Neodesha Register from Neodesha, Kansas on January 2, 1903 · 1
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Neodesha Register from Neodesha, Kansas · 1

Neodesha, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 2, 1903
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i .A ran WEOBE STEEL V Published in the Heart of the Natural Gas and Petroleum Oil Region of Southeastern Kansas. Established in 1872, NEODESHA, WILSON COUNTY, KANSAS, FRIDAY, JANUARY 2, 1903. One Dollar per Year. I X is Den Blachwood Hurt. ' - I A 1- lien J. Blackwood, formerly in me grocery business here, had the front half of his left foot crushed off at Severy Mondav afternoon by Frisco passenger train No. S06. Lately he has been employed at the round house here as a boiler washer. lie had been up to Iloward over Sunday and caught the Frisco at Severy on his return Monday, and as he was a railroad em ploye, thought he would riue on nc engine, tie irteu 10 jumi--engine passed the depot but he missed the hand hohis and his foot slipped and he was thrown under the engine tank. By somn miracle he managed to wriggle out all but part of his left foot. He was brought here on the same train. Drs. Allen & Moorhead r).DUcorl t.h foot and he was sent on to r'k the company hospital at fepringneia on the night train. Altoona FiHtineC Leases. Altoona Journal; An Anti-lease Association has been organ zed here for the purpose of usiny the strength of united effort in developing our re-souices iu oil and minerals. Oil companies have here-to-fore leased lands not intending to develope them. Most of these leases have expired or contract Violated, The scheme of land owners pow, is not to release until by united agreement a contract may be let to sqme company that will immediately proceed to business and sink one or more wells on each tract of land leased, pearly every land owner is signing ihis agreejn nt. I Married Fifty Years-d Mrs. Beniimin Dorn- blastr celebrated the fiftieth weddinsr anniversary at Fredonia, Tuesday evening. Especial interest was added to tlieevent by the marriage of the veteran couple's granddaughter, Miss Bessie Kennedy, to Hobart Kirkpat- rick, at which wedding the former pair acted as bridesma d and bridesman, m i Not Our Lanyon. ' The several Lanyons that are cited I for contempt of court in the Brown roasting furnace case are not the Neo-desha Lanyons, though E. V. Lanyon's name appears in thn list cf defendants by mistake. The Neodesha tmelter is , not in the cafe at all. "Dad Boy" -was Good. From Wednesday's Daily. The largest and best pleased audience of the season saw -'Pecks Bad 4 Boy" last night. Not only was every seat in the hou-e sOld but there must have been' half a hundred standing in I the aisles. The writers saw the origi-naT "Peck's Bad Boy" 16 years ago last uiiriib waa entirely ow not more five o f but the production here las't nig nr Kiinerfor to it. ' It has been e Ktv ri't. t p n ' a n n ' managed and is ri Jf V only full of real' iokes and more five c 3? slap stick' and al.d cheap "hduseplay sThf fiomDanv is irood. One of the clevT ; " i. " , . : ' ; - J . 1 T frirAst ' tinners in the Piece is iuc- t)ermott imitat,o'n oX Sousa ah 4 1 V 1 lave'seen' ,be' grea' bandmaster ha no. rouble' in 'recognising it. There is TO SUBSCRIBERS It is now the first of a new year. The old year was a prosperous one and there is no g-ood reason why 300 or 400 Register sudscribers should not pay their subscriptions. We need, the money. The Register Late. The Weekly Register is unavoidably one day late this week It doesn't happen often. It is supposed to be printed Friday evening but is printed Saturday morning this week. May Raid Tomorrow. A rumor reached Neodesha this afternoon that al! the joints and gambling places here would oe raided tomorrow The result was a tremenduous scatter-insr and the Neodesha population will be less by morning. Hilled on Wedding Day. Harry Hagner, of Independence, a traveling man for the McCormiek Harvester company, was run down and killed at Independence " Wednesday night. He was to have been married Thursday to an Elk City young woman, lie was known here. 1902-1903. The first day of the New Year 1903 was warm but gloom v. not sunny a was the last day of 1903 The stroke of midnight found many persons up and the air was full of the deafening- noise of -a score of steam whistles and' Coffeyville's new tiie rattle of shot guns and revolvers. J make 140,000 a day. Fire at Hubbell's. While a clerk was turning down the lights in one of the display windows at Hubbell's store last night on closing, it flared against tbe light material that made up the window display and set it on fire.' In a moment almost, the whole interior of the window was a mass of flame. Passersby raised the alarm and the tire department was soon out. Before the department arrived, however, a young man took off nis overcoat and using it as a weapon went into the window from the inside. Before he could stay in, however, he nad to break out ihe glass of the inner windows to get air. He succeeded in keeping down the fire till Bert Hill and other members of the department got there with the Babcock extinguishers, but he did some damage to his coat and today Mr. Hubell made him a present of a nice new one. This was the first time the department had used the new extinguisher and they did .good work. The damage is about $100." Xdson Holcorab Dead. Edson Holcomb died at his home in Neodesha yesterday, aged 53 years, of .heart trouble. The funeral was held this afternoon at the home, conducted by the Rev. J. M. White, interment being in the Neodesha cemetery. Chvireh Services Sunday, Methodist church Services both morning and night by pastor, with sub-jects suitable to beginningof the naw year. brick plant will B E ready for the Big Sale which commences Saturday, January 3, and lasts until January 10 at 8 p. m. All Winter Goods must be closed out as we want to besrin each season with a minimum of old stock. Don't say "Tomoroow I'll do my trading," for all lots are small and just3 what you want might be gone. THIS WILL BE A MONEY-SAVING EVENT. Small amounts saved make the large amounts after while. There were no formal church services and very few, if any, private watch parties. Grace JSrittaln Hurt. From Thursday's Daily. Grace Brittain, about 13 years old, was hurt by a fall on the bank of Fall river yesterday afternoon. She struck her head heavily and was rendered unconscious. t rnn ulentv of erood siugiug and gooa aane- ing. t Begun on School House. The excavations for Neodesha's new S15,i00 school house have been commenced but it is hardlv expected that more than the foundations will be (lone by-spripflf, 1 Installation and Supper. Tha A. O. U." W. and the D. of H, will have a public installation and supper oa next Tuesday evening, January 0. All members of both orders ar invited to be there and, take their'fami-iies, ' : 1 ! ' J ' u' ' ' " Barzillai Bozarus Britts. Professor liarziliai'B. fSrittsVook the evening' train, here last ifigtttf for 'An-souri. ! His home is in "Neodesha and he came to fola to ledture, but was unable to find a' liiU in which to' address the multitude. He told 'a Register reporter, that he' is 'a machinist, "but'that 'he decided to go to lecturing' ".to, obtain, np-torietyJ This,' he' thought, would help him to get money to p!ac on the market his perpefcu'al motion machine, a simple," cley-'r. device which is set going by coinpressec air ard th,er keeps compressing air and runs itself fqreYermqr.el e waited tp ieH Tola eopje aboit it, b,ut an unking tte in terferecj- And so he has gone to Missouri and Iola's chance of sharing his fame is lost. His unusual', name, Barzillai, is a Biblical one, and his lecture has a reliirious title, "Power from on High." Tola Register. Chanute and Tola are again fighting over admission to the Missouri Valley base ball league. The Cherrvvale Clarion's New Years day edition contained not one single line of home set matter, all plates. Chanute has its eyes glued on an extension of the Missouri Pacific from Joplin and it is said Russell Harding, general manager, has promised it. Safeblowers robbed the Santa Fe depot in Liberty this week and obtained two bottles of whiskey. If it was Shawhan they have been punisb,ed enough. l 4 rr ' ' ' m Mrs. Locket t "receiyed another, stroke of p iralvsis last night and is in a. dangerous cpnditipr. pera H otise Wed., Jan ? A Beautiful tory Qf tle Present Laj Elepicting- Iqve and Pathos, Jlatp and Passion! ia jjycaiaofe Notf- jJharJes'Davis is sick with pneumon and lal Krpne with typlioid fever. H M. Vaslev lias been elected superintendent of the Sycamore Sunday school for 1903. Mack Goodwin lias sold the south 8) acres of the old Burtm farm to Amos Skinner who will move there in the spring. Sycamore is to have a new meat market. 1 Tha bottom of th,e, bfid ewmp.iny s ;. i upper tauk broke out last week. ' T Walter Uurk was married recently in 'i Denyer. f r i 1 TK.rtv.Kiffht Years OH From Thursday's Daily. Several of the friends of uncle Billie Hopkins gave him an egg banquet at the Commercial hotel this afternoon n honor of his 33th birthday which .tveurs next March, In addition they i. .t-w.. t. n a niDe, a box oi tobacco, a bottle of periumery and a revolver, all of which are expected to b2 useful, especially the pistol. Court Next WeeH; wiU meet at Fredoma all interested are There are halt Gertrude "Vest Married. Miss Gertrude Vest of Buff rlo1; Illi-nnis who visited nere C7itti;tffe faoiily oi'-Iiw Atleii last cttmaVer wasnSrried at pring'fieldi Mrssovfri, last t? to Earl to'wdere pf St. Louis. , They will nake bt. Louis tn.eir nome. i "Railroad Jack." ? . In '-Railroad Jack" thero is a breezi-ness and freshness nbout almost its every movement that is redolent of the-unconfin&d American region wbevet the story is laid. Altogether there is charm around it. With its mingled fun and tragedv, its odditv, ' and Its pathos, its prettj little, traits, of nature liff. its. hits and retlections' of every d.ay Ameriean character that h cvitll onntinued success. ..t.Ia Totr" Trrill annear at the Saturdav niffht. Jaiiuary 3. 190S. - of i i 1 a dozen o .'j -fcha jointbts, nistnet court Mmdav and i v f w ' y -i liustimg i vv '.I." ;.,.f Vilfl. more cases rtai Melodrama Tuesday. "Ti Convicts mughter,' one ciid melodramatic success of last will be the attradtion at the opera house, Wednesday evening, Janu- w m i ary r -X"e 'nAhm ( onvict s - . mnches the heartstrings o: SHOES. In our shoe stock, there are many styles which have been sold down until only 2 to 4 pairs of a kind are left. They are also heavy winter shoes which we do not wish to carry over. We've marked them with a saving" of 15c to 75c to you. Ladies S3 Velvet top fine lace shoes . ............... .$2. GO Ladies 3.50 Fine Lace shoe narrow last OO Ladies $1.75 Don g-ol a lace, medium weight flexible sole for....... ........... SI. 50 Womensr$l.50 Calf shoes noth- better for hard wear, ........ 31.25 Misses $1.25 Calf Shoes, splen- did wearers. .... . . .... -31-00 Childs as above. .-. OOc Childs as above 5 to 8...'. .60. All odds and ends oi childrens and misses shoes, where there are not more than 2 pairs. ... ... .... - . AT COST Ladies $1.35 and $1.40 Calf shoes .....31.00 All Childrens Portsmouth make shoes, . . . . . ' . ....... AT COST Childrens January Shoe Co. Welt sole shoes The $1.50 kind, 13 to 2, : .81.25 The ?il 35 kind, '9 to 12 $1. IO Tle $145 kind, 6 to 8 . -: - OOc Misses $1.50 Belleville" 12tf to 81.10 8 1-2 31.00 to m; fa-1 ill pW Childs Sl35 Belleville to 12........ Childs $1.00 "Belleville" No. 28,,- Velour Calf, lace, genuine Oak Tan sole, silvered eyelets, were $3.25 tb close, per pair. . . . . , .82.25 No. 40, Box Calf, lace, perforated cap, Oak Tan sole,were . $2.50, to close. . ...... .-.-$1.75 12 pairs 'CrownJ3hoes" in .Velours, Box' Calf in Welt and McKav soles were $2 ;.5, $3, and $3.25, to cfee. . . Boys Shoes. voyl Kid,n lace, YjcT 'idj only a few pairs, . were . . . ...... . . 31 OO Satin Calf, same as above. 81 OO 50 pairs of Ladies $1-50 to $3 shoes, to close, pair . .... . . 50c 1 lot Men's rubbera, were oc, J to close Vi . . . . . . , oc LOW PWCED KLf iWrfTim..vSrt and. 11- 4 Honest Gray $1.25 blankets. ........ k 31. OO 11 4 Diamond $1 blankets. . .S5c 12- 4 velvet fleece $1.50 blankets now..... Sl.lO 50c blankets 4-lc 60c blankets "..50c fCxtra size $1.50 Comfort. . 8 1.2 5 Silkoline Comforts were for....... ..... .... .31.30 Silkoline -Comforts were $1.65 for. 81.25 $4.25 All Wool blanket... S3. 50 $3 25 All Wool blanket. . .S2. 60 $3 white Wool blanket soiled 31. 75 $3.25 fine white blanket. . 82. 50 1a INGS, A good chaQce to" lay in your supply of household Linens. These are special values bought at a good discount. 75c cream Damask 70 inches wide 56c 50c cream Damask 58 inches wide. . 45c 40c Cream Damask 38 inches wide 35c 35c Crem Damask 56i inches wie. . . .. ..30c op inch Bleached Damask, $1 value SOc 7 inch fine bleached Damask $1.25 value. 05c Extra value Cream and Blue. II 1 at l 4T9 I f 1 V Good lo-4 Sheeting", bleached. ...20c Best 46-inch Pill ow Casing.. 11c Best 9-4 Unbleached Sheeting, sale price 15c DRESS GOODS. We have very little Fall and Winter dress goods to carry over but what there is is marked way down. 9oc 58 inch fine stripe Gray Melton .........70c $1 Gray and Blue Melton. ... SOc 95c Black Sharkskin 47c $1.25 Green Panama OOc $1.25 Broadcloth OOc 45c All Wool Granite. 33c 65c Zibelene and Panama. . . . 45c 25c to 35c Dress Goods. ..15c $1.18 Silk Waistings .S5c 85c Wool Waistings. . . 70c 25c Fancy Waistings 18c 29c Granite... ....22c UNDERWEAR. This department must be all cleaned up before spring", goods come in. To buy some for next season would be economy. Mens. 50c fleeced garments now 35c Boys 40c fleeced garments.. -30c Boys 30c and 35c fleeced garments, ribbed 23c Boys heavy fleeced SOc Union suits .40c Ladies 50c Onieta Union suits fleeced, to close 40c Childrens 50c Onieta Union Suits to close 3Sc Ladies 35c union suit to close 20c Ladies 25c Under VeSts to close.. - ...... 10c Ladies 90c line Wool ribbed Under garments to close. . . 70c DRESS SKIRTS. There are just 5 left. There mar 15 one here that will ju&t suit yoii. Coma I m and see. Darrrask SOc quality.. 40c A special value received. .... . .25c riGsiERY. cpcret of tfce snuccv of it audi civder. and does not depend upon buffoonery or vulgarity to amnse the public It comes to u this -year r,tirfxlv new scenery and alto gethcr brighter and belter than ever. t'.Ge me one gleam of. hope." Till Metropolitan, ProducHqat A.N M ERIC AN STORY OF LHRlLlKG' AU HEART, rr ART JjI 7sT g . SEXIC 1?FECTS! A Sbiig Cast! A bty from Life! Pijs 25c, 35c, 50c. Childrens and Misses Ribbed ; winter hose, the 20c ones during- sale . .. v. slSc Misses. 13; 1,-c ribbed hose. during sale lOc Lnf ants. Ga&bmere hose silk heel and toe, ........... 15c Children's American Silk hose 35c value, during sale. .... J4c Boys heavy ribbed hose during- sale 24c - ? n - ! STAPLES, jr.sss vol u S5.75 50 lilue Skirt... So Black Skirt. ... . S3. 75 S5 Oxford Skirt S3 90 S5.50 lirown Skirt $4 50 5 Light Gvf Slsirt 3.75 . Thero- re jut 5 fur Scarfs left. 3 S 2. Sea rf s. 90c LS3.50 Scarf. 2.25 I $2.50 Scarf... St 93 Many things you need among this lot. Heaviest L L muslin. . .. . .4 l-2c Good L L muslin. ............ 4c sysc bleached 7c All 10c Cotton flannel. . . . . . 8Sc All Syic Cotton flannel 7c All 10c Outinr (Dark) .... 8c Fair quality Apron Gingham . . 4c Good Apron Gingham 5c loc Shirtins-s - . 8c Syic Shirtings ,,.....7 l-2c LADIES FASCINATORS. Just a few left and they jjo this way toe ones.. . . t5c ones .. 50c ones. . . . 35c ones. ..... 55c 45c .. .35C , 20e. A lot of Misses and Childrens hoods each JtOo A lot of Woraens hoods, each . .".20o MENS AND BOYS CAPS, GLOVES AND LEGGINS) 25c and 30c- Styles 20c 50c Styles. -40c 25c Boys Blue Caps.. 20e 25c Lined Gloves and Mittens -20c 50c Lined Gloves and Mittens 40c 75c Canvas Legins, loop lace 50c 50c Canvas Leggins, loop lace 35c Coupons for Dishes given oh Eve-Stliiiigv TERMS CASH tDON'T throw this aside without reading? ( I) i ) Tj '" '' ... " ' Removal Sale of . Qoihi.ns Dry G ds9 Shoes, Etc. U u 'i-rtmnfM Rather than move goods we will make a big cut in prices.. rr in nur new building r".rX""t ;dW and Men's S3.5Q U soon as ZT A o 7 : W ;hTSK S1.90. . Alt S2.00 we nave - - , es on the mar Ket which u.uw . s Shoes at $140, v CLEAN TWENTY FIVE PER CENT OUT ONL ALL. CLOTHING i ; i : All' Ladies' Wraps now at leJniac . Vm. Finks & Co's special umonade Over prices. We wiU absolutely give you more for, your money than anybody,. We sell -t MOAMSDFu

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