Neodesha Daily Register from Neodesha, Kansas on January 20, 1903 · 1
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Neodesha Daily Register from Neodesha, Kansas · 1

Neodesha, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 20, 1903
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1 frntu) Published in the Heart of the Natural Gas and Oil Belt. Population: 8,000, and Still Growing. Vol, 1, No, 68, NEODESHA, KANSAS, TUESDAY EVENING, JANUARY 20, 1903, 10c a Week, . . i , i . " i 7 That Missouri Pacific Crossing. Judge Stilwellbas taken the Missouri Pacific road crossing case north of town under advisement, It is eared this will delay the matter a long time though it may not. The public would ike to have the matter settled speedily as it is one of the maiu roads and in its present condition absolutely impat-s. able. Henry Dooley the road overseer out there wants to know if the company can't be made to suffer for blockading the public highway. It seems reasonable. An individual who dared to doit would find himself in hot water quick. Carnaveaux Is All Right. Carnaveaux, mind reader and hypnotist, had a large audience at the theater last night and that he pleased it could have been told by anybody within half a mile. There are really few hypnotic feats that have not been shown everywhere but they are always interesting and funny. It is in mind reading that Carnaveaux shines. His feats in that are indisputable. There is nothing slow about bis performance either, everything is "gingery" from start to finish. Church Street Improvements. All the street crossings recently ordered by the council on Church street have been put in by Street Commissioner Fred Welser and he reports that the sidewalks are also ready to put in. This will make Church street one of the good residence streets. Mind Reading Hard Worh.. Maybe you think a mind reader isn't under an intense nervous strain while he is at work. After h'u blindfol 1 drive at top speed Dr. Moorehead ' took Carnaveaux s pulse. 4.t wag 150. The normal pulse is from 70 to 80, The bank of Toronto has been closed by reason of poor collectios and an unexpected run. Woodson county had $!),Q00 on deposit thero but i amply secured. ifiiHtfriHfrHiifriH, jHH"Hi fr I 7 X t f V T T Y f 1 1 Model Steam Laundry . AL. GRADER, Manager. Regular Wash days, Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, Have Laundry Ready Monday Morning- If Possible, " Call up Phone OneFortyFour And soon the wagon will be at your door, Family washings Tuesdays and Thursdays at 3c per pound rough dry with minimum of 50c. CASH ON DELIVERY, . A Best and Cheapest in the Market Every Sack Fully Bring YourQ Corn to the Mill, We are Paying the Highest Mar ket Price, 4 J LAND MILLING CO. About Opportunity. Opportunity knocks at the doors of towns just as Ingalls says it does at the doors of men. In 1809 the 8,000 people of Kansos City subscribed $00,- 000 to induce the Hannibal & St. Joe railroad to build to that town and bridge the Missouri, l ather than go to Leavenworth, then a city of 15,000 people. The bridge was built and Kansas City began advancing while Leavenworth steadily lost ground. And had there been a few town knockers on hand in 1809 they would haye killed Kansas City dead. Bingaman Is Building. J. A. Bingaman has begun tha erect ion of a residence on the east side of Fourth street just south of S. H. Sny der's. It will be a handsome one and will cost about $2,000. O. L. Hays has the contract. Old Oil Well Flowing. The Light, of Sapulpa, says that the oil well in the south part of that city has grown weary of lack of attention. After resting undisturbed for several months, the well is again brought into prominence by a stream of oil flowing from its mouth. The new develope- ment was first noticed last week. J. F. Ejan, who lives near, saw some boys gathered about the well, and going over, found that the hole was de veloping into a flowing well. It will be remembered that the expert who "shot" the well claimed that it would make a forty-barrell a day well, and indications are that he did not over estimate it. COMING TO OPERA HOUSE January 19, 20, 21 Carnaveaux, notist and mind reader. hyp. Tuesday, February 3 Milton Comedy company. For Rent. 9-room house, bam and 13 lots.-' Taylor and Wilson, i Carnaveaux tonight. i$4HHHfrllHlHHHHHfr "I' 'fr H"f"Sl kAAAAA Guaranteed, J? Devil Scared Chanute Woman The Chanute Sun te lls a story of how a woman of that town was nearly frightened out of her wits. She was at her home and wanted to talk to a friend, but in some way the Sun office was called up instead and everybody else being busy the printshop "devil" answered the 'phone. The young man responded with alacrity, and "Hollowed" back an an swer to the challenge from the other end of the line. It was a woman's voice which spoke and she asked: "Is Mr. Mumble-rubble there?" "Mr. who?" the youth interrogated. "Who is this?" came back the Yan kee response. "This is the deyil," the3 young man informed her. A feminine shriek came back over the wire, and just as the 'woman rang off, he heard her say: "Oh my good ness gracious! they've given me the wrong number." "i : NEWS NOTES p NEIGHBOR "Missouri," say a number of country weeklies, which use syndicate editorials, "is about to lose her Vest We hope she will be able to keep her shirt on." The Lanyon Zinc company at Iola has just bought up 855,000 worth of zinc on the the theory that the coal famine will stop mininc. It bousrht 1,500 tons. Independence is "circulating petl tions" asking the Missouri Pacific and Santa Fe to build new depots there. A petition to build a new depot was never known to fail. An old man in Mankalo threw his pipe away iNew Year's day. "I've smoked going on fifty yers," he said, "and I'm afraid if I keep it up much longer I'll get in the habit." A boiler used in di illing a gas well at Cofl'eyville exploded one day last week. xnia would nave been goja fci a "gas gusher" scare head at Chanute and a telegram to the big papers. The two Qswego boys who shot at each other in a quarrel over a girl should be locked in a room, given horse syringes and plenty of water and made to fight it out to the bitter end. A year or so ago C. F. Degeof Coffey- ville was arrested for stealing silk from Wells Bros', store, He was cleared in the trial and now is about to sue for $35 000 damages, which if he gets it will buy a lot of silk. J. W. Travis has been arrested for burning the Santa Fe depot at Toronto, The company . is out 8900 that Travis says he left in the depot. Travis used to be agent at Benedict but the people there asked his removal because they thought he handled express liquor too freely. George Taylor, the thirteen-year-old son pi Sheriff Taylor of Chautauqua county, was caught in a tumbling rod of a horse power wood saw, one day last week and whirled over it near a hundred times. His arm was broken in two places and he was bruised con siderably, Concordia telephone girls say a Solomon farmer talked over the langdi& tance 'phone and started home. Two miles out of town he remembered that he had forgotten to ring off and drove all the way back to do so, under the impression that nobody could talk un til he did. A bill has been introduced iq the legislature to permit Neosho county to build a court house at Erie. Chanute thinks they ought to either have the court house or at least to have half of of the sessions of court, For that reason there is a feeling that Chanute will be opposed to the proposition. "Ueah Mister Officer, is a box dat 1 foun' down yondeh, dat's got a mighty fine sparklah in it which I spects some some fine lady is wonderin' about." These were the words .of Rufui Bur gess, an honest old colored man of Iola, as he handed a $75 diamend to a police' man Thursday. That old man is lay ing up treasure, worth far more than diamonds. Iola Register: Erie has sprung the county seat matter at the moment when Chanute is wild to have the county vote bonds for a Chanute rail road. Erie stands pat and says: You Chanute folks vote a new courthouse at Erie and we will vote for your bonds. Chanute nas asked for time to think it over, as aha wtoit rollxtfad Stop Pohing Fun. It might almost be feared from the below clipping that the Iola papers are inclined to poke fun at Neodesha's Prof. Britts. The Register says: Brazillai B. Britz is going to speak tonight at the court house. He has an idea. It is a great one. By a clever device he starts an engine going. The engine compresses air in a cylinder. The compressed air runs the engine and the engine keeps compressing more air. There you have perpetual motion. Simple, isn't it. Barzillai, like the true philosopher he is, has a mysterious way about him. He is not like the ordinary man. When he talks he stutters. What he says is not within the understanding of ordinary mind' But tonight he promises to take all those present into his confidence. It is a great opportunity, and he charges no admission." He hails from Neodesha. this should not be charged against him. lie left as soon as he could. And the Record says: Porf. Brazillai B. Britz, the "forerunner of the new dispensation" as he styles himself,sasy that he has about the best flying machine that has ever come over. All he lacks is a paltry $200 to make the machine work and "make the world as happy as it was in the Garden of Eden, before the fall," he explains. Isn't it shame that some rich man who is trying to betterjconditions shouldn't get into communication with the proffessot1 at once. He will tell vou all about it at the court house tonight. There will be no charge. Wanted to Be Fireman. Engineer Frank Sidener, of the Frisco, was standing on a sidetrack with his train, savs the Fort Scott Monitor, when the engine was approached by a rustic in dilapidated apparel and bullhide boots. Climbing awkwardly onto the footboard, the rustic asked the engineer if there was any chance to get a job at firing. "Did you ever fire an engine?" asked Sidenir with a wink at his own fire man. "Oh, yes," replied the farmer cheer fully, "I fired a threshing machine en gine one summer and sometimes we threshed 1,000 bushel of wheat a day." "All right," said Sidener, "what we want is experienced men like you, and we'll give you a job most any time." "Is that glass in them windows just common glass, or does they magnily things?" asked the farmer, as he looked over the big machine with open-mouthed wonder. "Oh, you can see a pin on the track 300 yards away through that glass," responded Sidener. "Is that the bucket you use to put water in the boiler with? " asked the A FEW GROCERY PRICES 3 pounds Nice Dried Peaches 25c 6 pounds Nice Prunes '. ...25c 3 pounds Raisins ,..25c 2 pounds Dried Pears. 35c Nice Apricots, per pound lc California Tomatoes, per can Wo 4 cans String Beans .....25c 3 cans Corn 3,c 2 cans California Apricots 25c California Plums, per can .....10c 2 cans Pears 950 Half barrel Kraut $3-50 White Loaf Flour, per sack. ,.$1.10 Martinson AT SPERRY'S g Dry Raspberries - - Dry Pitted Plums - Dry Teaches 2 pounds Dry Pitted Cherries - A, N. farmer, pointing to the water bucket on the tank head. "Yep," said Sidener, "And we'll give you a job filling her up when we are ready to pull out." "All right," replied the farmer. "That's my credentials," he continued, handing over a Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineer card, which showed that he had pulled a passenger train on one of the big trunk lines for about twenty years. And nothing was said on that engine for the next two hours as she pounded along with a string of freight cars behind her. But when the round house was sighted that night, the fireman got out of range of missiles and remarked: "Say, Bill, we're h 1 on playing suckers, ain't we? " Ottawa's Sensation. Kansas City Journal: A sensation of an unusual kind is reported by the Ottawa naners. The comely wife of George Blue, section foreman for the Missouri Pacific, went away from her home in company with a man wno drove her to a railroad station and put her on the cars. The next morning George Blue appeared at the court house and asked for a warrant for the arrest of Dr. Henry B. Johnson, a well known physician of Pomona, alleging that the doctor had eloped with Mrs. Blue. The story told by Blue was to the effect that some months ago Dr. Johnson operated on Mrs. Blue for appendicitis, and that ever since there had been frequent meetings between the pair. The other side of the story is that Blue treated his young wife cuelly, and that Dr. Johnson had maintained no other relations with her than those of friend and adviser., While Blue was urging the officers to go in pursuit of the flying couple, a reporter for the Herald called Dr. Johnson up on the telephone and found that he was about as usual. When questioned with respect to the to the disappearance of Mrs. Blue, he authorized the reporter to publish the following statement: "Mrs. Blue has left home. I knew of her going and furnished her money to go with. I know where she is now. I acted out of sympathy, to help ner escape her husband's cruel treatment, after she had appealed to me as a friend. I have no other connection with the affair." ' It is not generally known that Caney has an oil well. It is located east of the gas well and flows about three barrels of oil a day. It is owned by the gas and brick company, who use the oil in the making of brick. The company expects to "shoot" the well sometime in the near future, when, no doubt, the oil will "gush into the air over the top of the derrick." At least the company expects a ten barrel a day well. & Nattier. ft 35c 15c 15c 20c Crackers, pound -Early June Peas, 3 cans -Lemons, per dozen - - - SPERRY. . 05c 25 10 d i iniuK it over, as se fWWWWVWlrt 1 ana cuuntjr tod.

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