Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 24, 1891 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 24, 1891
Page 3
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The Soap that Cleans Most is Le nox, D. B. PRYOR The Druo-oist handles the SO purest drugs which the market pruduces.— PRESCRIPTIONS A specialty. 516 E. Broaday st. Real Estate For Sale orTrade In all parts of Logansport. Residence and Business [property. Sole Agents for the "West End Addition." And Johnson's Riverside Addition. Vacant Lots, on Monthly Payments. Bargains in lands close to city. E. N. Talbott & Son, Real Estate Broker, St. Elmo Bloek. Broadway DR. W. D. SNOW, OFFICE »n4 Residence orer 201 Sycamore St. LOGANSPORT, -' - • IND. Special Attention Given to Acnte and Chronic Diseases and Diseases of Women and Children. Consultation Free. Night Bell Promptly Besponded to. QRAILROAD RUMBLINGS. Item* from the Note-Hook or Our Railway Reporter—Points Personal and Oilicrvrixe. The latest report is that A. J. Cassatt, of Philadelphia, will be electee first vice president of the Pennsylvani; Company, filling 1 th'e position of the late J. N. McCullough. Mr. Cassatt entered service in April, 1871. as> roadman on the Philadelphia division oJ the Pennsylvania road; 1SSS to 1864 he was assistant engineer of construction of the connecting- railway; 1S64 to 1869, resident engineer Middle division Philadelphia & Erie railroad;17G6 to Nov. 16, 1867, superintendent motive power and machinery, Pennsylvania railroad; April 1, 1S70 to Dec. 1, 1871, general superintendent Pennsylvania railroad; Dec. 1, 1871, to July 1. 187-t, general manager Pennsylvania lines cast of Pittsburg and Erie; July 1, 187-t, to June, 1780, third vice president Pennsylvania Company, and subsequently vice-president Northern Central, Baltimore & Potomac and West Jersey companies; June, 1880, to Oct. 1, 1SS2, fi"st vice-president Pennsylvania Company. Samuel Thomas, the New York banker, when told that there was such a rumor said that he would place but little credence in that report, as Mr. Cassatc was very wealthy, fond of pleasure, and he did not believe he would place so big a job on his shoulders as filling the position of vice-president of the Pennsylvania Company. The National Car-service Association will hold its first annual meeting in Richmond. Va., commencing on Wednesday. D. T. Bacon, general manager of the Indiana Car-service Association, will leave this evening 1 to be present at the meeting. Thirty associations will be represented, and the officers for the ensuing year choseli. A WORK UNSURPASSED.- Xbe Americanized Encyclopedia IN I he lies! Edition Ever iNstied. LABOR LN COUNCIL. It is a fact that it, is now more than fifteen years since the first volume of the nin',hand last edition of the "Encyclopedia Britannica' 1 was issued. This original edition is intended for use by Englishmen in England. The "Americanized Encyclopedia Britinnica" is the samu work revised and amended for use by Americans in America. It is compiled "up to date," and is for sale only by the Journal or its authorized representative. Call at the office and examine the work, or drop us a postal card and out 1 representative will call on you with sample copies. Read the following testimonials: LoGAXsrORT, Feb. 19, 1891. I have examined the plan and scope of the "Americanized Encyclopedia Britannica.'" It has the following advantages over the original: 1. It brings knowledge down to a later date from two to fifteen years. 2. It includes the biography of living persons. 3. Although it condenses and curtails, some of tLe English articles, its articles upon American subjects are fuller, more perfect and complete. 4. Very fine and correct maps of the States are given. 5. Except on subjects touching special professions, the wor.k is a decided improvement for'the general reader. 6. The cost is only about one-fourth of the original. HORACE P. An lutercxtiiiK Sonxlon of the 'Trade* ami Lubor AMHCinbly LaM SH n day. Grand Palace Hotel. 81 to 103 Nortn Clark Street, Cnicago, 4 minutes from Court House. Both Plans. Weekly, $3,00. • Transients, 50c up. HesianKint by Compagnon.late oiilcagoClub.Chef. POPULAtt PRICES. KEW HODSE. Cat this out lor farther ' reference. feb!4dlm MONEY TO LOAN! And Notes Bought In any sum over $25 at lowest ' rates. Large amounts 6 per cent. GBO.B.FORGY. declSdAwBm Daily Journal. TUESDAY, MORNING, MARCA 24. Use J. B. • L. Blood and Liver Tonic. eod&w We are showing beautiful low cost dress robes.—Schmitt & Heffley. You can get more dress goods for $1, at the Trade Palace than elsewhere. Fifty dozen' Foster lacing kid gloves to close at 49 cents, worth $1.—Golden Rule. THAT HACKING COUGH can be so quickly cured by Shiloh's Cure. We guarantee it. Sold by B. F. Keesling 1 SLEEPLESS NIGHTS made miserable by that terrible cough. Shiloh's Cure Is the remedy for you. Sold by B. F Keesling: 2 WHY WILL YOU cough when Shiloh's Cure will give immediate relief? Price 10 cents, 50 cents and $1. Sold by B. F: Keesling. 7 Miss'Flora A. Jones, South BendJ Ind., manufactures famous "Blush of Roses." B. F. Eeesling sells more than any other druggist in Logans- part. 5— Miss Cora Annis has the exclusive agency for Memoirs of Sherman, written by'himself,- for Case county. Any other work than the one she has is hot reliable. 'riich24d5t"- : "Something^ unheard ofbefore in the United States. Best : French sateens 15 cents a yard, worth the State over 35 and 40 cents'. Comei quick astEere will be a great rush; it is cheaper than prints at one cent a yard. Remember, Wednesday, March 25, at the Trade Palace. Mechanics Keep Away- The following will explain itself: HKADQ.UAKTKRS CENTRAL LABOR UNION, ) i'K-UiKFORT. Ind, Marcfl U, 1891. ) Fellow workmen:—The boomers an real estate men are sending out circu lars to induce mechanics of all branch es to come here, when in fact al trades are over stocked with men. All mechanics are advised to keei away, for the city is full of idle men Organizations:—U. B. Carpenter and Joiners of A.; B. of Painters an< Decorators of A.; L. A. 4243 K. of L. Plasterers Union of Frankfort. ALEC. G-ASAAVAY, President. MARTIN BIOBN, Secretary. Hows This: We offer One Hundred Dollars Eeward for an case of Catarrh that cannot be cured by takinj Hall's Cutarrh Cure. F. J. CHENEY & Co., Props., Toledo, 0. We, tlie undersigned, have known ¥. J. Chene; for the last 15 years, and believe him' perfect!; honorable In all business transactions and finan clally able to carry out any obligation made b; their firm. WEST & TB.UAX, "Wholesale Druggists, Toledo 0.;WALDL\&, KDINAN& ilARTIN, Wholesale Druggists, Toledo 0. Hail's Catarrh Cure Is taken Internally, acting directly upon the blood and mucous surfaces o tha system. Pries 75c. per bottle. Sold by al Druggists. _ O. i,. S. C. Roll Call..—Quotations from Emerson or Hawthorne. Regular Lessons.—Last two weeks outline in March Chatauqua. " Readings.—Addison. Spectator,Mrs. A. Douglass. lennyson.—Selection, Mrs. S. Michaels. Browning—Selection, Mrs. J. W. Ballard. Meets this evening at Mrs. J. E. Parkers at 1117 Market street. Postponement. • The musical entertainment which was to be given Wednesday, March 25, by the Young People Society of the Broadway Presbyterian Church is postponed on account of the illness of Mrs. Taber and Prof. Giffe, Notice wil'l be given later of this date. Tickets that have been sold will be good for the entertainment at a later date. Warning to Oil Consumers. . All persons are hereby notified that any barrels of coal oil not bearing my stamp as inspector is illegally inspected oil, and a liability is creating by the use or sale of the oil according to the.constitution of the State of Itidi ana. Take notice! M. FORNOFF, Deputy State Oil Inspector. Logansport, March 23, 1891. She WOK Completely Cured. A daughter of iny customer suffered from suppressed menstruation, and her health was completely wrecked. At my suggestion she used one bottle of Bradfleld's Female Regulator,' which cured her'.—J. W. Heliums, , Water Valley, Miss. Write the Bradfleld Reg. Co., Atlanta,' Ga., for particulars. Sold by Bea Fisher. to29. : 1 'Buck Stanley dismissed his case against William . Mabbitt, in the White circuit court last week at his own cost. This sijit was brought to recover pay for apprehending Amer Green. ' Attention, Contractor* and Bnildem. Xpu. are requested to meet .at the .Council "Chamber, Tuesday evening, March' 24, • at 7 p. m. ' Business of importance. Ind. Feb. 20, 1801 I have examined with much care the -AmericanizedEncyclopediaBriti- annica" issued by Belford, Clarke & }o., of Chicago, in ten volumes. To he average man this is superior to he original edition in twenty-four • r olumes. It retains all the substance and omits only the details of the original edition. Having occasion to investigate the subject of Mexico I found all the substantial /acts I needed in a half dozen pages. Not the least of its merits are the maps, all of which have the last rail roads and the new discoveries, notably those of Africa. In cheapness in price, convenience of reference and fullness and accuracy of facts, the Encyclopedia is just the thing a busy man needs, either for personal or family use. D. P. BALDWIN. LoGAXsrc-RT, Feb. 21, 1891. I have examined the "Americanized Encyclopedia Britinnica," and cordially recommend it as a valuable addition to any home library. The work is complete, condensed, concise, and is "up to date." and at once meets the wants of both the student and the businessman. It is cheap and within the reach oE most American homes and is precisely the reference work needed, as nearly all that which was so tediously exhaustive in the Eney- clopenia Britannica on subjects of English geography and history, is condensed to make room for American history and biographies. E. LOGANSPORT, Feb. 23, 1891 1 have examined a volume of the Americanized Encyclopedia Britannica," and consider it a valuable work for reference. Something of this kind should be.in the library of every student. H. A. SEAKIGIIT, Sup't, Cass County Schools. A "Wonder Worker. Mr, Frank Huffman, a young man of Burlington, Ohio, states that he had been under the care of two prominent physicians, and used their treatment until he was not able to get around. They pronounced his case to be consumption and incurable. He was persuaded to try Dr. King's New Discovery for consumption, coughs and colds and at that time was not able to walk across the street without resting.. Se found, before he had used half of a bottle, that he was much better; 36 continued to use it and is to-day en- oying good health. If you have any hroat,'lung or chest trouble try it. guarantee satisfaction. Trial bottle free at B. F. Keesling's drug store. 5 Notice to the 1'nbUc. It is amatter of concern to the public, whether the selling of a drink, is more criminal thau a conspiracy en- ered into by the .prosecuting witness th'd others to procure, a. drink for the ole purpose of convicting the saloon. Droprietor. Such conspiracy was con- uma'ted'by John Swallow,'Frank Coe'n ami : Albert' Davis', resulting in' costing le'n'ry Kriick', ' fi'O. 'This notice', is ; given in warning to whom it may con- ern. ; BEN MOLLET. The Trades and Labor Assembly met in regular session in Union Labor hall on Sunday afternoon. There was a large attendance of delegates from the various unions attached to the assembly. Secretary Bismark read a communication from the ex-council of" the American Federation of Labor notifying the Assembly that the coal miners throughout the entire country would on the first day of May endeavor to establish the eight hour workday. It was resolved by the Assembly that tLe different unions of this city be urged to render all the assistance in their power to aid the coal miners in. their coming struggle. Butchers Union ;3,31C asked the Assembly to appoint a committee to wait upon the Common Council of Logansport and ask that body to impose a license on meat peddlers in this city. The Assembly appointed a com- mittteo with instructions to go before the Council at its next regular session and present the prayer of the butchers- President Webster read a communication addressed to the Park Committee of the Common Council requesting said committee to push, matters in regard to the plans of the park so that work could be commenced in the near future. The communication was endorsed by the Assembly and the secretary was instructed_to present it to the Park Committee. Mr. A. Swadener, of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers being present, he was extended the courti- sies of the Assembly and made a very interesting speech, and showed plainly that he is thoroughly posted on the labor question. He was several times interrupted during his discourse by enthusiastic outbursts of applause from his hearers. He was followed by Arthur Nill, 'also of the B. of L. E. who expressed himself as being heartily in favor of Federation. His kindly allusions to President Gompers and his endorsement of that gentleman's desire for more, drew forth round after round of applause from the assembled workers. The Assembly passed by unanimous ,voice a vote of thanks to the two ffentlemen for their attendance and expressed the wish that the day is not far distant when all the railroad organizations of this city will be represented in the Assembly and that labor would then present a force that the most powerful dare not disregard. 0. P. Smith reported the formation of two unions since the Assembly met last. Trade is reported very dull by all Unions. 0. P. S. OJd Nursery Jt'avorltes. There was Tom, the Son of the Piper, Jack Sprat, and Merry King Cole, And the Three Wiss Men of Gotham, Who went to sea in a bowl; The woman who rode on a broomstick. And swept the cobwebbed sky. And the boy who sat in the corner. Eating his Christmas pie. These were some of the old favorites, but they have been supplanted by the "Pansy" and "Chatterbox" stories, "Little Lord Fauntleroy." and "Five Little Peppers." The old-fashioned pills and physics have been; superseded, and wisely, too, by Pierce's Purgative Pellets, a mild, harmless and effective cathartic. They are pleasant to take—so gentle ia their action that the nmst delicate child can take them, yet so effective that they will cure the most obstinate ca^e of coustipation, stomach, liver and bowel troubles. They should be in every nursery. As a geutle laxative, only one for a dose. J-low plairj b'njy mind m lhe ; :scei?es op ny chi/dJjood, , S my recollection recalls ttaio view» e so&f>-keftle hung on fte poles of greer? tasswoocfc moRe and ff/eomell Ufa]- my n nl ' c Burftose days ofooAp consequetf anguish, Have loijof since departed, we pray and we ijope; lf|e useoFfijeshiff'gdiito wane ar]dfo l&ng'uish As soon as tl?ey offered us SANTAClAUSSOAP BY ^ N.K.FAIRBANK&CO., CHICAGO, BLOSSOM A POSITIVE CURE FOR FEMALE DISEASES. A tired, huiKUkl feeling-, low spirited and despondent, with no appa^ . rentwuse. Indigestion, heuducbe, pains In the back, paina across tb« lou-cr part of bowels. Greatsoreness in region'.f ovaries, Bladder difficulty, Jfrequent urina- tions, Leucorrhcea, Constipation oi' bowels, and with all these symptoms a terrible Rervoua : 1'eellngIs experienced by the patient. Til K OllANGJB BLOSSOM TJREATilENT removes aO these by a thorough process of absorption. A I flPAl APPI IPATIflN Perfectly harmless, which every lady can vise, herself. Med' UUUHt. HrrLIUHIIUH icines token Internally vrill never relieve the many forms of female weakness. The remedy must bo applied to the parts to obtain permanent relief A PI AIM TAI V Tfl I AniF^ !nourclrolalar - -Ask your drug-gist for one. or send two lUMIH IriLfV IU LHDILOcei-.t stamp to home office for sample box and circular. EVERY LADY CAN TREAT HERSELF. 0. B. Pile Remedy. $1.00 FOB ONE MONTH'S TREATMENT. 0. B. Stomach Powder.. 0. B. Catarrh. Cure. —I'ltEPAKKW BY- O. B. Kidney Coma*. J. A. McCiLL, M. D., St CO., 2 & 4 PANORAMA PLACE, CHI8AGO. ILL. FOR SALE BY B-F . KEESfclXG and JOIIXSTO>*_BKOS. W. J. HUGHES & SONS CO. WHOLESALE DOORS, SASH, BLINDS, LUMBER. N. W. Cor. Fourteenffl and Maple StsA LOUSVILLE, KY. ^ .'Mention this paper. They Kick 'em Out! But it will take them some time to kick these out. OUR NEW SPRING HEEL SHOES Are worth your Inspection. WAL.KER& RAUCH, 42O Broadway. , Crony. No remedy acts quicker than pple Syrup.'' Try it. Sample bottles 1 ree at J. F. Coulaon & Go's. to22 SKILOH'S CuitE-will ^immediately re- lere croup, whooping 1 cough and ronehitis. Sold by B. F. Keek. , 8 Notice. On account of the State Encampment, G. A. R. at .Indianapolis, April 6th to 9th inclusive, the Vandalia line will sell round trip tickets to Indianapolis at one fare, $2.35, for round trip. Tickets on sale April 6th to 9th inclusive, good to return and including April 10th. For further infor- motion, apply to J. 0. EDGBVTOKTH, Ag't. A .Remedy for the Grippe. A remedy recommended for patients afflicted with the grippe is Kemp's Balsam, which is especially adapted to diseases of the throat and' lungs. Do' not'^wait for the first, symptoms of the, disease, but get a bottle and keep it on hand for use th« mo- -ment it is needed. If neglected the; grippe has a tendency'to bring on 'pneumonia. All druggists sell the : Balsam. '.. ' Notice—Horncslioern and Blackumltlts There; will be'a meeting Tuesday night at the Council Chamber at 7; o'clock of the horseshoers and black- .smiths to form a Union. meh22d2t Pillsbury's flour is the world at Foley's. best the A TIMELY SUGGESTION".—Some folks .seem to think that dyspepsia means •piety, and others imagine themselves good simply because they have a bad liver. If these suggestions apply to you, gentle reader, we would advise you to get Dr. White's Dandelion Alterative at once. It cures dyspepsia, regulates the liver and ovei comes that feeling of weariness and lassitude. Very large bottle ' for a dollar, and every bottle warranted. Sold by B. F. Keesling. • . to29 . The Onnce of Prevention. The satisfaction of feeling safe from catching any disease from drinking water, from impure air, from a sick person, from contact with foul clothing, infection or contagion from any source, .is complete and all- anxiety allayed by the use of Darby's Prophylactic Fluid. A bottle will give more safety, comfort and confidence than all the doctoring in the world. to!9 A Foul-Mouthed Woman is even worse than a foul-mouthed man. But no one need be foul-mouthed if they will only use SOZODONT and rub it in well. Don't spare the'brush and spoil the mouth as-so'me parents dp with \ their children- when they withhold the rod, to29; : , THE,REV. Giso. H. THAYEK, of.Bour-; bon, Ind., savs; :''Both. myself :;; and wife owe our lives to Shiloh's Consumptive Cure. Sold by B. F. Keesling 6 • ' . .CATABRH CURED, health and sweet breath secured,. ,by. Shilot's Catarrh Remedy. Price,50 cents. Nasal' Injector free. Sold by B. F. Kees ing 1 •. • 3 Short breath, palpitation, pain in •'cheet, weak or faint spells, etc., cured by Dr. Miles' New Heart Cure. Soldlat B. F. Keesling's ^} Beecham's Pills cures sick head ache. d6t For Sain The undersigned offer the following • pieces of property for sale at low • rates and upon liberal terms: House and , lot on Smead street, between 16th and 17th streets. Lot ,-iU.by 165. , Large mill property at Adamsboro,. comprising mill, - residence and" two> ; tenement houses, and thirty-five acres-^ ? Buhr.flouring, mill, known as Spring .• Creek mill, in Clay township, 6'mile* northeast of the city, comprising mill •» building and machinery in good run- *; ning order; residence and thirteen - (• acres. Eighty acres pasture laud, witk;.., never failing stream of -living water \ running through it, in Riehlan'd town. '_ ship, Fulton county. Well-fenced. ,, f One-hundred and twenty acres im- >i proved farm land land, in Richland ^ township, Fulton county. - £ Eighty acreslmproved farm land ia ^' Tippecanoe township, Pulaski county,. Or I will trade any aad all these pieces for Chicago improved real estate. Call on or' address Fred W Munson, Logansport, Indiana. feb22d*wlm Something New , In Corn—Sew ltll» Drled^Coru Meal. This process retains all the sweet* and nutriments of-'-th&>'«orn.^ It i» thU process that has given Kentucky' »ad Virginia its great reputation for corn meal.. To be had at the leading^ groceries. .We.are, also .manufacturing- pure whole wheat flour,. This ig also on sale at all the leadi : ng' : grocerieg in ^ one-eighth barrel packages. Thert»-i« t , more; nutrition in.,this .flour than,,in ' any other made. We are now fro-f, pared to .grind corn,for-feed in any . quantities . ' declld*wtf D. &C. H. DHL. ">•& , . --. Jfor Over.'Fltty Veam. _i,CLj An Old and Well-Tried Remedy.—Mrs. WJnilnKt-, Soothing Syrup has been owd-toe-over'IMr Tears by MJllions of Mothers- for r.tnelr CUUna' While Teething, with Perfect Success. It 8i)iM>M . the Child, Soften* the OnmB.AUays MrPalniOBn*: 1 Diarrhoea. Sola by arnggtsts In er«rrput«r tk« world. Be mre and ask .for Mrs.' WtnatoiTf^ Sootnlng Syrop, 'and take n* other-'Wad. Twectj-Cre c«nt« a bottl*. luneakUtwty •

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