Daily News from New York, New York on May 27, 1960 · 588
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Daily News from New York, New York · 588

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Friday, May 27, 1960
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id CO V2 4) East Side Girl Jumps ! From Lover to Upper By CHARLES McHARRY Rochelle Oliver, the uncertain child bride of Lillian Hellmun's prize-winning "Toys in the Attic,"- is no child but s:,-'s been a bride since last October and she isn't sure at this point which is best, being1 a bride ,.- being on Broadway. I al,Ie for downtown friends who Wan, slender, big-eyed and) are as yet to hear Broadway's beautifully spoken, Rochelle is a' summons. Prciut-t of the lower East Side.! Her G . A She attended PS 14. PS 12, Sew- , , - . - ..... .r.l pUri- Hio-, R,ti,.n riJ The place has been a little lege, At i she began studying acting and modern dance at the Henry Robards ' laying St. Settlement tun hl.wlc, fmm her home. She later taiurht at the settlement and studied at the Dor,.Knf ctn.t;.-. Scored in Vincent Rochelle dropped out of Brook-, lyn College after two years to I devote full time to acting. She! appeared off-Broadway in "The Brothers Karamazov," "Jack-j knife and in this seasons in-1 cent." The personal acclaim accorded hw in this last production brought her to the attention of her present employers. Two auditions before author Hellman, director Arthur Penn and producer Hermit Bloomgarden were enough to win the role in "Toys." It was while appearing in "The Brothers" that she met James Patterson. 26, also a member of the cast. Rochelle and Patterson have a small apartment on the i upper East Side where a supply of wet and dry rations are avail-' I TONIGHT AT 8:30 PM RIVOLI Clrcl 7 I11 EMatinl fvry Oay Stortma Juv 2nd IfMtra Holiday Mill. May 30th t Mf 4th! TONITC AT S P. M. LOEWS STATE . ... 4 4. TONIGHT FRI. 8:30-1 A. M.--, OANCf t RELAX IN TOUR ADULT AGE GROUP OVER 21 CLUB I ir CmI. Cut. Dimiri It Cast BJi bUIILLlUN ICnnAbC 74 ST. & 18 AVE.. BROOKLYN I I M WMt EM St. SO. LadIM Jit Mu I r...... h. .... LiHr Mfva. CONTINUOUS DANCING Every THURS., FRI., SAT. ft SUN. to JOHNNIE BUTLER'S orch. TUXEDO BALLROOM E. 86 St. ft 3rd Ave., N.Y.C. DANCE LA PLAYA Saatat fRI. at B STEVE TREMBLY l 50 Man. Aim 0RCN. . 1 - V .v ""VI . ft I I.I I I &. Oliver love her tpj 46TH ST. THEA..W. airway, ci. -4i I If TECHNICOLOR I' Theatre D MOM' 1 (1ST PICTURE ! I Dick i B Ka lonely these last few weeks be cause Patterson has been in England, where he is opening in a play within the next few days. The two keep the transatlantic phone cables humming and Rochelle is not at all as unsure about Patterson as she is on stage about Jason Robards Jr., her make-believe husband. The winner of a Clarence Der-went Award for her portrayal in "Toys," Rochelle has found Broadway more work than glamor. She feels she still has much to learn. She would like a try at the movies and she hopes that she and her husband will someday bejpaign. as well known as that other theatre couple, Alfred I.unt and!. Lynn Fontanne. Lincoln Center Receives 150G nearsais. A gift of $150,000 to the Lin-- co'n Center for the Performing j 'Arts.bv Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth A. Ives, of the Metropolitan Opera 1 (Uiild, was announced yesterday j by Clarence Francis, chairman of i OVER '3.000,000 IN EXCITING NEW ATTRACTIONS THIS SEASON. Java mi lw - ..M Shows 'Dancing a "DELIGHTFUL NEW LAUGH MIT!'- M'i htlt GERTRUDE CEDRIC A BERG HARDWICKE A MAJORITY OF ONE BARRYM0RE Thaa.. 243 W. 47. Cir. 6 0J90 Evf. J 30. Matl. TOM'W 2 38. WEO. 2 P. M. "BEST PLAY OF THE YEAR' A RAISIN IN THE SUN ttarrina CI-Al'IIIA MrNKIL oik . is in nt tit.r. .4 irjd B E L A SCO . W J4. Mtt.Sat.A M a.Ij30. W td . "THK KKKSHKST M l'l;NMKST HIIOW IK THK VICAR" Atkinson. Iwirt TOM EWELL PEGGY CASS PAUL FORD'" THURBER CARNIVAL ?,r Ihrrrtcd hy Bl'KliKHS VIF.RHIHTH ' Ur td ANTA. 24S W. 52nd St. Cir. -270 Eva 1:40: Matt. TOM W A MON. at 2:40 I" r' :L." ""' -Ji lit A Bright Musical Hit!" to. B YE BYE BIRDIE THK MkW MUSICAL HIT Air-Crt MARTIN BECK. 302 W. 45. Cir. B-3S3 EB. 30; Mata. TOM'W 2:30WED.J P. M. I "A Musical Caaiady Staide" Kerr. H T. ANDY DOLORES GRIFFITH F9TRY RIDES GRAY AGAIN D IMPERIAL. W. 45 St. CO 5-2412 Evu 30: Matt. TOM'W A MON. at 2:30 ! rc. Holiday Matinee Monday at t :.T0 " LAST 2 WEEKS ! ""tit"'' VIVIEN LEIGH MARY URE in UEL OF ANGELS D I Air- d HELEN HAVES. 210 W. 46. Cir. B-S3S0 I Evta. 1:30; Matt. TOM'W 2:30. WED. 2 P M. BOBBY HOWIS i . WUIvRir ' finian's . 5TTiTRntr 1 RAINBOW tSf?2ZrF SriOa YrKr' All PfRFORMANCIS Yf. f$ j Bam cutd v ibiii wmn iiiiiiivit'ni n mi m wm SHEILA COPELA-N has the femme lead in "Two for the Seesaw," listed for June 2-11. at the Guthsville Playhouse, Allentown, Pa. the center's fund-raising cam- T. -ft ., nPftv5fi- , viewing i room for special guests in the j new Metropolitan Opera to be j known as the Ethel Harding ' Mott Viewing Room in "honor of i Mrs. Ives' mother. The room will be an enlarged box in the opera house for guests on special occasions. When glass-enclosed it also may be used for viewing of re- 1 1 i The center now has raised $64,- 635,470 of its $102 million goal. Ives is active in real estate in this area. Mrs. Ives is a member of the executive committee of the Council of Goodwill Industries. I Tli'll I n M midiiA f THIS FRIDAY NIGHT, May 27th 8:30 P.M. sharp at tha Casino First Meeting of Murray Kaufmon's "SUBMARINE RACE WATCHERS' WINS Disc Jockty, MURRAY KAUFMAN preienrs Special Gvst of Honor JOHNNY MAT HIS Also "THE DELICATES" and a host of surprises aMaMkktAAA "Truly Brilliant Musical"-,';, PINIAN' RAINBOW 1 Air-t it 4l ST. T.. 22 W. 46. Ctr. a-4271 Evil. :30; !. TOM'W 2:90. WEO. 2 P.M. fUUTZER PRIZE CRITICS' & TONY AW ARD3- Brut Mnt'iaf ClORELLO! : iir-Cd BROAOHURST. 23S W. M Clf l lH En. 1:30; Mala. TOM'W 2:30. wiu. J r.m j r.t voir .4 VA1I ARLF.t Drama Critics' Prize Play . 1 960 JKMSK'A Klll.tMl TANDY CULVER MVE FINGER EXERCISE IH Z'"1 ,,,HS GIELGUD Air-Cd MUSIC BOX. 139 W. 4V Cir. (-463C ! Evai. 30: Mata. In'. A Maa.. 2:30; W.d. 2 LAST 3 TIMES! "BRINGS HEART A HOPE TO THE SEASON" MrClain. Jrnt. Amer. n ANTHONY PERKINS" CjREENWILLOW. A'A'M? MUSICAL HIT by FRANK LOESSER tri Crrn KK1XAWAY Vrrt REI.TON Mrn MrtOWN Willium CHAI'MAN Air-Cd ALVIN. 250 W. 52nd St Cir. 5-5226 Evaa. at 0 JO; Matiaaa TOMORROW at 2:30 "Season's BfstV'T,on- ETHEL MERMAN in b y p s y THK MI'SICAI. HIT BROADWAY. B y A 53 Mtt.Taw'ar.Waa Clr.7-7a2 J - Dublin Festival Plays Announced Among features at this fall's Dublin Theatre Festival, as an nounced here yesterday by Lord Michael Killanin, chairman of the Irish event, will be the first per formance of "The Catacombs," a new play by Brendan Behan, and the appearance of biobhan JYlc- Kenna in a new production of "Playboy of the Western World." Cyril Cusack will stage Ihe Voices of Doolin," a new play by Walter Macken, and the Old ic i Company will be seen in a Shake- : speare play. Also slated are the ' world premieres of J. P. Galli-i van's "Mourn the Ivy Leaf" and Hugh Leonard's "A Walk on the Water." , The festival will be held Sept. j 12-25 with Ireland's leading direc-: tors, players and designers rep-i resented. Tickets will have a top price of $1.75. A full schedule of plays, plus details of Dublin, hotel accommodations, may be obtained at the Irish Tourist Office, 33 E. 50th St. The opening of the Living, Theatre's "The Theatre of Chance" has been set back to June 9. . . . "A Thurber Carnival" and "The Tenth Man" are among plays which will give spe- SEATS NOW AT BOX OFFICE! mmni BREATHTAKING COMMANDO CYCll RIDERS CRACC DRILL HIGHLAND DANCERS PHENOMENAL GYMNASTIC DI5PLAY5 PICt$: $7.00. OO, 5 OO, 3.0O, 2.00 DON'T MISS THE BRITISH EXHIBITION - COLISEUM, JUNE 10-2 woo- 5T()i?Kiiig and I of Rf S Unanimous Raves from Critics! J Eves. incl. Sunday 8:30. Mats. Sat & Sun. PRICES: MATS. & EVES. U V PITV PCalTrD 131 ST H.H BOIOIfiCf OFfN0K J0MPM n.l. til I ItNltK Ci'ii tint suxoi oon r I AIR CONDITIONED! irectorv 4- BEST MUSICAL DKAMA t'RITM'S t lKt l K AM ARU ROBERT DHERY L PLU M E OC MA TANIE ROYALE. W. 4S. Mata. T. a. Mn. Cir.5-570 Spec. Holiday Matinee Monday at S : h SKATS N(W A ll BI .V. MICHAEL PAMELA ALLINS0N CHARLES M Y FAIR LADY AMIHII A'S i.KKATKST Ml sll Al RONALD R ADD MKI.VII.I.K lOOI'KK 4ir-Cd eMARK HELLINGER. 51 St. W af B y Evaa. t:SU; Mata. TOM'W 2:30 A WEO. 20 2nd BIG YEAR UPON A MATTRESS ONCE Mi-ai SmaA Hit GEORGE ABBOTT IHrenea rtv Air-Cd. ST. JAMES. 240 W. 44 LA 4 4MU Evfl. i:SO: Matl. TOM'W A MON. at 2:30 -A !W;lt:Al. BONANZA" Seirmreek Jackie Gleason Walter Pidgeon Eileen Herl TTake Me Along THE MI'SICAI. HIT SHUBERT. W. 44. Mta. Sat.. Wad. Cir. "SHE EXT HEAT R IC A L EXCITEMENT- I 59) Pott ROBERT ALBERT HERBERT -T" BURR - DEKKER BERGHOF " lhe ANDERSONVILLE Trial Ett. t:40: Matt. Tam'a A Maa. 2:40. Wad. 2 Atr-Cd HENRY MILLER 8 Th W 43 SI. BR S-397 "A TKIIIMPH" MkintoH. . Y. Timet MM.IV l.'K FRANK DOUGLAS TRACY L0VEJ0Y T HE BEST MAN M0ROBC0.W.45. Mat.Taai'w A Vtmd. Air-Cd. rial holiday matinees on Monday. Both will skip Wednesday afternoon performances. . . . "Bye Bye Birdie" makes it 50 tonight at the Martin Beck. Two Honored George Abbott, director artd coauthor of "Fiorello," has been named recipient of the Sam S. Shubert Foundation Award for "the most outstanding individual contribution to the New York theatrical season of 1959-60." Lillian Hellman, author of "Toys in the Attic," has been elected to a fellowship in the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. Basie & Benny Count Basie and his band open at the Waldorf-Astoria's Starlight Room on Wednesday and Benny Goodman and nis orchestra begin a three-week stand at Basin Street East the following evening. Singer Zack Matalon is at work at the Gondolier. Vandalizes Own Car South Bend, Ind., May 25 (UPI). Police checking a vandalism report yesterday found a car with all its windows smashed, fenders dented in and sides battered. The vandal turned out to be the car's owner, who took vengeance when the auto stalled. 'IJlki I'M'UT 11 1 1 .'W I ,in.rt.'rTi-inLi t ASSAULTS DARE DEVIL MOTOK- TEAMS MASSED BANDS, PIPERS $3.95, 3.45, 2.75. 1.95 BEST PLAY I960 4AWTA;oV a BANCROFT Pr DLKE To, THATCHER THE MIRACLE WORKER 1 PLAYHOUSE Thoa . 137 w. a St. On. S Ev.a SO. Matt. Tam A Wed. At' ondilianed T AMERICA'S HAPPIEST MUSICAL! HE MUSIC MAN si,,,,,,,., Mlllla -tl :t tirerted r,y MORTON PK ;YTA MAJESTIC. W. 44. Matt. Teal A Wad. Cir t 07 JO "SOIMISATIOV AI,: A HIT!" io hell MARY MARTIN THE SOUND OF MUSIC 1 AWARD W.V.VVf? vrslCAI. KT RODGERS & HAMMERSTEIN LINDSAY & CROUSE tr.fA TIIKOIMIRK RIKF.I (.'-( LUNT FONTANNE. 4S St W. at B y Et. 0:30: Matl. Tata 2:30. Wad. 2 OO SHARP "Arrattma. Imaainativa. Raaiaotir" - H m.Pot T PADDY CHAYEFSRY S on.ettv Hit H E TENT H M A N 4,r-ld llirerted TYRONE GUTHRIE BOOTH. W.45. Et. 0 30. Ml. Sat.. Maa. Cir. -5 Best American Play 0rAtriCr, JASON MM'RF.KN IKFMT ROBARDS Jr. STAPLETON X0RTH Tin 1.11. I.IAN IIH1 MAN'S I'l.i OYS IN THE ATTIC HUOSON.W.M.Mt.Taai a.Waa.iUO 2237.n' 'Brand New Hit" XEST SIDE STORY VV THK Ml M Al. SMASH HIT Atr-Cd. WINTER GARDEN. Ib3a B'y.Cir 5-4070 Eat ": Matt. TOM'W 2:30. WED. 7 P. M.

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