Neodesha Register from Neodesha, Kansas on July 6, 1900 · 3
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Neodesha Register from Neodesha, Kansas · 3

Neodesha, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 6, 1900
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fV IMMORTAL D m jch j&ok 4w m L' r 3- Lyman Hll. q,. iW Carter Brvoru Va. 2?? h STATES FAC -SIMILE OF THE OfUCJNAi. DRAUGHT BY JEFFTR30M OF TK DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE la Congress frJulj,l776 T Lk it iV.ol 2 Xz''f 4m kurM nam. , I i m fll y t mAJa fin. TV" I f i r ' r . ...Jit.'i., iiA.. ' . wmr-nm rm pwrvw.i vvmu s4taarp& axgri irrMir OJLt4 .tmt&aI Cdcjtt , i t - - , . , 3 ' .Iff , , i. , tcl I J-" -- f-" .... M ,, .tV s ThnsUaW lint. f 9 13 .v ;fv I j n' JfJjcL Kx yi if" iwf At jfcgijf wfcjj n r & r y jll' l.'L o.rf,.j.. atnii iftpt TVwtt flSiiX witJLcl our . jTl'M.iA.ittTT 111, . Oil HI l 5 HCT-lMI ,. i - - tfwrv. tSiAA i - jrrm i r jyif,,, , rfh itaWpir Tajiai r js- usiAL AKtte. &m&-4rery . wtimXU Cum r y? - -s( w yi era. 'a-y-tiTTX "5x. y&- t5v - , ss- f diAyr . mA-JSJ . i - , - i a , . Mi WaJv. John P-nn! Wta Hooper. Qwy Thotn" M)MN MtwTTw-Y- FdUvinion 1 .?' I ilil "ftilfc-, G-or,?-Taylor. - FT JT5 - Ahram CUrk, FVirvct H? yVrthwtavwr RidSvxkvon.M, r- CooTjCIyi Smith, 5 NWilAin Wr MA- BenjMmn Franklin MA. RobaVMt-riw Tc Forj- o TaAju, China. S'certe of an Episode Jxxrt 4-1 ears A.go. The Taku forts, occupied by the international forces, just forty-one years ago were the scene of an episode which gave the world that famous phrase, "Blood is thicker than water." A British fleet of eleven small gunboats, under Admiral Hope, was engaged in an assault on the mud batteries iust inside the Pei-ho river bar on June 25, 1S59, when the tide went down and left them helpless in the mud under the fire of the Chinese smoothbores. Capt. Tatnali, the flag officer commanding the United States China squadrtin. which was anchored off the bar, nominally guarding American interests, perceiving the plight ot the British Admiral, lowered his barge and -with his flag lieutenant and twenty tmen rowed up the river to show the Englishman how to point his guns, the flag lieatcoant, Stephen Decatur Trenchard, was badly grounded and one man in the barge was killed in passing through the fire from the forts. Once on board, however, the British guns were so Well s rved by the Americans that the forts were silenced and Tatnali hinielt. piloted the gunboats l7 a chatnnti he had discovered until they found the protection of the fleet outside. Tatnall's action was regarded by the authorities at Washington as tantamount to disobedience of orders, as he had beca strongly cautioned by his government to preserve neutrality and limit his activity solely to the protection of Americans. He was detached from command and brought home, and did not serve on an American ship thereafter. From carefully prepared information at the war department, the Chinese army, called the "Eight Banners," nominally contains about 300,000 descendants of the Manchu conquerors and their aliies, says the Tribune's Washington correspondent. The number maintained on a war footing is from SO.COO to 100,000. The whole force is subdivided into three groups, consisting respectively of Manchus, Mon- ! gol.-. and Chinese, and forms a sort of hereditary profession, within which ; intermarriage is compulsory. About i 37,000 are stationed in garrisons in Manchuria; the imperial guard at Pe-kin contains from 6.000 to 7,000, and these are the troops thai were expected to defend the foreign legations and protect foreign interests from the mobs. The Ying Ping, or national army, is called also the "Green Flags" and "The Five Camps." This army consists of eighteen corps, one for each province under the governor or governor-general. The nomiinal strength is from 540,000 to 660,000 men, of whom about 200,000 are available for war, never more than one-third being called out. The most important contingent is the Tientsin army corps, nominally 100,000 strong, really about 35,000, with modern organization, drill and arms, employed in garrison duty at Tientsin, and at Taku and other forts. Besides these forces there are mercenary troops raised in emergencies, and Mongolian and other irregular cavalry, nominally 200,000 strong, really about 20,000, but of no military value. The total land army on peace footing is put at 300,000 men and on war footing at about 1,000,000, but the army as a whole has no unity or cohesion ; there is no proper discipline, the drill is mere physical exercise, the weapons are long since obsolete and there is no transport commissariat or medical service. COMPLETE MARKET REPORTS. Kansas City. CATTLE Common to heavy... HOGS Choice to heavy WHEAT No. 2 hard CORN No. S OATS No. 2. RYE No. 2 HAY Choice timothy 10 50 b 4 00 f5 I 90 4 y. 5 07 g 71 Choice prairie. BUTTER EGOS 15 j 3? 58 11 00 7 50 IS l!a Chicago. WHEAT No. 2 bard CORN No. 2 OATS No. 2 St. Louis Live Sfock. BEEVES STOCKERS & FEEDERS.... SOUTHERN STEERS fl J 233 n 85 9 5 65 3 40 m B8 3 25 4 55 Cotton. Uplands. Gulf. Liverpool 5 21-o2d New YorK 10c 10 Galveston 9Sic Wichita Grain. Close Clo. Open. High. Low. Today Y'day WHEAT July Au st .... CORN- July Align 8 1. OATS July Aufrust... . SO ' 80 H 42 IS 237, 8K 427 4U 24 248 23 24 Z7' 765jj .... 42 H 42 42 23 24 X b MX UH Calls, Pats. 74 41, Wheat: Aupust BBff Corn: August 4j -m Wichita Live Stock. HOGS 2.r head sold 4 00 Z 4 ?5 CATTLE 1 " (i 2 50 Chicago Live Stock. BEEVES t4 50 5 10 COWS AND HEIFERS 3 00 4 85 STOCKERS& FEEDERS 2 50 4 70 TEXAS FED 13EEVE& 4 40 5 20 HOGS 5 10 g 5 17 THE LATEST NEWS IN BRIEF. Redxiced frctn the Original hjr Thotographic "Reproducing Trocess. DUSE AND D'ANNUNZIO. "I will kill D'Annunzio," says Eleo-nora Duse, the great Italian actress. In "II Fuoso" (fire), a novel published three weeks ago, Gabriele D'Annunzio, the Italian writer, drew a graphic picture of Duse, whose romantic love for him was the talk of Europe a few months ago. The materials for the story were obtained from the actress herself, who, in her self-forget'1 affection, told the young novel- Francis of Orleans, prince of Join-ville, son of the late Louis Phillippe, king of the French, is dead of pneumonia, aged S2 years. D'ANNUNZIO AND DUSE. 1st the full history of her pathetic life. D'Annunzio has pictured the heroine of his book with brutal frankness, and has laid bare the great artist's heart, ki their way the "Confessions" of J. J. Rousseau are scarcely more complete. D'Annunzio cynically avowed his model in the beginning, but has been forced by public opinion into a denial that he intended to portray Duse. The heart-broken actress, however, will aot tolerate lies and apologies. She bravely admits herself the heroine of the book. "He has stolen my love and sold it. I will kill him." she says. Indiana has been having- damaging rains. Heavy rainfalls have badly damaged crops in Georgda. Heavy rainfalls have badly damaged crops in Georgia. From 5 o'clock till noon there fell at Mobile 12.7 inches of rain. Deaths from heat occurred in New York city and in Pittsburg, Pa., on June 87. The government of Hayti has adopted the American gold dollar as its unit of value. The postofiiees at Honolulu, Konala and Hilo have been advanced to the presidental class. The Tennessee supreme court rule9 out women from practice in any of the courts of that state. Martial law was in force at Cape Nome long enough to run in deserters from government vessels. The Chinese restriction bill has been changed so as to raise the tax on Chinese emigrants from $50 to S100. Li Hung Chang's son, Lee, has passed his entrance examination to Harvard with honors in Greek, Latin and English. The supreme court of Indiana held in a case from Grant county, that the pumping of natural gas from gas wells is illegal. The ancient city of Cologne receutly experienced a tornado, a cyclone, which injured a number of persons and damaged property. Mrs. Admiral Dewey has bought a small island in the harbor at Chester, Nova Scotia, where she proposes to build a summer home. Fraudulent collection of funds are being made by thieves who claim to represent national political committees. People are warned against such. Fifteen thousand dollars was received in New York one day last week from the Kansas India Famine Relief committee and cabled to the interdenominational missionary committee at Bombay. The approximate value of vessels built in shipyards of the great lakes during the past year is 10,500,000. Nearly all of these vessels are steel freight steamers of 450 to 500 feet in length and of 7,000 to 8,000 net tons capacity. The electric works and machine shop of Flint & Lomax in Denver, Col., were damaged by fire June 30, to the extent of $75,000. The joint cigarmakers" unions of Chicago have unanimously agreed to assess each member 50 cents a week for the benefit of the New York cigar-makers who are on strike. The assessment will amount to 51.S00 per week. Five hundred dollars was sent to New York as a first installment. Six thousand strikers will be benefitted by the donation. The American Smelting & Refining company has made another advance of one-eighth of a cent per pound, making a second advance in two days. The price for their lead is now 4) cents a pound as against 3 cents, the bottom price of the year. The Christian Reformed church synod of America in session at Grand Haven, Mich., adopted resolutions of sympathy for the Boers in their conflict with Great Britain and present situation. A copy has been sent to President Kruger.

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