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The Gazette from Montreal, Quebec, Canada • Page 5
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The Gazette from Montreal, Quebec, Canada • Page 5

The Gazettei
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
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No. 196 CLEVER ANIMAL Florence Rogge, a well Interpreted overture by the Capitol orchestra, a news reel, and comedy. French their canoe was driven everywhere, they said, and they back, and they shot the rapids spoke of the generous hospitality backwards. On the Mattawa River, shown them, i they were tracking their canob, The Natural Resources-Intelligence taking it through hy the 'Service of the Department of the rapids with the canoe held back by I Interior supplied them with maps LOADED AUTOMATIC FOUND ON YOUTH CANOE VOYAGERS COVER 1 ,500 MILES ACT AT IMPERIAL The. rapids were swifter and -with detailed Instructions and information, of which they spoke Clearing' Film from Teeth Whitens Surprisingly Quickly res tores cloudy teeth to clearness I than they bargained, and they found (themselves carried away.

The cur-fiow Ynrk tfl rent" towetl them through while they IMCW IUII IU held on the ropes and they were Journey From "Masterpieces" Pretentious COMEDY AT PALACE Harry Langdon Film Keeps Audience in Merry, Mood "Tramp, the photoplay at the Palacei this week, walks Harry Langdon and a pair of Burton shoes across the continent to the accompaniment of hilarious laughter. Inspired by rent that must be paid, and the girl of the Burton shoe placard about whom he lis "so crazy," Mr. Langdon in the role of the sleepy son of a crippled shoe Policeman, Arresting Juvenile for Desertion, Intercepted Action Towards Pocket Montreal Made on Lake and River Revue, Heads Vaudeville at Loew's Uarried to th shore at the foot of I the rapids. However, at no time on i their journey, they said, did their 'anoe upset. They averaged, on the journey, 3 0 miles a day.

i Carrying 400 pounds of lugrsrage, very highly, advising anyone who contemplates a canoe trip to consult the department before so doing. Laurence J. Naumann, who teaches English at the De Witt Clinton High School, New Y'ork, made a canoe trip from New York to Quebec last summer. He paddled stern on this1 year's voyage, his brother, Frank, an instructor at the Wharton SofTool of Business, University of Pennsylvania, paddling bow. The Rev.

S. Williams resigned his nulnit at Cardiff, Wales, to go to they camped as they went. While AT FILM THEATRES With highway and railroad trains on the French River, they carried a that cross the border crowded, there seven days' supply of provisions. For may be said to exist the problem of three days', also on the French River, maker takes to the road in a race from Massachusetts to California. tourist transportation.

Two young; they saw no people but Indians, harmless ones. New Yorkers, Lawrence E. Isaumann Coming: in for more than his share of bad luck, by a little hook and more a Canadian farm to make a living. They met "mighty fine people and Frank Naumann, of 3971 Suspicious of the sudden movement of the hand of a suspect near his pocket a police constable about to arest a boy on St. Timothee street yesterday on the light charge of incorrigibility and desertion followed the lad's action just In time to forestall him from drawing a loaded automatic.

Probably the quick ancUsklll-ful work of the constable saved him from an encounter which might have led to very serious consequences. "The Black Pirate" at Capi tol Is Excellent Production "Tramp, Tramp, Tramp" at Palace Hilarious Comedy Saxon avenue, found one solution. They paddled an 18-foot canoe some 1,500 miles, leaving New York on June 30 and arriving here at Victoria Basin, yesterday morning. Their route was a circuitous one, Please accept full 10-day tube of this new dcntalachieve-ment, urged by world'sauthorities. Note the difference in the color of your teeth and health of your gums when film is cleared off.

Don't think your teeth are naturally and gum troubles. Ordinary pastes and dentifrices will not successfully remove it. That is why, in old days.somany smiles were ruined by ugly teeth and toneless gums. Now, thanks to modern science, there is a way to combat that film. Tustobtainatube AUGUST SALE Discontinued and lined I.lnen Leaving New York, they travelled up riniomns his youthful prisoner the Hudson River to Troy, through arms behind his back he took theithe Erie Canal to Rochester and gun from him and also a few cart- 'across Lake Ontario to Cobourg.

The ridges and hurried him off to the-Trent Canal took them to Georgian Juvenile Court, whence he was sentjBay and they made their wav up Desks Tables Chairs Files and Card Cabinets crook, he contrives to win, and nets both the reward and the Rirl, so he takes the $250,000 and settles down to a life of connubial bliss. And while the son is trotting to California the proud father visits the town movie house daily to view his progress, which is concerned both with the girl and the walking. From start to finish. "Tramp, Tramp, Tramp" taxes the laughter capacity to its utmost. Mr.

Langdon develops a line of comedy that is unquestionably his own, and It vies with the Lloyd ancLChaplin series in individuality. His expressionless face does much to add to his comic characterization, and the childlike attitude with which he meet' the most astonishing situations is ridiculously funny. A flock of sheep, a cyclone and a slide down a precipice are to tne Keiorm Hcnooi, oemg the Georgian Bay to French River, ed unty the 27th of this month. Paddllng up the French River provided them with most of their diffi Last week the father sent in a complaint to the clerk of the court, culties, as portagH had to be made, T. Massie.

to the effect that his boy They crossed Lake Nipisslng to had deserted his home and there waSivorth Bay. From there they follow- no trace of him to be found. A war ed the Mattawa River to Mattawa, off color and dull. You can restore them to amazing whiteness in a newway leading dentists advise. Run your tongue across your teeth and you will feel a film.

A slippery coatingthat covers them, hides their color and invites tooth of the dentifrice called Pepsodent at your druggist's. Clear off that film tonight; clear white teeth are beautiful. Note the amazing difference in your smile. You'll be thankful for the suggestion. For thus you can change your whole appearance.

OFFICE EQUIPMENT t'O. OF CANADA BEAVER HALL, HILL AT I.AAl'(HETIKRB) passing through Trout Lake and rant was made out for his arrest with the above consequences and in Talon Lake, came down the Ottawa MAin 4825 MAin 7470 stead of the charge of desertion of to Ste. Anne de Bellevue, through which there are so many registered St. Louis to he Lachine Canal, among tlje ingredients of a plot of fering enough excitement to keep the during the summer months a new one and through the canal to Victoria is added and the boy, who is fifteen I Basin. They took the train last audience stimulated, and the scraps with his chief competitor, who nearly years of age, will have to answer to Marteln Canada the charge of carrying firearms.

A Real Ginger Beer beats him in the race, succeed in proving: the chief obstacles in his Setting the programme a merry pace, the Carradinis animal act walks away with a large share of the honors at the Imperial this week. The trained monkey, the pony and the dogs are there, together with the lady in charge, and the tricks cannot fail to charm those who are still in possession their youthful enthusiasm. Turning out to be an excellent equestrian, the monkey does some real circus stunts, while the dogs drive their stage-coach about with the monkey for passenger. Jazz songs, clone in the manner of Belle Baker, makeup Maureen Englin'ls bill of fare, including some original ditties with surprise endings that gain many laughs. -Miss Bnglin understands how to put a song across, and her Jiopularity tvith an audience is always assured.

Following the same style, Kreeman and Lynn do some whistling and singing, and introduce a line patter- to keep things moving. The struggles of- the disillusioned summer tourist in Europe give Ratine and Kay material for their act, which comes in for its allotment of cpplause, while a few dance steps save the situation from becoming too grave. 'With ukeleles, some good violin selections and the only pretentious dancing of the evening, the Arnold Sisters- and Fox depart from comedy and offer a good musical performance, and the act boasts path. The cyclone, which is realisti evening for St. Johns.

Quebec, where they will take to the Richelieu River, to complete the trip, which they expect to do by September 15, after having covered close to 1,800 miles in canoe. Difficulties met with en route were few, they said yesterday. The chief trouble came' from flies black flies, cally screened, introduces a novel pDPrj Mail Coupon for S.jLj 10-Day- Tube to THE PEPSODENT COMPANY Sec. CC-2061, 191, George Toronto, Canada la kwaaawMaaaaa The Sew-Day Quality Dentifrice Endorted by World's Dental Authorities Examination of the automatic revealed that the magazine had been removed and was trot In the weapon when found on the boy, but there was a cartridge In the breach of the plsto'l and few niore in the possessor's nocket. note, while buildings are swept away together, with the hero in a tele Creamy and a reaf.

Ginger flavour phone booth. tte sets about the job was sand flies and mosquitoes. "The flies in a nonchalant manner and thus assures his future success in the winning of the girl. Another situation Considerable forensic ability exhibited by a hoy of thirteen who, seem to work in twenty-four-hour Name Address-- shifts," they remarked. j.

Made with the famous Lanrentian Spring Water. Ask for it always llicu yon pet the best. From your growr or llilfH-t. Tel. EAst 3500.1 lands him In the midst of a flock of sheep: seeing a "private" sign he Only on tuba to a family.

2068 Can. The rapids gave them little Inconvenience, although while attempting to paddle up strong rapids on the starts to remedy matters and jumps over the fence to find himself hanging by his belt or. the edge of a precipice. His worst fears are realized when the gives way and be fore he knows it he is scooting; down i mtKtMStimgrr. "7-7 the valley below with the fence acting as a make-shift toboggan, coming to a stop just in time to close the road from the approaching hik undertook to explain his case in a dramatic and good debating manner yesterday at the court for Juvenile delinquents, lie was accused by a policeman of soliciting tourists for employment as a guide near the Windsor Hotel and when he came Into the court office yesterday morning he gave a vigorous defence of himself which accused the "arm of the law" of a hopeless blunder.

Whether the lad was over zealous in his keenness to Indicate the wonder spots of his city to visitors or whether he was plying a trade for which he had no license will be proven when he comes up for trial later in month. In the meantime he has been allowed to go home where he may devise new arguments to use when he acts as his own attorney later. NOMINAL PENALTY ers and leaving the hero well in the lead. TRANS-CANADA TOUR some clever costuming. Sharp and Kirk introduce the acrobatics with a nonchalant air, the stunts taking a humorous turn which belies their difficulty and adds to the finijh of the act.

With -the crooked streets of China as a setting and Leatrice Joy as a heroine. "Eve's Leaves." the feature film, is a thriller. Shanghaied sailors, Chinese villains and raided dens figure, while the plot is impossible enough to be thoroughly entertaining and gives Miss Joy ample chance to Ehow her ability as a comedienne In the role of the daughter of a sea captain, who masquerades as a boy and accompanies- her father on his most hazardous voyages, bringing him nothing but a lot of trouble and a son-in-law hf does not want. Art -AX -71' Foreign Community' Problem Studied by City Missioner Back from a trans-Canada tour, i.i the course of which he made special observations on the problem of the foreign communities in the great cities, and also discussed Bible- Society's operations, the Rev. Dr.

W. Bowman Tucker, superintendent of the Montreal City ilission, reports that he found an air of prosperity and spirit of optimism in the west. Going; by Canadian Pacific Railway, he halted at Sudbury, Fort William, Winnipeg, Begina, Calgary and Vancouver, and returning by Canadian National Railways visited Prince Rupert, Frince George, Kdmonton, Saskatoon, Toronto and Bancroft, Ontario. Dr. Tucker will give an illustrated lecture on his tour at the City Mission 287 Cadieux street, tomorrow Costs of Case or 8 Days for 1 Automobilist Costs of the case or eight days were the alternatives offered yesterday by Judge Decarie to William White, who was found guilty of driving an automobile Saturday morning on St.

Lawrenra boulevard without the necessa-ry registration card. White appeared with banrlned head, having? been treated at a hospital after the arrest. It is alleged GOOD SINGING AT LOEW'S Hazel Crosby, Soprano, Pleases in Varied Offering The learn of George Sidney and Charlie Murray bids fair to gecome as famous on the screen as Weber that he was driving at a high speed. and struck two cars, one of which cannoned onto a third. In addition to White, two others were injured in the mix-up.

an co. it Jf ON'S WORLD FAMOUS COCKTAILS and Fields were on the stage, and rarely, if ever, have they been as funny as they are in "Sweet the current attraction at Loews Theatre here. "Sweet Laddies'' is a wholesome comedy with a particularly funny twist at the end. The plot scheme gives ample room for the broad and genuinely comical situations, and at the same time lias episodes appealing to the more serious emotions. The cast includes Jobnya Ralston, Vera Gordon, Jack" MulhaH and Gaston Glass.

The vaudeville headliner is of high order. It is one of the most, pretentious production acts seen in a local house in some time, and combines beauty, -grace and talent. It is really an ultra-review act in thijee magnificent scenes. Milo, who is a favorite here, returns in his eccentric make-up, and his Imitations of birds and animals win him much applause. and Warden have a bright little sketch called, "Who is to Blame." Those who admire a splendid soprano voice of quality and volume, coupled with a winsome personality, will enjov Hazel Crosby in her repertoire of songs.

Nathan and Maybelle have a number of topical Jokes and also entertain with some -fast Alvln and Kenny, with their careless antics on the flying rings, keep the audience laughing. The programme also provides a screen comedy, topical news, and an overture by Sanborn's Symphonic Syncopators. IN SHAKER BOTTLES PREPARED AND BOTTLED ONLY BY a wnircb a r.npnnrj'&fn A i iiii Vuiiixn i uuiwvii u. vw. ua LONDON ENGLAND Cut down you? cas Sixty Years of Service to Canada and Canadians expense hy using flood fies foundi-ymen.

It purchases from Canadian sources vast quantities of brass and copper, of wire and glass, of nickel and fabrics, oils, paints and Duco finish eis and all that hetero-geneous mass of materials which enter into the making From a pinch of living insignificance springs that exultant shout of glory which men call a maple tree. From the. brain of Robert McLaughlin, a farm lad whittling axe helves for his neighbors, sprang Canada's greatest automotive industry, General Motors of Canada. of a modern automobile and which have' entered into the building of a total of more than 325,000 General Motors of Canada cars and trucks. Building cars to suit every purse and purpose, to meet every need and condition of Canadian life and travel, General Motors of Canada is one of the great institutions that is acquiring for.

Canada a higher and yet higher place at the world's council table. 7 Now at the height of its sixty, years of service to the Dominion, it is helping to make Canada an even greater A Canadian institution, founded by a Canadian, staffed by Canadians, employing Canadian workmen and using Canadian materials, General M6tors of Canada has been for sixty years a paramount factor in the Dominion's prosperity and progress. It sells to Canadians through Canadian "dealers and, in addition, distributes Canadian-built cars wherever the flag of Britain flies. It uses lumber from Canadian forests and steel made in FAIRBANKS AT CAPITOL Ha3 Role Which Gives His Technique Full Scope If a questionnaire were sent to all the small boys in the world and to their grandmothers and grandfathers, their big sisters and their other relatives asking them to give their ideas as to what. a movie should be, the answer would in a majority of cases be a description of "The Black Pirate," the production in which Douglas Fairbanks is starring at the Capitol this week.

It is romance and adventure of the rip roaring Spanish Main variety, deliciously fantastical and utterly convincing, which will strike a responsive chord in everyone who has ever been young. And it is Douglas Fairbanks at his best. Equally at his charming ease in the lofty rigging ot a galleon and in the water beneath it, in courting a princess or spearing a pirate, he dashes through the picture at break neck speed, emerging unruffled, smiling and triumphant. The story runs the entire gamut of the Fairbanks' technique, with the hero capturing a shipload of pirates elnglehanded and then outplrating the most piratical them in order to avenge the death of his father, while in the end the opportunity presents itself of rescuing the most beautiful of princesses from their dastardly clutches. It has been said that Fairbanks' aim in "The Black Pirate" wal to produce a film which would be artistically perfect.

If he has not completely achieved this object hei has made long strides. In making fhe picture entirely in color he has issued a decree -that the silver screen need reduce life to a dead black and white. Some of the pictorial effects he achieves are so fine that they deserve "still" reproduction. The supporting cast has been admirably chosen to fit In with the spirit of the story. Donald Crisp as the sympathetic Scotch Sam de Grasse- as the vlillan-in-chief, Anders Randolf as the pirate chief, give vivid thumbnail sketches, while Blllie Dove makes a lovely heroine.

Shorter numbers on the programme are equally good, with a graceful dance act by Leon and Canada for Canadians. Canadian from Canadian' ore, smelted by Canadian 1. GENERAL MOTORS of OSHAWA, tv It's 'W A OBetteK btcautt its Canada, limited ONTARIO Mc LAUGHLI N-BUICK CADILLAC CHEVROLET If you want to save money in your car expense, one sure way of doing it is to use good tires. Years of use on every kind of Canadian roads have proven that Dominion Royal Cord Balloons have the wear qualities which give many extra miles. This extra mileage is extra value yod get for your money.

vauauiau i -J AND PONX I AC QAWL 3A-2CBA GEN ERAL MOTORS qP CANADA Royal Cord Balloons Dominion Tires are GOOD Tires 1.

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