiscoia lied up in! York-Chicago mid Pi!il.i;!c-li)'iia-S'..! a well pljycd game al I>;iscoU in ilii- A:nc:lei!i j with I'.isccla finally emerging vic- .403, Tlic V/asli!iiBlon F.^nators Jump-; .'J01 1 «1 on Uhlc fir three runs In the • .111 1 12t!i inning lo bL'fU the Tigers, 7. ilo 4. The Senators used three Unils Amcrk'an •lew York •hlhdclplila Cleveland Detroit VashhiiUon ;hicai;o fioston ................. 0 11 HI. Louis .............. Gil W. I,. . 12 8 10 1 . 12 10 12 11 . 11 II ,. 9 11 I pitchers. Jc.'s, llaUley aii'l Mar- 1 Icaaun were inir.e;! out. ) torlous 3 to 2. No report had been .600 .508 .545 .522' .500 .450 .450 .333 Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday, May 12-13-14 Now Showing For ihv First Time at Popular Prices Former Prices on this Picture were 73c, SI and $1.50. The Mlsslssln-n counlv bawliall race eot undcrwav y'ostrr- dgv with nil [en teams In the cir- ci'll plavitr^ the- scores imllrntcd carlv season i-riors and wildness. Kkrnn started off In the win column hy defeating the Lillle River ac^rec-ilion [it Little Ulvcr bv a score of 15 to S. At Ilolbcrl. thc.lioiuo team u-as successful In w ! niiliur over Burdelte. 1-1 lo B. The Hishlower nine Invaded Yarbro «-lth mile luck, losing lo Hie Yarbro boys, 13 lo 6. At Dell, Promise Land scored a decisive ivln, 11 lo 5. Tl-c rcsull of the Lutes-llcrmondale same had .not been learned this morning. accounted (or tlie runs. The Sos scored their runs willi two out In the ninth. Jenkins s!n- 1. Thrasher col nbonrd on nn error bv Miller n 1 short ?ii'l /vwir.ii ceimc through wilh n single. Wrljlil rolled out. ending Ihe game. The livo hi-rlers were llic hit- tlni; stars of the same v.-itli Sulliiis crashing a homer for Triunnnn n>id Monk Wvl-jlil fcKlns three hits for nivthevlll". Blytheville An. T/vlhetlcr ss 4 Phillips c 4 WsUTlllRloll 31) •! Abrnmlliy If 4 Reed Ib 4 Jenkins if s Orlum cf 2 Thraslier cf ?. Acoach 2b 4 Wrlslil- p 4 Totals 35 Rodney Bannister (B) 43-30-32, two points, defeated Dr. E. J. Horner H) 45-42—84, one point. "Ernest Roe (B) 44-43-87, one point, and Gordon Matthews, Sr. (j) 43-44_a7, one point, fed. . Byron Morse (B) 45-39-84, three points, defeated P. D. Williams, (J) 48-4(3—94. Bruno Tanned IB) 44-43-87, three points, dclented Robert Pal- (B) 40-40—80, three points, defeated Gus Nash (J) 44-44—88. C R. Babcock (B) 43-44—87, two points, defeated Dr. I.nttcrloh (J) 43-45—88, one point. Judge O. E. Keck (B) 50-41—01. three points, defeated Fred Shnver <J) 59-49—108. Jeff Roland (B) 49-44—93 three points, defeated Crawford Noble (J) 56-61—117. Dr. Jernlgnn (J) 42-43—85 two points, defeated Dr. H. S. Davl (B) 44-43—87, one point. Arthur Adams <J> 48-45-M throe points, defeated diet Cun ninghain IB) 50-54—104. Herbert Sanderson (J) 44-45—89, two points, defeated W. T. Barnett IB) 48-46^-. one point. Paul Elder (J) 4G-45-91, Ihrce poinls, defeated Dr. Owen IB) 50- R. II 0 2 0 n o 0 0 1 0 0 2 Trumnnn Goiter 3b 5 Phillips 2b 5 An. n. H. Holt Ib 4 Sorrell c 5 Hodge If 5 Uolliugswcrlh cf 4 Miller ss 4 Mann rt 4 Su-l'iis p 4 Totals 40 Sf.uck out—Sulllns, six; Wright five. Umpires—Craig and Moore. Win Two From Vols; Crnx, Pels, Pcbs in Triumphs. . The nirmtugliam Barons beal Ihe Nashville Vols twice Sunday lo continue their dizzy stride a ! the head of the Southern league' pennant r;icv. The Cruckerh in second plnro won EI yinic us did! tlie Peh In Ihlrd nnd the Pcbs ill! fourth place. | The lir.ronlal hitters were smnekuig the horsehld? Sunday. The scores of their victories were 15 lo 2 nud 11 lo 3. They collected a lotnl of 35 liit.s in the two panics. Art Wets hit two homers for nirinir.shnin, two in one inning. Davis. Carter nnd Chapman nls;) (-ra-,]-.c[l four base hits during the afteinoon. Touchstone and Edwnrds were the winning hurlcrs. Wilh 'Climax" Blelhon blanking 01 Ihc Chattanooga Lookouts, the n Atlanta Crackers rnn up 1G scores' 0 at Chntianocpa Sunday: Blelhen allowed only nine hits. Cnrlylc hilj ! home run and Taitt got fotir hits' 'or Allnnta. • '; The Litlle Rock Trnvelprs singed | i two run rally in the ninth, inning to beat the Mobile Bears, 7 :c G at Mobile. Tlv, Bears and Pebs j splif the series. The Pel) rally wns staged with two out. Newsom was! the winning inirler.. The Pelicans defeated the Chick- nsaws (i to 1 at New Orleans. Price limited the Memphians to three binirlc.-i while the Pels got 2 MATINEES Ad«S h At 1:30 and 3:45 2 Night Shows 6:30 and 8:45 Prices 25c and 50c All Children Must Have TH-kefs ieven. 'llc only Chltk run was s-D-.-cd in tlie first inning. 51—101. Leo Lintzenich (Bl 44-43—81. three points, defeated II. Knhn (J) 49-56—105., Chas. Baker <B) 48-46-94 three points, defeated James Young. (J) 49-46-^95. C. M. Chappell (B) 43-40-80, two points, dcfealed Chas. Alkinson (J) 44-49-93. D. B. Aycock (J) 55-53-103. one point, defeated E. L. Elkins (B) 62-5S—118. A. Lee (J) 45-39—84, two points, defeated E. B. Gee (B) 44-42—80, one point. . Joe Halbach (B) 35-42—17. two points, defeated Maltland Erwin (J) 41-42—83. J. R. Bowen (B) 48-52—100, de . rested R. C. Turner (J) 48-59— 101. Not counted in results. GAMES TODAY Southern Memphis at Birrningham. Chattanooga at NOT rleans. Little Rock at Atlanta. Nashville at Mobile. American league New York at Chicago. Philadelphia at St. Louis. Washington at Detroit. Boston at Cleveland. ii^< i: Nitlon»I Imrne Cincinnati at Boston. Pittsburgh at Brooklyn. Chicago n't New York. 8t.-l*uls at Philadelphia, rlo:n and p:>v:er took Greelcy's advice nnd went west som? years a^r*. track nnd licld supremacy his taken Ihe trek in lint direction three dnys. That is, if you fisure tth" power shown by St-inford an-.! Southern California in their r?c?n^ meets, and a comparison of tli- resnlls of Ihc recent relny carnivals, as indicative of •pvo-.vr.'.s. Take the four main relay or- nivals, at Pennsylvanln. Drake Kansas and Ohio State. Tiiou?!: the Quaker games hnvc seniority rights by rcnsou of 37 successful seasons, the, nthlclfs who competed there this year fare;! l'-r poorest as f.Tr ns icsults arc concerned. Tile Drake contests arc 22 years old; the Kansas Relays have been hold annually f.->r the last nine years, nnd (lie cnby of the lot is Ohio Stnlc. with yenrs of conipctiUcn. One. Viclorj-, One Tic. Of 15 events which arc the s.imc- n the programs nl each oi th clays, only Hie Unic established ii he mile "relay \vns the best a J enn. The Pcnn gcitucs also man ged to get a tie in the' two-mil elay with Ihe winner of I^.E even a 1 . Drake. Kansas look n. majority of t'.- honors. Times. In Ihe 440-yard re- ay, half-mils rciay. four-mile re- ay and 100-yard clash an:! distances attains^ in tho iump and Javelin throw at the Jaylnwk contests topped the field. Ohio State, the other upstart, ranked second to Kansas with winning marks in tr.e 120-yard high hurdles, pole vault, dlscu; throw and 460-yard shuttle relay. By stretching n point, or.e might even put the Buckeye sanies ahead of Kansas, since official world records In the high hurdles nnd s:uit- le relny were shaded by the winners at Columbus. Drake outshone the field In thre? events and tied wilh Pcnn in a ourth. Triumphs for the Des Molnes mesl were scored in t!;e dis- [ nnc» msdley relay, high jump and shot put. and the tie in the two- mile relay. Proof of the Pudding. Tile great Southern Cnlitoriii.i nnd Stanford lenms will Invo a chance May N nnd 30 when they come east for the I. C. 4-A ijamrs la tlcmousirate Ibal Ihe Pacific coast holds th: athletic, supremacy of the country. Each has a wonderfully balanced team, with now?i in numbers. One of thes?' will b? national champion Ihis year, barring Iraln wrecks, strikes, lockouts, etc. And the. Trojans' recent vlc- ry over the Stanford athletes ems lo point lo U. S. C. as t're ilcr. Manila Baseball Team Wins From Paragould XTANILA, Ark.— Manila bascbnll t;am defeated Pc.ragoukl here yos- terday, 13 to 3. Batteries for -Manila were Luther Young, and Alva Crow; for Parasould, Cannon anJ Tcdd. RITZ THEATER Last Time Today Sec the "It" Girl in her l.n(cs( Pk-luvi! HOME THEATRE I,3st Time Today Your Husband's Secretary!— Slic may keep his pevsnii dimy . . . knows his must inliiimte sccvcts — tiicy tall her Day-Time wifc! u CLARA BOW Wilh Tooncy Wynne Gibson and Juliette Comnlon Comedy and \c\vs. Matinee—10, 2u and !0 N'iglit—15 and 'Ilk-. Comedy and dm.—Mntinee ami 10 and I • The greatest adventure of them A romance of A beautiful white girl ruling a nation of savage blacks! The never-endin fiht lo death of the African jnngle! Directed by VAN DYKE THE BIGGEST PICTURE in YEARS! They travelled NfiOO MILKS and look TWO lo make ATTRACTIONS Friday and Saturday, May 15-IG 'T.UN SMOKE" with Richard Arkn and Mary IJricn. Sunday and Monday. May 17-18 "DAYWU'-AK" wilh R;imon Navarrn. Tiic.<(iay-Wc(lncFdfiy-Th!irs[]ny, May 10-20-21 Mitxi Green anil Jackie Conner in "SKll'l'Y". Friday and Saturday. May 22-23 "QUICK MILLIONS". fiunilay and Monday. May 2-I-2S {'live Hjoolt in "TAKNISHRJ) LADY". Tiicsdiiv - Wc«ine:--duy - Thur-Jay, >!;iy 2fi-27-2S Richard Oix in "C1MAKKON". Vrirtiiy and Stiturday. May 20-.10 "YOl'NG S1NNKRS" with TUoniRJ MciRhan and Dorothy Jordan. Sunday and Monday, May :JO and ,hme 1 Robert Monlcomcry i» "SHirMATKS".

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