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The Gazette from Montreal, Quebec, Canada • Page 24
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The Gazette from Montreal, Quebec, Canada • Page 24

The Gazettei
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
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THE GAZETTE, SATURDAY, JANUARY 27, 1962 iii TNM Play Misses Out tht-ir Dirformances The world of Marivaux is de d.dn't start By LINDA RANDAL gh italitv out towards with enou lightful. It is a pity then that I uiiimii if iv a iu men Musical Not Up To Scratch Vl we milst discover it. or anolner lnpv mneared to sense the Theatre Du Nouveau Monde 1 le ine' ipptdn.a 10 sc musl reveal it to us. nf the more. world with Marivaux's La Double Manvaux's comedy consists in' idoed there were a few Inconstancy a work that is less revelation of love to moments wher.

these two. per-than delightful lovers themselves. It is alli(orming with Jean Besre cap- The olav is beine oerformed at 'ryJwef' the spirit very nicely; The if -j. fir By Harold Whitehead I III Ul (I AVI HI II irtlll 1 ITV i ti 1.11 -nirt A I IPflii IT? the Orpheum i 1 1 1 1 ti i iv I win ii oitvici uiiu One can see therefore with this 'are reunited and when Flaminia Qepena la.b rtf matriQl onnrornc that if in Arlafinin ha.iin tn Hir-ii'OVPr works Marivaux's u.c Js presented Wthnul theithpir love for one another. tinn i ii htoh li rani nr .1 tion, style which Director: a necessary style it become unin-l The costumes were appropriate.

have1 George Groulx seems to teresting. jyhe men's attire in particular missed. Marivaux shows us a society of fa of T.M's "production. The set. although simple, well-bred gentlemen and ladies; The ony pavr who was piaving well to the period of the with their gentlemanly and anv sort of stvlized pitch was piece and the easy transforma-hke servents all talking amusing-; Jean -B(isre as Arlequjn, Becauseition from indoors to outdoors kept the scenes moving at a nice pace.

ly aim wiieiyw love. Jiaienaj the otners were playing down, concerns hardly exist for them, thjs made Mr Besre's interpretation do such ugly realities seem ollt of place ollr hunger, hatred, disease he was nn th(, rihl track It should be said that if the players and director could put more verve and life into the production this effort could be highly entertaining. The Marivaux production is Georges Groulx. as Trivelin, death. Love is all.

The love which Marivaux depicts is pure and honorable; didn't come through with enough sparkle. alternating with TNM's hit show something which exists in our Lise LaSalle as Silvia, and hearts without our knowledge; Hugeuette Oligny. as Flaminia JL'Opera de Quat'Sous. NANCY KWAN AND JACK SOO (AT LDEW'SI Guy Beaulne Is Adjudicator oc- Guy Beaulne has been appoin VOICE OF BROADWAY ted adjudicator of the 1962 Na Dorothy Kilgallen's tional Festival of the Canadian the same capacity. Since 1958 hel Award, 1952, the Canadian Dra-has been a director and producer: ma Award, 1955, the Trophee La for Shoestring Theatre, Channel I Fleche (best radio drama pro-6, Montreal.

Iducer) 1956, the Trophee Frigon The recognition that has been; (best television drama producer) civen him for his work and 1959. and the Trophee Congres du Or Inter-Varsity Drama League, to oooo. be held at McGill University from Feb. 21 to Feb. 24.

title for a musical comedy and Mr. Beaulne has achieved achievement in theatre is easily Spectacle. 1961. for the best Eng- Jottings in Pencil. Faye Emerson's West Coast re- Lily Lodge, actress daughter of views in the touring production of the producers sent me a sweet widespread reputation as a jour-i shown by the awards he has re- Iish television production from nausi, lecturer, stage the Canadian Radion Montreal.

actor, director, and drama pro-! wire saying they hoped I'd like the show even so. I hoped so, too, but it closed before I got a John Lodge, former U.S. ambas- Mary Stuart have been so daz-sador to Spain will become aizling she's become "a hot bet" June bride. The lucky man is for pictures. Of course, she was a James Marcus, a New Yorker.

LAST 3 WEEKS GOOD SEATS AVAILABLE FOR ALL PERFORMANCES CHILDREN OF 10 YEARS OR OVER ADMITTED AT MATINEES ONLY Edie Adams has decided not to go into the show Venus at Hollywood leading woman before she (a) married President Roosevelt's son Elliot, and (b) became the first big female star of tele Large because she simply can't bring herself to face an audience prtsems soon after Ernie Kovacs' Samuel Bronsion's Production tragic death. The producers are looking for a replacement. Producer Lee Gruber and Janis vision. Anent the recent "Hi 'Ya Stranger" column in this space, Ed Risman, general manager of the Latin Quarter, reported that his cafe always has the red carpet out for ladies, escorted or not Sam Levenson is Paige have been setting the Embers aglow. There's a book FLOWER DRUM SONG LOEWS Rodgers and Hammes-stein didn't miss too many times as a musical comedy team but Flower Drum Song, in our opinion, must be counted as one that whizzed by the target.

The two were known for capping strong stories with wonderful scores. Flower Drum Song is a weak story that has its faults underlined by a sub-standard score. When stacked up along side such productions as Carousel, King And South Pacific and even their last which is far from a great show, Sound Of Music, Flower Drum Song measures up as pretty much of a minor effort. The story is set in San Francisco and concerns the differences in outlook between the older Chinese from the homeland and the younger generation brought up in the United States. The trouble is that neither side gets a chance to show its best.

The old fashioned ways are made fun of or made so cute as to be unbelievable and the new customs show only the cheap and tawdry side of North American life; jive talk, rock'n'roll, violently colored cars and general dollar chasing. The humor is heavy-handed and limited to such obvious gambits as remarks in a Chinese restaurant about American cooking being very good. Such talented people, then, as Nancy Kwan, Jack Soo, Juanita Hall, James Shigeta and Miyoshi Umcki try their best but can't really get the show off the ground. Miss Umeki, as a well-mannered girl from the old country, comes out best in the company. Hermes Pan's dances are colorful and well done and the singing is also excellent.

But it is still feeble Rogers and Hammerstein. CORRECTION Last week we reviewed a Canadian short film called Morning On The Lievre, a prize-winning National Film Board production. In the review we mentioned that the only flaws the film had were two reflections of arc lamps which caught the camera's eye. It seems we were wrong about the cause of the defects. Producer-Director David Bairstow has written us that the flashes of light were not from lights but were something called "sundogs." These are reflections of the sun in the camera lens.

We are indebted to Mr. Bairstow for this piece of technical knowledge and pass it on for anyone who is curious about them. We would also like to take this opportunity to congratulate Mr. Bairstow on producing a film that we consider one of the loveliest pieces of cinematic art we have set eyes on. By the way, it has been held over at the Capitol, along with Elvis Presley in Blue Hawaii.

For those movie-goers who can take Mr. Presley only in small doses, infrequently, we would like to say that Morning On The Lievre is alone worth the price of admission. HOLD-OVERS AND OTHERS At the Kent, Victim, one of the better films this season. It deals with blackmailers who prey upon homosexuals, but treats the subject with a minimum of sensationalism and a maximum of taste. Dirk Bogarde is the star.

At the Westmount, 101 Daltnations, to our mind the best feature-length cartoon Walt Disney has turned out to date. It has humor, a measure of suspense and a fine collection of solid British voices on the soundtrack. At the Avenue, Bachelor Flat, a comedy starring Britain's gapped-tooth comedian, Terry Thomas and Hollywood's aging nymphette, Tuesday Weld. At the Snowdon, The Roman Spring Of Mrs. Stone, a romance about an aging actress and a collection of impossible Romans.

Vivien Leigh is much to good for the film and Lotte Lenya and Warren Beatty aren't good enough. At the Seville, El Cid, a long yarn about Spain's legendary knight. It stars Charleton Heston and Sophia Loren. Mr. Heston is a delight to watch while battering his enemies over the head with a variety of ancient weapons and' Miss Loren is a delight to watch, period.

Unfortunately there is a good deal of breathy dialogue to be listened to between the action sequences. At the Palace, Splendor In The Grass, an overwrought story about puppy love and how it can wreck lives when too much attention is paid to it. Natalie Wood and Warren Beatty are the young ones involved. At the Alouette, King Of Kings, a blockbuster based loosely on the life of Christ. At the Imperial, Search For Paradise, the latest of the Cinerama productions to play a return engagement here.

mi' Ks ing jam on Broadway. Three ducer for the CBC television in Montreal. A graduate of the Normal School and of the Institute of Philosophy of the University of Ottawa, he also studied at the Conservatoire Dramatique National de Paris and at the Institut Phonetique de la Sorbonne. At the age of 17 he directed his first play. His journalistic career shows him as the former Arts and Drama editor of Le Droit in Ottawa and of Points de Vue in Montreal, the Canadian correspondent for Theatre in the World, published by the International Theatre Institute of UNESCO, and a correspondent of the Canadian Annual Review.

The founder and director of the Association Canadienne du Theatre d'amateurs, the president of the Canadian Theatre Centre, and the director of the school of drama of Les Jeunesses Musicales du Canada, Mr. Beaulne represented Canada at the Second Conference of the International Theatre Institute in Zurich in 1949, and again at the Third Conference in Paris in 1950. In 1950 he became a drama chance to see it). Eddie Fisher and Liz Taylor are taking time out from her Cleopatra chore in Rome to spend a few days in Paris. Tony Perkins scheduled a party for them starting at his flat and progressing to some of the Twist joints that have become so popular in Paree.

Mel Ferrer and Audrey Hepburn were among those invited to go along. Latest report on Elizabeth: "She looks great." Taped shows can run into the kind of troubles faced by magazines that have to go to press three monthes before they hit the newsstands. On PM East, interviewer Mike Wallace quizzed Elizabeth Seal and Zack Mat-alon about their coming marriage, but by the time the program hit the airwaves Elizabeth and Zack were not only married, they were expecting a baby. Copyright, 1962, King Features Syndicate Inc. more big musicals will have to vacate their theatres shortly to make way for incoming son and-dancers.

Ireland's Conor Cruise O'Brien, who resigned with considerate bitterness as the TICKETS AT BOX OFF'CE OR BY MAIL Moll, at 2.00 Wednesday $1 50 Sat. Sun. Hoi. $2 00 EVES, at 8.30 Mon. to Fri.

$2 00 Sat. Hoi. $2.50 EVE. Sunday at 8.00 $2. 50 United Nations man in Katanga, will do a blistering "tell all book titled Congo.

PHONE ORDERS ACCEPTED UN. 1-2807 UN. 1-2807 worried about his throat, which becomes hoarse and painful after most performances. He's consulting a specialist Could it be that The Clan "cooled it" with Sammy Davis Jr. because they discovered he was palsy with a writer from a scandal sheet? Sammy is too nice to feed items to anyone like that, but the association would be apt to make his other friends a trifle nervous.

It now appears that Ingrid Bergman is set to play the mother and Richard Beymer the son in Firs! Love, the screen version of the play based on Romain Gary's fabulously beautiful memoir. Promise at Dawn and if that isn't the worst casting of the year, it will do until someone hires 'i RODGERS HAMMERSTEIN'S nnviri Harrirk thp great F.n- 1 i producer for CBC radio, a posi-ghsh actor who died in hg contjnued tQ began his career performing in juntil 1956i wnen ne turned to BROADWAY'S JOYOUS MUSICAL LOVE STORY though still acting in his own play, Lethe, in 1740. 'television Tuesday Weld to play Whistler's mother. Ingrid, fine actress Oscar Brown may have been knocked down, but he wasn't knocked out, by his colossal flop, Kicks Co. He's already working on another show titled Slave Story.

Angels may not be as easy to come by the second time around, but he's not daunted. Year after year the Academy Awards are televised, and year after year the people who put them on don't learn how to use the talent at their command, the exception being Bob Hope, who always contributes brilliantly. Now someone has had the idea of trying to get James Cagney to dance at the Oscar proceedings, which indicates they're thinking in the area of corny nostalgia. The great motion picture industry of America ought to be able to put on a program that doesn't look like amateur night in Podunk. The night President Kennedy attended How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying, the Secret Service men guardin? him tried to persuade him to leave a little early to avoid the theatre mobs, but he insisted on BSS I -o CD though she is, Is not right for the; frail, diabetic has-been actress ol the story (her splendid health seems to shine through any role) and Richard Beymer, who wa? about the only thing wrong with West Side Story is hardly the tick NOTES twng rm PANAHSION in urn ii i ri et for the Romain Gary part.

He looks like one of those beau ITOII MVAN S.J-SUZIE WONG" JAMES MIYOSHI UMEKI FAMED CANADIAN PASSES: The untimely death of Leslie Bell in the prime of his carrer leaves a place in Crnadian music that'! will be hard to 'ill. In fe 55 year; ci hi the choral director grlneci in rnr. niton with Leslie Bell Singer-. One of the .1 Canadian music jj circles, Dr. Bell 'lid not ha'-e to Canada renown in other climes first.

He was on of the highlight person-; tiful male models who pose for layouts in Gentleman Quarterly. And as long as I'm advising these producers who obviouslv NOW SHOWING don't want my advice, I might add that the original title Promise At Dawn, is much better than at the CJ1E Canadian Music caucators) convention held last spring of which Montreal's Gifiord Mitchell is national president. It was the only time I met Dr. Bell and how well I remember him saying "We have as good voices and musicians in Canada as anywhere in the world. They should not leave our country permanently." That is true for people like Dr.

Bell but how manv are there in his class? WORD "LOCAL" TABOO First Love. First Love sounds as staying to hear the rousing; if you'd seen it five or six times finale, Brotherhood of Man; they before, (And I have been right couldn't hndTe him. I onined that Kean was a poor Chatting recently with a well known male singer, I remarked that he was fortunate in being Judgment At Nuremberg Feb. 15 local office of Southern Music Publishing Co. (Canada Ltd.) is an 18 page Toccata and Five Tangos (in one volume) by the Argentine composer Juan Jose engaged so frequently since he NATALIE WOOD with Pat Hlngie, Audrey ChristU and introducing WARREN BEATTY IN ELIA KAZAN'S PRODUCTION OF Technicolor Warner Bros.

5th Week! is a local man. Wow! He did not like the word "Please, never refer to me as Castro. The difficult and bril nun, ii im ii i. mi liant Toccata is dedicated to a local singer he said, adding "people just don't go for that word, if you are from somewhere i. iilmnltilinil mmj i.J..MUI.UI Hi i Claudio Arrau and is suitable for concert artists and advanced students.

The Tangos, composed in 1942 are full of modern tendencies without losing their rhy-mical values and the harmonic structure is based on classical else, it is always better. So what do you wish to be called?" I asked. "Montreal singer" was dance form. They also show I hat i ELVIS I if ry I V'" boutn America has some excel- lent composers. This one, Castro, was born in 1895 in Buenos Aires and is also a conductor.

He ll studied with Vincent D'Indy in Paris and on his return founded i'" the Renacimiento Orchestro inly! 1929. Castro is known for his PRESLEY Stanley Kramer's Judgment At Nuremberg will have its Montreal premiere at the Imperial Theatre on Thursday, Feb. 15, 1962, beginning an ex elusive, unlimited, reserved seat engagement. Judgment at Nuremberg is the story of the trial of Nazi judges after the Second World War for crimes against humanity. The film stars Spencer Tracy, Burt Lancaster, Richard Widmark, a 1 Dietrich, Maximilian Schell, Judy Garland and Montgomery Clift.

The screen-play was written by Abby Mann. Academy Award-winner Ernest Gold composed the music. Tracy, in a characteristically strong role, plays a Maine judge who is brought to Nuremberg to preside at the trial of the Nazi judiciary. Lancaster, an Academy Award-winner, is the principal defendant, a Prussian jurist who served in the Nazi judiciary. rjs motion ot native Argentine melo- Uf dies, which he works into his'p compositions.

VISITOR FROM READFIELD: i Etta Ballands. a musician frnmHi England, who made many lasting friendships during several years sojourn in Montreal (she taught piano here) now resides in Read-field, Maine. Mrs. Ballands was a recent guest of Mr. and Mrs.

Langworthy at Pierrefond. The SPENCER TRACY energetic musician has bought Hill his answer. BRASS MUSIC AT LACHINE MONTREAL WEST OTTAWA WESTMOUNT We have some very fine ensembles in this city that also do a great deal to educate youth. The Montreal Brass Quintet, composed of Robert Ryker, James Ranti, Jean-Louis Cha-tel, Aime Lainesse and Vincent Clarke, is giving some very worthwhile programs to interest teen-agers during school hours. Just read this schedule of their present activities: Last Monday, an educational concert in John Grant High School (Lachine) Feb.

5 Montreal West High School Feb. 3 invited for a formal evening concert at Ottawa University (Ottawa) Feb. 12 Westmount High School. The Montreal Brass Quintet will also perform with both the French and English MSO Young People's Concerts later in February. If one adds these concert attendances together, thousands of young people will be hearing the five brass instrumentalists in ensemble playing thrt should inspire at least some of them to keep on with their music.

ROMANIAN ROMANCE CULMINATES IN CANADA: Louis Haritver, the dynamic young leader of the Philharmonia Orchestra arrived in Montreal in 1959 but left his sweetheart in Rumania. The violinist-conductor, who will lead the next concert on Thursday, March 1 in Plateau Hall, was married on January 21 to Julia Menczer, his Pumanian fiancee, who arrived in Montreal recently. Sincere her own home in the U.S. town and is busily engaged in composing and radio broadcasting. From The Wesf End Award Winnfna Short Subject "MORNING ON THE LIIVRE' Cherry Orchard Superb By TONY ASPLER LONDON Chekhov's The I.

1 i. I meet the mortgage on her prop- Fonteyn Supports Drive Dame Margot Fonteyn, of Bri COI.VM8IA PCURES Ind besMove; ipl. Thy the to erty. Her brother Gaev (John appear negligible against theiGeilgud), equally at sea in MiGKEf sian master dramatist. Written in 1903, directors have come to speu-Dinding eftect of the whole.

The beauty of Chekhov's look on it as a drama and even money matters, has the temperament of a poet. His trouble, according to his nieces, is that characters lies in the fulness of i lands will be used for the construction of Summer villas. But the Cherry Orchard has a special meaning for her 'my life, my youth, my as she says. Yet for Tro-finov her dead son's tutor it is a symbol of tyranny the horrors of the caste system. In Anya, her beautiful daughter (beguilingly played by Judi Dench) rest the family hopes: Perhaps she will marry a wealthy man.

But she loves Trofinov, the perpetual student. Varya, her adopted sister, and the most practical member of the family, loves Lapahin, but somehow the two can never get together. Hovering over all is the aged Firs, a manservant of 87. (Roy Dotrice who took the part up-staged John Geilgud in every scene a great pity perhaps, but Sir John seemed to be content to underplay his part.) tain's Rjyal Ballet has made JOWlE the playwright's conception of them: They exist as entities, yet are thrown into dramatic relief by their contact or lack of it with those around them. a tragedy, though the playwright himself described It as a comedy in places almost a farce.

And this is how the Royal Shakespeare Theatre Company play it at the Aldwych Theatre. It is the rare occasion indeed when the critic can write that the first contribution to launch the annual financial campaign of the National Ba'W of Canada. The campaign opens this month he talks too much (if only you didn't talk you'd be so much happier! says Anna.) So completely removed from the actualities of life is Gaev that he defends himself by slipping into the jargon of the billiard room in times of overwhelming emo- The plot is deceptively simple: with an objective of $248,000. Madame Ravensky (superbly portrayed by Peggy Ashcroft) SCUTTIEBUTT. xx after one act he put away his arrives at hpr rnnntrv hnnco good wishes go out to the happy Dame Margot's letter which accompanied the contribution said "I hope you have a very successful campaign and raise the $248,000 you need for the 1961-62 season." notes and sat back to be cap-1 after a five-year absence in tion or crisis.

ADDID ftATVkt VASU NOW SHOWING couple. JUAN JOSE CASTRO (No. II): uvaiea Dy a production: This; Paris. Insanely extravagant she Lopahin, a merchant, has the Vi cafe 'or me witn M'-iha squandered her estate on I answer to M. Ravensky 's prob-cbel baint-Dems faultless di- a worthless lover, gives goldilems: she must sell the Cherry fcction.

Criticisms 1 1 1 di pieces to beggars, and cannotjOrchard and the house. The Among the contemporary music sent to me by former pianist The annual iamnaicn is be- lilllliiifj: 1 Matt Heft, no in charge of the 4ng carried out nationally..

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