The Robesonian from Lumberton, North Carolina on May 31, 1977 · Page 16
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The Robesonian from Lumberton, North Carolina · Page 16

Lumberton, North Carolina
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 31, 1977
Page 16
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Page 16--The Robesonian. Lumberton, N.C.. Tuesday. May 31. li)77 LEGAL NOTICE Ella Mae Oxendine Steen, 6.92A 15.36 Vernon Steen Wife Mildred S. Steen, MA 86.91 Phillip Stewart, .75A 6.60 Ameret E. Strickland, .46A 212.38 Bessie Deese Strickland, 1.66A 9.24 Fred Strickland, 0.86A 7.92 Hazel W. Strickland Hb. Luke Strickland, 1A 60.22 J. P. Strickland, Jr., Mobile Home 173.52 Jeffery Strickland, 1L 6.60 l^iwrence Jeffrey Strickland, 4.125A 23.76 Luke Strickland Wife Hazel, 4.08A 14.40 Patricia 0. Strickland, 3.82A 62.88 Hegina L. Berry Strickland, 2A 158.82 Ruthie Jane Strickland, 17.7A 61.25 Wanda Kline Strickland, 0.48A 196.66 Wilson Strickland, 12A 57.48 James B. Swett, 33.9A 91.32 Heirs of Julia Ann Taylor, 4.8A 17.03 Clinton Thomas, Jr. Wife Cathy L., 2.02A 87.84 Fred Thompson Doretha Thompson, .2A 98.36 George B. Thompson Wife Dorothy, 12.04A 209.94 Henry Thompson Wife Stella Mae, 1.12A 470.38 Heirs of J. W. Thompson, 73A 65.88 Heirs of Arthur Timmous, 1L 10.56 Mrs. Lee Annie Tuck, 57A, 1L 204.00 Dorothy F.Walder.SA 53.28 G. S. Warriax, 1L 23.10 Elias Warriax Wife Fronia M..1A 202.84 Graham Wade Warriax Hattie Bryant, 2L 75.96 James W. Worriax Wife Odena, 1L 159.48 Eva 0. Werner Hb. Charles, 3.58A 17.29 Robert A. White Wife, .53A 202.36 Cloyd Arlene Wicker, V'zL 149.94 Hansel Wilkins Wife Willa C. Wilkins, 1A 59.46 Heirs of Jesse Wilson, 2L 7.20 James Burnice Woodell, 1A 33.60 Von Woodell, 1L 3.60 Hardy R. Wynne Wife Barbara, 1.91A 11.88 Hardy Ray Wynne, Bldg. Only 50,03 Sam Brooks, Jr. M; interest Children of Duffie Brooks, 10A 108.86 Jennings Bullard Wife Alice, 1.78A 6.91 John B. Chavis Wife Ruthie Jane, 1A 10.04 Rabon Chavis Wife Frances, 0.46A 13.02 Sherman Chavis, 25A 14.27 Harvy Deese, Bldg. Only 13.65 Bethel Dia, Wife Isabell, 8A, IViL 11.06 Ander Dial Wife Barbara, 0.5A 5.34 Bruce Leroy Dial Wife Margaret L., 0.5A 7.35 Delmer Dial Wife Nance, 1A . 19.21 Lacy Dial Wife Nance, 86.96A 40.82 Alice Bullard Harris, 28A .84 Gerald D. Hunt Wife Ruth, 3.11A 11.05 Gurney Hunt Wife Bessie, 1.57A 25.54 James A. Jones Wife Barbara, 2A 28.29 Carol J.Leviner,0.46A 13.54 AlexLoeklear,4.37A .78 Carl Locklear Wife Sybil, 1.03A 18.53 Carnell Locklear Wife Peggy, 0.92A 18.53 Colonel Loeklear Wife Macy B..40.733A 17.13 Ellis Locklear, 22A 6.62 Grady Locklear, Bldg. Only4.74 James Arnold Locklear, 2A 1.00 James A. Locklear Wife Emma, 1L 16.75 Johnnie S. Locklear Wife Carol, 0.5A 18.57 Shirley Locklear Locklear, 2.3A 1.38 Wade T. Ixcklear Wife Edna Ann, 1A 15.75 Allen Wayne McGirt, 1A .60 Samuel Oxendine. 7.471A 38.32 Jimmy James Thompson Florence, 3.20A 12.77 PHILADELPHIA Green Pine Garage Inc., 1A 115.68 Locko Financial Consultants, 14.97A 26.40 North American Acceptance Corp.,0.5A 35.64 Rock of Ages Free Will Baptist Church, 1.34A 10.56 Townsend Campben Company, 237 A 228.24 John M. Barnes Wife Mary Jane, 1A 95.14 Larry W. Bethea Wife Annie, 1.037A 153.50 Harrington Blanks Wife Sadie Rae,1.28A 13.46 Daniel T. Blue Wife Allene, 13.493A 288.43 Doris Fay Woods Brayboy Hb. Danny, 4.9A 135.00 Sandy Eugene Brooks Wife MaryE.,lA 105.60 Frances Brown, 6.5A 3.43 John Isaac Brown, 3A 78.54 LEGAL NOTICE Addie Foster Bryant, 20A 10.56 Martis Mary Carter, 13A26.88 Willie Lee Carter Wife Pauline, 1A 12.14 Donnie Lee Chavis, 0.5A, 1L 181.02 Elmer Ray Chavis Wife Vietta,0.5A 191.52 James W. Chavis, 22.45A 376.50 James W. Chavis Wife Gertrude, 7.05A 55.60 Claudie Clark, Mobile Home 125.40 Ward Clark, Jr. Wife Ilia Mae, 1A 5.28 Remal W. Crawford, Life Est., 1A 4.80 Kenneth Ray Deese Wife Glenda Ann, 13.74A 33.93 Adolph Dial, 26A 66.60 Betty Oxendine Dial, 1A 38.22 Betty 0. Dial Hb. Nathaenial, Life Est., 1L 13.00 James M. Eason Wife Nellie I..9A 131.80 Henry Gibson, Jr. Wife Mazie S., 1L 9.60 Leroy Harris Wife Juanita, 14A 301.72 Heirs of John H. Hayswood, 20A 13.20 J. Abner Hubbard Wife Bonnie, 99.07A 246.58 Cleveland S. Hunt Wife Mary Lee, 10A 47.40 Ethel Buie Johnson, 1A 7.92 James E. Johnson Wife, 1A 6.60 Mary Bell Jones, 6A 20.46 Sturby Jones Hb. Watis, 4A 85.50 Annie B. Locklear Hb. Johnny Life Est., 14.7A 127.32 Archie Locklear Wife Marie, .67A 87.96 Clyde Locklear, Jr. Wife Bonnie Lou, 4.9A 83.44 Daniel D. Locklear Wife Betty Lois, 0.5A 220.62 Edgie Locklear Wife Alice H..3.77A 9.12 Edith D. Locklear, 1A 6.60 Elton Locklear, 0.45A 2.64 Glen Thomas Locklear Wife Judith A., 1.12A 157.08 James Lee Locklear Wife Carolyn J..1A 123.48 Johnson Locklear, Jr. Wife Doris, 2.9A 9.72 Leon Locklear Wife Brenda, 0.5A 7.92 Martin Locklear Wife Ruby J., 1.22A 140.94 Sanford Locklear, 0.5A 82.86 William E. Locklear Wife Myrtle, 23A 94.44 Willie Locklear, 5A 286.72 Cecil Lowry,1.09A 149.76 Leonard, Lowry Cora Mae, 1L 10.82 Nancy Louise Lowry, 1A 78.41 Ziron Lowry Wife Delfia, 2A 5.58 Heirs of Elizabeth Lucas, 41A 136.44 Mary Frances McDougald, 1.64A 199.72 Thurman McDougald Wife Nannie, 0.5A 4.80 ZebaMcLaurin,10.61A 235.92 Heirs of Walter McLaurin, 8A 11.88 H a m i l t o n M c M i l l a n , 83.28A 52.32 King David McMillan, %A 12.00 Bland McNeill.lL 38.50 Albert Moore, 3.14A 188.94 Bill Robert Oxendine, House Only 54.90 Calhoune Oxendine Wife Ruby B., 2.41A 122.10 Dessie L, Oxendine, 6A 127.80 Frank Oxendine, 35A 63.84 Mary Adline Oxendine, 1.73A 14.64 Paul Oxendine Wife Roberta, 0.5A 189.52 Robert Shirley Oxendine, Mobile Home 106.20 Roger D. Oxendine Wife Lilu'e Mae, 0.5A 209.16 Ronald Oxendine Wife Cinderella, 1.5A 100.72 James L. Parker Wife Peola, 3.74A 29.57 Yvonne Deese Parker, 7.19A 76.56 Martha Patterson, 1L 7.92 George Lula Bell Patterson, 2.23A 146.40 Felton Pevia Wife Eyvonnie, 2.06A 16.37 Gertrude Phillips, Life Est., 1L 31.98 Cinda Lee Woods Sanderson, 4.9A 73.62 James Edward Shaw, 1L 114.48 Daniel P. Sinclair Wife Ada M., 1L 183.48 Roscoe F. Snipes, Bldg. Only 202.62 Rudolph Strickland, 1A 7.92 David Earl Thomas, 1A 7.92 Peter Williams, 1A 6.00 William Robert Williams Wife.l.SA 33.84 Leo Woods, 5.2A 303.00 Minnie L. McGirt Woods, 4.4A 25.02 Windo Woods Wife Margaret, 4.9A 16.80 Hartis Mary Carter, Supplement 13A. 2.24 Furnie Barton, Supplement 2A .88 Bill James Deese Wife Rachel 0., Supplement 1L 29.48 Betty Oxendine Dial, Supplement 1A 1L 4.19 Herman Reba Jacobs, Supplement 6A. 10.27 LEGAL NOTICE Jardon Myran Revels, Supplement 1L .60 Heirs of Noah Woods, Supplement 22.45A. 10.80 Vila W. Woods, 1A.2L 13.80 Rand Bullard, 10.14A 14.10 RAFT SWAMP TOWNSHIP Twin State Builders Inc., 0.53A, 39L 224.50 Eccie Anderson Wife Dorothy, 1L 229.06 Addie Baker, 2M-A 9.36 Addie Baker Hb. Paul Baker, 4A 8.66 Frances Buie, 2.29A 20.54 Joseph Cade, 2'/zA 9.49 Vernon Lennow Campbell Maudie, 1A 129.42 Decola P. Chambers, 17.5A 53.91 Lewis Chambers, ISA 14.05 Jean Esther Charles, 8.46A 31.33 Roscoe Charles, 13.5A 33.15 Ambrose L. Chavis, Jr. Wife Mabel R..2.6A 593.58 Herdmon Chavis Wife Eunice, 1A 128.25 James W. Chavis Wife, 7.7A 25.35 Pete Clark Wife Linda, 1L3.90 Judy B. Conner Hb. Randolph Conner, 0.5A 233.92 Bobby J. Cribb Wife Mary H. Cribb, .65A 118.25 Alfred Cummings Wife Shelby Jean, 1A 37.44 Canadian A. Cummings, Jr. WifeShirl,1.6A 109.43 Canadian Cummings, Sr. Wife Louise, 1A 58.33 Heirs of Everett Davis, 25A 56.48 Martin L. Davis, 1.1A 224.13 Martin L. Davis Wife Sybil J. Davis, 9.76A 39.78 Judy Rudy Dial, Mobile Home 139.80 Zeno Drake, 10.5A 46.15 Judy Evers, 3A 246.91 Kennith Freeman, Mobile Home 66.82 Ray Fulk Wife Betty B. Fulk, 2.5A 68.73 Edmond James Gainey, 1L 11.36 William Gainey, 1L 11.36 G a r f i e l d H a m m o n d s , 1.04A 40.72 Walter Frank Hammond, Jr. Pauline, 1A 224.51 Flora Snead Harmon, 10A 2.84 James F. Harris Wife Mildred H..1.5A 85.74 Addie Lee Howell,7A 29.54 Berline H. Watts F. Hunt, %A 158.94 James Hunt, Jr. Wife ·" Evelyn, 0.65A ' : 119.26 Belton Jacobs Wife Stella Mae, 1A 185.54 Curtis Lee Jacobs Wife Minnie E.C..0.64A 48.71 James Jacobs Wife Clara Pearl 0..0.5A 38.51 Lefairly Jacobs Wife Janice, 1.9A 19.76 Sanford Jacobs, Mobile Home 50.70 Annie Mae Jones, 1L 6.76 Jack Jones Wife Opra M. Jones, 10A 15.05 Leon B. Jones Wife Mary Lois, 1L 157.89 Linda L. Jorgenson, 0.46A227.57 Bessie Mae Kerns, 0.48A 25.61 Thomas M. Lassiter Wife Frankie, 3L 31.20 Rowland Lewis Wife Maggie Lee, 1.58A 121.26 Tommie Lockee Wife Corda Lockee, 0.46A 205.21 Adnell Locklear Wife Bertha, 1A 227.66 Curtis A. Locklear, 41A 85.83 James Ancil Locklear Wife Pauline, 2A 293.76 Lacy Locklear Wife Joyce, 1A 106.31 Heirs of Mary Locklear, 30A 59.54 Nellie Locklear, 1A 198.38 Sanford Locklear, 38.4A 313.17 Charl H. Lovette Wilbur C., 13.1A . 18.49 D.Hilbert Lovette, 1A 8.52 Mrs. Rudolph Lovette, 2%A 23.58 Bob G. Lowry, 6A 15.99 Carmel Lowry, 9.95A 763.49 Heirs of M. L. Lowry, .7A 131.35 Robert Lee Lowery Wife Patricia A., 0.5A 53.24 Russell R. Lowry, 12A 94.67 Celesta McArthur, 19.31A 42.38 Heirs of Emma Buie McArthur, 2.79A 12.48 Heirs of Katie McArthur, 19A 37.91 Jimmie Lee McVicker, 1L 312.54 James Cleveland Elizabeth Moore, 1A 112.65 Lummie Mosley, 3A 7.02 Johnny Wade Nobles Mary F. Wingrov, 1A 178.62 Mrs. Pansy Norris Et Als, 1A 35.45 Harold K. Odum, Sr. Wife Maxine, 1A 250.14 Dewey Owens Wife Perlie Owens, 0.5A 55.03 Bradford Oxendine Wife Made, 1.98A 26.00 Clarence A. Oxendine, 1L 11.36 Edward Oxendine, Mobile Home 129.35 Heirs of John H. Oxendine, 57.55A 85.74 John Wesley Oxendine Wife Girline.O.SA 139.10 Joseph Oxendine Wife Virgie M.,5.1A,4L 263.06 Robert Lee Oxendine, 1L 149.44 LEGAL NOTICE Sarah Jane Oxendine, 0.46A 10.40 Jean Morrison Pait, 1L 22.65 Terry Elton Pait Wife Betty, 1A 72.52 Maggie McArthur Pipkin, 6.51A 9.88 Alton James Prevatte, 19A 30,68 Heirs of Arthur G. Prevatte, Jr.,37.25A 78.09 Jake Truett Prevatte, .7A 82.07 James W. Prevatte Wife Brenda, VzA 3.90 Margaret Prevatte, 50A 70.59 John Ransom Wife Helda L. Ransom, 1L 11.36 Chafin Sampson Wife Bessie, 1L 126.66 Earl Scott Wife Dessie Scott, 1A 231.08 Purdie Morris Sinclair Robert Jones, 25A 56.80 Earl P. Smith, 1.26A 276.34 Earl P. Smith Wife Inez B. Smith, 5QA 187.33 James Smith Wife Cathelia Smith, 0.54A 104.46 Johnson Smith, Mobile Home 123.37 Alice A. Smyth Gerald P. Allen, 144A 474.76 Linda Joyce T. Stephens Hb. Michael, 1A 8.52 Bobby Swett Wife Bonnie Ruth, 1A 105.42 Bowman Thompson Wife Irene M..2A 22.43 Fred Thompson Wife Doretha, 1A 13.00 Larry Thompson, House Only 132.37 Horace B. Townsend, 0.9A 10.40 J. B. W. C. Alice Townsend, 1A 35.93 Lee Annie Tuck, 17.56A 45.11 TedR.Tyner,101.S7A 555.43 Homer Alton Ward Wife Nellie, 2.15A 27.55 Hubert Woods Wife, 1L 61.95 Stella Mae B. Woods, 0.5A 42.51 Twin-State Builders Inc., 0.46A 6.50 Daulmon Lowery Wife Katie Lowery, House 261.83 Daulmon Lowry, 1L 10.40 RED SPRINGS TOWNSHIP , The Alumni Assn. of Red Springs Col. School, 2L 8.40 Farm Products Dev. Div., Bldg. Only 858.06 G-CA,Inc.,lL 84.98 LandcoInc.,lL 40.58 Local Mortgage Corp., 1L 48.03 MS Motor Co., 7L 1,220.24 Mid-State Homes Inc., 1A, 4L 208.54 Modular Sciences Inc., 1L 32.34 Musselwhite Enterprises, Inc., 2L . -. .'., ... .7.00 North American Acceptance Corp.,2L 175.03 Phi Kappa Phi Housing Coup of Pembroke State University Inc., 1L 121.90 Red Springs Motor Inc., 1.5A 8.40 Southern Discount Co., 1L118.56 Tri-CityInc.,8.2A 37.09 Twin State Builders Inc., .59A 15.20 Uni Capital Corp., 1L 48.49 Almars Alexander, 1L 6.08 George Thomas Ammons, 1L 127.96 John G. Ammons Wife Linda P. Ammons, 0.5A 397.97 Warren H. Anderson Wife Annie H..1L 101.43 0. B. Arrington Wife Bobbie L. C. T. Johnson, Jr. Wife DareP.,2L 20.01 Eddie David Baker Wife Alberta McR., 0.23A, 1L185.71 Lula Baldwin, 1L 3.04 John Wilton Barnes Wife Shirley J..1L 138.11 Pauline J. Bass, 1L 83.16 James W. Belch Wife Martha H. Belch, 1L 15.20 Henry Lee Bethea Wife Margaret L..1L 221.34 Macy Bethea Wife Robia G. Bethea, 2L 64.47 Willie Bethea Wife Nettie, 0.34A 87.08 H. Franklin Biggs, Sr. Wife Ruth Neil, 5L 322.70 Ida Mae Black, 1L 84.91 Mamie Black, 3L 7.56 Mary Thelma Black, 1L 72.59 Bessie Mclver Blue, 0.56A 22.43 Jasper Campbell Booker Wife, 1L 8.40 Idel McNair Boxtic, 1L 41.86 Alfred Bowers Hb. Undsey, 1L 7.00 William R. Bradsher Wife Catherine, 2L 345.58 Donald Branch Wife Agnes, 1L 66.12 Jimmie W. Brock, 1L 124.74 Heirs of Adeline Brown, 1L 2,10 Charles A. Brown Wife Dorothy E., 2L 58.06 Edgar Lee Brown, 1L 16.24 Hardin Annie Pearl Brown, 1L 30.66 Harold Brown Wife Brenda P. Brown, 1L 50.40 Harry R. Brown Wife Janice, 2L 82.88 Irene Russell Brown, 2L 28.00 John Archie Brown, 2L 36.68 Joshua Brown Wife Rosa Brown, 1L 13.30 Roy Brown, 1L 52.78 Walter Brown Wife Ollie Brown, 1L 113.79 Annette L. Bryant, Willie T. Graham Yvonne T. Graham, 3L ' 245.63 Malcome Bryant Wife Elsie Mae, 1A 203.'*2 LEGAL NOTICE William Elmer Bryant Mable Bryant, 1A 223.20 Carolyn Buie, 1L 70.22 Carrie Buie, 2L 38.22 Flora Jane Buie, 1L 19.30 John Willie Buie Loreen B. Terry, 2L 5.60 Lacy Buie, Jr. Wife Mary McRaeBuie,2L 205.20 Olive Odell Bullard Wife Lucille, 1L 106.82 Willie Eddie Burney Ueorge Allen Burney, 1L ' 42.51 Julius Gary Lee Burns, · 2L 32.07 Edmond Cade Wife Loetta P. Cade, 1L 7.00 Thomas Cade, 1L 38.46 Bennie J. Campbell Wife JerlineM.,0.34A 58.17 Heirs of Dennis Campbell Laura Black, 1L 5.60 Earnest Campbell, 2L 52.01 George Campbell, 1L 147.25 James Campbell Wife PearlieMae,2%L 132.60 James Doyle Campbell Mary Alice C..0.17A 48.09 Heirs of Jasper Campbell, 1L 20.15 Lacy E. Campbell, 1L 59.36 Lacy Campbell, Jr. Wife Betty, 1L 287.63 Cora Bell Carmichael, 1L 58.66 Dorsey Carter, 1A 208.31 G. A. Carter, 109.4A 458.03 Lucille Carter, 1A 64.68 Helen J.Cates.lL 69.79 Badger Caulder Wife Charity, 1L 43.54 Woodrow Chambers Wife Lena Bell, 1L 68.39 Marie Smith Chaston, 1L 7.00 Carrie Chatman, 1L 66.43 Helen L. Chavis Hb. Graham Chavis J..3.607A 97.74 Roy Lee Clark Wife Juanita Clark, 1.05A 126.07 Irene R. Brown Clifton Hb. James, 1L 69.16 Shirley Gilchrist Cobb, 1L 36.68 Heirs of Sam Coley,5L 21.28 Heirs of Mrs. Sam Coley, 6L 30.40 Robert Frank Collins, 1L 77.56 Stedford Collins Wife Peggy, 1.01A 9.12 Dennis Charles Connolley Wife, 1L 69.54 Heirs of Foster Corthen, 1L 26.04 Willie Council Wife Margaret, .74A 4.20 James L. Coxe Wife Mildred M. Cox, 1L 102.90 Pauline Coxe Jane E. Emory, 1L 8.68 Walter M. Cox Wife Kathy Smith Cox, 2L · ' 68.25 Heirs of Junius 'Crawford, 1L 38.29 Heirs of Ansel Cribb, 1L 77.77 Daisy W. Cribb, 1L 39.20 G. L. Cribb, 2L 55.65 Annie Shirley Dammons, 1L 40.81 Christine H. Damon, 1L 68.74 Mrs. Helen Singleton Darfus, 1L 60.20 Sarah Mallett David, 2L 8.40 Carl Davis Wife Betty, 0.19A 7.00 Mary H. Davis Hb. Albert F. Davis, 1L 82.84 Thurman Davis Wife Helen Davis, 1L 57.23 Clifton E. Dean Wife Mary M., 1L 151.29 Margaret Dean, 10A 16.94 David Earl Dent, 6L 191.47 Gene Alton Dial, 1L .04 Jake Dillard Sr. Wife Mae Cattie, 1L 37.39 Alice C. Douglas Hb. Cleveland, 1L 23.66 Rheba H. Douglas Hb. William James D., 1L 311.22 Andrew Jackson Dukes, 1L 246.49 A. D. Edens, 1L 42.42 G. S. Edens, 3L 160.30 Janie B. Edens, 1L 65.52 Lillian Edens, 1L 114.03 John G. Ellis Wife Katie, 2L 44.66 Raymond T. Ellis Wife Shirley Ivey, 1L 8.40 Talmadge Evers Wife Hennrietta, 1L 53.55 James Fairley, 1L 51.96 Heirs of Mary Brown Fairley, 2L 21.00 .... jar Fairley, 2L 41.95 Heirs of Walter Thomas Fairley, 1L 34.58 Zack Fairley, Jr. Wife Carrie R.,1L 63.38 Heirs of Alice Felix, 2L 85.28 Anna Ferguson, 1L 6.30 James F. Ferguson Si Wife Pauline Ray, %L 88.22 Jimmy Ferguson, 1A, 1L 132.02 Joseph Wright Ferguson James H..1L 31.99 Otis C. Ferguson, 1L 13.68 Larry Fields, 1L 101.92 Hattie Elizabeth White Fisher, 1L 95.30 lalor Floyd, 1L 24.64 Annie Elizabeth Beck Fowler, 1L 3.84 William Furmage, 1L 87.50 James Lee Galbreath Wife Betty G..1L 71.47 Lee Douglas Galbreath Wife, 1L 134.81 Johnnie C. Garner Sr., 1L 56.42 Heirs of Flora Gilchrist, 12A 57.40 Heirs of Tom Gilchrist, 6.25A 29.96 Heirs of Tom Gilchrist Pink McGoogan,4A 21.70 LEGAL NOTICE Ada M. Godwin Wesley Godwin, 2L 34.02 Quincey Godwin, 1L 63.98 A. M. Goff Wife Irene, 1L 61.88 William I. Coins Wife Hazel L..2A 12.16 Lula Hester Meares Goodwin, V4L 100.24 Henry David Goodyear Argusta Pearl, 1L 81.78 Jessie Goodyear, 1L 18.76 James Archie Gordon Wife Clara W..1L 272.51 Nathaniel Gordon, 1L 60.06 John Jr. Govan Wife Shirley McM., 1L 273.00 Joseph Govan Wife Mary Elizabeth G..1L 253.54 Heirs of A. T. Graham, %A 136.64 Alfonso Graham, 0.21A 38.08 Mary Frances Graham, 1L 2.28 Philip Graham Wife,lL 44.76 Willie Judge Graham Wife, 1L 126.49 Wilton Dewitt Graham, 1L 6.08 Tommy M. Greene Hallie G. Maynor, 1L 278.81 Fred L. Grimsley, 4L 121.80 Heirs of J. L. Grimsley, 3L 104.23 Heirs of Andrew Gurley, 2L 18.76 Dennis C. Hagen Wife Lois, 1.7A 14.28 Thomas Hailey,2L 80.15 James M. Hall Wife Doris, 2L 168.00 Mrs. Mary Kate Edward Hall, 1L 55.72 Thomas Hammonds Wife, 2L. 111.76 Leatha Mae Hardin, 3.2A 280.18 Odell Hardin Wife Faye L. Hardin, 1L 81.02 William Dean Hardin Wife, Bertha M..78.6A 524.30 Heirs of Dennis Harrington, 1L 9.80 Heirs of Murphy Haywood, %A 22.82 Walter Haywood Et Als, 1L 7.60 Josephine Henderson John D. Henderson, 0.25A 90.51 Leroy Ernestine King Henderson, 1L 70.49 James Heningan, 3L 9.31 Heirs of Jack Henley, 1L 40.46 Allen High, 1L 170.45. Ernest Hill, 1L 152.81 LillieJ.Hines.lL 5.60 Heirs of Lizzie Hines, 1L 4.56 Cornelia Annie Hodgin Life Est.lL 147.42 Henry H. Hodgin Jr. % int. Mary Hodgin Hall % int., 1L 179.20 : -Atlanta Jones Holmes, 1L 42.71 Margaret McRae Holmes, 5L 64.82 Maddie Powell Holyfield, 1L 25.76 David Aaron Home Wife Linda Gail, 1L 86.89 Thomas Wayne Home Wife Linda, 1L 30.40 Thomas Colman Hudgins, 1L 5.60 Troy Hunt, 1A 164.24 Arthur G. Hutson, 1L 44.24 Sion D. Hennings Wife Margaret B., 1A 6.08 Doris K. Johnson, 1L 6.08 Ernest Dewey Johnson, 1L89.01 H. E. Johnson, 1L 6.51 Herbert Johnson, 1L 4.56 Johnsie Elizabeth Johnson, 1L 65.87 Mildred Johnson Husband, 1L 104.88 Neil Arch Johnson, 2L 134.54 Ruby Mae Johnson Est., 1L 11.90 Heirs of Ezra Jones, 1L 75.32 Jessie Kirk, 2L 7.28 Joseph Dan Klarpp, 1L 43.96 Hudson Lane Wife Lillian D. Lane, 1L 77.65 Emory Lay Wife, 1L 6.44 Evelyn L. Lay, 1L 143.24 Chester Leach Wife Daisy, 0.46A 181.72 Mattie Jane Leach, 1L 22.28 Bessie Mae Vinner Leak Hb. Russell D..3L 28.84 Herbert Leak, 1L 61.80 Janie Leak, 1L 4.20 Margaret English Lee, 1L 8.40 Claudie Lewis, 1L 60.34 Emma M. Lilly, 1L 48.30 Carl H. Liver-more, .36A 524.24 David Livingston, 5L 114.82 Luetter Livingston, 2L 58.22 Heirs of J. F. Lockey Est., 1L 7.00 Alex Locklear, 1L 33.04 Billy Locklear Wife Theresa C.,3.607A 111.26 Briscoe Locklear, 26.8A 23.24 Harry Locklear Paulette B. Locklear, 1L 52.92 James C. Locklear Wife Ruth McGirt, 1A 43.40 Jarris R. Locklear Wife, %A 27.66 Rufus Locklear Wife Willa Mae,3.607A 14.28 Sherman Locklear Wife Susan L., 1L 76.88 D. M. Love, 1L 7.00 David Earl Lowry, 2A 12.60 Harvey Lowry, 1A 227.22 Kenneth R.Lyle.lL 155.61 Allen D. McAllister Wife Vernora, %L 50.26 Odell McAllister Wife Gene George, 1L 7.60 Willie F. McArthur Wife Mazie R..1L 59.22 Henry McBryde Wife Annie Margaret, 1L 66,64 James F. McBryde, 1L 150.58 LEGAL NOTICE Leroy McBryde Wife Cora Lee.lL 71.61 Luther William McBryde Wife Mary Ella, 1L 77.13 Zen McBryde Wife Flora JaneH.,0.39A 172.27 Garland P. McCallum, 2A, 1L 90.58 Heirs of Jim McClennahan, 1L 18.62 Harry McClinnahan, 1L 35.14 James McCloud Wife Annie E. McCloud, 1L 9.80 W. E. McConnaughey 3rd, 1L 72.66 Frank McCormick, 1L 77.00 George McCormick, Jr., 2L 160.93 Goldie Haynes McCormick, 1L 3.80 Sallie McCormick, 0.32A 63.75 Booker T. McCoy Frances A. McCoy, 1L 11.20 Albert McCray Wife Mary T. McCray, 1L 211.40 AlvinMcCutchen,2L 16.80 Cleveland McCutchen.lL 20.30 James Edward McCutchen Wife Isabel, 1L 263.13 Jesse McCutchen, Jr., 1L 121.03 William D. McDougald Wife Johnnie, 0.46A 228.30 Roscoe McDougal, 2L 89.60 Heirs of William Wallace McDougald, 1L 49.49 James McGUl Wife Gertrude, 1L 182.49 Anna McGirt, lABldg. 55.58 James Harry McGugan Wife Sherry B..2.13A 1,175.88 John G. McGugan, Jr., 1L194.67 W. C. Doris B. McHwain, 1L 126.07 Curley McKay, 1L 38.92 - James McKeithan,5L 40.67 Roger McKeithan,0.5A 79.73 William Ernest McKellar Margie G..1L 156.42 Joseph S. McKenzie, 4A 159.52 Heirs of Belle Mckinnon, 2L 51.66 EarleneMcKoy,0.12A 3.04 Willie McKoy.lL 43.68 Anna McLaughlin, 1L 15.26 Claude J. McLaughlin, 1L108.94 Ella G. McLaughlin, 1L 5.60 Eugene McLaughlin Wife Sarah, 2L 9.12 George Walter McLaughlin, 1L 58.52 Macy McLaughlin Wife Delores, 1L 31.77 William McLaughlin Wife Lou Bertha, 3L 213.17 Saba McLaurin Evelyn G. McLaurin, 2L 5.60 Dougald McLean, 2L 10.01 Ella Jane McLean, 1L 9.31 Irene McLean Hb. Dannie, 1L , · . . . , . ; ' 26.45 James Junior McLean, 4L 9 PUL 395.22 James McLean, Jr. Wife Lydia.lL 237.72 John Hubert McLean, 0.76A 11.20 Marion McLean Wife Esther McLean, 1L 206.29 W.B. McLean, 17^A,3L 455.02 Heirs of Canolia H. McMillan, 2A 18.20 Heirs of D. K. McMillan, 1L 63.98 Robert L. McMillan, Jr. Wife MaryE.,lA 250.60 William McMillan Wife Annie R..1L 122.85 Joe Nathan McNair, Bldg. Only 53.96 Jonathan McNair Wife Mary, 1.13A 10.34 Lula McNair, 14A · 66.27 Daniel McNeil Hannah Gilchrist, 1L 50.82 Essie C. McNeill Hb. Clayton McNeilUL ' 35.70 Henriettie McNeill, 1L 5.60 Henry Richard McNeill, 1L 86.33 Inez McNeill.lL 59.64 Heirs of James V. McNeill, 14A 47.32 Joe Roberta McNeill, 4L 90.86 John Archie McNeill, 2L 88.20 Joseph McNeill, 2L 7.60 Juanita Smith McNeil, 0.857A 39.06 Lula D. McNeill, 1L 42.00 Robert McNeill Wife Lula D., 2L 144.10 Heirs of Robert McNeill, IDA 25,54 Jonathan McPhaul Wife Minnie McU.lL 211.89 James McQueen, 1L 7.00 John McQueen, L 61.46 Daniel McRae, Jr. Wife Mary F. McRae, 1L 74.20 Henry McRae, 2L 54.56 Henry McRae, Jr. Wife Deloris,0.165A 219.18 Heirs of James C. McRae, 1L 4.56 John McRae, 1L 7.00 Leander McRae Wife Mary Lean McRae, 1L 7.60 Lillie Mae McRae, 3L 207.19 Moses J. McRae, 2L 102.14 Sam McRae Wife Pearl L., 1L 68.53 William D. McRae, 3L 59.58 Willie F. McRae Sara N. McRae Buie, 1L 4.56 BerniceS. Mack, 1L 18.24 J. C. Mack, 1L 6.44 L. C. Mack, 1L 61,25 Otis Wayne Marsh Mary C. Marsh, 4950 Sq. Ft. 37.94 Balmu L. Martin Wife M a r g a r e t C . , 0.34A146.07Edmond Martin, 2L 147.44 T. A. Mattocks, 1L - 5.60 Elbert Mauldin Wife Glenda Mauldin, 1L 48.44 LEGAL NOTICE Lucille Maynor, 1.12A 146.86 Arrowood Freeman Miles, 1A 11.20 Fred D. Miles, 2L 34.39 Arnold L. Miller Wife Rosa, 1L 8.40 William K. Mitchell, 1L 107.59 Willie Lee Mitchell, 1L 196.98 Beatrice Monroe, 2L 21.84 Heirs of Henry Monroe, 4L63.21 Sidney A. Monroe Wife GlynellD.,lL 212.66 C.T.Montjoy,lA,2L 120.68 Mrs. Hubert Mooney, 1L Hse 61-60 David Moore, 1A W.OO Heirs of Robert A. Moore, 1L 48.86 Annie Morrison, 3L 13.83 Velma Morton, 1L 57.82 Norman A. Murphy Wife Beatrice, 0.5A 122.99 Fred Murray Bessie Williams Murray, 1A 140.63 Fred Murray, Jr., Mobile Home 36.82 Heirs of Lennis Murphy Newton, 1L 34.72 Malien Newton, 1L 101.29 Heirs of Donnie Lee Norris, 1L 115.01 Maggie G. Norris, 2L 70.83 Maggie C. Norris, 3L 41.65 Tressie Norris, 1L 63.14 Walter Norris, 0.362A 5.60 Walter Norris Wife Louise, 1L , 170.66 James E.Odom,2L 112.98 John W. Owens, 1L 41.30 Henry Lee Oliver Wife Clara McN.,lL 63.42 Mrs. Lois C. Ontko, 39.74A 70.98 Eva Mae Oxendine, 1A 8.40 Luther C. Oxendine, Jr., 1L 38.92 Welton Oxendine, 1.01A Bldg. 84.62 William R. Oxendine Wife, 2.51A 14.84 Willie S. Oxendine Wife CallieMae.lL 51.98 A. B. Parker, 2L 56.09 Harvey Parker Wife Florence McCl.,lL 72.38 Gaston Patterson, 1L 83.79 James Martin Patterson, 1L 238.98 Luther Patterson Wife Jannie Mae, 2L 141.47 Alvin A. Pearson, 1L 112.63 Ledford L. Pearson Wife MaryMcN.,lL 109.97 Effie Williams Peterkin, 1L Hse. 59.43 Alton Pittman Wife Ann Elizabeth, 4L 236.46 June Pope, 1L 7.00 Lena Pope, 1L 7.00 David W. Prather Wife Betty J-,lLHse : - 116:20 Thomas Pratt fe' Wife Clara Mae,lL 200.48 Cora Lee Ray, 2L 14.42 Roscoe Ray, 3L 93.17 Vander Ray Wife Ruthie Mae S.Ray, 7600 Sq. Ft. 63.23 Edward L. Reynolds Wife Helen L..1L 361.43 Arthur Richardson Wife Maggie, 6L 93.79 Heirs of Charlie Henry Richardson, 2L 25.34 Heirs of Fannie Richardson, 1L 5.60 Heirs of Hannah Richardson, 1L 4.48 Johnny Richardson, 1L 60.73 Johnny Richardson, Jr., 3L 91.81 Heirs of Mary Alsbrooks Robinson, 1L 9.24 Heirs of Cary Rogers, Sr., 33A 126.16 Jerry Allen Rogers Wife Deborah, 1L 110.13 Leonard Rogers Wife Ermie M. Rogers, 1L 71.56 Lorenzo Rogers Wife Lurine M. Rogers, 1L 33.32 Otha Rogers, 3A 42.07 Zannie Rogers, 2A 9.12 James E. Roper Wife Mae R. Roper, 1L 196.42 Roland Wesley Rouse, Jr., 0.22A 6.08 Earl Eugene Rowe Wife LindaA.Rowe, 1L 51.07 Alvester Rozier Wife Ada, 1L 7.60 I^mar Rucker, 3L 98.80 John Russell, 1L 7.00 J. R. Ryan, 1L 15.20 A. B. Sanders, 101.5A, 1L 36.40 A. B. Sanders W. R. McDuffie, iiA 2.10 Dora Sanders, 1L 3.80 John' Shaw Wife Rebecca, 2L 77.72 John Ashley Simmons Wife BettvR.. 1L 234.50 Prince Sinclair Wife Alberta Mack, 1L 125.93 Jacqueline H. Singleton Son R.D.3rd,lL 247.91 Murphy A. Singleton, 1.13A 24.50 Mrs. Virginia McL. Singleton, 17A 56.42 Charles E. Smith Wife Linda T.,1L J05.35 Heirs of Cornelia Smith, 1L 4.20 Donner Florrie M. Smith, 2L 50.16 Lula Gertrude Smith, 1V4L 8.40 O.L. Smith, Jr., 1A 51.87 William H. Smith, 3L 35.51 George F. Spell, 2L 328.70 George F. Spell, G. Bruce Schell Ferman H. Schell, 2.98A 29.26 Louise McEachin Spell, 7.4A, 2L H2.88 Harvey Spivey 4 Wife Lucy Spivey.lL 286.65 (Continued on Page 17)

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