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The Gazette from Montreal, Quebec, Canada • Page 24
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The Gazette from Montreal, Quebec, Canada • Page 24

The Gazettei
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
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ST r- nm Madonna wanted to have his baby YORK Rebellious basketball star Dennis Rodman says his former flame Madonna ordered him to be at a hotel room to impregnate her. FShe said, 'Be in a hotel room in Las Vegas on this Specific day so you can get me he told Rodman, whose tattoos and ever-changing hair get as much attention as his ferocious play, is on the Jmagazine's cover wearing a shiny tank top, metallic pants and rhinestone dog collar. "Why not be a said Rodman. "Push the envelope." Fonda admits to nip and tuck THE GAZETTE THURSDAY, MAY 25, 1995 BMMbods bl d'odlettlna NEW YORK Jane Fonda went beyond the burn to sculpt her body. She went for the scalpel.

Fonda said in June's Fitness magazine that she had plastic surgery while married to Tom Hayden. She wouldn't say which parts were nipped and tucked. "I have had the basic amount of work done for people in the industry," said the 57-year-old actress. "There are lots of reasons why people try to buy time. No one who is not an aging actress in an unhappy marriage can know what that's like." Sri- 5-" 1 There's more than a lot of gore to Mel Gibson's Braveheart' fqnda "Basic amount of work" JOHN GRIFFIN GAZETTE MOVIE CRITIC Alcohol killed Godunov: publicist LQS ANGELES Alexander Godunov's death last week at age 45 was the result of alcoholism, his says.

Godunov was a flaxen-haired Bolshoi Ballet dancer who i defected from the Soviet Union and eventually became an actor. He was found dead last Thursday at 'his West Hollywood home. jt Godunov "died as a result of acute alcoholism. death as a result of AIDS or suicide are not true," Evelyn Shriver said in a statement. Hamilton has cancer mmQi y-y-t r.t i 1 3 wWIWiitiiiifflMilliiiiwiii ii arw mm 'V blllfl 4 7 Comedian Barbara Hamilton has veeitdiagnosed with breast cancer and will take a break from her role in Crazy for You to get -Medical attention, said Mirvish Production Spokesman John Karastamatis.

has been with Crazy for You since it opened in Toronto 1 8 months ago and hasn't missed a 'tftlrniance. She'll be replaced by Dinah Christie. 3oss near top rung YORK Bruce Springsteen's 1984 Born in the JUJS. A. album has sold 1 5 million copies and is yK'ihe third best-selling album ever.

Recording Association of America figures show that it's viel at. third place with Boston's Boston. Only Michael rjaclkson's Thriller and Fleetwood Mac's Rumors have more. Thriller's sales are at 24 million copies and ifejmors is 17 million. Actress recovering from aneurysm ANGELES Peg Phillips, who portrays the Sjio-neinsense shopkeeper Ruth Anne on Northern Ex- is recovering from a ruptured aneurysm.

JPhiliips, 77, was resting comfortably in a Seattle hos- jntiSj said publicist Melissa Harold, and is "expected 6fiaake a full recovery." William Wallace (Mel Gibson, above centre right) leads his soldiers into battle. Among his captains at the front line are Hamish (Brendan Gleeson, centre left), Campbell (James Cosmo, left) and Stephen (David 0'Hara, right). Below left, Wallace (Gibson) is reacquainted with his childhood friend Murron (Catherine McCormack). Below right, Sophie Marceau stars as Princess Isabelle. Braveheart is the stirring story of a 1 3th-century Scotsman who led fellow commoners in a rebellion against occupying English forces despite betrayal and treachery from Scottish nobility.

It will be interesting to see how this plays in the restive American heartland of 1995. Braveheart is Mel Gibson's tale to tell. Only one Australian actor, director and producer has the power to tell it, and Gibson will tell it even if it takes three hours and more violence than any mortal should experience in a lifetime of bloody fantasies. Make no mistake about this. For its many virtues -its epic ambition, fine sentiment, virile execution and visual grandeur Braveheart is ultimately a wallow in the basic violence that civilization was supposed to erase and all too obviously has not.

See it at peril to your hours of repose. Granted, the 1 3th century was not a time strewn liberally about with peace, love and understanding. It was a rude world where average folk lived rough short lives, and the rich fared better only by degree. Not necessarily simple times Gibson has caught this era in his bowsights Braveheart is all mud and wet wool, rain-soaked stone hovel, smoke, cold and blood. Few are those who could wish to reclaim it, for while it was harder than our world, it could hardly have been simple.

At least not on the level broached by Gibson's legendary William Wallace and his battle to free Scotland from the shackles of pagan England and King Edward I. the infamous Edward Longshanks (plaed with elegant malevolence by Patrick McGoohan). To start at the beginning, as Gibson docs. William Wallace is a child farming a patch of marginal land with his father and brother. Away from the streams and hills and the fields of purple heather it is a time of tension for Scotland.

The king has died ithout heirs and the throne has been seized by Edward. Wallace's eventual path is formed early, with the cowardly murder of his kin by the English. Raised by an erudite uncle, and sent aboard to learn of the world. Wallace returns to find his people under the chain-mailed boot heels of the conquerors. Theme is repeated in flashback He can live with this; he wants only to raise a family with his beautiful new bride.

Murron (Catherine Mac-Cormack). Then after what seems like ages she is ruthlessly slain, and his die is cast. The carnage of Braveheart is supposedly motivated by notions of romance as much as desire for national freedom. The theme is repeated in flashback and reinforced by covert support for the cause from Princess Isabelle (Sophie Marceau), French wife of wispy gay heir to the throne Prince Edward (Peter Hanly), who is secretly in love with the foursquare Wallace. But romance does not win battles.

Men and horses, broadswords, axes, arrows, loyalty, oaths, blind courage and bloodlust win battles. And Gibson knows how to stage them. There are spectacular early skirmishes that culminate in the masterful triumph at Sterling and the invasion of England at York. They arc some of the most successful scenes of men in hand-to-hand combat since Kenneth Branagh's Henry and confirm Gibson's status as a man's man's man. But for all the character and camaraderie Gibson establishes among the troops, and their devotion to cause and charisma, it will take more to turn the tide of history.

the Top 10 pop albums and singles in Cana- week of Mav 14 based on sales, as compiled JlSjIfys national music trade source The Record. Brack-djea-flgures indicate position the previous week. Albums if $2) Throwing Copper Live 2p No Need to Argue The Cranberries $3(35 Medusa Annie Lennox 44) Cracked Rear View Hootie and the Blowfish Sj7) Hell Freezes Over Eagles 3) Forrest Gump soundtrack Various Artists J5) Greatest Hits Bruce Springsteen 83(6) Collective Soul Collective Soul 9X12) Made in England Elton John Te (8) Smash Offspring 1 Singles Bryan ''Ml) Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman Adams the artist wants us to believe it's better to die for prin- cipals of freedom than live under the oppression of im posed rule. To rebel under such circumstances requires violence," and lots of it. Gibson's Braveheart embraces it.

Can the other heartland be far behind? Braveheart is playing at the Loews. Angrignon, Greenfield Park, Lacordaire, Famous 8. Decarie, Laval and Ste-Adele cinemas. Parent 's guide: extreme vio lence. To his credit, Gibson plays the facts as straight as seven centuries of embellishment will allow.

Put another way, with foes like Edward and friends like the du-plicitous Scottish aristocracy and the prevaricating Robert, the 17th Earl of Bruce (Angus McFadyen), it's a miracle Wallace and his vagabond army got as far as they did. Despite the current promotional circuit playing up Gibson in skirts and Gibson the Aussie clown, Gibson 222) Take a Bow Madonna Believe Elton John Pipe Dreamz Yakoo Boyz j-(6) Square Dance Song BKS and Ashley Mclssac Another Day Whigfield Always -Bon Jovi 9 (9) Someday I'll Be Saturday Night Bon Jovi 'J5 10 (10) On Bended Knee Boyz II Men Hatfield's the real SVicCoy Singer's contradictions underscore her humanity in the shadow of the rock machine: sl5) Adalida George Strait 2S(I0) Summer's Comin' Clint Black jijH 11 What Mattered Most Ty Hemdon 4l4) Standing on the Edge of Goodbye John Berry hat Kind of Man Joel Feeney 3) Any Man of Mine Shania Twain )on't Cry Little Angel Prairie Oyster Juliana Hatfield is on the other end of the line, behaving like a fox. Which is to say, a small, skittish (red-haired?) animal in the presence of what she believes to be a predator. She has nothing to fear, of course, but who, exactly?" Juliana Hatfield the pop princess. Ju-; liana Hatfield the "AlternaBabe." Juliana Hatfield, the Winona Ryder-of post-punk, Evan Dando's girl and a nascent rock goddess in her own right.

-5 8 (3)-Gonna Get a Life Mark Chesnutt 9 (9) Keeper of the Stars Tracy By rd press TV critic Mike Boone picks the best of iSMfgH's programs: Secrets (WVNY-22 at 8): Veronica Hamel stars in Yi6vie set at turn of the century. JlBEbgraphy at 8); Alfred Hitchcock. I i- -w (Evan who, exactly?) She hit the road a few weeks back, looking forward to playing for "people who get it, people who don't over-analyze everything." Sorry, wrong number. So we analyze. "It's amazing how angry people get," Hatfield says.

"It's like I'm supposed to represent some kind of ideal femininity, ideal adult womanhood, and if I'm not what I'm supposed to be, they get really ed off." one understands. Hatfield is a living example of the insularity of the alternative set, even as the corporate raiders of the mainstream lick their chops in anticipation of her eventual stardom. It started the way it usually starts, with Billboard ads and drumbeats along the mighty riverbank of college rock. Juliana Hatfield, all innocent eyes, quirky melodicism and pubescent voice, was being groomed for the big time. Only MARK LEPAGE ROCK TALK nope uioria (WFl-5 at Rerun of series pilot.

Bruce McCulloch: 50 Years in Show Business (MuchMusic at Satiric salute to Kids iii the Hall alumnus. Mystery! (Vermont ETV-33 at 9): Prime Suspect I begins. 48 Hours (WCAX-3 at 10): Transplants. International Dispatch (WCFE-57 at 10): The link between pesticides and breast cancer. The Conversation (Channel 33 at Hitchcock On $8s Biography Everything, her most rocking album, had the big push behind it, which seemed only fair since she'd already experienced both adulation and condemnation in the alt-rock press with an intensity few have attracted.

Her1 detractors hear the girly voice and songs like My Sister (I haaate my sis-ter .) and see a woman so in touch with her inner child she could be brought up on molestation charges. The I Hate Hatfield movement may be more vocal than sizeable, but it's out there, which will come as a surprise to those for whom the only question is "Juliana Sighs and exhalations aspirate through her conversation, which she begins warily and ends leerily. Every time Hatfield says "I don't care," she means the exact opposite. That quality explains why she charms and why she repels many in her prospective audience. The reticence and self-contradiction only underline her small-scale humanity in the shadow of the rock machine.

i The harder guitar sound of Only Everything "just kind of happened," PLEASE SEE ROCK TALK, PAGE B7 Francis Coppola directs Gene Hackman in a mas- peQjifce ol paranoia. STLuteShow (Channel 3 at 1 1 Ringo Starr. Blue Money (CBMT-6 at Tim Curry plays a cabbie who finds a fortune in 1984 British made-jbr-TV movie. MJF-iili prime-time schedule. Page B7 Juliana Hatfield "A heart that hurts is a heart that works".

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