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The Gazette from Montreal, Quebec, Canada • Page 7
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The Gazette from Montreal, Quebec, Canada • Page 7

The Gazettei
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
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VOL. CL1II. No. 294 THE GAZETTE, MONTREAL, DECEMBER 1924. notlngis excellent and ho is one WEATHER REPORT the rare people who can make their BIRTHS, ENGAGEMENTS, MARRIAGES AND DEATHS SOc per Insertion Trepuiil.

banks has a considerable hand in thia department of production. A third is that of Mr. Elton Thomas as the author, though here again na BUSINESS CODE OF ETHICS IS NEEDED 'THIEF OF BAGDAD' REMARKABLE FILM presence felt in every scene in which they appear. Bun Lyon is vell cast as the young American who has joined the French army out of sheer sueneots that the versatile Mr. Fair banks had much to eay.

Another Toronto, Dec. 7. l'ressure is high over Manitoba and northern Ontario, while an Important disturbance now over Missouri Is lSItely move towards the Great Lakes. The loneliness and finds there adventure. theory of suicide is dismissed as suit coses and other belongings are missing.

Miss Cook's Recital The recital of Slavonic folksong's, dances and native music ito be given by Miss Kllenor- Cook, tinder the auspices of the Montreal Women's Press Olub at the Rltz Oanlton, Is set for Wednesday evening next, and not Tuesday, as erroneously mentioned dn the press notices. Miss Cook's work has won the praise of many discerning critics, and her Montreal appearance is an occasion of real interest. Fort William, Dec. 7. Eight boats carrying 1,856,000 bushels of wheat cleared from the head of the lakes Saturday, five of them going 'to Buffailo.

Nine boats are due and fooir are loading grain. A full cargo of screenings leu. for Chicago. romance and love. The pioturo itself weather has been mostly cloudy and is interesting and well produced, and provides Gloria.

Swanson with a HenrV S. DenniSOtl. Of BOStOn, I ld from Ontario eastward and fair and cold in the western pro- is that of Edward Knoblock, the successful dramatist already mentioned, who is described as consultant, presumably as to details of Oriental iife and settings, "The- Thief of Bagdad" will be shown twice daily, matinee and evening performances, for tha balance of the week. BIRTHS. at the Montreal Maternity Hospital December 3rd.

10-4. to Mr. and Mm. H. C'amoa Flood, a son.

NUTTER On December 4th, at the Medical ArtH Hospital, to Dr. and Mm. ,1. Appleton Nutter, a Hon. DIED.

liF.IQUE On December 7th. 11)24, at the residence of his father, Senator F. Henri A. Unique, aired 47 years. l''llnerl nn H'cil rioitila llucmliDF lorh vehicle in which She appears to the Expounded Views at Peo Magic, Mystery and Glamor of "Arabian Nights" Are Called Up vinces.

Minimum and maximum temper atures: ple's Forum Mill. Max. Prince Rupert 32 40 1 TORNADO" AT PALACE leaving Sherbrooke Street West, at MORALS HIGHER TODAY a ior m. James latlicurai. liENTLEV On December 6th.

1021. at EFFECTIVE ILLUSIONS Street VVest, David Bentley, beloved bus-band of Sarah Ann t'uuiuiiniSJ, in uis ill at yea r. EXHIBITION NEW ETCHINGS AND DRAWINGS By HERBERT RAINE, A.R.C.A. DECEMBER 8th TO 25th W. SCOTT SONS best advantage.

The singing of Ivy Scott, who renders "One Fine Day" from Madame Butterfly, is an unusually attractive feature of week's programme, as is the music rendered by the orchestra There is a prettily-staged dance number by Ruloff and Elton and the Capitol ballet, and a comedy, "Sunday Calm," which gives an amus ng If somewhat exaggerated picture of the joys of taking a group of lively youngsters off on a picnic. Suicide Theory Dismissed Dawson Y. Dec. 7. The mystery surrounding the disappearance of Mrs.

Anna, Carson, on October 15, remains unsoKed. She had been a resident of Dawson since ninety-eight, and it was supposed she had made considerable money. The Speaker Outlined Improvements Sinc Last Decade of Nineteenth Century Interesting Concert Douglas Fairbanks Creates Title Role With Accustomed Gusto, Humor and Feats of Acrobatic Prowess Victoria 38 44 Vancouver 34 44 Kamloops 24 2 12 Kdmonton 12- 10 Battleford -12 Prince Albert 18 6 Medicine Hat 0 10 Moose Jaw 16 4 Saskatoon lu 8 Winnipeg 10 4 Port Arthur 20 24 Parry Sound 32 38 London 32 42 Toronto 3S 44 Kingston 40 46 Ottawa 32 3fi Quebec 24 28 St. John 40 Halifax 32 3G Tel. Main 1653) 9 Notre Dame Street West Film Melodrama Is Presented With Startling Kealism An excellent example of a film drama possessing all the elements of popular appeal, is the version of the Lincoln J.

Carter melodrama, "Tornado," which is beins shown at the Palace Theatre this week, and should prove a good drawing-card because of its many and obvious merits. The title refers to the leading male character, so nicknamed becausa of his he-man qualities and power of personality, which are employed in that most forceful and masculine of pursuits, the lumber trade. The role is playedfWith marked vigor and admirable histronic talent by Mr. House Peters, and his depictation of the stalwart and romantic hero is GIFTS An Etching is suggested as the most perfect and Artistic Gift. Our collection of framed Etchings is the largest in Canada.

WATSON ART GALLERIES 679 St. Catherine St. West, at Bishop St. Chiirch, on Tuesday, December 0th, 11)21, at riease omit flowers, GREEN On December Kth, 12J, st li" St.

tieriuain Street, Town of Kt. Laurent, Flossie M. Green, iu her 37th year. Funeral from above address on Tuesday, December Bth, 1924, at 2.30 p.m.. to Mount Royal Cemetery.

HIGGINS At the Royil Victoria Hospital. December 5th, 1024, Alfred James Higgins, dearly beloved husband of Frances Higgins. at'ed 5G years. Funeral from the hapel of Jos. Wray 200 Mountain Street, at 11.3U a.m., Monday, to Mouut Koyal Cemetery.

JENNINGS At Brampton, on, December tith, 1924, Frederick T. Jennings, second son of the late Thomas), and Ann Jennings, of London, Eniand. Funeral from his late Brampton, Monday afternoon, December 8th, at 2 o'clock. English papers please copy, KOHL On December 7th. 1921, at In home, 2117 Feel Street, Edith L.

Iliiiton Kohl, widow of the late George A. Kohl, in her 09th year. Funeral will be held on Tuesday, December lllh. at 'J 'M af if Beyond business suocess there is a goal that should be aimed at, namely, goo3 citizenship and social fitness, Henry S. Dennison, of Boston, declared in addressing the, Peojiie's Forum last night in the Church of (he Messiah.

Mr. Dennison, who was at one time president of the Chamber of Commerce of Boston, spoke oh "Ethics in Business" in a general way, without, however, giving any typical or concrete examples of the foibles of the men of business. Below zero. FORECASTS. Lower Lakes Strong gales from eastward at "The Thief of Bagdad," the first Montreal showing of was viewed last night by an audience which exhausted the capacity of His Majesty's Theatre, calls for all the superlatives in the vocabulary of the reviewer to do it full justice.

It accomplishes for the screen what was done on the stage by Knoblock's "Kismet" and Asche's "Chu-Chin-Chow." in reincarnating all the the magic, the glorious color and the unearthly glamor of "The Thousand and One Nights." but it goes far beyond those productions winds and first, with rain. Georgian Bay Strong winds and gules from eastward with rain or snow. Ottawa Valley and I'pper St. Lawrence Strong winds and gales; in the degree to which, by advances In order to reach the level na perfect businessman, said Mr. it does not suffice to have a complete knowledge of men, money and merchandise, but also of God of social fitness.

It should be the aim in the technique of lilmdom. the utilization of elaborate but sedulous George's Church. JOHN HAMMOND, R.C.A. Is Holding His Annual Exhibition And Sale At Oar Galleries. Amu ug the Pictures Are Many Suitable For Christmas Gifts.

You are cordially invited. Johnson Art Galleries, 634 St. Catherine Street W. Limited. ly-hidden mechanism, mid the utilization of all the wonderful possibilities of trick photoplay, natural of all self-respecting businessmen, he-) MOEISON At his late residence.

23 Highland Avenue, James Beattie Morison, D.D.S., dearly beloved husband of Christine A. Bogle. Funeral from the Chapel of Jos. C. TVra OOO u.

laws are seemingly set at denance a most agreeable one, unmarred by the posing which some of his confreres affect. The story, while not striking out on any exceptionally original lines, is deftly and interestingly woven! The hero, going to the Great War, has left, a sweetheart behind. Wounded in' No Man's Land, he is deserted by his boyhood pal, who returns to report his death and woo the heart-broken maiden. Of course, the man guilty of such a despicable trick proves himself such a husband as one would expect, and when the paths of the three cross again there is conflict. It is not the tale itself which makes the picture such splendid and absorbing entertainment, but the sensational and spectacular way in which the culmination of events is brought about by the medium of a cyclone and cloudburst.

These elemental forces of nature are shown in the act of wrecking a mili-town and creating a flood, which in turn produces a log-jam. The breaking of the jam by the herculean efforts of the hero saves the townsfolk from the added horrors of being overwhelmed by the rising flood, but the releasing of the waters and their burden of logs destroys a railway bridge and so precipitates into the flood the train carrying the heroine and her hus and miracles are accomplished in the manipulation of matter. In the concoction of the story, as in the cloudy; followed by snow or rain. Lower St. Luwtence Cloudy followed by increasing easterly winds with snow.

Gulf and Xorth Shore Cloudy with local snow-tails or flurries. Maritime Moderate to fresh winds; mostly cloudy; local showers. Lake Superior Strong and gales from northeast with snow. Manitoba Fair and cold. Saskatchewan and Fait with somewhat higher temperature.

Northern New England Rain or snow Tuesday rain; colder by Tuesday night. Moderate shifting winds. 2 p.m., Tuesday, December 0th, to Mount nvention of the numberless episodes TtnRTvenv i. i. at the Royal Victoria Hospital, Joseph IF YOU NEED REPAIRS or machining of any kind lathe or drill work, special parts to order, etc.

you cannot do better than place the job in our skilled hands. -We have the right equipment and the right men to handle the, task. Get our estimates. ivhuiubuu, in nis z4in year. which make up the action, there is the same freshness and naivete of imagination which inspired the Eastern story-tellers whose tales, as they have come down to the present 817 University Street, for Interment ac.

FRAMES suitable for any Picture And tb Finest Workmanship EDLINGTON'S LIMITED 146 MANSFIELD Swt UPTOWN 1080 uoac xaaiu, vie. SPOOR A t-'rnlinm Tl. day in the "Arabian Nights, enthrall the heajt of childhood and cember 7th, 1924, Eliza'beth Bole relict of the late Josiph poor, In her i have power to charm the adult with their suggestion of a delectable world in which supernatural beings Funeral frAm tic lain -t December 7. Abstract from Meteorological record, McOill I iiiversity. Montreal.

Helmut above sea level, 1ST feet. Tnesdnv. Dpcpmho of Qn I o. James Anglican Church, Farnham, Que! declared, to reach for the best. He spoke also of the ultimate aim of business to rank as one of the professions, with a definite and inviolable code of ethics.

He hoped that such a state might be attained, but did not propose that the lad to it would be without stumbling stones. The expression "business is business," in order to explain away some unethical deal, not iheard so often today, continued the speaker, as it was some years ago. There has oeen a decided advance, he thought, in the morals of business, and today the state of affairs is more "let the seller beware" than some years ago it "let the buyer beware." FOR CONSERVATIVE METHODS. His observations were that careful, conservative methods in the long run lead to permanent prosperity, ra her than brilliant business coups, of Hie get -rich-quick nature. A deciSec! change has come about in business methods since the 'nineties, a change very much for the better, ethically speaking.

There are a number of qualities which men of, business should strive for, such as loyalty to corporations, spirit of serviceship and the sense of citizenship. The siud relationship which generally should be developed more fully be STEWART At his late residence, 2S7 nion Avenue, Montreal, on Sunclav. December 7th, 1924. at the ace of 77 le'lucco to Win.i -II' nr. sea level.

Tiler. Dir. V-1 IJeiieral Wenlti ebullitions. vears. "William hn.nri ONLY TWO WEEKS TO CHRISTMAS Prints Watercolor Prlnti Swing Frames PICTtRE FRAMING A SPECIALTY ART EMPORIUM LIMITED 13 Mei ILL COLLEGE AVE.

Catherine Lowson. Funeral from residence at 2 Tuesday, December 9th. and things come to the aid of romance and adventure, and in which, nothing is forbidden to the true heart and the dauntless soul. There lias been no scanting of effort or expense in the determination to call up anew the glittering magnificence and glorious spaciousness which go hand in hand with the cruel barbarity of the gorgeous Orient. The scenes of the palare, the mosque, the streets and the bazaars of Bagdad all are instinct with the spirit of the Fast, while in ::4 bcotctt papers please copy.

llp.m. 11 p.m. la. III. 7,1.

m. (lit. 111. II a.m. lp.m.

:1p.m. "ii.m. 30.04 7p.m. Milder Mild (firv. band.

It may sound highly theatrical and unconvincing in the 'inscription, but the scenes are reproduced with such startling realism, and have evidently been made at such great risk to the participants, that the spectator is carried breathlessly along in the sweep of incidents, and is left little opportunity of speculating as to their cre sw S' 111 SW 111 KM' 12 IS 14 SW 12 SW 11 SW II sw la FT.ORISTS. I Ssj In Monday, cember 8th, i '3 Twi'. r.M.. ui Dent (he Saturday 3: .0: Mwhanlre-' Institute, Tupper St. will be held the regular monthly ui the Society.

IM: no sun: now. ii.O. Sunday 3K.K: the magic portions of the picture the flying carpet, the winged white horse which travels through the. clouds, the magic rope, the cloak of invisibility, the land of fire, the horrific dragon, the depths of the sea all have the true eerie quality of the 31.1 no sun snow. .2.

Sun rises i. -2 a. in. RECEIVED Christmas Stock of Note Paper In liiirgc fancy Boxes. Makes a Beautiful Christmas Gift.

60c to $3.50 Per Box. Charles F. Dawson, Limited Manufacturing Stationers, (Established 1842) 239-241 Notre Dame Street West Tel. Main 3ai. "Sign of the- Golden Owl." un sets 4.10 p.m.

dibility. The various roles are well played. Miss Rutli Clifford, remembered of yore as the central figure in several serials involving a of perilous adventures, gives a winning and sincere interpretation of the heroine. Richard Tucker plays the false friend and domineering husband effectively, and good work is done by Jackie Morgan and Kate Price. The other features of the are up to the usual standard of the Palace.

tween employer and employee. As to perfect honesty in business. Mr. Dennison asked the question: "Are we to be honest because it is the best policy, or because it is Week-end Fires Fire calls reported at headquarters during the forty-eight hours from midnight Friday to midnight Sunday were as follows. Speaker: MK, HAUKISON F.

LEWIS, hlef tederul Migratory Bird Officer for 4uebe; anil Ontario. Mllbje.t: "CANADIAN SKA FOWL." lecture will he illustrated by beautiful moving picture taken last Summer In' Mr. Lewi in the Lower St. Lawrence. The Public Cordially Invited.

TUB PKOVINCK OK MOC'IICTY IOK THK PKOTtt'TlOX OF BIKHS. Gay and St. Catherine. Up. 7078 Laurier and Park.

Atlantic 330tt Greenhouse. Cote des Neiges Road Botn alternatives could answered in the affirmative, but ths SCXDAV. fabled wonders which they represent. Nor has the magic power of nomenclature been overlooked, for full use has been made in the sub-titling of the musical names Kandahar, Shiraz and a dozen other real pr fictitious places whose mention calls up visions of the far and mysterious places of the earth. The picture reaches its clintax of illusion ai.d effectiveness in the scene where the regenerated thief, faced with the task of rescuing his beloved princess's 12.53 a.m..

box 917. 'S: real object, of course, is to strive for the second. Preceding the address, an interesting concert was given by Geoage M. Brewer, organist of the Church of the and Miss Florence Hood, vloliniste. Mr.

Brewer played the four -movements of an organ suite by Felix Borowski. Miss Hood, accompanied by the organ, played selections of Bach, AVieniawski and -LADDERS- HARRY K. MARTIN 1 1 Board of Trade Mulu 4129. "WAGES OF VIRTUE" Gloria Swanson's New Play Shown at Capitol Such a picture as "Wages of Vir FLORISTS Wedding Bouquets and Decoration 4897 SHKRBKOORE STREET WEST. Westmontit 61100 0900.



Est'd 1900. Members Can. Mfg. Attn. (23 Notre BLme Street West, Montreal.

Main 0211. TEES CO. Tel. Vp, 165,1 Boulevard and Henri Julien. False alarm.

2.38 a.m.. box 9ii5, Jeanne Mance and Bernard, for slight Are indwelling at 58tiuPark avenue. 12.59 p.m., box 911, Carnier and St. Joseph Boulevard, for slight lire in auto in garage at 382 Fabre street. 3.12 p.m..

box 727, Dorchester and Dorion, for slight Are in foundrv at 27 Tansley street. 3.59 p.m., box 9122, Cremazie Boulevard and St. Adele, for fire in vacant dwelling at 8765 Park avenue. 5.27 p.m., automatic box 418, Canada Crown Bend Company, Limited, 75 Panet street. Xo fire.

5.49 p.m., telephone to St. Antolne and Fulford. for slight lire in dwelling at 407b St. Antoine street. 6.54 p.m., box 827.

Davidson and Adam. False alarm. 9.59 p.m., box 815, St. Catherine and Marlborough, for slight fire in auto. SATURDAY.

1.31 a.m., bos' 345, Notre Dame and Seigneurs, for sligiit fire in sheds on Fournrier street. I UNDERTAKERS and EMBALMERS city or Bagdad from Us wily Chinese conqueror, scatters from his magic chest the seeds which, bursting in innumerable puffs of smoke, leave in the place of each an- armed warrior, a device reminiscent of. not actually suggested by, the legend of Cadmus and his sowing of the dragon's teeth. WlMle "The Thief or Bagdad" is largely for its striking success upon externals arul acses-fWies, the acting shle has 'not been altogether Mr. Fairbanks enters with oustonvrairy gusto irnto ibis work, and his acrobaitie skill and keen humorous sense play their usir.ul prominent pants in his of the thief.

There is no illusion about the muscularity and flexibility of body demanded by wn- of his loats, and ibis career of crime is a deiiightt because of the pranks he plays upon bis violiims. The role of Old Floor Refinishing Our Specialty. 912 St. Catherine St. West NEW AND USED ELECTRIC MOTORS IN STOCK FRED THOMSON CO.

j. tue," Bhowins at the Capitol Theatre this week, affords a pleasant reminder that Gloria Sivanaon is capabls of playing roles other than those depicting the blase society woman who struts about in gorgeous ntimem, drawing unto herself the admirin? glances of each and all. In "VVngei of Virtue" she is a bewitching young Italian girl who keeps a eanteen t'nr her guardian, Luigi, near the heid-quartera of the French Legion in Algiers. In her bare with her unbound hair, her earrings, her unevn skirt and her shawl, she is a new Gloria, and one whom it would be impossible not to like. She enters with zest into the part given her to play, and at all times gives a thoroughly charming portrayal of the hoydenish, impetuous, unkempt, yet withal womanly little person who Is loved by every man in the regiment.

She is especially oo'nvlncing in a scene showing a lively passage at arms between herself and the proprietress of1 a rival canteen. Ivan Linou has been well chosen to fill the role of Liulgi, the "strong man," rescues C'armelita from the Sc-ine while "playing" Paris. Norman as John Boule, the English legionnaire, is a splendid Ilia Tliat old unsightly floor may be made to look BETTER THAN MiW and the cost of reflnlshing Is reasonable. For Estimates Phone Plutt-aii 2026. Limited 9 St.

Genevieve St Main 4900 FCAKRAL DIRECTORS 1014 ST. CATHERINE ST. WEST 'Phone Up. 9tf0 TRUSSES Simplex Floor Finishing Appliance Limited 'The Hardwood Floor- Specialists' 1065 Eleury Street SjialMWJMMIUMIlWJWWi made to order Montreal Dentist Graduated From McGill in 1900 One of Montreal's best-known dentists passed away yesterday in the person of James Beattie Morison, D.D.S., who died at his' home, 22 Highland avenue, after a brief illness. Dr.

Morison, who was professor of Orthodontia at McG-ill University from the time of the formation of the Faculty of Dentistry until his resignation last year, was born in Melbourne, in 1878, and educated at St. Francis College, Richmond. Coming to Montreal in 1896, he studied dentistry in this city, and graduated in 1900. He served overseas from May, 1915, until the end of the war as a captain in the 9th Field Ambulance, and was mentioned in despatches for gallantry. Dr.

Morison was a governor of the Montreal General Hospital, and a member c-f St. James, University and Royal Montreal Golf Clubs. He married Miss Christine Bogie, of Saranac Lake, 4n 1919, and is survived by h's widow, one sister, Mrs. H. A.

Honey-man of Ottawa and four brothers, Rev, W. T. Morison, Montreal, Rev. .1. A.

'Morison, St. John, N.B., Dr. C. F. Morison, Montreal, and Dr.

D. Morison, Winnipeg. REGRETS CALDER'S GOING FONERALSEM fk PLfflEAU-110 G.ARMSTRONG CO, 6 PARK AVENUE Fitted br Eipert J. A. Duckett SltO Uleury St.

l'lat. 4020 "notice TO MAM l- Af'TI KKKS OK IIIVI-C IAVS AND NlKliKOVS- Kl AND OTHKKS lSTKKESTIOU. The owners of Canadian Patent No. 22 K27. granted FWiruary 20, to of Milan.

Italy, for iptptovemcnts relating to Syringes, aie prepared to grunt liiensc-H for the manufacture of the said patented invention, to supply the article, or to pell eillien a jart or the whole Interest In the palont. Applications should be made to OWEN EVANS, Solicitor of Patents, Iu70 Bleury Street, Montreal. breakfast today in New York dinner tomorrow in South Florida niis evil coadjutor is excellently played iby Mr. Snitz Edwards, whose make-up is admirable, While the Mongol Prince of Mr. So-Jin is a good in Oriental guile, and the Persian Prince of Mr.

C. Cumont i amusing in its obesity and somnolency. Mis3 Julanne Johnston makes a weet picture as a princess, which is about all that is expected of a prtitcess in a fairy-'tale, while Miss Anna May Wong enacts slave girl with distinctive ability and realistic effect. A list of names labelled "Production Personnel," 'twice as lengthy the cast, contains three or fourwerth mention as standing out from a crowd of nonentities. One is that of Mortimer Wilson, who composed the highly descriptive and pleasing musical accompaniment which is rendered by a complete orchestra.

A second is that of ithe director, Mr. Raoul Walsh, who must have had a heavy task, even though it is generally understood that Mr. Fair 9.38 telephone to 12 Furfp.iv, for fire in ciitrmnay. 1.29 iteieplhone "to St. and Rachel, lor fire in t.ransfornir on pale.

1.30 p.m., box 9163, St. Lawrence and Cromazie, for tre in hay wagon en street. I. 47 p.m., box 9147, VervMlo and Abraham, far isM-glit -fire in St. Jean de la Croix 2C91 St.

Lawrence boulevard. 2.34 p.m.. telephone Ho 23 Vitre west, for sOjigibit ire dn dwelling. 4.25 p.m., telephone to 572a. Oas-grain, for burning electric wires on street.

5.05 box 991, St. Hubert nd De Pailse Kilarm. 5.03 telephone to Laohenaiie, for fire dwellings and barns. 9.19 p.m., box 9124, Belledhaisse and Do Normanville, for -slight fire in dwelling at 175 De Normanville street. 10.30 aurt'omaitiic box 53, CureonishieM'S, Xjnuiteii, 15 Victoria Square.

No fire. 10.39 ip.TO, box 327, William and Young, tor wligint fire in stable rear of 212 William atireet. 10.57 p.m., box 34S3, Notre Oamc and Greene. lafcorm. II.

31 p.m., box 9157, Fail lion and Lajeunesse. Failae alarm. 'If it's Hardwood Flooring Call Mac' I'Vnderson Fine Finish Blreb Floor-ins Carried in Ktoek for Immediate delivery. Thoroughly Kiln Urird I'niforra Gradine Tested Matching Accurate Kml Matching -KeasnnaMe Prices Heated Warehouse. FrankJ.McGoldrick IF IT'S WIPERS WASTE PHONE EAST 0533 For Best Quality and Frlces.

Dominion Sanitary Wiper Co. NOTICE Henolt St. Levis County Railway OF HALE OF I'ROPEItTILS. I'hnne l'lulcuu Travelers to Florida have never before enjoyedsuch fast, fine, through service as provided by KMK.f.TKItS, KM INKKN. KTA J-LKCrlSTS ANH OTHKKS INSURANCE Tin ownnrn of Tatnt N'o, grnnrfMl January 1st.

to HEN of T.omloR, ICnclitiKl. for of Vowdfrrd or (iranulHN'd lftHl'' are prppHrvil ti grant liffenKi-H frr he uki of the nanl invention or to lite whole or part iirtrrt-st in Iho patent, Applir-atious should bo mailt to OWP.N 10 VANS, Solicitor of 1'atenU, Nt7 Hlfury Montreal. INSURANCE AlAkT TUXnT 06 stjameT! XiiUrn is horrhy givn by the under-signod National Trust I'ompany, Limited, in IM quality of Trustee unilir the Iioetl of Mortgage and C'onvpyaure executed before It. H. ltarron, X.l.

the -Wli of May, securing an issue of F'ivi- Per ent. First Mortgage Bunils of Levis County Railway, that default having been made in the payment of the and Interest of said bonds and Iho security for the said bonds and Iho eomp enforceable and the undersigned Tru.slo having entered Into poKbeiou of the propertied mortgaged and mvcyed under the provisions of the said lieed OKUKER. -rVlwll U. STREET Best Contracts Obtainable, LIFE INSURANCE Lowest Premium Rates. FIRE INSURANCE Board of Trade Sends Resolution to Mr.

Taschereau The council of the Montreal Board of Trade his sent to Hon. L. A. Taschereau, premier and attorney-general of the Province of Quebec, a letter expressing their regret at R. L.

Calder's resignation of the office of Crown Prosecutor and thanking him for having appointed so able and conscientious an official to the post. The council enclosed a copy of a resolution adopted at their last meeting, which was in the following words: "That the Council of the Montreal Board of Trade has learned with regret of Mr. R. L. Calder's resignation of the office of Crown Prosecutor.

The Counci; expresses the hope that it may yet be possible to make sueh arrangements as will enable Mr! Calder to continue dn an office, the dftties of which he has discharged with signal courage and ability, and to the great benefit of hig fellow citizens." Telephones: Main 698 Westmount 1979 and In accordance with the terron 9feFloridian "Through -to Florida" sleeping cars lea Montrral, Tuesdays. Thursdays, and Saturdays, at 8:15 P.M.. via Canadian National Railway, "The Washingtonian" ioinms York. Through service on other days of the week by roaring from one car to another at New York or Washington without changing trains. Service via Delaware A Hudson Railway and Rutland Travel Railroad gives ample time at New York for connections with all to Florida rid Seaboard trains.

Southern Thm other ihromth fiwwsj daily from Ntw Yarat CAROLINA-FLORIDA SPECIAL leaves PennsylvaniaStation 3:40 d-1 P.M.-for Pinehurst 2:05 P.M.; after Dec, 2th 3:10 P.M. Com- rinenuru mencing Dec 29th leave 3: 10 P.M. with thro sleepers to Boca and Camden. Gande and other Southern Resorts. Effective Jan.

9th, thru fir sleeperstoWinterHaven.SebringandCentralFloridaResorta. rout, SEABOARD-FLORIDA LIMITED. In service Dec.29h- Leave Tennis, ana Pennsylvania Station 6:20 P.M. A de lure. all-Pullman train.

all outdoor ALL-FLORIDA SPECIAL. Leaves Pennsylvania Station 12:45 recreations. A.M. Sleepers ready for occupancy at 10:00 P.M. Juat sign and mail the coupon below and it will bring you the very otop-orer latest literature and information regarding any point in Florida.

pxrritetes. Let us arrange for your Pullman reservations and railway tickets. thereof, will, In the further exercise or the powers conferred upon It tb provislona of the said Deed. ami CITY OF MONTREAL Walter t. HaKar.

i. C. l'ettlre. Steamship Movements ARRIVALS. Glasgow, Dec 7.

-OameroiMa, New York; Melitia, Manmreal. Queemstown, Dec. 7. Codrlc, New York. Liverpool, Dei.

7. Laconra, New York. Visiting Governors The names of the governors who will visit the Homoeopathic Hospital during this week are Mr. J. J.

York and Dr. A. R. HAGAR PETTIGREW, Limited Blue Serge Insurance Brokers Insnranne Contracts carefully drawn op covering: all classes of luauranea. Id the event of loos wo look after and act In yotir Interest.

t3 ST. JAMEH STBEKT. MONTREAL. TFI.EFUOVK MATT SUM aVWitwsul aswiiawinif tkeomKhmrricrereTa dispose of all the properties and assets so mortgaged and conveyed by aceuiuint? an offer for the purchuue ot tii' saniu received from Levis Tramways defaelt of any betler offer for purchase being submitted to the undersigned in writing on or before Twelve clock noon of the 22nd day of December, 1U24. The Bale of the said properties and assets, in accordance with the terms ot the said offer of Levis Tramwaj" Company, has been approved by all of tha holders of Bonds of Levis County Hallway and by the holders of all of the receivers' certificates Issued under the provisions of the said Deed.

Tim said offer of Levis Tramways Company la open for Inspection at the office of the St. James Street, Montreal, aud at the office of Levla CountT Hallway, Commercial Street, in the City of Levis, P. Q. NATIONAL TRTST LIMITED, Trustee. December nth, tkort, crm-ut tenia bme, ejfeumt January 9fk, 192S eaboard FARQUHAR ROBERTSON LIMITED ANTHRACITE and BITUMINOUS I FURS OF QUALITY Select your Christmas Gift Furs now from our sUM'k of handsome fur coats and smart fur scarfs moderately juiced for the holiday season.

Air Line Railway Sealed Tenders addressed to the Executive Committee and transmitted by registered letter, for the supply and delivery of about 1,800 yards of IJLUE SERGE, will be received the City provided that such tenders be mailed not later than Becember l324, to be opened oh the 30th, at noon. Spechlcations, forms of tenders, and all required Information may be obtained at the'offjee of L. O. Superintendent of Purchases and Sales, 302 iJcFleuilinOiit Street. HENE BA.USET, City Clerk.

City Clerk's Office, City Montrsai, December, 8th, 1921, COAL S. B. MURDOCK. General Easter Pasacncer Agnil. Seaboard Ah- Line Rauws? 142 West 42nd Street, Nw York Cnvy Telephone Wisconsin 3413 i tin Ion Bank Building 182-184 Pee! Street (Opposite MC Royal Hotel).

Uame. Addrmm- We Claim Our Special Buckwheat Coal Is Superior To Anything On the Market For Spencer or Furnaces, Us-ing Deco System of Burning Small Sizes of Anthracite Coal. 206 ST. JAMES STREET. Telephone, Main 4610 Antikor-Laurence BEST CORN CURE Safe, Bellsbla, Pernunent, 8 old Everrwher.

3e, A. I. LACREVCB te 25 Wken toieu- ooina- 8emA informatOm umdjVm Hsinjsars svaumi6aj.

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