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The Cherokee Sentinel from Baxter Springs, Kansas • Page 1

The Cherokee Sentinel from Baxter Springs, Kansas • Page 1

Baxter Springs, Kansas
Issue Date:

The Last Tie. The Wedsrt of acid a da BAXTER SPRINGS, KANSAS, SATURDAY, JUNE 5, 1869. NO. 33 VOL. 1 EDWARD WILDEITS Stomach Bitters WILL CL'KK- 2ysplia, Liver Complaint, aid all pt)Citta of InUiftt-Btiou, Inter mlttent Fever, fnvtv jtua Aruo, an-t all Peri ileal J31e6a. i It will rirft Inimcllntit rulirf In colic ami Flux. will etiru it i it iiiili ml ilcligiitrul Intlyoraut for Mi-I citf rViiiKlf. I ItUa uif Antl-Hlllou Alterative unit Toole fr all r'ainily ui-m. "V'' It Id a tVl'ui r-ciiM-riiui afW Hi fi unie Iih. i ti'u 4 Itililutoi in-i'-lii'i by nirkiifitM. 't It i na excellent well at strength- 'llff oi tli. tiijrvsl ive lorvt-. It i desjratilv ttliku a a Corrective mm I a mllti Cut hurt Ixxly full ulinilnr rvmr'ionit com tiwuruw Wliirtkr or Alcohol, wmrli euiituiiia Inrtfi- niiioiint of Oil id olhar mIoiioi uliatuiicv, whilst ih li.xlv ot Kiluunl Wiil-r' MdiiiacIi Jittera jJiirp old It.iiiili in or Copper-rli-liliel Itirtkv lltf bint ami Wlm-ty Yin" Known or i.ioilticril. 'I'tiix t'uet uc unct mifuiU ninl iiltwcM llirxv fiiitrrit ut tlm hemi ol'ull itlir known iri ritliii.ii tor all thunlUeit.ea'ior Miiirn iney rci-iiHimoiitl-cl, teHiilnt by liiiiulHTleMi cfilitli-iiifit (rout lliu alileal Medical lata uml itoiti tlie. Edward Wilder's Sarsaparilla and Potash, A Unfailing and Rapid Cure for scromia in an its forms, Kvory known variety Skin DWrnun-an mnttrr old or inveterate Neuralgia, lironie Kheit-iniititni, ScrolttlmiMAorv KyM, (ilnmliilai Swell-tnit I he Neck or elMWliere, IimiiIc Chills anil 'ever, Tetter, Wei-pinjr Sore Ijr, Ulcers of very kiml, KinKwnrni, henit, F-illinirof tlu lluir or Alloiirein. Whit fmijh JW mm I Hip Disease, or Morbtta CoXBrioUH, Chrome l.rvgiltclilN. lrol)v. AirUf REFORMl REFORM! REFORM! I All things in nnturo need and rexjuir periodical cro nnd attention. Then how much greater care should bo with the human constitution something to build up, to strengthen nnd preserve the failing fabric. Edward Wilder's Sarsaparilla and Potash will do nil thin, and more. It replenishes the wat'd powcrK, purities and expels all vitiated fluids, harmonizes and gives renewed vigor and Iwalth to the entire human system. No mntter what your ailing, ns all ic-knw arises from impure blood, we say use Edward Wilder's Sarsaparilla and Potash, nnd it will curtuinly cure you. Edward Wilder's Family Pills Are entirely free from mercury. Invaluable to all who suffer from Bilious and Liver Complaints, Indigestion, Giddiness, Wind Spurn, Dizziness, etc. For 'habitual Cos-tiveness, as a Family Aperient Medicine, they are truly wonderful in their effects. Mild in their operation, they create apjotite, promote digestion, nnd strengthen the whole nervous system. No family should be without a box of Edward Wilder' Family Pills. CONSUMPTION, COUGHS, CATARRHS, Of every description are perfectly curable by Edward Wilder's Compound Extract of Wild Cherry. In BronchitisLaryngitis, and Asthma or Phthisic, it gives immediate comfort and relief. Keep it alwavs in the household, a it has saved thousands by being always kept on hand. Edwurd Wilder's Compound Extract of Wild Cherry is prescribed by all regular graduato physicians. PEYER and AGUE, FEVER. AND ALL PERIODICAL DISORDERS. Edward Wilder's Stomach Bittera has proved the only medicine ever offered to the public which will thoroughly eradicate these baneful diseases from the human system. Persons living in damp anil low miasmatic districts should never be without a few bottles of this truly great remedial agent in the house, as Edward Wilder's Stomach Bittera is the only tonic appetizer that should bo used, its body being pure Bourbon Whisky, which alone makes it the most wholesome as well as palatable medicine ever in the Ground of Silver 1 hat Binds two Oceans. From tat lacramrate Voioa May 6th. 1 There was brought up from San Francisco last evening, by the Pacific Union Express Company, a rrilroad tie, full size, manufactured out of California laurel, highly polished, and presented to the Central Pacific Kail-road Company by West Evans, their contractor for furnishing ties. It was examined during the evening by hundreds of people, whose curiosity was attracted, not only on account of the interest occasioned by the use to which the tie is to bo put, as the last laid, on tho Pacific Railroad, but also by reason of the beauty of the wood. The silver plate upon it, seven inches long by six wide, bears the following inscription: 'The last tie laid on the completion of the Pacific railroad, May, 1869. Directors L. Stanford, C. P. Huntington, E. B. Crocker, Mark Hopkins, E. II. Miller, A. P. Stanford and Chas. Marsh, Officers Leland Stanford, President C. P. Huntington, Vice-President; Charles Crocker, Superintendent; Mark Hopkins, Treasurer E. II. Miller, Secretary." This tie will be forwarded by the special train this morning. There also arrived from San Francisco a handsome golden spike presented to the Railroad Company by David Hews, of San Francisco. On the head is the inscription "The Last Spike." On' one side, "The Pacific Railroad; ground brokon January 8, 163 completed May 1869." On tho other side, this sentiment "May God continue the unity of our country as this railroad unites the two great oceans of tho world." Also "Presented by David Hcwe8, San Tho other sides bear the names of the Directors and officers of the Company. The spike is a fuc simile in size and shape of the ordinary six-inch spike, to the point of which was attached nt the casting, a lmggct of about the same length as the spike itself, which Is designed to bo broken off at tho time of tho completion ceremony by the President of tho Road, to be used probably in tho manufacture of mementoes of the occasion for the officers of the corporation. The value of spike and nugget is $414. The Union Pacific Express Company furnish tho hammer which is to drivo the spike. Grant's Views on the Tariff Laws. Washington, May 24. A prominent official, who is a strong protectionist, recently called on President Grant for the purpose of ascertaining his views upon the tariff question. In response to the question the-President said that he was decidedly opposed to any legislation which has for its ob ject any increase in tho taxation of articles of merchandise Imported Into the United States. It was useless to say that the revenues oi me couuiry demanded it, for such was not the case, and that it were far better that many of the high duties already ini- posed should be stricken off, and not burden tho country with still higher ones. He would not conceal the fact that ho believed small tariff was necessary, but no would line to see the revenues of the country raised, as far as possible, from internal taxes, and not from heavy duties on import ed goods. The Cjalveston Itoad. The Lawrence Journal says Mr. Joy, well and widely known for his ability and unquestionable integ rity, has accepted a proposition submitted to him by Mr. Sturges, and become Interested In the construction. of theLenven worth, Lawrence Qudtial- vfston Railroad. So far as these gen tlemen are concerned the arrangements are complete and satisfactory. Mr. Joy promises that the rpad shall be prosecuted without delay, aud that there shall be no cause of complaint of Its future management. All this, however, is conditional upon the counties along the line sur rendering their stock npen a cessation ol all hostility ou the bond question. Stuffing improves the fair as well as the fowl. Sure way to stop a woman's month Kiss it. That's what our "devil" says. A IIOSTIYtf VISITOR, A Xemantlo Xaeident la Oae of Our City Hotels. From the epr(nflet4 (Mass.) May IS. A very curious case of spectral vis itation occurred a few days since to the occupaut of a chamber of one of our city hotels a hotel which has never previously made any preten sions to being haunted, and none of whose guests, permanent or transient, have etcr beforo been heard to com plain ot company from the other world. Tho gentleman to whom the adventure occurred, is a well-known resident of this city, whose word is fully entitled to credence, ile has occupied the chamber in which he saw tho spectre for some mouths. It is inaccessible save by one door, which he asserts was securely locked on the night in questioa. Tho window could not be reached, save by a winged being, from tho outside, and as he found the blinds inside fastened ater the spectre disappeared, he feels entirely sure that he was the victim of no practical joke. lie arrived at midnight from a neighboring city, where he had been engaged in business all day, and went straight to his room and to bed, without turning out the gas, na he desired to read one or two letters which had arrived during his absence. Having finished those, he turned tho gas name almost out, leaving a tiny jet like tho ray of a star athwart the darkness; and lost himself iu sleep. He awoke suddenly just as the city hall bell was striking two, and feeling pulled the clothing more carefully around his person. As ho half rose to do this lie becamo conscious of a presence, and an indistinct feeling of fear overcame him. Near the foot of the bed was a tall, Blender, indefinite form, lik. a "pillar of cloud," which advanced quietly towards him. It had no human 6hape, was noiseless but as it udvauccd, tho gentleman grew deathly cold, felt overpowered, and desired to cry out. lie was broad awake he knew that; but he could not stir. He thought of poetical illu sions, and wondered if this was one but the thing, whatever it was, ad vauced slowly to the head of the bed, and the chill around him becamo frightful. Ilia blood was congealing: he felt that he must do something or die. Summoning all his courage, he instantly rose, trembling nt every limb, and walkd to the shape. It stood between him and the gas jet distinct now an outline gradually developing into- human proportions. Kach second added to its development lie walked directly through it, caugl at the gas pipe, turned on the full flame, and saw nothing 1 But he is llatnly convinced that had he remain ed in bed he would have been found dead there the next morning1, an tho approach of the spectre gradually ab 6orbed his life. He is a cold-blooded man aud not a believer in spiritualism; but he is most positively sure he has seen ghost and rejects all theories of night-mare nervousness nnd illu sion ns ridiculous. There be many ghost-stories, but this one has the ud- vuii tnge of being true, if any human testimony is to be believed. Proposed Union of the Preibytsrian Church. New York, May 21. Thero is every prospect of an early rc-uniou of the two schools of the Presbyterian church. The committee of conference ou re-unioti on the part of the old school, met on Friday and reported the vote unanimous for rc-uniou on the basis of eight standards. The joint eommittee of both the old and new school, met in formality on Saturday, and although It is understood no vote was taken, there was a general inter change of views, and perfect harmony prevailed. A Meeting of the joint committee was held this afternoon, and it is understood they agreed to recommend a union of basis of stand' i rnr the ranhl ami ieriHHiieiit cure of tbe above Tiseuc, this iirrwimtioti stand unrivaled; A ruie is guaranteed in every case where It is used in itiiTCiifiiiB. Edward Wilder's COMPOUND EXTRACT OF WILD CHER11Y. Tills prrmrriloa riniullr rccornmcuoVd as af-foi'iling iviinin ami irontpt rt-liff for COUGHS, COLDS AMD CAT ARB HS, OK EVKUY UKSCUII'TKJN, In llrnnrhttis. Iirinj vtift. and Asllnnaor Phthls ic. ItL'irpH inimrdiiitp comffirt and n-lirf It lit Iko f.dniititttlv adiijited to tiw relivl ol the rough unH iliflicultv of bieathiiiir in 3t is also iinlii'nsHbl8 in Pneuinoniii or Winter FeTi-r, I'lfiii'isv, and every conccivalile form of a iv ruciCL' 1..1 I I'lOfiAn IMW-IIM'! HUH 'rpil, ilillioiiItT of brcnttiinp or yuin. Kor tunte, flll-i'iiiv imwiT. this nu-li('ine haa no tHiiiiil nml whvn in any of tlio above (H-i-iihi' liai id ver been known to tun in ftivinK iiihiiiiii reum, followed by certain una iieniiuueut cm. EDWARD WILDER'S FAMILY P2XLS; FOK tUK CVRKOV Coiistipatei and Slnfgisli BoMs. In tlicsc conditions of the alimentary oanal they liiiiiriiiitcetl to be perfectly infallible. As a J'urgntive in all Fevers ami InHiinnmitory di H-iines, in Acute KlivuinutUin, Inllummution of liic J.iver, Kiuin, Kidneys and Bladder, in tryiipe-iIhk, fever and AKiie, Acute Ophthalmia or Sore Fullness ol the Head, Vertigo. Dizziness, Jtliniiness, they cannot be excelled. Xheite 1'illK will be found, on trial, to be far superior to any known other combination of medicines in the rapid uml certain cure of all the above diseases. Tliev should be taken witli Kd ward Wilder's fear-fupurilla uml l'otnuh in the divuncs la which tlint remeny is recommenaeo. una wmi iuni i'-Jer's Coniijoiind Extract of Wild Cherry in Couglis. Cold's, and with Kdwurd WiKlej's btomitch llitleru for lndlgeHtlon and Periodical 1 1 (senses and with Edward WiMcr's Chill Touic for cuius ana ever or ever ami Ague. Edward tWiIder's CHI LL TONIC, -POK- CMlls and Ferers, Feyer and Ape. And every form, type and rariety of Malarial or i-aiuaiu ever oi anecnon iweiity-oue uays (. lulls, Ilillious or lteiiiittent Fever, llrow Ague, Iuinuago, and every other lot-in of Periodical dis--aj wliauver, this medicine has no euuul, and iu nil such caties it eU'eelB a rapid and cerinin cure. It is a purely vegetable compound, and the inont llicint Chill Tonic ever offered to tn public 'J ry it. all you who are Buffering-, as a cure is war-jjtuted in ail the above diseases. MOTHER'S WORM SYRUP! The presence of Worms in the intentines Is Indi-icaterl by a variety of symntins, pains in the sto-nach, swelling-of tho abdomen, picking of the nose and ears, b.vd breath, variable appetite, etc. If the worms are allowed to remain which is too often the case death Is ofterf the result, line MOTHER WORM SYRUP. It is far superior to al 1 other preparations as a WORM DEfilROYEA, Being composed entirely of vegetable ingredients, and Tree trom all Nauseous taste that verinifnge contains, it is a pleasant iiyr-Up th.nt children will readily take, or it may be ttuten with bread. AW wenn confections and worm candy, contain terra alba, a deadly poison, which is used to keep the confections and aandy from running to jrcther in warm weather. Beware of their ase, and take only Mother's Worm Syrup. EDWARD WILDER. SOLE PROPRIETOR, 215 Main Street, (Marble Front.) LOUISVILLE, XT. W. BLOOD, Wholesale and Retail Dealar, TIAVTITT? CVPTVr a rivcAO JeM-ly Proverbs by Josh Billings. After all, there don't seem tew but this difference bet ween the wis men and the pho.ols tho wise men are all fuss and sum feathers, while tho phools arc all ftjss and no feathers. Without friends and without cue mys is the lust reliable account we hav ov a stray dog. Men generally, when they whip a mule, sware the mule remembers the swareing, but forgets the licking. Sum folks wonder where awl the lies cum from, but I don't one good liar will pizen a wliole country. Hunting after fame is like hunting after fleas, hard tew ketch, and sure to make yu uneasy if yu dew or don't ketch Menny people spend their time trie-ing tew find the hole whero sin got into this world if two men brake through the ice iuto a mill-pond tha had better hunt for sum good bole tew git out, rather than git iuto along argument about the hole tha cum tew fall in. Imaginashun, tew much indulged in, soon is tortured into reality; this iz one way that good boss thiefsare made a man leans over a fcuco all day, and imagines the hoss in the lot belongs tew him, and sure enulT, the next dark night, the boss does. If yu must chaw terbacker, young man, for Heaven's sake, chaw old plug, it iz the nastiest. London, way 21. The bow telegraph line to connect London and Valencia was connected, to-day. It was to be used solely for the transmission of cable business. The two Atlantic cables are in perfect working; order. Hereafter one cable will be used exclusively for sending dispatches from Valencia and the other for receiving. There is no longer any reason why messages should not be transmitted almost instantaneously between London and Ken York. Women Asmming their Proper Places. Women bare been making public opinion while men thought they were only writing love stories. Through oven the poorest and most shallow of these might be traced a womanly pro test against the standard opinion of men in regard to themselves, nnd mental and moral assertion of the Individual rights of the sex. Thoy have been deepening in thought, and emancipating themselves from dogmas, and clearly defining their position, while they seemed only to complain and lament over undefined injuries and the sense of something wrong, that waa supposed to be native to the sex and a part of their mental conati-tutiou, till men got to saying, "noth ing will ever satisfy a woman." This discbutcnt was the most hope ful thing about a woman, and argued a protest when her discontent should have reached to the dignity of exasperation. It had marred the harmony of her life; it had imparted an indescribable sadness to her pen, and now she has giveu the world tho declara tion of her rights. She speaks now, and the world muBt and will hear. It seems to me that men are very blind who refuse to look this matter in the face, and women are the more to blame who have not mined their sons to nobler views and a better appreciation of what is due to their mothers and sisters. Men complain of our imbecilities, and justly so but the only remedy is iu the success of the very opinions which they treat with contempt. The only antidote to the corruptions and abuses of the world is in the acknowledgement of the equality of woman, and the conviction on her Kart that ahe ought to earn her own mad honestly, as men must earn theirs. Elizabeth Oakei Smith, in Packard' for June.

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