Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on December 18, 1957 · Page 20
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 20

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 18, 1957
Page 20
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Twenty Logansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribune Still Search For Victims Of Iran Quake TEHRAN, H an (UP) — Grim- laced troops dug through rubble and debris in search of victims of the worst disaster here in 50 years. Bodies taken from the ruins of last week's earthquakes were hastily reburied in prepared graves. Eyewitness accounts today said "the scene was one of desolation." Villages looked as if they had been bombed by an "enemy revenge squadron," they reported. Clark S. Gregory, U.S. Point Tour director, said Farsinaj was •in complete shambles. The town ' '-was one of the hardest hit in the •scries of quakes which jolted northwestern Iran. "We were told more than 500 victims Tiad so far been buried and that another 100 or more bodies lay in improvised litters along •the banks of a nearby stream awaiting burial," Gregory said. "Estimates said there were several hundred more still entombed ' in the remains oE Farsinaj and 'that there could be no immediate plans for reconstruction." An officer told the United Press In Farsinaj that his troops had removed 1,500 bodies from the rubble He added that at least 50 persons died of injuries in the past few days. Point Four ambulances were helping the wounded and were supplying food and milk to survivors, Now Life Is 'Pretty Good' For Former PW AXDERSON, Calif. (UJO-O is going along "pretty good" these days for the Danny Schmidt fam- came home Aug. 12, ily. Schmidt 1055, after spending three years in a Red China prison camp to find his wife, Una, had married Alford Fine, a logger, in Schmidt was dead. the belief HURRY TO MAIL CHRISTMAS PACKAGES Wednesday Evening, December 18, 195T. Western or Musicals? Smiles Stealing the Show By WILLIAM EWALD United Press Staff Correspondent NEW YORK (UP)— It's been said in many quarters that TV is • to out-point CBS-TV's Ed Sullivan riding with two trends this sea-. »8.7> and NBC-TV's Sieve Allen ' son _ Westerns and musicals. j U7.0) with a 22.7 in their competing half-hour. CBS-TV will knock off "Susan's Show," a kiddie diversion, in mid- Take Issue With Former President Of Notre Dame out-boxed CBS-TV's Jack Benny J CHICAGO (UP:—Roman Catho(21.1) for the first time with a; lie educators^today took issue with 25.6 rating. The Western continued Well, that's all right as far as it goes, but it seems to me the breakdown does go deeper than that. Actually, this season is a January. Lee Bowman will co-star | study of the grim look (Westerns) versus the grin look (musicals). Monday night, I watched the Guy Mitchell show on ABC-TV and I must say that it's an almost frenzied excursion in calcium. Mitchell smiles and his girl singer, Dolores Hawkins, smiles. The girl who does the live commercials has a blinding grin. George Fenneman, who confines himself to an air of amiable wariness on the Groucho Marx show, does Mitchell's filmed commercials with all of his enamel going. Customers at the local post office have maintained a steady line Inside the building all week as they hurry to mail Christmas packages and buy stamps. Above is a scene that can be seen all day, with lines extending all the way across flic building. Sputnik Gives Dictionary Editors Earthly Headache and over a period of time. And then, of course, the media in which it appears will be a factor." : Or CaSS County There is one word in Guralnik's | Saddle Club with Myrna Loy in a new situation comedy series, "Minerva," for an independent outfit, Screen Gems. Carol Irwin will produce— she used to turn out "I Remember Mama," Evelyn Rudie. played "Eloise" sprite who "Playhouse 90", has been coaxed onto the ABC-TV Patrice Munsel program for Dec. 20. CBS is trying to entice Peter Ustinov, author-star of Broadway's "Romanoff and Juliet," and John Osborne, author of "Look Back in Anger," into a de- But I just wanted to say that' bale °" royalty — Osborne is an the whole business was carried a outspoken critic of lh e "--" : -' a former University of Noire Dame president who charged Catholic colleges are lagging in academic achievements. The Rev. John J. Cavanaugh. in a speech before a Catholic urojp in Washington Sunday, bluntly criticized American leges for what he "humiliating" failu-- Catholic col- called their ! match lhe intellectual achievements of secular schools. The Rev. Theodore M. Hesbursh, president of Notre Dame, told the United Press lhal ho agreed with "Father John" in par', but added "there are a number of Catholic uniycrsilies advancing very quickly in academic excellence." "Our graduates have received more national and international scholarships in the past five years than in (he whole history of the bit too far Monday night on the Mitchell show. They had this guest, Johnny Bach, who danced on the piano and smiled while he was engaged in this curious chore. Chuck Berry, another guest, smiled, too. And then they brought this St. Bernard dog on stage and there monarchy. RABBIT HUNT FATAL SCOTTSBURG (UP) — Larry Kimberlin, 15, Scottsburg, hilled late Saturday when a shotgun went off while he climbed a university before that time," British !Father Hesburgh said. The president of De Paul University at Chicago, the Rev. Cpm- erford J. O'Malley, told the United Press he feared that "Father Cavanaugh's challenge will be construed by many as an indictment of Catholic colleges and uni- 3y DOC QUIGG United Press Staff Correspondent "NEW YORK (UP)—You think you've got troubles? plight of the poor Consider the fellows who have to decide what new words are to go into our dictionaries I dictionary which he figures will goes along the road with, a fellow .lake a bit of definition-fixing be- Officers of the Cass county Sad- goes aiung me ruau wiui, a iciiuw <•«"" " ~'« ^ «^n..ivi u .. ».,.... 0 ~- . i__i.«j e j_ , «: rt i,t traveler' hence a satellite, when|fore long: "spaceship - a hypo-,«e club were elected Sunday night the word was first introduced inlthetical rocket-propelled airship American newspapers, it was the £°r interplaneteary travel." American proper name for the first satellite. Then came Sputnik II. As of the moment, in English, Here are some new entrtes scheduled for the next printing, early next year: "Ham," a verb, as in "to ham it up." "Defect," an intransitive "the soldier defected." used in hi-fi, meaning The new defense items also signal strength. "Outgoing," in Add to it the whole new range j give dictionary men problems, i the psychological sense, as in "an of gab coincidont with getting out: "We did get Nike and Texas outgoing personality." "Offbeat," every year. This has been a it is the word for two specific | things. But when the first Amer- nasty year. "Sputnik" alone is enough toi ican on ,f S ets U P. what wil1 il be verb, as in "live a dictionary editor the fidg-i calledr /'Gain," as usi give a dictionary edito ets. fence on the Lloyd Wimp farm he was, the fool, standing there j three miles northeast of here, with a silly smirk on his face, at a meeting in the YWCA Annex. Those elected were: Charles Petrie, president; Albert Sage, vice president; Dorothy Osborne, secretary; Norma Brewer, assistant secretary; Rusty Brugh, treasurer; and Sharon Petrie, reporter. Named to the board of directors were Harold Streu, Rusty „ 0 = - = -- - _ _ . ,31-ugh, Don Brewer, John Byers, of this world and then try to de-! towers into th dictionary," he. one word, no hyphen. "Trigger," i jj m Zeklus and Ambrose Kline, cide how many of this _batch of | said. "After all, a lot of cities; a verb, "his remarks trigger a: A ch ,.; stmas part y w j t i, a tur- running from one floppy ear to the other. And honest, you musical shows, it's just got to stop soma- where or I'm going to enroll you all for courses with Ed Sullivan. Authorities said the gun charged accidentally when Marvin Ray Dean, 15, Scollsburg, handed it to Larry. The boys were hunting rabbits. versities." "Laymen will think they are second-rate, with second-rate, leaching faculties," said, adding, case." Father O'Malley "this is not the Read the Classified Ads words are going to be with us for: were surrounded by Nike bases At first, Una said she preferred some t j mei jf s enough to make and the towers were well known. Fine. Two weeks later she changed a man say f ooey t 0 philology and' But then we began to be flooded her mind and returned to Danny along with their two-year-old son, Danny Jr. At first, Una said she preferred Fine. Two weeks later she changed her mind and returned to Danny along with their two- year-old son, Danny Jr. Schmidt, contacted in Anderson, Calif., said everything was "pretty good. I guess" now. He said he was working the "straight swing" shift at a plywood plant and attending school at Shasta Junior College in the day-time. He and Una are the parents of one more child. The boy, Christian Joseph, was born June 8. One Negro Pupil At Little Rock School Suspended LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (UP)—One of the "Little Rock nine" who integrated the city's Central High School under the protection of paratroopers last fall was suspended Tuesday for throwing a bowl of chili at a white boy. • The Negro, Minnie Jean Brown, was suspended for three days by School Superintendent Virgil T. Blossom. Blossom said the girl "heaved" the bowl of chili at one boy, hitting him directly and spat• tering it on another. The girl, contacted at her home later in the day, said she was •"jostled against a chair, which "caused me to drop my tray of food." a pox on lexicography. David Guralnik, chief lexicographer and editor of Webster's | by redstones and Vanguards and ICBM's and Thors and Jupiters. We're following a policy of wait fight." But 'crash" in the sense "crash program" is still in the files. They're waiting to see. So are a lot of other people. ,jkey dinner and gift exchange was ot| heid at the meeting. About 30 CBS-TV's "Studio One" wound up the second half of Arthur Hailey's "No Deadly Medicine" Mon-1 day night, an affecting and effec-, tive drama of hospital life. There is no need to go into a long review, just let it be said that Lee Cobb and a fine supporting cast turned in jobs so impressive that they made this one of the dramatic high points of the season. And a special bow to director Sidney Lumet, a gentleman of sublime talent. New World dictionary, has solved^and see." the Sputnik problem by putting it! j asked Guralnik what would off. ! happen if I made up a word like " as in "we was Sput- meaning, naturally, sian word for satellite," he said, /'beaten in a contest in which "The base of the word is the you were never engaged in the "We're waiting for it to stabil- • "Sputniked" ize itself. Of course, it's the Rus- ' niked" — n Russian word 'put' meaning road. This is prefixed by the 'sss' sound which means with or along with. The 'nik' is the Russian suffix first place." Usage Determines Entry "You start a word like that, equivalent to the English 'er 1 or.and we'll record he said. '1st' as in farmer or journalist, i "But the entry into the dictionary FLOODS THREATEN ITALY ROVIGO, Italy (UP)—Pounding waves from the Adriatic Sea and the mounting Po River posed a double threat today to the Polesine lowlands in the river's delta. Sea waters rolling inland through a 100-foot breach in a dyke flooded the community of Bonelli Levante, and 40 miles upstream at Polesella, the Po was almost four feet above normal. A Fellow Traveler I depends on usage. We'd have to t\ rtrnuw iray-itii j ueptMtus uii usd^t:. we u imve LU ^ . , —. .-. • i • "So, it breaks down to 'one whoisee it in print a number of times Kead the CJaSSltied AdS meeting, members attended. Plans for a membership drive were made during the business meeting. City Prepares Copies Of Zoning Ordinance Copies of Logansport's zoning ordinance will be available to the public next week, it was revealed Tuesday by Bob Buck, city building commissioner. 'The 42-page copies are being mimeographed and assembled and will be ready for distribution to those wishing a copy sometime next week, Buck said/ FINAL ARGUMENTS RICHMOND CUP)—Final arguments and instructions to the jury .were scheduled today in the first- degree murder trial of Miss Ethel .Wise, 31, Richmond, accused •slayer of Roy Hirshburg, 64, - award-winning Richmond photographer. NOTICE TO TAXPAYERS OP ADDITIONAL APPROPRIATION Notice is hereby vdven the taxpayers of Logansport, Cass County. Indiana, that the proper legal officers of said School City at their regular meeting: place at 7:30 o'clock P.M., on 23rd (lay of December, 1957, will consider the following additional appropriations which said officers consider necessary to meet the extraordinary emergency existing" at this time. $5,000 Cumulative Building 1 Fund—Architect's fees for F a 1 r v 1 o w Park School Taxpayers appearing at such meetlntr shall have a, ripht to be heard thereon. The additional appropriation as finally made will be •p.utomaUoally referred to the State 3''>ard of Tax Commissioners, which Board will hold a further hearing- within fifteen days at the O.-unty Auditor's office of Cass County, Indiana, or at such other place as may he designated. At such hearing 1 , taxpayers objecting to any of such additional appropriations may he heard and Interested taxpayers may Inquire of the County Auditor when and •where such hearing will be held. Donald D. O'Neill Lei Raumann Arthur P. Hunter "\Vayne P. Schnefer T-'rli^ar D. JnsorUa BOARD OF SCHOOL TRUSTEES 11-18 LHGAIj NOTIC13 P. d. C. I. NO. 274P3 IN TUB MATTER OF THE rKTITlON OF INDIANA BELL TKLKPHOXK COMPANY. INCORPORATED FOR APPROVAL OF CHANGKS AND REVISIONS IN THE HCHEDULKS OF 1 RATES TOLLS, CHAUG-JiS, RULKS AND RKCrULATJONS P R K S E X T L Y J'" J L E D, ESTABLISH KD \ X D A1-TR.OVKD FOP- IXTIIASTATK aiESSAGK TOLL, TELEPHONE SERVICE. Notice \s hereby given that on December 6, ILiy", Indiana Bell Telephone Company, Incorporated, filed the above entitled Petition with the Public Service Commis• slon of Indiana, and that this Petition Is in a matter concerning increases and decreases in Its rates, tolls, and charges for Intrastate message toll telephone service, affect Ing telephone patrons and users throughout the Stat* of Indiana. INDIANA BELL TELE-PHONE . COMPANY, INCORPORATED 18 BRUMBAUGH'S The channel swim: ABC-TV's "Maverick" came up I Cass County Fair Association Stockholders Annual Meeting For the election of Directors and Officers for the ensuing year and the transaction of any other business that may come before the meeting, will be held in the north court room of the Court House, Logansport, Ind., on Saturday, December 21, 1957 at 2:30 p. m. BEN PENNINGTON, President BABE THOMAS, Secretary. with the big Trendex, Sunday. Iti CHRISTMAS SALI OPEN THURSDAY NIGHT FOR YOUR SHOPPING CONVENIENCE MEN'S SUITS CLIPPER CRAFT AND HART SCHAFFNER & MARX BUY NOW AND SAVE OPEN THURSDAY NIGHT TILL 9 P.M. Values to 59.50 $ NOW AS LOW AS Values to 75.00 $ NOW AS LOW AS MEN'S TOPCOATS SPECIAL PURCHASE 39" 59" Values to 45.00 NOW I GIVE A GIFT EVERY DAY OF THE YEAR Give A Subscription To The Pharos- Tribune A subscription to the PHAROS-TRIBUNE will be appreciated more than any other gift. It is the only way to give a Christmas gift which comes every day of the year. Not only do you give a gift every day but you give one that will be enjoyed by the whole family. As you know, the PHAROS-TRIBUNE will kee"p every one up to date with the local and national news. You will be giving the best in features, comics and sports. Just Phone 4141, ask for the Circulation Department and we will do the rest. We will also send a Christmas Gift Card in your name. m I i i

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