Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on December 16, 1957 · Page 9
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 9

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, December 16, 1957
Page 9
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Moirday Evening, December 16, 1957. Ann Landers Christmas Office Parly Not Social Event But a Sickness Dear Ann: Well, it's THAT time of year again and my husbs.nd and I are having the same olil fight, the Christmas office H'i about party, My husband works in a lar£e office and there are sever::! good- looking girls around, both married and single—but mostly riarried. The annual Christmas party is always a drunken brawl. Last year' my husband wound up in a roadhouse with a red-headed bookkeeper and he didn't get home until 4:30 a. m. She dumped him on the porch. My husband was SH ashamed, of himself he couldn't look me square in the eye until St. Patrick's Day. You would think he had learned his lesson, but no. Xow he's Irving to soften me up for this year's party. The company rules say that no husbands or wives may attend. My husband has gone lo seven of these parties and I'm at the end of my good-natured ropj. Tie promised if I'd write, he'd p;;y attention to your advice. So let's have it.—SEVEN-YEAR HITCH The Annual Christmas Office Party has gotten to be more of a sickness than a social event. Ftor this reason, many firms have cut it out. They've decided the damage done at these affairs is 'Often great er than the good-will they generate. It's difficult for executives and department heads-to operate on a business basis after bending Wear It All Daylong an elbow with the shipping department and dancing until dawn with the stenographers. Isot all office parties are Roman orgies, however. Some are respectable affairs—but these usually include the wives and husbands. If The Office Party cai'ses trouble at home the husband or wife should skip it. This is a small sacrifice for someone you promised to love, honor and cherish— till death do you part. Dear Ann: My wife is on the verge of a nervous breakdown. We've been married three years and want very much to have a but we've been Elect Decker Head Of Masonic Lodge Charles E. Decker will be installed as the new worshipful master of Orient lodge No. 272, F. and A. M., at 7:30 p.m. Monday, Dec. 30, succeeding Cle-tus Fitz. Other officers elected at the annual election Friday evening are: Arthur D. Hensell, ser.ior warden; Russell D. Powell, junior warden; Par.ker T. Be-all, treasurer; Maurice E. Raikes, secretary; and Cletus Fitz, trustee for three years. The election by Tipton lodge No. 33, F. and A. M., will be at 7:30 p.m. Dec. 20. They will install officers jointly with Orient lodge. Guarding Angels! ANGELS IN CROSS-STITCH ful. To make matters worse, she's the oldest o[ four sisters and every one of them was married after we were. They have all had babies. My wife has gone to several doctors but she won't stick with one long enough to give him a chance to help her. She cries a ot and is 15 pounds underweight. tVhenevcr she, sees her sisters' children she goes into a depression hat lasts for days. What do you suggest?—WORN OUT Your wife's tense emotional condition is probably a factor in ,ier inability to become pregnant. No doubt her doctors have told her this but she won't listen or can't control her tensions. In numerous cases, after the discouraged couple had gi>jn up linnp of becoming parents and started adoption proceedings, they discovered a baby was on the way. Countless couples, after adopting a child, went on to have 1 three and four oE their own, which proved that parenthood was possible when the pressure was off. Talk to your wife about adoption. The anticipation of getting a child may relax her sufficiently so that good things could happen. Good luck and please read on. Dear Ann: The letter signed "Childless Melda" was very sad. [ have a practical suggestion for -,er and others who are 3,000 on the waiting list of adopting agencies. If you can go to Europe (particularly Austria) you may visit any number of orphanages and select as many children as you would like to have. And it's all free.— jR.V.H. Dear R.V.H.: You make it sound too easy. How about the red tape and complications? Some cases are more involved .than oth- }rs, of course, but it's worth look- ng into. How ever, we shouldn't send our readers over in boat- oads with the impression that it's a lead-pipe cinch. # * * CONFIDENTIALLY: OVER- Have you a copy of 1957 Needle THE HILL: Don't give up, Dad. | WO rk ALBUM? It contains fifty-' six colorful pages showing many pretty designs; plus directions for making 3 crochet itmes and a motifs are easy to embroider on child's crib cover or as panels for the nursery wall. No matter which way you embroider them, Ihey are sure to watch over your little one during day or night. Pattern No. 5527 contains hot- iron transfer for motifs; material requirements; color chart. Send 25c cents in COINS, your name, address and the PATTERN Pharos Tribune) 372 W. Quincy St.-ect, Chicago C, Illinois. Josephine Lowmon Jet Trails on Moon Symbol Of Need for Faith and Work Even a quiet interlude with nature can be broken by a produc of our tunes sucli as a jet plane. There is always a first time for everything for everyone and I had one of my first times the other night. There was a lovely moon which I had glimpsed only briefly earlier in the evening. Before going to bed 1 decided to go out on the porch and get a soul-filling look at the beautiful thing. Was I surprised! It was beautfiul, yes! BUT, it IiOgansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribune Nlcn 3 Killed as Jet Crashes In France OHATEAUROUX, France CUP) —A U.S. Air Force RB66 jet >omber crashed near here today tilling all threecreiv members, Air Force authorities announced. The American Air Force plane crashed at 4:20 a.m. half a mile from Deols Air Base near here aftertaki ng off on a flight to Tripoli. Libya, the Air Force said. The plane was assigned to the 1st Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron at Spangdahlem, Germany, Report Quake Toll at 952 TEHRAN, Iran (UP)—The Iranian Red Lion and Sun Society iR^ed Gross) reported today that troops had tlir.s far buried 952 victims of a series of earthquakes which fiit western Iran. A spokesman said the death toil was "keyond anything we imagined," and the job of rebuilding destroyed homes could not be Farmers to Search Land For Girl, 7 SYCAMORE, III. (UP) - About 17,000 families in DcKalb County will be asked to search their properly in an all-out effort lo find the body of missing 7-year-old Maria Ridulph. Sheriff Al Deisz Sunday began sending out postcards to nearly U^SUUV'iU lIUHJCd cumu iiui. u*, " • . started because of the excessive 'every county resident virtually or- rn]H idering them to search thesr prop- cold. Howerer, spokesman revised the death toll downward from original estimates of 2,000. Supreme Court To Htfnd Down Decision Today WASHINGTON (UP)— The Supreme Court scheduled another session to hand down opinions today before adjourning until January 6. rty wilhin 24 hours after receipt. The cards warn that failure to comply will mean that "our" searchers will check the private properly. Each family is asked to return a second postcard confirming that the property has been personally checked. Maria vanished the night of Dec. 3 when a man who called himself Names of crew members were p- ew decisions were expected, being withheld until their fsinilips The justices were hearing argu- are notified. to take away the citizenship of a native-be.™ American. Asks Butler to Make Up His Mind On Senate Seat INDIANAPOLIS (UP)—A union official has asked National Democratic Chairman Paul Butler to Girord to Arrive announce now whether he will seek the U.S. Senate nomination from Indiana next spring. If he seeks the post, said Jams Robb, Idianapolis District director of the United Steelworkers, Butler should resign his national party position. "Johnny" offered her a gy- back" ride. Federal and local authorities have been unable lo find a trace of the girl despite nearly two weeks of intensive investigation. ments most of las. week and had T nc f orrn message on the sher- little time to write opinions. iff> s postcards reads: The court has had under con- "Recent developments indicate sideratioi for several weeks three jtj,^ t ] lc sea rch for little Maria cases challenging Congress' right Ridulph centers in your immediate Robb wrote an open letter to Butler urging him to "resign his position as National Democratic Chairman, return to Indiana and as a citizen formally declare his candidacy for election to the At Frisco Today SAN FRANCISCO (l"Pi—A military transport docks today at Fort area. To insure against anyone's failing to search and thus missing the location of the child, we ask that you re-search your premises in daylight at once and certify that you have done so by mailing the attached postal card within the next 2-1 hours. Tf you fail to return Mason, bringing with it the young |the card it will nscossi'alc Hiat man whose trial for killing a Jap-1our searchers will call on you." anesa woman caused international repercu.isions early this year. He is Pvt.—formerly S3C—wil- liam S, Girard, 22. He and his The return postcard says: "I do hereby certify that I personally have thoroughly and corn- buildings, brush and rubbish piles, Japanes.e bride,' Haru (Candy) j vehicles, isolated places, farm ma- Sueyama, 30, are en route lo Fortjchinery and any other place where Sheridan, III, where the Army will!Maria Ridulph might have been discharge him. j hidden on the property occupied United States Senate ... or place : A Japanese court gave Girard a by me.' the future well-being of his state Flattery for the half-size figure and easy as pie to sew. A charming daytime dress with soft detail and either short sleeves or none. No. 8167 with PATT-0-RAMA is in sizes 12 1 /:;, 14 v4. 16'/ 2 , 18>A, 20% 22%, 24%. Size 1-4%, 35 bust, short sleeve, 4% yards of 35-inch. For this pattern, iand 35c in COINS, your name, address, sizr desired, and the PATTERN NUMBER to Sue Burnett Pharos Tribune 372 W. Quincy Stroe 1 :, Chicago 6, 111. Send 25 cents more with your pattern order for the new Fall and Winter '57 issue of our pattern magazine Basic FASHION. Inspiring and so practical for every home sewer. It may all be in your head. Mind over matter, and maybe a tonic or two could be the answer. your doc. See U.K.: Those "foreign-born, ignorant peasants'" helped to make this country great, Put your nose back in joint. READY FOR ANYTHING: I hope you're ready for a hatful of trouble. This girl is under-age and her father can do plenty! (Ann Landere will be glad to help you with your problems. Send them to her in care .of this newspaper and! enclose a istamped self-addressed envelope.) Copyright 1957, Field Enterprises, Inc. quilt. Only 25c a copy. According to .the Bureau of the Census, approximately 40 per cent oj America's population will exceed 45 years of agi> by 1980. AERIAL ESCORT ' DESMOIiNES, Iowa (UP)— A. J. Fulkerson gave his daughter new-fashioned guidance Saturday. She didn't know the way home from an emergency landing near Creston, Iowa, in her plane, so Fulkerson had to make a round trip from Des Moines in his plane to guide her back. This Christmas Giue H&r a New MOHLMAN'S Beautifully carvod 14 gold wedding band. «9.50 14K gold \ved« ding band of ol- ftgant simplicity. $8.50 designed wed. band of rich UK gsld. $«.00 MOHLMANk was festooned with jet trails like a giant spider is with cobweds. I must admit to annoyance. It was a cold, crisp night in the country and I had planned to get in touch with the forces of life and relax, but the moon only lit up the jet trails. At that moment I could hardly see the moon for those chalky trails. No Respite This brought thoughts of w.ar and taxes and flying to the moon. I muttered to myself, "Is there no place one can go and forget war, and the world—and the outer- world?" If someone wants to go to the moon, let him or her, so long as 1 don't 'have to go! I find this world so exciting that if I could live to be a hundred I would not have time to tap its potentialities. 1'certainly would be even more confused than now with two or three orbits to explore. I felt so antagonistic toward the moon, although it was not the moon's fault, that I barely gave it a nod the next day when I glanced at it earlier in the eve- NOW THRU TUES. Open 1 p. m,, 50c 'Til 6 me in my tracks, which had been rather rapid. There was the same moon, draped with new jet trails, but the cobwebs were exciting colors and it was a gorgeous sight! This seemed to me to be a symbol of our national and personal lives, both of which have been speeded up without our wish, buto: necessity. I no longer hated he jets. I realized that we have a. need of the jets of realism and elf-investment, rather than wish- ul thinking, for personal and na- ionai survival. Suddenly I knew that the moon always will be in the sky, that the shining core of life always will be present, that personal and national integrity always are available, nit that we have to support them with & few trails of faith and work, >oth of which have a lovely afterglow! Tomonrcw: "Don't Panic- It isn't too late for Shopping Pian." (Released by The Register and ning. However, the scene stopped | and nation above his own personal interests and withdraw his name from those of possible senatorial candidates." The letter charged Butler's^ reluctance to announce his position "has been a hindrance to good government in Indiana." He said •to announce an obstacle fine young Americans who have an unselfish interest in their party, state and nation." Robb's union represents 31,000 ste-slworkers in Indiana. Butler has been mentioned prominently as a candidate for the Democratic nomination for the Senate seat which Republican Sen. William Jenner said he will vacate. three - year suspended sentence last month for killing Mrs. Naka } Sakai, 46, on Jan. 30. Hospital Notes ST. JOSEPH'S Admitted: Mrs. Vora Slusser, route :'., city; Ernest Delong, 200 _ T , , \1 CIAMT BOMBSHELLS BLAST THE SCREEN!] ATTACK! Aft torn HUM ANDREWS MARLON TERESA JACK BRANDO • WRIGHT-WEBB Tribune Syndicate, 1957) RACE DRIVER KILLED COSTA MESA, Calif. (UP)Stan Smith, 22, of Glendale, Calif., was killed Saturday when his sports car went out of control and overturned at the Orange County Fairgrounds, Smith was the third sports car driver killed in one week in Southern California. Dismissed: Joseph Brugh, 1113 2ast Market street; Mrs. Richard Cain and son, 812 West Wabash Kokomo Resident Is Wounded While Hunting in Cass Joseph P. McDuffie, Kokomo, is in the St. Joseph hospital in that city, recovering from a gunshot wound suffered Saturday afternoon, in a hunting accident near Walton in Cass county. McDuffie was accidentally struck above the left hip by a shotgun blast while hunting with two companions, i-t was reported. He was first taken to a doctor's office in Walton. Following emergency treatment, he was removed to the hospital. avenue MEMORIAL HOSPITAL Births: Mr. and Mrs. James jines, route 6, city, son. Admitted: Mrs. Pearl Buchanan, oute :t,.city: George Watkins, 1407 rVrighs street; David Graves, 1310 ligh street; Mrs. Pearl Spencer, 811 Grant street; David Hervey, 806 High street; Mrs. Agnes Ross, oute 6, city; Mrs. Ora Fry, Monticello. Dismissed: Mrs. Wilma Beck, Galvwton; Howard Cragan, 1918 j George street; Mrs. Ethel Bancy,' 13 East Market street; Miss Paricia Farrer, 856 Sherman street; ieorge Ross, 1104 Spear street; Josepi Smith, Cutler. TONIGHT and TUESDAY JEAN SIMMONS . PAW. DOUGLAS ANTHONY FRANCIOSA STARTING WEDNESDAY AFFAIR IN RENO JOHN UJND DORIS SINGLETON JOHN ARCHER KRESGE'S Has The Gifts "She'll Adore SWEATERS TURBO Hi Bulk 100% Orion $2.98 AM! $3.98 Soft Dainty Colors , White - Turquoise - Aqua - Red - Navy - Blue Neckline of Dainty Jeweled Flowers Short Sleeve Slipover Styles $2.96 Cardigan, Long Sleeve Styles $3.98 "Give Her An Assortment For School" OPEN THURSDAY FRI.&SAT. NIGHTS UNTIL 9 422 E. Broadway Cast Market. c , . sr- of 9 on Trial for Murder LIVERPOOL, England (UP)-A woman who has had 16 children faced trial today for murdering her husband with a carving knife. Mrs. Marie Farrel!, 47, was arrested here Sunday. She was charged with slaying her 54-year- old husband, Joseph, by stabbing him in the throat shortly before midnight Saturday. He was a shipyard laborer. Nine of Mrs. Farrell's children are living. 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