The Gazette from Montreal,  on February 8, 2000 · 59
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The Gazette from Montreal, · 59

Montreal, Canada
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 8, 2000
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F7 THE GAZETTE, MONTREAL, TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 8, 2000 ENTERTAINMENT Bitterness after It's MetroStar vs. Oscars negative-billing furor Same-night time slot won't hurt Quebec TV awards: TVA "I aereed to do it first because it is a Rirklev Dhonine Rocers to ask about Actor in a teleserie (snot in studio): Michel Cote, Roy Dupuis, Patrick Huard, Benoit Langlais, Romano CABLE Continued from PageF6 ALAN HUSTAK The Gazette The MetroStar awards will be handed out on television the same night as the Oscars this year, but organizers of the Quebec people's-choice awards aren't worried about the competition. Orzari. Actress in a teleserie: Brigitte Boucher, Macha Grenon, Elyse Guilbeault, Elyse Marquis, France Ruel. "The Oscars don t concern us. Thev're not an issue." Philippe La- pointe, vice-president (programming) tVsfr.i Actor Vv? t i teleroman (shot for TVA told The Gazette. The French-languaee network will carry the MetroStar gala on Sunday, March 26. k V H "The same thins happened last year on - location): Robert Brouillette, Yvan Canuel, Michel Dumont, Michel Forget, Serge Postigo. when we went up against another Roy Dupuis: up for soaps role. awards show. challenge, and second because I admire the artists who have been nominated. I'm doing it for them," Reno said. The nominees for the 15th annual MetroStar awards were announced yesterday. The winners will be decided by the public, who can pick up ballots from the event's sponsor at any of the 300 Metro grocery outlets in Quebec. The 62 nominees will be narrowed down by public vote to 14 winners. Most of the names on the list are repeats from last year. Popular talk-show host Julie Snyder is up for two awards, even though she now works out of France. Serge Postigo and Rita La-fontaine, last year's surprise winners of the top male and female MetroStar awards, are each nominated in at least one category this year. Among the nominees are: Male Quebec TV personality of the year: Pierre Bruneau, Simon Durivage, Patrice L'Ecuyer, Guy Mon-grain, Jean-Luc Mongrain. Female Quebec TV personality of the year: Angele Coutu, Chantal Fontaine, Rita Lafontaine, Claire Lamarche, Julie Snyder. Most popular news anchor. Pierre Bruneau, Stephan Bureau, Simon Durivage, Jean-Luc Mongrain. French-language sportscaster: Michel Bergeron, Pierre Houde, Claude Mailhot, Paul Rivard. We're not concerned. The MetroStars begin earlier in the the company's new digital cable service. After a few stabs at phoning the cable company's customer-service department like an ordinary civilian, Bickley wrote about the runaround she was getting. That got the attention of John Tory, president of Rogers Cablesystems Ltd., who phoned Bickley at 7:30 a.m. to assure her "it's my No. 1 mission in life to make us better." Mission No. la is stroking newspaper columnists who tend to devote column space to letters from disgruntled subscribers. Samples from Bickley's column; "About a year and a half ago I took a stand and told (the cable company) to use their rear non-sunny ports to stuff their equipment." "Trying to deal with Rogers's customer service is worse than any branch of government and has been a big problem for a long time." "I have decided not to go anywhere near the digital service offered by Rogers." To be fair, Rogers dragged its feet in launching digital cable. Videotron is seen as a more technologically advanced company than its new owner, and Rogers will try to build on the Quebec cable operator's digital head start. "This deal is about bundling,"says Videotron's Galarneau. "Cable, cell phones, IP (Internet Protocol) telephony, high-speed Internet access. Rogers wants to he a 'euichet uniaue' offering evening than the Oscars. The Oscars Actress in a teleroman: Isabelle Brossard, Angele Coutu, Louise De-schatelets, Chantal Fontaine, Rita La-fontaine. Game-show host: Normand Brath-waite, Patrice L'Ecuyer, Guy Mongrain, Andre Robitaille. TV comic: Michel Barrette, Marc Labreche, Guy A. Lepage, Claude Meu-nier. 1 Host of a TV magazine on culture: Christiane Charette, Patrice L'Ecuyer, Patricia Paquin, Julie Snyder. Public-affairs show host: Jocelyne Cazin, Gilles Gougeon, Alain Gravel, Jean-Francois Lepine. are in English, and we're confident we'll get 2 million French-speaking viewers," Lapointe said. Popular Quebec singer and actress Ginette Reno will The ensuing subscriber revolt in Toronto and Vancouver was the lead story on network TV newscasts and forced Rogers into frantic damage control. Subsequent additions of specialty channels have been effected without furor, which suggests that the cable titan learns from its mistakes. "Yeah, maybe," conceded a skeptical Torontonian of my acquaintance, "but that marketing scheme left a bad taste in people's mouths. Rogers is still seen as a huge, arrogant monopoly." Whereas Quebecers see Videotron as warm, cuddly - a cable company that cares, right? Wrong. Monopolies are generally unloved, and cable companies are the targets of particularly profound loathing. Cable began, more than 40 years ago, as a great scam. Cable operators pulled in the signals of American border TV stations, for which they paid nothing, and then piped them into homes for a fee More recently, the cable company has become the technological instrument through which the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission exerts cultural sovereignty. The CRTC decided that Canada needed an ever-expanding load of English and French specialty channels, and the cable company was obliged to deliver them, bumping its monthly fees with each round of unasked-for additions. The cable Industry's grasp of customer relations has not kept pace with expanded range and complexity of services. Long-suffering Videotron subscribers who think the arrival of Rogers promises greater efficiency might be in for a rude surprise. Toronto Sun journalist Claire Bick-ley parlayed her Rogers imbroglio into a series of columns. It began with Julie Snyder: two nods. host the ceremony, even though she has said there are too many awards shows on television. 'She was on a roll, we were exhausted' one-stop shopping for all these services FRECHETTE Continuedfrom Page F6 emotionaHyexhausted,listeningtoher. "I've met people who are brilliant in talking about the subject of their expertise. And I've met people who communicate well. She brings it together. Sylvie has a great story and the skill to put it across." Against All Odds: Sylvie Frechette's Story airs tonight on Life andTimes(CBMT-6at9). and disappointments with charm, poise and unblinking honesty. Frechette did. Her conversation with Carvalho filled 10 half-hour video cassettes - and then he came back the next day and they did it all over again in French for a Radio-Canada version of the documentary "I kept suggesting a break," Carvalho recalls, "and Sylvie would say 'No, I gotta go on.' She was on a roll, and we were at a competitive price. That's the long-range scenario: access to the wide, wired world through Rogers fibreoptic cable, with one monthly fee and payments ending up in Toronto. But given recent history, getting there from here will be a bumpy ride. John Tory might have to do some long-distance Save for those who are hopelessly delusional, most thinking people understand themselves to some degree. Not many of us, however, would be able to stare into a camera lens and lay out all our hopes and prayers, frailties TONSGHT'S TELEVISION LISTINGS W&GM: Channel positions lor 12:00 Weal CMM stio wester Montreal 11:30 11:00 10:30 10:00 9:30 9:00 8:30 8:00 7:30 7:00 2800 W GM Cinema: Encore (1995) Nouvelles sport TelejoumalLe Point Enjeux Bouscotte La Facture Virglnie 04 04 o Late Show WLetterman (11:35) News fudging Amy 60 Minutes II JAG (Part 1 of 2) ET CBS News 21 21 CD iTonight Show (11:35) News Dateline NBC (Will & Grace IWill & Grace 3rd Rock I Just Shoot Me I Wheel of Fortune Jeopardy! 20 23 CD Cold Lazarus News National Update The National; The Magazine Life & Times Venture Market Place Pit Pony 13 Olymplans 13 o Politically Nightline (11:35) News NYPD Blue iDharma & Greg ISports Night Who Wants to Be a Millionaire Jeopardyl Wheel of Fortune iMike Bullard GD News CTV News W-5 Presents: Sandie Rinaldo The West Wing Who Wants to Be a Millionaire Jeopardy! Wheel of Fortune 45 58 Q L'Ombudsman A la une lAction Emplol ISavoir faire Citemag: En direct L'Ombudsman 09 O 09 Achete Sports Le Poing J Nouvelles Ikmh Rue L'Esperance iHistoires de fiiles iBonheurtele I Monde de foust CD 07 07 JAG (Part 1 of 2) News; Sports Nt. CTV News TBecker The West Wing I Will & Grace Ladies Man Just Shoot Me Candid Camera Access Hollyw'd 11 11 Le Present du passe Choix de Sophie Dream On Cinema: L'Accompagnatrice (1992) Richard Bohnnger, Elena Safonova Cultive et eleve Choix de Sophie 08 02 08 Politically Nightline (11:35) News NYPD Blue Dharma & Greg Sports Night Who Wants to Be a Millionaire Frasier Judge Judy 22 22 Movie Jerry Springer Diagnosis Murder Touched by an Angel (PartTof 2) Chicken Soup for the Soul Treasures Home Sony Game Movie Frontline Nova Secrets of Lost Empires: Miniseries The Visionaries Nightly Business S3) 43 20 Confidences Flash Aphrodisia Findumonde 110 pour cent Metier policier Le Grand Journal Sports en folie Emission speciale IC'etait un gars 05 03 05 Star Trek: Voyager Drew Carey Buffy the Vampire Slayer Party of Five Banned: Sexiest Commercials 2 3rd Rock Drew Carey 46 36 m All in the Family iThe Outer Limits NYPD Blue Frasier Dharma & Greg Banned: Sexiest Commercials 2 ET New Add. Family 03 03 Charlie Rose BBC World News Movie Masterpiece Theatre: Madame Bovary (Part 1 of 2) The NewsHour With Jim Lehrer 24 46 S3 (Off Air) Philippine News Voice of Egypt Palestine, Algeria jGerman Diary Rete Italia ll DueVoIti Dell'Amore Rete Italia 14 14 GB Biography Law & Order Love Chronicles investigative Reports Biography: Bob Crane: Double LifeT Law & Order 47 (MD 39 Homicide: Street NYPD Blue kellne Dion: D'EUX, French Album Benny Goodman Tom Jones BravolVideo Cafe Campus Blues 72 34 mm Cinema: L'Oeit du monocle (1962) Paul Meurlsse Kojak Biographies Carnets de vol Exploration: Les coleres du ciel EE) 31 31 Rivera Live Hardball With Chris Matthews The News With Brian Williams Rivera Live Hardball With Chris Matthews Upfront Tonight Wm Business (6:30) 75 75 Larry King Live Sports Tonight Moneyiine CNN NewsStand Larry King Live The World Today Crossfire Moneyline 27 36 JHfD Cinema Alio docteur Table ronde Copines d'abord Cinema: Ma Fille, ma rivale (1996) Beverly D'Angeioj Bob Esles Vivre a deux Sortie gaie 44 35 (ED Wild Discovery Discover Magazine iForbidden Places Wild Discovery (ED 37 37 Sherlock Holmes Afraid of Dark? Gargoyles Movie (8:55): International Velvet (1 978) Tatum O'Neal, Christopher Plummet Beyond Witch Mountain Afraid of Dark? (EM) Gargoyles 68 Lost Empires Tour of Duty Mystic Lands History Bites Secrets of Lost Empires Royal Secrets Like Yesterday Scattering Seeds Mansion: Europe (BSD 47 49 EXTRA Moving Stories The Real World What's Dinner? Foodessence Little Miracle EXTRA Movlng Stories The Real World Shift TV jlmages 71 29 NewMusic Spotlight MuchMegaHits MuchMegaHits TooMuch4Much: Eve of Millennium NewMusic MuchAXStv RapCity 35 Pop Up Video Musicographie Generation IHistoires Duo Benezra Musicographie Pop Up Video Ed Sullivan 1M 32 48 Clip Beck Live a Musiquepius Butt-head I La Courbe I Beck Genetique 30 (MB 30 Snowboarding: FIS World Champs. SportsCentral Goin' Deep Billiards: World Pool Championships. 38 fflED 38 National Newsworld Reports Rough Cuts The National; The Magazine Health Matters counterSpin Newsworld Reports 48 25 Movie: The Gambler (1974) James Caari, Paul Sorvino Movie: Dreams of Glass (1968) John Denos Movie (5:30) Movie (7:20): Prince Lazure (1992) Patrick Fierry, Mitsou (ED 55 TelejournalPoint Te Canada aujourd'hul Le Journal RDI Maisonneuve a I'ecoute Grands reportages Le Monde ce soir 19 (BSD 19 Tennis de table Sports 30 Sports 30 Mag Hockey de la ligue nationale: Les Oilers d'Edmonton rencontrent les Canadians a Montreal. (Live) Sports 30 Mag 33 (EOS) 33 lJudge Mathis Mad About You Trek: l Dare Youl The Ultimate Challenge Frasier Seinfeld dm 72 anasia unneri aun lie. uyaa" i ' Cinema! Le Realement (1999) Mel Gibson. Gregg Henry Cinema (10:45): LeS Grandes Esperances (1998) Ethan Hawke . 1 " i 1 '. I '. i r- i, j o;r.hM i,,hii0's. inm:. s Movl Dilbert Star Voyager Reinhold Movie Cinema (7:05); La Vie revee des anges (1998) Elodie Bouchez 59 SB 59 (12:15) Movie: Zandalee (1991) Nicolas Cage, Judge Due South Matrix Degrassl Jr. High Degrassl High Ml 40 40 Movie The X-Files Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Invasion: Earth (Part 1 of6) Sliders 111 Babylon 5 32 Movie (11:15): The First 9 12 Weeks (1998) Rude Awakening Movie: She's All That (1999) Freddie Prinze Jr. Movie: Airspeed (1998) Larry Day. Charles Powell Hughley: Home 54 (Tmn) 73 Spicy City lAngela Anac'da The Simpsons Duckman I Adv. of Voltron Cybersix The Simpsons Cow & Chicken Archie's Myst. Birdz KB1DI 49 Angela Anac'da Cleo et Chico Angela Anac'da Les Simpson South Park Duckman Cybersix Les Simpson Cleo et Chico Prole de voyou Daria IMS Angela Anac'da 45 34 IWCW Nitro SportsDesk Strongest Man NKL Hockey: Edmonton Oilers at Montreal Canadians. (Live) iThat's Hockey! (33 28 23 iMarche du siecle IJournal sulsse Le Soir 3 journal beige I Prokofiev Les 7e Victoires de la musique classique et du jazz France 2 15 15 Antiques Studio 2 Imprint Eureka Street (Part 3 of 4) Studio 2 Your Health The Naked Chef MB 74 56 Mnvte 10:351: The Blue laooon (1980) 6rooke Shields, Christopher Atkins I ' ",u 1 1 i 11 ' ' r-r; . .. r- i Champions on Ice Winter Tour 2000 (8:05) Fresh Prince Fresh Prince 70 Trauma: Life in the ER Designer Babies: Genetic Sexual Chemistry Trauma: Life In the ER Trauma Center (EE 27 39 Telegiornale RAI Video Italia Taratata II meglio dl Cera un Ragazzo Antonella iTelegiornale RAI Noticiero CNN am 57 57 Skylight 100 Huntley Street Windows to Soul Skylight Is There Anybody There? Last of the Wine Spiritual Literacy Holy Land Skylight 76 Heat of the Night MacGyver (Part 1 of 2) Coach News .Movie: Diggstown (1992) James Woods, Louts Gossett Jr. Caroline In City Full House 115 iGpS) Are You Served? New Add. Family Beasties Wolf on Campus Student Bodies Shirley Holmes Boy Meets World Wolf on Campus Sherwood Worst Witch Mona, Vampire 44 18 QTEIWTBS MWQN IYtVlbuth Channel Ml Canal 0 Mb Family Ch. m CKMI (Global) O CJOH (CTV) Q CBFT (SRC) MHBTeletocnngh CHANNELS tDWCAX (CBS) Cne Learning OMGTeleLatino lnsM Vision m) Sports Network OSS TV Cinque TOCICA 88BWSBK SB Super Ecran mW Showcase t$PAC) Space fTWIDTne Movie Net. HEDSportsnet m Newsworld If 18 Movie Pix (psC Rteeau News (HQS Roseau Sports 2)WVNY(ABC) (HJWWBI SWETK(PBS) tB CFJP (TQS) (MWFFF(FOX) OSffl History WQ Ufa Network QMD Much Music LMHUC MusiMax (MS Musique Plus. (tNBfi Business Wm Cable News (SC Canal Vie (PIS Discovery (5?WCFE(PBS) (BCJNT (WB ArtsEnter. (WO Bravo LISTED O Cable TV IB CFTM (TVA) 83 CFCF (CTV) tO CIVM (RQ) fBWPTZ(NBC) IHCBMT(CBC) ICCWMTW(ABC) TV TONIGHT Ulu (Bnztttt Box office Top 10 Weekend of Feb. 4 to 6, 2000 U.S. Top 10 Olympian Greg Joy at 7 ENTERTAINMENT SECTION Quebec Top 10 Film ' Film How to reach us Weekend gross (in $ thousands) 448 vJ71 . Weekend gross (in $ millions) 35.2 4.9 : 4.8 " ' 43' Scream 3 The Hurricane Stuart Utrle 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Week 1 9 2.! 8 '1 7 ; 8 'n ""'4 " 1 Week 1 8 2 i 7 ' 7 Next Friday Eye of the Beholder 4.04 Nova VPTV-22 at 9): The Trillion-Dollar Bet Investigative Reports (A&E at 9): Technology and crime-solving. Benny Goodman (Bravo at 9): The King of Swing. Sandie Rinaldo's Fame and Family (CJOH-8 at 10): Celebs. Frontline (Channel 33 at 10): Syphillis among teens. Celine Dion (Bravo at 10): The French album. Across 110th Street (Showcase at 10): Harlem hoods rob a Mafia bank. Leno (WPTZ-5 at 11:35): Martin Short. Gazette television columnist Mike Boone picks the best of tonight's programs: Olympians (CBMT-6 at 7): Greg Joy Marketplace (Channel 6 at 8): "Identity thieves" who hack into databases. Banned in America (CKMI-46 at 8): World's sexiest commercials. Masterpiece Theatre (Mountain Lake 57 at 8): Madame Bovary Biography ( A&E at 8): Bob Crane. Classic Albums (MusiMax at 8): Bat Out of Hell. Life and Times (Channel 6 at 9): Sylvie Frechette. i; 1. Scream 3 X. The Hurricane v. 3. The Green Mile' 4. Eye of the Beholder 5. Stuart Little 6. Talented Ripley! ; 7. Anna and the King 8. ToyStory'2 .. .... 9. Girl, Interrupted 10. Venus Beaute 4 6. The Green Mile 109 85. . 82 'si! " ; 43 ::4o;:;!;:: 38 ' 33 Lucinda Chodan Assistant Managing Editor, Features E-mail: Michael Shenker Deputy Features Editor E-mail: Editorial inquiries (514)987-2560 Fax: (5 14)987-2432 3.3 '2.9 2.6 '2.5 7. Galaxy Quest 8. Down to You . 't 9. Girl, Interrupted 10. Talented Mr. Ripley SOURCC: Ale Films Inc. t

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