Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 9, 1895 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 9, 1895
Page 5
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New Spring Styles of Hats Arriving Daily I at DEWENTER, THE HATTER and FURNISHER. There Is Reason For Itl We have told you about receiving out- new Spring Good", but •we want you to know what others say about them. If you -will drop in a few minutes perhaps you wen't blame us for "harping" on this subject. Most people Hay: "More beautiful thau ever," utid a'fjreat many suy; "Not expensive either." We are receiving a {,'reat many orders for suits to be made up for Easter and would like to'put your order down. TUCKER &YOUNG, THE, PEftRL STR&ET TfllLORS, 1 MONEY TO LOAN. Personal, Real Estate or Collateral Security. Any Amount. Any Time. E. B. Ovcrshincr, 827 Fourth Street. DAILY JOURNAL SATURDAY MORNING. .MARCH. 9. Drink McLin's Kolatona, Broken down women renewed by Zon Pbora. For Rent—Dwelling on Linden avenue. Inquire of Edith Matt. Fancy lawn grass seed, fertilizers fcr lawns and plants—Krels' Mfg. Co , 414 Broadway, Slate Keppicger will hang paper at 15 cents a double roll. Give him a call over Lelnencman's tailor Bhop, 50 Broadway. The eiiloon of John Walters ha been removed from No. 502 Twelft! street to the corner of Fifteenth an Market streets. Broad bend Bros., of Chautauqu county, Now York, have filed tb papers inn suit on account apnlns SchraUt & Htflley, demand $1,000. Phllomtaa Coylo was jeaterday given judgment lor $473,5C agalno Martin Bligb, whh a foreclosure of a mortgage on the Elgin hotel at Peru Considerable excitement WHS cauaec yesterday morning at A. B. Keeport'i place of business on Market street, by the actions of a horse which /ell in a fit. We have just opened a beautlfu line of corded wash alike which are very scarce, all on account of their popularity, at the astonishing' low price of 45 cents.—Trade Palace. L. G. Jones, cnlorod, a graduate o Ann Arbor law school, will begin the practice of law tbe coming summer either at Indianapolis or Richmond He Is at present employed at Brook's b&rber shop. , By special Judge Ficklo's ruling, made ve'storday in the Injunction suit of D. P. Btldwln vs. bhorlSf Hoanburg the temporary restraining order was dissolved, the decltiou being in favor of the defendant who Is thus given the power to realize on a check received at sheriff's sale. Awarded Highest Honors—World'* Fair. DR. CREAM BAKING MOST PERFECT MADE. 4 pure Grape Cream (/Tartar Powder. Free from Ammonia, Alumo. ^ny other adulterant 4O YEARS THE STANDARD. , Samuel Smith of Walton has been granted an original pension. Prof. Ben. King of Bloomlngton entered upon bis duties at the high school yesterday. Mr. and Mra. Frank Stukey last night entertained the East End Literary club. A social entertainment will h e given In the R. R. Y. M, C. A. on next Tuesday night. A protracted meeting will begin Monday, Maroh llth, at the North Side U. B. Church. John Baker, who was arrested in Grant county for alleged theft, has been taken to Peru. James Eeyes Is filling the place of Matt. Jones as John Lux's driver during Mr. Jones' illness. Jlark Aman, accused of being drunk, was yesterday relaased by the mayor on his own recognizance. The oaee of Mrs. Marie MoCluro vs. Daniel Beits will come up for trial at 2:30p. m. today before 'Squire dlght. A mooting of the executive commit^ tee of the local union, Cbristian Endeavor wna last night held at No. 206 Fourth street. Orient i". StandUh was before the muyor yesterday charged with drunk^ ennesa. He promised 10 move on and wae diBchart'OJ. A meeting, with initiations was held last night, by Logan Council No. 129 Order of Equity, at the K. of. H, hail on Market street. J. 0. Harrett, formerly with the Singer sewing machine company, i* now working- for tho Prudeniial Life insurance company. The dedication of tho "Elks' Rest, which wae to have occurred tomorrow, has been indefinitely postponed on account of bad weather. It in now said that Samuel Spitler, the Burlington aaloonist, will recover from the iujurlcs received in a fight wiib. Leo D. Bowie, a week ago. Tho stock of the Star dry goods store of Lafayette will be removed to the Golden Rule room and placed on •ale next week by assignee Pratt The Dunkards and other coagrega lion* omside theMeihodist ohuruh will combine and erect a union church, at Lookport, Carroll county, in the near future. The Junior CE. society of the First Presbyterian church will hold a social Saturday afternoon from 2:30 until 5 o'clock la the Sunday school room of the church. Tbe Indiana Woman's Relief Corps will meet at Munoie, March 27, 28 and 29, In twelfth annual convention. The £lrby house will be the department lead quarters. As you pass down Fourth street gaze into the windows of Dewenter,. he Hatter and Furnisher, and see tbe many new novelties In ties, shirts, mtri and caps. 'Work has been begun on the 1m- irovemect of tbe Smithson college iremises. preparatory to the opening f Prof. Geo. W. Michaels' institution f learning. Positively last Call—25 yards brown heetlug $1; 20yard* good 4 4 bieaoh~ d muslin fur f 1; 16J yards Lonsdale muslin :or $1. We defy all compe- LEGISLATIVE NOTES. A Turbulent Scene In tSc^HoU«e—Tha \lcholxon Bill Pilose* the Senate. IndfanaooUs, March 8. The Indianapolis Journal sav*: There was C» turbulent scene in the House Thursday night. The first sensation came when Mr. Williams, a Democratic member from Posey county, started to kick Doorkeeper Wright, •hit at Mr. Stolsenberg acd run his hand down in his pocket for some object, the nature of which is best known to himself. There was an intense excitement for a few moments, and on the Republican side there were some serious threats. The occasion of the row was tho return from the Senate of the House bill ouetlcgTim Griffin, tbe custodian with the Senate amendment retaining engineer Cain, the man who has furnished free whisky for those members who desired it. A proposition to con. sider this bill at once was met by a Yell from the Democratic side of the House, tbe Posey county man loading the pandemonium. ^ There was a strong and bitter feel Ing againot the four Sena-tors for their alleged treachery. Mr. Robiason spoke forcibly against the amendment. "Why thould we bend our heads to this mandate issued after breaking faith? Why should wo vote to turn out the Democratic employes ia t.hio' Statehouee with the exception of tbe one man who has been condemned by a special committee of this b.di ?" Mr. Pettit denounced tne action of the four Republican Senators who had controlled the matter, but he believed the amendment should bo accepted. "This Is the woret piece of political treachery that has ever been known in a Legislature of Indiana," eatd Mr, Harrison, of Kosciu^ko and Elkbsiri, who began a brilliant, though brief speech, ' 'This.Senate has deliberately broken faith and shown political dishonor. We decided to remove the Dem. oorat having control ol the State house and yet this Senate says tho only Democrat to remain shall be tbe official bartender of the Statehonue. I would let my good arm wither by my side before I would stultify myself and lose sight of all my political honor by bolting on this Important caucus measure 1n order to keep in office a Democrat who has 'had the keeping of whisky in the Statebouse basement." The House finally came to the conclusion to accept the Senate amendment, as the entire bill would; be defeated without such action. ; This retains Cain. $3, $4, $5 Shoes For $1 Not Samples but any shoe in the store. Choice of Ladies' Finest Shoes for SK98. Samples still further any pair of reduced, as our New Spring Clothing, coming on every train, is crying for the spaceus'-d by these s*me samples. They must be sold.They must go, and prices are still further reduced to accomplish this end. ties at $1 and make more than the regulars. Goods Well Bought are HALF SOLD. Office of ADAMS & FORD, Manufacturers of BOOTS and SHOES. DICTATED BT A. E. S. CLEVELAND, OHIO, Miircb I, 1S95, OTTO KRAUS, Esq.. Logansport, Indiana. Dear Sirs.—Yours of the 23d at hand, and in reply would say chat by some oversight on our part we overlooked this matter of yours a few days, but \ve send you today five cases of Sample Shoes at prices which we think will please you. We ha\v left of the women's cloth top shoe, which we send you at poc, one case and a few pairs; if you can use the rest we will be pleased to foward them to vou. The Women's Common Sense Dongoln Button which we send, is a shoe that \\eiise to sell for £1.85 net, but we are cleaning them out alipi.oo and have taken the liberty to send these to you. and we think you will like them. Hooinf the rest of the goods will please vou. and to receive your further favors we remain, Yours very tmh-, " . ' ' ADAMS & FORD. Don't forget that the Sample Shoes Must Go. We must have the space given up to then temporarily, for -New Spring Clothing, Don't wait for a new price list, but come at once. OTTO KRf\US; Great Shoe Sale. The Indianapolis Journal: Although all the House members who referred to the action of the Senate in tacking on an amendment to the Boardmiic bill saving engineer Cain denounced only four Senators, the Senate roll call on the amendment shows that (here were seven Republican Senators who voted to retain Cain. The majority report of the Senate com, mltteo that considered the Boardman, bill favored the retention of the Democratic engi noer and tbe removal of the Democratic custodian, while the minority report favored removing all the Democratic employes, A. motion wtvs made to substitute this minority re port lor the majority, and had the motion carried, Cain would have been removed, together with Grjffln and the other employes, but seven Republicans voted against tbe substitution and thus Cain was allowed to stay, in spite of the dictate of the Republican caucus. Some of the Representatives in their denunciation thought the four Sens- tors moat resnonsible for the amendment were Baker, Vail, Boord and Cranor, wb'le others thought O'Briea should have beeec substituted for Boord. character if within two years of the time when such application is made he shall hare been adjudged guilty the second time of violating any of th provisions.of this act." The vote on the amendment resulted in a tie—23 to 23. The decided vo; was cast by tbo President io favor o the amendment. It had previously been decided no to strike out the local option clause. After the Senate passed the bill ii was sent to the House. The House failed to concur in the amendment prohibiting the sale of intoxicating I'.quors in drug stores, and a confer-. ence committee was appointed. * * The Senate passed the Metropolitan 'p'olice bill this afternoon over tbe Governor's veto, the vote standing 21 10 20. The Lieutenant-Governor held that the bill failed for lack of a COD stltulional majority, 26 being required to pass a bill over the Governor's veto. This opinion is disputed and it is possible that the bill will be called again. CHURCH FAIR A SUCCESS. HELD 0-N SUSPICION. tition—Trade Palace. The Senate passed the Nicholson bill today The vote was—yeas 39, nays 9. Senator Collett voted for tbe bill. The following amendment was adopted by a vote of 29 to 19. It shall be unlawful for any splrttu. ous, vinous or malt liquor to be eold or given away In any drug store in any quantity except upon the written prescription of a reputable practicing physician, not connected with such drug store, for cash sale or gift. Any person violating .any of the provisions of this section shall be fined for the first offense the sum of $25, and for the eecotd offence in any gum not legs than $100 nor more tbun $500, to which shall be added, imprisonment in the county jail not leee than ten days nor more than six months." ; Senator Parker offered the follow, ing, adding to Section 1'the following: Provided that no license shall be granted to any other .than a mate person over the age of twenty-one years, and one who shall at the tlm'e be of good moral character, and provided further, that no f>uob person shall be deemed of. good moral I,»dii-.H of the X'nth Siroet O!iri»iian Church are Liberally I'aCroiifjeed. At tbe Jueiice building, No. 428 Broadway, tbe hungry were fed and the weary refreshed yesterday and last evening by the ladies of the Ninth street Christian church. Besides tbe excellent dinner and eupper served each day there are four tastefully decorated booths, in charge of young ladies, at wblch small change can be speedily disposed of. The paper booth guarded by Misses Nell Staaton, Daisy and Nina Justice, was formed of colored papers, and in it are to be found all manner of fancy articles formed of papjr. The candy Booth, in chm-eeof Misses Minnie Stauffer, Mame Stanley, Lillian Clary and Margaret Swigart. was draped in red and wbiie, and the young ladles were appropriately aoor^- ed with those colors The candy booth did a bribk business. A stand where fancy articles we displayed and suld ie presided over by Miss A B. Scanton and Mrs. James Douglass. Tne baby booth is guarded by Mm. T. S. Freeman, and there the precious Infanta are fed and coddled while the fond parents are otherwise engaged It is said the ladles cleared about $50 yesterday, and the dinner and supper todav will probaily be given a much more liberal pstroriop-e. Tkt Butiom of the Se» Yields rio pearl that can exceed in beauty teeth whitened and cleansed with thatincnmDatable dpntlfrlce. the fragrant SOZOD©ST Nor is coral rosier than th. gums in which such teeth are set. So say tbe ladles, who are the best judges in su' h matters. Floyd Burton and M'»i Ollie Clineer were married at the "home of Leonard Cast Thursday .evening by the Rev. Roger* of . Royal Center. Both the young people reside in Harrison town ship. In 'Squire Hli-hl's court yesterday morning judement was rendered for the defendants in the case of Willl«n)« BOD Wright «gain*t K>ou» et al h1» tenants, for possession of a farm and $200 . dam»ge«.. Tne coeta were Mses»ed against the p lain tiff- llonry JnluiAoa. a Strunaor, in Cuurged With <i!<*tinliliiir 11 I'an Ilmidle Itr;Uv< IIIKII til ItiuiUrl' Hill. Harry Johnson, an innocent lopklog young man of 21 years, wus locked up on suspicion yesterday afternoon, at the request of the Pan Handle BU* thorlties at the local yards, on the strength of a telegram from Bunker Hill Describing him andjeharglng him with assaulting abrakeman on passenger train No. 21 west bound, at that place. Officers Houghton and Kleckner made the arrest. Johnson claims to be from Raccoon Bend, Ky., and says that he is a cobbler by trade. According tobisetory he journeyed from Red Key toBunkei-Hillyesterday He stepped on the platform of No. 21 as it pulled outforthis city. A braketuan ordered bim off, but he did not at once jump necause a cattle guard was close at, band and be did not want to rieb an injury to himself. Toe brakeman struck htm, BO he says, with a rod, tbe instrument usually carried by Pan Handle brakemen to turn out the lights, acd ibe rod was knocked from the railroad man's hand toihe ground. Johnson afierwards got off, picked up the club, and (lading a town officer, turned it over to him, Johnson came to Loganspori on ihe first section of No. 71. and was picked up by the police. He will probably be taken to Peru-, and is now in jail awaiting the action of the Miami county authorities. THE DIKE GIVES 'WAY. The Barrier Between the \ew R>ce and the Eel Illver IM not IIin.il to tlie Prc»»nr«. A break about fifty feet in length aas occurred In the levee between the new water works race and the Eel river. Wall and all gave away. Tbe oss is considerable, and several dajs will elapse before the necessary ra- >airs can be made. Domestic consumers will be amply supplied from the North Side wells, and there ia >lenty of waler for fire prtection. The Hod cm InulM Jas tastes medicinally, In keeping with other luxuries. A remedy must be pleasantly acceptable in form, purely wholesome in composition, ruly beneficial in effect and entirely ree from every objectionable quality. f really ill he consults a physician; f constipated be uses the gentle amily laxative Syrup of Figs. Accident to a Farmtr. George Wlpperman, a farmer living outb of the city, was struck by a mb while chopping down a tree Thursday evening, and rendered unconscious by the blow. H:g hurts were not permanent. Notice. The adjourned meeting of L. T U. No 196. »M be held Sunday. March 10 ai 2 o'clock p m at Assembly HEXKT W PETERS Pres. Grand OpfBluffuf Perl* G»wn*. A Parts manufacturer of laoieo' fioe dresses aad stile «rai<tts will display hi* Itoe at our annex today E'ery lady IB iavlted. THE BEE HIVE. HAVE YOU CATARRH? Then Head This. .Part of tbe Testimony oT One Day. January 15, 1S95. Mr. Colman:— :"*EAK Sin—I must have some more Petroleum Balm; I can't get aloof without it.' It is the best for catarrk of anything I have ever tried. I had a thumping in my bead over a year. That was the first thing that stopped: it. Since I began using the Balm J have noi felt it at all, to I am recommending it highly. Address MRS. NOKA DAVTS, Box 20, Adams Mane. GAHIIETT, Ind , Jan. 15, 1895. Mr. Colman:— The sample of Petroleum Balm ant Emollient you sent me hits done mt great good. My throat is bolter than for six months before. I enclose pay for another box of ecch, MRS. CHAS. SIMMONS. CARTHAGE, Ind,, Jan. 15, 1895. Mr. Colman:— Please send me two dozen bottles of your Polroleum fialm.f'I ihlnk I ehali have no trouble in selling it as it hat. done ray husband more good in one. week than ull the medicine ho hat used in years. MKS. CUAHLES Wiuoxsox. HAKDSOMS, Va., Jan. 15. 1895. Mr. Colman:— DEAR SIR—I received the Petroleum Balm all right. Enclosed please find 30 cents for a box. It's tbe only thing that does my leg any good. Flvt months ago my leg broke out with ft. burning ulcer, and our family doctor has tended it all tbe time, but it, daily grew woree, with no ease of llf«. Your medicine is all that I can got that eases it. I think it will be suffl- cient to cure It. I shall try to be Of all the use to you I can In selling yoat medicine. Respectfully yours. L JOVSEB. . HAEPKB, Mo., Jan. 15, 189c. Colman Bros. & Co.:-—DEAK J rns—My husband hae ben* troubled with catarrh in the b*ad for-, twelve yeari and has tried several: remedies, bu.t received no benefit from them. He bought a box of your Pev troloum Balm gome time ago and hw not used more than half of it and thinks he ia well I would very much like to take tb« ' agency and think I can help myself • and you too, by doing so. Please lot me hear from you at once. Respectfully, MRS. W. D. MCCLAIK. We could Gil this whole column witfc. such testimonials all written in on* day. During next week you can get i> ; free sample of the remedies at llM drug stores of B. F. Beetling: or Job* Coulson. Vandal ia L4ne £x< On Feoruary 12, March 5, April * and SO, 189.5, home seekers excurtloa tickets will be on Bale at very cheay rs'es to virioue points in tbe South, and Southwest. For rales, limit stop*, over prlTilge*, etc.. apply to J. C. EDGEWORTH, Agt, Logannport, Ind-

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