Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on December 19, 1957 · Page 23
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 23

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 19, 1957
Page 23
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Thursday Evening, December IB, 1957, Changes Plea, Handed Fine Robert Shepard, 31, of 510 West Wabash avenue, was fined $10 and costs by Judge Harold Tuberty in a short city court session Thursday morning on a charge of failure to yield the right-of-way to a pedestrian. Shepard was arrested after striking a pedestrian at Fifth and East Market streets while driving a city bus on Nov. 21. Shepard previously entered a plea of not guilty, but changed, his plea to guilty and was fined. One defendant fined for public intoxication was the only other case handled during the brief court CAR WIRES CUT Ealph Dashner, 2806 East Broadway, Thursday reported to police that wires under the dash in his 1956 model car had been cut while the auto was in a parking lot off North street the previous night. COIUMISS1ONKIIS A>'J> CIRCUIT COl'HT CLAIMS. SHJ5CIAL IJKC'EMIIKH .Sl'J.S'.SIOA", 1»57 The following claims nave been filed in this office and will bu presented to the Board of Commissioners of Cays County at their special session to be held Monday, December 23, 1957 for payment. Also included are those certified by the Judge of the Cass Circuit Court. K. Bicker. Clk's per diem ..? 75.00 G. Cline, dep. sal 2CO.UO T. Leonard, same 285.00 H. Terry, same , 22,",.I'O M. ilcCloskey. help wage .. 105.00 E. .Bicker, ven. fee , 2(5.00 K. Gohl, Aud. per diem 9UO.UO B. Hall. Dep. sal E. -Means, same S Frushour. same C. Haley, same 200.00 1C. Jjr/wes, help wag-e ...... 110.00 -M. Strong, same C. Seitlemyre, Treas. pe diem C. Settlemyre, 6% fees Asks $345 Damages As Result of Crash auto collision on Oct. An 22, 1957, is the basis of a $345 damage suit filed Thuisday in the Cass circuit court by Joseph Dale Ross against James Williams. The plaintiff was headed north on Third street in a 1949 model coupe when the defendant drove his 1949 model coach east on Ottawa street directly into the path of the Ross car, according to the complaint. Boss charges the defendant was careless and negligent in failing Deaths and Funerals ZEIDER Funeral services for Arnold W. Zeider, 50, of 812 Wheatland avenue, were held Thursday afternoon at the Fisher funeral home, with the Rev. Paul Winder officiating. Burial was in Davis cemetery. WELLS Final rites for Charlotte Anna Wells, 98, of route 4, city, were to stop or yield the right of way. I held Thursday afternoon at the lie asks $275 for damage to his I Chase-Miller funeral home, with car and $70 for loss of its use j Rev. Harry Campbell officiat- for two weeks. Kevin Hooley is ul g. Burial was in Bethel cemetery, the attorney for the plaintiff. Yule Party for Cub Scouts Friday A Christmas parly will follow the regular meeting of Cub Scout Pack 370 Friday at St. Joseph's school. The meeting will begin ai 7:30 p. m. Seven new members recently joined the unit and received bobcat pins. They are Larry Bruck, _____ ._. _____ „__ _______ „ __ Mike Keisling, William Scagno- j Funk, 82, of route 4, city, will be li, J. A. Gingrich, .David Foley, ' set at 2 p.m Saturday at the John Hatcher and Thomas Little. . Chase-Miller funeral home, with the Rev. Everett Nixon officiating. Burial wi]1 be in Onward cemetery. DECKER Last rites for Roy H. Decker, 54, of 2130 Jefferson street, will be at 2:30 p.m. Friday at the Fisher funeral home, under the auspices of Orient Masonic Lodge 272, The Rev. H. H. Hashberger will officiate. Burial will be in Mt. Hope cemetery. FUNK Funeral services for. Harry E. Read the Classified AdS Pierce Agen., Inc., same .. If, *>j> Champion Agen., off, bond 7 50 -"Miirpby-KHchell, same 3000 McClosktey-Hiimllton, aold bur K. Cain, fox bty '., _. 1,124.63 A. Dahlll, dep. sal 260.00 B. Settlemyre, same 235.00 W. Dilta, same .... W. Hicks, same P. KteHllng, same ,, D McDowell, same , 11.) >*^ Rohrabaugh, samo 114.vv j. vernou, same .... Ft. Wayne St. Schl., inm. st. inst. 75.00 220.00 200.00 1CS.OO 1CX.OO 75.00 209.02 260.00 235.00 . .'.13.00 300.00 300.00 \V. Button, same M. Lybrook, same J. McCioskey. help wage . G. J-iookwalter, same S Gordon, llec. per diem S. Gordon. 25c/^ fees H. Randolph, dep. sal A. RinglE, same O. Carson, Sher. per diem . E. King, dep.. sal G. Shanks, same E. King, dep. per diem .... G. Shanks, same ,.. S. Turnpaugh, elk. sal. . A. Illccl, cmg. dep. wage .. C. Murphy, Surv. per diem C. lUoss, dep. sal J. Crispen, same C. Condon. Supt. Schls. sal. 683.40 P. Stafford, att. off. sal. ..410.00 JI. Gilbertson. same 350.00 M. Harmon, sen!, dep. sal. 260.00 J. S. Buchanan, Co. Assess. per diem 75.00 62.00 100.00 3.00 3.00 3.00 3.00 3.00 . 3.00 3.00 - 474.63 Treas. White Co., ch. ven. exp 4G.90 Ti-eas. Pul. Co., same .... 80.00 Motorola C&K, Inc., Civ. Del, exp 414.00 E. Sivlnehart, Hist. soc. don 10D.UO Het-H-Way Glass, same .. 411.4S David, Inc., samo 67.58 Ritsman Oil Co., .same 73.71 L. GurK-y, Wgts. Meas. exp. 202.50 HcndricUs l-'rte. Co., same ^loore's Store, same K. Glendeniny, exp. commit. Stewart, same -M. i'ftietze, same W. Thompson, same ...... 81. 3G T. Ijutehess, same J. Davis, same .. T. Carniial, same M. Fissel. Dep. sal E. Ganeloff, dep. sal G. Babcock, Pros, sal P. Tolbert, dep. sal J. Smith, elk. sal 280.00 250.00 41. 6G 150.00 . , . ......... 83.33 W. Osbo.-n, Ct. hse. oust. sal. 200.00 5.00 75.00 260.00 ,, ,, . . ---. 235.00 VV Hedt i. e ,: samu SAO ^£- Hochhalter, same H. Rea, Jury comm. per diem B. .Tasorka, -same Ilcndricks Prtg. Co., ct. stat. & furn Lawyers Co-Op Pub. Co., ct. 3.0(1 3.20 B.OO U.50 3.21) 12.60i SUNDAY SCHOOL RECORD Carl Champ was presented a pin by members of the Bethlehem Methodist church near'Twelve Mile for 25 years of not missing one Sunday School session. Presenting him with the pin is his daughter, Nola Jean, who has 14 years of straight attendance. Mr. Champ has been Sunday School superintendent of the church for 20 years. . , . . . . T. Collins, Cust. wage .... 39.52 I. Osborn, same .......... u.G'i SI. SIcVety. same ........ 123.83 I. Carson, Ct. Jail Mat. sal. 100.00 H. Helton, turn, sal ....... 200.00 W. Frey, Ct. Home Supt., sal. 107.50 G. Frey, Mat. sal _ 187.50 C. Ballard, Phys. sal M.OO M. Bernauer, cook, sal. .. 150.00 W. Vayne, nurse sal 35.00 H. I'erry. help wase 20.00 H. Lunninjr, Comm. sal. ,.17o.OO D. Smith, same 175.00 F. Moss, same 175.00 H. Small, Ct. Att. sal 150.00 C. Bennett, "Wsts,, Meas., sal 200.00 E. Blelter, Cllc. post 26.23 Gen. Tel. Co., tel. 14.40 G. Smith, Rep. eciuip 13D.O Hendricks rng- Co., rec,, supp. furn. hind 1140.57 Ge. Tel. Co., Aud. tcl. • 14.10 Fridon Cal. Co., rep. equip. 19.25 Hemiricks Prts. Co., Bind., supp., stat., furn 170.70 Henclrlcks Prtg. Co., Treas. env.; supp 20.->.i7 Gen. Tel. Co., tel 11.2o Burroughs Add. Jfach. Co., add. mach G. Smith, repr. oaulp Hlatt Off. Equip. Co., off. C. Sett'lem'y're, post Gen. Tel. Co., Roc. tel 11.10 Hondrlcks Prtg. Co., off. rec. & supp 42.r»2 Jnd. Carbon Co., off. supp. 16.2o Remington Rand, Inc., same 16.10 9.0 6.00 O. Carson, Sher. mile, per diem K. King-, same .. 62.00 62.00 _. 20.80 50.80 G. Shanks, same Gen. Tel. Co., tel O, Carson, trans, exp O. Carson, car all. . . . O. Carson, Serv. proc. O. Carson. Meals for -prls. 714.60 G. Smith. O.'f. sup 2.00 Henclrlcks "Prtir. Co., same 14.SS O. Carson, tr. insane Richardson's Cleaners, unl forms 21.00 ^ 4,20 PaTt'e'fson'Fire" Control, same 41.11 Allied Radio Corp., radio ..43.05 Gen. Tel. Corp., Surv. tel. 5.2;. C. Moss, mile 16.50 Lincoln Reprod., bl. prts. & filed supp 104.06 Hendrlcks -Prig. Co., stat. & supp 3..-0 D. Neff, open ditch 60.00 Sampscl & Son. same .... 100.00 C Condon, Schl. trav 2o.32 Hondrlcks PrtB. Co., prts. & supp - 1 ' — 6» F. Stafford, trav. _-!.fi-l Gen. Tel. Co., tel .. "-8= L,. Cahalan, prcv. dls. Hlth off J. S. Buchanan, Co. Assess. G. Smith, repr. equip Frifden Cal. Co., samo ... Jlemlricks PrtK. Co., off. supp A. Chase, Eel Assess, posts. A. Chase, mile HcmlricKs PrtB. Co,, off. 8.33 10.02 .le'lso 20.43 6.50 4.62 11.64 Mn ulricks PrtB'. Co., Pros. ; ipp 11 .t;» Babcock, rent 125.00 Light & Water DepL 50.00 50.00 law bifs. F. Small, ct. etiuip. ". ',','.'.'. 108.88 D. Armstrong, Prob. off. mile 60.00 D. Armstrong, inc. exp 64.05 E. Bicker, " " off. aal. . , ,. . P.. Klesllns, d.'p. sal . ..175.00 200.00 325.00 275.00 26,1.00 200.00 24(1,00 10.00 Hemlricks Prtg. Co., stat. & prtK V. Smith. Wei. dlr. sai. .. L. Rafferty, vis. sal F. Finncy, same H. Kalli, uliir. sal P Hall, same M. Barnes, U<1. men. per d. O. Spohn, same ju.uu C Kline, same 10.00 X. Gee, same 10.00 J. HIIIIs, att. fee 220.00 Gen. Tel. Co., Wei. tol 16.65 V. Smith, post 42.75 G-. Brookie, trav. exp 17.6-t F. Flnney, same 30.00 F. Hall, same 5.88 L. Rafferty, samo 30.00 O. Kpohn, same Hlatt Off. Equip. Co., furn. . 16.80 85.70 .. repr. Chronicle PrtK. Co., off. supp 14.00 Hendricka PrtK. Co., same ,. 42.5n Timberlake's Cilft Shop, same 3.01) Yeazels, same 4.35 D. Goodier, bur. o. a. a. . .190.00 Ind. Univ. Med. Cent., crlpp. child-pine. Rochester Boys of Cub Scout Pack 3M held a Christmas party Monday evening at the Riddle school. The Cubs decorated their Christmas tree with ornaments they made. After a gift exchange presided over by Santa, home-made cookies and, apples were given each Cub. The party was planned by the Den Mothers o{ the pack and by Ancil Beall and Rev. Donald Decker, Cubmaster. The Presbyterian Missionary Guild began the study of the new book, "Meet Dr. Luke" Monday evening at their December meeting at the home of Mrs. Elmer Gady. Mrs. Eugene Hart was the lesspn leader and group discus- ion closed the study period. Mrs. Collin Allen read "When Christmas Comes" and closed the devotional period with prayer. Mrs. Gady presided at the business meeting and Mrs. Allen, incoming chairman, made plans for the new year. The evening was spent making layettes to be sent to various missions. Mrs. Gady served dainty refreshments. The evening closed with prayer by Mrs. Calvin Braman. Mr. and Mrs. Tunis H. Dekker and family of Western Springs, 111., | ner at Petro's restaurant at Warsaw on Monday evening. Those attending were Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Brown, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Rakestraw, Mr. and Mrs. Bill Deniston, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Morris, and Mr. and Mrs. John Delworth, Carl Quick was taken in a Zimmerman Brothers ambulance to Woodlawn Hospital Tuesday for x-rays after receiving an injury to his knee. Mrs. Ed Newcomb and son have been removed in a Foster-Good ambulance from the Woodlawn Three Forged Checks Found At least three forged checks were passed here last Saturday by a young woman who was picked up here Nov. 22 for attempting to pass a forged check and released early this month on $1,000 bond, police revealed Thursday. Personalized checks bearing the signed name "Robert E. Kito" ( and made trat to Cay Doris Amir-' Sehi were cashed at stores last Saturday, police said. Miss Amir-Sehi- was jailed here last month for attempting to cash j .,.-,. a bad check but was freer! lattr arld graln Ccc<llll S handling sys- a bad check, but was freed later. Logansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribune Twenty-three Farmers Meet To Discuss Hog Output A school on "Intensified Systems of Hog Production" is being held Thursday at I'no American Legion home in Rochester. &UM W. Tiiias, county agricultural agent, said about 19 farmers from Cais county are attending tJio session. A talk on layout and construction Earl Rump, 57, Dies At Logansport Home Earl W. Rump, 57, died at his home, 615 W. Miami, today at 5 a.m, A resident of Logansport for three years he had been ill since June. The body has been .taken to the Chalfant-Perry funeral home ire Ft. Wayne, where he formerly lived. Rites will be held there at 2 p.m. Saturday, burial in Covington Gardens. Mrs. Rump was employed by the Pennsylvania railroad. He was born on Dec. 5, 1900. His parents were born in Germany. He was a member of St. James Lutheran church here. Survivors include his wife, Dorothy; one son, Don, of Ft. Wayne; and daughter, Mrs. Jane Osborn, Ft. Wayne; three brothers, Richard and Lawrence of Ft. Wayne, and Carl of Detroit; four sisters, Mrs. Esther Englebrecht, Mrs. Celeste Etzler, Mrs, Louella Iba, was givcp durjng , he m<)rB . ing 'session by John Foley, extension -specialist on farm buid- ings. The other morning session was on genetics, nutrition and management, by Richard Hollandbeck, swine extension specialist. The afternoon session includes a talk by Dr. F. A. Hall, veterinarian, on "The Role of Sanitation Marion Youth Is Sentenced PERU, Ind.—Clarence Sullivan, 20, Marion, who escaped from the Miami county jail here for two hours two weeks ago, was sentenced to one-to-ten years in prison on each of two charges Thursday in the Miami county circuit court. Sullivan entered pleas of guilty to vehicle taking and breaking and entering. Judge Henry Bailey imposed the sentences, which are to run concurrently. Sullivan and an AWOL serviceman escaped from the jail here on Dec. 5 with the aid of a lea- spoon and a homemade key. stealing a 1958 model car from a local garage following the jailbreak, but were captured two hours later at Marion. Sullivan was picked up in Grant county on Oct. 22 in cor.ncclion with a series of break-ins in Miami in Intensified Hog Production and and Grant counties, including six the Recent Developments in the j in this city. He was transferred to Prevention of Baby Pig Losses,"jibe local jail and was being he'd and a discussion by Ronald Bau-junder $2,000 bond when he made — ,-..-., —, ._. ---'his short-lived escape. A jail-breaking charge agair.-st him was placed on file pending' good behavior. man, agricultural economics specialists, on portable and permanent housing, comparative costs of each method in swine production, and the economics of intensified systems. Thias said the school is for farmers from Cass, Pulaski, Carroll, Fulton and Starke counties. Its purpose is to help hog raisers lower the cost of feed, housing and labor. Miss Anita Rump, all o£ Wayne; six grandchildren. Ft. the program at the family-night in the Presbyterian Church. .Each child present received a bag of treats, with the Westminster Forum adult class providing light refreshments. Also on Sunday evening members of the Lutheran Church en- poyed a carry-in family dinner, followed by an old-fashioned movie, "To Each His Gift." Gifts were exchanged among all those attending. Group singing of Christmas carols and a Christmas prayer closed the evening's program. Richard Zernack was genera! .chairman of the affair. A group of friends enjoyed din- . spent Sunday with Mrs. Dekker's "•<!!>! sister and family, Mr. and Mrs. Collin Allen and daughters. Wayne HitUe spent Tuesday in Indianapolis on business. The gaily decorated home of Mrs, Ervin Bair was the scene of a lovely party Monday evening for members of the Kappa Delta Phi sorority. After ham dinner the evening was spent socially. Mystery sister gifts were exchanged and new drawn. The committee Board Accepts Bid for New Police Car Purchase of an Oldsmobile for use as a patrol car by the police department was approved Wednesday afternoon by the city board of public works when bids were opened. Delivery is due in 30 to 45 days. Bidders were Myers-McCain, $2,156.03 for the Oldsmobile after trade-in of a wrecked police car; Thomas and Everman, $2,190 difference for a Dodge Pursuit special police ear, an<3 $1,895 difference for a Plymouth; and WSE, $1,827.14 for a Chevrolet. The board dismissed the WSE bid since it was unsigned and did not represent a legal bid. William Fitzwater, Jr., of U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, who directed the city bird attack, reported to the board on the campaign and presented a bill for $189. Automatic exploders were left White County Hospital Aux. Officers Named MONTICELLO—Officers of the White County Memorial Hospital Auxiliary for 1958 have been elected and installed. They are Mrs. D. D. Raper, president; Mrs. Dale Carr, vice president; Mrs. Arthur McBee, treasurer; Mrs. L. E. Condo, recording secretary; Mrs. James A. Batcheldor, corresponding secretary; and Mrs. 0. L. Milligan, historian. Extra Appropriation Hearings Friday Hearings on requests of three Cass county tax units for additional appropriations for the remaind' er of the year will be Iield by Herbert Holmes, representative of the state board of tax commissioners, Friday afternoon. The hearings include Walton- Tipton township library at 1:30 p.m., the Royal Center-Boone township library at 1:45 p.m., and Jackson township at 2 p.m. Weight Control Lessons Are Scheduled at Delphi DELPHI—Fat and plump men and women will learn how to slim down in a series of six lessoai here. First of &e programs will be given on Jan. 28 at 1:30 p. m. at the Delphi REMC auditorium, and will hold them each succeeding Tuesday through March 4. The lesson will be conducted by Miss Miriam Eads, extension specialist at Purdue University. The program has been designed by the Indiana Heart Fundation arid' Indiana State Board of Health. Massachusetts is tlie second largest slate in the production of rubber products. It has 103 rubber establishments. SALE CALENDAR ( Dec. 20—Wilco Farms Roy Grume, Auct. i Jan. 15—Preston Tieman Bridge Cass Co. Child. Home, aame- Inat Children's Aid. Sco., same Memorial Hosp., same .... Jntl. Un. Med. Con., hosp. 03.00 r.25 2911.00 E. Shuman, High. sup. sal. ..333.37 D. Hopkins, itsst. sup. sal. 308.33 C. Tousluy, elk. sal 225.00 E. Anders, drlv. & mach. wage 141.40 R. Bcckley, samo ..._ 134.4!) B Berkshire, samo 145.110 "VV. Bowman, same .......... 152.GO A. Crowe, same 112.00 J. DuBois, same 1411.80 O. Hardt, samo .„ 370.30 C. I,rm-c, same 152.60 A. Owen, same ..„ 145.60 K. Itcmley, same ... _ 107,80 It. Kkiles, same : ... 11 2.00 i H. Smith, same 145.60 B. "Wallace, same 145.60 J, Barrett, Twp. sup. wase 163.SO G. Bu rich art, same 114.80 C. Calloway, same .. V. Cramer, same _ A. Dumm. same 134.40 \V. Fiinsler, same ..,. 151.20 O. Gcarhart. same 151.20 M. Homburg, same ., ,.112.00 R. Xethercutt, same ........ 140.00 O. Knider, same !I2.40 L. Snider, same 130.20 S. Lytle. Sing, hand wage 130.00 W. Met'/,, same 123.20 R. N'cthercutl. samo ...... 152.60 C'. Tousley, HlKh. post. ... 4.08 Cen. Tel. Co., Tcl 2D.10 Lot'-ins. Lifc-lu it Wat. Dept. exp 2S.B1 Logan Fuel, heat. 32.00 Logans. Auto Pis., ropr. mach Logans. Met. Cul. Co., same 270.38 I86.oo 1 Mrs. Marvir: Holloway, and the hostess. Two divorce suits were filed in Fulton Co. Court on Monday: Kay Frances Babarik against George Babarik, Jr.; and Oma Sage against Kermit Ross Sage, The divorce suit of Mary C. Smith against Gordon Smith was dismissed' at the request of the plaintiff, and a divorce was granted to Garland Southerton from Margaret Southerton Mrs. Howard Howard, Macy; A. Kchmidt Co., repr. Rltsman Oil Co., anti-frec/e Cities Serv. Oil Co., «a» & . . . Ct. JJse. K.tp ........... 130.56 Price lilec., repr. bldg,, & ] dies, fuol struc ................... 2038.00 '.standard Oil Co., oil Jl.-dlad & Bou'man, same . . 531. 90 j Tucker Oil Co.. same - . . . 6i)GO.OO . 113.63 1138.37 Son, same IJietKC. (.'out., same .... JI. DU'lzr, same Wm. Wilt-r, samo Vllcry lidwt', same hsehkl Schmidt Coal Co., fuel .... 42U.-IO l>'ivi<i, Inc., hsehld. . -Miz:in I'rod. Co., samo X. Gordon, laumlrv 7.00 f!en. Ti-l. Co.. Co. Jail tel. ..]!l.25 I.OK. l.lKht * SVater, exp. 86.03 II. D'.etze. repr. bUlg. & struc 7S9.20 Bet R Way Glass Prod., same It."5 T. S. Chtm. Co., hsehld ..118.70 Slur Liumdry, laundry .... 24.65 Kain's Motor Serv., frgt.-Co. Home Gen. TP!. Co.. tel , Log. Klec. Dppt.. exp 60.24 Cass Co. Farm Bur., repr. bldg 2.75 3H.70 & .._ 3.00 B.4S Gruenoch Gar., repr. ........ Small's Bali., hak. prod. .. Kood Mark. Corp., food supp .................... ]3S.H1 Kdr^cy's. milk & cheeHO .. ItiO.Ofi Kr;iut's Groc.. food ......... D.OG I-ieiisuy Coal Co., tuel ...... 30S.16 Twelve -Mile Skelcas, same 1S.50 iMehaffie's yerv., Kas ...... *).09 Tucker Oil Co., true. supp. 60.7. r ) B & B, cloth .............. 10.36 1.50 6.40 Jlizan Prod. Co., hsehld - . "WsiKner & Svir.. Inc., same Hammond Pharm., mod. & hsehld ................... Lop. Klov. Co., feed ........ C. Frey, Serv. Cont ........ 360.00 Dnvid, inc.. sm, tools .... 2.50 Ililery 1-lwdre. Co., same .. 3.S5 Eisert Fire Ext. Co., lire ' i-xt ..... ................ 114.20 B. Smith. Comm. mile ..... 30. CO P. Moss, same ............ 20.40 LoKansport Press, Leff. Adv. 01.49 Pharos Trlb., same ........ 43. SS Roy. Cent. Rec.. samo C. Thomas. T. B. Test C. Bennett. "Wts. & Meas. exp Log. Blec. Lig-ht Dept., Orp. . 50.11 45. SO £1.14 Mrs. Elmar Clevenger, Fulton; Mrs Chauncey Markley, Argos; and'Mrs. Ned Morgan, Mrs. Billy Lamberti, Mrs. George Humphrey, Jack Summers, and Mrs. Lester Crabbs, all oE Rochester have been admitted to Woodlawn hospital. The home of Mrs. Bay Beke in Loiters Ford was the scene of a Christmas dinner and party of the Fulton- County Chorus on Monday. Mrs. John Linneman returned thanks prior to the carry-in dinner at the noon hour. Mrs. Robert Walters conducted IY iv =iiiii _ _.J a brief business meeting during stockbcrger ""iiacriV " ine!, '""_ which plans were made to sing at rroppc e c'o"'same—.'.'.'.'.'.'.' '"s^o' ' :ne county Farm Bureau meeting Troutman>'3J(iuip."co.',"samo 2W_)5 on Jan. 13. To boost fee ChOTUS fund for the trip to Oregon in June, an auction of various homemade articles and food took place. Members are also selling candy for their treasury. Mrs. Dwignt Wood of West Union, Iowa, sang "Sweet Little .Jesus Boy," accompanied by Mrs. Robert Shater at the piano. The remainder of the afternoon was spent in practice. One guest was present, Mrs. Harry Johnson. Mrs. Roger White ;s replacing Mrs. J. W. Nix as office nurse for Dr. F. P. Johnson this week. Mrs. Nix recently underwent surgery in Wooollawn Hospital. Beginning Dec. 18, Rochester residents are turning on the lights •in Chirstmas displays wftich they are entering in'the annual Christmas home-lighting contest. Fourteen cash prizes in three categories are being offered by the Rochester Tax B!v., same ~ ~ . 3-10.10 j T Yrn Serv! Co'.'" tTrcs' &~tuoes'352.r>3 ' Mchaffle's Serv., batt Logans. Met, Culv. Co., rent eciuip 248.00 D Nfff, same S7.50 Cass Co. Stone Co., stone . .1563.53 France Stoup Co., same ....1R17.0H S & L Gravel Co., gravel ..1275,00 Smith Const. Co., bit. mat. 40028,53 Log. Met. Culv. Co., culv.; bridge repi- 4700.S8 Cass Co. Farm Bur., paint . 39.64 ,T S. Buchanan, Inheritance fees 201^.4S I. Richard W. C3ohl, Aud. Cass Co., Tnd. do hereby certify that the above is a true and complete list of ciairns filed, to bo presented to the Bd. of Commissioners of Cass Co., Ir.d.. at their spnclal session. Monday, Dec. 23, 1S57. Also included are those certified by the .ludge of the Cass Cir. Ct. for payment. 'Richard VT. Gohl Aud. Cass • Co., Ird. SOTICE OT' ADJUTVISTHATIO3V" STATK OF INDIANA ) COUNTY OP CASS ) '___ IN THE CASS CIRCUIT COURT NOVEMBKH TERM, 1957. Notice la hereby given that .Tames r.Guthrle was, on 11 day of December. 1957, appointed Executor of the Estate of Earl F. Guthrle, deceased. All persons having claims against said estate, whether or not now diifs. must flic the same in said court within six (6) months from tho date of the first publication of this notice or said claims will be forever barred. Dated at Locransport. Indiana, this 11 day of December. 1957. Elizabeth Biolccr Clerk of the Circuit Court for casp County, Indiana. Charles "L. Anderson Attorney for Estate M'M-25 \ Mrs. Lewis Stewart has returned to Rochester to make her (home after residing in Pendleton with her son, Haddea Stewart, and family. Mr, and Mrs. Cloyd Martin, 4th and Clay streest, have left to spend the winter with relatives in Florida. The children 'of the Rochester Lions Club members Tuesday night were entertained in the Lions Den of the Coffee Shop. Santa Claus was there with gifts. Three Christinas movies were enjoyed, followed by vocal solos by Miss Becky Castleman and Mrs. Don Pressel, with Mrs. Kenneth Castleman at the piano. The entire group was treated to refreshments later in the Coffee Shop. Mrs. Ben Geib and Mrs. Lloyd Jefferies were hostesses Tuesday afternoon for the Christmas party ot the Rekamemoh Home Demonstration Club in the Geib home. Tile business meeting, conduced by Mrs. Joe Cardona, president, was opened with roll call answered with favorite Christmas carols. The Rekamenmon team won the attendance contest for the day, with tjie Homemakers, the losing team singing the song of the month, "Adeste Fideles". In a candlelight ceremony, Mrs. Don Metzger, immediate past president, installed the following riew officers: Mrs. Kenneth Hood, president; Mrs. Car-dona, vice- president; Mrs. Sam McDowell, secretary; and Mrs. Gates Thompson, treasurer. Mrs. Geib provided soft music during the service, • sparrows could be accomplished with poisoning, he noted. Success of the program cannot be judged until later, and if the methods employed here are satisfactory they will be adopted by the service, Fitzwater said. He suggested the city buy an exploder to keep starlings out of the downtown sector for a longer time. .gave the poem "Hope for the ing tfie devotional period. Mrs. Cardona presented each of the past year's officers and committee chairmen an appreciation gift, and in turn the club presented Mrs. Cardona with a lovely filled planter. Mrs. Hood announced hostesses and lesson leaders for the new year. Carols were sting with Mrs. Cardona at the piano . Mrs. Philip Craney Talks At Meeting Marion Craney, associate director of the Indiana Association for Mental Health, discussed the Mental Health program at the regular monthly meeting of the Cass county Mental Health association Wed- resday night at the Logansport state hospital. Officers and directors of the local association will be elected at a meeting to be held January 15 at 7:30 p.m. in the YWCA parlors. The Rev. Kenneth Brady, president of the association, gave the financial report in the absence of the treasurer, and the procedure for procuring dentures, eyeglasses and hearing aids for Longcliff patients were discussed. A report on the proposed bylaws to. be adopted at the next meeting of the association was made by Don Freehafer, chairman of the by-laws committee. Former Cass County ! Resident Passes Away Raymond Welty, 61, former Young America resident, died Wednesday at his Mansfield, Ohio, hom« from a heart attack, according to word received here. Survivors include his wife, Mary, and two sisters, Edna and Melba Welty, Young America. Services will be held Saturday at Mansfield. Chamber of Commence, sponsors j Clinger and Mrs. McDowell, pro- j the contest. Six prizes from $12 to gram chairmen conducted a con$2 will be awarded in the overall decorating category, with $6, $4, $2, and $1 awards 'for winners in the front door or front window competition. Deadline for entering the contest, open to any Rochester or Rochester township resident is Saturday noon, Dec. 21. Two Rochester churches sponsored family-night get-togethers Sunday night as part of their annual Christmas observation. The Junior Department of the, Sunday School provided a shadow play as test and the gift exchange in a most clever manner, with Mrs. Paul Felke winning the contest prize. The door prize went to Mrs. Thompson. Tiie refreshments and serving table carried out the Christmas decor, Guests present were Mrs. Don Thompson Mrs. Gerald Talbott, and Mrs. Frank Wichers. Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Sherrard, Sr. left Wednesday for Phoenix, Arizona, where they will spend the next few months. For Christmas Give That Delicious Russell Stover Candies AKvayi Fr««h—Alway» Dilicfeui Always Wilcami Only $1.35 Hi. box TIMBERIAKE'S GIVE A GIFT EVERY DAY OF THE YEAR Give A Subscription To The Pharos- Tribune A subscription to the PHAROS-TRIBUNE will be appreciated more than any other gift. It is the only way to give a Christmas gift which comes every day of the year. Not only do you give a gift every day but you give one that will be enjoyed by the whole family. As you know, the PHAROS-TRIBUNE will keep every one up to date with the local and national news. You will be giving the best in features, comics and sports. Just Phone 4141, ask for the Circulation Department and we will do the rest. We will also send a Christmas Gift Card in your name.

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