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The Gazette from Montreal, Quebec, Canada • Page 11
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The Gazette from Montreal, Quebec, Canada • Page 11

The Gazettei
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
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VOL. CLXX. 76 THE GAZETTE. -MONTREAL? SATURDAY, MARCfl 29, 1941. 11 THE LADY EVE' IS REVEALED AS BRILLIANT STURGES COMEDY minor (Bach); Adagio, Andante (Babylon (Karg-Elert); Grand Cantabile (Widor): Rhapsody in Chorus.

Fattasta ia majoe 'ADAM' AT CAPITOL-EVE' AT PALACE Guide to Theatres flat (Howells); By the Waters of (Dubois). liilljpii (Saturday's Schedules Only.) MUSIC. PLATEAU AUDITORIUM Child- I i rens matinee ry tne orcnestra 01 Palace Film Sets New Standard In Smart Screen Entertainment, Fonda and Stanwyck Are Stars Jngrid Bergman Returns to Screen in Picture at Capitol; 'Flight from Destiny' at Princess Presents Unusual Plot' Cfacie Fields Seen "at Orpheum NOTHING CUT BUT THE PRICES! Les Concerts Syrnphoniques, direct-by Dr. Wilfred Pelletier, at 3.00 p.m. ST.

LAMBERT HIGH SCHOOL St Lambert Amateur Operatic So ciety, presents Ciubert and faulu HELD OVER 3rd WEEK! GONEIITH THE 1MB CONTINUOUS PERFORMANCES! COM AMTIWK HTttU M. AMI UN, ami ktc nit coMrtna runt hi van or enzance at jj.ju. OX THE STAGE. LOYOLA COLLEGE AUDITOR Li i V' V-S. 4t- 1 IUM The Loyola Alumni Association presents the Lakeshore Sum "At) AM HAD FOUR fcONS." AT THE CAPITOL.

mer Theatre production or "run a Lady, at 8.30 p.m. Directed by Gregory Ratoff. Screenplay by1 William Hurlburt and Blankiort from rovel by Charles VICTORIA HALL Sir George me uonner. Characters. Players.

MATINEES i.m.tol p.m. 40c (Sun. from 12.30 p.m.) EVENINGS from 4 pm. 60c Williams College revue, "Georgian tics," at 8.30 p.m. ON THE SCREEN.

THE LADY EVE" THE PALACE Paramount picture directed by Preston Sturge. Screen ply by Sturses from a story by Monckton Holle. Photography by Victor Milrier. Characters. Players.

Lady Barbara Stanwyck Fonda Lady Eve's Father Ccburn Mr. Pke Pallette Mug gsy. William Demarest Sir Alfred MeGteattan Eric Blore Mrs. Pit.s. Janet Beecher Burrows.

Robert Greig me. 1 1 Bergman Baxter Susan Hay ward Fay Wray Denning LOEWS "Gone With the Wind," Emilie Gallatin. Adam Stoddard, Hester Older Boys: Jack. 1 David Chris Younger Boys: at 9.00, 12.50. 4.40, 8.30.

PALACE "March of Downs I Robert Shaw Lind -Americans All," at 10.50, 1.30, 4.10. 6.45, 9.05; "The Lady Eve." at 11.25, 2.00, 4.40, 7.15, 8.55. Jack Ray David Steven Miller Chris Wallace Chadwell CAPITOL "Adam Had Four Sons," at 10.30, 1.20, 4.15, 7.10, 10.05; "Blondie Goes Latin," at 12.00, 2.50, Phillin Bobbv Walbere 'hi 5.45. 8.40. Cousin Philippa Helen Westley Vance Lockhart Otto Pietro Sosso Dr.

Lane Gilbert Emery Photographer Renle Riano Sam. Clarence Muse -fit, i. she's 9EWirewHfyll9aeo! iiilif i i'ii if A- T.t.-. Ji 3 ill i iWJ Mi Adam Had Four Sons, now at the Capitol, is perhaps most noteworthy in that it brings back to the screen Ingrid Bergman in a leading role. It is hard to understand why there should have been so long a wait between her first appearance in an American film and this, her second picture, for in this she still looks like a very important acquisition to our screen.

In Intermezzo Miss Bergman made an indelible Impression. Not classical in feature, she gives an impression of really classic beauty. The forward swoop of her nose and the small, full-lipped mouth are offset by a serene brow and the lovely curve of her cheeks, it is true, but it is in her eyes and her calm repose that her true appeal dwells, a serenity that is unmatched in Hollywood. But beauty would Nnot be enough to explain the faith one has in Miss Bergman. One feels on first sight that here is a player of great ability, that the mobile, expressive features mirror the understanding that makes acting an art, as well as an impressive spiritual strength.

It may well be that Miss Bergman TRINCESS "The Great Mr. Nobody." at 10.00, 2.45, 3.25, 6.05, 8.45; "Flight From Destiny," at 11.35, 2.10, 4.50, 7.30, 10.10. ORPIIEUM San Francisco Docks." at 10.10. 12.50, 3.30. 6.10, 8.50; "Queen of Hearts." at 11.15, 1.55, 4.35.

7.15. 9.55 CINEMA WE PARIS "Mayer-ling." IMPERIAL "This Thing Called Love" and "Lone Wolf Keeps A Date." SNOWDON "They Came By Night." at 1.30, 4.35, 7.40, 10.35; "Dulcy." at 3.05. 6.10, 9.15. YORK "Flight Command" and "Dr. Kildare's Crisis." WESTMOUNT "Bitter-Sweet" and "Life With Henry." MONKLAND "Tin Pan Alley" and "Knute Rockne." CABARET.

TIC TOC Two shows nightly. EL MOROCCO Three shows nightly. THE SAMOVAR Two shows nightly. THE NORGATE Henry Atter-berry's Company in two shows nightly. AU LUTIN QUI BOUFFE Evening Musicale program.

Three shows nightly. ASTOR Three shows nightly. VIENNA GRILL Two shows nightly. I Thrilling lovt and rearing laughter blended m-j ri rP' (i I TV, will escape the destiny in Holly-' wood that one allots her. Similar I -LAa Directly above is a moment from Adam Has Four Sons, at the Capitol, with Johnny Downs bringing Susan Hayward and Igrid Bergman face to face to start the ladylike fight for mastery which keeps the plot rolling.

At the top Barbara Stanwyck is The Lady Eve, at the Palace, with Henry Fonda falling for her immemorial charms. YsMSI picturt ef th rT I li't hard to I U.v.-THI LDY EVE'M lugm PalletteX ESB J-y rfS NOW SHOWING grace in England today, as reports have it. the Gracie Fields fans over here have only reason to be thankful to her, after her cross-Canada tour for the Navy League. That her Tudor Hall Recital By Pratt and Nemish A. successful recital was riven stay in Hollywood spending the money she took out of England, By THOMAS ARCHER.

With The Lady Eve, Preston Sturges sets a new standard for ingenious screen comedy. He has said himself that he writes and directs for sheer entertainment and this picture is a case in point to prove him true. The Lady Eve is gay, sophisticated, possessed by a charming spirit of romance and with an irresistible touch of satire for those who look for it. This is the third one-man show which Sturges has put on the screen as his own factotum. The first, you -will remember, was The Great McGinty, the screen play of which Sturses sold to Paramount for ten dollars and then mWe into what was expected to be a routine contribution to the -duals." It turned f-ut to be one of the hits of 1940.

The second Sturges special was Christmas in July, a less distinguished effort but a whirrj'jcal and very appealing one notwithstanding. In The Lady Eve Sturges takes a further step along the more or less unbeaten path he has hewn himself. We have seen many screen farces and comedies of the Powell-Loy and Russell-Douglas type but this one has been made according to a totally different fcrmula. Sturges relies on no string gag situations. At the basis of the Lady Eve is the ancient story of Adam and Eve and the Snake.

Adam, or Charles Pike, the millionaire son of a beer baron, is a snake-hunter returning from an Amazon expedition. Eve is Jean Harrington, the lure for a trio of gamblers. As for the snake, he is a live specimen tamed by Charles and with a propensity "for frightening girls and Itacbing himself to butler's pants. Sturges brings his hero and erswne, admirably acted by Henry Fonda and Barbara Stanwyck, face to lace on board a ship returning from South America to New York. Miss Stanwyck, whose career in movies has a truly phenomenal softening irom hard-boiled acting to the delectable comedy job she does here, lures Fonda as Pike to cards with the object of fleecing him.

Instead she falls in love with Jsim. He returns it until he is tipped eft about her and her father. The boat sequence is a very able mixture of romance and sophisticated comedy. The directorial hand never falters. Especially skilful is Jean's transition from a resourceful, quick-witted adventuress to a woman and romantically in love.

Sturges. too. could hardly have ricked better protagonist than Fonda for the role of young Pike. He gives exactly the right impression of a young and earnest scientist not much blessed or cursed with a knowledge of the ways of this -world. In ths second sequence of the film.

Mis Stanwyck is introduced the Pike residence as the Lady Eve who has voyaged to the United States in a submarine. The simple Charles accepts the story and also her new identity, even if the audience doesn't have to. The situation here moves speedily to marriage, more misunderstanding and final reconciliation in a burst of joy aboard a ship returning to South America by the same route as before. Some of Sturges's smartest comedy effects take place in the palatial home of the Pikes. Old man Pike himself is a gorgeous caricature by thai ball of a man, Eugene Pallette.

There is the gag of always making a fool of young Pike in the eyes of the Lady Eve. And there is an obvious but none the less original idea of describing the elaborate preparation for the marriage of Charles by a sequence of speedy, busy flashes of silent movie. Supporting roles all add up to the nappy casting of competent players suitable roles. Charles Ccburn Is splendid as Jean's father, the sleek gambler who poses as an oil tycoon. And, in addition to Pal-lette's Pike the elder, Eric Blore's comedy fits perfectly as the bogus baronet who introduces Jean to the Pikes as the Lady Eve.

William that the' yesterday afternoon at Tudor Hall should lessen the love "FLIGHT ROM DESTINY" AT THE PRINCESS Wa.ner Brothers picture produced by Edmund Grainger and directed by Vincent Sherman. Screen play by Barry Trivers from a story by Anthony Berkeley. Photography by James Van Trees. Characters. Players.

Betty Farroway Geraldine Fitzgerald Prof. Henry Todhunter, Thomas Mitchell Michael Farroway Jeffrey Lynn Dr. Lawrence Stevens James Stephenson Kettl Mona Maris District Attorney Hale Saunders David Bruce English public bore her is incredible, and no credit to them. One has only to see Queen Of Hearts to realize what Gracie does for them in her films, giving her admirers the Gracie they demand, when she probably would rather be playing roles that allow her a little variety, in pictures that don't cruelly throw the full weight on her shoudcrs. H.

W. W. Karnak Plans Are Set For Circus Visit Here I Dean Somers Thurston Hall who never did a good action in her life. In jail, calmly awaiting execution, he i3 safe in his theory until one of his own students, a self-confessed bank robber and murderer, is brought in. He tells the professor he merely followed his theory which, of course, has been well publicized by this time.

The only difference between them -is that where the professor judged sn individual, the young student judged society. Too late, the professor, who has withstood judicial condemnation at his trial, realizes that his theory, whatever its results in his case, is totally wrong when applied by others. Electrocution is his expiation. Vincent Sherman's skilful direction of a story which does not always hold water, provides the machinery for a remarkable, performance by Thomas Mitchell as Professor Todhunter. Step by step Mitchell builds up the character of the professor, his innate kindliness, his philosophical idealism, his normality in everything but the pursuance of his abnormal idea.

Never once is a note of hysteria struck by this fine actor. In fact, the role gains in forcefulness because, if anything, he underplays it. Mona Maris, too, deserves credit for her restrained work as the evil woman. Jeffrey Lynn and Geraldine Fitzgerald are adequate as the young couple the professor saves. James Stephenson has less opportunity than usual as Todhunter's medical adviser.

T. A. Dy rtoss jprati, pianist, ana Nemish, violinist, who played under the auspices of the Ar-illery Branch of the Montreal Soldiers Wives Le3gue. Messrs. Nemish and Pratt received deserved applause from the capacity audience for their performance of Mozart's Violin and Pianoforte Sonata in major.

Good team work was emphasized and it was noted tha both musicians under stood correctly the spirit of chamber music playing. Mr. Pratt contributed piano solos by Rachmaninoff. Chopin and Liszt and Mr. Nemish's violin solos included pieces by Clarambault, Tartini, Sarasate and Brahms.

At the conclusion of the concert the aims of the sponsors were briefly outlined. Phillips Motley, organist of the First Baptist Church, will give the fourth and last of the Lenten organ recitals at Christ Church Cathedral this afternoon at 500. Program: Praeludium (Lovelock); Fugue in minor. Prelude and Fugue in Mary Gordon Peterson John Eldredpe Ferrers AlbriRlit Prentiss William Forrest Weldon Heybum Travin DeWolf Hopper Conway Alexander Lockwood Edvaard Kreindling Frank Reichrr George Willie Best Maid Libby Taylor rare visions have been caught by the camera before, in Dorothea Weick. who was in The Cradle Song, and Diana Wynyard of Cavalcade and Reunion in Vienna, both of whom all too swiftly faded from the screen.

We can only hope that having Miss Bergman with us again, we will not soon lose her. It must be admitted that Adam Had Four Sons is not a remarkable picture, though in several things (notably of course, in Miss Bergman it may be found an erdearing one. Derived from the novel Legacy, by Charles Bonner, the film probably has more value as entertainment to those who are familiar with this best-selling book. The episodic treatment, the crowding of important events into scenes besmacks of a dramatization for the stage, rather than the screen. So it happens that we never get an opportunity to discover what this Adam and his four sons are like, for we know them only when fate is hurling them into familiar, unbecoming postures.

The women fare better, much better. Miss Bergman's role, though important, is passive, that of the self-sacrificing housekeeper. She actually gives us the ppitome of this woman's loving spirit in a few luminous close-ups, and that is enogh. She lets those intimate details go, as much, perhaps, because hers is no talent for character-acting as because there is no time for small touches here. Susan Hayward, in a comparatively few sequences, gives a performance that the unwary may consider the equal of that given by Miss Bergman, that of the wanton girl wife, who can't keep her hands off the men "and can only be seen through by the patient Griselda of a housekeeper.

There is even a temptation scene, played to the hilt, that conjures for a few brief moments the rule of the varrtD in films. Miss Hayward is very attractive, giving this little witch a Dresden China air that makes us believe that Scarlett O'Haras are not so hard to find. She wins our sympathy because she enlivens whet is often an unoriginal treatment of a not very novel theme. The veteran Warner Baxter is here playing Adam, and Johnmy Downs, Richard Denning, Robert Shaw and Charles Lind are the four Juniors. Of them Mr.

Denning is the most easily distinguishable. H.W.W. Four Attractive 1 1 iWiliTATi nin III lfil SI 1 All pressure possible is being exerted by the different committees of the Karnak's benefit in aid of the Shriners Hospital for Crippled Children towards making the organization's presentation of the Hamid-Mortpn Trained Wild Animal Show here a successful enterprise. The circus comes to town for seven days beginning on Saturday afternoon. May 3,.

and closing on Saturday evening. May 10. All proceeds go directly for the upkeep of the hospital. During the meeting of these committees, chairman William Wray, who is practically responsible for this gigantic task, said that he had received word from Bob Morton general manager and vice-president of the Hamid-Morton Trained Wild Animal Show, that no expense is being spared in assembling a far better show they are now presenting in the largest centres of the United States. The show that I 111 "OH 3 I I TO -OAV TO'MOM0l 5 Flight From Destiny is one of problem pictures which a Hollywood studio occasionally makes, one would think, after screwing up considerable courage.

Briefly the problem here is whether a man under given circumstances has pr has not the right to set himself up in judgment over his fellows. It need hardly be added that the ultimate answer is given in the negative. Anthony Berkeley's story and Barry Trivers' script introduce Professor Todhunter who has been told that he has just six months to live. The university authorities will not hear of him continuing his work as they have no desire for a spectacular collapse and death in their classrooms. So the professor Is out of a job.

Being a vigorous old fellow and a philosopher, he decides to make the best use possible of his remaining months on this earth. His ap- Eroaching doom, he theorizes, makes im already immortal and, consequently, outside the pale of ordinary conventions. Hence when he discovers that the lives of two young people he is very fond of are being ruined by a ruthless woman who keeps her nefarious acts strictly within the law, he makes up his mind to take the law into his own hands. He murders her in cold blood, thus ridding the world of one ROSALIND RUSSELL MELVYN DOUGLAS 'THIS THING CALLED L0V5" 2nd Feature "LONE WOLF KEEPS A DATE' "Toll. Dork and Handsome" 2nd Feature "Honeymoon For Three" 'Jmi mit' "QUEEN OF HEARTS." AT THE ORPHEUM, Characters.

Players. Grace Perkins Gracie Fields Derek Cooper John Lodcr Yvonne Enid Stamo-Taylor Zulenverg Fred' Duprn Mr. Perkins Edward Rigby Mrs. Perkins Jean Lister Albert Perkins Tom Gill Mrs. Vandaleur Madeline Seymour Mrs.

VandalCur's solicitor H. F. Maltby Rita Dow Julie Suedo Mrs. Porter Marparet Yard-j Violet Edith Fieliii Emma Vera Hilliard Stags Manager Hal Gordon Stage Doorkeeper Tom Payr Policeman Syd Crossley There's another of these Gracie Fields pictures at the Orphcum this week. It's called Queen Of they will bring to Montreal is authentically the same, but with three or more special numbers.

The show which has already visited some of the biggest American centres, such as Philadelphia. Baltimore, Washington, Pittsburgh, Detroit, Cincinnati. Chicago. Springfield, and Hartford. From this last point it will travel to Ottawa, and then on to Montreal.

From here it ib im ML Lon Chaney, follows in his father's footsteps as the "electrical man" in Universal's The Myster- In ItTftlt iiduii imm Ittn ttJTliT tuna mi Demarest provides rough comedy in eontrast as young Pike's bodyguard, ious Dr, R. timet tiNCtnoH ACTHUR IAK A Good DEED INDEED TREAT THE FAMILY TO SUNDAY DINNER SHOW lAKIT SIMMS NEW BRITISH COMEDY FOR THE SNOWDON II If Hearts, and its appearance is a signal for all the admirers of the popular British star to throng to see her sweep through its Cinderella story with her broad good-humor, singing as' she goes. There's nothing complicated about the story and production which Gracie graces. Like her other films, it is built on the sound theory that Gracie Is what the public wants, and that given enough NOW SHOWING goes to Quebec City, and then to Detroit for a return engagement. Among the 30 or more numbers which the Hamid-Morton Shows will bring here is Captain Prosky and his ferocious Bengal tigers, who obey his every command.

This act alone is said to be one of the most thrilling seen here in years. There will also be an army of clowns, to provide plenty of laughter for the kids. Almost Ah Angel will be nro-duced by Joe Pasternak. The screenplay was written by Norman Krasna, from an original story by Ladislos Fedor. AT THE M1 or us beloved, her public doesn care much whether there's a picture, or a plot, or photography or a production to fill out the background.

These Gracie Fields pictures are like concerts. The accompanist may fill in time with a little pleasant tinkling or a brass band may raise mm mm BRING YOUR WORRIES WITH YOU GRACIE WILL CHASE THEM AWAY! the roof with martial airs, but it doesn't really matter. Its Ooor Gracie as folks come see, not fooney little man at piano, or brass She's Sensational! Dana. Let it then be reported that in Queen Of Hearts, the producers (if you accept their own theory) have tiFQiiLPS given tho public its money's worth Gracie is seen both drab and re splendent: she sings in theatres and WARMING YOUR HEART WITH LAUCHTER JQyGtlM of CUBANS' coifee-stalls; she wins fame, suc cess and the love of a Prince I Hi-WMM i Cnarming and is chased by a no With JOHN LOOER liceman. In the last scene she is 4 i seen in what appears to be a "SAN FRANCISCO DOCKS' with BURCESS MEREDITH -X W- i rnT I I ll II I Drury Lane spectacle, acting like that there Jean-ette Macdonald, singing away as if she didn't have a care in her head (and she looking after all them with the policeman strung up by the seat of his pants behind the scenery.

Champion! If Miss Fields has faUea from NOW SHOWING Tommy Trindler. English comedian, who, together with Claude Hulbert and Michael Wilding, portrays, in Sailors Three, the hilarious exploits of three bluejackets aboard a Nazi battleship. The film opens at the Snowdon Sunday afternoon and celebrates the first anniversary of the policy of showing British pictures at this theatre..

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