Highland Vidette from Highland, Kansas on September 17, 1908 · 4
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Highland Vidette from Highland, Kansas · 4

Highland, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 17, 1908
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'11 A Pfi! lze winner Wo iw.1 prom to inform you that the bread which won first prize at the White Cloud Carnival and Street Fair was made of our celebrated niperial Floor iht, jC'i'l'if rtTiTiS Let u.hefp you to have prize winning bread. It will require no special effort if you use our flour. For Sale by R. H. HARTIN, Highland C. Leland, Hiffhland Station Fanning Mercantile Co., Fanning J. H. LYHDS Mill & Elevator Co. Manufacturers of Pure White Flour. Special Trains on The Grand Island Route For Military Tournament For the Military Tournament, National event at St. Joseph, the Grand Island route will run special trains St. Joseph to Stout and Stout to Highland on: Vednesday, Sept. 23 and Friday 25th. leaving St. Joseph 11 p. in., to accommodate those who wish to go to St. Joseph on the morning or afternoon trains to witness the many attractions and return home that night. Don't fail to see the Signal Corps U. S. A. Dirigible balloon which will make two exhibition flights daily. Attend the Military Tournament at night a rare opportunity. Call on agent for further particulars. i I mmm SEPTEMBER EXCURSION SMITIITON Lodge No. I., A.F.&A.M First established lodire In Kansas. ;OJT Meets monthly on Friday nleht on or oerore full moon In I O O F ball A. U. InwiN. W. M. A.J.Thovas Sec. Dr. H. N. Merrick, D. D. S. Successor to IIimsklf and Dr. Louise Merrick Crown anD HrfDge Klorft a Specialty RATES. GO NOW! VISIT THE OLD HOME: Low rate excursion tic kets to eastern cities and resorts, Northern Michigan, Canada and New' England, daily until September oO. SEE THE WEST . Attractive low excursion rates to the Pacilic Coast, " Yellowstone Park, Utah, Colorado, iJig Horn Mountains and the Black Hills. LOW COLONISTS RATES Daily during September and October to California, Wash-. ington, Oregon and hundreds of intermediate points. IRRIGATED -HOMESTEADS Ready For Immediate Settlement at Garland and Poweli.Wyo. Personally conducted excursions to these Jands the first and third Tuesdays of each month. Governmentengineer at Powell shows the land Also deeded and Carey Act lands. Write D. Clem Doaver, General Ajrent, Lacd seekers' Information Bureau, Otnaba, for new folder It's free. L. W. Wakely.G. P. A., Omaha.Neb. II. X. Uarper Ticket Agent, Sparks Kansas. C. A. WEIIE. DENTIST Mutual 'phone 34. Office in tbe S. M. Allen residence, a block south of Presbyterian church. VV. M. DI EH L, Veterinary Surgeon Highland, Kansas Both Telephones EE3EE2E3 DR. CHARLES QEIQER Practice limited to diseases of women and surgery. Correspondence! solicited Phone 771 609 Francis St. St. Joseph, Mo. Well Boring, wind mills, pumps, tanks and all kinds of repair work. Work Guaranteed Charles Brenner First Published Sept. 10, WW Notice of Final Settlement NOTICE is hereby Riven to crediors and all others interested that the undersigned administrator will make a full and final settlement with the Probate Court of Doniphan County, Kansas, of all the affairs of tho estate of Kosanna Searlos deceased on Monday the fin. day of Oi-toln-r I'.KW.-David SKAitLKg. Admlnlsr.ior. SCHOOL We offer shortest and most thoro courses in Shorthand and Bookkeeping. We also teach typewriting, spelling, grammar, correspondence, rapid calculation, commercial lav, arithmetic, etc. Experienced teachers, centrally located and finely equipped building, largest school and best class of students in the city. Graduates assisted to positions. Catalogue free. WHiTMOHE Bellcvim .1. II. Mel'uuiey in n utllu;f l day at Hiawatha aud Hun Spring Tho Salmi church will have quarterly nifictlnif over Sunday at tho Wolf lllver church (south-west of Leona. llev, WalthouM'n the presiding -Mer wlllollleat?., lie will preach here Sunday evening, Sept, 29 ..I. II. Acker entertained the young people Sunday at dinner. JMwIu ban gone to .Manhattan to attend tchool hU year. .Succchh Mr. Murphy and hod have been at Karl Itenfer's drying and canning fruit to Hike homo with them to Thoinus county wheru ! hey have a farm Mrs. fJeorge MeCanley U at Carl Maurer's taking care of a baby boy that came to live with them Saturday Kev. Stewart In building a barn and will soon build a liouao on his farm purchased of Jarne Turner last Hpring, tho Jack Walter's farm nour Winona Mr. T. Tryon's sister and son from Illinois are bore on a short visit ,1m' PavU and wife have gone to IlarrUhurg, Pa., to visit. An uncle, Mr. Heekman and wife of Kansas City, are- staying with the family during their absence I. X. McCauley has been down from Hiawatha a few days on the farm. He is planning to go east with II. C. Miller and wife. ap- Wanted: Jonathan pics delivered at Highland MondayandTuesdaySept. 21 and 22. W. P. Bauer. University Note3 School at the university has made an unusually good beginning. Tho work is progressing and everybody is contented The school societies have all organized. Pres. Knepper superintends the Atalctans, Miss Irwin the Erodelpbians, Dr. llellier the Y. M. C. A. and Miss Clark the Y. W. C. A. Programs are posted and the work has commenced in earnest. A prosperons year's work seems assured. The senior class numbers six. If the members all graduate and they will it will be tho largest class since 1898 and will rank third in numbers in the history of the school. In 187.5 there wero eight graduates, in 1808 seven. The names of this favored class are: Bessie Williams, Louise lioone, Lavinia Hammond, Fannie Brown, Ralph Irwin and Walter Sharpe The Musical Department is nourishing. Miss Coover knows how to teach both vocal . and instrumental music. Her classes are now quite satisfactory as to numbers and they will contiuuo to grow as Miss Coover becomes bolter acquainted. The students appreciate tbe fact that 6he leads tho singing every morning In chapel. Athletics receives the usual attention. One game of base ball has been played with our ancient enemy, the Public School. The score, in this game, was tied about the fifth Inning. The game continued until dark without another score The students manifest the keenest interest in the new building. They expect to bo called upon to help celebrate the completion of tbe building fund andiin this respect every student will do his duty ..Miss Maude Mathewson is the new teacher. She is also librarian and will give much attention to the library and reading room throughout the year. She takes hold of her work like a veteran and litis already demonstrated her ability to fill the place. She teaches tbe classes la German in which she is especially competent. Fifth & Edinond Ste, St. Joseph, Mo Mt.Zion Milo and Nate Lemert left Friday for Manhattan where they will attend school Mrs. Mary Johnson left last Friday after a six weeks' visit with her parent's, Mr. and Mrs. Lemert. She wil? visit relatives in Lincoln before returning to her home in Fort Morgan, Colo Verna Skinner, Trma Davis, Mae Thorp and Mat-tie Marcel 1 are going to school at the University. Verna and Mae make the trip every day on the train ..John Black is attending Pratt's Business College iu St. Joseph ...John Lewis sold a line young team to Oscar Nelson for $100 Lena Thomas left Tuesday to attend college at Liberty, Mo J. II. Thomas and daughter Susan returned Saturday from, a three weeks' visit with relatives in Kentucky. Mrs. Susan Hayes of Louisville returned with them. She will visit her brother Major Wallers and other relatives... Ernest Thorp left this week for Grand Island to attend school Mrs. Louisa Hill left last Thursday for her homo at Bancroft, Kansas, after spending the summer with her sister Mrs. II. M. Walters and other relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Walters returned with her for a few weeks' visit Tho Highland Station school opened Monday with a good attendance. Birdie "Crystal and Laura Sharp are the teachers. There will be services "at the church here Sunday end nloo at IP jliUtnd Station Everybody in ths.i vicinity has finished threshing aud'tre' women especially are very glad Anderson Friend sold h!s team thai he has had for a, number of years .for 1120 and purchased a team from John, Colhouer for $360. From Mississippi Utter From Mr. II, '. Tolle Lake, MIHi.(fiippI, September 8 08 Editor ViIette: We read your vacation notes with interest and I ho next time you take a trip w hy not come to Mi.sHi.it ijipi where every prospect pkassa (that ie, almost every prospect ) When you awk-el for letters from "far-away Highlanders" we decided to wait till wo had been here a year, and then we ! could write with more knowledge of the ins and outs of life on an old plantation down in Dixie Land. We are living on the "Ole Manna Riley" plantation of 510 acres which "he-fo do wah" was seemingly the pride 'of this community, but since that time has "done plum gotit) to random," as my friend Uncle Ike told me. He, with "00 negroes, was a slave on thjs place, and "dem was times what sure was times," for 'de quarters" which were in a meadow south of our house consisted of 27 houses on one side and 27 on tho other of an overseer's house. A neighbor told mo the other day that he visited here on Christmas years ago and Mr. Riley went out and brought in a big basket of figs. There are only a few small bushes left now, however. As there has been no stock law here till this last year, everything that could be destroyed, has been. Whea we first talked of buying this place, everyone said, "Well there must be something the matter or you could not get the land so cheap." We were also told by Southern people that the greatest drawbacks were the poor roads and negro help and wo find that it is even so. We have a neighbor. Northern people and German, who have four grown boys and two girls, so they do not depend at all on negro help as they all work in the fields. They have been here four years on a plantation which like ours and many here, had "gone to random." And I always wish that any who doubt that anything can be raised here, could see what this family has done in 'so short a time. Positively these people can raise anything and in such abundance and such excellent quality. The soil is exceedingly productive. Our farm is more of a stock farm. We have about fifty head as a small beginning. The people here are nice and refined and more than hospitable. They are fifty years behind the times how ever in farming. They came from all around to see Harry's disc cultivator and harrow, etc. Some of them even ventured to risk getting a cultivator and are delighted with it. As for this being a healthful place I suppose people here have nearly all the ailments that people have else where, although we have had perfect health since we came. The old doctor who has practiced in this neck of the woods for over 30 years says he has never had a case of typhoid. This shows, I think, that our water supplv is all right. This climate is certainly delightful not over two or three uncomfortably warm days thi3 summer and always that cool refreshing Gulf breeze. When we are in the shade we are never too warm. And this certainly is a beautiful place. I have never seen a more beautiful one and I have been to California twice. The people here are anxious for Northern people to move in and they certainly have extended to us the "glad hand The bad roads can be remedied and it is being done. And we have three sons coming on in the dim and distant future as helpers for Harry in the field. But the colored people have had it Fine Poland Chinas For Sale on The Woodland Stock Farm 3 1-2 miles south-east of Highland 60 head of spring pigs of March farrow and of both sex for sale. Sired by Nodaway King, a 000-poundhog. See accompanying picture. I have recently purchased Evergreen Meddler No J 3230, from Winn's herd of Randolph, Mo., sired by the $0000 World's Champion, Meddler; his dam Village Bell champion sow at Illinois State Fair in 1003. You Arc Invited To Come T CTDTPTnn ' and Sec Kim ) ft O 1 KlL-iKcJtV A. HE tl KING, M.D. II. G. HEKKIiVC, M. D. Physicians and Surgeons , HIGHLAND STATION, KANSAS, lC9tdcnce 'phone 04A Office 'phonelOlD w v mmmm r w w ? null 66 WILLIAMS ? t t t DEALERS IN Grain, Live Stock and Mules Feed Also handle Coal, Wood, Hay and Your Business Respectfully Solicited Office ist block south of livery barn Both phones Cash For Poultry I buy all kinds of poultry and pay highest cash price. Also pay cash for eggs. I sell first class Creamery butter for 30 cents a pound Len Hargis At The Creamery Station Tlio Modesty of "Women Katurally makes them shrink from tho Indelicate questions, tho obnoxious examinations, and unpleasa'at local treatments, which somo physicians consider essential In tho treatment of diseases of women. Yet, if help can bo had, it is better to submit to this ordeal than let the disease grow and spread. The troublo is that so often tho woman undergoes all the annovance and shame for nothing. Thonsandsxjf women who have been cured ik. Dr. TNerce's Favorito Prescrip tion writV In fOHjrcciation of the cure which disiWfcsh the examinations and local t.rfttinnnt5OThrrft Is nrf other medicine yo nre nnrl snfn fnr r)olic.-itt women as "l-avonte rresenmion." 11 cures debilitating drains, irregularity and female weakness. It always helps. It almost always cures. It is strictly nonalcoholic, non - secret, all Its ingredients being printed on its bottle-wrapper; contains 110 deleterious or habit-forming drugs, and every native medicinal root entering Into its composition has the full endorsement of those most eminent in the several schools of medical practice. Some of these numerous and strongest of professional endorsements of its ingredients, will be found in a pamphlet wrapped around tho bottle, also in a booklet mailed free on request, by Dr. JL V. Tierce, of Uuffalo, N. Y. These professional endorsements should have far more weight than any amount of the ordinary lay, or non-professional testimonials. Tho most intelligent women now-a-days imist on knowing what they take as medicine instead of opening their mouths like a lot of young birds and gulping down whatever is ottered them. "Favorite Prescription" i3 Of KSOWS COMPOSITIOX. It makes wenk women strong and sick women well. l)r. Pierce's Medical Adviser is sentree on lvceipt of stamps to pay expense of m.'tilinac n?7. Sena to Dr. K. V. 1'irrco, l!uilalo, K. V.. "1 one-cent stamps for pa per-coven-d. or 31 stamp for cloth-bound. If ffck coi!nit the Doctor, free of chrrse br letter. All such communications are Li'ld sacredly confidentinl. Dr. I'ieree's i'leasant Pellets Invirorata aud regulate stomach, liver and towel pounded into them from time immemorial that they are "nothing but a nigger no-how" and act accordingly. A little boy six years old was over here the other day -playing with the boys and I heard him say: "New Corning, you and Joe be niggers and I'll get a gun and chase you-all and kill you." You have heard of the pure feud law: we have had interesting examples of it here, and, too, there are horse thieves here as, I see by the Vidette you have even in Doniphan county. The sheriff rode up to our nearest neighbor's last week and mistook the hired man for a horse thief he was looking for and shot at him five times, missing him . however. A few days later, having found out his mistake, he sent over his apologies. Our boys will probably show they are from the South when I come home on a visit for I heard Corning say, "Do you rekon that hen will get out?" and Joe replied, "She's done got out now." And only think when I come home I will step off the train at the Depot under a brilliant arc light, and walk up those new cement walks, and as I gaze on the new University buildings in the citified park of a campus, I will remark, no doubt, "Why I used to live in this town away back in the pioneer days before there was even a railroad." Harry ' preaches every two weeks at a school house near here the people are building a church for him. We like it here and think it a fine place for poor folks to get them a fine home. Sincerely, Carolyne Hills Tolle. How's This? We offer One Hundred Dollars Re ward for any case of Catarrh that cannot be cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure. F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, O. We, the undersigned, have known F. J. Cheney for the last 15 years, and believe him perfectly honorable in all business transactions and financially able to carry out any obligations made by his firm. Walding, Kinnan & Marvin,. Wholesale Druggist, Toledo, O. Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken inter nally, acting directly upon the blood and mucous surfaces of the system. Testimonials sent free. Price 75 cents per bottle. Sold by all Druggists. Take Hall Family Pills for consti pation. First Published August li, lm House Concurrent Resolution No. 2a. Preposition to augend the constitution relating to comptmsiitlon of members of the legislature.; Resolved by tbe Legislature of the Stutn of Kansas, two-thirds of tho members elected to each house concurrrlng therein: Section 1. The following proposition to amend the const itution of the state of Kansas is hereby submitted to thequalifiud electors of said state for their approval or rejection, to wit: Tlio constitution of the state of Kansas Is hereby amended by striking out the whole of section 3 of Article 2 of said constitution and inserting iivlleu of said section the following, which shall constitute section I 3 of article 3 of the constitution : Sec. 3. Tim members of the legislature shall receive as compensation for t heir services tho sum of Ave hundred dollars for each regular session and one hundred dollars for each special session, and three cents for each mile travel--ed by the usual route in going to and returning from the place of meeting. Sec. S. This proposition shall be submitted to the electors of this state at tho general election to be hold iu the year HI08 for their approval or rejection. The amendment hereby proposed shall be designated on tho official ballot by the following title: "Aa.endraent to the constitution relating to compensation of members of the legislature," and shall be voted for or against as provided by law under such title. . Sec. 3. This resolution shall take efTect and be In force from and after its publication In tho statute book. . Passed the House March 5, 1907. Passed the Senate March 7, 1907.. Approved March 9, 1907. I hereby certify that the foregoing Is a " true and correct oopy of original house con-current'resolutlon No. 2a, now on h'ie In my office, C.E.Denton. ' Secretary of State. Wanted Salesmen Would you like to earn big money and have steady, pleasant employment? We pay Cash weekly to salesmen for selling Stark Trees and we want a few good men in this territory st opce. Stark Trees are easy to sell. They have an 83-year record behind them and they are the best trees rown. We famish cn crder-gett:r.g cutfjt free. Write for cur libersl Salescen's cuer. LOUISIANA, . . MISSOURI, Independent County Ticket Representative 1st. District, DR. W. M. BOONE For County Clerk, W. A. IIARGIS For County Treasui-er, C. R. HEWINS For Sheriff H. D. KENT For County Attorney C. W. RYAN For Register of Deeds JOHN BRAZELTON, JR. For Probate Judge C. C. CAMP For Supt. Public Instruction A. O. JOHNSON For Clerk of District Court JAMES REVILLE ' For Coroner DR. HUBERT HERRING it. The Vidette $1,25 a year.

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