The Gazette from Montreal, Quebec, Canada on April 20, 1921 · 18
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The Gazette from Montreal, Quebec, Canada · 18

Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 20, 1921
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VOL. CL No. 91 THE GAZETTE, MONTREAL, WEDNESDAY. APRIL 20. 19il. 13 VENDSIA ALMOST CERTAIN WINNER Ca5otia's Stop at Levis Will Probably Cost Her the Race MANOLA ARRIVES HERE Successful Trial Run Yesterday for Canadian Commander Caronia Due Halifax Friday The harbor commissioners', goid headed cane, presented annually to the first arrival here from across the ocean, is now practically a certain-' ty lor the master ot the Cunard steamer Venusia. The Cahotia, of the Donaldson Line, which had been expected to walk oft with the honor, is almost out of the running, not by reason of any burst of speed on the part of her rival, but becuuse she will have to stop at Levis to disembark some prize cattle at the quarantine station there. The Ca-botia's only chance of being the first here from the ocean lies In the possibility ot delay to the Venusia by ice. When last heard from at 8.45 a. m. yesterday, the latter was passing Cape Kay, 553 miles from Quebec, and entering a stretch in which a fair amount of lie has been reported. The Venusia's master, however, is Captain "Mickey" Doyle, well known here, who has had much ex-lerience of ice conditions. Besides having run to this port for many years, Capt. Doyle commanded during the war the steamer Thracia which was employed by the British Government to carry supplies to the . port of Archangel. Capt. Doyle had many adventures with ice while on this service, and the experience thus gained should stand him in good stead now. While no report was received from ttie Cabotia yesterday, she Is not thought to be far behind the Venusia, and but for her call at Levis would stand an excellent chance of being the first in. Many ot the prize cattle on board tier, which are from Scotland, are destined for Mr. Kob-rt Ness, at Howick, Que., while the remainder will go to Ontario and Manitoba, The Venusia is expected to arrive hpre either late tomorrow nlRiht or early Friday morning. The practice of making a presentation to the first vessel to arrive from the ocean eanh year, was inaugurated in 1890 by Mr. W. A. Coates. a director of the Robert Re-ford Company, who in that year awarded a five dollar bill to the master of the Thomson Line steamer Fremona. Five dollars, being a larger sum In those days than it Is now. was sufficient to buy a silk hat, and It is recorded that the Fremona's captain thus celebrated his victory. When the present harbor commissioners were appointed, they decided that, the annual presentation should consist of a gold headed cane. MANOLA ARRIVES HERB. The first steamer to reach this port from the gulf is the Manola. of Phe, Canada Steamship Lines, which arrived in port shortly after midnight from St. John's, Nfld., and docked at Victoria Pier. Her master reported that he had sighted a, heavy field of ice about 60 miles E.S.E. of Scatarl, which extended to the limit of the ice 10 or 15 miles west of St Pierre bank. AI-ttioug-h the ice was heavy, he said, where was much open water, and the Ice wag beginning to disappear. The Manola wiU load here for a Teturn journey to St. John's, and will be employed on this route during the coming season. MADE GOOD TRIAL RUN. ' The new C. G. M. M. steamer Con. dian Commander, launched at Vlc-kera' yards last fall and completed during the winter, was sent out on her trial run yesterday. The trip, wfcich commenced at 9 a.m., was made under the supervision of her fcuttdera, and was entirely success-ta. On tihs run to and from Sore!, wfaere a stop was made for lunch, and to test the anchors, the vessel maintained a speed of 11.1 knots without developing the slightest trouble. Among those on board were officials of Canadian Vleker. Limited, the Canadian Government Merchant Marine, and the Marine De partment at Ottawa. The Canadian Commander will probably be taken over by her owners on Saturday, and will then load a cargo here for In- ila and the Far Kast. Her master is Cnpt. M. Robertson, formerly of line Canadian 'ioneer, TUNISIAN'S PASSENGERS. Montreal passengers form an un usually large proportion of the cab in list for the C. P. K. liner Tunis inn, which Is due to Heave U. John tomorrow afternoon for Havre and London. Among those from this city will be Q. B. F. Aylmer, Gustave Ilalllarge, Miss Helen Hell. Ulster Marie Boutlriot, A. Chariot, Hon. AttKinasn David, Mrs. David and family, W. J. Dickens, Rodolphe jtieirioir. nene uusawon, Mrs. E. Gray, Mrs. K. J. Lcfebvre. Miss Ma delaine and Miss Jeanno Lefebvre, Miss Unrbara McDonald, Miss II, Mignault, Mr, and Mrs. J. C. Plche Alex. Jtenaud, P. Itenaud, Mrs. R Richard and eon, A. pavard, Paul h'fRtim and F. Triuiqulllltil. Others sailing on the Tunisian will be Miss M. M. Graham, Miss M. C. Howell, ('. Snrg'-nt, Mrs. D. Samihnm, of To. ronto: L. V. Martin and E, Von Ay- res, of Wallnceburg; A. E. Llnilfield (losimrt, Eng.; Mr. and Mrs. C. J Tunks anil Miss O. I Crquhart of Auckland,, jn.z. CARONIA DUE FRIDAY. The Cnronla, of the Cunard Line, la expected to arrive at Halifax on Friday from Liverpool and Jurena-town. en route to New York,. Khe has 44 first, (A second and 2(4 third class pdMcnger for Halifax, al well as 400 bugs of nwill. LIN Eli MOVEMENTS. ' The Columbia, Anchor Line, dock-vi at New York yesterday from Glasgow, via Movllle, with 4N4 cabin and 46 third clans pmseneers. Ttie Gothland, Red War Line, r-- 'rived at Hamburg on Hunday from New York and Halifax. The Mcgnntlo, While War-Dominion Line, will leave New Tork tomorrow for Liverpool. GULF AND RIVER REPORTS. Cape Salmon.Sl Cloudy, strong, northwest. No ice. Father Point, 157 Clear, atrong east. Cap des Rochers. S4S Cloudy, northeast. No ice in sight. Bersimis Cloudy, strong northeast. No ice in sight. Tug Two Hoses left 1 p.m. Seven Islands In 8 a.m.. Savoie. Cane Ray. 552 Clear, 'Iitfht east. No ice. Ia 10 a.m. Venusia. Cape Race. S26 Cloudy, light variable. One iceberg east northeast. 9 miles, aground. Louisburg In 11 a.m. Lord Strat-cona. St. John Cloudy, light, east. Halifax Hazy, strong northeast. Carnolite cleared for Montreal April IS. Quebec to Montreal. Iongue Pointe, 5 Clear, north-east. Out 5.40 a.m. Sup Vareanes. Cap St. Michel, 14 Clear, northeast. In 12.05 p.m. Ethel Q. Out 12.-05 p.m. Terrebonne; 1.45 p.m. Sou-Ian ges. Urilmouth, 39 Clear, northeast. In 2.30 p.m. Canadian Commander. Sorel, 39 Clear, northeast. Arrived down 11.55 a.m., Canadian Commander. Three Rivers. "1 Clear, northeast. In 3 30 p.m. Manola. Pointe Citrouille, 84 Clear, light northeast. In 3.45 p.m. Shamrock. Montreal and Above. Cascade, 21 Clear, west. Up 8.45 a.m. barge Augustus. Melrose 9.10 a m. barge Selkirk 9.25, tug Mac Sin 9.50. tug Muscalonge 9.50, barge Dunmore 11.45 a.m., 12.50 p.m. barge La pwing. Coteau Landing Clear west. Senator Derbyshire up. Cornwall Clear west. Up 1.40 p. m. Lehigh; 2 p.m. John B. Ketchum. Dickinson's Landing--Clear, west. Up 1 05 p.m. Robert Rhodes, 11.35 a. m. John F. Morrow, 12.10 ip.m. Rock-ferry. ' t Galops Canal, Clear northeast. Up 0.30 a.m. Clinton. ICE REPORTS. S.S. Stanley Reports Noon ISth. Latitude 48 46 north. Longitude 61 33 west. Light north. No ice in sight between here and Bird Rocks. Ice seems to, be south of Magdalen Islands and Bird Rocks. Lord Strath-cona Position latitude 45 37. Longitude 66 65 west. Field Ice extending north and south as far as can be seen. 4 p.m. position 48 50, longitude 61 10 at 1.35 p.m. was two and a half miles from Heath Point Light. Now steaming towards Cape Ray. No Ice in sight between Bird Rocks and Heatlh Point. 8 p.m., .latitude 48 20 -north, longitude 60 .22 west in heavy open Ice extending in all directions as far as can be seen Steamed 70 miles south southeast magnetic before meeting ice. 9 p.m steamed Into heavy Ice latitude 48 15 north, longitude 60 lo west. Stopped 'intil daylight. 4 a.m.. 19th April Stopped In heavy ice waiting fo: daylight. Weather clear. S.S. W. H. Tllford reports April 18th, 8 p.m. passed through 30 miles ot heavy field ice 16th in a line latitude 48 30 north longitude 69 65 west latitude 48 30, longitude 60 60 west thence clear water to a point 10 miles south to Bird Rocks. Steamed north northeast magnetic through heavy field ice to a point southeast a quarter east five miles from Bird Rocks, thence 18 miles through heavy packed Ice to clear water in latitude 48 north longitude 61 20 west. No ice today. S. S. Lord Strathcona reports April 18 latitude 45 46 north longitude 68 05 west, at 4.10 p.m. passed bell buoy adrift, io distinguishing marks, color black, uraerea wireless station to notify Stanley position of buoy. MANOLA FIRST ARRIVAL. Quefbee, April 19 The Canada Steamship line steamer Manola won the race between tne Atlantic Boats to be the first of the season to pass Quebec. She Is now well on her way to Montreal, having passed here at 3.60 thiis momma;. The American tanker W. H. THford, with a con signment of oil from the Standard Oil Company, New York, appeared on the scene a few hours later, and after anchoring In the centre of the river some little time, docked at Levis shortly after noon. The captain of the Tllford reports that the tr p was without any tlirl la Ho encountered little ice, although there Is still some heavy looso Ice in the lower gulf. No word has yet been heard loc ally from the Glasgow freighter Ca botia, which was due to arrive at the local port tomorrow. She has evidently been delayed In some way and cannot now possibly arrive on schedule time. SMALLPOX ON ROUSSILLON. Halifax, N.8., April 19 The French liner Rounailton, which ar rived in port this morning from Havre, 'but was detained at quaran tine owlna to a case of smallpox on iboard, sailed tonight for New York. The steamer had 26 passeng. era and some cargo to land, but as she was not passed toy the port phy sicians, her passengers were carried on to New lork. She has 99 first caWn passengers and. 188 third class Vawuntrers, Steamship Movements ARRIVALS. New York, April 19 Princess Matolka, Naples, Helllg Olaiv, Copenhagen; Canada, Marseilles. , Southampton, April 19 Aqulta-nia. New York. Plymouth, April 19 iKroonland. New York for Antwerp. Havre, April 16 Chicago, Now York. Christian"!, April 13 Bergensf-Jord New Yoric. Halifax, N.S., April 198. S. RoiissHlon, Havre. Sailed, Canadian Fraser Brace Shipyards, Limited Conatrurtlon and rtnnlr of all mk" nf ahlpa np to Lartaln Canal alia. EQUlpprd (or Electrical WtldlDf. Dry Dock 580 it. x 70 ft x 13 ft. Deep Warka and Dry Pock od 1-acblna Canal tt 1300 ST. PATRICK STREET General Offices: Power Bid?., Montreal, P.Q. Thanoai OITIro, Main 0J0. hhlpjrwd. Vlrlorln lilt. WANlTACTt RKRH Ok FLAGS The Gourock Ropcwork Export Co., Limited 28-30 St. Peter St. Sower, St. John, N.B.; Rosalind. St. John, N.B.; U.S. cutter Vamac- SU John. X.B.. April 19 Arrived, Melita, Liverpool: Sailed; Ana-no, PhiiadeHkba. Inland Navigation Sault Ste. Marie, Mich. April 19 Up. Midland Prince, Glenojvhy, 10 a.m; Hagarty 11; Taplin 5.30 p.m.; Laketon. 1 p.m. Tuesday. New York, April 13 Sailed: Canadian Ranger, Norfolk. Koibe, April 15 Sailed: Mont-eagle, Vancouver. Rotterdam. April 16 Sailed: Da-hild Louisl.urg, C.B. Auckland. April 16 Sailed: Niagara, from Sydney for Vaucouver. Manchester, April 18 Hailed: Royal Transport. Sydney, C.B. Antwerp, April 17 -Sailed: Bos-worUi, Montreal. Fort WlTMam, Ont.. April 19. Cleared: E. B. Osier, Buffalo, wheat and oats ;V. C. Franz, port AcNi-call, wheat, oats; Emperor, Port Colborne, wheat, oats, barley; H. 11. Nye, Buffalo, wheat, barley; Home Smith, Gnderk-h, wheat; Glen Is'a, Port McXicoi!, wheat, oats; J. K. Taylor, Port O ':.oine. AMiiMliwis BRITISH PROTEST Annulment of Concessions by Costa Rica Was Without U.S. Authority Washington, April 19. Secretary of State Hughes has informed the British Government that if the UnHed States consul at San Jose used influence to have the new Government in Costa Rica annul concessions covering potential oil lands obtained from hu old Tinoco regime by a company :n which British capital was interested, he did so without authority :rom the State Department. At the same time, however, the Secretary of State is understood to Have said that the United States iiad never recognized any of the Tinoco jdministration and that even if the -onsul did use his influence as has jeen intimated In the British House .f Commons, the United States Government could not understand how iny suh action during the pprlod irior to the annulment would furnish .ecessarily an occasion for criticism ty the British Government. The text of Mr. Hughes' eommuni-ation which was transmitted some .ays ago through the United States .Embassy at London, Is withheld. The concessions in Costa Rica were jbtained by John M. Amory and ions, 52 Broadway, New York, in 1918, end were annulled last year, i'oey are discussed in a report from' the State Department transmitted to .he Senate today by the While House n response to a resolution of inquiry by Senator Borah, Republican, Idaho, which was adopted last February. The departments report records .hat a meeting of the corporation's 3tock holders wus held In Montreal, and adds: "The company holding the Amory concession in Its communications with the Department of State persistently concealed the participation of foreign interests." BATTLEFIELDS MEMORIAL One Hundred and Sixty Sets of Designs Submitted Ottawa, April 19. One hundred and sixty sets of designs for the proposed Canadian battlefields memorial were in the hands ot the commission on April 15, the last day for receiving the drawings. The competition was open to all architects, sculptors and artists in Canada. The assessors or Judges appointed to pass upon the designs are now In Ottawa examining the submissions. These Judges are: Prof. C. H. Rellly. representing the Royal Institute of British Architects (London); M. RESORTS ATLANTIC CITY. N.J. Canadian Money Accepted At Far. GRANDATLANTIC NEW OWNERSHIP MANAGEMENT Virginia STenue, near beacb. I'apudtjr 600. Private hatha; running water; cle-Ttor. $4.50 per dT up; apecial weeklj. Booklet. Auto nteetn trains, O. D. PAINTER. UAKULU LANDON. RESORTS CANADA. The Commodious LAUR-ENTIAN MOUNTAIN RESORT Gray Rocks Inn LIMITED Descriptive Literature. P.O. St. Jovlte Station, P.Q. F. H. WhwLr, Hotsl Mgr. CP. Ry. Telegrsph Ball Talephone. Give Canadian Resorts tha preference ThoiiMi Mala ttM Ml a.m KONOWAL LIKELY TO HEAR VERDICT OF JURY TONIGHT Dr. Chagnon, of Montreal, to Give Expert Evidence Today ACCUSED'S MENTAL STATE Disturbed Sleep, With Dreams of Battlefields and War Scenes, Afflicted Konowal (By Canadian Press.) Ottawa, April 19.-Fillp Konowal, V.C., standing trial before the Court of King' Bench, Hull, on a charge of murder ng William Article In Hull in July, 1919, will likely know his fate by tomorrow night. Contrary to expectations, the trial was not concluded today, the whole day being taken up with the hearing of medical evidence bearing on the accused's mental and physical condition since his return from overseas. When the court adjourned this afternoon, two witnesses, alienists, one lor tne Crown and the other for the defence, remained to be heard. The witnesses are Dr. M. Chagnon, med eul expi rt in mental diseases in the Recorder's Court, Montreal, who previously held the same position for seven years ai the St. Jean de Dieu Asylum, and Dr. W. Devlin, of St. Jean de Dieu Asylum. Dr. Chagnon will be called by the defence and Dr. Devlin by the Crown. It was rumored In court circles that in view of the medical evidence adduced today, counsel for the da-fence and the Crown may refrain Paul P. Cret, Societe Centrale Aos Architects (Paris), and Frank Darling. Royal Architectural Institute, of Canada. An announcement Is expected within a few days as to the names of the artists who have been chosen to enter the second stage of the competition. These will be required to furnish models on which the final choice will be based. The drawings submitted will be on view at the National Gallery, Ottawa, and subsequently a number of them will be sent to various points throughout the country. The honorary commission which had the work in hand, is composed of: Major-Oeneral 3. C. Mewburn, chairman; Lieut.-General Sir R. L, W. Turner, V.C.; Hon. R. Lemieux, M.P.; Hon. J. G. Turriff and Lieut.-Col. R. W. Leonard. The architectural adviser to the committee is P. R. Nobbs, F.R.I.B.A., Montreal, and the honorary secretary js Col. H. C. Osborne, C.M.G., Ottawa. Ship Chandlers Ship Bappllea of All Klnda. Freah Mrata at All Hours. Bonded Gooda. MAIN 8063 Dr American Ship Supply CO.. MMITKD MS-12 COMMISSIONER 6T. W. V a Montreal. S3 Tone St., Toronto. FORWARDING AGENTS Freight Contractors Chartering Sale of Ships 5TklU to at XZ-J'- V Ticketa for All Linet V tV Choice Accommodation! at f JY Tariff Ram. Special service in aecurinf poMPorta, viaea and aailing partnlta. Itinerariea prepared. ' Sleeping car and hotel Z reaervaltona made in ad OX c i f MSP -7y6aw ocean sailing, 'j f eFi l Tr"i r rv". CONDUCTED TOURS EUROPE Our niuitratrd btaoklet. "Burop 1921, Cofuliirtrd Toiot," offfft chot- of 21 attractive iuncrarki NATIONAL PARKS Ormt Circle Tour Nine Nitional Tarki. The Incomparable rtrrte of Natura'i Maiierpiecet. Shorte toura If Urn li Ural ted. ALASKA Flvt Tour. Booklet ready. ROUND-TI IE-WORLD Seven aatllngat Auut lo January. Booklet ready. THE FAR EAST Raiting to May, June, August and September. INDEPENDENT TOURS Complete travel aervire for the In rlcpemient traveler, bend fn "Summer Vacattontt"lealurtnt Ameriran turi, anil lh "Amfilcin Traveler la Kurop rlewnpttva of Uxta penitent ttavt. la Biirnpt, Wtierevtf fvn travel entry (Kna flpendahle I errvwherv Ainrr ran Ibviiveta Traveler! Chequet. AMERICAN EXPRESS TRAVEL DEPARTMENT Ml Nt. Jnmra SI. Mtllllrcnl Main tn; from addressing the Jury, and may leave to Judge Cousmeau the task or summing up the evidence and placing all the facta of the case colore ma jurymen. Dr. CJaawnce B. Farrar, pnysian in tret medicaJ braavoh of the Department of Soldiers' CsvU Rs-Es-tabkehmeffut. was the first witness "ailed by tle defence thia afternoon. He testifted that he hau eximmvd Konowa! once in October, 1913. The examination howd mod.Taae symp toms of general nervoiisiiessi Ko-nowal's Jraimls and . feet trembled. He waa suffering from cortinnal hradacfres. . loss of apptHite. disturbed sleep wKh asroniz.ji dreams of battleiVeJda and war semes. Nurses In attendance at the hospital reirt-ed !iat the accusal woukl Jump out of his bod in the migtht and run lowards a door as if 4o escape from somebody. Konowal m hiis own state ment to wlitmess had sa-?d he Kwt thirty pounds. Konowal answered all ruesiioiis put to Ira qujte readily. He showed a slishtly increased tn- dwicy ito emotionalism. Konownl was suffering from a Tcshiual stae of nervousness, which was not very se vere, but still very knTste. To Mr. Alban Germain, K.C., iomwiel for the defence. who asked tt Konowal's responsibiliry would be dlrninyabed, .prosuming -the, evi ietve as to isbej shock, wounds, fi-wxu-re of '.Ore skull," were '-true, Ir. Farrar replied that Konowal's responsibll-iay would be dtimlinisihcd if all thse factors were taken into account,. MIGHT IMPROVE IX TIME. Cross-exami'in'ed by Crowm Attorney Parent, Dr. Farrar stated that nt the 'dime he examiwed Konowal, thOT-e wa ino mental disturbance sririous enough to conclude ,ie was not mentally 'responisihle. Answering a further question. Dr. Fairrar said Boston Hotel Westminster On Beautiful Copley Square. pAAmc Singly, with bnth and dUXVOOnibeD Suite.. SS.Wup. Canadian Money accepted at fall Taln In payment of room. Wire or write for apeclal reservations to Em lie F. Cou Ion Proprietor. AMEftirA LINE NEW YORK to ROTTERDAM via Plymouth and Boulogne-ur-Mer Ryndam .... .Apr. 83 May 2 July N. Amsterdam . .Apr. 30 June 4July 9 Noordam . . . .May "J June ll'.July 16 Rotterdam. . . .May 21 Jon 25 July SO General Passenger Office. 286 St, J am re htreet, .Montreal. From Montreal, S.S."ManoIa" Sailing on May 10th , ' TO St. John's, Newfoundland FREIGHT SERVICE For rates and farther information apply to Canada Steamship Lines , LIMITED MONTREAL, P.Q. ST. JOHN; N3. EUROPE Now York Chorbourf - Southampton Hamburg FortnigKtly by "0'Stemert ORB IT A May 21 OROPESA juna 4 ORDUNA Juno IS let. 2nd and 3rd Claea Paaaeniera NORWAY CRUISES From EncUnd in Jun, My and Aurutt to the beautiful Norwegiin Fiord by R. M. S. P. 'AVON" SOOTH Ai.E3.CA Mow York Panama - Porn Chile ESSEQU1BO Aptil 30 Now York Panama Colombia Ecuador ' QriMH'K . . . .April 29 Ql'ILLOTA . . . .May 19 Havana Valparaiso and Intermediate Porta VK'TOIU.V . . . .April 25 ' OIUANA May 23 , OKCOMA June 20 Criatobal Valparaiso and Intarmecliato Porta , Itegiilnr Salllnga Crlalobal Ckamperico Calling at Puma Arenaa. 8n luan. Corinto. Amapila. La Union, La Liber tad, Acajutla, Sin loie and Chunpertco i:nBlni"1-llraill-Ariciiilna Ui'gnlar Sallinga The Bokal Mail Steam Packet Co. (hi ratint itu mvn.noa to. RltlS LIMI SOUTH AFRICA From England by UNION-CASTLE LINE KMKI.ON A MOV, Agta. I Hriiailwnr New York III W. U'aohlnglon fit. Chlrngu. or any loeal teu(nlllp aaent. S II 1 1' M E N T S To all 1'artj) of tha W 0 It L D Untiled by Thomas Meadows & Co. CANADA I.IMlTFn 413 Coristine IMg., Montreal All M Front t. TT.. Tomato. I anieehnrv HI., fl. Jhn. N II, Monireal I'huae M. lata, . fUfOLLAIf i a the was a possibility that Ko-nowal'a condition would mpr3vein time. Dr. Facrar added than Koio.-.-ul. wh-vie at St. Luk-:3 Hospital, wus engaged hi ocoutKitional work, m-ak-; wig fd baskets. He took a kin in his work and made good baskets. ' Dr. Charles Wallace, assistant Physician in the medical branch of the Department of So'diers' Civil Re-estublishment. was the Jiext wit. ness. He produced the accused's medical admission form. Konowal was admitted to St. Luke's Hospital on October 17. 1919. The medical report showed that Konowal was twenty pounds underweight, was very nervous, ate and slept poorly, ami hp.d war dreams. Konowal was transferred to the Fleming Convalescent Home on March 21. 1920. He was undergoing treatment there when he was called to stand trial. Replying to Mr. Germain. Dr. Wallace said it was possible that Konowal "might have been discharged from the army without it being know that he was suffering from a fracture of the skull. Mr. Germain: "If it had been known that Konowal was suffering from a fractured skull, would he have been discharged without a more careful medical examination?" Dr. Wallace: "He would have undergone ,a more careful examination." From Montreal ROTTERDAM and HAMBURG S.S. DnnalT Head .. .. '.. About May SI BELFAST S.S. Melmore Head About .May 31 DUBLIN S.S. Ramnr II end .. .. Anont May SO S.S. Melmore Head .. .. About May 31 r'alHng af Cork and Londonderry If sufficient Inducement offers. Ratea quoted and throngs Bill, at Ladlna- Lined to Stettin. Bremen. Daa-'.fr, Konlahere, Kiel. Memel. Copea-haren, Aarbna. Aalborr. Stoelchobn. Clothenburr, aim Principal Norwegian Porta. Areoirtmodatlon for llmlred nnmber n-fahin Paaaengera to Belfait and Dublin For freight raxci and otter lnfornu Hon apply to McLean Kennedy, Limited Corl.tln. Rnlldlnr - MONTREAt r.lobe Atlantis Bulldlnt. St. Jolin. S.U HOUSTON LINES ED SKA PORTS INDIA JATA rm West St. Joka S.S. Haleslna .. .. .. About Apr. to Taklac Caroa,, Praylded Indnoeaaaat OSara, far Part Ratd. Saea. Port Sudan. Adorn, Bombay, Colombo, Karachi. Madras, Calcutta, RantosB. Slntapara, batax yta, Samarani, Surabaya. tn Eatea of Freight and otla Information, Apply to McLean Kennedy Limited General Canadian Agenta Corlttlnj Building - Hontreal. blob. Atlantlo Wdg. St John, -U. KIO ,UK JA.VblKO, HAS VO. JIU.i 1 1 VIDEO, BUENOS AIRES HOUSTON LINES . REGULAR MONTBLT SERV1CR From Montreal S.S. neaperoa About May toth for rreigbt Ratea and aU lulurujauuii Apply to McLean Kennedy, Limited General Canadian Agenta CORISTINE Blll.Dl.VO. 1IO.XTRKO .lobe Atlantlo Bulldlac. Ot. Jobn. Jf.B CO. Of CAAAUA, LlMlltU fcllt WM. GAKTUWAITB. BART, of Parla, kUuaiilDg Director. CANADA to FRANCE For Freight Rates nnj til otUer lufor-lFfttlon apply to Marine Navigation Co. of Canada, Limited IST to 0t CYMUHTINK BLUU, MON rUKAL. Mala 7MI and AUSTRALIA-NEWZEALAND EASTERN CANADIAN 8ERVICI FROM MONTREAL S.S. "KiaOra" - May 14 for Porta In New Zealand and Anatralla. . For freight ratea and all oilier par Meniere apply to ( tUai fc ZbALAND BUIPP1NG CO. LIMITED tit Board of Trade Building. Montreal Canadian Government Merchant Marine, Limited From MONTRK.AL, Ql'K. . LIVERPOOL BK.ItVICE .,. Canadian Raider , May 4 LONDON NF.RVICR H.B, Canadian Trapper May II I.LAH.mV UKRVICK a.S. Canadian (liter May II AVONMOVTH NKRVICF. a.a. Canndlan Commamler .. .Mny 4 ( Allllll- K SW ANHIC.A HKIM K ISS, (anadlan Trooper ., .. May 14 INIIIA ANI FA H FAST HKHVICR K.K. Canadian lender May II Al'HTR ALIA AMI XFW ZKALANIl HF.KVICIS a . Canadian Hplnner .. .. May ta RIO UK JAXF.IRO. M.ANTOH lilt AI I.. Mll TK IDKO AM HI KN!4 AlltF.a hl.KVil B, Cnnadlnn Seigneur .. ,, May IH IIAHIIM'OX. TKIMIIAD AMI . II KM KK AHA MKHIICK a K, Cana4llan Trader May 7 ,t.AI, MNIISTON AND III.LIZE XI HMt G fH,H, Canadian KUher May s HAVANA. CI ll., Hr.RVICR t,a, (anndlnn Miner Mr in gT. JOHN", NCI.Il.. NKKVUR I'eom ChiirlnHelown, I'.K.I, a n. Cananinn aanprr May t Carrlea Lluiited Number of Cabin a.wugeri. t(arriea rlrat Cla.a I'a.aengert only. Kuqnlre of W. A. CCNNIVdllAM, lienernl Freight Agent, MU Ml. Jamee atreei, Montreal. t)ne. HAD FRACTURED SKULL. The first arltnee th: mnrnins1 wae J. li. liuj'd. X-ray specialist ot; St. Lukes HuKiritad, who submiUftJ j radiigrai)h reeorris ot aenmraTa ' head, showinfr a trlanjuJar-shaped fracture. The records were taken. in; 1S19, shortly afte?r the a?used' ar-rpst, tout Mr. Bod ead Jie was not able to determine how old the fracture was. HetKUd the frai-ture might cause pressure of the brain. Dr. Gardner testified that Kono-waJ had been under hi care since November 17, 1919. When he commenced treating the accused, he wae suffering from shell shock and was alao the victim of organic rd functional trouble. He found that Kono- T" Accommodation Tacant In all clasaek on all ateamera. Ketura reaervatlons guaranteed. HALIFAX. N.S. LIVERPOOL HAVERFORD - April 25 MOXTREAL-QCEBFC-LIVERPOOL Canada May HJuno 4!July t Vedla . . . . . May 14 June J(SAm. Uegantle .... May tiUuna IS July la MONTREAL AVON. MOt'T II Brltol) Cornlshman (Freight Only) About May 1 AMERICAN LINE RED STAR LINE N. T.-PLTMOCTH-CHERB'O-ANTWERP Zeeland ..... Apr. 13 May tsJuly t Finland .... Apr. 30 .In Be 4 ,luly upland ..... May T June 11 July IS Kroonuuid . . . May It, June lJaly t3 WHITE STAR LINE N. T, CHERBOCRO SOUTHAMPTON Adrlatle .... May 4Unao liJuly Olympic .... May 14! June 4 June 85 NEW TORK LIVERPOOL Celtle Apr. SOlMay !8!.Inae t Cedrlo May 14 June 11 July Baltle ..... July MlAug. tTlSept, ?l NEW TORK Vl BOSTON AZORES OIUKALTAK NAI'LES OENOA CreUo .... ,v May HWnly IJISept. 1 Canople ..... June 17Aiig. I sent. SO For reaerratlona and full Information apply luteal Agenta or Company'a Office, 211 MeOIII Street. Tel. M. 7760. BEUCLAB SEBVICSS TO LIVERPOOL AND GLASGOW Front Portland From Halifax 8atnrnla.....Japr. M. Apr. tt gCMMER SAILINGS MONTREALGLASGOW . May 1 'Cabotia May ;Jnne IlJuly 1 ... Caasandra May tliJuly tAug. Saturnla HALIFAX TO Plymooth, Cherbourg and Hamborg T.s.. saionla Apr. U N.Y. -GLASGOW (Via Movilla) Apr. IXMkj tljjune U Columbia Hay lli.lnue 23 ,..v... Algeria June liJuly J'JuIy 30 ...... Cameronia NEW YORK-LIVERPOOL Ape. 17 Vauban Apr. 30! J una liJuly t. ........ Caronia May 14 .. Veatria May 17.lnne 15lJnly 10 Carmaiiia Juna 7.lnly 12Aug. tO Albania Sept. J Oct. 1 Kcytlila BOSTON TO LIVERPOOL & GLASGOW Apr. tfl Maaallla May lelJuly Bt Caatalia N.Y.-CHERBOURG, SHMPTON. May 3!May t4;Jun 19 Aqoltanla Mht 1! June V July 14 Mauretunla June 2 June 30 Berengarla N.Y., PLY- CHER., HAMBURG Apr. telJune JiJuly It Baxanla VIGO, GIBRALTAR, PATRAS, DUBROVNIK, TRIESTE & FIUME Muy 17 Calabria Jnne 4 ttPannonia MONTREAL LONDON May 8 Vennala May 10 Verbanla MONTREAL AVON MOUTH About May 0 Orphla Cargo only. tFrora New York. Walla at Corunna lnatead of Vigo. For ratea of paesage, freight and further particular, apply to local agoota or THE ROBERT REFORO CO., LIMITED GENERAL AGENTS Jt HOSPITAL STREET J3-25 ST. SACRAMENT STREET MONTREAL, P.Q. Cairn Line of Stoamahlpa, Limited. FREIGHT SERVICE MONTREAL TO Leith and Newcastle Calrndha .. Calrnmnna . Calrngnwan beatwell .. . , '.. About May .. About May U ., Auout Mny 21 t. About May St The Robert Reford Co. Limited General Agenta ROGERS & WEBB LINE Portland to Rotterdam, Antwerp & Hamburg Mererr Vletory Ahnnt Apr. M U.S. Ponghkeepalo About May The Robert Reford Co. Limited Oenenal Agenta. Ellerman & Bucknall's Canada-levant-Black Sea Service FROM MONTREAL Onii Alien Tiinla Pmymia Cvnatontioopai BrnlU ii..iandru Conatnoia) tinlata flrat-u HORWUKil" ly 1th S.S. f ot trelf ht M other tntormatbi The Nw Zealand Shipping Company, Ltd. Agenta 113 finnrtt nf Tradg WU.MKEAL ar " i NORTON, LILLY & CO. It ateaver Mlreet, New gark jwa.1 had a heH siot wound on the head and a p.irapnel wouna over tne left eye. He was also suffering from partial, facial paralysis, which was caused by the fracture of his skull. Witness stated that Konowal was at times exireme-y nervous and easily excited. TO EUROPE HE 3 ARE RESERVATIONS NOW MONTKt:.AL TO LIVEKI'OOL May IJune SJnly g . . . Mtanedoaa May lO Jnno 16 July II , , , Metagania May 20 Juno tt July . . . Vietorkaa May MMiiIir 1 July tt Mellla UCEBF.C TO LIVERPOOL May 11 June 7 July . Imp. ot Britain May StiJnne tl'July It . of Franco MONTREAL TO GLASliOW Mny TiJune 1A July 84 ... . Preiorlan Mny tfl July 2LAug. 0 . . . . Tonlalan MONTRK.AL TO HA VRE-ANTWKKP May tt July Aug. 10 Biclllaa June 1H July S(re.. 3 .... . Srotiaa MONTKK.AL-SOt TH VMP'N-ANT W ERP May 1:1 June l; l,,ly S3 . . Keandinavian Mh.v tlJune SOiAue. 8 . . . , Coreicaa FREIGHT ONLY Approximate Hailing Dnteo ' MONTREAL LONDON . May 6 Huaworth May 10 Dnnbrldge MONTREA L I.O 1 ON -A N T WE K P Juno 1 Itollnabroka MONTREA lr A VONMOCTH May 14 Hothwell 1 rrlght Dept., Bnnrd of Trade liiilg. I'liime Main 3648. Paaaengert Departmenti 141 St. Jaoiea BL 'l'hone Main 7700. MONTREAL . CANADIAN PACIFIC RAILWAY Traffic Agenta I FURNESS, WITHY & a rn T TVTTTPTl S Agents I WINTER SAILINGS I Manchester Line From I I i i MnneheHter Wret t. John Mar. Man. Mariner Apr. It .Mar. iJ Man. Milnner . .Anr. 7 Apr. -Man. Merchant I STTtfi7R GATTTrra From From B f anr hen ter M o n t ren 1 Apr. 21 Man. Tort .... Slay 12 Ar. 2RMmii Fii-hnnga lr 1 ft I Furness Line J LUlNUUiN Montreal M Wynrote ..,., 31 ny IS ' Or.Ntnno May 31 a From HULL From Montreal London I Apr. 30 Tamauua . . May 11 I For Freight and aU , Information Apply H Furness, Withy & Co. ILIMITKl) Board ot Trutle Ilutlding, I Montreal. SOUTH AFRICA Regular Service from Montreal S.S. Kaduna May 6th WESfAFRICA New Service Canada To and From West Coast Africa For Ratea and Information Apply ELDER-DEMPSTER & CO. LIMITED 1SS Board ol Traue ttuildtag. Montreal. FRENCH LINE New York-Havre-Paris New Quadruple Screw Oil Burner "PARIS" 83,700 45.000 Horse Power June 23, July 27, August 17 La Lorraine . . Apr. 80'May SB'Jnly 6 Lafayette. . . . May 7;Jun July La Touratne. . . May 12j.lune 71 Franre. .... Muy UiJuno 9 July 1 Koehamheuu . . . May 14'June 18 July U La favole . . . May Sl June IHiJuly 14 Chicago .... May UliJtine X5 Rouasillon Juna 7,July IS Hamburg Direct Niagara .... May 7Joly UlSept. New York, Vigo, Havre Ronaalllon . . . Apr. .tienln, Trudena Co., General Agenta, 22 Notre Unme West, OR LOCAL AGENTS. ELLERMAN-BUCKNALLS Canada India Java Service DIRFCT FREIfiHT HTFAMllS (EUarmaa Bucknall Steaoiablp Ca, Ltd.) MONTREAL Port Aald. Tort budan, Aden. Bona hay! Colombo, Kuraelil, Calcutta, Rangoon. Dlngapore, Batarla. aura-Daya Hamarang and other i'orte aa opportunity altera. Ratea noted and through Mlta of lading laeoeri to all porta In too Red Bra, Eaat Indlea, Htralta Betllenienta and Java. FROM MONTREAL 8.. "BORDERKR" Mny 7lh To lilaebarga at Port Said. Part Aofla. Aden, Bombay. Colomna. Blngapora, HataTla and other Jara Porto aa Indoeament on era. VOBWARUINO AND INstRANCt for itatea of Krelgbt and aU, other Information, apply to The New Zealand Shipping Co., Limited, Agenta llg Board of Trade Uldg Montreal Or to Kllermao Buefcnall Hteamahlg C. Ltd, I and Hllllter Areaoa, London. E.O. STORAGE FIBKPI"Or ANI FROSTPROOF noNnrn and frkb t.MMea Rate, tne ner gtuo nee Annnrn i Merchandise, Automobiles, I Household Effects ! Terminal Warehouse, Rcgd. i a ORFT NCN KTKt KT I Foot of Metllll Ktreet. 'Phono Mala I DRAWBACKS 1 AND Customs Refunds Promptly Obtained. C.E.Racine&Cie. Lltnltee j Hoard at Trade UulltlUia, g, iggP oarr

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