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The Citizen from Howard, Kansas • 5

The Citizeni
Howard, Kansas
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4MI There mtr.t l.ave been an enjoyable time Christmas Jay at the home of tl. it we are to judge (rum the many expressions we hear from those present. It was "pa's and mi's day" and their stalw art sons and their families were present with the exci of John, who is principal ol the schools (f Kendrick, Uluho. A Christ Mter Holiday Dry Gods Ssllisiga It's tifter Holidays but there are still many winter irootta reason you'll need before the winter is over. Our stock of Underwear, Shoes, Overshoes, Mittens, Caps, etc.

is still in good shape and we can lit you out nicely in any of these items. A. lew ladies and ehildrens cloaks that are left will bo losed out at cut prices. Also Men's and Youths' Overcoats will be closed out We wish to extend the season's compliments to our customers and friends, and assure them that during the year 1903 we shall be equipped to serve them in the best possible manner and so keep up our record of the past. Ross sen The Ladies Society of the Presbyterian church will meet Thursday, January 8, at 2:30 with Mrs Osborn A full attendance is desired at reduced prices.

William Blackwell, of Buffalo, visited the McGuire family last week. He returned home Monday, and when attempting to board a Frisco train at Severy, slipped and fell in such a manner that the train ran over his foot and mashed it. W. Ilargus, of Wichita, has accepted a position with U. D.

Burchfield and has charge of the harness department of the atter's store. 1 is family, consisting of a wife and four children, is here. There are a few who have not settled their account yet. Please do so at once with the cash or note. This is the time of year to make tun settlement, pesiaes i neea the money to do business with.

Respectfully, J. L. ROTH. Charley Maxey of the Bank of Blackwell, visited a couple of days last week with home folks. Oklahoma seems to agree with him.

Mrs. Maxey accompanied him. Grant Hurst is home from Colorado vis iting his folks. If you want a good buggy whip call at the Racket store. Elegant presents! Useful presents, A fine assortment on display.

Geo. Smith Co. So each for New, Clean Syrup Pails cash money. CASH BARTLETT CO. Homer H.

Harvey, a Grenola young man Lewis Hayner, Lester Fleak, Will Prentiss and Frank Force drove down to Moline this morning, their mission being the trimming and decorating of Billy Whaling's grave. These boys are always ready to assist the unfortunate sick and care for the dead. Mrs. M. A.

Sherman, of Okeene, Oklahoma, arrived a week ago and has been visiting her son Will. She expects to remain here a month or two. Mrs Sherman lived; here many years and has many friends What's the matter with this weather TO OUR PATRONS AND THE PUBLIC IN GENERAL. We beg to refute the statement that the Hinshaw nursery of Eureka Kansas has quit business. We understand that the above statement has been circulated by some of our competitors during the past season.

Our business is growing and we are in it for good. Soliciting your future patronage, we are very truly yours, Hinshaw Nursery Co. WM. Dortii, Agent, Howard. Kansas, New Dill Pickles, New Sour Pickles and other good relishes at Bartlett's.

i mas tree had been' ai ranged, containini eighty odd costly presents which were distributed anion, the happy assemblage, Then came dinners and such a dinner It had been prepared by mamma, It was "mother's cooking." Grandpa Harackman and his life's companion have1 resided in Elk county thirty years and are the happy possessors of one of the finest country homesteads in southern Kansas. Among those present were Bert F.arack-man and family, James Harackman and family, Tom Darackman and family, Will Barackniaii, Fred Naraekmau, Mrs. L. Crawford, Leo Crawford of Los Angles, California, Mrs. B.

Hughes, Carl Barack- man of Kansas City. What a day it was for grandpa and grandma! They were with the children of their robust and prosperous sons. In their old age they marked the great resemblance of the father and his children. The after noon was spent in a social way, and when the hour of departure was announced these Christian parents stood upon the porch of their beautiful home and with bowed heads lisped a prayer "God bless and protect our loved ones." J. W.

LANSD0WNE DEAD. j. w. Lansaowne, who was assaulted, as told by our Elk Falls correspondent, died last night at 5 p. m.

from the effects ot the injuries received at the hands of his assail ants. Glenn Scott and Harve Dunham are under arrest charged with the assault on Mr. Lansdowne. It is claimed that Scott and Dunham had threatened to lick Lans downe, and the deceased claimed before he died that they followed him out of the bar ber shop and assaulted him. Both Scott and Dunham are in jail.

They are brothers in-law, and both are comparatively young men. WEDDING BELLS. Married at the home of the bride's par ents in Paw Paw township, December 25th, Thomas J. May and Rosa M. Mason Rev Fred Comber of Eureka, performed the ceremony in the presence of the family, The young couple were prominent in Church and Christian Endeavor work The groom purchased a farm in Union Center township, where he and his bride will commence housekeeping, with the well wishes of a large circle of friends who unite in wishing them a long and happy life.

2,000 BUSHELS OF CORN. Bottom land corn, in enh at 30c per bushel; 1 new corn shelter; 3 stirring plows 1 baby buggy; 1 farm wagon; 1 healing stove, nearly new and a lot of farm tools To be sold at private sale at Mary Dough erty's farm 8Jtf miles northwest ot Howard Purchaser can have privilege of feeding on place. BILLY WHALING DEAD. W. R.

Whaling, register ot deeds elect, died at his home at Moline yesterday after noon about 4:30 o'clock. Mr. Whaling's death was not unexpected, as he has been in very poor health for a long time. In fact few thought when he was nominated last fall that he would ever be able to take the office. We will publish further notice of the deceased next week.

TO MY PATRONS AND FRIENDS; I wish to extend my best wishes tor the New 1 thank you for your patronage the past year and ask for its continuance during the new year. 1 will try to give you good service. If at any time goods are not satisfactory please report and 1 will do my best to make them so, Yours Respectfully, J. L. Roth.

LOST. A brindle, bob-tailed bulldog; answers to the name of Bob. Wears a double collar, one around neck, with chain dragging, and one around girth. A liberal reward wi be paid for information leading to recov ery of dog. J.

W. EatoivFall River, Kans CHRISTIAN SCIENCE SERVICES. Subject tor Sunday, January 4: "God" Experience meeting Wednesday evening at 7:30 Everybody invited to all meetings Make our place headquarters. We'll take care of your bundles. Cash Bartlett.

Allen is a rustler in real estate business. New Map is Syrup and Pancake Flour at Bartlett's. Fresh ground new Indian Meal, everyday at Bartlett' t. Banannas 15c per dozen, at Bartlett's Insure your property with R. J.

Allen in the Farmer's Alliance. L. F. Roberts will repair your sewing machine, gun or bicycle. Say, kids, Bartlett pas 3 cents, cash, for nice, clean feed sax.

We are now prepared to make farm lonns at 5 per cent, with a small commission, in the best loan company doing business in Kansas. List your farms with us. Let us write your insurance. We write for the best companies. Hensley Batson.

local IFlevvs Items C. B. Leckliter is very ill. A happy New Year to all. Severy has hopes ot a 'new depot.

They need it. Lee Roberts is building an addition to his residence. John Ben, Sr, and Christian Beu were callers this week W. R. Sherlock spent friends in Coffey ville.

Christmas with Thompson was business this week. in Wichita on Capt A DuBois, of Longton, was in Howard yesterday County Clerk Sharp has moved into Dr. Strong's residence. Carl Burchfield made a trip to Kansas "itv the first of the week. fnsmiv iimiirrcu live uciauna at lie river muiiaay iiuvu.

C. F. Plowman and J. A. McHenry went to fcmpona tins morning.

Frank McKey and jinks Smethers were up from Moline yesterday. Mrs. B. M. Powell entertained her Sunday school class last evening.

J. A. McHenry spent Christmas with his children in Coffeyville. Mrs Charles Fickle is dangerously ill at her home south of Howard W. W.

Campbell is at home visiting his family during the holidays. La'k Roberts is up from Tonkawa, Oklahoma, visiting home folks. Professor 1. Stimmel is at Topeka attending the State Teachers Association. A.

L. Brown and wife are attending the State Teachers Association at Topeka. Mr Kline and family, of Shawnee county, are visiting Oscar Bonnett and family. Messick has purchased the A Mad-dox livery stock and rented the barn Mrs. L.

H. Flagler is in Emporia visiting her brother, John Boon and family. A fresh supply of Dr. Hess's poultry Panacea and stock food at J. L.

Roth's. Hens per lb. 7c Springs, 1 to 2 lb 7c Butter, per lb 15c Eggs, per doz 1712c Turkes, per lb 11c Old Toms, per lb. 9y2c Young Gobblers, 10c Miss Anna Lees, who is teaching in the schools at Newton, came home to spend the holidays. We have been informed that Frank Smith and Orval Armstrong will start a paper at Elk Falls.

Miss Grace Deal, of Grenola, ard visiting Mrs. Frank Organ friends. is in How and other Miss Edith McGuire, who is teaching school in Oklahoma, is home spending her vacation Prof. John Carter and wife, of Elk Falls, have been visiting relatives in Howard and vicinity the past week. John Jones of Highland, Doniphan county, visited during the holidays with his parents in this city.

Prepared pancake flour and old fashioned buckwheat you will find at J. L. Roth's, also different kinds of syrups. Miss Anna Jones is spending a vacation with her relatives in Howard. She is teaching school at Buhler, Reno county.

Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Leach, oi Stafford are in the city-visiting their daughter, Mrs.

Brownell, landlady of the Metropolitan. Mrs. W. F. JoUiiY and son Hamar and Miss Virgie Hamar, of Kansas City, are here visiting the Hamars and other relatives.

C. A. Jewett, probate judge-elect, moved to Howard last week. He occupies the Carter residence' in the south part of the city. The organ contest at Geo.

Smith Store closes this (Wednesday) evening. The result will be announced in this paper next week. As 1 don't expect to farm nexfyearl have 4 milch cows for sale at once, Inquire of Leslie Hall, 4 miles southeast of Cave Springs, Mrs, Dr. Samuel Killam and children of LaHarpe are in the City visiting her mother Mrs. Graham, ahd other relatives and friends.

Miss Emma Baker who is teaching again in the Newton city schools spent part of the holidays with her sister Mrs.W. P. Heichert. There will be an oyster snpper at Charles Clark's New Years. Cordial invitation is extended to all.

Proceeds for the U. B. parsonage fund. George Templet on, who now resides at Hobert, Oklahoma, was married December the 24th to Miss Maud McHail of Utopia, Greenwood county. Protracted meetings begun at the Holiness church last night.

Evangelists Martin of Winfield and Miller of Iowa are conducting Jhe meetings. John Rutherford came over from Pittsburg last week to spend the holidays with his parents and friends. He is working in a drug store in Pittsburg. Probate Judge D. VV.

Jackson has made arrangements to move to Moline as soon as his official duties are ended. He has rented a nice home there. Poland-China hogs for sale of all ages, sexes and sizes. IS sows bred for fall far-rowing. At Ceuar Summit farm.

J. M. Gilbert Busby Kansas. Cash for Butter, Eggs and Poultry; Gro ceries for Cash, Butter, Eggs or Poultry. No time to charge it.

Cash Bartlett Co. was arrested last week, chaiged with se duction under promise of marriage. The woman is Nora Grace Greenwood, who was under 21 years of age at the time it is claimed the crime was committed, some two years ago. Harvey, so it is claimed, skipped out and joined the navy and Slier iff Hamilton has had his eye on him for some time. He was found on the United States ship Panther at League island, Penn svlvania.

Deputy sheriff John Hamilton went atter mm. Harvey was released on $1,000. bond last Friday for his appearance at next term of court. As the trains have been running for the last month on time, Howard only receives one mail per day. The train that is seed uiea to arrive here at 6:30 does not arrive until atter the post office is closed and as a result it is distributed next morning at the same time the mail arrives from the soutn The Santa Fe is entirely to blame for this condition of affairs and a big kick ought to be made.

The matter of postmaster for Howard is again up for consideration The present postmaster's term expires the first ot April, and a new appointment will be due in the latter part of February Mr Lewis is, we understand, an applicant tor the place and is working for the prize, and Mr Thompson would accept a second term if the powers see fit to reappoint him. Oscar Toepfer, who with his brother went to Alberta, Canada, about a year ago returned home last Saturday. He speaks very highly of that country, and states that those who moved there from this section are pieasea witn tne country. His mission here is to assist his father to move up there, They expect to go about the first of Feb ruary. mere were tne usual uinstmas exercises at the various churches of the city Christmas Eve.

All the Sunday school scholars were treated to the things that de lighted the hearts of the children and in re turn the older people were repaid By see ing the happy faces and listening to the exercises of the children. b. A. Warner, the painter and paper- hanger has moved to Moline and will fol low the business at that place. Mr.

War ner is a good workman and square and honorable in his dealings and the people of Moline are to be congratulated on securing him and his family as residents of their town. A private pension bill has passed congress granting a pension of per month to Luther Scott. We congratulate Mr. Scott and trust he may live to enjoy the gift of a grateful nation. Congressman Jackson secured the passage ot the bill.

Big Gocoanuts a nickel at Bartlett's. Anyone desiring to settle their accounts or pay their notes to Crooks Allen can do so for the next two weeks at the Howard National Bank, where the books will be during my absence. W. M. Crooks.

All parties knowing themselves indebted to me will please settle at once (if possible) with W. P. Heichert or my father, J. Strong. B.

F. Strong, M. D. SPECIAL NOTICE. All parties indebted to F.

L. Dobyns Co are requested to call and settle all book accounts and past due notes by January 1st, 1903. F. L. Dobyns Co.

New Raisins, Apricots Bartlett's. Ducks, per lb 6 l-2c Geese, per lb 5c Young Roosters, each 20c. Bring in your stuff. These prices in cash or trade. i BARACKMAN BROS.

A. Criger visited some of the live towns in Kay county, Oklrhoma last week. Viwi " Hogue of New Albany is visiting Miss Nellie Goodner. '1 Miss Myrtle Taylo, ot Moline, visited yfri'b her folks d)rini? the hol'rtrys, Ed Watkins, of Independence came up Sunday to visit his brother and his solid girl. Miss Edith Benson gave a party to a number of her voung friends Tuesday evening.

Uncle" Joe Hebb made a cash visit this week He is 73 years old and hale and hearty A son was born to Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Sharp of this city Wednesday, December 24 1902.

J' Frank Dobyns I Invite you to call and examine their new Jjjj and complete line of shelf and heavy HARD-WARE, 5 Tinware, Wagon Woodwork, I 'GARLAND STOVES AND RANGES, Moore's HirTight Heaters, 3 Harness and Harness Hardware, Lap Robes, Horse Blankets. 1 Phone No. 7. I Mrs. Mahala Burchfield returned last week from an extended visit with relatives in Ohio.

Col. and Mrs S. F. Thompson spent several days last week visiting at Longton and Moline. Salt! Salt! Barrels, Bags, Rock Salt, end Dairy Salt at Bartlett's.

Tfllffift ill ffWffe Pppfe nasi PMseSff FfM ill WmMW JUi If yc4te5 nlMa sill liiiyia wwmSm Eiisla.

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