Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on December 11, 1957 · Page 24
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 24

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 11, 1957
Page 24
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Twenty-four Logansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribune Letters to Santa Dear Santa, I want some stuffed animals, and a white horse like Dale's. A house-keeping jet and a nurse kit and six little Bibles. Will you please put Toosie roll and some Toosie roll pops in my sock and A lot of sifrpsise:. Jjarlea Woodruff, age 7 509 Washington street, Logansport Dear Santa-Claus, i I am a girl 8 years old. I would like to have a Hi-Heel Teen Doll and cloths, and a record player and some records and some surprises. Please remember all the other boys and girls. Thank you very much. Mary Davis P. S. I live at 1408 George street in Logansport, Indiana. Dear Santa, I would like a doll and stroller, a piano and some surprise:;. Also a rocking horse for my baby brother. We have been good. Love. Vickie Lynn Baker Wasn. Twp. school Logansport. Ind. Dec. 5, 1957 Dear Santa Claus, I would like ;o have a doll for Christmas. Please bring me a record and some surprises. Your friend, Marjorie Dear Santa, I cannot write to you and my Calls on Auto Industry To Speed Safety Research WASHINGTON (UP) — Illinois [traffic safety is loc'al and state Gov. William G. Stralton today'because those governments "are urged that the automobile industry jbest fitted for the responsibility." and related businesses step up j But he said some persons were their research in the prevention! apprehensive over the possibility of traffic accidents. If the highway death toil is not reduced, Stratton warnet, the federal government may step in and clarnp controls on industries serving the motoring public, such as placing a limit on horsepower.. Stratton, chairman of the National Governors'' Conference, made his remarks in a speech prepared for delivery a! the public officials traffic safety conference of the President's Committee for traffic Safety. of pressure for federal policing of > highways in the states. "We are presenting a guarantea that this won't happen—if we continue to progress in the tight back home for traffic safely, cgntinue bo advance in this determination to curb this evil, with its maiming, its killing and its unbelievable economic loss," he said. WRONG ROW AUBURN, N. Y. - Auburn mocrats, campaigning slate. to elect He said industries, such as auto- their candidates in a municipal mobile manufacturers, oil compa-1 election, sent out cards to voters nies and auto insurance firms, while already contributing greatly, can do even mor in the drive for traffic 'safety. "I suggest that research by these firms and industries be tripled, quadrupled," Stratton said, "I suggest that through the formation of additional foundations and methods of financial help they can aid our universitiesand colleges in the same programs." Stratton said "we do not know yet the motivation that so often brings about bad, dangerous driving, nor have we yet found a really successful way to make each U.S. FLIERS HONORED SAYAMA, Japan (UP) — Residents of this small village have dedicated a memorial tower in lonor of two American airmen who sacrificed their lives to save a group of'Japanese farmers. Villagers took this means Tuesday to Wednesday Evening, December li, 1957. IKE MAKES SHIFT WASHINGTON (UP) — Presi-! s sador to Yugoslavia since 1953. He Capt. William Eligh and 18 sail- dent Eisenhower has named'will succeed former Ambassador' urs rowed 3,618 miles after they James W. Riddleberger the new!to Greece George V. Allen whc • , d if , d . . U.S. Ambassador to Greece, mov-jhas been named new director ot j« ere Mt adri ' 1 d "nn 0 a mut.ny oa ing him from his current post in ! the U.S. Information Agency. l the Bntlsl1 sh 'P Bounty in 1788. Yugoslavia. Riddleberger, a career officer at the State Deparl- thank U. Harry Elliott, of Lake- ment since 1929, has been ambas land, Fla., and Lt. John Friel, jj m white Fire Insurance Ph. 2491 of Grand Junction,'Iowa. The officers were killed last month when their B-47 crashed into the dry river bed of the Ir-uma River. It was believed they could have crash- landed safely in a nearby field, but they diverted the plane to avoid hitting the farmers planting barley. telling them to "Vole Row A All The Way." They sent, out other cards the next day when they re- p( Ci oris McGuir^ Jr., son of Mr. alized row A on the voting ma-! am j .Mrs. Oris McGuire Sr., .805 chines listed the entire Republican v/ilkinson street, is stationed with Uie Marines, at Moffett Field, Cal. HP has been in the Marines since Feb. 6 and is a 19.56 graduate oi Logansport high school. His ad dress is M.B.N.A.S., Moffett Field, Calif. TfOTICK TO TAXPAYERS OF ADIMT1OXAL APrilOPRl/VTlON Notice i.s hereby Klven the tax- payors of IjOffansport, Cass County. IndlJiiia, that, tho proper legal officers of sala School City at their repular meotinK place at 7:30 o'clock P.M., on 23rd day of December, 1957, will consider, tho following additional appropriations •which said officers consider necessary to meet the extraordinary emergency existing at tills time. $5,000 Cumulative Building Fund—Architect's fees driver aware ofh is individual re- school*''' v ' ew '*""* sponsibility." j Taxpayers appearing at such "There Js an increasing clamor mooting shall iinyo a rlKht to for limitations on horsepower, for example, in the manufacturing field," Stratton said. "If that sister did because I haven't start-.' clamor continues and if we do not ed to school. But I would like to liave my mother write for me. I want a gym ball and a swimming pool for my sister and I. You see I can print my name and I've been a good little girl. Margaret McCrea Age 4 Dear Santa, 1 am six years old, in the first grade at Lucerne school. My teacher is Mrs. Powlen. I want a tiny tears doll and a Merry Christmas lor all boys and girls. Kathleen McCrea Dear Santa Claus, I want a bicycle for Christmas, also a doll and some surprises. I have bee'n good. Also bring Billy, Becky, Dean and Diane some surprises. They have been good also. Hoberla Jean Baker 102 South Main street Walton, Indiana improve our safely recor! at the state and local levels, h is within the raalm of possibility that the attempt to control horsepower may also -come before Congress." Stratton said the "field of insurance is a state matter but it s not beyond possibility that if don't get this job done a. home, ;he long arm of federal intervention may reach in that direction heard thereon. The additional appropriation aa finally made will be automatically referred to thp State Board of Tax Commissioners, which Board will hold a further hearing within fifteen days at thp Ccunlv Auditor's office of C;.'.ss County, Indiana, or at such other place as may 'bo designated. At sr.cb hearing;, taxpayers objecting to any of such additional appropriations may be heard and interested taxpayers may Inquire of tile County Auditor when and where such hearing will be neld. Donald D. O'Neill Jjeo Baumann Arthur P. Hunter "\Vavne P. Schaefer KtlKar D. Jasorka BOARD OP SCHOOL, TRUSTEES This Christmas Serve and Give HOME MADE CANDY Wonderfully delicious candioi made in our own kitchen. Order now— 'visit UR or phonel HAZEL ANN WOLF 306 N. Cieott Acroii from City Ic* Plant Hallmark Christmas Cards When You Care Enough To Send The Very Best COON.rS GIFT SHOP Walton, Indiana TO YOUR HEALTH! He said the responsibility for! Read the Classified Ads Dear Santa, I have been pretty good and will j try to do better from now •would'like for you to bring me a 19-inch fire truck with a big lad- tier and another truck with toys in it. If you don't have the things 1 want just leave me something you have. Thank you, Mark Allen Parmeter CLOSING OUT SALE Due to poor health, I will sell at public auction FRIDAY, DECEMBER 13 — 12:30 P. tf. the following properly located 2V 2 miles east and Vt mile north of Twelve Mile and 2 l /2 miles'" west of U. S. 31 on S. R. 16. LIVESTOCK—CATTLE—4 head black Angus cows, all good cows; 3 head black Angus heifers, fat and on full feed. HOGS—4 Duroc sows, first and second litter sows; 37 head shoats, weight" 50 to 60 Ibs.; 1 Duroc male hog, year old, purebred. GRAIN AND HAY—CORN—900 bushels, more or less. OATS—150 bushel, more or less-. WHEAT—20 bushel,' more or less. HAY—500 bales 'clover hay, goor, no rain. STRAW—500 bales whea£ straw, more or less. Grain and hay can be left on farm for 90 days. FARM MACHINERY—l SC Case tractor and cultivators, used GIVE YOUR OLD FURNITURE A NEW LEASE ON BEAUTY. •fa Top Workmanship •fa Low Prices •fa Nice selection of fabrics. -FREE ESTIMATE- On All Upholstery Work WALTON UPHOLSTBRY SHOP Phone 3733, Walton, Ind. Dear Santa, I have been a good boy. Will you bring me a train, and a army tank. Please bring me two guns. Good by Santa Signed Kenneth Baker „„ T ivery little; 70 bu. Case manure spreader, rubber, good as new; 7-foot „,'„ „ Case mower, good; Case 2 bottom 14" plow; Case wagon running gears and 14-foot rack with grain sides. MISCELANEOUS-^1 individual hog houses; 1—100 gal. hog fountain; 2—60 gal. hog fountains; 16 hole Dawson feeder; hog troughs, wood and steel; hog ringing crate; chicken feeders and fountains; gas chick brooder, used only 2 months; power corn sheller; stock tank heater, new; other articles too numerous to mention. TERMS—Cash Not responsible for accidents No property to be removed until settled for No lunch will be served. REV. GILBERT L MAUS Lyman Murden, Auct. •Myers Greenhouse. Dial 3996 INSTALL NEW STORM WINDOWS AND DOORS NOW! Phon e 36G6 for Free JEstimates CHARLEY LOWE ROOFING CO. Furnace and Stoker Repair MALOTT HEATING 221 Center St. Dial 9882 This is much more than a populai: toast to your pharmacist. Like your physician, he is dedicated to a single major cause — to keep you well and healthy. The "ounce of prevention" adage is all important in preventive medicine. Annual physical examinations and prompt diagnosis of illness enable your doctor to save you precious time and money. More and more people recognize the wisdom of a regular medical checkup. It is the best way to put that "ounce'of prevention" to practical use. If a prescription is necessary, we are prepared to give you immediate service. PORTER DRUG CO. 4th & Market Fred Kranz, R. Ph CHRISTMAS TREE Stands for large trees $1 Holly wreaths 14" to 36" —cemetery wreaths and bouquets — smilax-magnolia - mistletoe- roping- bundles greens - candles- twinkle lights-ornaments door swags. Open Sunday •12th and North Weddmgfon's LOGANSPORT LUMBER CO. ORDER YOUR Personalized Christmas Cards QUICK SERVICE 50 for $1.95 and up Hallmark Cards "The most beautiful in the World" Exclusive with us, TIMBERLAKE'S I RICH! OMTIMtl AMO. } YOUR PRESCRIPTION! V ABB ALWAYS FILLED Ot( TIME AT UONAP.D PHARMACY .... PROMPT, COURTEOUS SERVICE! REGISTER NOW at THOMAS and EVERMAN Co. for PLYMOUTH'S BIG CONTEST Win $500-A- Month for Life and a New '58 Plymouth Sec Our DODGE WHITE CHRISTMAS Special—Complete at 'a Price and A TURKEY WILL BE GIVEN FREE EVERY FRIPAY NIGHT at 8:00 o'clock (Until Christmas)—Nothing to buy— You merely register. Also Free Lawrence Welk Xmas Records at Thomas & Everman Co. •fa YOUR DODGE—PLYMOUTH DEALER -fa 517 North St. Phone 4811 i FOR THE YOUNG AT HEART Ping Pong Table Sets Tops ..$14.75 Bases . .$10.60 Sets ...$24.95 TRAIN BOARDS 4'x6' $2.88 FOR DAD Black & Decker TOOL SALE 10% Reduction 'Tit Christmas BUDGET TERMS FOR MOM Give Her A New Kitchen for Christmas Let Our Kitchen Specialist Help. No Down Payment 36 Months I To Pay LOGANSPORT LUMBER CO. 719 Spencer Street Phone 3067 I HOME KILLED MEATS STONY PIKE MARKET East 'Main FREE PARKING Phone 2316 THURSDAY - FRIDAY - SATURDAY TOM TURKEYS HEN TURKEYS ROUND and SIRLOIN STEAK CHUCK ROAST PLATE BOILING BEEF SPARE RIBS TENDERLOIN WE SEU BEEF BY WHOLE-HALF-QUARTER 'Custom 'Butchering and Curing-Small Shop-Big Values WHOLESALE 8;QO^-5:30 RETAIL Open Monday thru Saturday 8:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. lb. 39c lb. 45c lb. 69c lb. 43c lb. 23c lb. 39c lb. 89c MAGIC MELT MIBLTS ICE -THAWS SNOW FASTER BETTER; EASIER, CHEiAPBR . a new chemical product MAGIC MELT, the latest discovery of science, thawj snow end melts ic« without the back breaking ]ob of shoveling or chipping. As the white MAGIC MELT pellets foil, they begin at once to generate heat, thus melting the ice or snow, non-toxic ... harmless , It will not harm 1 grass or vegetation, thus saving many dollars of expense each spring. It is safe around -Jhildren or animals. It will not hurt shoes, concrete, osphalt, carpets, etc. Use MAGIC MELT without Fear of damage. enoi'mous thawing capacity Because '.of ffs chemical composition, 1 fb. of.MAGIC MELT hat the thawing capacity of approximately 10 Ibs.'of salt. 100 lb.. $12.99 .0,41.69 4 5 , b $6.75 THE MIZAN PRODUCTS CO. 323 Pearl St. Fhon. 4664 TVXI «•'••'" TO BRIGHTEN YOUR HOME Becui'Hful lamps . . . .every wanted size and style. Each one a masterpiece. Choose several for gifts and for home. '29 FURNITURE IIGH QUALITY-THRIFTY PRICES— Pork Roast .43* x, ^WIENERS Cut from lean, tender Boston Butts. Kingan's Reliable Skinless All Meat. D A r"OM A reai bj V' snced i - |b - ee "° iQr l/JHl Wl • Armour's Columbia tray pack U * V IDAHO POTATOES 10 B b a 3 49c ^ -YACHT CLUB lb. Tin Coffee 69c A Monarch Product MONARCH COFFEE Lb. Tin 79c Taste That Rich Mocha Flavor SHEDD'S PEANUT BUTTER, 03l 29c APPLES WINESAP 10 u,s 79c INSTANT MAN OR HO US E COFFEE large Jar 93C GOLD M'EDAL—Better Christmas Baking 1 FLOUR 25 Bl a fl $L99 MONARCH PURE VEGETABLE SHORTENING Homogenized 3 can For Cooking, Baking and Frying BETTY CROCKER Black Walnut NEW! CAKE MIX 69c 33c FROZEN rtltliVIFnC Banquet Beef, Chicken or Turkey r*n DINNER? EACH JOC EACH POLKS Gallon Carton 89C FREE PARKING While shopping KLEIN'S SUPERMARKET or LAUN- DRATEKIA at corner of 3rd and linden. f»D»M VOUR COUPON GIANT DAN 10 FULL OZ. 29c wrm COUPOM "•' 711 N. THIRD OPEN FRIDAY NITE'TIL 8 ftiiDilP I

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