The Robesonian from Lumberton, North Carolina on February 2, 1943 · Page 3
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The Robesonian from Lumberton, North Carolina · Page 3

Lumberton, North Carolina
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 2, 1943
Page 3
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THE ROBESONIAN, LUMBERTON, N. C., TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 2, PAGE THREE High Court Grows 16 Years Younger In 6 Years HUGHES. 74 7lJ/» y«art in !Wi7 Ni/'SS.J/f years t*ay. Siiwit t*»7 Prisidtnt R*o*«v«lt 'hat op- IMiliitJid 'light iiif tte»* to th« Court, including JM«* .; ftyrn«(, wKo taltr r*ti«n*d, and. · 'Hit most r*c*hl od- dttiofi, Wil«y «gt- . Mow *ach it position iystiMt held rfi«ir op- oointmtnli. VAN PIVANTM, 77 Mclf VNOitH, fS " Circuit Judg* Atty M.ANOfIS iO ' lawyer Sl/rHERlAND 74 Senator BUTUft 70 lawyer STONE 64 Ally Gen ROBERTS 61 W Y Judge CARDOZO. 66 N Y Jjdcjc FRANKFURTER, 60 law Prof. Lumberton Students Bought $335.85 : »;·'·.;._ ;.,'.; V \ " . . . ' . · , ' · ' . · ' " -.-\ ';..· " · " " . ' ' - " "-*^ \ '" ·'· ' · . - ' . · · ' ' ' - ' .'· ··' '- '. ·- " : ' ." In War Roiids And Stamps In Jmiiiary vLumberton high school students ind · .seventh graders bought $335.85 worth of.War Bonds and Stamps during January, aceord- injjt to a .statement released by |Kty Schools Supt. B. E.; Lohr yesterday.. Of the total ; the high ' ichool bougtit'"$326.05 in bonds and ·tarhps and the seventh grade V; The statement reads: 3.20: Francis. Lane,';30. Jacqueline Oliver, .10; RutH Pait, 5.10; Jo e McCorkle, .80; Hutaff Blake. .50; Terrell Blake. :50; Mary McArver, %70; W. : J; Whitaker. 2.00: Elizabeth Butler, ;.70; Charles TJnderwoba, 21-:25; :Ertl8 Willianison. 1.00; Edna : Biand, .10; .Robert WaadelL. 1.60; Myrtl^.pa- vis. .70: Riiby'. Dee- Lanirh. 1.80: Harold McCarter. .30; Leon Ses- i soms, 3.20; Mary.; Frances- M6pdy, Braiich, .90: Frances D. Sanderson, .30; Betti .-Sue .Kiddle, ,70: Lillian Stephens; -.10; ,Melba Srriith, -1.50; Louise -O'Tuei, .30;. Bburiie Innian, .30; : Betty Edwards, .50; Horace Stohe, 1 ^oO: David Col- i'lris. i.50: Rachel 'Prevjstte, · -.40; ' ' " ' Obvious that the students;'i 1.50; Mary 'Lewis, 1.30; .Ernestine ii'tKe'Luinberton schools are de-' 1 " ' "" - ' ' ----"-- ""··- termined to have a big part in the light fdr .victory. By their enthusiasm and interest in the Victory Honor Roll, recently organized they are showing their colors. Each week the roll mounts higher iilid higher in participants and cohtributions. 'The fight goes on'! '····' "A list of students an d teachers buying stamps and bonds through the school during the month of January is shown below. Many other pupils have bought stamps during the month, but .only the tjames of those who bought through the school are shown. i "Beginning \vith end of January, the'superintendent is going to report to the commissioner of internal revenue the amount of money collected for stamps and bonds each month. This is just another patriotic service being engaged in by the school." Those on the high school V-ic- . .-tory Honor I^oll with amount ...of : stamps and bonds bought are: Victors- Honor lloll Mrs. Pansy Howell, $7.10; Bobbie Jrcer, $4.50: Raymond Sar- Among 19 Lost on Navy Plane . , .. Victory Honor Roll vfor the Seyeiith' grade includes: ·' Mrs. J. H. Barrin'gton. $2.00 Marife'Biaka, .30: Betty Faye : Bruton,..,10;;iluC- usi Coulter.- 1.00; Frank Ederis, .20; Doris Ever'leigh, :l6j Harrou .Floyd, .10;Mack Johnson, :10; Bil^f :Mc- Duf fie, 1 .00 ; "Aldena Nevbiif y, '·80; Frances NormenU '.20;^Tommy Phillips, 1-50; Jessie Reynold^ .20; Rachel* Sarbough, ,30'; : . Marion Skinner, .20: Ruth; Smith,. i50; ihimes Stock, ".20: '. :,SlierriirT6iav,; .20; "Hubert Welsh', ,.20; Ellen Joan Wicker. .30; Jack^Yaf bough, ; 30.- ileage Allowed Buses Stepped Up bough, $3.50: $3.00 Arnold Ealeigh, Feb. 2.' Ann Humphrev, | t er( jay. . new buses MuKinnon, $2.50; ^Starting yes- operating in North Carolina cities may be run -5,000 miles monthly instead .of the Virginia Best, $47.00: Dickson McLean, S2.S5; Emma Kihlaw, .30; Antiiie Neal Parncll. .40; Elsie Mas Moody, $2.25: Mary Hill^McUean, $1.50: Olivette Rogers. .U); Bessie Slae Grice, !20; Evelyn Crook. .30: David Fuller. $2.20; Margaret Wilkerson, ..50; Mary Everleigh, $1.70; Jackie Adams. .20. Dorothy Wilson, $3.00: .Louise O'Tuel. .GO; Myrtle Fisher, 2.55: Romona West, .60: Jenette Coun- dl. -.20: Carolyn LyeiTy, $1.10; Ertle Stephenson, .GO; J. B. Walters. $3.25; Sainmie Nobles, $1.85; Margaret Smith, $1-50; Frtuicis Price, .30; Elizabeth Brown, .70; James Huggins, ?1.15: La veil a Pridgeon, $1.50. ; Margaret Lewis, $115: J e a n ! cordr.nce wit'i agreements signed Bullard, $1.00; Julia Harris, $1.00;; by tho operators with the ODT to "Dennis Biggs, $1.00; Ozmer Henry.' obla'n new equipment. The limi- $1.75; Marjorie McCorkle. ' .40; I tation \vas imposed to conserve Lee, $10.50: Robert Mc- . limit previously, in effect. under a -new ODT ruling. Similarly, the maximum mileage permitted new . inter-city buses will be stepped up^ from 4000 to 0,000 miles per month. Decision to authorize the increase. until further notice, was prompted by the steady increase in bus traffic due: to ^gasoline restrictions and the demand of war industries for additional service, it was explained today by:W. · E. Butler, district ODT. manager. Urban and inter-city buses placed in .service after July 31, 1942. have bcsn operating under, the ODT mi'e.'ige limitations, in ac- ··"ln the Atlantic the submarine war situation still is a tough problem to us, and lots of losses are ahead there for us. "In the Pacific, I cannot speak too well of the high conw.and. The' nearer to the front the less the distinction of the various services, You can't tell the Army, Navy and Marines apart. All are animated -by the same determination to come lo grips with thev enemy and end the war as soon as possible-; and have abounding confidence in their ability to do it." · The secretary's trip w;s a most complete , inspection, involving j more than 20,000 miles of air tra- j vel from Washington and return, j He said its purpose'was to get j fnsthand information on how'to spend funds and speed the mover mor.l of supplies. Lake View News By J. ft. Thorn ' Lake View, S. C. ( Feb. 2. -Keith Norman has joined the U. S. Navy, and will leave for his destination within a few days, R. E. Moody gave a supper Thursday night in honor of his son, Seaman, who Is home on furlough from the U. S. Navy. Rev. H. D. Gober was a business visitor to Charlotte last week. S. W. Epps, county AAA superintendent, held a meeting for farmers at the high school building Monday, in which plans were discussed for increasing food crops for the allied nations. Farm plan sheets by farmers of the community were signed at the town hall Tuesday. Sgt. Wade Hampton Miller, of the U. S. air force, after spending a few days with his parents, E. J. and Mrs. Miller, has returned to his post in Florida. Claude Grantham has been rather unwell for several days. Letters from a goodly number of our local boys report they are BLONDIE by Chic Young fairing nicely on the African day. theater of war. Mrs. Sadie Smith is visiting her daughter, Mrs. O. B. Murray, in Chattanooga, Tenn, Biddy Home stood a civil service exarn^uation in Florence Fri- A good loser is a priceless ass*t to society, for not all can be winners. Paul Home, of the Citadel, visited his parents, K. P. and Mrs. Home, last week. · it .was announced by the Navy that Capt. Donald C Godwin (left). U.S.N.. of tyniiamston, N. C., assigned to the 12th W aval District, ·Los Angeles, and Lieut. Edria Owella Morrow (right), U. S. Army ' mursfiy of P«isadena,:Cal., were aboard the naval air transport plane which is reported missing on a flight from Pearl Harbor to San Fran- "feco. Rtor Admiral Robert-H. English; o^the U. S. Pacific Fleet, .-.'was;alab aboard tKe seaplane. These are official TJ. S. Nav^-photos. Sekttered By The War, Lumbertonians Meet In Endand, Honolulu, And Cuba tires and buses. , The ruling, which is nation- jvide. iiffXTls 2.528 buses operated by 335 companies. . . . The Irish potato is believed . to have originated in* the highlands of western South America. ·"·· ART AUTHORITY ON DUKE STAFF Elzabeth Tntyre. .70; Edward Collins. $2.00: Charles Barker, .75: Ralph Thome, .50; Robert Williams, $3.50: Bud- -d'ie Willis, .20; Philmon Leggette, $2.00: Louise Stacy, .40; James i Kinlaw, .25; Lillian Davis, .20; ' Bruce Barton, '.50; Edward Glover. .25; John Rancke, .20; Robert Knox Ivey, .25; Louise Herring. .40; Virginia Bracy, .25: Olin Welsh, .10. Sybil Willis, .10'; Fick Henderson, ,$]8.75:- Billy · Powell, .50: Moncue Sibly, .90: Oriana McArthur, .10: Dorothy Watts, .10; Jean Lunibeth. .1.0; Joyce Brisson, .25: Lula Spivey. .50: Hilda Galloway. 50: Minta Mclntyre, .20; .Kitty : Kdcn's, .10; David Edens, .25; Car) Lovette, .40; Mary C. Parker, .50; Francis Rilly, .20: Lois Crump, .50. Coleen Stallings, .40; Juanita Mishoe. .40: Frances Ivcy, fll.OO; Irene Davis, $1.00; Velenia Phil: lips. §1.20; Luther Prevatte. $1.25: ; Rachel- Coltle, .30; Haven Jolly, ; .'JO; Robert Edwards, .60; Donald Yarborough, .30; Miss Elizabeth Brice. ,$3.50; Miss Mary F. B.v.i-.d, j · SS.50; .Miss Elotse Herring, S2.25 'Miss Cashion, $1.00; Mary Kime Bowman, .40; Doris Goodyear, : .25; Eva Davis, $1.00: W. D. Buff kin, .40. : Mrs. A. .V y/shart, S37.50; Mary Brooks Britt. ."5; David S l a i i K f l , , - - . - 1 00- Alma Blackmon, .75: Don \ professor oL an. hu,lorj alFieiburg ' McRainey, 5.00; Gray Sanders,' university, has become voting 3.00; Winifred Beasley, 'f ""By'-Smnh Hall Goodwin This global war which has scattered many of Lumberton's; young men; to'the ends of the earth has also caused unexpected meeting of homefolks in faraway places. Probably the most story-like bf these meetings' -was that of Pvt. Raj'mond Brown, yOurig baritone who delighted Lumberton audiences, with his .singing before en- ieriug the Army, last spring, and Bruce Atkinson, former Carolina theater projectionist. It was the day before Christmas in-England when Pvt. Brown ran up with Atkinson, who is now in, the Royal Canadian Air Force. This is the way Brown told his parents, Mr. und Mrs. L. L. Brown of Lumberton, about it: - · "1 received a wonderful an^ unexpected Christmas present, yes-j lerday morning. When we fell out for" our regular roll call I saw: someone standing beside the road: \vlio I (houglit "looked familiar-- J here. - : ' ·. · " . ' ·".' ' ,' The son of Dr. and Mrs. J. A. Martin of Lumberton, Martin is a chaplain's assistant at the Gu'an- tanamo Baj' Naval base. ' · Navy Secretary · ' · . . , - * Was Under Jap Air Attack Twice Knox Thinks There's Good Prospect of Aii- Attack on Tokyo. By WALTER B. CLAUSEN Pearl Harbor, Jan. 29. --(Delayed) --W-- Secretary of the Navy Frank Knox, Admiral Chester W. Nimitz, commander-in- chie'f of the Pacific Ocean area, and Admiral William F. Halsey, and lo and behold upon mvestiga- | f . ommanc i ei . OI " the South Pacific tion it turned out to be Bruce A t - j force v . ere un j er Japanese air at- kinson. I was never so glad to see j t;kk Uvice - w ithin the past two anyone in all .my life. He has been j wee j. s over here 15 months. He was just j T h e'first attack was a short one as.glad .to see me. We are going to ( at Espi ,.i tu s an t o , in the New Heb- have turkey for dinner--almost | rides and | he seconc i one , much like "being at home." .. , heavier, of seven hours''duration, !was on Guadalcanal.' No casual. (ties were reported in either at- P asi Stack. Secretary Knox described them as like bpmbing attacks in 1918 land said that the Japanese high- level bombardment was "very in- . Honolulu This Time. . 11 was also during this Christmas season that some more Lumbertonians Car from home chanced to. .meet--this time in Honolulu. Gpl. Billy Martin, son of Mrs. accura t e .' Ethel Martin, who has been with ('he U. S. Army in Hawaii since last spring, knew that Bob McDonald, former local electrician, and his wife were in Honolulu, b u t - h e hadn't been ible to locate them. Returning from a day's visit to Waikild beacb, he was wailing., for a bus to' take him back to camp, when he, saw coming out of i pr ospe'ct7"of "an" a large apartment house a woman j Tokyo j lo s About t!ie attack on Espiritu Santo, where Admiral Halsey met him. the secretary said: ' i "it was the first .attack there, i How the J;sps got the infonna- j tion we don't know, but they j didn't do us any harm, except to i keep us awake." | "I think there are darn good · air attack ' on j in answer to a ; ' Pi-ofessoi Waltti "FI leuTander of New Ycil umveibitj, foimerly 5.00: Lois P.revatte, 3.25; Pearsall Goodwin. 30!00; Marie Tyson, 1.50; Leon Hobbs, .75; Paul Moore, .10: Jean Stephenson. 1.10; Dcrolhy Driscoll. .60; Velma Brlsson, 1.50; .Billy ·Lamb, .60; Rupert Wilkorson. 5.00: Jack-Huggins, 3:30; Dorothy McNeill, .40; Billy Parhani, .35; Donald McRainy,'6.00; Grady Seal*- professor m Duii.e univeihity ior the new semester .just beginning. Professor Friedlancler v/ill give a series of public lectures on Rubens : . and Poussin, 'being. the author of numerous works on these artists. He will also offer, a course on Bar- · pque art. At Diike. he will' be a member . of 'the Department , of Aesthetics, Art.'aud Music., who loosed familiar. | q Uestion « b u l when or how it will ! ^ He , 1 , n ^ StlSaJed ' and She w a s t h i t , i will not sav, but thev bet-I Mrs. McDonald. Instead of going' " ' back to his base Cpl. Mai-tin stayed that night with the McDonalds. ' -Just Mr. McDonald left Lumberton a little more than a year ago lo accept a Civil Service job in the Hawaiian islands. Now It's In Cuba · Raymond Martin, a third clays petty officer in the U. S. Navy, is not so far away from home as Pvt. BroVi'n and Cpl Martin; he's in Cuba. And he has probably encountered , more 1 homefojks than either.' _ Martin has seen Jack Jolley, who. Is stationed at a Marine Base "I think tlie Japs will fight a tough, hard and persistent war. I will not discuss strategy but will j say we have just begun to'fight} and haven't hit our hardest blows j yet. . . . "Every base lias an abundance of .supplies and men ,,are l i v i n g ' well. ::nd the spirit of our men everywhere is magnificient. "Our submarines are doing a | magnificient job and operations j against the Japanese lines of com- Major Eli Wishart of the U. S. Army, who stopped in Cuba a few weeks ago on his Trinidad after a way back to . month's : visit 'Southern Asia is . believed to have been the place of origin of the banana. The largest ears of corn' are giown in the Jalla Valley of Muxico. Roll ROOFING . $J.30 35 Ib. roll 45 Ib. roll'. . . $1.60 55 Ib..roll 90 Ib. roll $j.95 $9.60 (frreen cr black available in tlic 90 Ib. roll) FGX SERVICE Lumberton Fairmont -- St. Pauls Attention Farmers! The Government I* Calling For Increase In Food Crops In 1943. GROW PICKLING CUCUMBERS 35 % Increase In Price Over Last Year. Very Aitraciive Contract. IF INTERESTED SEE W. R. WALKER, Principal AJlenlon High School You are invited to attend a meeting at Allenton High School Wednesday night, February 3, at 8:00 o'clock to discuss pickling Cucumber Contract. · YOUR VOICE COULD STOP A STUKA! Wouldn't you like the thrill ol working, directly with the Army -- o[ guiding our lighter pilots to annihilate any ene- tny planes that may come? That's the job ol civilian "spotters". That's a job you can perform -- vital, essential in aiding our Air Forces in the defense of our shores. , On Observation Posts everywhere the Army Air Forces Ground Observer Corps is on guard day and night -- reporting, by Dash phone calls, th« flight of every plane. Literally, these men and womefl Observers are the nerve system ei our military offense and civil defenMV Join "in this important work now. You Are Needed! niunications are going at "a good! near his own Naval Base; Alex irate. I think destruction of sh.p- j McAllister, also a Navy man, and ping is a matter cf great concern j to ihe Japanese.'Knowing their' shipping resources and their cap-: abilities of building, we readily can understand their concern. THE ARMY AIR FORCES GROUND OBSERVER CORPS FIRST FIGHTER COMMAND Here's Where You Can Apply For Service In Robeson County! ^ WILLIAM M. BEST GEORGE CALVERT F. W. FLOYD UJMBERTOX, N. C. RED SPRINGS, X. C. FAIRMONT, X. C. This Space Is Contributed By THE ROBESONIAN

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