Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on December 12, 1957 · Page 15
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 15

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 12, 1957
Page 15
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Thursday Evening, December 12, 1957. Josephine Lowmon Hair Distorted Beneath Skin Causes Electrolysis to Fail Creams can never increase the production of hair. This is the last of a series of articles I have published this week about superfluous hair. There are so many conflicting statements concerning it that I felt it would be helpful to offer authoritative information. With this in mind, I had. a long talk with Mr. Garo Artinian, Director ot the Kree Institute in New York. I receive a great many letters from women saying that they had electrolysis treatments but the hair grew back again, others want to know if this can happen. I took' this question to Mr. Artinian who. is not only an expert in his field but an extremely ethincal one. He said, "In ordinary circumstances the hair cannot grow back because the papilla which nourished it is destroyed. However, women must understand that if the hair has been tampered with, as in tweezing, it may be distorted beneath the skin surface. In such instances five to 15 hairs out of a hundred may return." Straight from Tip to Root A hair is usually straight from i;s tip to its root, where it reaches the papilla. Sometimes tweezing causes the hair to curve under the skin as it approaches the papilla. Fortunately the first electrolysis treatment tends to straighten this so that the operator can reach the papilla on the second attempt. Anyway, the percentage of hair which will grow out again is extremely small. Many times women sincerely believe that the hair which was removed by electrolysis has grown back because entirely new hairs sprout or because in tweezing them before the treatment they had broken the hair off at the surface of the skin. This often happens. Superflous hair is due to hereidty and to the endocrine glands. The glandular setup changes as middle life and new hair patterns may appear. Shaving and cosmetic wax are essentially the same because they remove the whole hair, the tweezers one at a time and the wax en masse. Shaving and depilatories are similar- because they remove only that part of the hair above the surface of the skin. Naturally when hair is removed by shaving or a depilatory the process must be repeated mor« frequently. I asked Mr. Artinian if creams of any sort can stimulate the growth! of hair. He replied, "Creams can! never increase the production of hair because hair gets its nourishment from the blood stream only. It is possible that the massage wliich goes along with the cream may have some influence, Any form of outside stimulation may have this effect i ( the woman has a TENDENCY in this direction." He then gave me one example of this. A woman t.e knew had taken a long motorcycle trip and had acquired a whole crop of new, super- flous hair because of the stimulation of the wind on the hair. AFL-CIO to Demand Wage Hikes in 1958 Delegates Turn Down Wage-freeze Plan At Convention ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. (UP)— The AFL-CIO today demanded wage increases next year to bolster "inadequate consumer buying power and restore needed national ecpnomic growth." • Delegatest o the AFL-CIO convention rejected wage-freeze proposals and said labor did not see any need now to extend the 40- hour week. They applauded United . Auto Workers' President Walter Reuther, who said AFL-CIO unions have a "responsibility" not to "start a retreat" at the bargaining table next year. There was no dissent as the convention passed a resolution calling upon unions, to negotiate "sizable wage increases" to offset effects of the "Slackening" economy. Reuther said "unemployment is going to snowball" next year but added that wage boosts would be one way of countering the economic decline. "Can't Bargain Prices" Reuther said the nation was troubled by failure to step up consumer income at the same rate Ann Landers St. Peter Will Awaken M< Who Falls Asleep Smokir Dear Ann: What can I do with a husband who is a chain-smoker and continually burns holes in the )>edroom floor? He's always falling asleep with a lighted cigarette in his hand. Although I've, put a large metal ash-tray bv his bed, the cigarette I'm a girl 18 and hav ing with a swell fellow months. At first everj fine and we got a Ion gether. Then, when v, better acquainted (r speaking) I began io afraid of him wheneve always seems to land on the floor. : ™ar me. I don't know Fortunately, the floors are fire- He sensed something proof. He tells me not to worry, , and accused me of not J3ut. I'm a wreck all the same. I have frequent nightmares about the house burning down and the kids and myself fleeing for our lives. It's interferring with my health because I can't get a decent night's sleep. If you can help me with this problem, I'll never be able to him. I want to make ii he did not try to get He was perfectly will tie for kisses and this i truth. After several weeks o petrified when he wan me goodnight he ann was going to date oth< thank you enough. — NO-SLEEP-; I'm sure he still lov SAL he has been dating c Tell your husband to cut it out or the ashes on the floor may be his own. You can fire-proof a building, but you can't fire-proof people. If his pajamas or the bedclothes ever caught on fire, he wouldn't have a chance. It's selfish and inconsiderate of your husband to put you through the torture of nightmares just because he like to smoke in bed. tf he has any respect for your mental health he'll promise to smoke his last cigarette of the •day before he turns out the light. Suggested bedtime reading -literature for this chimney is the really in love wi'.h him him back. I have a te that I may lose not but the next fellow th get interesed in. Can yc Ann, why am I afraid feclly fine boy? .— NE You aren't afraid i you're afraid of yourse The guilt feelings t been nurturing since ch crippling you, emotion doctor. If you can't get stra round in time to get back, you may at leasl well to- we became (romantically terrible fear haved, but two fellows who have been hanging around a lot lately have created a problem for everybody.' They are piggish about food. Logar/sport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribune Fifteen Philippines To Ask U. S. For Loan took drastic belt-tightening meas-| uresl oday in an apparent effort to lay the groundwork for a big United States stabilization loan. Last Sunday they helped them-; ln . a sweeping step aimed at s-elves to .a casserole that Mom had prepared for dinner. Mom got mad and said I couldn't have any more kids over because my friends are "wild and unmannerly" and don't know how to conduct themselves in a nice home. I am heartsick. Please tell me what to do. She moans business. — BONNIE Your Mom has a point. When the gang meets at your home, YOU are the hostess. If they don't behave properly, it's YOUR place to lay down the law. The pigs should be told they are not welcome in the future, and be sure to explain why. Wait for a couple of weeks until things simmer down, then ask your Mom for permission to have a few friends.over by special invitation. Since teenagers are always hungry, a few sacks of pretzels or chips around will stave off starvation and keep them oat of the lobster Newburg! * * * (Ann Landers will be glad to help you with your problems. Send '.hem to her in care of this newspaper and enclose a stamped self- addressed envelope.) Copyright. 1957, Field Enterprises, Inc. slowing the alarming drain of U.S. reserve dollars, the Central Bank suspended bank credit, halted the import of non-essential goods and banned the remittance of dollar import of non-essential goods and banned the remittance of dollar profits out of the country. Expected to follow, probably early in 1958. are appeals to the United States for a big loan to bail out the young nation's ailing economy. Read the Classified Adsi Says New Source Of Power May Be Taken From Sea LONDON 7 (UP)—A "completely new source of power" that can be taken from the sea was foreseen | Thursdayn ighti n a television address by Prime Minister Harold Macmillan. He said "controlled hydrogen experiments" indicate "...a completely new source of power, the raw material of which will not have to be purchased at great expense from distant countries, but could be got out of U.. sea itself." Macmillan predicted an industrial revolution that -vould create "a world as different, from what we have now as dventh e null Century was from the Middle Ages." The prime minister did not elaborate on the scientific study on which he based his remarks on a new power source. oiiiijti juk.t/uii- tii. mi* uktiiif •»..*• Q attire lur ullla tinn.ucy is »nc ~ —— > » — * — as the increases in productive I malarial pu t out by the insurance cope with your next romance in Tomorrow: "Situation, Parents' Opinion Rule 'Baby Sitting Clothes." (.Released by The Register and Tribune Syndicate, 11)57) capacity. He rejected arguments companies telling about the num- that wage boosts it the past trig- |Der O f pe0 ple who went to sleep a healthy, normal fashion. gered inflation. with a cigarette and woke up Dear Ann: Please help me with "We've had inflation rigged by! playing a nar p ; n st. Peter's or- a serious problem. I'm a girl 15 a small group of powerful corpora-; c heslra. ""'' """ v """" ; ° 0 "' f " f IVlQ *<>••>*- Lucerne Woman's Purse Returned Through Mail Mrs. Lucille Fiedler, Lucerne, who reported Monday that her purse had been taken while she was shopping in a local department store, Wednesday reported the return of the purse with all of the contents intact. Mrs. Fiedler told police her purse came through the mail, with no note of explanation as to who had returned it or where they had found it. It was believed that the purse had been picked up and turned in at the store by someone seeing it lying on a counter, the store apparently mailing it to her. tions..:rigging prices and ignoring the law of supply and demand," Reuther said. "You can't bargain with corporations about prices." HB left no doubt his union would go after wage hikes. • The Appeals Committee, meanwhile, rejected a plet. by the scandal-scarred Laundry Workers and recommended their expulsion by the convention. Ex-officials of that union were accused of welfare fund scandals. The pay boost resolution said that while labor would cooperate in the national defense effort, "no need has been demonstrated for any wage freeze or any nationwide extension of the statutory work week." and our home is sort of the quarters for our crowd. We have Dear Ann: I have a problem a- large rec room in the basement that may not sound serious to you,! and kids like to come over because but it's making a nervous wreck! there's always something to do. out of me. Most of my friends are .well be- ROXY Now—2 Features 35c Til 6 Fun At Night Open 1 p. m. NOW thru SATURDAY TYRONE AVA MEL ERROL EDDIE .POWER • GARDNER • FERRER • FLYNN • ALBERT v*M0&9!VltMKfi The gun-sllnger and the blonde! \ Box Office Open! At 5:30 p. m For Christmas here's a a happy thought- WFAIHfR INSTRUMENTS CHRISTMAS PAKTY Cub Scout Pack 304 ot Columbia school will have a Christmas par-j ty with a carry-in dinner next Monday at 6 p.m. at the school. The scouts will exchange 50- cent gifts. Families must bring their own table service.. Coffee, rolls and orange drink will be furnished. LI NCO BLEACH Now specially made for DETERGENT WASHES! Nof only whitens and brightens.. . but actually removes dirt detergents don't touch! DisinfectSr deodorizes, removes stains make* bathroom* $parklin9 clean. WAR DS 412 E. Broadway Phone 4193 ' Open Fri, & Sat. 9 to'9 MONTGOMERY WARD You give her perfect top-of-stove j cooking when you give her CONTROLLED EVEN HEAT APPLIANCES CONTROLLED EVEN HEAT FRYPAN Indoor-Outdoor THERMOMETIR KRESGE'S For Door or Window! HOLLY WREATHS The Holiday THERMOMITW AND HUMIDITY INDICATOR A lilde Imaulr wilh > lot of !!•«. falncM. Help, mainiim comfort•Ui inJoor air condition. Pl.M.o Cli«reo*l, Ivory, Mint Green »nd Cor.l. 12.50 The Princeton COMBINATION UNIT Telia Icmperilu™. humidity And weather trrr.dn. A reil style leader, mill 2.lone dill, braia bale and (Way or ivory CMC. 7X" lonj. 110 1 The Catallna CONTIIMPORARY BAROMITIH A ch. Hirmo ming contemporary vail barometer. ;...« with b«th modern and period . Poli»hed bnai cafe, edit] walnut furnithinci. I'oh»ne<J 1* apindle. 15" lon K . 115 The original and genuine Sunbeam Frypan with Controlled Even Heat makes everything cooked taste and look better and its square shape cooks 20% more. Water-sealed element for easy washing. Now in four sizes to .meet every need— standard, medium (in colors), large, and super.. Glass or vented metal covers available. AUTOMATIC SAUCEPAN AND DEEP FRYER with Simmer-Safe Controlled Even Heat Ends Pot Watching— Reduces Meat Shrinkage Up to 23% Use as a sauce pan, double boiler, chafing dish, deep fryer etc. Cook guide is on handle. Water-sealed element makes washing easy. In 3 and 5-qt. sizes—vented metal cover included. Fry basket available separately. The Sherwood COMBINATION UNIT A ilrikinjlx beautiful inatrumenl that harmoniief with any decor. Shown temperature, humidity and weather trcnda. Solid fruilwood eaie, bran trim and diitinctiv* 2.10M dial, 9.'-;" lona. 115 ... tt wide variety of m oriels and prices Famous for smart styling—famous. for accurate performance OTHER BAROMETERS Desk and Wall Type $2 to $50.00 Cheery holiday wreaths chat last and lasr! A happy "welcome" in shiny green Italian holly with bright berry clusters and a big .'.atin bow. Decorate all yout windows and doors for the holiday season! Open Friday and Saturday Until 9 p. m. KRESGE'S-flic family's choice Today—"Reform School Girl" .1 "Rock Around the World" OPEN DAILY 1 P. M. FR5.&SAT. 2 FEATURES 50c'TIL6 The Factual Story of N.Y/s Savage Racketeer Wars RICHARD EGAN ^VH^i< . JAN STERLING- DAN DURYEA — *. \ r vjjS •- JULIE ADAMS . ^1; *%LAUGHTER ••* ** ON lOth AVE. MOVE OVER MONROE AND MANSFIELD HERE COMES DIANA DORS UNHOLY \VlKE ECHNICOLOR a i.te SUN.-"ARMOURBD ATTACK" AND "BATTLE STRIPE" 11 Hours Only Dee. 13th-9 am to 8:00 pm NOW! A Different Decorative Gift At An amazing low price ... Binoculars, Field Glasses and Opera Glasses $5.00 to $48.00 TIMBERLAKE'S GIFT SHOP '"The Store with Gift* For Everyone" Limit 3 To A Customer None Sold To Dealers TO o.vu p.m. 97* WEATHER FORECASTER and Thermometer 11 HOURS ONLY 9 am. to 8:00 p.m. WITH THIS AD ONLY In Gold Gift Bex WILL MAKE A BEAUTIFUL CHRISTMAS GIFT Combination thermometer and weather forecaster, this handsome new waif decoration looks »as.y five times the price. It has the appearance of polished ship's brass Uew process permanent metalized finish will never tarnish or discolor. Thermometer accurate, U. S. Government Standards. Forecaster indicates the weather—fair, rain, or change—by registering different colors. Adds interest to wall arrangements and stands 9Va inches tall. 11 HOURS FRIDAY, DEC 13 9 A. M. TO 8:00 P. M. 412-414 E. Market St., loganiport I nfiANSPORT PUBLIC LIBRARY

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