Daily News from New York, New York on October 28, 1960 · 167
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Daily News from New York, New York · 167

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Friday, October 28, 1960
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(ids Have It Made; Phoenix Curtain: 7:30 This is a bisr year for kid actors. In addition to those who are jrrowinjr out of their roles in holdover shows, additional youngsters are underfoot in incoming plays. In one. a 13-year-old boy shares star Behind the Wall." openine off-Broadway Monday, has a raft of chil-lren in preast paint. Yester day, Kot-trt Ad.er, 8, and Larry Provost, 12, were sipned for "All the Way Home," whose cast is htaded by Colleen Pewhurst, "The UnsinkaMe Molly Brown" ha two younj boys in the cast and the upcoreinj musical version of A Tre Grow in Brooklyn" is sieninsr children. The younp star -tar mentioned above is Eddie Ilodjre. who won plaudits in "The Muic Man." He co-stars with Henry Fonda in "Critic's Choice." There are others, but who wants to read so much about mere chil dren ? One Early Curtain Out of loyalty -to its sab writers, who voted two-to-one for a 7:30 P.M. curtain on Wednesdays, the Phoenix Theatre will nut chantre back to the 8:30 curtain, as did all the Broadway shows. The news from the road continues to be (rood. "Under the Yum Yum Tree" was ereeted warmly ir New Haven Wednesday, "Tne Unsinkable Molly Brown" is doing great in Phila- 1st Lady delphia, and "Camelot" opens in Boston tomorrow lor an engagement extending through Nov. 26, with every seat sold for every performance. Philadelphia gets another show tonight, with the opening of "Little Moon of Alban" at the Forrest. The play, which stars Julie Harris, is due here Dec. 1. "Hedda Gabler" will have a series of previews, starting next Thursday, prior to its opening at the Fourth St. Theatre, Nov. 9 . . . "The Tenth Man" plays its 400th performance tomorrow night. . . The new Tennessee Wil Hams' play, "Period of Adjust ment." will be published by New Directions ... A musical version of "Don Quixote" will be done off-Broadway by David Cogan. Words and Music John Letmans quartet joins Dorothy Donegan at the Embers Monday . . . Johnnie Ray opens at Basin Street East next Thurs day with the George Shearing quintet and Quincy Jones band. . . . Chief Bey and his Koyai Household will serve six months at the African Room. Cesare Sings Metropolitan Opera tenor Cesare Yalletti will perform tonight at Town Hall in his only recital of the season. He will be accompanied by pianist Leo Taubnian. AGVA Showcase The AGVA's second annual series of showcase shows featuring new talent opens Monday at the International Restaurant. . . . Teddy Phillips and his band open at Roseland Dance City Tuesday. 5' PM PATRICIA WILSON" is the wife and secretary of Fiorello l-iGuardia in the musical about the late mayor, "Fiorello!" at the Broauhurst Theatre. TONIGHT AT 8:30 5 SHOwsr"" tomo a 30 III! list ,3 1 '' -mm t f. v im ." fi Riyou C I-iaia TONIGHT I IS P.M.. i'Z MAI. IOM W 7:20 "A KEW KIND -T1MEU THEDeMILLE tnr Hal Mat Z'.mom Day iNo. (J irni. mmft Jill LOEWS STATE R DANCE SUN. AFT. STAN RUBIN SZI- THURS. FRI. SAT. SUN. (OoacilM from :1SI JOHNNY BUTLER'S Orch. It Doac load of l40i KAY HART CoMi.q November 4fc GLEN MILLER Orch. TUXEDO BALLROOM L 8Sth St & 3rd Ave, N.Y.C. T i DANCING IS FUN! At Ht la Marfim'qM fca utorfainiiiq MUSIC of CHICK MORRISON ad His MARTINIQUE! CarfcT LMi.f. 4 Neataarant Fatly Air Cat. : L4iM Fri. PM.Sun. 9:30 PM Aim, J!. 25 tax incL Saturday 9 PM Adm. $1.75 tax incl. IDA C. IECHER S 4 Sail --. .''. ' m 17, -" - :. ( ,1 BENNYE GATTEYS is one of the harassed residents of the Warsaw ghetto in "Behind the Wall," opening Monday at the Jan Hus Playhouse. Pope to Install 8 Mew Bishops Vatican City, Oct 27 (Special). Pope John will consecrate eight new bishops tomorrow, including two New York-born prelates, on the second anniversadry of his election as spiritual head of the world's half billion Catholics. The Americans are Msgr. Ed ward Swanstrom of Brooklyn, di rector of the relief service of the; North American Catholic Wel-i fare Conference, who recently j was appointed auxiliary bishop, to Cardinal Spellman, and Msgr.1 Joseph McGeough, apostolic dele- gate in South Africa. Both are 57. ' The Pope will conduct the consecration tomorrow in St. Peter's Basilica. The eight new bishops comprise five Italians, two Americans and one Brazilian. Not a GaPs Privilege Knsiresborough, England, Oct. 27 (UPI). Mrs. Gladys Butcher, 58, who appeared in court on a bigamy charge yesterday, was accused of taking 28 years off her age to wed again. The magistrate said: "A certain license is extended to ladies in matter of age. But 28 is a bit too much." SUN. OCT. 30th B KLYM ACAD 2 FULL CONCERTS 3 PM 1 1 PM Art D'Loqoff presents THE GENIUS OF si DAY CHARLES ft his qroot orch. TIX. MAIL ORDERS: $3.45. 1 90. 1H In Ottiea: litiyttt. 4 Atklaaa PI. 'klya, ST 3-C7M. In MVC: Villaaa Cat. IU TktapM St. Gil 1-312 Season Will End At Freedomland Freedomland, the 205-acre amusement park in the Bronx, will close for the winter Monday after wJiat its 1 of ficials called a "most successful" 101-day debut season. The park drew some V,i million persons since its opening on June 19. It plans to reopen about May 1. To the Met Joan Sutherland, Australian soprano, who scored at Covent Garden, has been signed to appear in Metrpolitan Opera productions next season. ySlTllVWM OPENS TUESDAY thru Tuesday No v. 8 Evenings 7:55 PM-Kats. Daily fnct.Sundaj Tues. Uinj fri, Z PM, Sat Sua, 1:30, Uon.1 Pat" INTERNATIONAUUMPINQ CONTESTS Canada Ireland Mexico Venezuela United States Hightiy & Tues. Thurs. fri Sun. MonVTues. Mats. Spectacular Events at all Performances fri. I Sal tp.s $1.50. 2. J3. $4. $5, JS. $7. $5, Other Er$.: $1.50. $2.50. $3. $4, $5. $6, $.. Hits.: $i.so, $2.50. $3.50. prices iu incu MAIL ORDERS PROMPTLY FILLED Add 25c per order for handling a mailing MADISON SQ. GARDEN 'Cousin' Opens "The 49th Cousin" opened last night at the Ambassador Theatre. John Chapman's review will ap-i pear in later editions. MAT. TOMORROW "IS THE WALL' A PLAY YOU SHOULD SEE? BY ALL MEANS." TAUBMAM. N.Y.Tlam ART D'LUGOFF presents A GREAT JAZZ CONCERT at HUNTER COLLEGE MAIN HALL 69 St. & Park Ave. FIRST N.Y. CONCERT APPEARANCE TOMORROW. SAT., OCT. 29th at 8:40 P. M. GERRY IViULLl GA AND HIS 13-PC. JAZZ CONCERT IAN0 TIX AND MAIL ORDERS: S3. 60. 3.4S. 2.90. 2.S0 VILLAGE GATE. 1S5 THOMPSON T ALL GIRLS 'i PRICE 1:30 9 9:38 X DANCE FRI. at f J : ALFREDITO : I Momb Cka Cka toad A a STIVE TREMBLY ORCH. ST. ROCCO'S CUb 20 ond ever An. ft 27tk S.. kly. Mml So. Mm St. Walk ! 27tk Pwf at At Riri 4 DANCl FRI. -I I SUN. J-ll I Joe Cuba I Charlie Palmed ? Sol. Kiaa Orck. I Sal Kiaa Orch. ROVELAN0 GARDENS Hi ST. NICHOLAS AVC. SHO0KLYH IV 1-M7-M BIUT ROSE Tim.. W. 41. Int. t it. Wl 1 5511 Theatre Dircclory "REMARKABLE . . ING HONESTY . LAUGHTER." PLOWRIGHT DONE WITH TOUCH. . FILLED WITH VfRV lau'-man. Timet AM.KI.A LANSBURY A TASTE OF HONEY 41, TDK m:w HIT VI V LYCEUM THEA.. 45 St. E. t B y. 1U J-JM7 All Ei. t M; Matu TOM'W 2:39. VEO. 2 "Civilized Joy."-?- ruxF0RD rEUCTCASS A THURBER CARNIVAL 4a.llh iMt.S THIKBKK him-Hf ANTA Ta.. 24$ Wnl $24 SL Cir. 2; All Etl. at C; Matt. Twa'w :. W4. X "Brilliant!" An evening with mike nichols and elaine may GOLDEN Tkaa., i St. W. af . CH-. 4-S744 in. at N .a: TO M p M. WED. 2 PM "EXCITING. STIMULATING. FULL-BLOODED Tlnalr." Cnlrmitn. Xftr. LAURLNCE ANTHONY OUV1ER QU1NN " RECKET ST. JAMES THEA, 44 St. W. al B y. LA 4-464 All Ev. I N akara; Mtl. TOM'W 2 J. WED. 2 f YE2I CUJB l ' ( NO DANCE TONIGHT 1 Daaaiaf will ka i .i 4 avt Friday I COTILLION TERRACE J: 71 SK & U AVE.. BROOKLYN f 1 BTtawntEa4 71 St. Si. La4 a "Fresh & Welcome!" RYE BYE BIRDIE U TBB NEW MISICAL HIT J4TH ST. THEA, 152 W. M SL JU t-S787 AH Em. It 130: Milt. Ti i 230. W4. I "Jack. Lemmon Superlative I" Mrf'leun. Jour-JLmfr. JACK LEMMON AT T?T"RT JWFll KFOBfiF DEKkER DONALD CRI2ZARD CACE OF A HERO 1 Kl GKNF. OM U L. W.49t. 16-HH7D Er. at $ SO: Miti. Taai' 2 A Wa4. 2 JO iOML HEAT Avat'-Mr tor Sov. 4 Dec. BEST MUSICAL PULITZER. CRITICS A TONY AWARDS L7IORELLO! 1 THE SFW XI Sli AL t ftMF.DT t.VA"fl BnOADHURST. 235 W. 44t St Cir. btss All . at Mata. Taat'w tM. Wd. 2 f 4 - Theatre Directory 4 4 "Season's Best r-";0" o ETHEL MERMAN a Y P S Y THK MI SlrAI. HIT IMPERIAL. 249 Waat 451k St. CO S-2412 All Eat. at 130; Matt. TOM'W 2 JO. Wa4. 2 n T ft CL,m SEATS NOW THE THEATRE GUILD presents CELESTE HOLM " INVITATION TO A MARCH l A A'u Comeiv hv ARTHUR LAURENTS tr,lh EILEEN HECK ART MADELEINE SHERWOOD RICHARD DERR JANE FONDA an4 JAMES MacARTHUR Pirrrted 6 MR. LAURENTS MUSIC BOX Thaa.. 23 W. 43 St. Cir. S-4C3S "Lusty, vigorous comedy-drama!" Z BRENDAN BEHAN'S 1 HE HOSTAGE CORT THEATRE. 13 W. 4 St. Cir. S-428 All Evi. at t:30; Matt. Taai'v 2:30. Wad. 2 Moon Nav. 14 to Barrymara. W. 47. Sati Ham BEST PLAY 1960 Vw0d" THE 1 PLAY ANNE BANCROFT PATTY DUKE MIRACLE WORKER "A SOCKO SUCCESS . . . VIVE LE SHOW." McClnin Jrnl Jmrr ELIZABETH SEAL KEITH MICHELL LA DOUCE THE NKW Mt'SICAL HIT PLYMOUTH THEA.. 2J W. 4 St. Cir. f-tlSt All Etta, at J Mala. TOM W 2 JO. WED. 2 IRMA 1 THI BEST MUSICAL DRAMA rKITKS' riRri r. AWARD 19S9 f ROBERT DHERY La plume nv ROY ALE Thaa.. 242 W. 4itk St. Cir. 4-57M All Eii. at :30 Mata. TOM W 2M. WED. 2 SKATS OW AVAII-ABTE MICHAEL PAMELA ALLLNSON CHARLES MY FAIR LADY WORLD'S GREATEST MISK'AL ROSALK HXn MKI.V1LI.K ((KiVKR M ARK HH l l(.FK.5l St. W. of B way Eaa. ft t-W; Mata. Ta 2 JO & Wa4. 2iiO "A MI SICAL BONANZA." Ht'rmeek M AM I K WII.I.IAM HI, U N PILXIEON BENDIX HERUE TAKE 2vIE ALONG A THK MI SK AL HTT 8HUBERT. W. 44. Cir. (-MM All Eva., at tJO; Mata. TOM'W 230. WED. 2 "RIP-KOAKINU. WHOPPKK fr A MysK.l."Aitm.W.Itl. MAURICE EVANS 1 ENDERLOIN StiaeH bm (.EOR'.K ABBOTT 4CTH STREET Taaa 22 W. St. Cir. 4-4271 AH Evaa. at 134: Mata. Taa'w 2 JO. Wat 2 A TRIUMPHI" A ItiiMM A" T T,me MEI.V1N I EE KRK DOUGLAS- TRACY LOVEJOY THE BEST MAN 1 MOROSCO.W.45.Mat.Tam'w.We4.Cir.S-23S PLAYHOUSE Thaa.. 13 W.48 St.Cir.S-bOSB Evaa. t M. Mata. T.ai'w 2:30. Wa4. 2 P. M. SEATS NOW AVAILABLE T AMERICA'S HAPPIEST MUSICALI HE MUSIC MAN btarrmg BLRT PARKS ROADWAY. W. S3. Miti.TaWw.Wa4.Ctr.7-79 t.OlMSATI(NAL! A HIT!" WiHchell T MARY MARTIN 1 HE SOUND OF MUSIC AWAftn WI.MSO MVSIVAL BY R0DGERS & HAMMERSTEIN UNDSAY&CROUSE also irtmij THEOIXIKE BIKEL I IM-EO.NTANNK. 46th St W. of B'wy Eaa. ap. Mata. T.m'w 2:30. Wad. 2 rOO Sharp 'Arraattnt. lataf iaativa, Raiaaiitia.' Watt. Pott PADDY CHAYEFSKY'S Comedy Hit THE TENTH MAN Tlirrrted bw TYRONE 6UTHRIE BOOTH . W. 4j. Mata. TaaTar A Wa4. Cir. S-59M "UNFORGETT ABLET T.FOSARn I.YOSS T "MAGNIFICENT!" LEWIS. Cut HE WALL nrrin, t.EORUK C. SCOTT. Y VOWF MTTt REM. Bll I V RUSK. W. 41. Evaa. 8:30. Mat. TOM W BEST PLAY 11MJO fMTlrS' AW A fin JASON" MAI'REEN IRENK R0BARDS Jr. STAPLET0N 10RTH Tin I.II.LIAN" HK.I. I.MAN'S Xrw Play OYS IN THE ATTIC HUDSON. W. 44. Mata. Toai'w A Wrt.JU 4 2257 SEATS NOW at Box Office Frtdarick Br Imp. 1 Ruir I. Stmni present A NEW COMEDY t tnder the YUM-YUM TREE N-' b UWUKNCB ROMAH GIG SANDRA ttarring YOUNG CHURCH " Mreeted JOSEPH ANTHONY Opens Wed. Evg., Nov. 16 HENRY MILLERS Tk 124 W. 4St. BR 9-3970 Mra"h,SKULNIK M,rthm SCOTT nr i.V A SEW C0VEDT 1 HE '49th COUSIN AMBASSA00R TH.. 2IS W. 4 St. CO S-I&53 All Et. t 4:40: Matt. T.ai'w 2:40. Wt4. 2 1.308 lb l'EKKIKM ANt'E TIIVII.HT 2 873 735 rr.n.K ant SIDE STORY THK MTSH AI. SMASH HIT ALVIN THEA.. 250 W. 52 na St. Cir. S-S27S All Evft. at :J9: Mata. Tan'at 2:30. Wad. 2 Goad Sent AvkIoW AH Prrfnrrrwnrei . WEST VV THK M

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