The Gazette from Montreal, Quebec, Quebec, Canada on July 20, 1957 · 31
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The Gazette from Montreal, Quebec, Quebec, Canada · 31

Montreal, Quebec, Quebec, Canada
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 20, 1957
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tm4f. 1 BRIDGE-' ly CULI ERTSO H If Wrong Itfort Htrt !i Answer Tkj J 4:tr-Mm fif the '?''.-. fr to r?'; trf pretlem prerrr4 yefd.r- anr fn h i parrer. fd ?i The reure deJ. 1-t wfc!ej Sw.a'i strong bid tis tr.e f)!l9 I it, if T If D. M. LE DAIM 4 v ) The Game of Kings CTH S A JO H, A Q I 0. K J .0 I CM WW I. t(l H.JIII D. I C. K Q J J ! SOUTH I. K 5 M, 7 4 3 d. a q j ; t i 2 C. A f AST . Q IB IT H. K SO J O. f C. 10 175 4 CHfSS OUIZ M. 34 Back II P.eces r- ? bet chance to h.-.rg t". tort of informs?, on. Of tc-irs South on I play tie hand at ? he ,U go bk to Ner.n diamonds at son let e!. t 'w- i 2. W.:h ony East West fuiner-' ',5,. JS. as.e, rorn ore space na j ' a r; F 6t err a 11 ore no trurr.3. ff f f i I What should Soi.'h do, adding: j"" f'""T a V f I Mrs . Si.vri - P::; ta-d, Er.;:n La?j Cfca.T.p-loe, q ...:' ed for tr.e Wornee Q K WV J - 0 El S. Hi H. 5 D. Q J 10 7 S I C. 14 Swth try to hut West jojt nh a leap to lour d.arnonU ?- and een a )ii,arrKnd pre- ! lemntive 'an amitmalonr aave. The flpponent did not make any ,n (he expert' jargon) has mw h! f - f bid Hest lead the tlub king, i0 reornmend D. It would be ;. - arid it u up to South to insure the fatuous for South to tt until -rt," "X i u-diamond contract if he can. the ripponents actaaliy'arrne at a - j rf .? J The corrert line of play " game rontrart before he makes on a dfHibie-durwny baiS, but hi4 effort; and at leat airr.ply on what South ran ee in as famous to bid only tw dia-ht on hand and dummy is to rnnnrii over the no trump, with rash a h;sh trump at Trick 2. the intention of going up slowly, then to cash the pade king and, j. With both iides vulnerable, apade ace, isnoring the possible st bid one npade. North over-apade finesse Now South raffs a can wi,h to bfanx. and Eat low spade. The queen might fall.; raises to two spades. What should rnit hen it ooent. soutn leaas a (j0i holdmR: trump to the table and ruffs awayi ' $. Q in a 7 dummy's remaining club, then h. K io sjoes bark Hh a frump and lead! o. Q J 7 I 4 the spade jack. If e sr.owea; C. A7 rut on this trick, .South could rut r at Vorfs: .N-:,o a. L Lazeravje Ywia .'. 7:i each: P..a- U '4rf W. Cermacy. 7; (."taule d KJ Silans (France'. : Betum 'Italy, J: P.oodzant i Holland'. 4: U T". iKa!toger Austria'. J: Vaa det ' j Veto IIo0and, 2!i; Bruce Eng-! i f 77 land'. I; Ctfueates 'Spam1, F n-,: C The first three qualify. t A eoxl pet iment of the J H " styie is the following from; -'the List Yugoslavian Womas jchampionjhip. Her ktory was; 'all the more important as the; feent was open to the best of. Europe and America and reflects the very high standard of chess . in Yugoslavia today. Her husband T Canadian Champunshta jn the master class. Top scores: O The Fund for the Canadian V. Nedeljkot ic. 15 2; Benini. Italy, aosed Championship at Van-'U'i-J'i: Uiareuc. (Yugo.). 12 5; U couver, Aug. 24 31. is coming Bussers. Belgium and F, Heems- . alone slowly with the lotal so far kwk, Holland, 114 each, etc. Nv I at S644. This is a national event May Karff. U.S.A., finished r White 12 Tieces St Hubert . Pe!!!ir Hamburg. Black to p!a and min. PUTCVTT-fik I 'irt r.. i-n-'tvr i act ycu If 'YfS M l ' V" o - .o- S PCS.T. 3vtrfV-"Ai''r-A rj - -v T gisW- and dperve iiinrxvrt from everT eighth with 8'i-8'i. Deite the fact that South has r,rt ,.t .h. i AA;,nJ, om.his and fall back on the chance for a on)y Uoard heart support, his to prilft M comp.titor, comin? ft.m. , . . rMi piomrm is nrU.r, 10 u.u from eutjjd,. rec(.jve board, and lodeine. The defending cham- , rVr ,pion, as is customary, receives! s p-kkj actually. East covers the spade .hrf, hearts or to jump all the Jack with the queen. South is as-;, t0 hearts. South should aured of success simply by dis-!not hunch out into no trump . ..., . " 1! s kh ,.rd,ng heart and giving that, S!mply bfcause be has good ma- " s, '7Js Si 2 IX. ir,.9d the eartna KulS ' SSaa .. ! and dis1-rn the enemy from what might ? B(- ard hv returning a club Tha Bidding Questions 1, With only North South vul nerable, North bids one diamond C,.tU :t 1 j,asi pasr.i, aim .mum irsjviir(gn (0 DP ln neariS, U anywiiric.) trf a costly aavemure uor intra),. . . :m L. .L. -J f p. ' Ollt i Hi" H t a.tUS Sii .i Second u RxKt rh'SngPaeb,dut ? tij J . 8 West 5 xasi (jassr.-., ..mi" " lain 10 De in Hearts, u aiiywunc., . i-- - with three clubs. West passes. nnd;Nor1n vulnerable, needed a good :,v "P of th rordi J North bids three diamonds. After East's pass, what bid should South make, holding: S. A Q J H. 5 3 D, A 7 4 C. K Q J 8 8 South should bid three spades. The only reasonable alternative is to bid four no trump. Blackwood. Tnm t0 three hearts. and that csll can wen wait mr a! ,,MWd hr n,, h.wm ,4 mtn round. At this stage it should be aymm.. mi h-,r fnr hit to-Ievei over- 01 au me games. call, and indeed it is odds-en that Imyslav Thanks Canadians such an overcall is based on a On behalf of the Cuess Federa- six-card or longer suit, rather tnanjtion of Canada and Canadian on a nve-cara sun. wun a iieauy chess-players, President John G. sound player in the North position, we recommend a four-heart Prentice, Vancouver, sent a mes sage of congratulation to the new bid for South. Opposite a less de-jworld champion Vassili Smyslov. penaauic iiuim, ""mim HEALTH By Doctor Brady AUrk: Vara Ndrljkvlc (Yigoaiaviai b,: BUfk 11 Pitt f K'i 1 Kl-Ul l ! 10 kl hl BtKI 11 ttB VxP 22 ft-Wl RP 2) K Bl K K. M KtM R is KiR H uh: 2 R-Ht Kt; 27 S B ISt 21 KI-CI2 PK4 2 Kt Ktl ' P-B4 M R BI I UI 11 KI-RS '. 21 K-03 Ml tl K M IiPck: aMigfl ( Not Mrk faint la nnumint. lor U 24. KxR. PMI 4r; JS. R-B4. Pit toi tt kt wiB ka I sivm is. PROBLEM NO. S3 P. F. Blaka Black 10 Pieces 3cf ' lrUST All con-i' ill re- O H4,k iThe CjH ragrets It Is rtt pattlbla H handle readers car-rnlanc with Dr. Brady. Pmii da net wrKt ta him, aa k it unabl raoly. VICTIMS OP NUTRITIONAL DEFICIENCY On of th deficiencies, inf eriori-j Due to the ultrarefined diet follow-tfa or Inadequacies that makeied by most Americans nearly fMople resort to drugs or drink and everybody gets insufficient vita-should b recognized as a predis-jmins and minerals to maintain opposing cause of alcoholism and timal, the best attainable nutrition. drug addiction is malnutrition, or, aa w call It nowadays, nutritional deficiency. , This works hi a vicious circle. and due to circumstances or per haps to peculiar whims of faulty concepts of food and digestion many devolop signs and symptoms of nutritional deficiency disease. These victims of nutritional deficiency are vaguely aware that they are not quite as well as they'd like to be; they don't know just what is wrong with them but, like the chronic alcoholic, they just want to feel better, and so they take to drugs or drink. The more they indulge in drugs or drink the less appetite for or interest in food. The less food they consume the more restricted their intake of vitamins and minerals. Indeed the partial paralyjis (multiple neuri- ome steady hard drinkers de- due, not to alcohol but to Play Safe While You Drive! Keep alert-chew gum Avoid traffic jitters and driving drowsiness. Chew gum whiUyou'ra behind the wheel. Chewing helps relieve train and tension helps keep you feeling fresh and alert for safer driving. ! Chew any brand of chewing enjoyment. g tin S'velop is gum you like but chew while you drive. Naturally, we recommend refreshing, delicious Cum for lively, satisfying flavor and real on his recent match victory for the title. The following cable has been received from the USSR: " "Cordial thanks for congratula-V ,. tions. Best wishes. Vassili Smyslov. Ittmi The proposed tour of a Yugo-;. slavian team in America hasi been postponed to the Fall, at re- n quest of U.S.A. authorities for f A J'"' J w L J more time for preparation. May! Canada seek inclusion? Young Bobby Fischer, New York, will be invited to the Hastings Xmas Premier. Russia is also interested in a visit from the prodigy. F. Olafsson won the Icelandic championship, 1-1. Also defeated H. Pilnik, Argentine grandmaster, 4'4-3'i. in a second match, confirming his previous match victory. Ml Q White 6 Pieces White mates in two moves. Problems No. 533 (Gundersen), Key, 1, P-K4. Correct No. 533: G. Caron. Problem No. 534 (Moseley), Key, 1. R-Bl. No. 530: O. Rozanoff. extreme privation of vitamin B. Idicates that the majority of parents This holds true also for children and guardians do not think much' in their 'teens who graduate from' of the pledge. Some would not yY carbonated soft drinks to cocktails 'object if pastor, teacher, doctor, and from cigarettes to drugs, firstjeoach or other leader asked their U because they are conscious of their j children to take the pledge. Only r inferiority and alcohol or drugja few share my feeling about the makes them unconscious of in feriority for a while; second be cause, being feeble-minded if not pledge Mind, I recommend that children take the pledge not to use alcohol of feeble character they quicklyor tobacco in any form before 21. give way to tne taunt ot meirjEach cniid snould pjgg on some moronic companions ("chicken")jforrnai occasion, amj renew the or they haven't the courage to saylpledge annuaily thereafter. A child no when everyone else is trying old enough , attend gchool t0 8not jlove his parents or to pray to A year ago I submitted to parents God is old enough to take the a kind of questionnaire concern-'pledge. After 21 a person needs ing (1) alcoholic beverage or liquor 'no pledge in the home. (2) attitude of parents! Tne mort l learn about nutri. or guardians towards occasiona tion and beaUn and the jmpc,rtaDce or 0CJallndul8en L5" 'Vriof nutritional deficiency as a cause or highball, and (3) children tak-L, mvvA.v rnmnlflinti the strnno- ing the pledge not to smoke or drink before 21. I wish now that I had never thought of that way of getting inside information. The over-all received was disheartening. It in- er is my conviction that nutri' tional deficiency Is largely accountable for the young person's predilection for tobacco, alcohol or drugs. (Copynjht 1M7. Juhi T. D1U Co.) I llHE 0RCVC6TBA-THE 60TT ) Cl fe ( BE EATING OUT FOQ lKToT) W APPETTTEJr-DeEDp 1 'gW w? haii wvel 1 AM T I CE COULD NV?9 MOVE THEM MCCE OF I I MAV? I A CAS THCOL'GH THAT CROWD. THK.AiD 7 B RITW No.eLT f twcet ( rra caugwtI hw wo R Wt HAVSbfT J A ftOTOC. ON IT f TWt PIPS' ON IT.' JU . H J yr LSi! yilt I itftfWM fS6 ME WsJ TRUtY dXtrf, JAJA MiTm' CVWe- COME, HAM00IC tVRtfT WE PANCt oow wviAT i coma y .: t w honor our AtTOR who jkro ' 1 FEAR ALL l.- 1 THE BASTttLE BUT JCJU MO MASX' I HAlL FSOWt OMC By I ji- 4 VOO 9E, MY PFOPI.H C : I f ft. ALKEK I TELL f - f i THE TRUTH. ..THIS PLANT 19 I A PEAOLY, AND Hfi U60 IT TO ,f .Mfl NAD TO 0AHt . . "i L J 'I Mia PROPHECY COMfi , ... f TO V TRue o lose nt ,! a;ZI him I aS f vCUP OU take m out TO 1 TtWACf, 1P??V PE?50N w Thi5 ITOOM WC5 I'VE 5SA56EC vaTsr-, VOU J T fl PONT MNP WAT. BUT I J P5Utt THE PFCWMO - , ii f hit ft rrTYTTrrTriT I At V- mt u a ; '' fif Xi Jf m I PREENED iViy -P WBTFUC (THEN I tfATVK THE STiOLy FCX? fKELIMiNAItV MANfuVEW TEWAC8 15 UH WTHTMOC SOSP5BAiTKTHfirS ACT J jjJ)Ul .LJUlM Mfrsi, J 15cttTtM&AWkMiNeTi U wAiu,mntcoe,ef wAXAbtCT omtf-l- k ly 8tUEVE3lOOWM&KAl IH OKAV.WreSOOO Wfft!TOaTn.Lt wwet - WHfX WT K RIAliy WViT5A I H . at CAN ROCT A Sim WTm KJICMfNOTl J IT SCOHOAWTWAI V H . I ..-PUailAJTORXAOVFEniAAa5x V , pADcy: the PAPPYi NOW THE HA-HA , WHAT AN ) MAfTTIANS ARE IN J I IMAGINATION I XX7 BEPPOOM VtHCSE KIPS TA:iN6 TH1N6S r T HA'E r 7 out op vcxjr r,l-aH HPJuO. I'M 1 ' ' 1 1 HARRY MARTI AM. p-1 IV " I m my thres hz& I n , 3 KALL RIGHT. I'M GOINS TO 5EPAKATE YOU TWO- OUTSfVt mops ray sit r IN A CONNER, fAJV urn 7 3 ?f V M r s IT SEE MSASFfvy. iiAAf uit A "rDiaCk grvrvs nrj n vnvi ON MUMWEV, h. 6ffY? W i A FW &RL VfS, PEW RifN0 ANO rf CETAWLt It A 6AAN0 NI&HT K ROMANCE , 1 sv ff ' Afc.m '.1 ft I TMtSE EWTC 6A.WH5 MA5 X SENTIMENTAL ft THE WAY, HUmfY IS THERE A 84 RL SACA TcVOSM.N0.. BUT I lOU CAN SET rro N-!3N1 f ' & UM I A . VAWTTOWWf FAtLWEU. FATOWJCE.7 BETTER DO rr FAST, AUNTT KSS'E- i AUNT . 1 -APORE THLT EMERGEWCV COLLAPStS, AN'YO ff (-"THE VOrt V SHEUCTOM.

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