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The Gazette from Montreal, Quebec, Canada • Page 8
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The Gazette from Montreal, Quebec, Canada • Page 8

The Gazettei
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
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'if 1 'trjrTinr jir 'gyr tii 'If r'Ti aai aMri inniilii wieup r.jrw mim mm THE GAZETTE, TUESDAY, AUGUST 29, 1961 8 oc- zOtf Twentieth Century Fex, they're Drake will be wearing a beard not talking because they don't upcoming Broadway rmu knaw about It lcal- Kean' 11 leaves COld. So Know our it yer. dops th(j shows uu whlch One of the big West Side night t0 be changed at csrUst clubs is up for sales Does it possible moment. thrill you to learn that Alfred (conyritM, wi. Kim rMtur.

syodir.) Quintet Is Poor, Dorothy Kilgallerfs (- VOICE OF BROADWAY Leduc Named Director By Bob McKenxle oooo" WOMAN TO WN A PAST TO fORQtTU Gossip In Gotham: ST IV PETER FINCH Elizabeth Taylor's doctor will -r accompany her to Europe for the rY: -a Parisians Great By BILL HAMBLY The Montreal Festivals at the Comedie Canadienne featured Jazz again last night. The Paul de Margerie Quintet proved disappointing. The quintet opened the first half uptempo with the swinger, Bfot. It was apparent immediately that the program would be acoustically poor. The guitar amplifier was too loud.

It produced "distortion and drowned out the piano and vibes. There was no microDhone to give the latter instruments help. Someone should first few weekg-if her Cleopatra NU LUVC ruivu filming Willi Burke, the Kim Novak type currently appearing in Fiorello, is being beckoned by cinema studios, but she still narrowly escaped death whin he walked right through the glass wall that separates the swimming pool from the living ream in Steve Blauner's Beverly Hills house. Steve Is Bobby Darin's manager One of Chicago's toughest characters has arrived in New York in a highly inflammatory mood about the movia, The Hustler. He claims to be the pool shark portrayed in the film by Jackie Gleeson.

At hopes for a career in opera Quebec Montreal Conductor Roland Leduc yesterday was appointed director of the Province of Quebec Conservatory of Music and Dramatic Art. He replaces Wilfrid Pelletier who was recently named Director of Musical Education for the province. Edith Piaf feels shes recovered CinemaScopE from her most recent serious ill monitor1 performers before a concert to avoid this common occur lurnir souowtr am men soniis pimwki rence' The few minutes would be well spent, ness. At any rate she's asked her agent to line up nightclub bookings for as early as Decem Paul de Margerie needs time 14 6th Week! therltles and banned in The Boot. The Teamsters Union's Jimmy Hoffa is so fearful of being misquoted that he carries a tape recorder around with him to get all his conversations on the record A considerably slimmer Oscar Peterson is currently tackling the keyboard at the Village Vanguard, in the past he trimmed off 55 pounds by going on a solid steak diet Lionel Hampton has an exciting project planned for late Fall at Carnegie Hall.

He's preparing an entire concert of jabb themes based on Hebraic music, to be played as a bond-selling benefit for Israel, and he hopes to get Leonard Bernstein to conduct the orchestra while he takes the solo spotlight on Helen O'Connell's pretty 17-year-old daughter is making a pretty penny prettifying classmates at the New York hording Leduc, 54, was solo cellist of to improve his technique which was choppy. He constantly AVENUE i WI. 3-4941 arrangements including the fa mous solos, but using six voices. This is not just scat singing Featura at 12.4S, 2. SO, 00, 7.10, Last Snow fj p.m.

3 ber of this year, and hopes to (J et Alt Conditirntd the Montreal Symphony Orchestra for 10 years before acquir star in New York next spring over reached himself. His style Director Michael Howard Mimi Perrin' writes French stories to fit the notes, every rushed up to Westport to try to teemed to derive from a number of sources. Tony Komandini, the guitar nToday at United Theatres save uioria bwanson play, Be ing an international reputation as a conductor. After early studies in Montreal, he was admitted to the Royal Conservatory of Brussels ist, was the most fluent. Most and the mood.

Meet Benny Bailey is about a lady in a telephone booth; Moanin' becomes the convict's song, and ABSOtiiray aturday-pr STAGGERING iKahtand: tween Seasons. He couldn't, but Gloria was so grateful for his help that she gave him a suddIv of his solos, were enjoyable, nd his comping was good. Vlbist Yvan Landry reminded in 1927. He studied under Manx Loewensohn, the famed cellist. of her special health food some kkii a) mm taapa Lena and Lennie becomes a story of love in Paris.

me of Terry Gibbs in his play In 1929, he won first prize for thing made of dried Australian berries. Sunday Their premiere was a great lng.l He appeared tense when cello. show. with ALBERT FIN YorkiV Van Home (Air Conditioned) "THE LADIES MAN" In Ttchnl-color, J.rry Lowti. "THI SECRET WAYS" Richard Widmark, Sonja Ziomann.


Parklnf! From 1928 to 1931, Leduc was a permanent member of the NEY, SHIRLEY ANNE FIELO. playing but soundea quite gooa Bassist Roland Desjardins ac companied, but did not solo What I could hear was fine Guv Lachapelle. on drums Orchestre Symphonique du Conservatoire de Bruxelles, then considered the best in Belgium. ALL SEATS RESERVED (Except motineei MON. to FRI.) MATINEES AT 2.30 EVENINGS $1.50 Monday thru Fri.

$1.00 Monday to Frl. ot 8.30 Sun. Hols. $1.50 Sot. ond Sun.

7 9.30 Phono Accotod made a flying start on Riot, He was to play under such con Love Scenes Wait For End HOLLYWOOD Love can be and this was his best moment ductors as Bruno Walter, Def- 2nd Week ot the 4 'TTTy. 1 Gn the waltz, written by Bomandini. I felt the musicians auw, Ingelbrecht, Golschmann, Ravel and Richard Strauss. In Ray Stark and Eliot Hyman have purchased Carson Me-Cullers' novel Reflections In A Golden Eye and hope to treni-form it into a Broadway play in 1962 Thomas Morton, the world-famous author of Seven Story Mountain, has been promoted in his religious life. He's now master of novices at Our Lady of Gtthstmane Trap, plit monastery in Kentucky Philip Wylie's new book will be about the innermost thoughts of a Park Ave.

clergyman. Maurice Chevalier's Air Conditioned. QEVILLE WE. 2-1139 1 1 a.m. to 1 0 p.i school the attends.

She operates a campus salon as a The names of strippers get crazier and crazier. There's one called Bomb Jour Trlstesse and another who unveils under the unlikely moniker fo Mercedes Bends Linda Chris tian's best friends say the fellow she really adores is Miguel Amador, the gypsy singer. But that doesn't sound like mar-marriage material from Linda's point of view. wanted to shift into four-four 1931, he won the Van Cutsem TONIGHT AT 8.C0 time. It is a tempo seldom Prize.

difficult to handle on a sound stage as in real life. As a result, newcomer Chad. Everett, debut Leduc returned to Montreal in used by jazz musicians and I -was pleased the quintet tried it. Romandini should write 1931 and was a member at var THE SPECTACULAR ROMANCE THAT THRILLED MILLIONS! ti ious times of most of the orches ing in Warner Claudelle Winner of 70 Academy A words tras in the city. Inglish, didn't do his ardent wooing of Diane McBain until more compositions; he has nice touch.

Thev fared best on the med GONE Willi THE WIND his last day of shooting. Director Gordon Douglas, know- Dave Garraway, who made PREMINGER thfjL PRESENTS i If EXODUS With Love, have stirred up great such a dramatic exit from tele He studied to become a conductor under Pierre Monteux. He has since been very active both on television and radio. He toured France, Britain, Italy and Belgium as a guest conductor. Later he conducted ing the problems of creating a CLARK GABLE VIVIEN HIGH uueresr.

amnnp rna mmnn 'ley, where Margerie played his best of the evening on My Funny Valentine, taken at a ballad tempo. He had more time to think. The touches of Mozart were natural love scene, wanted young 9 mu- dios. They look upon the Cheval vision recently, may be back on the home screens sooner than you think A quiet security Chad to have the additional act OL LESLIE HOMO ing training in other scenes be check has been going on at the fore he attempted to cope witn fun. the first public concert of Canadian composers in Montreal.

screen love. Les Double-Six de Paris were the feature on the bill. It was City Center. (Whom are they expecting? The King and Queen of Greece, maybe?) One of New York's more famous models might be interested in a new ier Diography as a golden property. Borden Stevenson, Adlai's good-looking son, dated a statuesque beauty at O.

Henry's steak house in Greenwich Village the other night. She's Betty Ferguson, an airline hostess. Ben Hur is turning into a box office phenomenon. According to the most recent count, it has TICKETS NOW ON SALE From 10 a.m. ta p.m.


to FRI. $2.00 SAT SUN HOI. S2.50 also their North American pre NOW I iniere. If you were not there last night, I suggest you don't R0SEM0UNT P. A.

1-8930 PAPINEAU LA. lSSl 5 LA. 1-oSSl RIALT0 CR. 7-S700 CHATEAU CR. 1-4400 record sung by a chap named Earl Sink.

It's titled Little Susie miss them Thursday, Raisin In The Sun 'Outstanding' Film SAVOY Ah Conditionod EMPRESS Ah 000104 GRANADA CL. S-242S passed the $50,000,000 mark. This group was terrific and a bunch of clowns. They had the audience in their hands from the Parker. Norman Rubin, promotion director of Atlantic Records, ine Young Doctors, which had a tU.CtTHiRINt 4 UK.

1-aOl li i I At time they ran onto the stage un siar-spangiea premiere at the Astor Theatre recentlv. is an ah. toiumDia rTctures i honsion of CTmTPV sorbing and suspenseful flicker, til after their second encore (for which I don't think they were prepared). The audience forced By WENDY CAHILL pooplo's hu- fULLrllUX not 10 oe missea. redric March, Eddie Albert and Ina Ralin 11 him up as an object lesson of After the failure of one of his and dianitv!" rlllllMl i i rOMER them back on the stage al the lusty story about th most wondtrful mlstakt a Bltl of 18 give stand-out performances, but r.

lirnos most a dozen times before racial prejudice. The work of non-Negro writ own movies, iiarry ijeiaionie is quoted as saying that films wnat wraos ud the narkace i they could got all the way off, 7 Yd sun a raisin in th ers, who probably can never Ben Gazzara's acting plus sex aDDeal. Choreoeranhpr Rnh The second encore came after :tsrri.u 1 of can maktt with a racial theme coum not be successful, because the pub completely understand the situation, has a tendency to reflect Fosse has been engaged in a LESLIE CARON MAURICE CHEVALIER CHARLES BOYER-HORST BUCHHOLZ lic was not really interested. But whatever Raisin In The Cuudu Ruby McNeil-Dee supervisory capacity," what ever that means, bv th nrnrin this attitude, and although it is undoubtedly necessary, and cer TECHNICOLOR frsaWARNER Sun may gross at the box office, there is no denying that as a cers of How To Succeed In Rirsi. tainly does a great deal or good, ONOWDON ness Without Really Trying.

Parking Facilitias Pool-Windsor Garag From P.M. movie, it is far from bemg a T.4 1 Air Conditioned nevertheless it is rewarding to know that we have reached the ftotun et 1.30, 1. II, a.25, t.ii a.m. Last Now Showing! failure. Ml compoto show el stage when a play or film, or t.30 p.m.

The film, however, is not so much a story of racial preju any piece of creative work for that matter, can assume that dice, although this factor cer the audience is not going to be pflbc gnubest high tdreabore era Lvirocx.f- hostile, and bring its point tainly docs enter into it, as it is the story of a family trying the people in the balconies began stomping the floor. They used some of the selections from their album. Others are not on the album; they'd better make another one. If they do, I hope they will include their, rendition of the now famous Boplicity from the Birth of the Cool album of 1949. -I can only make one small criticism.

Monique Guerin does not have the range necessary for the arrangements but then how many Yma Sumacs are there? Even with this problem, ehe was great. The whole group was. rrThe singing is in French. Les Double-Six are doing the same thing Lambert, Hendricks and Roes do in English, singing jazz across by demonstration, with out having to preach. to make a life for themselves, and trying to find a little mean Our Peace Corps has a problem already.

Some of the countries in which they will work believe they are spies Roger Vadim's controversial film, Les Liaisons Dange-reuses, which will be seen in the U.S. in a few months after quite a battle features Jeanne Valerie, who is moviedom's most censored actress. Every one of the six pictures she's made has been trimmed by censors in France and Italy. Her last Italian movie was seized by the au- ing in that life. But it is in Aside from the moral values, the play, and now film, is in itself outstanding.

Five people, doing this that the film is speak 7 1 Turner fx Turn, Ihol 4 Ba lay fl Xtf MM 1 OBPHEUM ejsKml WONKLAHD REGENT ing out against racial prejudice in a new and perhaps more a mother, her two children, her daughter-in-law, and her grand effective way. It does something son are living. It exactly that. irrrnnnr nimrM i is which is rarely achieved; mat iuittir i ii ii mm r' is shown the Negro as he is, a They are living. It's not easy, but it looks as though it might lliUVill VUiiUl human being, and does not hold get a bit better.

Sidney Poitier, who plays Walter Lee Younger, the son, gives the impression of putting Willson Writes Fitness March HOLLYWOOD Composer every ounce of feeling he has into the performance. A young WtB IL1 hat 3rd. WEEK! DJr kW'WtJl -A Mr ww mf 1 Pool-Windsor Gorogo Air Cenditienee' IsTll I It fnm pm. iiiirii man is trying to find himself before it is too late. "I'm thirty- Em Meredith Willson whose The Music Man show has just been filmed by Warner has written a new musical theme, The Physical Fitness March.

five," he keeps saying over and over, "And what have I got, why can't you understand?" 1 Vl Girls rH A ROCK HUDSON KIRK DOUGLAS the r-rmn Claudia McNeil plays the mother who does understand, if At Sea which has been adopted as an official number of Uncle Sam's Ml not right away, at least before it is too late, and her perform planned exercise program for ISNAIIStllia ance is at least equal to TECHNICOLOR the nation. The number, which segues into (t I If'' Poitier's. Her character is i LAST SUNSET the famous 76 Trombones theme much more difficult than his. (ENT NOW SHOWING at th. Air Conditioned Lett Complete Shew I p.m.

from The Music Man, is expected There's a mixture of pride and to be heard to every school. HU. 6-2271 home and office in America in in Eottman COLOR I. f.r, i the coming months. humility, strength, and weakness.

She is a hard woman, but also very kind. She's stubborn, but there are times when the will give in. Quite a challenge FAMILY ENTERTAINMENT SPECIAL MATINEES DOROTHY MALONE-JOSEPH COHMffiiWil for any actress, but Miss Mc College Debut HOLLYWOOD Academy Neil is superb. NOW SHOWING FOR 10-YEAR-OLDS AND OVER! Ooort Open rt 10:30 a.m. (Sunday at 12:30 p.mj IVtNINGS for I6-yeor-ods end over ONLY I Ruby Dee plays the wife, and ftrorcWUMH CONDITIONED VJ CONDITIONED Award nominee Shirley Knight, now starring in Warner Bros.

with quiet sympathy, show a woman who knows her husband needs something, but does not "Absent-Minded Protestor" ot 1 o.m The Couch, made her first act ing appearance as the nurse In Wart Ait 7 understand exactly what it is. a Phillips University production Diana. Sands is the sister, a young college student with of Romeo And Juliet at Enid, Okla. CI modern ideas, and Stephen Wahlsney KILL-FOR-KILL! MLiO Perry, who plays Poitier's son Travis completes the family. 1 minded JAPAN CrTVlCtXO The film is a moving expert 7 Wit.

ence of human emotions, cer NoranArsdom it ON DATE HERE: Fred Assunto is featured with The Dukes Of Dixieland at The Edgewater Hotel in Pointe Claire from Sept. 25. HERBERT tOM tainly well worth seeing. 2nd Wetk FRIGHTENED CITY New Musical Gypsy will be the next ma NIGHTLY AT 8:30 The Musical Comedy Hit Rasarvations: AV. i-SeOI Ait Westmount Outremont NOW showing lical to roll at Warners, now that Conditioned Air Coold Air Conditioned Today At 8.40 The Music Man has finished.

F-ARKINQ FACILITIES FEEL-WINDSOR 6AXA6I FROM P.M. 2 QEPSS PQ 7E3L1 PQISG I FROM NOON TO MIDNIGHT South mo fnitr Alt Cmi lefteeet fecilitiei CAFI ANDRE PRESENTS An Original Satirical Musical Revue UP TEMPO '61 Hh Mir mottilal edded 2 shows nightly 9 ond 1 1 p.m. Cover Charge DINNER FROM 8 P.M. All Credit Cord Honored RESERVATIONS: VI. 5-5031 2077 Victorio St.

(near Eaton's J. SEAS iir.yti!Tiint 4145 fa aiaaia wit HOTEL free fecting RE. 9-2771 T1CMNICOLOW UN. 1-6422 (before 5:30 p.m.) VI. 3-6333 (eHer 5:30 a.m.) fit I4M muff A i.

'f THIS TUESDAY ALL ADULTS AND CHILDREN WILL GET 2 TICKETS FORpJcVofI ON ALL RIDES LET'S HAVE FUN! Am light At romantic a tmmmer breeze AUrti dt Mutstt't (j The Fossils Club of Montreal Inc. presents DON MESSER'S JUBILEE SHOW 4 light comedy "PRUDENCE SPURNS A WAGER" TONIGHT AT f.00 tM. and every eiakt (execet ian4ty MnJr) til Sept. 24 lit 1U tke BiUI FORUM, AUG. 31st 8.15 p.m.

AH won fMre4 at S2.00 Mck Ticket Anrloble at the fomrn kex office ct LA POUDRIERE i. K.iM't Him4 LA. 6-0821 TxH mm Mi at iMMl Aft. Hmipty..

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