Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on July 15, 1896 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 15, 1896
Page 2
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's.;;.'. "Gladness Comes W ith a better understanding of the transient nature of the many phys- k»l UK which vanish before proper efr •' iMts-gentieeifc.rtS'-pleasaiiteffortb-- IShUv directed. There is comfort in : ' *?* . J i i _ iU-*. i.,-« mnnv •frvpmS GI Itahtlv directed, '.mere » «uu.^. - «Si knowledge, that so many lormsol •Scknessarenotdiicto any actual dis- ?I* m °'°5.h millions of families', and is esteemed so highly by all rood health. Its bcnctcial ts are duo to tho fact, that it is the one remedy which promotes internal *^^^c£^^ iportant, in order to got its benc- effects, to note wlicn you um- foroia^Fig SynipCo; only and sold by and the system is. -„ — Other remedies arc then •f." eep Cool by Using THE KELLY Shower. Baili RING Hot Water . , Proof Hose press Ad. 2io. Prevents Wettlnn Heiul Floor ot Walls. ,:.-^r" Horuless Wiiter Closets. . '•:••" send for Catalogue Proof Water Clcsets, Belf-icting Water Closets. Kelly Slop and Waste Cock. THOS. KELLY & BROS., No. 301 Madison Street, Chicago. ti l wc consider that the intestines •are about five times as long as the body, f we can realize the Intense suffering es- i perlenced when they become inflamed. DeWItfs Colic and Cholera Cure subdues Inflammation at'-once'and com. pletely removes tlie dlfficulty.-Jno. M. Johnston. ^""^""iS^!!^^— :== ~^^^ FISHERMAN-SjBALKY HORSE- Th» On« OocMlon ou Which tho How Found a Blunter. •.-..' "I once knew a fisherman," said the sneaker, "who had a horse that balked on all sorts of occasions, and. when he •topped nothing on. earth could move him till he pot ready to-go. Ho might •top, for instance, going along the shore with a- wairo.) toad of fish, and then the, fisherman would unhook him and back the wagc» away from.him, KO that he couldn't kick that to pieces, and leave him standing- there like a statue on the beach. When the horse was ready to .-0 C" n-ain, which might be in mi hour, h£ would hook him up and start ou.. ' "One day the fisherman came in with a load of fish iu his boat, and got his horse and wag-on to take the fish ashore. Ho drove out in the shoal wo, ter alongside the boat, loaded the fish into the wagon, made everything swi<* about, the boat, and then got into lhe"wa"oa to drive ashore. The horse stood fast. The fisherman knew wcl enough what that meant, and he hauled the bout up alongside tho wigon again mit back all the flsh, anchored the boat safely, and waded ashore, leaving the Horse, and wagon standing there HI the water. The fisherman said nothing; but it wns low tide, u« did wonder a little what the horse would do v,lien t lie'tide ca.Tnc in. There was a barroom, on shore not far away, and sitting in this barroom at this time were half a dozen men, wiio nil knew the horse well, and who macli. bets ns to what he would do; whether he'd stand there and drown, rather than ..-ivc in or whether he'd come ashore-; and how loughc-d wait before ho started. and so on. - „ . "i'jnu.llv the tide set the wagon afloat ami ihcn'it took the horse offhisi fccL He edged in shore a little-at that, 1 11 l,e\l found his'feet again, and Mien he •'tVod fast once more. But the tide ,t comic!?, and it soou had him off Ccct affair.; it wassiuiply.sometlung 1 lie couldn't resist; and after two l.hvoc. more trials, moving in nr.d --nd being: Wtccl off his feet, HL- scemud to realize- that fact, for the next- time he floated he teptKtrn.ignton w-idiii" till lie got ashore,-and then makes his movements slow, and takes the snap out.of him. -Ever) >* kniffht - It U a matter of life and. death, just the same with him as it was with. h crusader. Indigestion and all the »1U •«- and to it are traccab e most of th« There's . obtained m " MIUU=U«— ...-.,-• medicines on the market that taking I Pleasant ,'t have to arever That is Dr. Pellets. The "Pellets; 1 on «£r^a^h d o»r ea ^wii.r^rSl^&HS most-useful T|'=d|=al book. £U£ Adv;s( . r ia piece's Common s>in-^ -«• profusely plain Knglish ; a book o -coS W^ * ^.^ illustratwl. tlic |;rrat c . x l' <: - 1 -;= 1 "' ^ f ^ M o copkM Main Street, Uuffalo, N. V. h D. & C. TO SUMMER SERVICE MACKINAC. . '. Their new steel' passenger steamers •re In commission," mating four, trips per week between Toledo, Detroit Mackinac, Soo, Pctoskey, Duluth If yon are contemplating a summer outms. •end 2c stamp for illustrated pamphlet- - rPSS A. A. SCHAKTZ, G. P. A. : Detroit, Mich. . -BUCKLEN'S ARNICA SALVE. : TTie bc'st salve In the -world lor cuts, bruises, sores, ulcers, salt rheum, fever •ores, tetters, chapped hands, chilblains corns and all skin eruptions and positively-cures piles or no pay required. It is guaranteed to give perfect satis-, (•ctlon or money refunded. Price 2o «nts per bor. For sale, by B. F. C "Vou 'might have thought that this espcricnce might huve cured him 01 bn kins. bnt x lt didn't; ,t never had tho slightest c«eot or, him. -, He baJlced after that jnsb the same as ever; but I have always thought that it must have .•been a satisfaction to the fisherman to think that the horse hod found ft master once, anyvay."—-X l..bun. . Stone Crmm. Stone'cream is a very simple recipe. First dissolve half an ounce of gelatine in a'little water, then add toitoncpint oi sweetened mine, which has been boiled with lemon peel. As soon as it Is emd pour this slowly over a layer of Joo in a deep glass dish. W hen quite set; .stick strips ol blanehcd almonds into i'ho ei-'en-m nnd serve.—N. i- -lime. Cause und Effect. ; Youn- Answer—No wonder It's hot;.; the thermometer's 90 in the shade.! — Day Citj- Chat .__ FREE PILLS. ' Send yotii: address to H. E. Bucklcu & -Co., Chicago, nod get a free sample box .oC Dr. King's New Life Pills. A tri-il will convince you of their monU. These Pills are easy Iu action and arc particularly effective in the cure of wn ? stlpation and sick headache. For 1 ma- 1-,,-ia and liver-troubles they Dave been proved invaluable. They arc guaranteed to be perfectly -free from, every dc r Ictcrious substance and to bo.purely Tcgota-blo. They ' do,, not; weaken by theii- action, but by givlns tone to stomach and bowels breatly. invigorate the system: Pogular size 25c,per box. Sold by B. F. Kecsttnfe, druggist. THE PROSTEATIXG-' SHOCKS: Of malrttlal fever are not to be connter- •ictcil by finintoe with any degree ol eMitninty. or for iftiy leufftli" of time. The awlication and prevention of dis- C .,^K of a mlsasnwiic type, are, how- CTCI- -nscertalned possibilities. . Lonj; experience tos shown that there_!» In- unltely JHOJ-C prevcutive cQicacy m tup nne botanic medicine, Hostctter'a Slom-K-li Bitters, thnn in the alkaloids, dnigs and poisons which were'formerly the o.ulv rcco-itoed means of rcmovau.? and iuiticlpnttae attacks of fever and ague •md' billons Tonii-ttoat. When the sj^- tcm tos been clcplotcil'by periodically rccun-i-ng paroxysms, this agreeable rc- rtorattve renews life fund-of energy, awl te not only a positive specific, but repairs the damage-"to the general hcnltb. iflflfcted Uy .all febrile com- phUnts pavtaktag of the .malarial actec. EXPERTS XGNORE- FACTORIES rloeit Swlu W«teh« Are Made In Wttl» '.- . " •; ' "', CottUB«i. ' " 'It is most interesting to c 'nipare i ho Different methods by means of which the highest grade of mechanical perfection is attained in various ro-untriti. Nohyithstnnding the high character ot American watches,'for example, the finest Swiss-washes stiU maintain their (Treat reputation. The Swiss workman receives the parts-frorn the manufacturer in the rough, takes then, toh, 8 homo, puts his bcs! individual skill into the finishing and assembling, and brings the completed watches to his em- rJoyer. The latter inspects the work, and out of a batch of, say, 50 wa-tche^ he selects five or six. ns worthy of his own attention,, and puts, the others into his regular trade under some general trade name. The seleoted wa-tches he read-justs, working them over for dnys. •weeks, and months, before he considers them worthy to bear his own name, an'J it is these watches .which go to t.hoso who not only- have the money to buy. but also the po tience to wait. :A prominent firm of American jewelers chafing undev the inconveniences of this old world method of-doing things, so'i"ht to introduce-American methods--, nnd%cc if the hiffhcst grade of Swiss watches could not be made more methodically. A factory was biii.lt. enticing- rate* trf wages were' offered to the ir-o'st'skillful workmen, n^d the c\- )C rimcnt was tried. But Mos! The Swiss workman soon found that no regular wages could pay him for his loss ofliberfcy. To be on hand when the whistle blew in tin-, morning, to bav« his stated hour for dinner, and Ins axcu hour for quitting- at night^these rc- Rtrictions he could not lon S stand. Formerly ho had worlicd when he fo.i- li] :0 it and stopped wlu-n if pleased him., Jln d when he was'paid for one job he took his time to beg-in the next, gencral- lv waitiiifftintil his funds ran low. Tlvj l^ctoi-y plan did not work for long-, ami the idic buildin-ff now bears silcvnt tcst- mouy to the Swiss love for independence, which is as much a factor in pres- •ent.Jifc as it lias been in pa-sv h;.story. Tho fact that ranch ot the work of flic Swiss watchmakers ane: iustrmuniL makers is done in this primitive inannur does not in the leasl. (fetract from it; EARLY LONDON CONCERTS. ObKOre BtfOMiyo* the *««Bt Pop«- PLAN YOUIt SUMMEE OtITING . yo^-GO TO PICTURESQUE MACK1NAC VIA THB COAST LIME. It only costs $13.50 from Detroit,. 115.50 from Toledo, $18.00 from Cleveland for the round trip, including meals and berths.:. One thousand .miles of lako ride on new modern steel •teamers for the above rates. Se»d ~c for illustrated pamphlet. Address ... A. A. SOHANTZ, G. P. A. Detroit, Mich. One tliousand students at the Eastern Indiana formal University In this city iu thrce'ycars from now Is not a drenra. It will be a reality if tine Institution, can 'be ooenedntat-spring.- This can be done" it' our people will Interest .themselves in this cause.-Mvvncio News. YOUR BOX WON'T LIVE A MONTH So Mr. Gilma-tt Bi-owu, of 34 Mill St., South Gardner,-'Mass., was told by the doctors. His son had lung'trouble, following typhoid malaria, and he spent three hundred and seventy-five dollars, with doctors, who finally gave him up, saying: "Your boy won't live a_ mOD ^v He ' ~ ' IF i HAVE YOU RHEUMATISM? Kalamazoo, Mich., May 5, '06. I guttered greatly with rheumatism for months. I tried numerous rerne- ', flieB, -with no benefit A friend who had been helped 'by Dr. Jebb's Rheumatl- cure persuaded me to try that. I obtained two: bottles. Tbo effect surprised .me The first bottle nearly cured me, -.'•ina by the Hme I had used the second 1 .-waa completely, cured, I am careful ag to what I endorse, but I mo»t unr qnaHfledly recommend that remedy. On my evidence several severe cases have tried tt, and in every Instance, so far as I know, It has produced a per- _ Discovery au<l T'few bottles-restored .Mm .to., health. and enabled him to go to work a .perfectly well mnn. -He-says he'owes his present good health to use of,Dr:'King's ?!ew Discovery, .and knows it to be the best in the world for lung trouble. Trial bottles free at B, F, Kcesllng's drug store. . -' ,;;•" .'" '•-'.'• • . judge White of Rockvllle.lifls grant: ed- a change ,of -vennc In.-One cases of. .Barney Robards nnd .James Davis, Indicted for the murder of Marshal Sew- kdTfc of Judson, on May 21. ; , It woul^bfe hard.tb coavjnce a man •uttering' from.' bilious:' colic that. his is due to a.mlacrobe with ari.un- ..T-imes 'M. Monroe,, a pioneer, of - Vermillion county, who was caught on-a bridge several clays ago and badly iuan- -Icd, died Friday-. He was GT years old, nnd-leaves a yonng A^tte and two.cW-1- il'ren. • ' ' . FOB OVER FIFTY TEARS. Mrs. Wlnsiow ; s Soothing Syrup'has "been used for over fifty years by mll^ Uoaii or mothers for thfe!r children While teething, with perfect success. It soothes the child, softens the gums, jllays all Pain, cures wild colic, and t. the best remedy for diarrhoea. .It will relieve the poor little sufferer immediately. Sold by drngislsts In every W rt of the world. Twenty-five cents kbottle. Be sure and aek for "Mrs. Wlnslow'B Soothing Syrup," and take go other, kind. , • ' • The commissioners' of Jasper county have .sold ?S2,500 court house bonds'to William B. Austin, of Rensselaer. The booids bear' C per. cent. Interest,, and were sold at $15,700 premium. • Pass tae-'eood word„along the line. PUes can be quicMy c: operation by simply applyln^ Witch Hazel Solvc.-Jno. M.JohnatQD. ••Mrs Reedy LMueilerof ITcrre Hitute, was-.fatally'injmed.tjy fire-l:«t,-Friday, -n*l-le burning -rubbish-in -her yard. ; "Wafee m Jacob,"~day la breaklngl" go 'sild DeWitt's- Little Early. Riser' to ClOiiS IK'I '> L *-'"- •" ( hig-h rjnnl'ity. but rather adds to Us perfection 'bv cmbo'Jyins- I" each article the. individual skill of the workman. The wi-itcr diwired to procure one of the- famous Goldscthmic.lt aneroid baromc.lv- crs' and only after some difficulty ana monv.inouirics did ho succeed m find- ii," t'he whereabouts of the maJceratab. \.Vl-ist he was directed to-the quaint street in 'the quarter of the city of- Zurich known a-? the "TrittJigasse (the street oC the little'steps). ./.There he found ;v ffnte in.a wall bearing the c.e- sirerVnnmber', but iro name or sign of •hrv dcsoriptiofi to inclic-dte -w.hat w:is within. • Knocking to obtain admissioti, KP'was.finrilly let into a ^rden, over- anol.her' wnll and-npapictnrcsquesctof irte'ns • and iishei-cd' into a little room in. which waa work ; of the finest description, ; ' .,'•<• •-•A few men and boy-va couple of 'women—this was the .working- force. Init here were products which suvpasswJ 1'h'e finest instruments of any he h.u ever seen.' ' Each' article was shown ani. handled as if it had bce-n a personal pet, hardly to be parted wWh.and it wns indeed interesting to- soe^ how _cver> :-instru ro cnt was calitoered and^ tested and recorded in a. mariner which co.al.l 7,'ot-but prove that for such-worl; in- dividu'aUsm had its advantages over collectivism: • "' The articles wcre.indeed. '•manufactured" in the true etymological sense of the term, "hand made as. •hc ; id made, '€00, 'for thr-.tmatter,and all • his in 'a little out-building accessible only'-after diligent search and In strange, contrast to the present time,'when as many as 50 concerts of different kinds have been performed in a singifi week of the .London season, is the obscure beginning of these entertainments. 'Music was a luxury beyond .the reach'of:all but.a favored few in the days when John Evelyn was invited by Mr. Roger I/Estrange to hear Baltzar, the "incomparable Lubicer, on the violin, or dined at Arundcl house, to lister to "excellent musiq jjerfonn a \yy the ablest masters, both French and English, on the orbos, viols, organs and voices"—composed.purposely, for the 'queen's chnpel. But the general public had little opportunity of listening to ,nusie of a hijr'h class. "Half a dozen of fiddlers." says Sir John Hawkins, in hi« "History of Music," "would scrnpe •Selleofrcr's Round,' or 'John Conic Kisse Me,' or 'Old Sir Simon the King, witJi dn'ersioiis, till themselves and their audience were tired; after which as many players on thehautby would m most harsh and,discordant tones grate forth 'Green Sleeves,' 'Yellow Stockin "s' 'GUla.ii of Crowdon,' or some such common dunce tune, and the peopl* thought it f:\irmusic." At a much-Inter-period we are. as «nred that one of these songs—"Old Sir Simon the King"—with others such a "Bobbing- Joan," nnd "Sir George, He Wus for KuRlahd." amused Squire Western in his cups—for he never rel ishcd any music but what was l;gn nnd air^. The numerous foreign mu siclans who visited this country at the restoration, though they may have hindered the development Of a school of genuine British music, undoubtedly did much to raise the tone' of the performances then thought good enough for the publ ic. Years, however, were to elapse before the art freed itself from the associations of the tavern, and vocal and instrumental music could be heard without the fumes of tobacco smoke or an accompanying clatter of pewter P °Jo'hn Banister, a son of one. of the "waits" of the parish of St. Giles-iii- .tbo-Fields. was probably the first to set on'foot concerts' to-which the public were admitted on payment, i-ing. Charles II.,- following the example of the French court, possessed a band composed of 2-1 violins, led by Baltear, a **- tive of. LubccU, who settled m Engla»d about'the year 1C5C, Banister, who had been sent by the king to further his musical education in France, wa.-,, on his return, appointed leader of the royal band, at a salary of £40 per annum.—Gen Induced by the u»e of coca, opiate or n»r- cotic compounds is bad, decidedly b«<J. They undermine health'and eb»tter ; the constitution and the patient Is steadily growing Into a worse condiHon—often resulting In tho terrible slavery »nd misery of the cocaine and opium h«blt^ Sleep induced by the use of Hood* SarW- parilla docs not perhaps come, as quickly, but It comes more surely and wore permanently through'nature'B gre»t-re»tor- ing and rejuvenating channel—purified, vitalized and enriched blood. This feeto. the nerves -with lile-glving energy »d , builds up the system and conrtltotlon ^ trom the very foundation of all health;, and lllc-the blood-pnre,rich, ted bloods Sarsaparilla Ts the One True Blood Purifier. All druggists- A MOCKING-BIRD DANCE. EFI-ECT OF BEE STINGS. A Decided 9O SOlO JL7cVr.iu.i-n •*-"'«•*•••- • .»',,.. • . the man who.had.taken thcm-tq arouse 'M»''rtiiBgl8h llver;-Jno. M..Johnston. During a fight in a saloon .at English Friday, tbe.skun : of.ehn S ,L. Gam-ble-of tcopoW, an artist; -was crushed.- ; " -We'are anxtciis to do a U tile good .In thla -world and can think ol.no pleasant-: er or, better way to do, It than by recommending One.. Minute; Cough -Cure •«••*.,; nalanc to tl>° Homnn' System. - One.effect'of bet- stings oo the human, svstem is' in tho nature of a stimulant. The virus Introduced through the civ, tide'by-the bee'herself-is exceedingly •rtfrnnlaUnp.-if not. exhilarating._ Jt- beats tobacco or any narcotic. W .s way abend of iatoxieajits. - , I am led.to this conclusion by effects 'produced on- oiie of my vis.tors alter one, .application of the medicine, hyjo- dermically admini.ste.red. It. doesn t siem to make much difference on what port of the anatomy, the fluid is inject' ed . It worlcs-just as effectually in one. spot as another,-and operates instantaneously.- If tlie- patient .would prcr te«:0« scar in his back hair, hidden fe^^S^-^^ respond to its influence' with>.aJacri.ty, ; WhVther administered .behind the right ear or on ^ ornamentals appendage which - sometimes - obtrudes ..-itself into other pebple'sibusiness,.or below, .the; belt" :under the trousers^^^s just the earne," The inziesumaii Ai Wltnc-ed by a Rdamcr Xhtouch th. Southern Woodij. With bodies stiff :vnd straight a-s an arrow, head erect and feathers flattened, wings drooping- loosely lorwaril, but tails elevated at ar, acute auangle to the bod v as possible, the-.dance solemnly bc->in« "The eyes are steadily toed, and ^me'thodically as any-soldiers upon, drill they sturdily go through the nw u- mpnt of boundinffv rising-quitehign ana SwendiS in vc = ry pearly the same place each-time, from one" end of the playground to the other, back and Uh; always keeping the '^^^ foot apart. As each one ncars hi* orl er corner,-each slowly and d^ufiedij turns a complete circle, then agam 'faces the other, always diagonally, and slowly bounds back,.W repeat the BIOVC- raeut. at, the other end.' Sometimes bor,h will turn away to look off at some distant object, just as a cat will apparently forget the mouse'she is tormenting. That,-howeV seem, .to be only a part of the ceremony, for soon both turn back and the dance is resumed. One da-y I chanced to witness one of these pretty sights as it took place beneath the wide-spreading branches of a large orange tree,,but the scene was interrupted quite unexpectedly. Just at the most graceful part of an.nto cat, double pirouette, ft very, puff>, and motherly old hen who, with an. u-i- limited number of offspring*, had been serenely picking up a dinner close^by, evidently felt a sudden nnpatience at the sT-ht ol all this folly, for to my sur- r,r'se and amusement she made a quick rush and dashed between these happy mockers, startling them almost out of their senses.. Instantly the : atmosphere was permeated ^^fgJJto^ fire each n fully a rod long,-as the two, angry bSd £ ,departed tor tb« ™nt«bo* of -a neighboring lemon ... .Blake, in Appletons' T""" Monthly A SHORT JOURNEY TO CALIFORNIA IN FIRST CLASS STYLE The Southern Pacific Co. "SUNSET LIMITED" TRAIN. Over the Sunset Route-New Orleans to Los Angeles and San Francisco. Was discontinued April ICtb. The .operlor accommodations given the f reat number of patrons ol the above ir »ln during the past .tourist season, warrants tb« announcement of plans •M nest season of finer service with Equipment superior to anything yet cuown in transcontinental traffic. Look for early re-iuaugviratioB of •SUNSET LIMITED" this fall. For Home Seekers. The Southern Pacific Co. "Sunset ioute" In connection with, the "Queen ind Crescent Route" are running the >nly line of through tourist Pullman keepers leaving Cincinnati every Thursday evening for Los Angeles and San Francisco. These excursions are specially con- lucted, and the object is to enable those W bo do not care to buy the first-class wund trip or one war tickets, to enjoy t comfortable ride with sleeping car privileges.and no'change of cars at the rery low second-class rate. For furtherInformation^ address-W. 3. CONNOR, ^Commercial Agt S. P. W. G. NEIMYEE, G. ^ 9o., Chicago, 111." B. F. MORSE, G. P. * So.. New-Orleans, La, Agf. S. P." Agt S.P. erecinsB'Mic otuiK.. ----America wm get a.hustie^-him. after one dose. He can run . ti troop and leap over.-ft; wall/ ,uw.»-. trained -athlete. A .ten-wire fence: barbed to stop swine-is, no-ob• to,.him. when, he .gets .under DlwoT«rt« ta.Oblo,Moand,... , ' , Warr.en k.:Moorehead, curajor ofth^ 'Ohio Arehaelogical society, has been mounds' along the -valleys-of .xiyer: «rf. ito ttibuta- small 'mound on tbf Torteus three miles south of Coshocton, was ,1 CLtuv; wv«* vw prevenuvo w i,iici«u>««.-, .--^--—- .'(/.motion. •? He i=v=.^,—. "" T '»L..---PP'»P is^iggi^^ The State conference of .charities, and reKlment..oM?hiHstines, _e; eon__ ^ co-rectlons will be held at Richmond 'on il-,€ lltb; 1 12tl] and 13th of November, nony. . . prononncable.'name- But onci dose of Perm's, Colic and Cholera Cure will convince him ,oMtr power to afford In- I .President Parsons' Buslnees Oollegd wvd shorthand Institute. I BEN FI8HBBi Druggist eonall In »SM. bnt great la iwultt. '. DeWJtt'« MWe Early Rtoeni act-gently bnt tbbrougMy, curing Indigestion, dyspepsia and constipation. Small pill, •taut relief. •ton. MJohn- • Christian • Baker,Vi .ten-year.. man, ..who reaped- from theiprison : North one day -last month, 'has been recaptTircd by the sheriff of I>agrang^ county.,- ..-•';..' ;;- f •'lt^hS^it°wth'- another, application',of. •iiv.i_.-.»-;—i/i..nAM- -nrenaration, oaniui- Pers6n» who; tove a conghlng i«pe» j ' ' night, on aocount of •; a tickling \ j-^ 'JiiJJWHSlJ.- TV-*"" «**-— -* * •'this iformic acid .preparation, : iiteied from the, "business;, en^ --- llyoly bee.—Eug«ne : Secor, in Amert• ---- -•"-- Joximal;;:-';;'-": i; ' : " v . . ' Hint bough '•inally; T ' Hl''ONLY^True, prominently,; m "tM. Hav IR Hood'i Sampar • .prvlllUICUWJ,.;*" TfTY'.r,TT?;"I HAT is Hood'i Sariaparllla/v:"—. -^Hood's ana^tef 0»D5 L? 'L.KlM****** l ; 'the';«aa ol .uncertain in•'••• • --"•"-•--iv. : '- ae- git one bi&ni: good ones - box! '!^rClncinna,U-'.EnquiJer.. taree nwieo auuu" •'* ~ —^ opened, in which five skeletons were found. These.skeletOM.areofiin^al interest to science,, as they;md.ca.ta,«ie ? type of the prehistoric race. The skull i^thicker. than that of the negro, With low facial' angles, .prominent', jaws, handeojne-.teeth and, small;• brain capacity. ihe^keletona.Jndioatoa.tnbe: somewhat shorter than 'ouwelve., Jnore muscular and heavier, N«ar Walhond- in* in a mound two feet higb,.,wa». found the skeleton of a person supposed to ,have.been the.arrowimaker of .Se'-tribe! Just above him were buried some CO or 70 of his implements. These were made of flint, beautifully shaped, and about half .the alze of.;,a .man.« ; hand. In : a gravel pit' Bear-by wa» Tfbund the skeleton of a child, with -muweU shells and other plaything* In a mound atoe fee,t high, pn,the John- con /arm, werV found a-ston«-i»ed lor- flint .'''gcjJpjpff '."Pl?^*.* t ijcwt' -wuft 'Ixortflc Thcr^»r* •*• .iTO «,«rf. i»• ?!• rffi;-"l Graham & Morton TRANSPORTATION CO.; TWICE DAILY STEAMERS TO CHI-CAGO. COSNECTISO -WITH THE VANDALIA RAILWAY AT ST. JO- ^ SEPH. . '..... Beginning \Iay~25th~and continuing "... until about Sept. 30th -the steamers ot this line will maUe two.trlps'each way. tolly between St Joseph and Chicago, »n the folio-wins schedule: Leave St Joseph at 430 p.m. and, 10:30 P. m., dally, including Sunday. Leave Chicago at 9:30 a: m, and 11:30 p. m., dally..including Sunday. Extra trips on Saturday leave St Joseph at | a. m., and leave Chicago at 2 p.m. Bnnnlng time across lake 4 hours... Trl- weekly' steamers 1 to'Milwaukee, teavlng St Joseph Monday, Wednesday, ind Friday evenli^s. . '>-**-• •.+>.. The -'equipment of this line Includes. , (he slde,wheel steamers City of Chicago and City of Milwaukee (the largest and iiiest west of Detroit), and the newly. Mbnllt propeller City ,of LoulsvIUe. Service nrstTCtaBs: Connections wit*- Tandalla^tralns. Tickets on sale i Jfandalla Line etatlona. Chicago tot of Wabash avenne. J. H. GRAHAM, Prea., : - . •••' Benton Harbor, Mich. .akeTrip? If youU.ket KE niCfflGAH AW> UKB SUPERIOR TRASSPORTATIOMCO'S 5.lllng.

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