Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on December 17, 1957 · Page 11
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 11

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 17, 1957
Page 11
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Tuesday Evening, December 17, 1957. Ann -Landers Girl Made One Mistake But Mother Won't Forgive Her Dear Ann: I'm writing this for my cousin because she can't receive mail at home. I hope you'll answer in the paper so her mother can see it. My cousin is 17. She got ir.to a jam with a kid who said he'd marry her but he left town instead. She had a baby .boy which she refused to give up. Her mother is mad at her because they have a small house and several other She complained that her daughter- in-law was a lousy housekeeper and was feeling very sorry for her little 34-year-old boy. She stated that the guy is so in love with his wife he's blind to all the dirt around him. What the devil more does she want? "Sad Mother" ought lo know that young girls don't slay around the house these days and learn how to cook and clear;. Inter-Service Rivalries Must Be Aired—Nixon WASHINGTON (UP)—Vice President Richard M. Nixon called today for a full airing of inter- service rivalries and their possible effects on national defense. Josephine Lowmon It Isn't Too Late for Shopping If You Plan your tendency now is to dash out immediately and waste no time, >lease sit down calmly with a pen- children, all younger. Instead of! Most of them go inlo the business Setting married and leaving the j world and they don't know beans house, this girl got herself into'about housekeeping until they get trouble and added another mem-imarried. Some don't learn even,' ber to the family. ,tlicn. My cousin has learned her los-! rd l;ke to know what is s ° dis " son and wants to go out and meet some nice fellows and make a new life for herself. But her mother won't let her out of the house. She's afraid the girt will get inlo trouble again. Please, Ann, help her. She cries all the time and is very unhappy.—BABE Dear Babe: There's a difference between being on the loose and decoralir.g bar-stools — and going out with respectable people. The answer to your cousin's problem hinges on her idea of how to "meet people". I can undersland your aunl's feelings, but she isn't going to accomplish anything by keeping her daughter boarded up in the house. A girl who's had a child out of wed. lock knows from experience the high price of low slandards. There is no substitute for living through j the long months of humiliation— alone. The mother should encourage her daughter to join groups where decent people gather. She should urge her to invite friends to the house so she can meet them. In this way, she improves the girl's chances of becoming acquainted with the right kind of people and eliminates the need for srleaking around with the wrong kind. V * # Dear Ann: For 18 years I put up with a mean alcoholic. We had two children, and I had to work to support them. I finally got a divorce and have lost touch with my ex, which is the way I want it. I fell in love with a man 1 at work a year ago. He is married and hasi four children under 10 years o( age. He's bored with his "wife and has never been in love until he met me. When he asked his wife for a If competition between Lh- services has impaired the national defense, Nixon said, newsmei should air the matter because "the public ":s entitied lo know." "There can be no sacred cows raceful about hating housework? i as far as the national defense of • he told newsmen gathered for a . , It's the most uninteresting, thank- he , u " lled states ls concerned, ' less, lowest-paid job in all the: world I'm with the sloppy daughter-in-law.—A MOTHER-IN-LAW. * * + CONFIDENTIALLY: INEEDA GAL: Your sad story gets me right here, Pal. Why don't you just throw alt that loot in the lake and then you won't have to wonder if it's REALLY YOU they're after! SUEEPLESS: Don't be'.ieve those old wives tales. Your family doctor can give you the straight story. 'Ann Landers will be glad to help you with your problems. Send them to her in care of this newspaper and enclose a stamped self- addressed envelope.) Copyright 1957, Field Enterprises, Inc. . misslle session. Hospital Notes MEMORIAL Born: To Mr. and Mrs. William Miller, Flora, a daughter. Admitted: Mrs. Elizabeth Creith, 1921 East Broadway; Miss Peggy Crites, Galveston: Harry Funk, route 4; Robert Shtpp, 617 Tanguy street; Mrs. Nancy Conn, 506 Schultz street; Mrs. Estie Murphy, 430 Tanguy street; Miss Patricia Johnson, Camden. Dismissed: Everett Cunningham, Delphi; Mrs. Mollie Dillon, Camden; William Miller, route 6. ST. JOSEPH'S Admitted: Mrs. Mildred Shedron, Walton; Master David Bauman/601 Bartlett street; Mrs. June 411 West Broadway; Les- St. Lawrence Canal Nears Completion WASHINGTON (UP) — The Long Sault Canal, a 10-mile-long ditch in the International Hapids section of the St. Lawrence River, near Massena, N.Y., is ' nearly completed, the St. Lawrence Seaway Development Corp. announced today. A statement from the corpora- j tion said the eight-miilion-dollar j canal, the major United States | link in the seaway, will be ready for ships of 14-foot d: aft early next July and for 27-footers in the ipring of 1959. Only about 90,000 cubic yards of excavation remains to be doi'.e o: he contracted total of 17 million cubic yards. ter Large, Kewanna; Roy Woodruff, 1417 Baisam street. Dismissed: Mrs. Frank Yard ' He has his own room and pays me rent. Now this is the big problem: Whenever we discuss plans for going through with the divorce, he talks of his love for his children. He can't seem to make up his mind whether he should go back to his wife or embark on a new marriage which would give him a lifetime of happiness. Can you tell him what to do? — THE OTHER WOMAN No. He didn't ask me. But I have! a word for You. This man will probably go back to his family. They usually do—if the wife will have thevn. If you're smart you'll pack his bags and point him in that direction. There can be little happiness for a woman who takes a father away from four little ones. Rent that room to a single fellow and don't get mixed up with any more married men. (Bored my eye!) * * * Dear Ann: I was annoyed with the letter signed "Sad Mother". i 1.8li Wheatland avenue; Mrs. Pearl . liinkle, 2130 Wright street. Read the Classified Ads n/\VV KUAT Now— 2 Features 35c'Til6 OPEN 1 P. M. — FUN AT NIGHT 2 First Run Color Hits with JOHN AGAR You Expect Better Cleaning and you get it At SUNSHINE CLEANERS PH. 4222 Damage Suits Filed In Pulaski County WINAMAC—-Two .damage suits, Dialling $65,000, have been filed against Richard Podell' in connec- .ion with a car accident on Jan. 2, 1956 when Miss Delight Moss was killed. Miss Sar.'dra Wetzel and httr Logansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribune Eleven Ike Has Some Difficulty In Pronouncing Words By MERRIMAN SMITH I of his other difficulties with words United Press White House Writer] had anything to do with his recent i illness Snyder was asked. PARIS (UP)—President Eisen hower showed some difficulty in pronouncing certain words today in his 18-minute speech at the opeing session of the NATO coun- "Not necessarily," he replied. "How has the President been bearing up under the burdens of this conference?" cil and paper. • . c ji. The difficulty was not serious j "Fine, very fine," Snyder told If you will take time now to'but there were at least 10 notice-i this reporter with a broad smile. make a list of those for whom you ^ble mispronunciations. are going to buy. and think ove;! The President did not seem at You saw him this morning at the Palais de Chaillot. You saw how ait & v -"a i.u uuj, wnu m.iii. u. w. ] ltlt . jri CSJUem U1U Jiut occiu ai. i t j r-v'j tj ,!• i o' their likes and dislikes, it will saw| a ii disturbed Ijy the situation. :he looked. Didnt you think so? you an untold amount of time] On Nov. 25 Eisenhower suffered; and perhaps save them a lot of speech, which the pain. There sheets, the President first stum- are always some on 'a Christmas list who are difficult either because they se-em to have everything or do not have decided tastes or a variety of interests. Usually you can hit these through cosrr.eiics, books, things for the louse, sports equipment, new gadgets. records, lingerie, gardening, smoking, or cooking paraphernalia. I find that this list covers almost everyone. If it doesn't, you might as well give up! Watch Ads Of course it is a great help to watch the newspaper advertise' menls and clip items you think would be welcomed by one on your list. The habit of reading the book reviews 'help with your book-lovin, friends. Let the stores deliver and \Jll JNUV. 63 ^jlsullljuwui aullcltw , - . f .. , a cerebral occlusion in Washington iP^ent^rcadJr^ small typed due to either a clot or a spasm in one of the smaller blood ves-: , , ,, . . . , , sols of the brain '• P )aced Ule accont on llle last sy! " One of the after-effects of the ' ahle then changed his mind and illness was a slight difficulty iV re jf?l ed ,,^J™ rd "''"' * selecting or pronouncing certain s y'' a ' )lC words. In dozens of speeches even be- He got genuinely (angled up on "abhorrent" and smiled fleelingly fore this most 'recent illness the' 3 ! he finally abandoned the word President also frquently stumbled, ff ler ! wo trles and Preceded with on words and repeated or reword- ! h ' aclres He also had what seemed to bo IP words inevitable ... decay ... irresistible."' Some Americans here for the conference and familiar with "abhorrent" ~ i Eisenhower's pre-illness manner o£ "Do you'think that this or som e : speech , attached n ° great significance to most of the mispronunciations and stumbles today On ed some phrases. • Maj. Gen. Howard McC. Snyder,! difficulty in pronouncing the the President's physician, told ^assumption ... dictate ... i United Press that he thought the chief executive "slurred" only one 1 word in his sptach this morning—. "Do Not Open Until Christmas" sticker is glued on the oulside. Take lime lo make a list o£ those for whom you are going to buy. that Podell was negligent. ffetzel's claim says that her left leg was injured permanently. AVVOL CHARGES FILED INDIANAPOLIS (UP) — Jerry Caldwell, 26, Scottsviile, Ky., was arrested by FBI agents at the ne -of his sister Monday on charges he deserted froi.. the U.S. Marine Corps at Camp LeJeune, N.C., Sept. 2. By JOSEPHINE LOWMAN Well, here we are again in the midst of that delightful but harrowing Christmas rush. ONLY EIGHT DAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS! How exciting! It is so exciting that I. am about to fall flat on my face. What about you? What happened to our well-laid plans to J.'^be ready ahead of time this year? MISS do now has been tested for years. It is probably too late for catalogue ordering. That is always a great help if you start early enough. You might remember it for next year. Even though I know KILLED IN ACCIDENT SEYMOUR (UP)—Milton George White, 83, Seymour, was killed late Monday when his left leg was torn off in a screw conveyor at the Acme-Goodrich Go. His body was discovered by fellow employes about 10 minutes after the accident. such as you and I. There is if we do not panic. To panic at this point would be disastrous. We would be sure to end up giving Aunt Mary a mustache cup and Uncle Ned a rhinestono 'studded bra. Of course those are exaggera^ tions of what might happen to those on our list. BUT — one thin; is certain! If we go shopping at this late dale without giving thought to our buying and without making a plan, we will make mistakes in the selection of our gifts Expert I do not claim to be an expert in many matters but I am in this one. I have been going through this for as long as I can remember, so anything I advise you to (Released by The Register and Tribune Syndicate, 1057) Tomorrow: uui iiiir ^Luiiia uciiver ciliu £ii ; .. n • • n f wrap and mail your packages for G ™i?™ehcs^^rrumes.^ you. This;wilt save you a lot of Mne marrow. Of course this will necessiatate taking your enclosure cards and the addresses with you when you go to shop. As you can see it will be a great h«lp to spend a little time now making your list and thinking over what your friends and relatives might want, gathering together the addresses of those to whom packages are to be delivered or the contrary, they were impressed by the force with which the chief "Can't Go Wrong;executive spoke Read the Classified Ads mailed and writing on the enclosure cards, BEFORE you leave the house. If you wish to have the packages delivered in your home city, you can request that they be delivered on a certain date or that a it's hot too late! - 'your 'selection Christmas Cards CUSTOM 1 HAND-IMPRINTED HIATT'S with y o u r name QUICK SiRVICE' - NEXT TO LOGAN THEATRE Holiday Hair Styling PERSONALIZED FOR YOU! A CROWNING TOUCH FOR THE GAY HOLIDAYS Jeanne's Beauty Shop 104 So. 3rd Phone 2957 Open 1 p. m. 50c 'Til 6 HELD OVER THRU WEDNESDAY Added Fun Tonight 12 eiAMT BOMBSHELLS BLAST. THE SCREEN! Be here j Early 1 for this one! for Holiday Entertaining Get CHRKTMAS STORE HOURS Mon., Tues., Wed., Thurs., 9 to 5 Fri. and Sat., 9 to 9 WEDNESDAY SURPRISE delicious AT YOUR FAVORITE FOOD STORE G/Ve Him the Gift he \N\\\ appreciate most A Hew Electric Shaver We Have the Five Top Shavers In America * SUNBEAM &LADE-ELECTR1C if REMINGTON "ROUELECTRIC" SHICK POWERSHAVE * RONSON "66" NORELCO RONSON. w SUNBEAM BLADE-ELECTRIC $28.95 Less $5.00 Trade-in REMINGTON ROLLELECTRIC $31.50 Less $5.00 Trade-in SCHICK POWERSHAVE $29.95 Less $5.00' Trade-in RONSON "66" with Super Trim $28.50 Less $5.00 Trade-in Also, Free A $4.50 Ronson Lighter. NORELCO $24.95 Less $5.00 Trade-in ••• $23.95 $26.50 $2495 $23.50 $19.95 ALSO FOR THE LADIES Lady Sunbeam . .. .$15.95 Lady Ronson $14.95 lady Schick ......$14.95 Remington Princess $17.50 fAFFAIR IN RENO JOHN LUND DORIS SINGLETON ,IOHN ARCHER Save like mad on winter's warmest, smartest sport shirts! Just for this one-time only buy! 2 for New patterns, new colors . . . never before at Penney's! You'll recognize the 'tailoring though, S 5 zes stna || it's Penney's ownl Sanforized. medium, large « Give her the gift that DOES MORE THINGS BETTER the even Heat . a AUTOMATIC COOKER and DEEP FRYER Deep Fries potatoes, chicken, onions, chops, doughnuts, sea foods. Cooks pot roast, stewed meats and chicken, soups, baked beans, spaghetti, vegetables, fruit, chili, chop suey. Use it as a casserole, chafing dish, steamer, bun wanner, or corn popper. Automatic Heat Control Dial with SIMMER RANGE. Convenient COOK GUIDE. Cooking capacity is 5 liquid quarts. Frying capncity is 6 Ib. shortening or 6 pints of oil. $24.50 • SUNBEAH YOUR CRID/T J$ GOOD Fernbaugh's Jewelry Store" V 416 E. Broadway We Carry Parts and Supplies For All Electric Shaver* Timber-lake's Gift Shop "The Store of a Thousand Gift*" NOTICE.... Pharos-Tribune & Press DISPLAY ADVERTISING DEADLINES: HALF-PAGE ADS OR LARGER-NOON TWO DAYS BEFORE PUBLICATION All Other Ads-36 Hours Before Publication. SUNDAY DEADLINE: Quarter-page odj or larger- Noon Friday; all other ads—5 p.m. Friday. COLOR: 4 Days In Advance Your cooperation and assistance In adhering to these deadlines will help us give YOUR ad th* expert workmanship it deserves. nRA'NSPflRT PlIRIIH LIBRARY

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