The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 11, 1931 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 11, 1931
Page 5
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MAY 11, 1931 HLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS CLASSIFIED ADS T»'o cems a word (or Ilr«l u gild one "rut t 'or each subsequent miertlon. No advenist'ifleui isKen ior lea than cue. Count the wordi aud tend Hie ran. 1'hone 306 wuru PACfi OUR BOARDING HOUSE By Ahern .. TJECLX HERB TODAY p I" BEHYL BOBUEN, tretttlr !» ! l»ve with TOMMY WILSON, 4U. rovrn. <k»( »c 1. vlannlne 1o t'OK SALE FOB SALE—BuDy cUtcks. Pay tills lall. t>« ui auoui plan. Alanlju Hatchery. sW-Tl- 1 l-'OU SALE—One Jersey Cow, six ytars o:ii, giving tlirce gallons daily. Household xurnliurc- Musi, bull. R. G. Le:iiesty, Oosnell, Ant. Ut'-Kla FOR SALE — Several nice fresh; Jersey cows, at my Oarn. E. O. | Auams, Phone 135. TF| r'OK RENT FOR HUNT—Apartment In Ingrain building. Bee Parklmrsl Company. 9C-TI' FOR RENT—Two furnished rooms lor light housekeeping, 113 W. Missouri Ave. B1--K12 FOR RENT—5 room tnoJerji apart- incnl on West Main St., Arcola lieat- Phone 417 or 479-W. 9ckl3 WANTED POULTRY WANTED—Market, pll ces, any quamliy. Marllyu Hatchery, ^1U B. Fourth SI. 9C-Tf \VANTED — Family washings or general housework. Mrs. Dora •V-lzell, 2207 18th St. TF WANTED TO RENT apartment. Call 505. Furnished C-K-12 LOST AT4D FOUNI> LOST- -On Thursday night, brown leather bill fo!d. Finder return to w. D. McClerkln, Oil-Ash St. Reward. SC-K12 1'UKKONAL CASH PAID for second hand furniture. A. L. Flowers, corner Main & LaSe Sts. 6C-TF FOR TRADE—Ford roadster, for cow, hogs or chickens, 113 W Missouri Avc. 9P-K12 STOCKHOLDERS MttlING ol Tin: BIylheville Cotton Oil Company The Annual Meeting of the directors and stockholders of thi aoove company will be held Thursday, June" 9th at 10:30 A. M. ' the'"offices -oI>'W. A." Gage-&.Co. Falls Bldg., Memphis, Tenn. 1C-K6-: CLEAR LAKE, DISTRICT NO. 4 For the school year 1031-1932, th following money \\ill be needed to school purposes: General Control 5 7.5 Operation 206.0 Auxiliary Agencies Capital Outlay Instruction 2,013.01 Maintenance 35.0 Fixed Charges Debt. Service l.'iMJC If the above money Is secured 18 mill tax must be voted. J. P. MILLER, President of Boar: W. C. SMITH, Secretary of Board. 27-1-11 1'AKliRO, ARK., NO. M For the school year 1931, the following money will be, needed lor school p'.irposes: General Control 5 100.00 Operation 5-iu.bu Auxiliary Agencies Capital Outlay Instruction 5,150.00 Maintenance H\ed Charges 2SU.UU OcDt. Service 3.3IB. 3 11 the above money is secured a 18 mill tax must lie voted. ii. B. AKIN, President of Board, MOSE SMITH, Secretary ol Board. 27-i-H LKIiOX DISTRICT NO. 38 For the scnool year 1S31-32, the following money will be needed lor school purposes: General Cuntiol Operation Auxiliary Agencies Instruction Maintenance i-ixed Charges IJebt Service If the above money is sccuied 18 mill tax must be voted. HAMP AUSTIN, PiLMacnt ot Boar W. C. SI ONE, Secretary ol Board 5-11-16 42.70 184.00 25.UC 2,3ue.0j 60.00 00.00 rot a limited time I have reduced my prices on prime leather halfsolcs Men's ligln linlf soles with Goodyear rubber hceh SI. Men's medium halfsolcs with Goodyear rubber heels .. $1.25 Men's heavy halfsolcs with tnbbcr heels .. $1.50 W. J. KNOX .-_ J* kldia*» kin nilk tke auliliaee of her "f^ag.i jjhe •ice* him to nay !• college and »ut hreak tke heart cf ike aual coMvlaee. alM, Herri JeU Toaiair relara to lre»e who, enrage* ul tke delay, rcfmsea ti> JUICM aud pcmlpoaea the eloiiciucnl. Later Tammy ^or» fijtrtln- nnif • ad. Beryl aid ker cnns lit the •each. Uae «if the bo,. l« carried out hf Ihe tide aad Toaiiuy bchia Ilerrl lOcue him. Sbr *ai* II mother and tkc 'ane^r." I ker JealoHl cuter. Irene atcala rcfu«r» Tnwai? alter reeelilnjr ita ufTcr fur nn audllloji over rndlo. she ccioje- acendi to let Ilrryl iircuuinnDV her to tke »tKdlo, While nulling In au aate-rooai, Her>l »UH JUMU ut Ike vlana atid dreamily cruon* raelodica to Ike father nba died BO Jonr aco. AcHJrndilly hrarluKT ker, oae of the dlrtuor, I. ehnnacd wllk tke gunlUy of voice, aad Blven her n nrlvule lent. KOW GO OX WITII TUB STOKY CHAPTER XI WHAT Mr. liarnhoft Lad to say . to Ccryl turned her world up- Bido down In tho spaco of a few seconds. "We're looking for a woman's voico for CaylonJ, ttio soap man." he said wlien Sir. Leonard had conducted licr back to his office. "I'd like him to hear yours." Beryl stared at him, not ki'Jiw- ins what to fay. As slie said later she wasn't sure that slie vasn'l dreaming. "Perhaps you do not know it." Barnhoft went on. "liut some ot the nest voices are not good on the air They lack evenness of tone anc must either bo stepped up or en by our monitor men. Your voice la peculiarly suited to broadcast Ing." Ha turned to Leonard, bis eyes alight with the enthusiasm of ills covcry and Invention. "Tlio gir with the velvet voice!" be e.t claimed. "How is that? Gaylon calls his new soap Velvelan. 1 contains* an oil, lie claims, Iha aids the skin to tan evenly ami painlessly. . . . Miss Dorden," li wheeled back to Beryl and carriei on excitedly, "that is just wba your voico is—even and soft a velvet. And I'm sure the radio au dience will find it painless." His enthusiasm was infectious Beryl was beginning to know ho It felt to liave a promising futur Itt view, nut she was not alti getlier awept off her feet "Mr. Gaylord hasn't beard yet," she reminded her discovcre "He might not like it." "I've never mado a mistake abot . a .voice." BarnhoU boasted. "W.' you slug for Mr. CaylordT 1 ' I. did not wait for ati answer, bu rang a! once for his secretary an asked her to take Beryl's address add telephone number. ^-rV'- * r «K$^7 f VJELL, r uipAvY HEAR AMV SPOOKTV Moises LAST BUT MAVBE "THAT'S BECAUSE I'M A SLEEPER ! occJPV Te<E ROOM •TREE Trie SPOOK, OR BAG) GME OF Barnltoff turned, his cjcs a/i'g/t( u'irt (?ie cnl/iujmjm o/ he exclaimed. • . let you know the date " as soon as we've arranged it j pellc<1 . s with Jlr. Gaylord." lie told Eery]. ^,'.',™ "Then, o£ course, you will make your contract with him. By the way, have you a voice teacher?" "No," Beryl answered. "I know just the one to give you what you need." Barnhoff assured her. Then ho offered a roundabout apology for taking HO much for granted. "I'd be sorry to hear you Bay you can't understand this," Le admitted, "but I suppose I should appreciate goocj.fortnno, an Imbecile hlng to do—ljut voice lessons!; Oh, It must 1 be managed so'mc- iow! She'd sing for Mr. Gaylord nd then . . . Barnhoff interrupted her Incom- ileto thought. He seemed, uncau- illy, to have read her mind—or icrhaps Ms keen eye had noticed ho inexnenslveness of her costume. At ony rale he said In a kindly, casual way: ".N'nturnlly. it Mr. (Jay- ord is pleased with your voice and decides to oiler you a contract he ho williog to advance tho cost of necessary preparation." , For nn instant Beryl-ivas tempted to bluff. Tiieu: "Thank you," she, said simply. "I was considering the question of financing the venture." They spailed together and Beryl had a frlenj for life. And nov,- that the darki";! cloud had been swept nway from her Eiin-fllled skj she ^Yas seized with a desire to tell her good news to some OTIC -any one. She thought of Irene. "My-sister!" she exclaimed. "She is waiting for you in the Florentine room." Barnhoff told her. "Bui—or—perhaps If yoi] could manage to look a little less radiant. . . . I'm alraid she. is slightly disappointed with tlie; outcome oC her test." - . - . It was just what Beryl hart expected, but now that It had liaii- was sorry for Irene, as she contrasted her own gcod fortune with her sister's hard luck. Slie said gooilby hurriedly to the two men, alter thanking them with a genuineness of gratitude which they foniyl refreshing, and hastened away to Irene. ask you about it I'm afraid I've been a bit impulsive. However, I lecl that I'm justified," lie added, in compliment. Ecryl hesitated". A contract! A Toice teacher! Gooil Lord, she had no money for voice lessons. "Can't I let you know later?" she asked reluctantly. It seemed like given a chance, liat she's just what! Uaylord wants and I tliink I can make him see he'd lie a fool to lose lier." "Hut it he balka?" "li he does, why then, damn It all, I'll find a natron for her and out lier iuto the Met!" "Then yon weren't thinking of financing her yourself?" "Get out, you bum," UarnbofI grinned. Leonard heaved a huge slgli of mock relief. "I thought you might ba running a fever," he said in pritended anxiety. "Think ot you pa;ing for sluylng lessons!" "Yeali,'think of it. Ihit seriously, Itni I think Misa llordcn is a real finil The luck's as much oora as That statc-ir.cnt would have surprise) Beryl, who was trying to jtelt lune of her good fortune with O'Jt sejuiiiiy io flaunt it. The min nte El.o had seen Irene she bad knov.-r. her sister would not be in a congratulatory mood. "Is tnia tlie Florentine room?" she ask'id. pushing the door open wider ni'.i!.poking her head insido. "You pusht to know," Irene sn^iiped. "You're supposed to be a decorator." "Yes. but I specialize In Early American." -No wonder," Irene retorted "All you need is a feather to he an Indian. Hut I'd li!;c to know you mean by keeping me waiting here! 1 suppose you've been hutting in where you've jio business to be." licryl conic to think of It." "Well, think ot what? please talk sense 1 ;" HV," lleryl smiled placating- ly, "1 was slttliiK here— here at this piano, just sort of singing to myself, and a man Heard mo . . ." "I daro say," Ireno Interjected sneeringly. "Anil ilc you know," Beryl went on with awe in her voice now. "I think he must bo someone terribly important for he look 1110 to his oKcc :-iiil then, can you Imagine it, he sniil he was looking for someone with a funny voicp like inlna and — " "lloryl Horden! Do .you dare to". stand tlicro nnd tell mo that you had tiio ncrvo to pose as n singer here — here!— where 1 brought you? Ob. no wonilcr they said I wouldn't do! "she wnilcd despairingly. "They thought It was a trick!" ficiyl bsl a llt'llo of her pity. "They didn't think anything o; !be kind," slie declared with sonic asperity. "They didn't even call mo' a singer themselves. As a matter of fa:t Mr. llarnholf said I wasn't a singer— they don't want a singer — they waiit someone to ... to ..." "Well, But you needn't tell me— I can guess, Someone's been maliinj a fool of you nnd you hat] it coiiiin;; to you fnr clowning BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES THAT 1'OU WIU-IE! By Martin been making a test," she answered iiuletly. "What!" Ireno' shrieked, then 1EN' she was gone I-eonard she laughed. "Vfhat tor—brains?" grinned at BArnlioff. "Well, I "I don't suppose anyone will be- Bxruy, old man, think of you (nrn-|licve it," lleryl said apologetically ing soft at your time of life," he j— because she felt son remarked. "What do you mean?" Barnhotf asked stifily. "You gtt me. Goylord been advancing to anybody?" Barnhoff brushed the aside. nil.iking horjic^d In the face of a ity of voice," he answered warmly. Gtniling fate, oJ b«iu£ too stunirt to I "I don't Vnnw u-iiat shn'il i WARNING OUUKK ;HANCERY COURT, CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT, MISSISSIPPI COUNTY. ARKANSAS. First National Bank of Blylheville, Plaintiff, No. 4948 vs. Ross Stevens, El At., Defendant. The defendant, Winnie Erriman, warned to appear within thirty days in the court named in the caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plaintiff, i'irst National Bank of Blythcville. Dated 4-25-31. R. L. GAINES. Clerk, By Elizabeth Blythc.U.C. Leon Smith, Atty. Ad Litem. 27-4-11-18 WASHED GREASH) EATON AJ\D SON Fhoae 700 3U1A & Mh St. IN THE DISTRICT COURT Ot THE UNITED STATES OF THE EASTERN DISTRICT OF ARKANSAS, JONESBORO DIVISION) IN THE MATTER Or' E. H. Tabcr. Bankrupt No- 15S7 Notice Is hereby given that petition for discharge of the bankrupt has been filed, and same will be heard in the United States Court, Rooms, at Little Hock, Arkansas, on the 2"2nd day of June, A. D., 1D31, at 9:30 A. M. SID B. REDDING. Cicrk, By Uess Mathcs, D. C. StATTLB.-. -(UP)—Capt. K.-A. Ahl^i.-rioiv lii*."coinnVmid!,bf- tlifl 1'rcsMent Ta'ft, has been chosen 'to commune!', the new D.illr.r Liner President Coolidge. {8,000,000 ship now under construction. C.ipt. Ah- lln 'will make one more round trip to the Orient before taking clmse or the President Cooiidge. Two Germans architects have drawn plans for a giant ship elc- vaipr that, would .raise the vfsMls to a height, of 200 feet ior overhauling. : \OU 00 ME Of WW, •PW) 'f OR Pv "WWii around tills p]:tce. till Mother hears ot this!" Heryl Icokoil at her sister for a few eecoinls in silence, and slowly a shadow spread over she said dully, "1 suppose -Mother sislcr'a ani;vy cnuulcnaiice. will think as you do." "Why shouldn't E!IC'!" Irene ehrc lengcd. "And so will everyone else!" Then she laughed tauntingly. "Waking n test— making a monkey of yourself! I'll bat they were all laughing at yon— probably there wasn't a microphone wilhiu of a part in her sister's ill fortune. She had come here with Irene by Beryl turned wearily away from you might say, with Irene's her — her desire to shout her good ability to command news drowned in her sister's anger. "And furthermore." Irene went on, following her out of (lie room, "what do you think Tommy will say about It?" Hn passport and she had walked of( with something that Irene would think belonged to her. She fcit •'Tiiiit girl has a rare qua!- dvsp:rately sorry for Irene. it's almost, too much to belt's cillv. roallv. v-lion V.MI AND IHS FRIENDS SESNi TO UliE SODiS POETTY .V.UCH. WHOSK VOICE?? & , VJ6'VE SOT TO DO "falS JOB THIS \>JEet4". ooK. PLAMS AH£ MAoC AM GOTTA PULL IT OFF -i— VJJHV, SAV' VN6U. PUUV TU15 TH1WS OFF A HITCH -..^E Sv*)UMS THAT DETECTIVE OFF oi& TRA1L. SCAUD SEE ' 1 WOOGHT HEMER 6O AXWAV FRO.'A TUIS TABLE .. i WAWTA See \jJHAT 1 CAW HEAR FCOM BA C K OF THIS VJALL - SOUMDS LIV!& TWO OR TUREe V6AH . 1 AL \JJAVS VAW1LLA SODAS THE CHASE! WASH TUHIiS NE5 N SHOOT, THE MOTOR. NCtS QU1CKW. HE STEPS OW TUt OiXS, AND O^TS WTO f\ V.IXNE..

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