The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 13, 1952 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 13, 1952
Page 6
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PAGE TWELVE BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COUMBK FRIDAY, JUNE II, 1»BJ Stevenson Does Nothing To Discourage Democrats From Nominating Him By JACK BELL SPRINGFIELD, III., (.Pr — Gov. Adlal E. Stevenson apparently is doing nothing to discourage the rapidly-growing assumption that he will not. refuse the Dcmocrntic presidential nomination if It comes bis way. Although the governor returns B steadfast "no comment" to questions about a possible draft, his friends say he has not token advantage oT numerous opportunities quietly to scotch their moves pointed in thnt direction. Jacob Arvey, Illinois national commltteeman, tells nil corners that Stevenson will respond io draft. All the governor snys. put)*, licly and privately, is Ihtil ho doesn't believe any drnft will take place. He says all he wants to do is run for re-election. Movement Planned But if Arvey and others havt; Iheir wny, there will be a movement at tlie Chicago convention next month to put Stevenson in the race. He probably will yet Illinois' voles on the first ballot. If New York and Michigan then swing behind' him, a bandwagon movement might be started. Stevenson loofcs good to many Democrats as a potential nominee because (1) he has proved ha cun carry vital Illinois; (2) hns a cleanup rcord which would offset Republican "corruption" shouts against the Democrats; (3) Is for continuity In the administration's foreign affairs program; and (4) supports its civil rights proposals without being obnoxious lo rebel llous Dixie Democrats. A Ran Politician On the other hand, Stevenson appears to be one of those rale politicians who really doesn't pine to be president. He would rather bo governor again and 1 finish his ef- forte to reorganize Illinois. He i* worried about the effect on hla three sons of national publicity that would go along with White House residence. He doesn't relish the thought of attacks that might be directed against him as a divorced man. Stevenson's friends say, however, that all of these considerations would be overridden U he believed the Democratic party and the aountry really need his services or a national scale. The iiubject of a Stevenson draft cropped up Thursday at President Truman's news conference. Truman neither agreed nor disagreed with a prediction made to him a short time earlier by Scott Lucas, former Illinois senator, that Stevenson will accept a drnft and become the Democratic presidential nominee. The President said he just didn't know about that, lie said Lucas, as on Illlnoisan, is in a better position lo know. Other Men Av.JUblr Stevenson contends Iherc are other men available for the role and .scc.s nothing especially wrong, for instance, with Sen. Estea Ke fauvcr ol Tennessee. Kefauvcr Is leading In the number of committed convention dele gales. ]f .Stevenson is projected Into the picture. It will be by men who don't want Kcfauvcr for the presidential nominee. Strangely enough, some of thorn talk rather longingly of a Stevenson-Kef nuvcr ticket, although the Tennessee senator has said he won't lake .second place. Stevenson has made It clear to his friends that he would be a. much more willing candidate if Sen. Robert A. Taft Is the Republican nominee. He feels strongly lhat Tuft's foreign policies arc wrong nnd would pitch Jus campaign primarily on that issue. As a middle-of-the-roader, Stevenson would not be too far away from Tnft on some important domestic Issues. Not Interested In Ike The Illinois governor Is less Interested In running against Gen. Dwighl D. Elsenhower if Iho latter becomes the Republican nominee. This is more because he believes Elsenhower would curry on toward the major objectives ot the present foreign policy than because he believes that the five-star genm »1 would b morn difficult to defeat in November. There have been reports thnt Stevenson will have something to sny about a possible Democratic draft before the Republicans meet in Chicago July 7. This would be designed to stop tiic talk that he Is only walling to see what the Republicans do before making up his mind. No such statement is contemplated now, bui. nides wouldn't rule out the possibility there might be one later. Taft Directs Attention AtDelaware Delegates Doomed Darling of Chance Goes To Bed After Birthday Party CHANCE, Md. f/ft—The doomed _ after the "best birthday party any rlln^-of Chiincc was ready to go' " >ack to her hospital bed today— Sorry, Guys, French Bathing Suits Are Out Wont to Live a Long Time? Keep Calm and Be Able to Laugh Br ALTON L. BLAKESI/EE Associated Pre»s Science Reporter CHICAGO W)—A key for long life comes from. Dr. Morris Fishbe In, one ot the busiest men In the nation. The key is tin perturb ability, or calmness. Plus five things you should keep low. Dr. Flshbeln Is editor, ftulhor, lecturer, traveler, advisor, with perhaps a half dozen to a dozen projects going at one time. Today »t the American Medical Association convention he look Lime out he Hlwaya seems to have time— to tell *ecre(£ for health and long life. In London, he began, he was talking with Lord Horder, as famous in British medicine as FLsh- bein is here. Dr. Fishbein con- grat<ri«ted Lord Harder on looking so well nnri being so active at 82. "Lord Horder asked me, 'how old ara you?' "I'm 62, I said. He tanned over the table and felt my pulse. 'You will live to be 100.' " 'Wonderful,' I replied, 'Why? And Lord Hocdcr said, 'Because you have imperturbability.' "I've practiced imperturbability •Ince I was IG, I told him. T think «. person can practice it." How do you become Imperturbable? SIGNS OF TROUBLE—When Harry Kahn put up a sign "lowest Prices in Town" over his Detroit clothing store, William EJroaci, his next-door competitor, saw a golden opportunity. Broad put up «i si^n, in the same red lettering, that read: "At Wm. Broad's." To all practical purposes, th:it made liis and Kahn's advertisements all one big sign—with Broad's business getting a big boost al half cos I. It) the rhubarb that followed, both men wound up in the prosecutor's office. t>aw oflicials could find nothing wiung with cither halt oi the sign, but a surveyor's measurements showed that Broad's "A" encroached on Kahn's half of the building. So he will have to shave the "A," but still holds Ihe upper hand as far as the customers are concerned. ATLANTIC CITY. N. J. (/P) — Sorry, gals. Or ruthcr, sorry Kiiys. There'll be no French Imthhig suits allowed on this resort's crowded beaches this season. Officials who mate the rules for beaches here brmned tlie ultra-scanty swim suit yesterday nnd required life guards to see that bathers wear "decent nttire." '•The French bnthing suit Is definitely out." snid Ucach Palrol Supt. Richrud Huglic.s. Kach year there nre requests for a ruling on how low, how high and how brief "decent attire" should ue. Because the Job ot keeping laws In step with ever-shrinking .styles in women's bench wear became increasingly difficult, the matter war put on a "decent attire" basis. So this year, no French bath- tny .suits. little girl ever had. Donna Daft won't be nine years old until next Thursday, but the party was held yesterday so she could make the most of it with her ] rapidly falling senses. She hns bra En cancer. And doctors say this is "the beginning of the end." Nearly every nine-year-old in the whole town of Chance CEimu lo the party—about 50 of them. Three times during the day she stiffened and clenched her fists to fight off sudden stabs of pain. Once her mother, Mrs. Thomas Daft, (oak her inside the house nnd held her for a while. Lust Christmas the doctors told the Dafts that Donna would live only another six months. According to Iheir original diagnosis, her Lime would be up in another week 01" t\VO. British Sailors 'Quack' at Low Levels of Sea LONDON MV-The British Ad mlralty has assigned some of brightest doctors to stop Brltis sailors—wlio talk hi a clear bass o -he surface—from quacking lik Donald Duck when they dive dee into the ocean. A diver plunges Into the wate breathing a mixture of oxygen nr_. helium—and his elocution is perfect tor the Hist 240-IO-300 feet. But around that depth a sudden change takes place. Try as he will, the best a [liver can manage is an an(;ry quack. His speech becomes normal again when he is hauled up. Makes it mighty difficult lor the men listening on top of the water, says the naval diving service. get angry and shout. AH you do Is ise your own blood pressure, nol the other fellow's. "Dnn'l get crowded. Take things one at a titnc. Accept disturbance? and annoyances ns they are. Don'' (car yourself apart because yo\ are not succeeding in some glvoi effort. Don't avoid trouble—but mcc it with equanimity. 'Don't argue with stupidity. Walk away from arguments over futile or Irivinl matters. But I wouUI liate to see a world where everyone walked away from arguments that produced facia by discussion. Dr. Pishbein, whose fame rests partly upon his energetic and sometimes stormy ye-irs as former editor of the AMA Journal, then recited "the five lows" for health and longer life. 1. Low blood pressure. 3. Low pulse rate. 3, Low Ijnsal metabolism, or rate of bodily processes. 4. Low diet, low in total calorics. 5. Luvv threshold for humor. "Be able to laugh easily, and' recognize the humorous aspects of : what humans take too Kcnmisly. "I don't mean to slow your life to the speed of a turtle. I'm never] happier Ihim when t'm extremely ! active. But you can accomplish | fur more it you have eqtuinimily Red Irrigation Pushed By Chinese Leaders I1ONC1 KONC. Ml — The ClllneSi! Reds have 1,400,000 workers busy on a giant irrigation project to control Uie~Yl river In Northern Kiangsu.-.tTie Communist newspaper Shanghai News reports. The project, expected to be C5 per cent complete this year, eventually will provide Irrigation for some •t.aoo.ono ticres, the News B r TOM BRADSHAW I WILMINGTON, Del. HV- Sen. Robert A. Taft turned his full at- ention toward Delaware's 12- nember Republican delegation to- ay in his pre-convention swing hrough the Middle Atlantic belt. The Ohio candidate for the GOP iresldenilal nomination, was scheduled to meet with the Delaware rroup at the farm of former U.S. Senator C. Douglass Buck, near Vilmington, after rom New York. From Delaware, coming here Taft plans to 'islt the Republican delegations of Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania—the last two of particular mportance at the moment alone; with Michigan because of reports hat Pennsylvania's Gov. John S. Fine is attempting to organize a onvention-controlling bloc of dele- vote* were claimed by Taft af(er his meeting with the delegates from that state yesterday. An Associated Press poll showed six New Jersey delegates for Taft and 32 for Elsenhower. Before leaving New York, Tatt said he believed Ihe United Nations should pull its troops out of Korea as aoon as the South Koreans can be adequately armed. Dri| Our Feet In the meantime, he said, we should "drag our feet" in the Korea truce talks until American production can reach that necessary arms output. ' gates. Taft Plans Meetings Tower-Sitting Guardsman Dies Men Leapt Out Of Ferry Boar Into N. Y. Harbor NEW YORK (*>, _ A Coast Guardsman who spent live nour» Wednesday atop a 140-foot Connecticut water tower leaped from » ferryboat yesterday and drowned in Ne* York harbor. He was Dejuie Hill, 22, of Melrose, Mass., being brought from the Groton Coast Guard station to the Marine Hospital on Staten Island' Th. case was listed as a suicide. Hill dodged a lifeboat rescue crew ar.d made no effort to take a life- Taft also rejected a suggestion, j lin e thrown ^to him. His body wa, attributed to his political oppon- ""' J ent, Eisenhower, lhat the national budget can be reduced from 80 billion annually to 40 billion. The Ohioan said Eisenhower must have been misquoted and added he Read Courier News Classified Ads Taft said last night—ader conferring with New York and New Jersey delegates—that he would meet the Maryland delegates on Monday and the Virginia group sometime next week. Two meel- ngs are planned in Pennsylvania, one in the eastern part of the state and one in the west, but no dates have been set yet, he said. Taft's visit to Delaware follows by four days a jaunt by the state's delegates to the New York headquarters of Gen. Dwight D. 'Eisenhower. Following • the Eisenhower session. Delaware Delegation Chairman Clair 1. Killoran reported a lineup of seven-to-three for the general over Taft, with two delegates uncommitted. Seven Favor Taft Delaware Slate Sen. Thomas Peeney has insisted, on the other hand, that seven of the delegates favor Taft and four Eisenhower with one still undeclared. The latest Associated Press poll of the Delaware delegates showed six for Taft, lour for Eisenhower and two still uncommitted. Several of the pro-Tall Delaware delegates went to New York to ride down by train to Wilmington with the Ohio senator today, conferring with him en route. The others waited at Buck's farm, Buena Vista, to. meet Taft at a luncheon reception. Buck has indicated he plans to back Tatt. Nine of New Jersey's convention didn't see how federal spending could be reduced below about 55 billions. And on the subject of U.S. foreign policy. Taft said he could see no alternative but to rearm Western Germany. A police force ir Western Germany in direct pro portion [o that in Eastern Germany, he said, would have prevented "the problem we hnve now." Pullet's Masterpiece BELLEVILLE. Canada IjB — A five-and-a-half-month-old pullet or the farm of Orville May surpass ed itself by laying a huge egg with four yolks. It never dirl it before, and it's been laying the ordinary type of egg since. not recovered. Hill, a Coast Guard seaman who would have graduated from Avery Point (Conn.) Training Station on ; Monday, unaccountably climbed the Gioton water tower during daylight hours Wednesday. He ignored urging by a chaplain and friends to come down, but finally did so for a steeplejack who climbed, the wind-swept perch to plead with him. AP Newsman Dies In Japan Crash TOKYO W) — Lt. Hildreth L. Pa} ne, 28. an Associated Press newsman from Charlotte, N.C.. recalled to active duty, was killed Saturday in a plane collision over Japan. A friend said Payne was on a Ulehi to try to spot the ship bringing his wife and two children to •Japan when his P51 Mustang and a Corsair collided about 50 miles north of Ml. Fuji. Old Locomotive Still Busy After Many Years .ROCHESTER, N. Y. W — Old j G99 is busy going from party to t pnrty these days. \ The old locomotve, spruced up in black mid gold paint, is making nppenrances nt fairs nnd community sestnii centennials and the like. She's still In her glory us she was before the turn of the century when she was queen of t h e New York Central. Old 9911 is t h e retired speed queen of the rails. Her record of H2Va miles an hour set back in 1893 still stands. STRAIGHT says. It was described ns calling for several giant sluices nnd water locks, "a giant water conservancy system," anil embankments along (he sea coast and certain sections of the Yangtze find Yt rivers. "Avoid raising your voice. Don't nnd irnpertm-bjibilitv." 6 DAYS FREE TRIAL! 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