Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on December 12, 1957 · Page 24
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 24

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 12, 1957
Page 24
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Twenty-four Logansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribune American Family Menu roast of beef, gravy, grated horseradish, roasted potatoes, creamed spinach, buttered young carrots, assorted rolls, butter or margarine, hearts of artichoke, salad, cornucopia mince pie, cheese, cof- —I fee, tea, milk. Many readers have asked tori festive ways of serving dessert coffee during the Christmas sea-| 1 canapes, cranberry glazed broiled chicken, parsley potato balls, green beans with almonds, white onions, soft rolls, butter or margarine, romaine salad, oil and lemon juice dressing, prune pie with cream cheese topping,^ cafe royale, assorted nufs, tea, milk. POUT son. Probably two of the most 1 lui...:- :_ n - U/irh famous methods are these using MUSICIGnS VVirn cognac brandy from France. ;| p ij. Concert Units Cafe Royale: Place a spoon with; Four students from Logansport a lump of sugar in it across the have been assigned- to concert coffee cup. Douse in cognac. Let: units organized within Indiana the spoon warm for a few sec-iUniversity.'s Department of Bands. onds. Ignite! As the sugar sizzles] The units _ Concert Band, Sym- HORN OF PLENTY, traditional symbol of abundance, is a fit- tine crown for this Christmas mince pie. The recipe is simple. By GAYNOR MADDOX, NEA Food and Markets Editor Easy to make, a Christmas cornucopia mince pie brings the gala family dinner to a traditional good cheer close. Even the beginner cook can be sure with these simple to do recipes. Cornucopia Mince Pic One 9-ounce package condensed mince meat, 1 to 3 tablespoons sugar, I recipe pastry or pie crust mix. Break mince meat into small pieces; add water and sugar. Place over heat and stir until lumps are thoroughly broken. Boil ' briskly for one minute. Cool. Line an 8-inch pie plate with pastry. Fill with mince meat mixture. Bake in hot oven (425 degrees F.) 30 minutes or until golden brown. Place baked pastry cornucopia in center of pie and fill with mince meat and brightly colored candied fruits. For variety, sprinkle pie crust with finely chopped nuts or grated cheese, after it is patted out ready to roll. Tten roll as usual. Cornucopia: Wind twisted strip mince pie for' holiday or party dinners, bake in a 9-inch pie plate, with a lower crust only, and pastry decorations on top. The usual package of pie crust mix, or one recipe of your oivn pie crust, will be enough for this size pie. To augment the 9-ounce condensed package of mince meat, add diced apples or canned apricots. Here's the recipe: One 9-ounce package condensed mince meat, l j /z cups water, 3 tablespoons sugar, IVz cup's- <J:.ced apples .or canned apricot halves, 1 recipe pastry. Break condensed mince meat into small pieces. Add water and sugar. Place over heat and stir until all lumps are t.horoujjhly broken. Boil briskly for one minute. Cool. Add apricots or apjvles. Lire a 9-inch pie plate with pastry and flute around edge. Fill with mince mixture. Cut remaining pie crust into one-inch strip and twist lightly into rcpe. Ar- Lhe cognac will give off a pleasant blue flame! Slide it all into the coffee. Cafe Chantilly: black coffee add To a cup of 3/2 ounce of cognac" Float a teaspoon of whipped cream on top. Another festive item: cranberry glazed broiled chicken from ex- Georgetown, Dalware, the Delmawa poultry perts in center of raising area. Cranberry-Glnzcd Broiled Chicken (Makes 1 servings) Two ready-to-cook chickens, 2 to : phonic Band (wind ensemble) and the Varsity Band — are made up Deaths in News By UNITED PRESS NEW YORK—Malcolm L. Pearson, 47, Broadway theatrical producer, died Wednesday at Columbia - Presbyterian Medical Center after a brief illness. He lived in Mount Kisco, N. Y. Pearson's biggest Broadway success was "Season In The Sun", a production of the 1950 season.' tor Co. Telephone Co., died Wednesday at Providence Hospital. He was a member of the Detroit Board of Commerce and the Engineering Society of America. WINDSOR, Ont. - Prof. Ernest Wilby, a noted architect and originator of the concrete pier and' rj e t ro jt Sp0 rts steel sash type of industrial build-: ing, died Wednesday at his home, i Wilby, 89, who taught for six years at the University of Michigan, . Thursday Evening, December 12, 193T. oversaw construction of the De-i troit News Building and the CHURCH' CROUP MEKTS The Methodist Men of the Main land Park plant of tlie Ford Mo- Street Methodist Church heard Paul Flowers, lay leader of -the Wabash District of the Methodist Church at their dinner meeting DEROIT — James Zerilli, 53,i Ww j nes( jay evening. President vritcr whose news-!Raymond Henry presided at the :n the Motor City ; meeting, spanned 35 years, died Wednesday after a long illness. ' WASHINGTON—Frank C. Nash, 47, a former assistant Secretary of Defense, died of a heart attack at his nome here V/ednesday. He was a Washington attorney. Nash was named assistant to the Secretary of select personnel from the : of Defense in charge of the Mu"Marching Hundred" and its counterpart, the women and graduate students' WAGS Band, and other music and non-music majors. Programs presented .by these groups during the winter and spring months feature the best in concert bank works. The Symphonic Band will make its first appearance Sunday Jan. 2, and the Concert Band Sunday, March 16. No opening date has been set J. Wv 1COUJ tv-^vw" <-••.- 1 ... ,, _ r ., _ , v, pounds, split in half, melted j for tne Varsity Band, butter or margarine, 1 teaspoon T " <"'''""- "> M - ~ salt, % teaspoon pepper, 1 . cup In addition to the campus, radio and television programs, the strained or whole cranberry sauce,(Symphonic,Band schedules concert a"J,Ltlt «*-"«• _!• 1. 4-nnito flinnnrrliilllf f Vi n pfnfn cup fresh grated horseradish, 2 teaspoons salt, 2 teaspoons grat-! ed lemon rind. _ Place chicken halves in bottom of broiling pan, not on rack. Brush thoroughly with melted' butter or margarine. Season with the 1 teaspoon of salt and \i teaspoon of pepper. Flatten halves, skin side down, in pan.- Place pan in broiler so that surface of chicken is 6-9 inches from heat. .Broil slowly for 25-30 minutes, basting several times with fat. Turn chicken skin side up and broil 20-25 minutes longer, basting several times, until chicken is done. (When done, drumstick should twist out o. thi»h joint readily without darn- age to skin.) Prepare sauce by crushing cranberry sauce with ,a fork then blending in remaining rl«e¥epecru S tropec : ar e! :ully ingredients. Spread sauce over ™ ?™ of mince meat in a s.roll' skin-side surface of chicken . Reon top of mince meat in a s or whorl design. Bake in hot c-vcn (450 degrees F.) 30 minutes, or until crust is golden brown. tual Defense Assistance Program in 1951 and became assistant Secretary of Defense in 1953, serving until 1954. ATLANTIC CITY, N. J. — John Card of Thanks We wish' to express our sincere thanks to the Fry and Lange funeral home, pall bearers, Mrs. Anita Knarr, Ruth Decker, Rev. Frederick Sears, Rev. Wm. Cooper, ladies auxiliary of the Star City Christian church and neighbors for the fine food. The Star City Christian church WSCS of the Thornhope church, Oscar Strausser, Bonnell Flower Shop, and neighbors, friends 'and relatives for iRead the Classified Ads their many acts of during International Association of Firefighters, died here Tuesday night after suffering a heart attack. He lived in Silver Spring, Md. I loved Mother. DETROIT—Waldorf T^ Kirk, 60, secretary of the Michigan Bell Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Conn and Family Mr. and Mrs. Donald Conn Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Nickles and Family tours throughout the state. Logansport students and their; assignments are: Charles Lybrook, 400 Montgomery, Varsity Band; Kent Frey, R. R. 4, Symphonic; Robert Parente, 924 Erie Ave., Concert; and Harry Fouts, 84 21st St., Concert. Christmas Trees Electric Light Bills Due the 1st. Penalty added.after De-i3 comber 15lh. of pie crust around an aluminum! christmas Dinner; Ripe and foil form. Bake separately from-l CTreen o]ives ce l e ry, radishes, rib pie and lay on top when pie. is ° — — •baked. To make the mould, .iust make a cornucopia of a triangle of aluminum foil, about four in-h- cs in measurement along the two short sides. Twist the pointed end to hold in shape. Company Pic: For an extra big turn to broiler for about 5 minutes, until sauce is hot and bubbly. Serve on a hot platter garnished .... orange slices and mint. Christmas Dinner: Chicken livel with Free Estimates On Aluminum STORM WINDOWS ROSS REID ROOFING CO. 217.5th St. Phon. 33BS PLANNING A HOLIDAY PARTY? Make it a DINNER PARTY Please malt* reservation* now whil our daft book. still have a fow openings In PHONE 59B7 Menu of Your Chllico-Tables Christmas Decorated Dykemain's Restaurant US Highway 14 at W«l Broadway PRICES GOOD FRIDAY AND SATURDAY AZLEV CASH MARKED A CHOICE i.fi.BJIJj|.|.LIIJ.lllSATISFKcFpli FRESH COAST 1410 Broadway GUARANTEED Oysters 69c 12 oz. carton BAZLEYS U. S. GRADED BABY BEEF ROUND SIRLOIN T-BONE SWISS STEAK 65 C TENDER RIB STEAKS LB. FILL YOUR FREEZER AT THESE LOW PRICES LB. Ground Beef SAUSAGE BACON Bazley Quality Bazley'! Pan Style lean .00 LBS. JUNEDALE , BRAND Reasons they are better, - Select Quality. Completely Shankless. Better Trimmed. Ready to Eat. HAMS Shankless HALF 43 C LB. CENTER SLICED HA M 95c POUND WE BAKE AND SLICE HAMS TO ORDER • New Store Hours ,OPiN FRIDAY TILL 9 p. m. 5S5S* 6p.m. CHEESE VEAL STEAK LOIN PORK ROAST CLOVEIRLA'NE MftD BEST SHOULDER LOIN END 49 C PORK CHOPS CENTER RIB LB. 59c LEAVE YOUR ORDER NOW FOR CHRISTMAS TURKEYS Fresh Turkeys Elkins choice Broad Breasted Bronze, oven ready, delivered. 40712 BEAUTIFUL SCOTCH & RED PINE ALL SJZES - ALL SHAPES Up to 7 ft. 'tall. Hundreds to choose from. 1st group odd size $1.25 2nd group odd size $1.75 Perfect Trees all sizes . .$2.50, $3.50 Ben Hur Motel NOTICE.... Pharos-Tribune & Press DISPLAY ADVERTISING DEADLINES: HALF-PAGE ADS OR LARGER-NOON TWO DAYS BEFOR:E PUBLICATION All Other Ads-36 Hours Before Publication. SUNDAY DEADLINE. Quarter-page ads or larger- Noon Friday; all other ads—5 p.m. Friday. COLOR: 4 Days In Advance Yaur cooperation and assistance in adhering to these deadlines will help us give YOUR ad tho expert workmanship it deserves. GOLDEN MAID Hens 53c Toms 45c Lb... Lb. GOLD MEDAL FLOUR 25 £. $1.89 U. S, NO. 1 POTATOES 10 ,35c CALIFORNIA SUNKI'ST NAVAL ORANGES «43c JONATHAN APPLES <^$2.29 PIRM-YELLOW-RIPE BANANAS , lOc FROZEN—4 IN BOX Apple Dumplings ,,,S9c ORDER YOUR CHRISTMAS BASKETS NOW! OLEO RAY'S EGG NOG KRAFTS-AMERICAN, PI Slice Cheese KRAFT'S CHEESE FOOD Velveeta 2 Lbs. Quart Carton KRAFTS-AMERICAN, PIMENTO - DE LUXE Vi Ib. Pkg. Ik. Box 43* 56 35* 83* MORRELL PRIDE U. S, D. A. CHOICE GOV'T. GRADED SMOKED PICNICS ARMOUR STAR SLICED BACON U. S. D. A. CHOICE GC RIB BOIL YELLOW CREEK SMOKED SAUSAGE FRESH-^LEAN-ALL BEEF GROUND BEEF REAOY TO EAT Lb. FINE FOR SEASON Lb. Pkg. Lb. Lb. 39* 63* 19* 59* 3 ORDER YOUR CHRISTMAS HAMS AND POULTRY NOW! VAN CAMPS PORK & BEANS DEL MONTE GREEN BEANS DEL MONTE WHOLE KERNEL CORN STOKELY'S Cranberry Sauce HART &RADN FREESTONE PEACHES 4 N - c r49c 4 N °i85c 2 N >c*°.29c 2 N ° c r,35c Halves or Sliced 5 -2: $1.00 KRAFTS' JELLIES AND PRESERVES (Limit Supply) llr 10 01. jar *"• Grape Jelly Apple Jelly Black Raspberry Preserves Strawberry Preserves 10 oz. [ar 12 oz. jar 12 oz. [ar 21c 33c 33c KIRK'S CASTILE SOAP 2 E , r , 23c MILROY PUMPKIN No. 2V4 Cans 29c PITTED DATES SUNMAFD SEEDLESS RAISINS SHELLED PECANS FIGS 2u,s. 59c 2u,s 49c Lb.Pkg. $1.19 47c DIAMOND ENGLISH WALNUTS Lb. Pkg. 59c FRESH OYSTERS SOUD PACK PINT 89c OPEN Mon., Tues., Wed., Thurs., Til 6 p. m. Friday and Saturday 'Til 9:30 p. m. WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO LIMIT QUANTITIES BDLLEI & FARRER 201 205 BURLINGTON AVE. LOGANSPORT LAVA SOAP Reg. Size 2 Bar, 25C ZEST Reg. Si:t« 2 Ea, SlC Bar ZEST Bath Size 23c IVORY FLAKES Lg. Box OOC

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