Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on July 15, 1896 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 15, 1896
Page 3
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Almost Distracted D ID YOU EVEU .-.uiler from real ner- Tuiibm.'5-s? Wuuu'overy nervo scorned to uuivor n 't h a peculiar, croopj feelins. first in one place, and then another and .all anamed linuliy to conccutrato In a , writhins.iurnalo ju tho bra:o. iind you bo- cornu Irritalilc,'fretful and peevish; to bo 1 followi-d by an.Iropotant, wc:ii:cnod condition of tho ncrvo costers, rioting in the ciirs, und sleepless, raisf ruble ntshts ? iirs, Eupcno Searios, .110 Simonton St., Elk- hnrt. Inci., suys: "Nervous troubles had made RCStOr£S =10 nsariy insane and •j ... physicians wcro unable .ilCUlin«.'>.c. tohcionio. My memory •K-.T.S almost; pono and every little thing worried roc until I was almost distracted. I really fc.irod I ^".15 becoming a icaniue. I imagined all sorts o! evil thliips nnd would Cry over nothing. I commenced ttilclnsDr. Jtiles' Bcstoratlvo Nerving and four bottles of this wonderful retnedy completely cured me. and I am as .well now as 1 ever was." Dr. Miles' Nervine is sold on guarantee, firs', bottle will benefit or money refunded. THE Munson Typewriter J Is aGoodjMachine. standard of oieelienca Manj 'isers of the "ilunson" consider It THE |BEST. . You will flnd It a valuable assistant In jour or- Bee. Address lor particulars THE MUNSON.TYPEWRITER CO MANUFACTURERS. 240-344 Vent Lake St., Chicago, III. To tlie Ladies. Those who are Interested In derma.to'1- ogy should call on Mrs. Stringham, who IB located In the St. Elmo building on Broad-way and be convinced that dermatology te what every-woman of In- teUIgencc and refinement needs. It Is •conceded'by our best minds that a beautiful complexion Is a necessity of the Nineteenth century, and which civilization must have; and every worthy husband or brother will take Interest In and-those who are suffering from any cutaneous .disorders such as eczma, tetter, freckles, acme, liver Bpots, birthmarks and superfluous hair are successfully treated. Bright energetic girls wishing'to work for $10 a week should call and sell Mrs. Strlngham's prepara- ' tlons. Catherine Stii ogham. DERMATOLOGIST. -STATE NATIONAL BANK LOQANSPOKT, IND. OflPITrtL '•'. «2OO.OOO J. F. Johnson, President. B.'W. Ullery, -Vice President, H. J. Heltbrlnlc. DIRECTORS. • . f. T. Johnson. 8. W. UHery. J. T. Elliott 'W. M. Elliott.- W. H.Bnia«r. Buy and »<>'l Ooyernment bbiHs. . Loan money en personal »ecurity and colUter- ali. Issue special certificate* of deposits bwrlngT percent. Interest when left one rear; a per cent, per -annum when deposited six months. '• , - . -- . ' Boxes In Safety Deposit Vaults of this kank for the deposit of 'deeds, Insurance •wlleles, mortgages and ether valluables, ranted at from K to J15 per-year. , CHAS. L, "WOtLV; :- UNDERTAKER >: N*. 417 Market Street Call* attended to »promptly,. day oi tr«l Union and Mutual telephone!. Office, No. 16; Residence, No. 1HU aU-ht Ceni LON SAXON'STJLL FREE, Florence E. Jloreton, who was assaulted and robbed Sunday, 'Is now being cared for at the ; resldenee;'of SheJfE Adams. She .improving.'. X/oa,;;Saxon,: ;.who is-suspected of ,,theicrime," has noj; been founa by.theipolleeV THE RAILROADS A Change of Route. Suggested to ' ' - I/L: & •-€.••.•--"• ?• THAT ROAD DELAYED General News of Railroads and Railroad Employes. Indianapolis .TourualV A business man who has' had'' much to do with lot".ith)g the' ' railways that have come into Indianapolis, more es- peclally alter they reach the limits oC the city, expresses the .opinion that the projectors-of the Indianapolis, Log:v port & Chicago have made :i mistake in locating their line to reach the Union Railway Company's tracks. He thinks the bettor plan would have-been ro so- cure the right of way'from.North Tudl- an:ilK>lis, along the Belt road until the tracks of the Feor-la & Eastern and the Indianapolis, Dewitur & Western were reached, mud ihe-u sain eii-trauco to tlie Union, tracks over one of •• these roads, or cross 'thi-nvand go to one of the other lines; coming !u fto' 111 the'-west. Were the Imliuiuvpolas, Log.aiisport & Ch-ic-ago to thi-ea-tfa ro cross eithe/ot' these roads ti-rn:s could be secured which, lie is.sal- Isrii'd. wunld make ii more prolltabli. 1 to use tlii 1 --tracks of one o-f those roads than ro cruiW i-he-m .lo reach those of spun 1 orlior road on. Hie south. The luis- •ine&s man. expressed the oiil'iiion thai nhe new oompa-ny had .mil yet gone sn far that it could not abandon its can- •teuiphited line and take his plan, and in tlia-t mauiiuH 1 greatly cut dowu tin 1 ' cost of reacltiiii." the Union Hallway Coin- ixuny's ..tiMClw. "Don't-take this," sa.id tho speaker, "as meaning- that I don't- want the road to got in hero a,n'.l prlve the city another starf on railroad matters, for I would favor doin£ anything roasdiiable to induce the projectors of railroads to buiitil J"to Ind.huuipolis. I think the Board of Trade and the Coin- mercial Club have not pi veil thc.nnitter tlie atrcotion tlioy should and unless something i<s clone in this-direction- Indianapolis will lose its positoii as one of tlie large railway centers." ACTION IS DELAYED. Indianapolis .Journal: Tlie Board -will ->rolwbl.\ - take action on the petition of Ji'e ludiainapolis. Lojra-nsport & Chicago ra-itrotvd for a right of way Into the cttj- until after other matters are disposed of. Mr. Curtis said that the Board had not asked him for -an .opinion on the. subject, and he knew nothing of it. except what he had read in. die papers. '. RAILROAD NOTES. The-Financial Chronicle computes the gross earulgs of 122 roads for June'at $37,702.780, an increase over June 1805 of $2,404,033. Two more passenger conductors were dropped on the Chicago '& Alton on-Saturday, making ten that have been-dismissed', Ht'Is stated, .In the'hist, two weeks. I '• . Ex-President James F. Hpw, of the Walxish railway, who died at-St. Louis on .Saturday night, had been In the railroad service since 1809, nnd since Nov. 10, 1S70, had been connected with :he Wabash -line in the hlgUesit official .•apaclties. It is evident that Vice Prosident Mc- 3rea. oC tlie Pennsylvania company,, made a Judicious selection when he aa> l>oi:nted' L. F. Loree general manoger >f the Pennsylvania lines west of PItts : burg. -He assumed the iwsttlon when businessi was raining off, and only by. spasmodic spells has It been, up to the usual volume in the two-years he has been the general manager, yet he has landle'd the property so well'that the rross earnings nnd also the net earn- ngs-luire been very-satisfactory. DEAFNESS CANNOT BE CURED by local applications, as they can 1 •each the diseased.portion of the There Is only one way to cure deafness md that Is by constitutional remedies. Deafness 'la caused by. an Inflamed condition, of the mucous lininJs; of .the Eu- stachlan Tube. When, this tube gets nflamed you 'have a rumbling sound >r Imperfect hearing, and when It Is en- Irely closed deafness -Is- the .TMUlt, and unless the Inflammation can be taken ut and this tube restored to its normal condition,, hearing. wllli_ be ,1368- royed by cata/rrh, which; is nothing, but an Inflamed condition of the mucous lurfaces. ' " '•'".." ' : - ' ' ' -."' - .v- We will give One'Hundred Dollars for any case of. deafness (caused by- catarrh) that' cannot be,cured by,Hall'a atarrh Cure. .Send t or circulars, free. F. J. CHENEY &'• CO.,: Toledo, 6. ; Solid Ivy Druggists,- 75c.'. You need Hood's : Sarsaparilla • to ,enr •lch';and purify youf* blood," create on appetite and give sweet refreshing sleep. Round trip rate to St. Joseph, $2; •; to ,ake Maitnkuckee,.'$i; Train leave* Vandalla station eyery Sunday at 7 m. Geo. Harrison has the flnot line of hammock*,In tlie city. MUNYON'S REMEDIES A CUBE FOB EACH DISEASE. WITH MUNYON'S IMPROVED HOMOEOPATHIC REMEDIES IX THE HOUSE, MOTHERS CAN BECOME THE FAMILY PHYSICIAN AND SAVE DOLLARS IN DOCTORS' ... ' . FEES. Get Munyou's :Guido to Health -From Your Druggist—It Will Ml You ' What to Use hud How to Cure the Most Obstinate .-ind'Coin- plicaitecl Diseases. -Professor -Munyou: is honored .today a* the leading aiwthorlty In the medical world. His new ami hu-mnnc methods of'treatment luive swept tvway' all. I he old-fashioned 'ideas of doctoring 'with poisonous drugs,thut create a Aw.cn diseases in the effort to gat rUVof one. He cloos not dalm tliiit he lias one remedy r.liivt will en re all complaints, lint that lie 1ms'prepared a (specific euro for nearly, every disease. He does iwr. t-lai.ni that 'Munyim's Rhemiiatls:n .Cure will CUTO coiisuiuptiou, d-ysiiepshi o^any orhw eo'uipliiint. but lie doe^ -iissiTl 1 . that it will cure- rheumatism. Mtiu- yon's Dyspepsia Cure is prepared i'X- pvcssly io euro dyspepsia: Mnnyou's Cou.di Cure 10 cure ccm.~l>s; Jlunyon's Dilarrh' Ucmertiiw • to rure catarrh; Mnnyou'i! Kidney Cure lo cure Kidney tivubles. Tile same may be .said of.all Miuiyon's different reinedi-fs. They may be cWuined at rill lira? stores mostly at 23 routs a liotile." rei-sonal letters to Professor SMmiyon, ir>0'> Arch j-treet, rhiladelphhi, Tn,,.answered with fi*ee medical advk-e for any disease. MANICURING AT HOME. One IIr»ncli'of o CouHtnntty-Increailnff BizBlnettH. Of the greatly increased, and still in- srensing:, number of persons'vvlio Have their hands attended to by professional manicures, a. considerable number now MVC the work done nt their own home. Among .the customers at the l;u-g£ manicuring establishments there :ire almost nu mun'y men as women; those whose land's arc cured for nt home ore nearly ill women jm'l regular customers. Op- rators are sent to them o.t any desired lour from the manicuring- establishments, and there are now visit! up manicures who devote themselves entirely to ndine. work. Thd visiting manicure tic- quires th-5 art in a. manicuring-establish-; meet: An apt pupil can- learn the,work n two or three montlis. Then she seta about building? up n route of customers.- Vomen usually have their hands cared 'or once a: week. • They 'ore not likely ail to want the work done at the same ;jroe, and the. visiting manicure endeavors to lay out a route that can be covered without loss of time and which will- \ec-p her constantly employed. . ;.--.-• More and. more parents now have :he hands of their children, both boys md girls, cared for by a- manicure, be- finning- when, the child is,six or .seven "ears old. In the case of children, the vork is as of ten done to cure them of. the mbit of l>if.in» the finger wiils as. if is- to.beautify them, .It is sought tp.5nst.il n the child a pride in thefippearanceof :he nails, nnd thus to prompt it to,preserve them in good order. The work .husi begun-isJikely to be.continued for jurposcs of beautifying. The number of people, men ,and v omen, who now have their feet attended :o by the chiropodist, as they do their iiinds by the'manicure, hns also ih- rensetl grcntly. The work''.upon the lands is done ; to beautify them; upon :he feet, for comfort,; It is now required, "by the law of J.nne 3, ISOVthai chiropodists shall .puss an examination by a board of examiners of the Pedic society of the state of New York: Some p'orsoiis have- their feet cured for at home, but much the greater number 1 go to a manicuring esta.blishroent in. which chiroppcliats also are'employccl,. or to ? chiropodist's establishmejit,^-N. •Y.Sun. ,' . .. ..' •'." .• "" '• " ,- v THE BIDEE: Said, "Heat '• Is • Life, Cold is. Death:'' There is no surer way to set up''d'y&f ;-pepsla than!' to-'drink freely 6? ; ,cold drinks at -meals. The' natural.- heat of : .the stomach -to.necessary.for perfect digestion, and- any $old substance thrown Into It absorbs 'just so much heat and rolis' the'stomach of Itsrpawer. > A 'cwp'i of hot Poatuin Cereal whMi lias 'nil the. .nourishment.of the grains, .will do-more .to Tatt'en t.lie .body, .'and preseiTe.':good- Stoinaeh. action thaE all the drugs. In : the .pharmacopoeia. 'Goffee?aiid tea; 1 disagree- with many people, while Postura Cereal agrees with the weakest stotoach nnd can be gh en freely to tihe chlldten A reliable gtoeer •«!!! never offer a cheap or weak .imitation of genuine original article because he happens to moke a 1 &th> etrtra>profit Buit It Is well to observe that when genuine 'Postum Cereal coffee Is ordered, that you get Postiim and not a spmious Imitation offered ns "just as good." '.,,,„ Merclinnts supplied by ,T T. Elliott & Son Vici Kids Hand Hade French Calf Razor Toes, Pigskins from Smith & Stoughton, All Fine Men's Tan Shoes $1.98 Worth $5.00 There is no fake about these Shoes, we have been selling them for seven years. Everybody knows them, there are no better made they are simply odd or broken sets, if we can't fit you in one we may in another style, its the price and value that must sell them, costing you a *rifle only above cost of halfsoling. Our Very Finest Men's Tans Go at $2.98 only $2.98. OTTO KRAUS "Of Course" MISCELLANEOUS ITEMS. —The origin of blue-tinted .papei cnme about by a mere slip of tJie hnnd. Tho wife oi .William llnst, an English paper maker, ficcidentnlly let blue pack lall into one of the vats of pulp. —At a recent meeting of police chiefs the California representative remarked that in his stntc poker is not classed with g-ariiblinj,' because it is considered -a scientific game. —A man Vho crossed the Cascade mountains, Oregon, by the military route March LO u-nd May I, found 35 feet oJ! snow on the summit on the first trip and 20 fect'on the second, and Sfny 1 it \vus still snowing. —It-is' said the first match was the product of the ingenuity of John Frederick Komerer, who early in this century was imprisoned in the penitentiary at Hohcnasperg-, in Germany. Ho invented the lucifcr match.while in his gloomy dungeon. —The up-to-dtite cities now vise street sprinkJers with wheel tires fiix inches wide, arid the outside of the front tire is placed even with the inside of the rear tire, the machine thus rolling 24 inches of strectas it moves along, nnd doing excellent work in keeping the streets in good condition. —Of the 2!),000,000 inhabitants of England and Wales at the last census, 20,600,000, or over two-thirds, live in towns and cities, and only 8,200,000 in the country. In Scotland one-half of the population live in towns of more than 10,000 inhabitants, though in Ireland the proportion was about one in six. —A house recently built in New York has n. .revolving sideboard, with a double front. It is built between the dining-room nnd butler's pantry,and by its aid a dinner is very much expedited. One assistant on the pantry side arranges the dishes and other needfuls for the coming course, while the..waitress in the dining-room is serving the present one, —Another ossified roan 'has been found and exhibited to the Paris Academy of Medicine. He is a Eoumanian Jew of 30, who began to ossify 1.2 years ago, first up *e right side of his back, then down his left side. He hns hardened now to-the nape of his neck, his head is turned to the left and the jaws are ahcnylosed: He can still move his arms and legs a little with great difficulty.' - '' ' NORMANDY CIDER. Inventors Cut This Out for Future Reference. ,..<-..•.. :•.->„-..,,- .:'--. - ByronB.Cordon. • Sketches of nil kinds prepared for decorative and commercial .purposes. , | Sleehaiiic-.il and prospective drawings of Electric, Pneumatic, and Agrt- ! cultiTi-a-l devices prepared 1'or the l'ate-u t office. • ' • Designiut' a specialty. - -"• -•.-•W'-K-^rsv****'*--^ _ Claims for Letters of Patent i.-i-ose'.uted. . . ,, BYRON B. GORDON. Draughtsman & Patent Attorney. Spry Block. Logansport It It Very Jf'"" 0 * n<1 Produced by the Millions of Gallon*. • As a fact the finest cider is not made i>y the British grower, but in Normandy. They have in that province brought cider making to-perfection. The total produce every y.ear there amounts to hundreds of millions o-f gallons: and it is made with the utmost cnre. Tobe- ,jin, they choose the site of the orchard with judgment, an-d see that the soil 13 of tlie type which apples love; and they, are equally thoughtful in-select- ng. the varieties oi the «pple most It for cider. Indeed, for the very finest cider,, their solicitude is so great that none, but~~the second or third y.ear's fruit of the trees is used; and when ;he proces* of fermentation is reached, nothing- is left to chance. Chemists.of great experience watch the changes in ;he liquor; and the skill with .which the process is reg-ulated is based on £he -nowledge- gathered from Ibng prac- :ice. The result is that some Xor.iuandy :ider is- equal in.dcJicacy and -flavor ;o fine : champagne; nid ma-ny cheap champagnes .nre^ simply .sophisticated cider. •••• .-.--'-... .'-. > • This deception is very general. The -great -Jiulk of the cider mode in Normandy goes to the'champagne districts, and is used to malce cheap champagne,; and to form the body of •:other wines, tco. Port, it seems, can .be made, and > of ten., is-made, of cider, .the'cblor being 1 .imparted, by logwood or red-beet juice, ;and the flayer by the addition:in verj' nice proportions of the root -of the- •rhatu'ny.- This," It is'said, is an .imita- !ticn so excellent that-the flavor: wbuirl -deceive -a .groocl. judge of port. .':It- '-is: 'q.uite certain that all the. cider mode in.Normandy does .not, by a verylarge, proportion, go oh the market as, cider; arid that it is sold in the guise of cheap wines, both white.''arid red. Certainly, than the" champagne cider of Norimandy there is nothing more delicate and effervescent, unless it be the same prod- iu'ct.-of "'California;- when-'at'its best;— 'Chambers 1 ' Journal. One PrenUttrlty of Badness.' Mr Singleye raised his head end spoke o\er the edge of his papei • "It's n mighty funny thing," he said, "how often you hear the ministers an" deacons, an' them folks doin' things they'd ought not to. Seems almost as though you never beard of any but a good man groin'wrong "—Chicago Trib- Valley Eas Co, N ituril and Artificial Gas Bills due the Firs of each month, ten day's grace. Alllbills payable at the office of the Company, 317 Pear^ Streei. Special—Low rates on heaters during the months of May, June,:JuIy, August and ~ tember. PROTECT YOUR EYES. >£ CLASS The Hirchbcrg Optical Co..The well-known Speclallsls'of New York h»v« _.. D. A. HACK as agent tot their celebrated Spectacles »nd If" Glasses, every pair guaranteed, ; "-, ;•/•$$ D. A. HACK lias complete assonmeat and InvttM'tlHO;^ taOstr HieraselTes of the great superlorttTotthewgooa§0?«:;>:;|| any mvinfactured, at tb« store o£ D. A. HACK, Sole scent ftr;; |,| LognnspottInd. , ' ,- . ' i-'a .. . no Peddlers Supplied. -. .. ;.« 15 DAYS IN YELLOWSTONE PARK. The C-Ucago, Milwaukee & St.. Paul Railway .Company desires to call attention to a very completely arranged tour through the Wonderland of America, under the management of the well- known tourist manager, Sir. .T. J. Grafton. The' party wll' iwive Chicago on Tuesday evening,-"it.y'21, by electric light train, with dining car, to be absent three weeks. The petrified forest and jnnny other attractive features of the Park will be included hi the itinerary, that the traveler, going, through the ordinary way, docs not see. A party will also leave Chicago for Alaska via Yellowstone Park, the same date. For /full partteula-rs, address Geo. H. Heafford, General Passenger Agent, Chicago, 111. , - - ILVblSON SWADEXER RESIGNS. The Rev. Madison Swadener has resigned his position as superintendent of the Cincinnati Church Extension society, his action, being caused by a lack ot C na neial support in- the work. H is accomplishments during his term of ;servlec. have, been very creditable to- his energy' anil "earnestness iu'thc caiise. The pleasant, flavor, gentle-action, and soothing^ effect of Syrup of Figs, when in need-of m laxative, and If the father or mother• be .costive or .bilious; .the most gratifying results follow its use; HO that It Is the best family remedy known and every family should have a Great sales prove the great merit of Hood's Sarsapatllla, and great merit enables^ It to accomplish wonderful cures.. FIRST GRAND EXCURSION -TO- NIAGARAFALLS AND TORONTO,' Wednesday, July sand. "BIG FOUR' '' ROUTE. ;; The popularity of tUese 'excursions, bis been;;. ^ greater eacb 5ncceedingsouimer. .Thewondert •':•(.••<; otthe"FaU»" nevercease Oor patrons In form-; .'jj er jear» know tne excellent <iua»V ot fteie "*»>•:- -^ Four" excursions, as th)« line is the direct natur-,, .•,£ al route to the "rails" via Baflalo »nd tbe-icoom- ':?| modatlonn superb. Solid trains ot MegantV;.';:,-; Couches and Parlor CMS run thtongh without .v : 4 change, anfl Wagner Sleeping Cat iccOBmod*^^ tions provided for aU. :V;S' For full particulars, rates, time ot special ../.as trains, etc., call on or address nearest agent - -;Vv r : BIO FOUR ROUTE. ;j| E. O. McCormick, • D. B. Martin.-^ Pass. Traffic Mgr. Genl. Pass. & Ticket Agt ^ffjK L.G.PATTERSON ' His opened-a Fire and 'Accident -o ance offKe af«0 Broadway, up .«tattj.mn4. ,;« solicits a share of the public patTOnair«.: None but First Class Companies • Are You Out of Employment. Have yon a honse, buggy personal ptoperty,_ or vacant _ you would like, to exchange, for-a9:|| busJness thatwIllgiTt bl« 'return»r Call at 703 Hichigan" Avenue. ,);"'*^ Subscribe for. the Journal,._40 per month. - ••';.- ; '-,y--.•'..'.•: ! -s-- J • '"-'•'•' " '

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