Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on November 23, 1897 · Page 21
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 21

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 23, 1897
Page 21
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CHANGE CONTEMPLATED Postofflce Will Probably be Moved Into Another Building. -=— CORNER Blankets, Comforts, Cloaks, Gloves. Hosiery and Underwear for large and small. P. S. We have just received a full line of Cen- temerie Gloves in the new clasp. FANCY CUTS -OF- Beef, Veal & Pork Fancy Quality Lard 6cts -At- Wm. Rowe's Market, 5th and Broadway. E. H. GRACE, D. D. S. DENTAL PARLORS, 316 Market Street. New Alumlnlte Rubber Plates. & SHANAHAN. Buy and Sell Second Hand Goods. u. a call. _ a08 8th "treat W. J. Barnett, aucoe. 8 ortoc.L,wou. Undertaker, Embalmer and Funeral Director. «7 Market street- Call, attended day or nJsrnt. Ti,«> finest outfit In the U. S. Col. 0. L. won, The finest outfli •will remain with mo Office ]«. Hesld'ence-Mutiial, 65: C. U. 169. Phones El- ©• Hunt, —DENTIST— All the Intost -ilBcoveries In medicine and mnolianceB to relieve pain in extraction or flll- fer of teeth. Modern methods, modern prices, All workiniaranteod. Office orer John Gray's on C U Telophono No. 328. Lease of Building >'ow ID Use Will Shortly Expire. The lease of the building on Market utreet for postofflce purposes ex: plres on December otb and tbe loca tioD of the poatoffice may ba changed at the expiration or the lease. Inspector Fletcbei' offthe postofflce department has been Investigating matters here for a few days aod much will depend upon his recommendation. There are only few business rooms In the city that are unoccupied. The government revulres the leassed of the building to furnish fixtures ana provide light and fuel. It is understood Inpec tor Fletcher secured more than one proposition while here aud that he will consider them and make his recommendation to the department on or before Dec. 1st. John E Barnes owns the building In which the postofflce is now located. RAILROAD BREVITIES. Short Items of Interest Gathered From Manj Sources. . John Gorman, employed on a Panhandle construction train at Rusb, met with a painful accident yesterday afternoon. Bis right hand was bruised and his right arm broken. He was brought to Logansport and conveyed to St. Joseph's hospital. Capt. C. F. Hettler, purchasing ageot of the Pennsylvania company, has contracted with tbe Atlanta Lumber company for eeventl million feet of yellow pine for their several car works. This is the firat purchase the company has made from that section. Tbe company owns 80,000 acres oT fine yellow pine timber land in Georgia. The citizens of Andrews have appointed a committee to visit General In a Higher Cunrt., An affidavit and Information filed In the circuit court todsy by Prosecutor Klstler, charging William Kitchens, of Eoyal Centre, with assault and battery with Intent to kill Daniel O'Connor, of Headlee. During an altercation between the men at fioyal Centre, Friday n/gbt, Hitchens stabbed O'Connor in the breast with a pocket knife. Hitchens was arrested and arraigned before a justice of the oeace at Royal Center. He then tonk a change of venae to a Harrison township justice. Prosecutor Klstler dismissed the action in order tba Hltcbins might be arraigned io tbe Circuit court. A warrant has been issued for his arrest. May Prore Fata). It was reparted from 3t Joseph hospital, this afternoon that Mat thews, tbe colored man who was shot by Evans, "another colored fellow,' at the Greenback house, near Ken neth, Saturday evening, is resting badly and the wound may yet prove fatal. Evans is still at large. A Labor Move. The labor unions of the city are >reparing to establish a co-operative grocery store. ADDITIONAL LOCALS. Fourth Htreet. When You Need an ABSTRACT or a LOAN —GO TO— F H. Wipperman, KW.Fourtfa Street Opp. Court House Entrance. New Und.erj.alcers. 303 Market street, Hoppe Building. Daniel Killian & Co. C»HB promptly attended to, day or nlpht. Mr. KtlllrtD was for many yeare foreman for ChfirltsL. Woll. Telephone Ml. DR. C. D. EVEKSOLE'S DEETAL PALLORS Over Porter's New Drug Store, Corner of ^ Fourth and Market Streets. Manager Ramsey, of the Wabash, and see If he cannot be Induced to stop the transferrip.jj.of SQ magj of tbe trainmen from Andrews to Peru, ft bidding fair to almost depopulate Andrews, where many had built homes, expecting that Andrews would always be an important division point. For the fifth successive week the Panhandle leads its competitors iu the amount of east bound freight out of Chicago, the number of tons last week being divided as follows: Panhandle, 9.000 tons; Michigan Central, 3,713; Wabasa. 3,939; Lake Snore, 4,861; Fort Wayne, 8,729; Baltimore & Ohio, 3,455; Grand Trunk, 3,446; Nickel Plate, 4,583; Erie 3,975: Big Four, 2,200. SERENADE Monnel) & McConnell $50,000 6 per cent Money to Loan. Call now Office Opposite Court House. DAILY FHAHOS TUESDAY, NOV. 23, 1S97. OITY JM.R.WS tS.it,. Barney Hoffman Is quite sick. Mrs, Joseh Ott is critically ill. They are still going—bankrupt shoes at Walden's. If you want the best goods at right prices send us your orders—Keystone. William Wtlkin has taken the position of clerk at the Barnett house •Igar stand. W. H. H. Carter, the butcher, will be united in marriage Thursday to a lady residing at Idavllle. Mrs. II. J. Dunlap and daughter, Miss Lalla, will go to Indianapolis tomorrow to attend the wedding of Miss Florence Kendall, formerly of this city, and Mr. John Thompson, of Indianapolis. A small audience witnessed the presentation of the melo-drama, "Fallen Among Thieves," at the opera house last night. The special scenery \?as fine. The company went from here to Terre Haute. There will be the usual observance of Thanksgiving in Logansport. The banks, county and city offlees, courts, manufactories and railroad shops will t»e Closed. The stores and barber •hops will be closed at noon. The pupils of the city schools will make their usual Thanksgiving donations of vegetables, provisions, etc., to the poor tomorrow morning. Whatever is donated will be divided among the various charitable societies (or final distribution. Of John t'ckert and Bride bj the Former's Friends. Mr, John Eckert, who was united in marriage this morning to Mrs. Edith Bucher, although be thought he had arranged affairs cleverly, failed to escape tbe enthusiasm of his friends. It having become known to them that the bridal party would breakfast at tbe apartments of the bride's mother, Mrs. Katharine Seller, on Fourth street, the friends of the groom provided themselves with tin horns, a crank organ and engaging a martial band, stationed themselves at the corner of Broadway and Fourth streets. When the carriages containing the bridal party appeared the serenaders formed into line and headed the procession to tbe Seller's residence. The noise made by the cro»d was plenty as the bride and groom alighted 'rom the carriage and ascended the stairs. Mr. Eckert acKnowledged the greeting by lifting his hat. He and Mrs. Eckert left this afternoon via tbe Panhandle for a two weeks' tour of the south. They were attended at the altar by Miss Lizzie Roger, of Lafayette, and Mr. Tbomas Dunn, of this city. Still at Large. Evans, the colored man, who shot Matthews at the Greenbank house Saturday evening is still at large. Woman «nd Chnr«h "The time is coming," says The Congregationalist of .Boston, "when organizations for women only in the churches vrill be as exceptional as similar or- j nest Wednesday evening at 6 o'clock. Buy shoes Walden's bankrupt sale. Dressed turkeys, Eothermel, Wed. Arthur Pratt, of ludianapo'.ls, Sun- dayed with relatives here. We will have the finest celery In the city for Thanksgiving, Keystone. Wash your dinner down with some of Foley's wine. You will feel better. Mr. Fred Schneeberger, who is attending law school at Indianapolis, is spending a week's vacation at home. The Pharos and the other daily papers gf the city will observe Tbanksgivihg, Issuing no editions on that day. .; Let others sell you cheap trash for your Thanksgiving dinner; you want something extra. For the extra go to Foley's. Mr, and Mrs. W, H. Tucker, of ALoka, left today for "Vandalia, Ills., on a tea days' visit with their sou, Rev. James. C. Tucker. Miss Bessie Cronln, teacher of the Northside school, will give a reception at her room OD the Northside, tomorrow afternoon from 2 to 4, How much better you can give thanks knowing that you have the latest In neckwear,shirts, collars and cuffs See Dcwenter the Hatter and Furnisher. The members of Rebekah lodge of Twelve Mile will give an oyster supper in the lodge room on Thursday afternoon. The proceeds will be used for charitable purposes. Strawberries, belleflower apples catawaba, ulagara, cornlsheon and tokay grapes, pears, celery, lettuce onions, radishes, Florida oranges persimmons, tomatoes, cucumbers only at Foley's. Tbe Barnett house will serve their Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday from 1 to 3 o'clock p. m. Among the marry delicacies that the menu will offer are fresh strawberries from Los Angeles, Gal.; fresh tomatoes and cucumbers from Florida. Miss Nona Demmerly, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Demmerly, of East Miami street, Westside, was given a delightful surprise last even ing bv a party of • eighteen little frier dj. Tha affair was occasioned by ber 9th birthday anniversary. The evening was passed pleasantly at games Luncheon was served by Mrs. Demmerly. The little hostess was the recipient of many beautiful presents. Fort Wayne Sentinel: The fall convocation of the Scottish Rite Masons will be held in this city Tuesday and Wednesday. Delegates will be here from Logansport, Peru, Wabash and many other points. Elaborate preparations are being made by the local members of the order for the reception and entertainment of the visiting delegates. The meetings will be held in the Masonic temple, and a banquet will DC ' served there Onr Shoes Fit Like gloves And they wear Like Iron. We treat our customers Fair and square Because we appreciate Their trade. Our prices are Low— Wonderfully low— And quality is High— Very high— And we want Tour trade. EliasS Winter. Department of Pen Art Hall's Business College hag ensured Mr. Andrew Frederick to take charge of the Penmanship olaesee. His time wiil be devoted exclusively to this line of work. Lo;ransport needs a First Class School of Pen Art, and we take pleaiure in announcing that we are now prepared to Rive the yfiry beft instruction that can be had. Mr. Frederick IB a GRADUATE of the Zanerian Pen Art School. Columbus, O, and was an instructor iu that school until engaged by Hall's Business College. C. F. MOORE, Pres. Tailor and Draper, BETWEEN ONE TEING.md ANOTHER we manage to turn out the beat fitting, exquisitely finished and dlitln- gue suits of clothing to ba te«B in Logansport. We Uke paint to select tbe latest and hand- ,'isbmest fabrics for your selection. Just now we are making nobby sultt in soft finished worsteds, cheviots, tweeds, cassimeres, and English mel- ton, beaver and kersey overcoats, lined with silk, at prices that can't be matched. Carl W. Keller. 311 Market St, Hall's Business ^College, Second floor,KeystoneBuildtair, Login and Third Ind. sort. You are safe Shoes at buying yonr WILLEY'S C/M SHOE STORE, ASSIGNMENT SALE! Slaughter Sale of the Best Shoe Stock Ever Brought to This City, Ha-nng bought the Walden Shoe stock at assignee sale, I will proceed to close out the entire stock at prices you have read about, but never came in. contact with THIS IS NO FAKE SALE, fBut the goods must be sold to meet deferred payments and I will sell these goods at just - - 1=3 less Than Wholesale^Cost - - Tovsi cannot afford to miss this sale. If you don't need them now, vou will in a few days. Is there any INVESTMENT that will PAY YOU AS MUCH? This wholesale tlaughter sale commenced as the quality is, the BEST and you are sure of getting the LOWEST POSSIBLE PEICE. Third and Market Sts. THANKSGIVING PUDDING. M. WALDEN. 315 FourtlrStreet, Logansport, Ihd. ganizacions for men only. The American board -will have women in its corporate membership and on its prudential committee. They will be found in tbe executive committees of the other societies. They comprise abont two- thirds of the membership of the cbtirch- ee, and they will assume their part in the management of the work of the churches. They will no longer think of oanfining their administration to the affairs of their own sex. nor will men wish them to do so. We may not all approve of this change which has become so manifest. Some of ns may study •ways cut retarding it The Congregationalist would not be understood &a positively advocating it. It cannot afford space for the controversy that would follow. But if otheni hasten th« totritable we stall .not onndunn them." Several hundred delegates are expected to be present. The Indications are that the convocation will be an elaborate affair, A Pretty Fi-»och fake. Says a New York Fashion writer: A pretty French yoke, en jabot, is made to fit around the neck like an ordinary yoke, which IB also taken in with the shoulder seams. -On each side of tbe collar is a narrow box plait, and this descends and widens to the lower edge of the yoke, which is partly hidden beneath the chirred top of the full waist below. On this yoke the lower edg* is left to fall en jabot, and thi« uncon£ned portion is edged with ribbon or insertion and narrow lace. Rich find Toothsome Enough to Tempt a Sated Appetite. Good Housekeeping gives the following recipe for a Thanksgiving pudding: ^oak a pine of cracker crumbs in 3 pints of milk for half an hour: wash 2 cupfuls of California seedless raisins; boil them in water to cover while the crumbs are soaking. Mis a. cupful of sugar, a teaspoonful of salt aud a hai f tcaspoonful each of cinna- ruoii and nutmeg; add 3 tublespoonfuls of butter and beat until creamy. Beat in 6 eggs, one iit a time, beat-ing each until none of the yolk is seen before adding another: then stir this into the milk, into which the raisins have been stirred (without the water in which they were cooked). Butter a deep pudding dish thick with cold butter, turn in the pudding and cover it. Bake in a moderate oven. During the first hour occasionally stir up the pudding from the bottom to keep the raisins on top. Bake 3 hours in all, removing the cover 1 at the last to brown it. It should whey a little when done. Do not; cut tho raisins. Serve with a hard sauce of half a cupful of butter, creamed, a cupful powdered sugar added gradually and flavored with lemon or vanilla. To make this into a soft sauce beat iu 3 niblespoonfuls of thick cream or the white of an egg. D OLAN'S OPERA HOUtiB. WM. DOLAN, MANAGER. FRIDAY, NOV. 26, 1897. and Three Big Shows in One. COMEDY, VAUDEVILLE SENS A- T1ONAL, A Star Cast of Famous Comedians, Pretty Girls, and Novel Specialties and Original Scenic Production of New York Life. PRICES. ..25c, 50c, 75c and $1.00. Seats on sale at Johnston's drug store. McCoy's New European Hotel COR. CLARK AND VAN BUREh .TS. CHICAGO. gea'men were tney, Capable alone of"bfav- Ing the wild and unknown laud about, strong in faith that made the small rays of sunshine and hope which came to them through the clouds of adversity cause for ..„„., .......— fc „..„ „.„ „,— ,„ thanksgiving. So it is that time has as- light and Steam beat in every room. eociated with the day tho memory of these sturdy pioneers.—Brooklyn Eagle. FIRE PROOF. One block from c. U. I. &. P. and L,. S. A: ^1. S. Railroad depot. Improvements costing $73,000.00 hive just teen completed, and the house now offers every convenience to be found in any hotel, including hot and cold water, electric To the mind of the American at large Thanksgiving is suggestive of certain things allied up at the mention of no other holiday in the nation's annals—a day of rest, a day of retrospection, a day of thanks for much that is here enjoyed alone, a day of feasting. To the Xew Englander there is an added suggestion of whitened ground, winter skies, rugged hills and the faint echo of the angry sai pounding upon the barren coast where pilgrims first sec foot to found a. nation of freemen in years so come. £texn_and rusr- The United States Government will not buy baking powders containing alum at any price. The Government does buy Cleveland's baking powder, which, speaks volumes in its favor. Cleveland's is A pure cream of tartar powder. Guarantee* Qrooen ire anthoriMd *• .fir* back TOST mosey if Tom 4o Mt tad Cleveland'* tba fact powder yoa have «r»r turf. Pilgrim Good Cheer. Game \vas brought in from the woods in abundance, from venison, which they knew well how to roast, to the partridge, which is never so good as when broiled on the skewer. And, above all, they had tho turkey, of which they found "a great store" in the forest—the turkey thus early crowned queen of their bounty, and to which example their descendants, even though they may have failed to imitate them in other respects, have always been loyal. These savory meats all garnished their tallies throughout that festival Kettles, skillets and spits were overworked, while thus their knives and spoons, kindly assisted by their fingers, made merry music on their pewter plates, Xor were these viuuds wirhout the company of the barley loaf and the CiJies of Indian meal, more highly prized then than wheat fed millions can itmigine. —Selected. Decline of Religious Ever since the giime dinners eaten by Governor Bradford's constituents and their Indian allies 275 years ago, Thanksgiving day has been a feasc day, and a day for family reunions. People, especially New Englanders, go back to their old homes by thousands to enjoy it with "the | old folks," or, if obliged to stay away, j celebrate it where fer they are in New i England style. Less and less attention is i paid to the religious observances, and j while in the old times a long sitting in a chilly meeting house while the parson ponderously progressed from his test to "flfteenthjy. my brethren," was the universal prelude to the prandial exercises, ] there are now comparatively few attend- j ants at church on Thanksgiving mom- Ing.—Boston Herald. Rates 75 cents per day and upwards. First class restaurant in connection. WILLIAM McCOY, Owner and Proprietor No Pain! No Danger I Teeth txtracted ,, without pain or after effects, such as sore mouth, sore gums, etc. Absolutely safe and palcles. The Finest andQBest method ot CEOWN and BEIDGE Work. The most natural-looking artificial Teeth on new method PLATES, guaranteed to fit. AgrNo charge for extract leg without pain when D aw teeth are to be supplied. Dr. W. T. Hurtt, 3111-2 Fourth §t. Lehman Hedgeo a Little. No one will chink tbe less of B. C. Lehman, the noted Harvard rowing coach, be- j cause he frankly announces that he in- I tends to modify the training methods used i last year. Mr. Lehman says: "In form, ' rpyla and watermanship I will continue on tbe same line, but expect to make acme changes in the method of training. I wai perfectly satisfied with tbe work of laet year's crew for the first mile. The men rowed my stroke, and rowed it well, but nzLfommatelT they had gone stale and oould not last tbe'distance, so Oat ID tb« last mile they INTO roving » ttrok» at Reasonable Prices. The most Reasonable Tailor in town is Craig. He will make np a Suit lor yon that for Price, Style and Fit cannot be beaten. His Stock of NEW AND STYLISH FABRICS For Fall and Winter, Up-to- date and includes everything desirable. Call and ioapeet. W. D. CRAIG, Tutor 416 Broadway, Hezt to

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